Giuliani: 93 Percent of Murdered Blacks Are Killed by Blacks

Greg Richter, Newsmax, November 23, 2014

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says that the media focusing on the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury should spend more attention on why white police officers are in black neighborhoods to start with.

“I find it very disappointing that you’re not discussing the fact that 93 percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks,” Giuliani said Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

The case of white police officers killing blacks are the exception rather that the rule, he said.

“We are talking about the significant exception,” Giuliani said.

But a very heated author and professor Michael Eric Dyson said Giuliani was drawing a “false equivalency,” saying that most blacks who kill other blacks go to jail and they are not sworn by the state to uphold the law.

Giuliani said 70 percent to 75 percent of crime in New York City takes place in predominantly black areas, and that’s why there is a large police presence in those places.

“The white police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other,” Giuliani said.


Giuliani says people pushing for an indictment from the grand jury probing the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri are perverting the criminal justice system.

“This grand jury is under incredible pressure . . . to indict. I feel sorry for these people because they know if they walk out of that grand jury room and have not indicted they may have created a massive riot in their city and maybe throughout the United States,” Giuliani said.

“To me, that kind of pressure is completely inconsistent with the American criminal justice system. And the people who are putting on that pressure should be ashamed of themselves,” the former mayor said.


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  • Rudy Giuliani misses the point. Black-on-black crime is statistically similar to white-on-white crime. Blacks are more criminally prone than whites which requires a higher level of policing in majority black areas. At least when he points out that if blacks weren’t killing other blacks he was getting somewhere. Racial real talk exists in government offices…

    • M&S

      Do you think that the majority of black America understands what it means when 6% of the population (Black FAMs) are responsible for 50% of the murders in this country? Ten to twelve thousand rapes per year? That a black man is FORTY TIMES more likely to attack a white man than the other way around?
      No. Because they refuse to think of themselves in terms of being the unwanted Aggressor minority of this nation. To their way of thinking they exist, therefore they are ‘large and in charge’ dominant and when that dominance is challenged, they lash out. Irrespective of numbers.
      It’s not ‘fair’ that white cops kill them for trying because, deep in their instinctive tribalist minds as race memories, whenever someone from outside the group killed one of their own, it didn’t matter if he or she deserved it. It was the alien interloper effect that made the killing ‘unacceptable’.
      You can’t teach that mentality. It is part of their genetic algorithm survival strategy like a read only memory chip. Just look at the President and his Attorney General. Nominally intelligent men who follow the herd because it is so easy to do so. When they believe it too.
      Blacks need to be seriously isolated from whites to know just how _little_ they are of this nation’s population. Rather than develop a victim entitlement revenge complex as to how disdainfully they are thought of by the majority.
      Only in recognizing the sheer physical disparity in numbers as hostile segregation from social services will it become clear to blacks that they have no position at our table and must go elsewhere to make their own.
      Anything less than this total rejection of their presence in our lives is a guarantee of dominance gamesmanship which they will play at until we get tired and give them what they want.
      IMO, the best way out is to give them what they need: Reparations as a one way ticket (+100-200,000 dollars for every family of four) to a 13% contiguous part of the continent where they can finally rediscover that they are their own worst enemies.
      And know, too late, that no one is coming to rescue them as we did, foolishly, at Ille Vache`.
      If you won’t kill them until they are broken and intimidated, and you can’t dispossess them because they have nothing worth taking, then you must displace them to a land of their own with sufficient wealth to make a go of it or die trying.
      Before they kill you, by attrition. The very fact that a man as clearly unbalanced in his ethics as Obama could ever become president is proof that we are already on our back foot, headed for a knee.
      This is the ONLY WAY we will ever get past international censure in dealing with the black problem. And it has to happen as a function of their willing participation.
      We could do it, if we would just hold a national referendum in which an ‘honest discussion about race’ _by whites_ made undeniable real estate truths of the fact that whites despise the company of blacks so much that we will do everything we can to be separate from their criminal impulse as dominance conditioned mentality.
      Once the uncomfortable truth is accepted, we can then apply the rational argument that we are running out of land and so can no longer continue white flight to sustain this separation.
      We can then compare the yearly numbers on the Prison Industry, our own falling population count and the likely effects of a Mestizo dominant population segment. And come up with a number that is doable as a 39 million / 4, one time, bribery to leave before the Hispanics put an end to black entitlements regardless.
      In the military, they call this the ‘defeat in detail’ principle and we must begin to use it because the Hispanics have their own tribalist socialist ‘what’s yours is mine if I can take it’ attitudes as well. And they have the population TFR metrics to form a much larger threat than the blacks ever will.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Rudy Giuliani states some facts, and is branded a racist. Sounds typical for America these days.

    • Speedy Steve

      The truth is racist, didn’t you figure that out yet? Oops! I said figure — I meant fegro.

      • Mike

        Truth literally is racist because racist is an illegitimate term. What’s called racism is in fact recognition of realities that are upsetting to egalitarians.

    • 48224

      If 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks. I’d wager 6% are killed by Hispanics and 1% are killed by Whites.

      • Pathfinder75

        That’s a safe bet.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Don’t leave out Asians and “Native” Americans. They’ve got a stake in killing blacks too even if it is 0.1%.

      • LACountyRedneck

        Yes. 93% of blacks are killed by blacks and 104% of blacks voted for Obongo.

      • newscomments70

        The 1% of whites who killed blacks was probably self defense. And most are rotting in prison for it.

      • Paleoconn

        Bingo, I wish Mayor Giuliani mentioned the other 7% too, but he did a great job as it is.

      • Harvey42

        Doing work that whites just won’t do.

  • Alexandra1973

    I don’t much care for Giuliani but I agree with what he said.

    • a1781054

      My son loves Angry Birds!

  • TruthBeTold

    Giuliani is at the age when he’s financial and politically secure. He’s free to speak his mind.

    Just imagine how many times he wanted to say what he really wanted to say but held back because it would have ended his political career.

  • DaveMed

    “The white police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other,” Giuliani said.

    I don’t understand why the latter necessitates the former.

    • a1781054

      Hahahahaha, agreed. Around 25 Blacks are killed by other Blacks every day (I’m not complaining).

    • M&S

      New York, 1980s. Massive Crack Cocaine epidemic which of course the CIA/mafia/FBI conspiracy caused, just to destroy blacks. Who apparently taken in by the white man’s juju, could not say “No!”.
      Crime to support the habit skyrockets, starting out in black neighborhoods but, blood from a turnip, it soon heads uptown until it’s literally not safe to be on the streets of The City, especially after dark. Whites begin to leave in /droves/. And with them vanishes the businesses which kept New York a functional urban empire unto it’s smelly self.
      Blacks, especially Ministers, who were seeing entire generations vanish from their congregational control (can’t milk a dead cow) beg for harsher penalties for drug related crimes.
      They come and the long sentences lead to lower crime levels overall in the later 90s and onwards. Black population rates plummet. As black males spend half a life time in jail. Black Ministers now demand hash sentencing laws be repealed because of their inequitable harshness towards blacks.
      Point Being: So long as a population is mixed, when one suffers, the other does too. It’s just a matter of time.
      Until and unless you are willing to deal with the pathologies of blacks _on that scale_ (millions, not hundreds or one) you have no chance of seeing the scope of the bigger picture by which ‘watching them butcher each other’ is not survivable for us with them in our midst.
      Get them to cross a border of their own making. Give them enough of a resource (port or oil or fishery) to survive without much effort. THEN sit back and gloat.
      They may surprise you.
      But either way, your Kindred will be safe. And that means your genes as your future will be assured. Because we don’t butcher each other for sport.

      • WhiteVeinKratom

        I like the way you think.

        Now we just have to get THEM to WANT to live separate from us.

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          It’s peculiar why that seems to be so elusive. They hate us, but want us close by.

          • You’re so right. Very peculiar. Most continuously whine and complain about how horrible whites are, but we can’t get away from them.

  • MekongDelta69

    Rudy is 100% correct. He destroyed race baiter Dyson in that ‘debate.’

    I just wish he wasn’t so liberal on other issues.

    • Mike

      I wish he wasn’t such a stooge for the Israeli lobby. On this issue he’s great.

  • See The Future

    Blacks belong in Africa. Surely on their own continent they can have their paradise.

    • 48224

      How about Haiti….paradise???? It would be if no blacks were there. It would be like HI instead of hell.

      • MathMan

        The British travel writer, A A Gill, said Haiti was the biggest shithole in the world.

        • PesachPatriot

          That says a lot considering the places Haiti has to compete with like Peru, Mexico, Syria, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Somalia and the Congo….poorest country in the western hemisphere for the last 100 years straight is quite the accomplishment….

      • Charles Martel

        But cross to the other side of the island (the Dominican Republic) and there are luxury resorts catering to wealthy tourists from all over the Americas. I guess borders be racist too!

    • Alucard_the_last

      They should recreate a western style civilization but judging by todays Africa, the best they’ll so is recreate a dung hut and a old can as the toilet.

      • LACountyRedneck

        They wouldn’t waste an old can on toiletries. It would become jewelry. Probably a lip ring. They crap out back like Whites did prior to sewer systems a few thousand years ago.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Black belong to the past like Homo erectus.

    • Pathfinder75

      A country with no black people: now that’s what I would call a “paradise”.

      • ThomasER916

        A country of all Whites and no Jews, Muslims, or non-Whites is paradise.

        • Michigan Patriot

          We did have that for many years then Marxism causing Christian extreme altruism; opened Pandora’s Box by black & brown special prvileges,aka, civil rights laws then the coup d’ gras, the 1965 Immigration & Reform Act of Treason was passed and mortal to White Christians ever since. this was our Trojan Horse of treason.

      • Wim Kotze

        Russia is the place to be. In a week there, I could count the Kneegrows I saw there on the fingers of one hand. And I have four fingers.

  • jaye ellis

    Rudy Gulliani has always been very solid on the issue of Black crime.

    No nonsense, fair.

    That is why he was and is the most respected mayor in New York City history.

    This is what we have to look for – tough, fair, no nonsense White men – Italians tend to be a lot better than WASPs, Quakers, a certain tribe.

    Forget the Constitutionalist Libertarian TRUTH. Is the man in question going to be able to be tough and fair with Black criminals, race hustlers like Sharpton?

    If yes – he’s our guy.

    If no – if he does photo ops with Al Sharpton, goes Time Magazine cover stories black militarized police for the problems in Ferguson MO – he’s definitely not our man… he could and might be….

    American Renaissance traitor of the year.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      Yeah, that’s why “conservative” means nothing anymore. Rudy Giuliani is not a conservative yet speaks truth (however mildly) to black power. Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and the like are conservatives but they kiss the feet of Sharpton and would never talk back to a black man.

      • Sick of it

        If Jeb Bush is a conservative, I’m a Walrus.

        • Pathfinder75

          If Jeb Bush is a conservative,then Michelle Obama is a fair-skinned beauty queen.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            Compared to women in Chad……………..

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          Koo Koo Ka Choo

      • ThomasER916

        The word “conservative” and “liberal” came about when Whites lived ethnically and racially homogeneous countries. When you add non-Whites then both of those words are rendered meaningless.

    • saxonsun

      Honey, no one is better than WASPS. They are the end result of human evolution, exactly what God had in mind.

  • Luca

    Blacks are not concerned with the 9000 blacks per year, killed by other blacks. They know they can’t get any money from the black shooters.

    Besides that, facts, percentages, elementary math and statistics seems to confuse blacks and annoy the liberal media.

    • Paleoconn

      Luca, all due respect I think that number is closer to 6,000. Still, a self-inflicted genocide that somehow in their minds Whites are at fault for.

      • It doesn’t seem genocidal—black women pop them out so fast that as soon as one is killed there are 5 more to replace it.

  • IstvanIN

    most blacks who kill other blacks go to jail and they are not sworn by the state to uphold the law. That is your defense of black murderers? African logic evades me.

    • meanqueen

      So, if blacks are not specifically “sworn by the state to uphold the law” does that mean that they don’t have to uphold the law?? Now it all makes sense! It was just a misunderstanding!

    • Sick of it

      Quite a few blacks don’t see the inside of a prison for their crimes (or not for very long). Their criminal activities are often only ended at gunpoint, whether it be by an officer of a law, a citizen protecting himself, or another criminal. The system is too broken to properly punish black criminals. Or any criminal for that matter.

  • Speedy Steve

    Blacks are driven by minority statistics. Their focus will be on the racism of that 7%.

    • Magician


  • dd121

    Does that mean blacks should be on the lookout for blacks?

  • Guest

    Give him a three years of house arrest during which Officer Wilson will be allowed to do anything he wants to, including working, just to keep blacks from complaining.

  • JohnEngelman

    Blacks do not want to be told the truth about themselves. Their white sympathizers and apologists do not want to be told either. They want to believe that black poverty and the high black incarceration rate are caused by white racism.

    • Magician

      John, what do you think will be the grand jury’s decision for Officer Wilson?

      • JohnEngelman

        That depends on how afraid they are of black violence. They may give Officer Wilson as a sacrificial offering to placate the blacks.

        That will be a mistake. Blacks riot when they feel powerful. They did not riot when Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were president, because they feared retaliation.

        Blacks need to be told in no uncertain terms what rioters and looters will be shot on sight.

        • Magician

          I am personally hoping he gets three years of house arrest during which he will be allowed to do everything he wants to, just to appease the black community

          • JohnEngelman

            The Grand Jury just decided not to indict him. The rioting has already begun. I hope the response to the rioting is fast and lethal.

          • newscomments70

            Don’t hold your breath. Obama and Holder want to disarm the police, and the John Boehner wants to sue everyone.

    • Guest


  • Alucard_the_last

    There is nothing wrong about negro on negro crime. They shouldn’t go to jail as long as their crime is aimed at another negro. Putting them in jail is racist. The only time they should go to jail (better still, a slave labor camp in northern Alaska) is when they commit any crime against a human, an animal or property.

    • none of your business

      What with heat bills, insulation and cold weather clothing a slave labor camp in Alaska would cost too much of the White taxpayers money. I think I will restrain myself and not post what should happen to blacks who kill each other.

      • IstvanIN

        Who said anything about providing heat?

  • TruthBeTold

    GIULIANI: The white police officers won’t be there if you weren`t killing each other. 70 to 75 percent of the time…

    DYSON: This is a defensive mechanism of white supremacy at work in your mind, sir.

    (Classic Dyson)

    • Valmont

      Quoting facts is acting White.

      • ThomasER916

        Being right is acting White.

    • 4321realist

      “DYSON: This is a defensive mechanism of white supremacy at work in your mind, sir.”

      It is an actual fact that you can’t deal with, because you’re full of racist hate and cannot understand a simple concept like cause and effect.

      Rather than condemn the perpetrators of hate and violence you do so to the people who try to keep chaos and crime in check, which thereby makes black crime and violence even worse.

      You need to go back to the mother country where you can have your own perverted system of justice, like Zimbabwe or Haiti or Detroit.

      • realist, blacks do not have the mental capacity for logic and reason….even the less dumb ones. Any attempt to reason with them is futile. They believe only what the race baiters have brainwashed them to believe throughout their lives. One of the biggest problems in my opinion in dealing with blacks is that whites erroneously assume that blacks are intelligent enough to be logical. They are not. They literally cannot reason or interpret or think logically.

    • Giuliani is a brave man to speak the truth about race. Almost all other politicians refuse to….it’s far too dangerous to their political careers. They refuse to condemn the horror and dysfunction that the black race has visited on civilization.

  • ThomasER916

    “author and professor Michael Eric Dyson…”

    No non-White should ever be a “professor” in any White country. This POS is stealing my tax money.

    • Magician


  • 4321realist

    This Dyson character vomits up the most vile, lying, racist rhetoric imaginable yet has the gall….or is it just plain ignorance…….imaginable to accuse someone else of the very thing he’s guilty of.

    Personally, I think his charges should be answered with the same unreasonable hysteria and exaggerations as he puts out, because unquestionably he’s a racist…..and an incompetent liar who can’t even lie convincingly.

    I’m in the Alex Jones camp in the way he handled Piers Morgan….with screaming accusations that elaborated on his charges and opinions.

    Giuliani needed to hammer Dyson back just as Jones did to Morgan. It’s the only thing they respect and it’s the only thing they understand.

    And it should be non-stop bomb-throwing, pointing out his lies and racist hate every time a response is made.

    But NEVER does anybody but Jones slam charges right back in black/leftist faces, as if they’re afraid they might have to go to the principal’s office if they do or the GOP establishment won’t talk to them any more.

    Their wimpishness is why they’re losing and have lost so much already.

  • none of your business

    I saw a bit of that discussion. Guiliani, like every other White who discusses crime and race bent over backwards to slobber about black on black murders and completely ignored what happened in Ferguson. WHO CARES HOW MANY BLACKS KILL EACH OTHER? That is one more White not killed by a black and one more black criminal dead.
    I wish one, just one White news person, media person, politician or police PR rep would say;
    Mike Brown committed 4 felonies and one misdemeanor in 9 minutes and was shot while in the process of commiting 2 felonies. What is wrong with that? The officer legally shot him in self defense, one more black thug cannot continue his criminal career and best of all, he did not yet have children.

    • ThomasER916

      “Who cares?”

      It’s really that simple.

      Whenever Whites says “Amnesty is bad for blacks” I say “all non-Whites are bad for Whites.” They look at me funny. I have to clarify and ask them, “since when did Negroes become the responsibility of Whites? Why is it that Whites simply cannot act in their own racial self-interest?” It’s funny watching them stumble and fight against it. They can’t come up with a moral reason to not defend non-Whites, so they’re stuck believing that helping Negroes also helps Whites. What hurts non-Whites and gets rid of them is good for Whites.

      White cannot understand this if they’re shackled by the stupidity of Universalism.

  • Michigan Patriot

    Rudy Giuliani was a great N.Y.C. major, perhaps its best and last non-communist mayor. He lowered all forms of crime, caused mostly blacks & browns to civilized levels; god Bless Rudy for speaking truth to the anti-White Marxists.

    • newscomments70

      i wonder what will happen to those multimillion dollar apartments in manhattan. Will they suffer the same fate as the beautiful old mansions in Detroit?

      • Charles Martel

        Highly unlikely. Property values in New York are skyrocketing. Even Comrade DiBlasio can’t overcome the power of the market! As a result blacks are being forced out of traditional enclaves (read: hell holes) Harlem and Brooklyn by gentrification.

        • newscomments70

          In 1948, one could say the same about Detroit, but look what happened. I disagree. The skyrocketing property values are lingering remnants of Guilliani policies. That is fading. Nothing stays the same.

  • ncpride

    Just incredible at the very end. It’s ‘White Supremacy’ to point out irrefutable FACTS about black crime in the mind of this pathetic excuse for a ‘professor’. Too bad Giuliani didn’t respond to that by telling him how pathetic, old, dishonest and increasingly rejected that nonsense has become. They need to know the race card days are numbered.

  • Evette Coutier

    Giuliani said this like it’s a bad thing.

    • none of your business

      Exactly my point. Who cares how many blacks kill each other. I no longer even care about the black babies killed by their parents They will just grow up to be like their parents.

  • Magician

    A female Asian Hands Up Don’t Shoot rioter…. and we can see that this photo was taken in Times Square.

    Chances are she is an international student who has been in the States for less than two years, and gullibly believes everything she sees in the politically correct mainstream media.

    • Magician

      I have not run into any photo of an Asian male “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” rioter.

      I looked up for “Asian male rioter” out of curiosity anyways on Google,

      I found one, but this photo was taken in 2011, and this young man is a devout fan of a hockey team in Canada, and it was his reaction after his favorite team had been eliminated from the playoffs. ( and I doubt he is the only one responsible for the damage captured in the photo behind him. )

    • none of your business

      Not one black in the picture.

    • corvinus

      Or a Chinese communist.

      • Magician

        ( John Engelman’s dream girl )

        • Whitetrashgang

          No that is Johnny you can tell by the hockey stick he always carries.

          • Magician


    • Charles Martel

      Or an NYU student who grew up in the suburbs and hasn’t (yet) been the victim of a black criminal.

    • She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. Equal justice is exactly what happened!

    • A Freespeechzone

      Let this asian woman–and the White women there enjoy their ‘diversity’ to include a high potential of being hit, raped and killed.

  • LHathaway

    In some areas of the South, it is still quite rare to see a police car.

  • MathMan

    How does the black community explain the policing chaos by blacks following Hurricane Katrina?

    • Mack0


  • Paul Franken

    Giuliani is right on this point but I’ll never forget where he was on the morning of 9/11/2001.

  • 4321realist

    Because blacks cannot compete on an equal basis in white society they fail to succeed at very much. Yet even with AA it does no good. They still fail.

    The only way they can save face in order to cover for these failures is to blame poverty, racism, oppression and the like for their incompetence, so that’s what they do.

  • archer

    I always thought Giuliani was too socially liberal for me, but he had the stones to tell it like it is on a national tv program, something lacking from most of the talking heads.

    • saxonsun

      Oh, you mean he thought gays and women were human?! That is WAY too liberal.

  • John R

    “93% of blacks are killed by other blacks.” I would add, that also a majority of the remaining 7% were probably killed by mestizos and mulattoes, not by Whites.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Why are these white cops put in the problematic position of policing negroes? White police officers should not be placed in these dangerous, criminal, white hating, black cesspool ghettos at all. That’s the problem. Black cops should be “policing” black districts. Managing negroes should be their problem– not ours. Let ’em do it the way they want to. Blacks don’t want to respect white cops and white cops don’t particularly relish the idea of up close and personal interaction with negroes.

  • Paleoconn

    Wow, Mayor Giuliani! I love this guy. See how coolly he dismantles the race-baiter while he responds by sputtering his nonsense about White supremacy. This was no debate, this was cool reason versus out of control emotion. No contest. I can’t believe this two-bit race hustler thought he had a prayer against a seasond vet like Mayor Giuliani.

  • mobilebay

    Don’t worry, Mr. Mayor. Whatever the verdict had been, the riots would have continued.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Ferguson, and the Mainstream Marxist Media’s handling of it, shows us how effective Alinsky 2.0 has been. Rule For Radicals part deux, Rule #1: Make the exception the rule. Racial MadCow’s bread-and-butter over at MSLSD.