Kent Ekeroth SD Criticizes the Swedish Establishment in Parliament

YouTube, October 16, 2014

It is impossible to imagine a speech of this kind being given in the United States Congress.

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  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    Sjuklövern (the political mainstream).

    I wanted to point that one out a bit.
    Sjuklövern translates into seven leaf clover, referring ofcourse to the four leaf clover.
    But in this context it also refers to the political parties that are represented in the Swedish parliament.
    Which are seven (not including SD), which are divided into a left and right block. However, their political ideologies are so similar that the difference are more about a few percentage points here and there in the budgets rather than any difference on the bigger issues like immigration, diversity feminism (all seven party leaders claim to be feminists…), abortion rights (including the christian democrats, who have thrown their christian values under the bus long ago), gay marriage, welfare support etc. All the big social issues that divide the left and the right in USA.

    They are also sometimes referred to as the seven sisters.
    And they’ve been making deals across the left-right barrier in order to keep SD excluded as much as possible.
    They are willing to sacrifice every political issue that they claim to hold, just to avoid any sort of cooperation with SD.
    They even tried to exclude SD from getting the 2nd vice speaker of the parliament position, which is by tradition given to the third largest party.
    But they chose a closed votation, and a few politicians actually honored traditions under the cover of anonymity of a closed vote, so in the end they still got it. Thanks to some politicians actually voting after what is right instead of what is politically correct.

    Edit: Ha ha.
    This is an old speech, from before the last election (earlier this year).
    When he speaks about them being the third largest party in the school elections (a mock election done in Schools for students not old enough to vote), that was from the election 2010.
    For the election of 2014, they more than doubled their votes and are now the third largest party even in the parliament.

    edit 2:
    They say the counter speech is from the communist party.
    Not quite true.
    He’s from the left party.
    They changed their name from left party communists to just left party, a while after the soviet union fell.

    • B.A_2014

      Can anyone provide a breakdown of figures on the recent Swedish election in terms of sex and age?

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        go to www(dot)val(dot)se and you get the swedish election authority.
        There is a link there to an english version, as well as a multitude of other languages.
        From there you should be able to find plenty of figures.

        You can also go to www(dot)scb(dot)se and you got a link at the top for english, and you’ll get plenty of figures on pretty much everything.
        It’s a link to the swedish statistical bureau.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        go to www(dot)val(dot)se and you get the swedish election authority.
        There is a link there to an english version, as well as a multitude of other languages.
        From there you should be able to find plenty of figures.

        You can also go to www(dot)scb(dot)se and you got a link at the top for english, and you’ll get plenty of figures on pretty much everything.
        It’s a link to the swedish statistical bureau.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Thanks for the clarification. I think SD’s will win this fight.

  • Remember the SD’s excellent (but banned) media buy from five years ago, which reminded me of Jesse Helms’s famous “Hands” ad from 1990:

    • Linus Byfånelund

      SD isnt the same party today as it was five years ago and that video is not repesentative of present day SD. They relaunched themselves as social conservatives in 2011 and today they are even more mainstream due to massive new member influx of former liberals and conservatives. They are not racialists by any means and they do not seek to undo the damage mass immigration have done to Sweden, all they seek is limited future immigration and state-enforced integration and assimilation, such as bussing and abolishment of the right to place your kids in a school of your own choice. That will be very popular among the rubes who vote form them – not.

      Heres their 2nd election spot video for 2014:

  • mike from Canadastan

    Standing ovation for this guy. I love the ending. These people need to be ridiculed.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    Also, to whoever chooses the news for Amren.
    I’d really recommend that you look into the “Dan Park” case, and what that means about freedom of expression in Sweden….

    (Short summary, Dan Park, an artist, got sentenced to prison and his paintings/posters was to be destroyed. Also, the art gallery owner who held the vernissage was also sentenced)

    • newscomments70

      Jesse, does AMREN have any significant following in Sweden? (I imagine your internet providers block such websites)

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        I have no idea what kind of following AMREN has in Sweden.
        We tend to be very cautious talking about politically incorrect things since it carries a rather large stigma and we have a very active and violent left wing extremist presence here.

        Including them hacking into Disqus database and getting email adresses and other info to people who were active on a somewhat AMREN-like swedish equivalent. And then doing credit checks on them (the company involved got sentenced for that) and harassing them.

        But when it comes to internet providers, they do not censor very much at all.
        The only thing they censor is the police’s unofficial list over pages with pedophilia material.
        Although it’s been shown that this list is rather bogus (actual pedophilia related pages tend to be taken down when they are discovered) and lacks control since it is a “suggested list” and not a judicial order of any kind.

        But at least one major ISP (the one I’m using) is heavily libertarian and doesn’t block anything, clearly stating that the internet should be a place without restrictions on opinions or information.

        Also, Sweden has an extremely large presence on the net and a very large percentage of the population has acess to high speed broadband ( I got 100 Mbits/s ) and swedes overall have a very good grasp of english.

        • newscomments70

          I have heard of that situation. Some of my older Swedish friends were visiting relatives in Sweden. One of the old folks was talking about the mess Sweden has become. He was warned by his wife, “Stop talking like that, or you will end up in fängelse”. The comment was only a mild criticism of street crime.

          I have seen AMREN banned from public wifi sources (malls, hospitals) and from international wifi while I was on a cruise.

          I hope more Swedes discover AMREN. We have some commenters from Germany, Sweden, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Korea and perhaps more. I have never seen a commenter from Russia though. Many race realists and white nationalists believe that Russia is our greatest hope…yet I don’t see any Russian activity on this website.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            Yeah, public wifi tends ot block a lot of content.
            Both porn and politically incorrect sites. But they aren’t the ISPs.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Is this what you are talking about?

          Antifa oppression and terrorism is but the “redshirt” wing of the totalitarian democrats (respectable crypto-Marxist self haters). What sketchy liblefty soft censorship cannot squelch, the autonomous left is tacitly encouraged to rid all society of these troublesome priests while insulated liblefty politicians and spin masters live the life of disconnection from policies they advocate.

          And they think themselves better than “Nazis”. No, these guys are just more hypocritical and cowardly. The foot soldiers of the autonomous left, however ignorant and easily manipulated from above, are also an existential threat to the beautiful people, but they are so disconnected from reality this has not yet dawned on them.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            That would be it, yes.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden


        We could make a simple experiment and ask other swedes to please upvote this post to show that you have read it and are actually active and interested in material posted on AMREN.

        • newscomments70

          that is an interesting suggestion. I wonder what the statistics are on international visitors to AMREN.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            Although the Dan Park case is important in ways much bigger than just Sweden.
            It gets a lot of press in Denmark for example (and swedish media is fairly quiet about it) due to the flagrant breaches of basic democratic liberties.

            It might be one of the few cases in the western world where an artist producing provocative art has been sentenced to prison for it, without it actually being some crazy performance art that involves the commiting of a physical crime in itself.

            Note that he does posters which he places on electric boxes (not really illegal in itself, and very common among the political left) and no physical defilement or performances.
            Do a google search for “dan park art” and you should get some of them.
            Note that some might require a bit of explanation since they are references to current events.

            It includes one of Trayvon Martin actually….With the text “we are all gangsta N-word” and a picture included of Nelson Mandela (who was actually sentenced for terrorist related crimes and not just for his political opinions) as well as a reference to Obama and his comments on Trayvon.

          • newscomments70

            I don’t understand all the posters I saw, but they seemed pretty mild. I of course understood the toilet poster. The fact that he was arrested and his works were destroyed illustrates the fanaticism and paranoia of your left wing. This is equivalent to the nazi book burnings.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            Very much so….
            Dan Park himself actually stood outside the gallery, where there were a lot of leftwing protesters gathered, holding up a sign saying “Entartete Kunst”.
            Meaning “forbidden art”, something that the nazis declared that a number of artistic pieces were.

            The posters tend to be in swedish, and refer to swedish events.

            One of the most controversial ones is the poster of a bridge with the faces of three black men with nooses around them hanging from the bridge and the text “hang in there afrofobians”.
            The background to that one is that one of the men pictured was attacked on that bridge (which goes over a highway) by a number of people who yelled racial epithets, beat him and tried to throw him over the bridge and onto the heavily trafficked street.
            This got a lot of press, was on the first page for most swedish media, regarding the problem with racism in Sweden.

            And then it turned out that the crowd of people who did it were arabs.
            There were no ethnic swedes involved at all, it was a immigrant on immigrant crime, something that does not fit the politically correct agenda where racism is something commited by whites against non-whites.

            The news suddenly disappeared from all media, and only those active on the net and on certain politically incorrect sites actually found out about who the perpetrators were.

            Afrofobia (afrophobia in english) is name given by another of the men on that poster, who is always yelling about racism against blacks and is essentially a swedish equivalent of Al Sharpton. As well as a long time enemy of Dan Park.
            The third black man on the poster is something equivalent to that.

            Knowing these things, the text of “hang on afrofobians” makes a lot more sense, and the nooses are just a pun on the “hang on”.

      • Krister Andersson

        Well I can get her without problems which means that the internetcompany that I use does not block it.

        • newscomments70

          That’s good to hear. Please comment on the site more often, and invite your friends. It would be great to have more visitors from Sweden.

          • Krister Andersson

            I have however all are not that fluent in English and it is not fun reading an article with a dictionary in hand.

          • newscomments70

            I must do that with foreign language articles as well. If you want to cheat, try google translate.

          • Krister Andersson

            No need I work as an interpreter and translator in Swedish to English and the other way around for the police, customs criminal divison, the unemployment Agency and so forth,

          • newscomments70

            Perhaps offer that to the Sweden Democrats. I have suggested more than once that they include an English section on their site. It will help promote solidarity and faciliate communication with other conversative organizations, worldwide.

          • Krister Andersson

            Why? As nice as it sounds there is no point, and as for the rest I help them from time to time when they are intervjued by foreign media, the last time it was readers digest. One more thing it is not Sweden democrats it is Sverigedemokraterna.

          • newscomments70

            Sorry, that is what they call them in English language media. Part of my job is marketing; I believe it is helpful to spread the word to everyone. It promotes support and solidarity. All western countries have similar problems with diversity and immigration. People in other western countries can say, “hey the Sverigedemokraterna are fighting back, The Front National in France are now winning, we can do it also.” Translating the Swedish message into English promotes awareness and garners support. At this time, liberal media implies that Sverigedemokraterna are radicals and nazis. That is obviously not true. An English translation would clarify the message for potential international supporters. I believe this is an international struggle. We are stronger if we are all connected.

          • Krister Andersson

            You do have some Points so I shall suggest it to them but it will have to wait a while since here in Malmö for instance we are in the process of selecting people that are going to represent us since we gained more than 5% more votes and that will reflect our presence in various committees and subcommittees. Then on the natíonal level we got more than double the votes that we got in the election four years ago so that have put some strain on the partyorganization as you can imagine. But I Think the idea is good and I will suggest it.

          • newscomments70

            Thank you. And I do care about Sweden, that is why I butt in with my opinions. I just want to get in the trenches with all of you. I’m in the US and my country is about to implode.

          • Krister Andersson

            Yes I have noticed your president challenged your Congress about illegal immigrants. but if I have learned correctly your Congress and senators can still stop him?

          • newscomments70

            It’s a good sign that they are speaking out against the act, but I doubt they will do much. Many republican senators wanted passive, back door amnesty, which offers amnesty quietly by not enforcing immigration laws. Now it is a official, and they have the headache of angry voters.

  • newscomments70

    It boils my blood to see this speech. I can’t believe how mainstream politicians allowed Sweden to be destroyed by third world immigration. Every point Ekeroth covered is completely reasonable and sane. The liberals in the riksdag are snickering and talking over his speech. They treat him as if he were a raving lunatic, and everything he describes is false. My disgust for these liberal politicians cannot be expressed in words (I would be moderated, if I attempted such a commentary). I salivate for the day when liberal politicians are brought to justice.

    • See The Future

      Remember the treatment given to the British member of parliament Enoch Powell?
      Why is the Swedish and other political establishments bent on destroying everything white and beautiful?

      • Periapsis

        Because they are neither Swedish nor white, but a cabal of hostile racial and religious aliens with genocide against all whites on their agenda. They have no loyalty to Sweden or its native born population, they are loyal to the most racist nation on Earth though.

  • Sissy White

    I am highly amused that a Jewish member of the Swedish parliament gives heck to the pinkos and reds, as he tries to save Sweden from “diversity”.

    We need a lot of Kents in the American Congress, no matter what their White ethnic background.

    I think of the many Americans of Polish and Italian decent, who are bigger defenders of America than the Anglo-Saxon ‘responsible conservatives” in their gated communities, private schools and restricted country clubs.

    Also from Wikipedia, it appears Kent was involved in street fights with some reds-anathema to “responsoisible conservatives” (even Wilmot said that one street fighter was worth a dozen intellectuals).

    • Augustus3709

      These leftists are highly “immoral”. They only respect what they fear. And since White people are “nice”, they get walked on like a dirty rug. This is why they laugh. They wouldn’t laugh it the Whites were an armed mob.

    • M&S


      The Nature Of Jews In Sweden

      The Reality Of An Ethno State

      Understand, Barbara Spectre is beyond hypocritical and deep into delusional because she is on record as endorsing things for Israel as a national homeland, exclusively for Jews, which would make Hitler blush.

      At the same time she insists that other (white) nations irrationally accept the suicidal end of their existence as ethno-states of equally successful monoculturalist tradition to instead invite the barbarian hordes amongst them.

      Look at the way her face distorts as she speaks these obviously cognitively dissonanced words and her brain has to jump all over itself with left-right hemispheric crosstalk, clearly trying to disassociate the outcome from the stated intent in a ‘non-harmful’ fashion.

      There are far more insane Jews pushing the end of white culture and the uplift of their own, exclusively Jewish, segregated, equivalent than there are young Jewish people like the second video shows, who see the reality of Zionism as supporting evil _because it attempts to do to Palestinians what is forbidden for whites to achieve, here_.

      Driving out unwanted elements of society.

      In my experience, there are _No Jews_ who see a middle ground of ‘good for the goose’ equivalency by which whites, who saved Jews from total annihilation in Europe, at great cost to ourselves, deserve a homeland of our own, uncorrupted by Jewish attempts to flood our lands with blacks and Hispanics as a ‘multi-ethnic ba;ance’ with their own social minority status.

      They never had a right to force this upon us and now that they have their own nation to vest themselves in they are doubly wrong for continuing to attempt to do so.

      And this is why we do not and _never will_ have an ally among the world’s smartest people. Because they see us only as a threat to their supremacy and refuse to acknowledge our right to live apart from the worst of the least, as they clearly wish to do.

      Kent Ekeroth: “It’s Swedishness & Assimilation Over Accomodation And Racism”

      I wish I could say that Mr. Ekeroth’s words were comforting but I just don’t see it as anything more than window dressing. When a Jew really wants to get something done, they do it by going outside the system via influence peddling. They do not make public stands because they aren’t interested in debate but results.
      Wiki says this man thinks of himself as an atheistic Jew and while that is also directly contradictory to the truth of Judaic rabbinical hierarchialism, I cannot see him as having the honesty or the courage to admit the ONE TRUTH which forms the baseline behind all others in Judaism:
      Genetics Count.
      To be Chosen is to be descended, for no less than five generations (seven if your name is Cohen) through a lineage of female Jewish ancestry.
      Which means that everything he says and does as a labeled racist failure to achieve his endgame goals can only be considered tactical smokescreening for diametrically opposed strategic goals.
      The opening question says it all here: “Why won’t anyone in the Swedish Parliament talk to you? You hold six percent of the electorate votes.”
      Exactly. All the bad apples together, agreeing with each other but the focus of contempt and repudiation by all the ‘normal people’ who might otherwise have to listen to the opinions of those brave individuals who dare to say the truth to those who _disagree_ with them.
      It is partisan politics used as an exclusionary containment protocol. Become part of the sane party and be automatically fenced off from the crazed multicult center.

  • JohnEngelman

    Social Democracy only works when everyone is white.

    • Tom in MI

      What if everyone is Asian?

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        It wouldn’t work social democracy is not for North East Asian people. Some developed Asian nations are more pro-free market than others with a good presence of IT startups etc like Taiwan, some others are more oriented to trade&services (HK&SG), others display a high level of corporatism and state intervention (again SG, Korea, Japan and now China) but invariably public expenditures as a percentage of GDP are very low comparing to Europe and even North America: around 20%-25% of the economy.

        Mind you Asia has in general excellent healthcare but pretty much lacks a real pension system, unlike Western countries younger generations are much richer than their parents and grand-parents and often neglect them. Ditto for the needs of other socially disadvantaged groups (real or imaginary).

        In general younger Asians err more often than not on the arrogant side of life and the prestige of Europe here is at an all time low and often Europeans are made fun of as lazy, poor scruffy long-bearded people who drive bicycles or cheap cars, live in old facilities and pay absurd amounts of money for basic goods and services, like Europe is a huge Fox news stereotype of France/Italy. Once this SG Chinese woman told me with a disgusted face ” Nobody goes to the mall over there !”

        Basically Asians are a mix of their own book and crass American materialism.

        There’s indeed a rising demand for more welfare but not so intense to substantially alter the current model.

  • Luca

    Poor guy. He’s trying to win an argument against liberals by using facts, figures, statistics and common sense. I can only hope he finds a way to be successful because talking to liberals is a waste of his time.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      He did find a way.
      This speech was from before the 2014 election.
      In the 2014 election his party SD, got almost 13% of votes (12,86%), more than double that of their previous result (5,7% – 2010 ) and made them the third largest party in the parliament.
      And keeping either of the two blocks of getting a majority, forcing them to make compromises with their politics across block barriesand show their colours, rather than working together with SD.

      • Luca


  • It’s hard to believe that the bad a** Vikings of yore have degenerated into such weak sisters. Feminism and socialism can weaken a country to the point that it can’t be fixed. Sweden appears to be such a country. Good luck to SD, but until I see Swedes in the streets fighting muzzies bloody, I’m not holding my breath for SD to succeed.

    • newscomments70

      There are some interesting videos on youtube of Swedish “right wing” vigilantes taking to the streets. I don’t know how widespread it is, but it’s starting. The SD is succeeding. Their voter base continues to grow. They are already the third largest party.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      There is a actual scientific explanation actually….
      It’s been shown that ftalates, a kind of plastic softener, hurts fetuses and stunts male testosterone and essentially makes men more feminine….

      • newscomments70

        Alcohol and marijuana feminize men as well.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Doubt that for alcohol, considering how much of that has been consumed in Europe for as long as written history reaches.

          Fact is, the oldest text ever found, is a recipe for beer….(from Mesopotamia)

          • newscomments70

            I researched that. Alcohol / sugar produce bursts of insulin that increases estrogen. It is common to see aging male drinkers on the beach with gynecomastia (man boobs). It is also common to see this in obese boys, who drink too many slurpees and “big gulps” from Mcdonalds and 7-11. It is common to hear of drunks who “can’t perform” and need viagra or something. This is caused by estrogen, not fatigue or intoxication. I’m not a medical professional, I could be wrong, but it makes sense to me.

          • bispora

            Also consider the estrogenic mycotoxin (zearalenon) content of the grain/beer.

    • curri

      They are following the official ideology of the American Empire and are proclaiming themselves more holy than their masters.

  • IstvanIN

    Strange times we live in when being loyal to your nation, people, king and God is looked down upon and treason is the highest form political statement.

    • Augustus3709

      That is their goal. No Nation, No God, No Identity, No Race, even no Gender. Just a planet of empty drones floating around through the ether for the elite masters.

      • Periapsis

        Ultimately they would love nothing better but to make us all like soulless automatons like the Borg drones out of Star Trek.

        • Augustus3709

          That’s probably not too far off from the truth.

          Except resistance is not futile. Resistance is necessary. The struggle is part of life.

  • NYB

    Mass movements begin with ideas and words.

    It took a lot of work for the SD to get where it is. Our cause is just, and like our brothers of the SD, we must never tire from the struggle.

  • Sick of it

    That Communist pr*ck actually went with the “we all came from immigrants” trope in a country whose people are descendants of those who had been there for thousands of years.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      And Ekeroth quite accurately pointed out that it was “floskler” (weakly translated as “buzzwords”, but I think “empty phrases” might be a better one, but still doesn’t give quite the right meaning to them, but at least gets the general point across).

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Overall, it’s pretty damn funny how much of their political ideologies actually come from USA.
      Blacks in Sweden are taking after blacks in USA, and complain about colonialism and slavery, despite that Sweden had extremely little to do with those things and there have been no historical racism against blacks, arabs, muslims etc in Sweden, since these basically didn’t exist in Sweden thirty years ago or so.

      The only minorities were samish (semi-nomadic cattle herders in the far north of Sweden, Norway and Finland) and gypsies (who are a plague anywhere and everywhere that they exist). As well as a some finns that moved over here.
      They did do a whole lot of stuff against mainly gypsies though, in the name of eugenics they forcibly sterilized those that were considered extra prone to criminality, mental illness, indecent behaviour (prostitution mainly) and general retarded intelligence.
      This didn’t single out gypsies in particular, but since these were extremely overrepresented in the things listed, they suffered from “disparate impact” quite heavily.

      Looking back at it though, one could argue that it worked, since these problems were rather drastically reduced in the next generation.

      Although, to fill up the quota of retarded intelligence, criminality and violence, they have decided to import large numbers of blacks and arabs…..

      • Sick of it

        Their political ideology comes from pseudo-Israel.

  • Stan D Mute

    Look at the smug pricks laughing and making snide comments to one another during this patriot’s speech. THEY are the enemy. And – newsflash to too many – they didn’t look like “chicken twirlers” to me. They were ordinary ethnic swedes who happen to be traitors and must be dealt with as traitors.

    Anyone who advocates for alien invasion of his country is a traitor.

    • curri

      Those “ordinary ethnic Swedes” are mediocrities who get their ideas from others.

      • Stan D Mute

        Always an excuse for white traitors with you guys isn’t there. And Morris Dees from the $PLC isn’t really leveraging his first name to get gullible Jews to send him money, he’s actually their pawn right?

        This is why I despair of ever escaping this epic disaster. If we can’t blame the whites who got us here, if we continue searching for scapegoats, we will continue to be sabotaged from within until we are extinct.

    • newscomments70

      White liberal politicians are criminals and they need to be treated as such.

  • See The Future

    I am very saddened by the actions of our political leaders for the past almost 50 years that have brought us to be victimized in our own countries. The speaker deserves more than a handful of mocking persons in the political arena. May there one day be justice for all the traitors in Sweden and all western countries.

    Enoch Powell said it correctly in his famous speech in the British Parliament. But he was shunned by his peers and now we see the result and proof of his correct assessment.

  • NotAnEskmo

    I love it! The nationalist is a Jew, and the communist who heckles him, who is named Berg, is a Swedish Christian! As a Jew who reads Amren I’m very happy to see this scenario for once.

  • I think this is a great speech.

    What a shame the room seemed to be empty – not that most of them he would be facing would listen even if present. Good job for the internet, and I hope more see it.

    It is clear, it is heartfelt, it is factual and honest, it puts the onus of shame and responsibility onto the liberal establishment and leaves them standing up to waffle about tolerance because they have no possible comebacks to what’s been said. Great.

    If you’re going to go down the route of politics and trying to win over average people, I think this is a good example of what to do.

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    Fantastic video also because it was backed by real hard figures, something that makes the average lib puny brain explode

  • Krister Andersson

    We sank the budget so there is going to be a new election in late March and now we have gotten a new epithet, now we are neofacists.

  • Krister Andersson

    There will not be any new election because all the parties have made a deal, well except us so they are basically kicking the electorate in the ass.