Genetics, Not Upbringing, Main Influencer in a Child’s IQ, Study Says

Fox News, October 4, 2014

Can parents make their kids smarter? New research published in the journal Intelligence suggests they can’t influence intelligence–at least beyond their genetic contribution.

To answer the oft-asked question, professors at Florida State University, the University of Nebraska, West Illinois University, King Abdulaziz in Saudi Arabia, and Erasmus University in the Netherlands used an adoption-based research design.

The study authors drew participants from a representative sample of between 5,500-7,000 non-adopted youth and a sample of between 250-300 adopted children from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.


Researchers found that parental socialization had no detectable influence on children’s intelligence later in life.

“Previous research that has detected parenting-related behaviors affect intelligence is perhaps incorrect because it hasn’t taken into account genetic transmission,” study author Kevin Beaver, a criminology professor at FSU, said in a press release.

Some studies suggest that parents who interact with their kids over family dinners or by reading them bedtimes stories can boost their children’s IQ, while other research suggests that children’s IQs are only a product of their genetics.

Analyzing children who shared no DNA with their adoptive parents eliminated the possibility that parental socialization influenced a child’s intelligence.

“In previous research, it looks as though parenting is having an effect on child intelligence, but in reality the parents who are more intelligent are doing these things and it is masking the genetic transformation of intelligence to their children,” Beaver said.


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  • Easyrhino

    As a parent I agree but I also have to add you’ve got to harness that horsepower and keep pushing your offspring on right track.

    Kudos to Jewish culture for leading by example and stressing academia and scholarship.

    • Sick of it

      They’ve been stressing theft, murder, rape, and world conquest. Not exactly the best group to emulate.

      • Juggernaut3000

        They’ve been pushing White Genocide. THAT should tell you everything you need to know.

      • But it is good to note their emphasis on hard work, academia, and powerful ethnic network working with each other, and powerful emphasis on their ethnic group. These are good qualities to emulate, if only for the sake of our survival.

    • pcmustgo

      As if white Europeans didn’t engage in “world conquest” , theft, murder and rape. I am not say they deserve retribution for it, but they stole most of North America. I come on here every day to support whites and talk about anti-white racism. I am half Jewish myself. But I’m getting a little tired of all the Nazi like anti-semitism. I don’t understand how you could support the likes of Adolf Hitler.

      • Kenner

        There are a number of Jews who comment here, and they’re too tough to be scared away.
        I get the “Frankfurt School’ and the ‘Culture of Critique’, I truly do, but if many Jews reflexively act in a in-group manner doesn’t mean that every workaday Jew is ‘in on it’. A reflex is not a conspiracy. As Kevin McDonald has pointed out, plenty of that Ashkenazy IQ is employed in self deception.
        The Jewish left has done terrible damage to our interests, but not every Jew is a foot soldier in this war.

        • Anna Tree

          I don’t get it either.
          Can they bring me non Ashkanaz Jews who support the liberal leftist dogmas that are destroying the whites countries? Or Orthodox Jews? Famous pianist or violonist? Obviously the problem is with secular/atheist/liberal intellectual/academia/high IQ Ashkenaz Jews. No surprise, most of the anti-white whites are from the same background. It seems to me the mainstream Jews suffer and will suffer from their rich/intellectual/powerful elites the same way that non-jewish whites are suffering and will suffer from their own rich/intellectual/powerful elites.

          The leftist white jews ARE destroying our white countries, and I have no problem to say this. Too many powerful white Jews are pro-diversity and are working for the dismiss of the whites (that is their own). BUT the same way I won’t blame all the intellectuals for the sins of many, or will not blame all the women/liberals/Christians/atheists, I won’t blame all the jews for the sins of many as well.

          I am angry/hate the Jews who are destroying our white countries and ethnically cleansing our white race and indeed too many Jews are enemies (I am angry/hate the non-jewish whites who do the same.) But we have jewish Amreners white racialists, they are pro-white, they see themselves as whites.
          – – > Actually I have read complaints that half of the people who attend Amren conferences are jewish!

          Racialism is not about ideology but science: if one has white DNA, he is white. If one white is pro-white, he is an ally, we need more of those. I think we white racialists should unite, for me there is three camps, the camp of the white racialists and the camp of the anti-whites, i.e. the enemy. And the camp of those who are not anti-white.
          – – > As you wrote, Jews are tribal, but so are other white ethnicity, it often come up on Amren threads: “we Eastern Europeans” “we Anglo-Saxon” “we Catholics” “we Protestants” etc such a pity. Our unity is so fragile, our enemy so determined, we need to forget and forgive the past to have a future. And yes, I include the holocaust.

          • meanqueen

            Agree totally and you said it better than I could have.

          • none of your business

            The conservative and very religious Jews are very insular. But they are above all loyal to other Jews.
            They will never join up with conservative, pro capitalist church going goyim. They stay out of politics unless there are matters that directly affect them. Remember that even in NY City where the blacks terrorize White Jewish neighborhoods, the conservative Jews have never come out against their black criminal loving brethren like William Kunstler, Dershowitz and the rest.

          • Nancy

            But…there are conservative Jews who vote in step with conservatives (my dentist, for one. Obama hating gun toter, God love him). Also, there are Messianic Jews who believe Jesus was the real deal, but still preserve their customs, holidays, calendar, etc. There’s a big group of them here in Atlanta…I’ve visited their temple for services.

          • Anna Tree

            I agree Jews are loyal to other Jews, like Mormons or Quackers etc are loyal to their own too and true stay out of politics unless for their group interests. But obviously as long as they are not pro-white whites, they won’t be able to enjoy the future white countries.

            Sadly in my opinion, religious ties are stronger than being white. It seems it always has been the case. This will have to change if we don’t want the same mistakes to happen again. The children of the future white countries will know/learn/understand that one’s kin, one’s race is more important than any ideologies, including religious. One can disagree with his family, but it is his family, his “blood” i.e. genes, similarly one can respect ethnic, socio-economic, intellectual, gender and religious differences, but he must love and defend his white race.

            Our race interests are and must be stronger than any of our sub-group interests.

            However right now, I don’t care about those members of those groups, as long as they are not anti-white and this because I need first to accuse, protect myself, separate from and stop 1) those who are personally bringing hordes of non-whites, 2) those who are killing, raping and ethnically cleansing us and their facilitators, 3) those who are promoting the liberal leftist agenda and dogmas (like miscegenation, mass-immigration, feminism, multiculturalism etc) including the “useful idiots”, with their money, their power, their business or their persona.
            All of them are my enemy and are doing everything they can in an attempt to destroy white countries and the white race, consciously or not.

            These anti-whites come from all races, religions, ideologies, sex, political parties and socio-economic status. To forget this and try to pin our problems on one group is in my opinion dangerous and may sooner or later haunt us or our descendants again.

            Sadly the enemy is not one entity but really diverse. Another issue is that not only these enemies are strong right now, but we are weak.
            We not only need to weaken our enemies but strengthen ourselves.
            To be stronger, we need more racialists of any races and more importantly more white racialists, from everywhere possible. Because any white who becomes a white racialist is not only making us stronger and the enemy weaker by the way, but is also saved. That’s white altruism for me. Also his genes are saved and so the white pool get stronger too.

            Other Amreners may want Amren to be a place for whites in an anti-white world. I want that too. But I want even more a site who can bring back whites to their whiteness. And this because more whites we bring back, more chance we will have to have a white country. And that’s hugely better than a white chat room.

            And so we need to unite and reach for other whites, those not enough brainwashed that are able to listen. I am posting “Please watch videos of Mr. Jared Taylor. Visit Amren, you may not like every comment but the news articles and commentaries are eyes openers.” every time I find one. I want them to come and that we argue with them until they become white racialists. But sadly right now, we just argue between ourselves!

          • pcmustgo

            See my comment to IKUredux

          • pcmustgo

            See my comment to IKUredux for a generalized response to your comment.

        • meanqueen

          An admirer of Jewish culture here, and agree with you. Leftist Jews are just like leftist gentiles – a danger to society’s health. That will all be fixed very shortly now. Jews who are tied in to their tradition are politically conservative and wholly uninterested in meddling in other’s lives, while leftist Jews are abandoning their heritage, marrying gentiles, raising gentile children, and steadily erasing themselves out of existence altogether. Eventually there will only be politically conservative Jews who have no interest in social engineering for gentiles.

        • pcmustgo

          See my comment to IKUredux for a generalized response to your comment.

        • pcmustgo

          and I will stay

      • Easyrhino

        ” I don’t understand how you could support the likes of Adolf Hitler.”

        WTF are you talking about?

        • Anna Tree

          I think Pcmustgo’s response was for Sick of it. He just made a mistake by clicking reply to you.

          @Pcmustgo, whites didn’t stole North America, they settled it. And other people in other places on Earth settled other places too, it’s not only whites or North America. Beside, a country is never about who was first but about who built the country and can keep it off invaders. Indians lived in very small and definite areas and it is the Europeans who settled everywhere but most importantly, created the United States, his institutions, laws, industries etc.

          • journey

            Actually, the whole of North America was pretty well delineated by the red man. I actually saw a map once showing the areas belonging to each of the tribes.

          • Charles Martel

            I am skeptical. Many of the Indian tribes were hunter gatherers who followed herds of game, primarily bison. I don’t think they believed they “owned” the land. White settlers were more likely seen as competition for food

          • none of your business

            We might as well admit it. We and the Spanish, French and English armies took the Americas from the Indians who owned it. They might not have had land titles and county clerk’s offices, but they owned it and we took it. We killed them. They killed us. We won. It happens.

          • Jimmy Barron

            Aborigines of this continent had NO CONCEPT OF LAND OWNERSHIP. What the hell is wrong with you people?
            Haven’t any of you done your homework?
            “Whites” took nothing, NO THING, from the aboriginal societies
            who were committing genocide against each other and hunting
            for food. They didn’t “own” land,
            Where were their banks?
            How many fathers bequeathed “land” to their offspring?

          • Anna Tree

            Hi Journey, i am ready to change my mind: I will be thankful to see such a map/maps, if indeed they were drawn by Native Americans back then. But I find only maps done by Europeans, that confirms my claim that they were no “countries”, “borders”, their ownership of lands was in limited areas: the US lands weren’t divided between the tribes, it seems there were only specific areas and vast no-man lands in between.

          • journey

            Hi Anna,

            I actually saw the Indian territorial map while in Montana. Equally, I was surprised how the red man had craved up North America. They migrated here 85,000 years ago, had tendencies to fight among themselves, and for food supply reasons, all this created land grab among the different tribes. Since the Indians did not even have a system of writing so of course no maps. But they used land marks to mark out their territories. As for the Europeans, they had to know which territory belonged to which tribe so as to do treaties with them. Have you ever been to the Indian Museum in DC? As the white population increased, the treaty “trinkets” got smaller and smaller meaning the Indians were getting less and less significant.

            To get some idea there were no unclaimed territories, read the excellent book by S C Gwynne, Empire of the Summer Moon. I greatly enjoyed it. And it left a deep saddened mark on me. The vast plains mainly belonged to the Comanches. They were experts in maneuvering the plains whereas the whites would go around in circles because the land was so voided of land marks.

            The American Indians were still living in the Stone Age. Therefore, they lost their homeland even though they fought courageously. They lacked the specific non-evolutionary genome that whites mainly possess to go beyond the Stone Age in developing technology at a rapid pace.

          • none of your business

            ” They were experts in maneuvering the plains whereas the whites would go around in circles because the land was so voided of land marks.”
            So how did we manage to get from the east banks of the Mississippi Missouri to the Pacific coast? We followed the sunsets west. Maybe you should read about the French explorers roaming around the north west cerca 1700. Or a life of Daniel Boone. They were just as good as the Indians in living a primitive life. But it happened. Liberals think it is just wonderful that Mexico is taking over the southwest. So why is it so bad that Europeans took over?

          • journey

            Actually, there were Indian guides as like the Clark and Lewis expedition. And the French, “married” Indian women (squaws).

          • Sick of it

            I still find the “whites stole America” line amusing, considering how much intermarriage went on between whites and Indians. This has been proven by genealogy and DNA testing, but liberals will spout their lies until God finally judges them.

          • Anna Tree

            And beside the fact that dozens of thousands years before that, they were already 1/3 European as per the research by Connie Mulligan of the University of Florida in Gainesville. It’s even hypothesed that they were actually the first:

            amren ancient-dna-links-native-americans-with-europe/
            amren radical-theory-of-first-americans-places-stone-age-europeans-in-delmarva-20000-years-ago/

          • pcmustgo

            I’m not into guilt-tripping whites, and my ancestors weren’t even here when slavery and killing natives happened, but yeah, parts of North America were straight up stolen. Not all of it, some of it Native Americans sold to settlers, etc, but there was some theft, and murder and rape involved. The Spaniards brutally raped and tortured the Aztecs. Granted, the Aztecs were very brutal themselves to other tribes. I’m not arguing for Whites being uniquely evil- but acting like they, some of them, didn’t colonize, enslave, murder, steal and rape at all, ever, is going too far. Yes, some of them did. The Muslims and other empires and racial groups did too.

          • Anna Tree

            I said North America in my first post on this issue but then didn’t precise in other posts. Portuguese and Spanish indeed acted much differently than the other Europeans, i.e. mostly English and French, did in North America.

      • IKUredux

        I don’t always comment, but I read this website pretty much daily. I also read your comments, pc. You sound like a computer generated answer, just like LHathaway. DUH, Easyrhino was complimenting jews. Where in hell did you get anti-semitism and support for Hitler out of Easyrhino’s comment?

        • pcmustgo

          Jared Taylor’s speech in Hungary spoke of his sadness about the civil war and World War 2. Because, in the end, no matter which side he preferred (and in his case the Confederacy) it was whites fighting other whites. He doesn’t like being called an anti-semite- but thinks we should have never gone to war with Adolf Hitler. Basically condoning the Holocaust and Hitler and Nazism. If the Jews were so bad, why not just kick them out of the country like the other European countries had done? I just can’t understand people, even people who dislike the Jews, embracing Nazism or Hitler.

          People on this board, I’d say about half of them, strongly dislike Jews and are constantly referring to them and blaming them. So sure, Amren and Jared Taylor may not directly come out and say “we hate Jews”, but comments on this board include shout outs to Adolf Hitler and the SS. I’m not saying they should be deleted, but people are judged by the company they keep.

          I’m not saying anyone has to love the Jews, or not critisize them, but if we were in Nazi Germany right now, I’d be dead, or worse than dead.

          And yes, I do appreciate and recognize those of you who don’t hate all Jews.

          I come from a unique background, because I myself am half Jewish and half German-American. Yes, that is my exact ethnic mix.

      • journey

        Resources on this planet are meant to be used to benefit the progression of mankind not just to sit there. So the brightest and ablest will make use of
        these resources. This is not to be characterized as aggression just because another group/race was there first.

        All races have committed of what you listed. So what’s your problem?

      • Alucard_the_last

        Then leave America since ‘we (you) stole it’. If you don’t, then shut up and stop acting like a martyr for the cause.

      • Luca

        I prefer to think that Europeans were on a quest of discovery, exploration and trade. When they met strange people they considered heathens and savages they either over-powered them or traded with them and through that interaction culture clash and biology complicated things. They didn’t set sail looking for people to massacre. They did not steal North America. If they wanted to, they could have done so easily and there would be no Native Americans left today.

        As for anti-antisemitism, you forget that Jewish/Liberal-run media, academia and Hollywood has an ultra-hyper program of portraying Jews as eternal hapless innocent victims. Why did Hitler or anyone else pick on Jews? Is there no truth to certain stereotypes? Are they all complete fabrications? Are Jews perfect angels doing nothing negative to harm others throughout history? I tend to think there are two sides to that story and whenever anyone ventures to the negative side they are shut down with terms, shouts and ridicule of being anti-semetic. Let’s face it, that word is the Jewish version of yelling “Racist”

        You are sounding very PC indoctrinated.

        • Bunky

          Jews aren’t perfect angels.
          Do you think Germans are or were?

          • Luca

            No. But on the other hand, Germans do not control Hollywood and are not pushing an agenda portraying themselves as eternal victims.

          • Bunky

            Is that why Hitler killed them?
            Because of Hollywood?
            Weren’t they victims because they killed Christ?

          • Luca

            What is this a history lesson? Hitler had no problem with their religion. It was the way they polluted German society with their control of banking, media, pornography, labor unions, the communist party and their betrayal during WW1. He felt they were not true Germans and more like traveling opportunists and illegal aliens who’s first loyalty was to their their tribe regardless of religion. Read Mein Kampf and get it straight from the horse’s mouth,

          • Bunky

            The ravings of a lunatic that killed millions is your source of erudition. No thanks.
            Do you have 88 tattooed somewhere?

          • Luca

            I thought you wanted to learn. Here’s your first lesson: There are two sides to every story, somewhere in the middle is the truth. If you don’t read both sides how can you develop an informed opinion?

            But perhaps you’re more interested in name calling and ranting.

          • Bunky

            Did I call you a name?
            Did I disparage you to marginalize your comments?
            You don’t like Jews. Fine.
            But no, the two sides of this story don’t share some mystical truth in the middle. Murdering innocents isn’t something I care to glorify by pretending it was for the greater good of society.
            BTW, you call me out for history lessons and then proceed to give history lessons.

      • none of your business

        My position on American Jews comes from the fact that about 90 percent of the attorneys involved in the anti White side of school integration and bussing, affirmative action, pro criminal anti police and prosecutor Supreme court rulings, and all the anti White activities going on since 1956 are Jewish.
        The clerk’s lists of all attorneys involved on both sides are available in federal and state data bases. Look at the names of every anti White White attorney. Look at the names of the founders and members of NAACP, ACLU and all the anti White organizations. Read what Abe Foxman says about Whites. He was allegedly the elected representative of American Jews. AJC American Jewish committee funded Brown vs Topeka. The attorneys who litigated it were Jews. Marshall was a puppet whose lines were written by Jews. SPLC is the most important anti White organization today. The CEO is not a Jew, but almost all its money comes from Jews. Tim Wise ran his anti White hate group out of the Jewish citadel of anti White propaganda; the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. He used an address on one of the side streets.
        I’ve been around Jews all my life. Occasionally, very occasionally when they are on one of their anti White manifestoes I’ll remind one that I am a White Christian. They will usually reply “well you’re different but the rest (meaning my White people) are evil anti black anti Hispanic anti everything good in the world. Whites are bad.
        I don’t think American Jews should disown their anti White people and join us. But they know full well that Jews have been anti White since one of their great anti White heroes Julius Rosenwald back cerca 1900.

      • none of your business

        So why did Jews come to America to join all us genocidal goys? Why did they hijack the statute of liberty and turn it into an invitation for millions of WHITE EUROPEANS including Jews to immigrate? Why do at least one million Israeli Jews live in America not Israel? Jews did not all come after 1880. They were plenty in colonial times and even more involved the settlement of the west. A major cause of the revolution was that the British government had treaties with the Indians that forbade settlement of Whites beyond the Appalachians. As soon as the revolution was over White Americans flooded over the mountains and didn’t stop till they reached Hawaii. The money that funded our revolution came from the French treasury who borrowed it from the bankers of Frankfurt prominent among them the Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rothschilds and the other largely Jewish bankers of Frankfurt, Hesse.

      • Sick of it

        Adolph forced one of my childhood heroes to commit suicide in order to save his children. Keep your propaganda to yourself.

      • M&S

        Hitler took a society in which Jewish currency speculation had left people unable to pay for food, thanks to hyperinflation and the exploitation of the Versailles Treaty. When wealth as an expression of monetary leverage again became relevant as a new currency in the wake of the Treaty Of Locarno, the average German had a 1,000 Mark personal wealth value and the average Jew 10,000 Marks.

        The first thing a rich man does is seek a capital investment strategy which is to say risk mediation by shared buy-in of critical social processes with other rich people. So that they may have a penny from every poor man’s back in providing the goods and services which the wealthy ‘own’ but otherwise contribute nothing to. This is not a Jewish restrictive trait, it is exploitation by the few of the many across all cultures.

        The second thing he does is use that ‘not my money’ leveraging is expand his real property ownership as both a security guarantee against the rise of revolutionary idealism amongst the workers (mess with me and I’ll put you on the street!). And as a run-money source of cross investment in -other- countries similar slave economies.

        The combination of this 1-2 punch saw dozens of loans from the U.S. and Europe which essentially bought up every German property worth having which then either upped the rental rates or promptly divested half their commercial operating staff to leave only the four walls, capital invested machine tools and a bare minimum of operators as all ‘management’ was consolidated through investment supervisory groups. Run by the Jews.

        The result was 1920s Germans working as slaves for whatever wage the bankers thought worth paying them.

        The obvious problem with this exploitationist system is ‘What happens when both countries fail and money is worthless?’

        In 1929 that is exactly what did happen, with the margin call destruction of paper wealth in the (still bloated production capacity from WWI with too small a consumer class) U.S. stock market and a resultant bank run by the ordinary folk which led to the collapse of the U.S. financial system.

        In turn, this caused imediate demands for payment on foreign loans as recovery of fluidity at home.

        Which essentially shut German factory doors altogether and left 6 million Germans without jobs and 1 million on the street, without homes. If you want to chart the rise of Fascism within the Weimar Republic, correlate Reichstag seats to votes from the disenfranchised to understand how ‘radicalism’ gains an upper hand.

        Hitler, who was not liked by many in the German establishment because the NASDP was seen as too much an artifact of the lower classes, came into power with _nothing_. The German exchequer was empty, virtually all of Germany’s gold having been paid to the Western Powers as reparations and nothing in the way of currency exchange value having been conserved, even after 1927, thanks to Ruhr coal having gone to France and Britain for free.

        Yet, within ONE YEAR of his rise to power he used the Work For Food effort to put 200,000 people under roofs who would have surely frozen to death in the winter, 1933-34.

        In another 3 years, he had given another 1.5 million people homes for as little as 25 marks per month and with further loan guarantees for couples starting families, including complete payoff of all loans for those with families of four.

        “Because they will pay it all back in economic consumerism.” (Hitler quote).

        Hitler gave the Germans his word and he kept it. He demonized a population who probably did not /altogether/ deserve the hate he focused upon them but who made an easy point of blame for German unity to literally work against. And the Germans did indeed work their asses off as only they know how to do, once they knew they were no longer serving as slaves for Nameless (YKW) European Banking Gain but rather their own benefit.

        Autobahns, free working holidays, Volkswagens in every garage were to follow. Things which no working class ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD had previously seen.

        And the Jewish banking powers of France and Britain, noting the admiration and envy of the German Socialist system got a serious twist in their shorts over worry that this idea, for a working group labor condition that /rewarded the laborers/, might spread.

        Their solution was to make Germany pay for everything directly rather than in bartered manufactured goods as Hitler wished and Locarno allowed for. And that was a impossible to do because Germany lacks, internally, 18 of the 26 critical strategic minerals needed for a modern, industrial, society and Hitler could not put people to work while paying for everything in cash.

        His solution was to ‘build tax base’ by taking back the Austro Hungarian Empire, one Volkesdeutsch region at a time.

        And when that strategy came to Danzig, the Jews of the British ‘City’ banking system pulled Chamberlain and replaced his moderate approach with the drunken posturing of a useful idiot that was Churchill.

        And WWII was the result.

        Contrary to Jewish myth making, Hitler did not have syphilis, had he done so he would not have lived as a couple with Eva Braun for the decade that his close staff treated them as man and wife before the marriage.
        Hitler had degenerative coronary arterial sclerosis (heart disease) which would have killed him by 1950, regardless. We have the medical reports by German heart specialists called in by Morrell to evaluate the EKG.
        Yet within that decade, without the war, he could have given Europe bua chance to compete with the U.S. and USSR. There for want of the greed and paranoia of The Bankers Of Europe (YKW), we might have had a completely different, kinder, social system of economy and governance that allowed Europe to undergo the same rite of passage as the U.S. had achieved in the 19th century to cement their status as a continental nation state. And then spread the gesselschaft/gemeinschaft principle of an enhanced social contract to our shores as well.

        Europe was instead flattened like a pancake over six and a half years of ‘total war’, purely to destroy it’s population base and social infrastructure (not just Germany but -all- of the Occupieds as well) because similar ‘banking interests’ (YKW) in the U.S. found it convenient to take the European Colonialist wealth out of the game to support their own rise to global economic superpower status (beyond anything Americans needed or wanted as we were already our own continental resource base).
        Completely, ignoring the buffer state reality of Europe as a bulwark against similar, competing, Communist aggression of the USSR.

        This combination of venality and stupidity made the entire 20th century a complete at-loggerheads cancellation of progress, with no real improvement in the systems mankind put in place to manage his societal populations existence so that he could in turn improve his personal lot in life.

        Something which the German Herrenvolk ideal ALSO demanded as an individual pursuit of excellence for it’s own sake.

        Instead, having been falsely (post-facto) guilt-by-association criminalized for ‘wars of aggression’ (building something by taking it away from someone else, what a novel idea! Have to ask the Native Americans how that worked out for them…); whites have been guilted into societal irrelevance to the extent that they no longer even care when they are displaced by savages from primitive cultures who can no more maintain our society ‘when invited to’, than they can build their own equivalent.

        Had the World Jewish Congress not declared war, economic and insurgent-guerilla, upon 1933 and then 1938 Germany, none of this would have happened because they were not even on the Nazi’s top-5 shortlist of ‘people to watch’ until 1936 (Catholics, Communists, Masons, Social Democrats, Homosexuals, Foreign Capital, then Jews).

        The bitter irony being that had they kept their big noses out of Germany’s business, they would have got their Zionist dream, without the ‘six million’ pity fee. In this, the British and the Germans were in equal Balfour Accord agreement about stealing the Palestinian’s land to give it to Jews to get them out of Europe.

        IMO, Jews here need to understand that, whether they are personally active in the ‘group benefits program’ or not, that program does exist and the simplest proof of it is the manner by which 3% of American society benefits socially, out of all proportion to their size or contributions, simply for want of being the lead Victim Entitlement Population. Not women, not blacks, not Hispanics nor gays. But Jews. You are still playing the Holocaust card as an excuse to disenable the very population which saved your from your own stupidity in walking into it.

        That group investment strategy still employs mafia level tactics and strategies which unfairly undermine the majority white population purely for the benefit of their own, restrictive, elite.

        The results of which are what Jews, here, see before us, as the ruination of a multicultural and confessional America as a host nation for them as well as a homeland for us.

        What madness of cognitive dissonance is this? Did WWII teach you _nothing_?! Do you think that, if whites go down the rabbit hole of history as a lost population, we will not look to our self-‘Chosen’ moral leaders as the cause of our demise? Desperation always gives rise to Destruction.
        And it’s time for the Jews to ‘Disparate Impact’ self sabotage their own people’s obvious genocidal agendas as a function of derailing that outcome.
        Or we will all suffer for want of their insanity.

        A Different Look At HItler

        Babylon Berlin. It’s Happened Before

    • Alucard_the_last

      So do Asians and Indians. It is only the blacks who condemn education because they think that is acting white.

      • Anna Tree

        I just need to claim for the record: Kudos to White culture for leading by example and stressing academia and scholarship.

    • none of your business

      Check out the activities of Russian Jews cerca 1880 to 1990. Tutoring can only go so far. The average of Jews’ IQ in Israel is only 95. A well hidden secret of European Jews is that they quietly expelled the “unfit” from their communities.

  • Luca

    Would love to see the results of White parents who adopted black kids. It will never be published in the mainstream.

    • Fed Up

      Speaking of which — My wife thought it’d be nice to take in foster kids once our four were gone — some in careers, the youngest away at college. We looked what the local adoption agencies had to offer — mixed breed mongrels born to White sluts (often on drugs). We told them in effect: “Thanks but no thanks!” We ended up at the animal shelter and adopted two dogs and four cats. Believe me — those six pets returned the love we showered on them — with interest!

      • Who Me?

        Added bonus–the dogs and cats will not slit your throats in your sleep when they turn into teenagers, AND if they reproduce before you get them fixed, you can always sell the offspring!

        • Luca

          “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” – Mark Twain

      • Luca

        The more I learn about people, the more I appreciate dogs.

        • Robert Binion

          Google Twain and quotes about dogs; you and he could be brothers. Always is a hound lounging around in his tales.

      • Alucard_the_last

        Not to mention that dogs and cats are smarter than the average negro.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Have you ever seen Raising Arizona?

        ‘They said we had to wait five years for a healthy white baby. I said “Healthy white baby, five years? OK, what else you got?” They said they got two Koreans and a Negro born with his heart on the outside. It’s a crazy world. – Someone oughta sell tickets.’

    • Kenner

      Sandra Scarr did a trans-racial adoption study decades ago. She was so sure the IQ of black adoptees would rise in White middle-class homes, she promised to quit academia if they didn’t.
      She quit.

      • TL2014

        At least she had integrity!

        • journey


      • benvad

        The only way the Bantus can gain IQ points is by mating with East Asians or Whites. The result is our people being dumbed down and gaining negative physical and mental traits.

        • Luca

          IQ is the not the most precious commodity for creating a better person or society. It is only one rather important tool in the tool box. Other traits (tools) that can help a person or society succeed are compassion, integrity, hard work, study, honesty, courage, common sense, logic, empathy, family, respect and risk taking.

          Most times if we peer into the negro toolbox all we might find is risk-taking. As in robbing a liquor store and taking the risk that the clerk is not armed.

          • Sick of it

            That sounds nice, but expect the modern world to slowly disappear as people continue to breed toward the lowest common denominator. Expect a world where scientific advancement shall be rendered impossible. Da Vinci would have understood this 500 years ago.

        • Alucard_the_last

          They would be smarter than their kinfolk but they would still score lower than humans.

      • meanqueen

        She didn’t!

        • Kenner

          She did, for quite some time. I think she’s back in.

    • propagandaoftruth

      And here’s the crux, the clincher…

      “Some studies suggest that parents who interact with their kids over family dinners or by reading them bedtimes stories can boost their children’s IQ, while other research suggests that children’s IQs are only a product of their genetics.”

      Correlation does not imply causation. Why did nobody before ask, “What if the traits of talking with kids over dinner and reading to them are the natural behaviors of people with higher IQ’s?”, rather than assuming these behaviors result in higher IQ’s?

      Become a master of the obvious. Hard medicine for the hardcore ideologue.

      • Chinese Nationalist Maiden

        I think high-IQ families generally do more intellectual activities, since I don’t really expect that low-IQ families do more intellectual activities.

        • journey

          Unless they are lazy and not too focused.

        • propagandaoftruth

          It just makes sense does it not? I mean seriously, if you try to empty your head of all the brainwashing, get as close to clean slate as you can and go with your gut instinct…

          What is it? What it appears to be. Abnegation of unpleasant realities and their replacement with polite obfuscation and sophistry is most of what the hardcore nurturers rely on in the face of the triumph of Nature.

          I do believe that trauma or neglect in early childhood can adversely effect IQ, and I fear there may be an understandable over reaction against all nurture based inquiry but the point is rather moot. The culture alters the environment, the organism adapts to its environment – or is it the other way around? Of course!

          OK I gotta ask – you’re not really a Chinese Nationalist Maiden, are you? Such an Engelman honey pot, lol…

          • Chinese Nationalist Maiden

            I’m pro-White, and I’m Chinese. I wrote a couple of posts on my views in this thread: ‘A Troublesome Inheritance: A Conversation with Nicholas Wade’

            I think the IQ issue is fairly simple. Genetics are a much larger factor than environment will ever be.

            Moreover, I have a personal hypothesis about the extend to which genetics influences IQ. I believe the 40-50% so-called ‘environmental’ influence might even be limited by hidden genetic potential. So, in other words, the degree environment can influence you might even be limited by genetics as well.

            It would make sense if it were like that. It would explain why some individuals of higher races seem dumber than who they turn out to be. They have genetic potential, and if they didn’t, they couldn’t have become successful. It appears the environment can influence them more than others.

            At least, that’s what I believe. I have to emphasise that I think that 100% determined by genetics might be unlikely to be true, but I do think that at least it’s possible that genetics determines and limites a lot more than conservative estimates tell us.

            So, I believe it might in actuality be more than 50-60 per cent determined by genetics, while 40-50 per cent appears to be determined by environment but might to a certain extend also be limited by genetics. This means: 50-60% obviously genetic, 40-50% appears environmental but perhaps to an unknown degree limited by genetics.

            Twin studies are fairly accurate, I do admit, but I don’t think that it negates that there might be a hidden genetic potential limiting the environmental influence, and if that’s so, then, I think, it’s hard to say that there’s 40-50% truly environmental influence. 40-50% ‘environmental’ influence in IQ might be an illusion.

            However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be around 10-20% truly ‘environmental’ influence or something like that. But there might as well be a surprise that it’s actually 0% if there’s hidden genetic potential limiting the 40-50% ‘environmental’ influence. I hope it’s clear why I say the 40-50% of ‘environmental’ influence might be an illusion and what I mean by it.

          • Anna Tree

            Actually studies hint that it is 60-80% genetic, I presume they say 60% to stop some accusations but also because it depends on the traits too: for example music abilities have less genetic heritability than mathematics abilities.

            I agree about environment being also of genetics: culture is a product of our genes too indeed. And so “compassion, integrity, hard work, study, honesty, courage, common sense, logic, empathy, family, respect and risk taking”, hygiene, altruism, skepticism, open-mindness, critical thinking and more, are the fruits of our genes as well.
            Culture and man-made environment are evolutionary constructs, as is race.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Welcome then. It’s the internet and we do get some agitprop here from time to time.

            I am leaning strongly in your direction regarding nature/nurture based on the evidence.

            As an aside, in my opinion the Oriental and Occidental civilizations compliment each other in a rather yin/yang way. The West is creative and mercurial – though sometimes rather self destructive while the East seems far more capable of maintaining a high level of civilization and civilizational continuity.

            I also think there are aspects beyond raw IQ that impact on things, although many traits can be explained based on what we understand of raw IQ as well. So many questions!

            For example, why did Europeans, with a 5 point average IQ deficit, surpass the Orient some three hundred years ago in technology and politics/expansion? Hey, it could be precisely because of that deficit.

            Lower IQ types take more risks, riskier gambles, like cutting out across a gigantic ocean in an effort to reach China. Well, regardless of the wisdom of these big gambles…

            1. There were often enough bright and resourceful types to somehow survive adverse conditions and…

            2.. Big risk = big pay off. The cumulative results of rolling those dice in the big picture, despite some epic failures, resulted in wealth, power, etc…

            Funny, individual Orientals seem to gamble like fiends, but your societies are not so likely to take big risks as ours…

          • LexiconD1

            Not only ‘trauma, but things like having a daily routine, nutrition, access to health care, etc. are important too. Far too many parents are lackadaisical about them, and it, eventually (school age, for the most part) being so begins to affect their children physically, as well as mentally.

            I think genetics plays a huge part in POTENTIAL…but, it’s by no means the end all be all.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Blacks usually can’t talk to their kids during dinner because there’s too much noise from honking car horns in the KFC drive-thru.

        • pcmustgo

          or blaring TVs and radios that are left on all day in their house.

        • propagandaoftruth

          BLACKS TALK IN ALL CAPS TOO!!!!!!!!!!

          whn nt mumbling lke mushmths…

          • Who Me?

            Blacks don’t talk. They yell, bellow, scream, screech, hiss, whine, growl and mumble.

      • meanqueen

        Well, I think that was addressed in the last couple of paragraphs (which were poorly written, I think), in which the author said that the study looked at adopted children precisely so that they could remove the confounding factor of non adoptive families (genetic parents who are also the social parents – impossible to tease apart nurture vs. nature in that scenario).

        • propagandaoftruth

          Yeah, rather vague. I’d like to take a closer look at the study.

          Perhaps I’m antinomian, but there was a suspiciously conclusive assertion to the study and even the prestigious institutions mentioned are not infallible.

          But it sounds pretty solid.

    • meanqueen

      No, but there is plenty of anecdotal experience out there, and I think most of us have had some exposure to it via friends and neighbors. No doubt these children do “better” with attentive parenting, but there will always be limits. In the old days when there were white infants for adoption, social workers tried to match the intelligence level of birthmothers to adoptive couples, so that there would not be a mismatch in terms of parental expectations and child capabilities.

    • Anonymous

      I used to know a Black boy who was adopted by White parents. Result: he spoke proper English and not Ebonics, he wore proper clothing and not ghetto rags, and he went to church regularly. He also got along with his White friends and classmates. I remember that he was always nice and polite to everybody, and never acted out. Maybe he was still a simpleton, but at least he was a well behaved simpleton.

    • none of your business

      There have been studies. The kids turn out exactly like their parents, stupid, aggressive and violent. There have been plenty studies of adopted White kids.
      They all turn out exactly like the birth parents. There have been studies of children born of artificial insemination. They have their sperm donor characteristics. Egg donor’s babies end up like the egg donor Mother.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Kevin Beaver, criminology professor at FSU: “The way you parent a child is not going to have a detectable effect on their IQ as long as that parenting is within normal bounds.”

    That’s radical. I would have that study replicated before accepting it. IQ researchers with whom I am familiar — most recently Robert Plomin in an excellent video presentation entitled “Behvavioral Genetics” — won’t say cognitive ability is more or less 100 percent genetic, as does Beaver.

    Plomin puts IQ at roughly 20 percent genetic in very early childhood gradually becoming 60-80 percent genetic by adulthood. That is, the older one becomes the closer one performs to one’s true genetic potential.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Kevin Beaver has some interesting work on the MAOA-2r gene, that is linked to violence and has a higher rate in Africans.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Here is how Nicholas Wade describes the difference in the functioning of the MAO-A gene in whites and blacks in A Troublesome Inheritance(paraphrasing):

        Genes are controlled by “promoters,” short stretches of DNA near the genes they control. People can have two to five copies of the promoter DNA for the MAO-A gene. People with only two copies are far more likely to display violence. There is “substantial variation” in the genetic structure of the MAO-A gene and its controls between races and ethnicities. 5 percent of African-American men carry two MAO-A promoters. Only 0.1 percent of white males carry the two-promoter allele.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          That is what Beaver et al found. Beaver is much more delicate or cautious in his conclusions than Wade, but even just the raw data is fascinating for those with an open mind.

          Now even DNA is going to be racist.

          • WR_the_realist

            DNA is the most racist chemical on earth. It keeps race from being a social construct.

      • ghettovalley

        Every group has the potential for extreme violence. Some just have a better grasp on the consequences, or more of a conscience, or greater impulse control. Even the relatively docile Asians have been known to engage in extreme violence from time to time on a massive scale.

    • Mack0

      I would guess that the environmental influence on IQ is limited by ones genetic potential. Someone with a maximum IQ potential of 100 won’t exceed that score but under poor environmental conditions their IQ can fall well below 100. I think this makes sense when you look at studies of black kids raised by white parents in the suburbs.

      Even though they may score higher on IQ tests than blacks raised by black parents in a black environment, there will still be a significant intelligence gap between themselves and whites and Asians.

      • guest

        Some of what you say here was basic to the Milwaukee Project 1965-71
        (with prolonged testing follow up and endless delay of a final Report). It
        was most basically an attempt to keep the dull, unresponsive maternal
        lacks of mentally retarded mothers from blunting the infant-mother interactive processes basic to the best development of language skills, motor-performance skills, and so on. Itard’s remarkable efforts with a feral child represent in huge magnification what in miniscule focus was germane to the Milwaukee Project. It is not some Kamin, Gould 150% environmentalism that realizes harsh early on denial of stimulation can lower IQ levels and quite significantly. Itard’s “Wild Boy” was mostly permanently damaged from gross deprivation, but Itard correctly perceived that the Boy’s perceptual-motor coping skills betrayed a significantly higher basic ability than wolves would have conveyed to him. It must have been heart wrenching to estimate what the Boy might have attained if the early on total deprivations could have been offset, even partially. That generally, overall, nature is much more significant than nurture in no way excuses a failure to note the exceptions. In fact, it is very damaging to the AR focus for us to fail to do so.

      • Anna Tree

        “I can add water to a house plant and make it grow larger. I could also do the same with a pecan tree. However, the ultimate height of the tree will be greater due to genetic contribution.”

    • meanqueen

      The key phrase is “as long as that parenting is within normal bounds.”

  • Fed Up

    Bet the Liberals hate this kind of thinking. If intelligence (or a propensity to violent crime) really IS genetic it sure as hell will work against Blacks and Latinos.

  • superlloyd

    Minnesota trans racial adoption study anyone? This has been scientifically known for nigh on 40 years.

    • Kenner

      Don’t forget that onetime favorite of PBS, the Minnesota Twins study, a doc on twins raised apart. It showed that much behavior and ability was genetic.
      It was so popular, they featured it during pledge drives.
      Someone must’ve pointed out the obvious implications, because it suddenly vanished, never to be seen again.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Someone must’ve pointed out the obvious implications, because it suddenly vanished, never to be seen again.
        One suspects. Little clues here and there.

        Don’t look now and speaking of suddenly vanishing – but that mushmouthed brunette, Victoria, just said your name, up there. I think she’s on mushrooms. Yer call, dude…

    • MBlanc46

      Yes, but we have to keep banging them over the head with it.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Not always fun work, but someone has to do it.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    No kidding?

  • libertarian1234

    “Some studies suggest that parents who interact with their kids over family dinners or by reading them bedtimes stories can boost their children’s IQ, while other research suggests that children’s IQs are only a product of their genetics.”

    The former is the left’s attempt to interject their airhead fantasies into the issue. Society has known for many years that intelligence, as are many other attributes and negatives, are genetically based.

    Those like the unkempt Flynn who want so badly to skew figures promoting their “race is a social construct” nonsense they’re ready to entertain any kind of do-gooder nonsense, because the truth is either too frightening to them or they’re so steeped in do-gooderism they’re mentally disturbed. They’re fully prepared to set science back many years just so they can create a world of make believe.

    But all of their fabrications are for naught. Charles Murray pointed out in an interview which was posted on this site that the left is about to be shaken to their core, because scientific advances will soon prove genetics……not environment……are the true basis for determining intelligence and many other issues as well.

    • LHathaway

      lol, it only turns them into Liberals. That’s all that’s important. *sarcasm off*

    • guest

      Either / Or —-Huh??

    • pcmustgo

      All I hear from Leftist facebook people I get in debates with is “there is no such thing as IQ”, “IQ tests are meaningless”, etc.

      • WR_the_realist

        Those same leftists will sue a landlord with lead paint in his apartments because it lowers IQ. They will insist that one quarter of all convicted black murderers must be spared the death penalty because their IQ shows them to be mentally retarded.

        • meanqueen

          Excellent point!!

      • journey

        Just like Communism, everyone must look and think the same so there must be no individual differences.

        For today’s reality, the scary part is the brainwashing that all the races are the same, so miscegenation with inferiors can happen at a larger scale = diluting/suppression of the white gene pool.

      • Luca

        Of course they would say that. Intelligence is not a desirous trait to liberals. They prefer dumbed-down people who are easily indoctrinated.

  • This research demolishes Amy Chua’s “tiger mom” teachings, which she’s parlayed into a million dollar plus book franchise. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to be cruel to children to help them achieve to their potential. So, tiger moms everywhere can take a rest and let nature take its course, according to these professors.

    • Anonymous By Necessity

      It also helps swing a wrecking ball into the central tenet of the Liberal world-view; the notion that all people are the same, anyone can be anything they want to be, that we all have the same potential. Clearly we don’t and this helps make it even clearer.

      • Ron Cheaters

        Everyone is born with the amount of nerve-cells that they’re ever going to have. You can only nourish the inherent potential.. you can’t overfertilize and expect it to grow.

      • M&S

        Now if we can just take the next step after that: “Races have optimized over different evolutionary paths. We are no longer Hunter Gatherers. Those whose ancestors went down that road are in a world of hurt when it comes to being functional, let alone competitive, in the modern world.”
        HG is rough and tumble. Rough and Tumble translates to high TFR to replace frequent attrition.
        HG is also about commanding the group, not because your smart enough to be a leader but because your testosterone drives you to dominance behaviors.
        Physical labor oriented body morphology, frustrated dominance psychology (as criminality), low intelligence as impulse control and high birth rates = overall incompatibility with modern society.
        THAT is the next big admission hurdle we _must_ make for our own survival to be anything but questionable. Because whites produce genius and whites produce middle-road high averages. But whites don’t /produce rapidly/ at rates sufficient to compete with all the other homo sapiens racial subspecies of the world.
        As soon as we get there from here, we can start to design a replacement for the ditch digger class laborer and shift our societal constructs over to a post-menialist mode of sustainable living.
        Because we will no longer accept immigrants from HG predominant regions for charity or wage slave exploitation’s sake.

      • Sick of it

        I could never be a world class singer or dancer. Most of them aren’t very good at math or thinking long-term. We’re all different.

    • pcmustgo

      No, but Mozart’s father beat him and made him play piano… so in order to raise a classical music genius, you probably do need to push them.

      • Adolf Verloc

        OTOH, Handel’s father forbid him to touch a musical instrument, and he had to practice on a clavichord in the attic.

    • M&S


      This research demolishes Amy Chua’s “tiger mom” teachings…

      Do you think so?

      I think that TM’ing your brat can indeed push borderline children into excellence, simply because work ethic is counter intuitive to genetic driven instinct.

      You burn 250 calories a day (out of 1,650, basal) just to keep that big brain turning over at idle. You shove it into learning mode or fight or flight (sports) equivalents and it’s a 500 calorie per day monster. Back in the day, that wasn’t always practical if food was scarce so it was metabolically wiser to be stupid-conservative in how often you opened the throttle on that learning engine.

      Now imagine what happens when little Joey wants to go play outside with his friends and you know that biking or ball chasing equates to enhanced neuro-motor function which both helps epigenetically ‘program’ the brain wiring around that capability bias and consumes calories that might otherwise go to reading or drawing or activities which encourage the various verbal or math-spatial ideation intelligence based skills. Giving those cognitive neurons a preferential metabolism bias away from ‘future truck driver’.

      Of course, you can go too far and I have heard (don’t recall where from at the moment) that a lot of genius adults actually picked up reading for instance, quite late.

      But even if that’s not a liberalist fantasy, consider what ‘later’ also means: Puberty.

      Girls don’t suddenly start eating like horses when they cross menarche. Yet they begin putting on a fair bit of weight as part of the DHA3 fat build to feed fetal brain tissue and got-milk mammary growth.

      At the same time, their grades start to plummet in hard STEM areas and their social intelligence begins to peak.

      Which should be telling us that the body is making serious biochemical choices at the cellular level to _store calories_.

      Boys go the opposite way. Their mental focus and rational understanding of life comes up. Their empathy drops. They start to put on adult male muscle and hardened bones through a couple of serious growth spurts. Does this indicate a left over right brain function biasing to help divert calories into building an adult body? I think it might, though young men’s appetites certainly also increase, to match a more physical lifestyle.

      Intercede Tiger Mom who says: “Oh no, you are not wasting half the night, talking to Suzy on the phone! Homework first!”

      And even if it’s a losing battle overall, the /rate/ of interest loss in learning for it’s own sake that is adolescence is lessened and fluid intelligence plasticity of mental function sustains itself for a couple more years worth of slogging through the basics that translates to a “Thanks Mom!” Eureka moment in College when you are not remedializing your way through HS level competencies with very poor study habits and the feeling that your brain is about to implode from the weight of all that ‘Ahhh, but do you know how to use it?’ data pouring in.

      There is a great deal to be said for driven parents overstepping the bounds of common sense to try and make their children into what they are not capable of becoming but we are animals before we are people and a good TM (or Mean Dad) can help bias the biology at critical points in life where that little nudge makes the difference between a burger flipper and a scholarship to Stanford.

      Asians know this. Jews know this. Whites used to.

      • MikeofAges

        But don’t overdo the elite education thing. Just go where you have to and do well there. Once saw a “how to write your resume book”. One of the samples in there that of young family man with an MSEE from a secondary state college in the Midwest. Great looking resume they did for him, but he (or someone like him, since he likely was a fiction) could have written a ten-line resume and still gotten interviews if the credentials panned out.

        More likely, environment makes the difference between burger flipping and a degree, between being able to learn higher mathematics or not, between four year college and never getting out of junior college. Life isn’t the movies. In the movies, the smart guy or the smart gal always goes to Harvard. That’s because the average undereducated dumb moviegoer doesn’t know anything about the system. We need to know that ourselves, but importantly, we need to impress that reality on the many people who have little understanding of the educational system.

        • M&S

          Sir, I disagree.
          If you want success for your people and society, you have to dominate at all levels within it’s sphere and those who don’t strive are the ones who ‘fall naturally’ into the lower class positions which act as drudge effectors of society rather than innovators.
          However; among those who do strive and -fail- there is still the social sophistication from having been exposed to a higher standard and the activated epigens for the next generation to do better with ‘because Dad or Mom remembers what it was like…’ and pushes junior to get there.
          While if you are not the master of your own world because you yield it up to sharing with others, you -will be mastered- by those who are only interested in success.
          Even as a tiny guest population, less than 3% of our population, which consistently gets 25% of the yearly college slots on sheer competence, has come to rule the majority of us.
          To our extreme liberal-universalist detriment.
          They have done this, not because they are good or right or kind but because they push to succeed and they had the in-group loyalty to support each other through networking, long before the value of ‘circle of friends’ social cliqueing was understood.
          This would not and _did not_ happen, prior to 1960, because whites knew better than to cast their lot for the benefit of other racial groups (Roosevelt: “I cannot afford to make this a Jewish war…” when talking about exposure/attacks upon the Death Camps, at the insistence of the World Jewish Council delegates sent to ‘request’ it of him).
          Finding one’s place means assuming there is a fixed limit to your capacity and among a common racial group that is simply not a guarantee, based on common intelligence distribution levels.
          Competition drives good genes down into the base population to create more next-gen success stories in 20 years.
          Competition whose benefits accrue solely to one racial group ensures the best possible outcome for the majority of those within that in-group who play the game for each other and offer opportunities based on competence and available, good, jobs to reward it with.
          It is grossly immoral to teach otherwise because it opens up people to the specious notion that ‘if you don’t want to try’ it’s okay to give up privilege to outsiders, whom you -never- intend to bring within your Kindred circle. As though this somehow is of benefit to yourself or your descendants via a _harder_ life with less resources and social benefits.
          No. I say Strive. Compete. Try. Hard.
          And when you gain success at whatever level, after having exploited every option available to you from your in-group, know what Nietzsche` knew: Morality is what the achievers say it is because it benefits them directly for having defined it as such.
          We live in an effeminized society by which the weak exploit what the strong have achieved for themselves without understanding enough of the process outcomes to ensure that their own success is passed back to their people.
          They reflect success.
          But they do not achieve it.
          And that which underpins success is education at the highest level possible. Even if it hurts your brain to learn it.

          • MikeofAges

            You’re talking about something that is not politically possible. What I suggested was to direct outreach toward those capable of utilizing it. During the lifetimes of people alive today, we have had three (or you could count it four) large-scale outreach programs all of which have produced some considerable numbers of capable people. Even minority outreach accomplished that, though of course the people who simply go to work and do their jobs with sufficient adequacy do not get the attention.

            You can count the outreach effort as the G.I. Bill after World War II, minority outreach, and outreach to women. As for success, the G.I. Bill was the most successful, followed by outreach to women (very often meaning white women), followed by minority outreach. Minority outreach, as noted has produced some successes, but the most monstrosities and dubious cases as well.

            The other outreach was simply the outreach brought about due to the development of the need-based college financial aid system. That was an outreach which fell on everyone alike so far as ethnicity and gender were concerned.

            Politics has been described as the art of the possible, and then there is my dictum, politics is political. Take my word for it. Nothing for everyone will never fly as a political agenda. Not only that but your point of view is idiosyncratic. That means that it is individual to you, but not to anyone else.

            Exactly what are you disagreeing with anyway?

          • M&S

            You suggested that education was not important so much as doing well wherever you landed in life.
            IMO, that is a victim’s way of looking at things that says you will react based on where your immediate actions place you rather than -plan- where you want to be and know, from experimentation and self-application that you have what it takes to get there.
            There is an R-correlate of something like .7 between intelligence and job satisfaction and where you know you are smart, you had better count on getting into college to succeed because your employers will grade you, not based on how nice a person you are but what another SME says you are vetted as competent in achieving, job-skills wise.
            Midgets don’t make the NBA. But whites who have a 100 IQ, below the normative mean for Asian, Ashkenazim and Parsi, had better come to Carpe Diem. Part of that take no prisoners condition is a _training process_ we call college.
            Your illustrations of social welfare programs highlight the pathway of the Jews in undermining our society. First it was heroes and patriots whose participation in war _did not_ make them any more deserving, intelligence wise, of a lettered degree.
            Then it was women who are 3-4 points behind the male norm among our people whose total distribution curve is much shorter than males, to the extent that a smart (115-120) woman is looking at upwards of a 15-20 point difference with a smart, college competent, man (135 is not unsual). Make women’s role in society a mandate rather than a meritocratic chance to compete and not only are you screwing over the guys who didn’t get to matriculate but you are also short changing society who get neither a replacement generation of 2-3 kids nor a full payout before the woman who -does- have a single child transitions to less than 20hr work weeks as partial retirement (I am actually thinking doctors here).
            Next it was the minorities whose existence at college became a mandate for lowering the value of the sheepskin overall while introducing the concept of diversity as an independent variable, separate from whether the company that hired a rare college black was being more productive for wont of doing so.
            Finally, it was the young people who grew up in a contracting economy and -depended- on that bachelors in business admin (because blue collar manufacturing was already 80% gone) to get a cubicle job, only to find that those jobs were being offshored as well. But their college loan debt wasn’t.
            Does this mean that college is now innately worthless as you suggest?
            Of course not.
            You look at monoethnic countries like China for the Hahn, Japan for the Japanese and Israel for The Chosen and you see what happens when you conserve to the dominant ethny _the rights_ which allow them to succeed as a nation in a technological world.
            I say rights because you have a right to something which makes your life possible through skill based empowerment. It’s a privilege when you don’t need it but have it anyway.
            If we lose the upper tier of high end college skillsets we will not be able to sustain ourselves as an independent people. We will be ruled by the Jews, Asians and their ‘chosen’ pet Minorities instead.
            Blacks are not a direct social threat to us. Michael King was a nobody until a Jew started writing his speeches. Hispanics would turn back for Mexico tomorrow if it were not for the ‘liberal left’ influence in Congress that pushes for Open Borders as race replacement, behind a smoke screen of economics and egalitarian pity.
            And the difference between blacks, Hispanics and even STEM obsessed Asians is that the Jews know that the basis of dominance is the exclusion of whites from their own rule through a monumental commitment of Jews to college educations. When 25% of the yearly college spots are taken by a population which is less than 3% of our society as a whole. you are looking at 70-80% of their people dedicating themselves to a Pinky And The Brain conditioned pursuit of excellence as the tool by which they get to annihilate white culture and supplant it with their own.
            Not all whites are capable of college level performance. But for ANY white to have a chance in surviving today, we have to maintain substantial numbers of ‘anti-liberal’ (which includes white women) block-vote containment of the disestablishment and disenfranchising of whites from their own cultural control.
            Something which is ‘perfectly okay’ to do because NO OTHER SUCCESSFUL SOCIETY ALLOWS FOREIGN ETHNIES TO BECOME DOMINANT.
            The ‘liberals’ are building an Army. It is one whose weapons of social opprobrium for any bid to maintain racial integrity in disagreement with their divisive policies is only the initial step towards physical intimidation and outright oppression.
            We must field our own equivalent force to deny them the field by forfeiture. And as with any army, there must be generals to lead as much as soldiers to achieve the balance of force.
            Whites who forget this, who somehow believe in ‘Popular Revolt’ conditioned social warfare, are whites who will be Voice In Wilderness unable to unify our people around **A Plan** which strategically counters rather than wails and gnashes teeth over what to do and when as how to do it.
            Has public opinion polling closed our borders? No.
            Has it pulled troops out of foreign wars? No.
            Has it stopped Stimulus or Obamacare? No.
            Such is the power of a headless ‘democracy’ to represent it’s dominant populations’ wishes.
            College gets you in the club of white collar control as access to higher level jobs where you can make a difference to white outcomes. College gives you the ordered thought ability to win. If you go into college mumming the words of the racial debilitators, you can gain insight to their warped psychopathologies and use that familiarity to destroy them by the stupidity of their own assumptions.
            Destroy the Jewish/Liberal mind wafare over our society from the inside. And when the day comes, you will be obvious as the leader that whites will follow to retake some fraction of their society back from the basely evil minority who would wrest it from our control.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            This thread switched gears between Asian American Galley Driver moms and Jewish cunning and ingroup support.

            I am not arguing with you, I probably agree with you. But I’d like to make a distinction. The Jews I know have very rich inner lives. I pity everyone who knows Amy Chua. We can still afford to live well and it nurture our souls, which come in handy in times of trouble.

            Thank you for the pep talk though, I have some challenging reading to do.

          • M&S

            But…but…He started it! ;-]

            I simply do not see blacks and Hispanics as having the wits, will or connections to pull a bootstrap, grass-roots, ‘class struggle’ from within a traditional white culture sir. The societies of the 1930s through 60s would have raised an eyebrow, walked away and sent the sheriff to send them packing back to Mexico or Harlem where the lack of social resources would have starved any revolution in place.

            Yet, wherever I look, there are Jews on the founding boards of the NAACP, the SPLC, the UFW-

            This jewish connection to Chavez goes right back to the beginning of his career as a militant labour organizer given that he was a disciple of the jewish communist Saul Alinsky: whose ‘Rules for Radicals’ Chavez greatly admired.

            It is then perhaps not surprising to learn that Chavez’s long-time personal secretary, media spokesman and general organizational grey eminence Marc Grossman (10) is also jewish. (11) Grossman; like Hershenbaum, is still an integral part of the Chavez propaganda bureau and the UFW decades on: currently holding the position of ‘Head of Communications’ for the Cesar Chavez Foundation (and being editor-in-chief of the myths propagated about Chavez) these days. (12)

            And dozens of other radicalist organizations which have since become albatrosses wrapped around the necks of our society.
            Indeed, wherever you need a backdoor bagman with money. Or ‘inspired’ strategy via contacts in higher politics. Or a clever turn of phrase for a speech certain to capture a romantic white heart and make a black or Hispanic look smarter than they are.
            There is a Jew. Helping minorities disrupt and destroy our civil peace.
            David Irving once said something interesting to me…
            ‘Of all those people getting off the trains. How many of them do you think were really responsible (for the currency speculation and international leveraged real estate loans which ruined Germany with hyper inflation and then outright bankruptcy in the 1920s and early 30s…)? One in a thousand? One in a hundred thousand? There are the true victims…’
            Yet for all this, what makes Jewish culture possible as an eternally islanded minority is in fact _community loyalty_. Even more than intelligence, though of course they are linked. If 9.3 million out of 310 million U.S. Jews link their wealth together, that is a _considerable_ amount of funds.
            And knowing that they do this, that the tradeoff for ‘rich internal lives’, full of access to Jewish exclusive privileges, is one of harnessing at least a portion of their achieved wealth to ‘suitable charities’ where it can be used as universal purchasing power that harms the nation they live in, they still do so.
            From the most overtly Jewish ideologue to the man who rarely bows their head passing through the door of a Synagogue.
            And in all their activities, which can only be deemed parasiticalto their host population (there are 6.18 million Jews in Israel out of 8.25 million total and they enforce a ruthless ethnostate preference system), they repeat the processes which got them gassed and shot in WWII.
            At which point you have to ask: How innocent can a smart man be who repeats insanity, looking for a different outcome?
            For certainly it is insane to encourage leveraged handouts to minority groups, from unions to soldiers to women to minorities and not expect the resultant collapse from the middle to lead to murderous resentment.
            Of the system of disenfranchisement of white population demographics by which white _and only white_ nations break down and disintegrate.
            Because a Union asks too much to keep the product or service competitive. Because a soldier is not automatically a college bound intellect, just because he fought bravely in a war most 1940s Americans _wanted no part of_. Because the empty manual skills jobs that white man leaves behind make it possible for ex-Rosie women and minorities to demand a step up that further sabotages the TFRs of whites and elevates a highly criminal, low IQ, violent, population to it’s own economic power.
            At our expense.
            And finally, because those white children of the 60s rebels and their kids, who grew up expecting a Star Trek universe where everything worked because the script said it did, rather than because there was a real, production oriented, industrial economy that required a college-level, bureaucracy to manage it, now find nothing but a sold out manufacturing base and call centers in India.
            And so disavow their social duties to get jobs, breed and have kids at the McDonalds service economy level which is all that is left to them.
            Those son’s of James Dean now find that their degree either quota’d out of reach by minority racial privilege or worthless because those victim groups, while utterly incompetent, are demographically saturating the job market with tax-benefits and non-diversity penalties inherent to hiring practices that make it impossible for a white father of 3 to get a better than average job so that his wife can raise their kids.
            When things get obvious enough on the ‘never going to get better’ scale of not having what their parents did, I guarantee you that whites will wake up.
            And realize that the root cause of our problems cannot be sourced to the brown races or even the psychotic liberals of our own people.
            And if the Jews, who do not naturally associate, ‘multi culturally’, with other races on their own, keep their nonsense up, they will remain a clustered target set and undergo another ELE as a result.
            And whether they blame us or not, it will still be their fault because they have a historical case point for what happens when whites get mad enough. And still they just WILL NOT STOP executing their seeming genetic mandate to ceaselessly undermine our societies.
            To fight what is coming, whites cannot yield the high ground of intelligent leadership. We cannot afford to lose the education of our people to non-white control. We will need generals to organize the foot soldiers.
            And so we MUST HAVE Tiger Moms and Mean Dads who make lil’ Johnny stop playing ball and use his brains to instead learn how to think, critically, inductively and interpolatively, so he can go to College.
            Because it will be Johnny who COMMANDS all his friends who chose an early-easy job skill at trade school over a victory born at Harvard.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            What a nice stirring bit of writing!

            But why must we Amy Chua rather than yeshiva our kids? That part escaped me. Is it that we don’t want to raise our children too much in the Jewish fashion because, for all their cleverness, they shoot themselves in the foot all the same (your Irving story) as we do?

    • WR_the_realist

      While IQ is largely genetic in origin, there are plenty of things that go into making a child into an adult that have little to do with IQ. Responsibility, perseverance, and respect towards others are all things that must to some degree be learned. Plenty of kids with decently high IQ manage to get ruined by bad parenting. Probably the worst thing any parents can do is leave the moral development of their children to the mass media and the public schools, and far too many do just that.

      • Sick of it

        You make a good point, but it would not be hard to prove that higher IQ children are naturally better behaved. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Even with terrible parents.

    • Who Me?

      Those child-abusing “tiger moms” need somebody to plant a boot in their pointy little behinds. A LOT of what they do, as described in Ms. Chua’s book is outright mental, social or psychological abuse.

  • IstvanIN

    What parents can and should do is help their children achieve at their maximum. You may not be able to turn every kid into a physicist but you can certainly make sure he reaches his full potential.

  • TruthBeTold

    Can we stop funding Head Start?

    No? That’s racist?

    Never mind.

    • journey

      Head Start now has a life of its own. The only way to stop it is when this country has run out of money or sensible whites regain back this country.

    • meanqueen

      There was a study (maybe several) that showed that Head Start programs did not ultimately change academic performance down the line. What’s sad about that, to me, is that it shows that by age 4, it’s already too late for these unfortunate kids.

      • WR_the_realist

        There have indeed been several studies that show that Head Start does not improve long term academic performance. In fact one of those studies was done by the Department of Health and Human Services, which then tried to suppress their own study. None of this will stop congress from funding it.

    • LexiconD1

      Head Start = free babysitting.

      • journey

        Not for the taxpayers!

  • Kenner

    I saw this in the Daily Mail a few days ago.
    Fox will bring it to a wider U.S. audience.

  • Who Me?

    Some studies suggest that parents who interact with their kids over family dinners or by reading them bedtimes stories can boost their children’s IQ, while other research suggests that children’s IQs are only a product of their genetics.
    This is true as far as it goes, but parents who DON’T do these things sure can LOWER their kid’s IQ, or rather keep the kids from reaching the full potential of what they do have.

    • Augustus3709

      That sounds like manipulated statistics anyway. Those activities don’t make people smarter, smart people just happen to do those activities.

      • meanqueen

        No, I don’t agree. We’re talking about children, and children need guidance. A toddler is not going to go out and buy himself a book and then read it. Human intelligence does need to be nurtured, it’s just that genes set the limits of potential.

    • guest

      Indeed. And good manners help keep low IQ from becoming conspicuous. Social
      judgment of IQ–not some lapel button with a score–is what is functional. It is disconcerting in this posting to see so many “genetics is all” expressions. That genes are very predominant overall, does not preclude that particular individuals may be more malleable and susceptible to (modest) nurture boosts than are most others. Research has not created any level of omniscience that permits us wisely
      to dispense with humility regarding the topic.

  • Yves Vannes

    Potential doesn’t mean they will realize it on their own. A lot if not most kids will skate if there is no parental pressure. Letting kids ‘raise themselves’ is still a bad idea. Better to let them know what you expect and to set goals and daily routines – than to allow pop culture to set those guidelines. If they develop the right habits early – by the middle school years – you won’t have to keep riding shotgun. At least not too often.

    • IstvanIN

      Teens will test, the idea is to be fair, firm and consistent.

    • I think some medieval scholar wrote: “give me the 1st 7 years and you can take the rest”. Meaning that the 1st 7 years of upbringing essentially sets the child’s personality. This determines how they handle problems, how disciplined they may be, how they handle frustration, how outspoken they are & etc.

      While medieval scholars may not be up to date with the latest educational trends, I think there is something behind this.

      This regards a child’s upbringing, not their innate intelligence or other factors which appear to be largely genetically determined.

      • journey

        The raw material has to be there otherwise the best environment possible will not make much of a difference. Once again, the environment cannot change inferior genes to superior ones. Inherent racial genetics come as is. But breeding with inferior genes will suppress superior ones.

  • A. Windaus

    The only reason I know my Times Tables is because my father used to quiz me five of them every night (and have them answered correctly) before I was allowed to have dinner. My grandmother used to play Scrabble with me every second afternoon and that is how I learned to spell in English. That said, all of my family members are polytechnic graduates (engineers, laboratory technicians) so I have no idea how much that helped, but I’m sure it did.

  • 48224

    I know the average IQ of this country is dropping quickly because right now, there’s a black guy on the TV show Jeopardy. Seriously….first time I EVER saw that. My God, the end must be near.

    • Sick of it

      I’m sure he’ll do well with the rap and reality t.v. questions.

    • MBlanc46

      IQ is roughly a normal distribution, so somewhere out there there’s a Negro with a 150 IQ.

      • journey

        What the % possibility of a black with an IQ of 150? There also could be a possibility a normal distribution does not apply to the black race. They have their own – their IQ level could top off at say, 105. The evidence is shown by the societies they have created so far even with help from whites.

        • MBlanc46

          I don’t know what percentage of blacks would have a 150. I believe that it’s a little over 2% for a 120.

          • journey

            Have yet to come across or read about one. But nevertheless, there are intelligent blacks out there BUT with quite a bit of white genome. So, it does not really count because they are not the average blacks here or globally.

          • Olorin

            Close. The 98th IQ percentile for blacks is about 114.

            Which is about the 80th percentile for whites and 73rd for Asians.

        • SolStans

          The standard WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) has an average of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. If we assume an average black IQ of 90, and the same standard deviation (though a lower SD would make more sense), a black IQ of 150 would be 4 SDs above the mean.

          That gives us a z-score of 4, which would mean he is smarter than 99.9968% of black people. At 40M American blacks, that means that (again, assuming mean = 90 and SD = 15), about 1280 American blacks have an IQ of 150 or better. If the mean or SD is lower, that number will be lower, and it likely is so.

          • journey

            According to your calculations and acceptance of using a normal distribution (of white origin) to the black race, an IQ of 150 would be considered quite high. But over the years or the centuries that the blacks have been in this country, where is the display of the outcome of the high intelligence whether in science, arts, philosophy, etc.? (Of course, there is the usual Afrocentric stuff of no credibility).

            In the classes or summer groups for extremely bright kids are the usual suspects of whites and Asians. Look into the CERN group, Iranians and the usual suspects, but no blacks. We are speaking of millions/billions of blacks. Again, there are blacks of high intelligence but with a large amount of white genome as shown by their physical features. They should not be considered the average black. But again, even the blacks with sizable white genome are not part of the upper echelon of intelligence.

          • SolStans

            I’m just going by some loose assumptions. The 90 average IQ isn’t much of a stretch, but the 15 SD is. If blacks are as relatively variable (SD divided by mean) as whites, their SD would be 13.5. That would put a 150 black IQ at 4.44 SD’s above the mean, and would say that about 179 American blacks (out of 40M) have an IQ of 150 or above.

            More likely, black IQs are not as variable as white IQs, meaning a smaller SD and fewer of those at 150 or above. Even at a SD of 12, that would leave just 12 American blacks (out of 40M!)of an IQ of 150 or greater. If the SD is closer to 10, there are statistically zero blacks of that 150 or higher IQ.

          • journey

            Have to agree with you about the zero amount and your overall analysis.

            Now, to wander off into the social implications. Their reproductive rate should be severely restricted as society becomes more complex = more intellectually challenging. And it will.

          • SolStans

            From your lips to the gods’ ears.

          • Tarczan

            But what about the darkie in charge of NASA? He’s got to be some kind of genius.

          • SolStans

            Maybe he’s that statistical zero I mentioned. He’s like white-on-black rape in that way: yeah, he may exist, but not in a way that counts when the counts are counted.

      • Bobbala

        What do you figure the odds are that the others jumped on him and killed him …

        • JohnEngelman

          His mistake was to have acted white.

      • M&S

        …so somewhere out there there’s a Negro with a 150 IQ.

        Not necessarily.

        Avoiding g-o-d and random chance for the moment, white distribution is stochastic in clumps rather than Gaussian in smooth linear equity.
        Why wouldn’t other cultures be so and what does this mean?

        In a word: Culture. Societal job roles. Gender roles. Assortative breeding norms (college weddings).

        Something that is controlling for the frequency -by need or access- for the specific levels of intelligence that, with SD variant openings in the mean genetic range, provides a niche role that is survivable enough to achieve success and attractive enough to reproduce with a partner that conserves that intelligence level (among other qualities I’m sure).

        Blacks have a horrible paucity of advanced cultural history by which to have achieved, let along conserved such a gene pool. Do blacks have enough of a modern history, within our culture, to have generated a genius IQ pool?

        But only if the genes for higher intelligence are latent and carried forward regardless of prior (anthropological prehistory) evolution and/or introduced via White/Asian/Jew/Hispanic gene flow, uphill, against the negative social value that such a mating would induce.
        There are likely other, extensive, morphological (corpus collosum as prefrontal), metabolic/biochemical (20% higher serum testosterone) and cultural (Acting White envy) obstacles to developing any latent ability to full expression as well.

        Which is not to say that blacks bring nothing to the table-

        There are also significant black-white differences in the structure of mental abilities. The test-score patterns show that the two groups are good at different things. On average, whites do better on all the subtests, but their margin of superiority varies considerably from one subtest to another. Or look at it this way: If you took a sample of black and white children, all of whom had scored around 100 on the WISC-R — that is, the black kids in the sample were above the black average — you would expect to find significant black-white differences on six of the thirteen subtests. The average black kid would do better on Arithmetic and Digit Span; the average white kid would do better on Comprehension, Block Design, Object Assembly, and Mazes …

        But rather that you have to bias the normative values between clusterings of intelligence for real competitiveness to show up.

        Blacks with 100IQ are likely functioning near the upper third of their range and thus may well have better…’connectivity’ I suppose, between all elements of brain function (there are hints of this in the Terman’s Termite study, indicating that there is a conformation integer by which overall better genes leads to widespread improvement in all biologic functions).

        And that just doesn’t happen for the majority of blacks, especially those in the inner city where epigenetic cues to altered behavior and understanding are less driving.
        The tragedy is not the 1% of black culture who might have very high intelligence if given a chance to develop it. But rather that this group cannot throw down their bucket where they are and yank a functional society from among the rest of their people. Whites are failing at this effort with 16% of our society being upper range distribution, 1% simply cannot lead or manage their own order. They may have extreme difficulties in sustaining their genetic base given limited mate choices in the same intelligence range.
        We _need_ to get past Reductio Ad Hitlerum to invest in an active eugenics program with germ line genomic engineering of specific intelligence modalities so that we can all take the normative leap to what today would be a base 125IQ and a much better high-right distribution curve. We are talking about 20-30% population numbers in the 150 range for all races before we can start discussing the future of our individual subspecies on a shared planet as more than dependencies of the manipulative smarter races.
        Will we get it? Not so long as power lies in corralling and exploiting the stupid for the benefit of the few who are not.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      I knew someone who made it on Jeopardy years ago. To qualify, there is a test given once a season where you must score. 35 out of 50 on the $1600 question level. If they get a minority who passes the test, the producers will move Heaven & Earth to get that person on the show. It is very much a meritocracy.

    • Duke

      He blew it on the final because he answered FDR which was in the question.The Bell Curve wins again.

      • I saw one blow it on the first question in another game show, who’s name I don’t remember:

        Q: “What is the brightest planet in the night sky?”

        A: “The moon.”

    • Juggernaut3000

      Jeopardy has been known to alter its categories to pander to women and non-Whites.

      There will always be exceptions to the generally accepted fact that black IQs are in the 80-85 point range and that blacks have smaller brains than Whites.

      Single anecdotes and anomalies do not refute overall lower IQ for blacks. Tom Sowell, Larry Elder and Walter Williams fall into that category but their high black intelligence is an aberration and cannot be extrapolated into the larger black population.

      • 48224

        The other two players were white women….you may be right. In fact, they may have all been teachers as well. A “teacher” edition of the show like the celebrity edition shows they have. Not sure, I started watching in the middle.

  • RacialRay

    If there were anything to the notion of fostering intelligence through such things as reading to a youth, you would expect that at least some of the brothas would have gone on to law school, considering how often many of them have their Miranda rights read to them.

  • TL2014

    The tide is turning, people. Give it another couple years and the nurture camp will collapse under the weight of overwhelming empirical evidence.

    • journey

      Don’t think so. The empirical evidence will be ignored as like the last 60 years.

      • TL2014

        No. There wasn’t this amount of scientific evidence until recently. At some point, enough academics will break under the unbearable weight of cognitive dissonance.

        • journey

          Heck, Arthur Jensen and earlier by others had scores of empirical and research evidence. Jensen in the late 60’s right off the bat stated, Head State (nurture) was not going to work. And now, we are trillions in the hole and still digging deeper. There’s a whole industry built around blacks as victims and diamonds in the rough now. Holder and little barry, etc are the beneficiaries of these delusions.

          Remember what happened to Jason Richwine and his 2009 thesis regarding the IQ’s of Hispanics? And we are importing millions of low IQers. In other words, the delusions are getting stronger not weaker.

          • TL2014

            But it’s just not sustainable. Watch and see.

          • journey

            Of course, that’s the plan for a very long time. Make the whites the minority – crash this country then take it without firing a shot just like South Africa. But the whites will still have to pay the majority of the taxes as in South Africa.

          • Ella

            Americans don’t even know that there are only 17% whites in South Africa so it’s possible to be taxed as a small group. The US middle class persists to dig its own grave.

          • journey

            The middle class, the backbone of this country, is disappearing fast.

            It’s amazing South Africa is still afloat with blacks in power and being the majority but totally useless. Of course, SA is a shadow of its former self. SA must have been a threat to the international central bankers controlled by our guests as all Western countries.

          • M&S

            Whites will be dead.
            Automated Manufacture and High Order Artifints will do the heavy lifting for the managerial/supervisory roles we used to fill and a very few, ‘privileged’ scientific types may survive to continue the developmental pathways of inductive conceptual intelligence (as a backup to Skynet level ‘trial and error but so many, so fast…’).
            But a stupid mass of non-white, low IQ, laborers who are easily led and ‘just happy to be here’ will themselves gradually be edged out as robotics become more and more prevalent while the majority white population are long gone in favor of a tiny wealth class elite of all races, controlling the plebes through remote NWO globalist dicta.
            This is not a breakout condition, it is a “So what, you’re dead Mr. Bond, why do I care if you know how wrong the reasons for it are.”
            In a universalist world without evil or good that is ‘humanist’ but not specist (for such is what race really is, as a pre-speciated subgrouping of the genus) in terms of in-group loyalties, there can be many degrees of /efficiency/ as a function of selective bias towards ‘good…enough’.
            Whites, who are idealists and push towards the best in all things as a pursuit of personal excellence are anathema to such a system. Which is why we -were- successful. And now are endangered.
            Because the other groups have hive minded together to kill off what they cannot compete with.

          • journey

            “Whites” did get submerged in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and India. But most of the whites did survive in Europe with the result of a civilization that has continued to grow for the past 5,000 years. Now, the whites are a critical point again due to low reproductive rates and miscegenation.

          • MikeofAges

            Meanwhile, the real diamonds in the rough, and some number of them are of Third World (OTA) descent too, get buried in this misapplication of the concept of social triage. The people for whom outreach can make a difference often are ignored while those who are doomed, doomed to limited education and careers anyway, no matter what is done do get all the funding and attention.

            I know of what I speak. I’ve lived it.

          • JohnEngelman

            The delusions have to be enforced with punishment because they are no longer widely held.

        • JohnEngelman

          I predict that the constraints of political correctness will collapse as abruptly as the Soviet Union.

          During the 1980’s I read an article by an American who had recently visited the Soviet Union. He wrote, “No one believes any more. It is as though the Bible Belt has become atheistic.”

          Eventually people will get tired of lying in public. They will get tired of telling the truth only to trusted friends in a hushed voice, behind closed doors and windows.

          Eventually scientists will know that it is safe to tell what they know. Non scientists will express their feelings.

          • MikeofAges

            I hope so, John. If that happened, our disagreements would be less important.

          • Tarczan

            I hope you’re right. In the Soviet union they were told “we live in a workers paradise”, in the US we are told ‘diversity is our strength”.

      • M&S

        The word you’re looking for is suppression.
        In 2010, there were articles in the major online biology magazines by scientists who were saying /that by the end of the calendar year/ there would be hard genetic data supporting the racial asymmetry in intelligence and we should all be ‘compassionate’ in our understanding of what that meant.
        Heard any further reports of this great discovery in the public domain or journals since then?
        Me neither.
        In all likelihood, the genetic basis for high IQ is already allele traced through multiple variant iterations of conceptual/verbal, math/spatial and other cognitive modes. And has been for a decade or more.
        And it will not be issued to the public because it would flip the world on it’s head in terms of who became the next elites and indeed exactly what /being an elite/ entailed in terms of making money and holding onto power.
        This is more than just liberal left egalitarian fantasy. We are talking the way society is ordered and runs.
        The problem is, we cannot change (automan, robotics, fusion) or improve our social condition without a massive increase in the number of high-right IQs on the curve. And so we are left with a condition by which the LCD intelligence necessary for social function is endorsed because there is no replacement for menialism and there is no replacement for menialism because useful idiocy is normed.
        ‘Get ma gun Martha, I gots to go shoot me a liberal!’ is NOT the issue here.
        Until and unless we can free up the research equipment from controlled distribution lists into the hands of corporate/commercial entrepreneurs we will always be slave subjects to a government run by the wealth class who want things to remain exactly as they are now. Because they have already made the assortative hurdle to their own high intelligence plateau.

        • journey

          The human genome in all its complexity is still not understood yet. Heck, man does not even know how life originated on this planet, the origin of the different races, the origin of this planet, local solar system, and the cosmos!, etc. (Actually, modern man never will since he was not there at the time).

          The whites will always be on top as long as they maintain the integrity of their gene pool. The intellectual voices that used to warn about miscegenation have all been quieted.

      • Olorin

        In my low moments, I agree with you…but it’s also the case that a lot of people–including DWLs–are waking up and wondering just what the *&@^ is wrong with blacks. This is why it is so important for racial realists to speak and argue from data, not emotions, and to learn how to confront liberals’/progs’ discursive tricks to avoid the evidence and keep things grounded in dogma, orthodoxy, elitism, and histrionics.

    • I agree, it appears that when substantial evidence becomes manifest attitudes change eventually.

      • Olorin

        But it does take time and effort. And a lot of the “bright” members of the access elite class really don’t know squat one about the difference between a utopian fantasy and hard data. For them to move in the direction of empirical evidence means giving up their entire religio-social map and praxis.

        • Kenner

          You’ll have to pry my praxis out of my cold, dead hand.

    • JohnEngelman

      We can always hope.

  • journey

    Another study that shows environment does not and cannot change inherent racial genetics. Surprise, surprise. And, this study also shows a good environment enhances superior genes but cannot change inferior genes to superior genes.

    This country has wasted and still continues to waste good tax money chasing after fool’s gold. More fool’s gold, putting blacks in positions of power to so called run this country.

    Want to bet we will have a Ben Carson trying to run for president in 2016?

    • Ella

      Chasing fool’s gold puts white children at a disadvantage as funds are diverted into “at-risk” student programs.

      • journey

        All part of the plan so that white children will be under educated. The educational standards have been set to inner schools levels since the 70’s and getting worse. In some areas, the parents are rebelling but this is in wealthier districts.

        • pcmustgo

          I grew up in a 99% white town. The school district was always full of new educational theories, like “group learning”, all aimed at helping out the dumber kids, while ignoring the more intelligent children, America has embraced this “Every kid should go to college” universalism. So even in all white areas, this is a problem. And it was obvious to me as a kid, the different class levels broke down along class lines- the poor kids were in special ed, middle class kids in the normal classes. and upper middle class kids (children of educated parents) in the advanced classes, with little exception to this rule. That is at least later in high school when they even began allowing such academic differentiation.

          • Anonymous

            THIS is why my parents sent me to private school. The local public school is just as White as the local private school, (about 93% White) but the problem with homogeneously White public schools is that class diversity is still present.

            Note to all you WNs: race matters, but it is not the only thing that matters. Social class matters just as much.

        • Ella

          In wealthier districts, we also lose the battle due to dropping student enrolment. These leftist bureaucrats will not combine or close schools; instead, they choose to bus in students to distribute federal funding among their many campuses. It’s a rapid academic death for white students.

          • journey

            Not in all. I presently live in one. The student population is growing along with the housing prices due to people coming because of the good schools. To keep the standards up and the funding, our property taxes keep going up.

      • Olorin

        The US has long showed a hostility to very bright kids. This is not new.

        In fact the only reason this is beginning to change is the ascent of the “diverse” Asians in places like Silicon Valley. A super smart white kid can go jump off a wall. A mediocre smart dot Indian with an H1B or inflated tech school degree? That’s DUHversity!

        • Anonymous

          Generally, the amount of hostility shown to smart children varies by race. Black and Hispanic kids are brutal to the smartest kids in their race. White kids are a little bit mean and often socially exclude the smartest White kids, but very seldom physically attack/kill the smart White kids. Asian kids are the opposite. They seem to actually like the smart kids of their own race.

          By the way, this is yet another reason why I don’t support the pro-White cause. If White kids can’t even appreciate smart White kids, how can White American communities get better?

  • fuzzypook

    All I can say to this is……Duh!

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    How many times are we going to keep doing this experiment? What’s the definition of insanity again?

  • Gary John 金白龍

    The racial awareness IQ of Whites must be bottom of the barrel.

    • journey

      From years of intimidation in this country. In Russia, it’s the reverse.

  • I think previous wisdom, such as mentioned in “The Bell Curve” by Murray & Hernstein put the genetic contribution to IQ at between [something like] 30 to 80%. For safety’s sake M&H used 50% as the contribution of genetics to IQ which was enough even to make a good case against breeding low IQ populations.

    From their data I’ve always mentioned that I felt the genetic contribution was more & used an 80% figure. This new study indicates that even that figure may be low.

    Not to boast [well maybe a little bit], but I believe my little one is in the top 5% of the population for IQ. However we also do lots of stuff with him & my wife took all the prenatal vitamins & such. Unfortunately we just have the one, but I’d like to have two. I was always against adopting for the genetics reasons and I think both of us are very happy that eventually we were able to get one of our own rather than adopting.

  • Alan Martin

    Intelligence is no different from any other aspect of biology.

    poor upbringing CAN hinder intelligence… it’s the difference between an ignorant moron and an educated rational thinker (political indoctrination of otherwise intelligent people notwithstanding) in the same way poor upbringing can effect a persons physical health… its the difference between an obese person and a physically fit person. the habits, culture and way of life can negatively impact a person.

    a positive upbringing can allow a person to achieve their genetic potential, be it intelligence or a physically fit body. but instilling all the right “environmental” factors will still not create “more” genetic potential. you will not be able to “shape” an intellectual genius via environment any more than you can create a superior athlete.

    there will always be that genetic ceiling.

    • meanqueen

      Well said, thank you. Nutrition is a huge factor in early brain development. So is caregiver attention and affection. Babies who are left to cry release stress hormones that stunts brain development, to say nothing of what abuse does. Genetics is also a huge component, no doubt. What you have with the black community, unfortunately, is a convergence of all factors – poor prenatal self-care, poor nutrition, abuse and neglect in infancy and childhood, all overlaid on what may be poor genetic potential.

      • Theron

        I am interested to learn more about this idea that leaving babies to cry stunts brain development…do you have any books or sources for this? Actually for all your points. Thank you in advance!

        • meanqueen

          Omega 3s are needed for brain development, as are essential fatty acids such as ARA and DHA. If you notice, cans of baby formula now will advertise that these have been added. Caregiver attention and affection has long been known to be necessary for normal brain development in infants and children. I’m a mother and a nurse and have read this stuff so many times, I guess I just assumed it was common knowledge! As for babies crying, this was controversial for a while because Dr. Ferber had advised something called “crying it out,” which basically meant that a baby’s cries should not be immediately attended to, in order that the baby could learn to self-soothe and go to sleep independently. Dr. Ferber meant for caregivers to delay going to the baby only for minutes at a time, in increasingly longer increments. He never advised people to just leave a baby to cry for prolonged periods of time, however, “cry it out” came to mean exactly that. A baby who is left to cry himself into hysteria releases stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) which prevent necessary nerve connections and also cause nerves to degenerate. There are numerous articles online that discuss this. If you’re interested in reading about the science of it more in-depth, just Google “excessive crying brain development infants” and you’ll get a lot of stuff. Hope that answered your questions. As for my last point – I should have specified the low class or what I call the “criminal class” black community, and not all black people.

          • meanqueen

            And obviously, the science applies to all infants, not just black infants, but the topic was IQ and brain capabilities in black children.

  • JohnEngelman

    The duck’s legs are short, but if we try to lengthen them, the duck will feel pain. The crane’s legs are long, but if we try to shorten them, the crane will feel grief. Therefore we are not to amputate what is by nature long, nor to lengthen what is by nature short.

    – Chuang-tzu


    If a child has intellectual interests in for example chemistry or great literature, it is good for the parents to recognize that interest and encourage it. Nevertheless, it is not good for parents to force intellectual endeavors where there is neither interest nor aptitude.

    • A friend’s ex-husband once decided that their son should have a major pursuit and then stick to it, but that HE, rather than the kid would be the one to decide which pursuit that would be. The end result was that a certain guitar almost never got played and a lot of completely unnecessary strife developed.

      Children should be exposed to a lot of different things, so long as these are safe and legal (which is where adult judgement enters the equation) in order that they may discover for themselves where their natural inclinations trend.

      • JohnEngelman

        That ex-husband probably tried and failed to become a rock star.

  • OyVey00

    There is something that can boost IQ: Genetic engineering.

    Eugenics for the black population NOW. It’s for their own good (and ours).

    • Anna Tree

      Eugenics, Race,& IQ “debate”, William Shockley vs. Afrocentrist Dr. Frances Welsing on Black Journal
      Shockley discusses the problem of dysgenics in the black community. Shockley would have a heart attack from modern birth rates, honestly.

      youtube com/watch?v=2ULWzSpX6sk

      • journey

        He would have been shut down and put away. Has anyone see James Watson around? Both geniuses that contributed greatly to society.

        Will not watch your recommended video but is it the one where a black woman from Howard University Medical School was pushing the point that blacks were superior to whites because as humans climbed the evolutionary scale, the more melanin they have!? Almost fainted when I heard that garbage.

    • Olorin

      Assortative mating IS genetic engineering. It too faces ceilings. And the alleles for intelligence are not simple and cannot be squirted into a genome like fluorescence or shelf life.

      • OyVey00

        They’re in the process of identifying the most important genes for intelligence in China’s biggest research lab right now.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      You are falling into the trap of thinking that the problems of the black population are ours to solve.

      Let’s just stop exacerbating them. End welfare. End affirmative action.

  • Magician

    Can any of you believe the following was written by someone who claims his IQ is 147?

    The following is Snoop Dogg’s reasons for voting for Obama instead of Romney

    Look how intelligent he sounds in that post

    It looks like it was written by someone whose IQ is 47 not 147

    Most 6-8 year old kids in my neighborhood can write something more intelligent than that

    • meanqueen

      Who said his IQ was 147? LOL! Oh, wait – maybe you have to be brilliant to be able to fake being so dumb.

      • Magician

        You can simply google it your highness.

    • tlk244182

      Actually I think he’s trying to be funny here.
      “He smokes Newports…etc.”

    • Luca

      This was the paper he submitted at Harvard for his Masters in Political Science. I believe he got an “A+” for this scholarly effort.

  • SiniticMan

    Ah one of my favorite topics. I wouldn’t say it is entirely genetic in any period of one’s life especially during childhood. To this day, I often wonder where I would have been in life if my parents were richer and my peers were more like-minded and intelligent as I was.

    Genetics is definitely a huge part of it. Faster sprinters always know that they are faster than most people and they prove it when they win 100m dashes, same goes with intelligent people who prove it when they perform well on IQ tests or other intellectually demanding tasks in life. I always knew that I was more intelligent than most people and I proved it to myself when I scored a couple standard deviations above the average on the simple ravens tests. From the result of that test I learned that I make sense of the world around me mostly through visual non-verbal means but I’ve recently come to appreciate the significance of verbalism which I think is the defining characteristic of the West.

    I’ve said it here time and time again but I find myself re-iterating it in better ways from time to time as my verbal improves.

    I think that the situation the West is in and most of you guys would view it as a predicament, had its roots after the last Ice age had ended.

    The material boom that occurred in the Near East after the last Ice age resulted in the rapid increase of the verbal faculties of the people residing in that region. Thus, when another material boom occurred in the southern regions of Europe, but whose inhabitants were Indo-Europeans, and along with their higher visual-spatial faculties relative to their Near Eastern Caucasian counterparts, developed a different kind of verbal civilization than the one that arose in the Near East. And in my opinion, that civilization (the West) created by the Indo-Europeans was still a verbal civilization by nature but it was superior to the verbal civilization that was created by the Near Easterners due to the simple fact of the Indo-Europeans superior visual spatial faculties. The Indo-European’s naturally higher visual-spatial faculties along with the verbal culture he developed as a result of southern Europe’s material boom, allowed for him to have a better civilization which allowed for him to with relative success, fend off the Near Eastern Caucasians that attempted to expand northwards.

    Thus the reason why the English race has been so successful so far is because of their ability to utilized their verbal/visual spatial faculties when it mattered and in a way that would leave them on top eventually. For example, I often ask myself how on earth did the English beat the Germans in WWII when I always thought that the Germans because of their higher visual-spatial faculties, had better tactics, were superior warriors/soldiers, and created better weapons. The answer to that is because of the Englishman’s (both in England and America) superior verbal faculties. He succeeded in utilizing his verbal faculties into duping other races to fight along side him and the other races were more than willing to fight for him and the way he went about that was because of the democracy that he offered to them. And what is democracy? To me, Its just this shallow mechanism that allows for verbalism to flourish and it can be quite inclusive of basically everything, even animals. The English too knew that democracy by its nature was shallow but they reluctantly kicked the can down the road because it works effectively somewhat anyways. The Germans on the other hand, were not very verbal during WWII, they utilized mostly non-verbal means of getting other races to fight for them which wasn’t as effective firstly and not as everlasting secondly. In the end, It didn’t work out, you can’t conquer the world through non-verbal means alone. Same with the Chinese, Mongols, and Imperial Japanese, all peoples with really high visual-spatial faculties, its just not gonna work.

    But thats my story for now. Not only is intelligence malleable I believe, but the way in which it develops or utilized can have civilizational and/or historical outcomes.

  • wattyler23

    It is said now by our interlectual betters that reading children bed time stories, helping with home work, teaching them to read, getting then to know the alphabet does nothing for their IQ status, can our social interlectual betters tell us that if this home schooling does no good, what good does it do to hold back a childs progress?. One could name hundreds of small children who have had the benifit of a parent who took an interest in the interlectual well being of their child and that child going on to be a great genius, Mozart for starters, should he have been born to parents who thought their child would make a good shelf stacker at the Hyper market, a Great Loss to all. NO instruct your child even if the advice goes in one ear and out the other, some thing will get through.

  • Alucard_the_last

    This must explain why adopted blacks by whites still are trouble making, losers who are stupid.

    • libertarian1234

      Yes, that explains it clearly.

      White weenies who expect people who have not evolved beyond the stone-age in Africa to somehow become candidates for Pulitzer Prizes and other accomplishments, just because they changed locations are just too nutty to be included with the majority of white people. They need to be culled.

  • Garrett Brown

    My favorites are the Negroes that play classical music through headphones pressed against their bellies, thinking it will have any effect.

    • Kenner

      A black fetus would be so anxious to flee that music, it’d spontaneously abort.

  • Realist

    Surprise, suprise, surprise!

  • I would have thought that Trofim Lysenko’s disastrous contributions to Soviet agriculture would have permanently decided this issue in favor of the heritability of biological traits.

    The ending quote by Beaver in the redacted version of the original article above is very telling, and really just distills down to “Correlation is not causation”.

  • rightrightright

    How come Saudi participates in this research? Adoption is forbidden in Islam ever since Mohamed took a shine to his adoptive son’s wife and promptly unadopted the young man on Allah’s conveniently timed say-so. What is Saudi’s contribution here and why?

    • Anna Tree

      They want to know if it is worth investing in schools/best teachers or if they should come back to their ways of kidnapping and “marrying” European women during jihad (in addition to the European women who marry them for “love”.) The Saudis are a bit behind in this compared to the North Africans, Syrians, Iraqis etc
      The sad part is that I wish I was sarcastic…

      • Magician

        Isn’t it forbidden for Saudi men to marry non-Saudi women?

        • Anna Tree

          No: as per islam and so in Saudia Arabia and other Muslim countries, a Muslim man can marry a Jewish or a Christian woman, as long as she accepts that allah is the only god (the Christian woman may need to reject the Trinity or that Jesus is the son of God) and that the children are Muslims, but he cannot marry an atheist or polytheist etc unless she converts. I don’t know about citizenship though, I am talking only from the islamic and sharia’s point of view. As per this article, foreign women get now more rights than before:
          emirates247 com/news/region/saudi-law-approves-marriage-with-foreigners-2011-06-28-1.404884
          And so those European women who marry for “love” convert.

          As per islam, a Muslim can though have sex and children with his slaves. A Muslim can buy slaves or get them in jihad: after all, that’s how their prophet got his slaves and a few of his “wives”. They attacked a neighborhing village or country that didn’t accept the superiority of islam and/or to pay the jiziyah, a tax to punish those who don’t convert, and just kidnapped women. They were able to have sex right away with the unmarried, they had to kill the husbands of those married though. A slave cannot be Muslim but can convert to islam and if lucky sometimes the owner if he wishes, can free that slave.

          This is now happening in Syria and Iraq, notably to the Yazidis. But it has always happened, Copt and Indians girls are often kidnapped, rapped or converted and married off.

          A Muslim woman can marry only one Muslim.

  • To bad this study may be ignored. I do believe not to dumb down our education system but to require students who don’t make the grade to do another yr or semester. till the education sticks, some people are slow learners some are quick. We should not punish kids young and old who have the ability to retain there teachings. To do so is only going to drag the country down as a whole, as will even in collage kill the credibility of U.S schools, much like the ordeal with fake classes around African studies that recently made news.

    • Who Me?

      require students who don’t make the grade to do another yr or semester. till the education sticks, some people are slow learners some are quick.
      And then you have 20 yr old 4th graders in your child’s class….

      • I would rather see a 20yr old repeat the class than hold every one back.
        and no perhaps a special school for some one like this would be called for.

        • journey

          Or not educable to the subject matters.

          • There may be a few who just can’t read or add, perhaps, then may be a school to train really low I.Q people how to mop floors, pump gas, street sweeper, ect.

          • meanqueen

            Actually, what we need to do as a society is accept that only a few children are truly college bound, that is, not everyone can succeed academically. We need to bring back vocational schools and also de-stigmatize honest, non-academic based work. Better for a young person to become a fantastic welder and to be respected for having a good work ethic and good, solid skills. The liberal intelligentsia started this BS about how every child, no matter how intellectually limited, could go to college and, presto! be transformed into a liberal intelligentsia member. More jobs for them as “educators” if they could convince society that every child is mandated to go to college. They were especially excited that their chosen lifestyle of academic study could transform poor, ignorant, dull witted blacks into geniuses (the poor whites – not so much, and after all, they have white privilege on their side so no need to give them a hand). Now we have ghetto thugs and rapists “in college” where they have easy access to trusting dumb white females from liberal families.

          • you make some good points, not every one have the ability to get into let along make a grade on the collage level. But Vocational schools I would say it depends on the trade. Some fields would take an understanding of engineering and a basic knowledge of physics. I was thinking some people are destined to flip burgers and pump gas, sweep streets and work a mop.
            but the Idea is still the same. Don’t dumb down every one because some can not read speak or add well. I will say there are dumb ass white kids and some smart blacks, it happens. People of all ages and races should be judged by actions and merit. THat is the meaning that all men and women are treated equal.

          • meanqueen

            Agree with everything you’ve said. I also have nothing against blacks who are smart, moral, and have a good work ethic (or hispanics for that matter). My point was not to pick on blacks per se, but to call out the lefties who pander to blacks SO much but pay NO attention to poor whites, who are equally “disadvantaged.”

          • Yes very true. The left media as well many in the government have catered and (oh poor thing its not your fault ) has created a corrosive self destructive culture. The lack of accountability is rather sick being that this is the land of plenty if own is willing to work for it. We all have it pretty dam good here. Even minorities.
            The nice thing is. if you have not notice, there is a back lash to this as of late, thanks to the media coverage of Ferguson for example, that I see is finally the turning point, gatta love the net, as well as t.v getting some rather discussing comments form the likes of the black panthers, how about taking responsibility for ones own actions,
            you take a swing at a cop, your getting you but kick, ya shoot at one, well your going to get shot back at. Duh……
            so we see them riot destroy there own homes and shops, and expect sympathy, no I have none. Let them live in it.
            I would love to see an arial photo of Ferguson before and after, but I hear it has become a no fly zone for such things, thanks to our buddy eric holder. (don’t hold me to that, just rumors I hear.)
            But this is one of my points that all men and women should be judge by merit and action, thus I have no sympathy for the people of Ferguson. I think it should be quarantined cut off and wait for them to want to return to civilization and respect the law, and due possess, Bring in the guard and clean up that mess they have created. Then send them the bill….

  • Jimmy Joseph

    This is why the demographic changes in the West will cause it to collapse economically.

    Since Hispanics and Blacks have such low IQs (based on genetics that can’t be changed), the West will never be able to perform at a high level technologically or economically.

    They will be surpassed by the Chinese and Asian countries who DON’T follow demographic mixing.

    China will be the next superpower while USA becomes third world.

    This is inevitable.

  • nissan

    Everyone here is stupid I suffer lower IQ because of iodine deficiency take the world map of iodine deficiency and compare it to the map of IQ and then you will realize how much you fools