Election Day: Will Cultural Pride Get Latinos To Vote?

Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News, November 4, 2014

This year’s midterm election campaigns kicked into high gear just after President Barack Obama put plans for taking executive action on immigration reform on hold, following Republican inaction on legislation.


Fast forward to Election Day and Latino advocacy groups are feeling better about turnout as many key races are near deadlocked and as they have seen accelerated momentum in get out the vote efforts.

They fought the “Latinos are angry at Democrats over immigration” narrative by making voting an issue of cultural pride, of keeping and building clout and about making immigration reform more permanent by backing reform-friendly candidates.


The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, NALEO, has projected 7.8 million Latinos will show up at the polls this year, an increase from 6.6 million in 2010. The increase will largely be driven by population growth, NALEO’s executive director Arturo Vargas has said.

Although many activists said the president’s delay on immigration action was part of their conversation with Latinos in their get-out-the-vote drives, others pointed out the economy, schools and other issues were what Latinos said would really drive their votes.

The activists’ anecdotes were somewhat substantiated by a Pew Research Center Hispanic Trends Project survey that found Latinos are as motivated to vote as they were in 2010.

The same survey found that while 68 percent of Latinos were aware of the president’s immigration action delay, only a third were angered or disappointed by it. The survey results seemed to diminish the potential of the Latino vote as a referendum on Obama’s immigration policy.


From the national perspective, the attempt by the GOP to wrest control of the Senate from Democrats has been largely the focus of the 2014 elections. As a result, the Latino vote has been shrugged off as not that important because of its limited size in eight states where competitive Senate races exist.

The Latino share of the electorate breaks 10 percent in only two of those states, Colorado, 14.2 percent and Kansas, 11 percent, according to Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project. Latino voters make up less than 5 percent in the remaining six states with close Senate races: Alaska, 4.8 percent; North Carolina, 3.1 percent; Arkansas, 2.9 percent; Louisiana, 2.8 percent; Iowa, 2.7 percent and Kentucky, 1.6 percent.

It was Democratic senators from some of those states who had urged Obama to hold off on taking executive action on immigration to keep it from being a rallying point for Republican voters.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Blacks and browns do what their White leftist masters TELL them to do.

    You need an IQ to actually think for yourself.

    • Augustus3709

      Minority Psychology never changes.

      “It isn’t MY country, so I don’t care about it! I vote for what’s good for ME.”

      The solution is Homogeneous Society.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Of course, ethnocentrism has a lot to do Latinos’ tendency to vote Democratic, since Democrats pander to them on an entho-nationalistic basis. But Latinos are also liberal by and large. Majorities support a greater welfare state, acceptance of homosexuality, and so on. Indeed, about 30 percent of Latinos self-identify as liberal, but only 20 percent of Americans do the same. And these trends increase with each generation that has lived in the USA.

      • LexiconD1

        I don’t know where you’re from, but out here in CA Latinos voted, OVERWHELMINGLY, against ‘gay marriage’. But, you’re right they use welfare and public benefits only second after blacks, so they tend to vote themselves on the Democratic Plantation…

  • Easyrhino

    Frankly I’d be surprised if more than 3/10 even bother to vote.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Yeah, but if you don’t bother to vote you can’t complain bout nuffins. I voted so I have the right to crow like a •as•a•d.

    • propagandaoftruth

      The same survey found that while 68 percent of Latinos were aware of the president’s immigration action delay, only a third were angered or disappointed by it.

      Who knows what that could mean? Do they assume he will executive order it or do they not really care?

      If they don’t care, this says that the Repubs could stand hard against immigration and still not suffer vis-à-vis the Hispanics.

      Plus, the Hispanic vote is not as monolithic as the black. A Miami Cuban is not a Mexican cholo. Old SW creole “Mexicans” are not ghettofied Puerto Rican mulattos.

      The Republicans actually could get enough “Hispanic” vote to win even with a draconic immigration stance, I think. They just gotta stop talking out of both sides of their mouths. So much.

      • IstvanIN

        There is a small but loyal American-Hispanic constituency who would vote for a pro-America Republican if there was one.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Well, I voted today. Targeted for elimination:
    White male democratic candidates.
    Black or Hispanic republican candidates
    Incumbent republicans who dissed the Tea Party.
    I voted for quite a few independent and Libertarian candidates over republicans deemed not aggressive enough.
    For Texas Land Commissioner: the republican candidate was none other than half Latino George Prescott Bush himself. Nope! His democratic challenger was a white male, so the Green Party female candidate got the vote. Enough of this weak GOP.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Can’t seem to shake these Bushes, Clintons’ and Kennedys’.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Sigh. A lot of good that did. Latino Bush won big last night.
      I’m calling it now… THIS is our “First Latino President of the United States” in about 10 years.

      • LexiconD1

        I don’t think another Bush has a chance in hell of winning the White House.

        • benvad

          Neo cons/ Compassionate conservatives love cheap labour and are big cheer leaders of the population being swamped by these border jumpers.

    • benvad

      No more dynasties especially the Bush Family. Those imbeciles have caused enough problems with taking on Sadaam and getting rid of him.

      Should’ve let them have Kuwait, one less Gulf Wahabbi State to annoy us.

  • Luca

    Doesn’t matter whether they vote or not, The voter fraud will be massive. Count on it.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Republicans don’t have a chance with voter fraud. I agree

  • John Smith

    In the bigger picture, these elections don’t mean squat.

    With a democrat president, the republicans do well in the midterms. With a republican president, the democrats do well in the midterms.

    Other than abortion, tax rates, obamacare, gay marriage (but not for long) – what’s a major difference between the two groups of bickering dolts? Nothing.

    I can see the Sean Hannity’s and Bill O’reilly’s of the world jabbering about how this election result somehow means something significant.


    • TruthBeTold

      The only thing I see happening next is Republicans hopped-up on hubris, overplaying their hand, being obnoxious, and guaranteeing a Democrat President in 2016.

      • John Smith

        For those into this republican/democrat pissing contest, the so called republicans can forget about winning national elections going forward. The demographics from the flood of 3rd world immigration (ie the gene pool) ensure this

        New York and California are solidly blue. Texas and Florida are right around the corner; if not there already.

        There’s your national election.

  • TruthBeTold

    Hispanics have nothing but threats. That’s how they operate. That’s all the ‘power’ they wield; threats.

    Ignore them and let their threat levels increase. Let them expose themselves as the hate-filled bigots they are.

  • Fed Up

    Obama might be too stupid to realize it — but if he does grant Amnesty, count on one thing: The Democrats will lose big time in all 2016 elections. A lot of us will remind each other that the Liarcrats would need to PAY for Obama’s treachery.

    • benvad

      What does he care about them for? He’ll throw them under the bus as he does everyone else after they’ve served their intended purpose.

      His goal is the deconstruction of White power in American so the country can become a socialist state with all the trimmings. He wants blacks controlling the reigns of power and wants white to be a supportive role like South Africa.

      South Africa is his model and as soon as that is established, the nepotism and corruption will increase a hundred fold.

  • Im not holding my breath for any big changes, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  • Ringo Lennon

    I don’t want Latinos voting. A strong majority of them don’t belong in this country in the first place.

  • If you’ve been around Mexxxicans like I have you would have seen the anger that the white man stole his land. Payback is everything with these emotional creatures who essentially have joined the blacks in wanting gibsmedat. The thing with them though is that they want the entire southwestern United States.

    The more honest ones, like Professor Angel Guiterrez of U.Texas Arlington state frankly, with a lot of emotion, that they want the white man dead.

    • Periapsis

      Apparently they haven’t got the news yet that many whites want all of THEM dead, at least the ones who invaded their country.

      • phillyguy

        but the big thing is we are not doing a damn thing about it

        • Periapsis

          Soon enough that will change. The Mexicans will make sure of it.

        • asdf

          When we can no longer change things via the ballot and when these threats are in our face and we have no other choice but fight or perish, I hope the whites can be the kinds of men our ancestors were.

  • Sam_Bowdin

    “Fast forward to Election Day and Latino advocacy groups are feeling better”

    The phrase “Latino advocacy groups ” tells me the problem.

    Will we ever have an “Anglo advocacy group”?

    • IstvanIN


      • Augustus3709

        Start one. All it takes is money and motivation.

        • Sam_Bowdin

          The powers that be would throw us in jail like they did to Spencer and The Golden Dawn.

          I’m not trying to be defeatist; and maybe someday we can succeed. But right now we’d see the Bastille.

          • Augustus3709

            It depends on your approach.

            In America there are countless groups that advocate for blacks, Hispanics, Feminists, Jews etc.

            How do they “get away with it”?

            Be professional and be prepared. You’ll need good accountants and lawyers to go through the paper work, but then you’re over the hump.

            I want to be clear as possible about this last point: White people don’t need permission to take action in the interest of White people.

          • Sam_Bowdin

            Sound advice and reasoning, my friend.

            I think we must break this “individualist” thought and grammar if we’re to survive and prosper, though.

            “It depends on your approach.”…….our approach

            “You’ll need good accountants and lawyers to go through the paper work, but then you’re over the hump.”……..We’ll need

            “White people don’t need permission to take action in the interest of White people.”….we don’t need.

          • Augustus3709

            I agree. I used “you” in the generic sense. I do make an effort to say we, us, and our.

            “We” is the most important word right now in the White vocabulary.

      • Sam_Bowdin

        I understand your pessimism.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      It’s called American Renaissance.

      • Sam_Bowdin

        I know, Andrew. This is a very reassuring site. I’m gonna save that picture you posted and email it to some of my brain dead white friends.

    • See The Future

      It is interesting that the anglo rich in this country are not concerned for their own well being……..Do they not understand that the uneducated, unintelligent masses that have nothing to lose will come and plunder one day…….There will not be enough security guards to ward off the gangbangers……They are throwing away their own security by destroying middle class white America.

      • Tucker

        If I were a member of the gang of White elitist race traitors to which you refer, I think I would be far more terrified of what the angry, racially healthy, racially loyal White masses of my own race are likely to be craving to bestow upon me and my family members – as the gloves finally come off and Whites decide that they will no longer tolerate White race treason and that anyone who engages in it will be punished severely for having done so.

        Incidentally, with unemployment currently at levels that rival those of the Great Depression, and with each new week’s newspapers announcing more and more layoffs and downsizing – what are the Republicrats plotting to do, now that they have control of both houses of Congress?


        “GOP Leaders Clamoring for More ‘High-Tech Immigration’ if Party Wins Senate

        GOP leaders are clamoring behind the scenes to massively increase the number of guest-worker visas for high-tech companies if Republicans control Congress after the midterms.”

        Ted Cruz is on the record as wanting to increase H-1B Visas by 500 percent or higher. So, Silcon Valley can lay off White American IT people and hire dark skinned scabs from the Third World and pay them 75% less than the White IT guy or girl used to earn.

        This is your reward for thinking the GOP was, in some remote and subtle way – a better friend to the White conservative base who they cannot win elections without .

      • Sam_Bowdin

        I’m in my late 50s, and this collapse, I believe, will happen after that. However I don’t wanna see this calamity occur to succeeding generations.

        Although not formally educated, I just started reading The History of The Middle Ages. I’m pro-German, so the analogy is not 100% analogous. But I see the Decline of Rome as being very similar. Many more Detroits is what I’m thinkin.

        Black and Central American hordes will take the place of the Goths.

        The knockout attack of Whites and the Ferguson situation I believe are ominous.

        I know this stuff is obvious, but I’m glad I found a site to vent and communicate.

  • Caucasoid88

    Latinos angered by Obama not granting citizenship to 40 million illegal aliens?

    Reverse example time: What if 40 million American illegal aliens flooded into Japan and demanded immediate citizenship or else?

    Everyone in Japan would hate Americans. Do Mexicans know how to place themselves in others’ shoes?

    • IstvanIN

      When the invaders are winning why would they be concerned about the conquered’s shoes?

    • LexiconD1

      No. They will just out breed us with their ‘anchor’ babies, and the welfare they bring.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Check out this video. Latinos will always support their own people and not the country that welcomed them and saved them from a life of misery. Looks like they like importing their misery along with their proverty stricken people.


  • Kenner

    Jeb Bush is running in 2016. He will have staggering financial backing, and will be sold as the only ‘electable’ Republican.
    He’ll promote amnesty, and will lie about border control.
    Candidates opposed will be branded as racists.
    The Republican party will have an internal bloodbath that’ll marginalize ‘implicit’, much less explicit, White racial interests, before they have a chance to consolidate.

    • IstvanIN

      …..and we will end up with Pant-Suit Rodham-Clinton as president.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    We should see that snarky cucarocha, Luis Gutierrez, picking up where he left off tomorrow. They put that rat wind-up toy on the shelf just before the election.

  • Augustus3709

    If “hispanics” side with illegal invaders over real Americans then they shouldn’t be catered to anyway. They’re basically a 50,000,000 person sleeper cell.

  • phillyguy

    In 35 years we will be the minority in this once great country, and the blacks and the Browns are throwing it in our faces. what the hell are we going to do about it ! I just hope somebody steps up to the plate. if we continue on this road right now we are a doomed race in a free falling country.

    • IstvanIN

      I know we are doomed. Corey Booker just walked into a full term as Senator from NJ. If Whites had just banded together and voted for Jeff Bell, regardless of what one may think of him or Republicans in general, Booker would have had a run for his money. Unfortunately we have a HUGE percentage of race traitors among us. HUGE.

    • asdf

      These groups already are fighting with each other, but I suspect in a few years we will have a civil war or outbreak of some sort and most of us will either perish or roll up our sleeves and do whatever we need to survive. That will be our only choices when that happens. To paraphrase pan European nationalist Kai Murros, “We will need to turn to the dark side of ourselves to survive.”

  • JP Rushton

    The Democrats have it so easy with blacks and Hispanics. All they have to do is coax them to go to the polls and they will vote Democrat. With whites you don’t know if they are liberal or conservative, so you have to convince them to vote AND sway them your way.

    No wonder they want to replace whites. So much easier to manipulate minorities to stay in power.

    • Luca

      A communist tactic and strategy. Power over the ignorant masses. Which is why communists liked to go into countries they were taking over and execute all the intellectuals. The far-left fears intelligence, common sense and logical thinking people.

  • alex

    On a slightly unrelated note, I got a campaign flyer from Gwendolyn Moore, goofy black congresswoman from Wisconsin, in the mail a few days ago.
    It had pictures of her with Obama, her with Nelson Mandela, her hugging old black lady and even her being hugged by Hillary Clinton. There wasn’t a single white man in the whole flyer.
    How she can possibly relate to me?
    To paraphrase Amiri Baraka, a distinguished black poet and playwright,
    “Who know what kind of Skeeza is a Gwendoleezza… “

    • See The Future

      Another high IQ rocket scientist in a leading role.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    It looks like the Latin imports are carrying Jeanne Shaheen to victory, by a razor thin margin. There appears to be some fraud in the Merrimack County sector. Those heavily skewed numbers don’t add up.

    Like Ann Coulter said: “The Democrats couldn’t win over American voters–so they imported them”.

    A couple days ago we got a glimpse of just how bad the minority occupation government (and the ZOG) have been selling out America and NH citizens. Get a look at this treason.


    • Ringo Lennon

      Why, it looks like you, NH, and the country’s been the victim of voter fraud! Welcome to America in the 21st century. Keep your head up. Also in 2008, Al Franken(stein) won his seat in Minn. with voter fraud by Somalis.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Yes, Al Franken (stein) has built himself quite the cheap import
        voting bloc there, hasn’t he?

        Imagine the headline form the Center for Immigration Studies:

        “96.9% of Al Franken voters were foreign born.”

  • Bonny Alba

    Dateline Colorado: In what seems to be a deliberate slap in the face of all of the white people who voted Republican Mike Coffman into office, Coffman made a speech praising Asians, Latin Americans, and all of the other brown and black tribes that he could bring to mind, then he spoke in broken and cacophonous Spanish! Who does he think that he is representing? Who does that moron who speaks horrible Spanish think got him elected? I will never vote republican again! I have no respect for anti-white racist Coffman.

  • IKUredux

    Well, the Republicans have taken the Senate. Yeah, that’s all I have to say about that. I so fervently wish that Republicans actually provided a legitimate alternative to the Democrats. They do not. Perhaps, they will be more influenced by constituent concerns. I know that when I wrote, called, to both my congressman and senator, I was rebuffed, and, basically told my views were xenophobic. (Yup, being concerned by untold MILLIONS of illegal aliens in this country, makes me “xenophobic”).As I pointed out to my congressman’s lackey: Give me three reasons why being xenophobic is a “bad thing”. The little pajama boy weenie hung up on me. Next time I call, I hope he’s been replaced with somebody who barely speaks English. I hope he understands that ALL of us are being replaced by people who barely speak English. Seriously, I don’t want much. I want to celebrate Christmas. I don’t want it downgraded to “winter holiday”. I want to celebrate Columbus Day. I’m sorry that the native peoples who happened to be here weren’t smart enough to have developed cohesive societies and civilizations to the point where their military could be summoned to defend this land against the Whites who came here.(wait, did I say I was sorry? I lied. See, the P.C. crap gets to us. I’m not sorry at all. My ancestors came over in the sixteen hundreds. I am personal proof of their ability to prevail against barbarians, and wilderness hardships.) I want to celebrate Halloween, I don’t want it conflated with the mexican day of the dead thing. I want Thanksgiving to mean what it was originally supposed to mean. It is NOT a day of celebrating(so called multiculti bull sh–) I want Easter to be EASTER, it is NOT “spring holiday”, and, I’m not even sure what they call the Easter Bunny anymore. I WANT FOURTH OF JULY BACK. I WANT PATRIOTISM BACK! I WANT AMERICA BACK!!!!!!!

    • See The Future

      I highly doubt that the things you wish for, a return to the good old days can be achieved by vote. Corruption is pervasive at all levels of government. Democrats and Republicans are one and the same. There is nothing to do except sit back and watch the safe and peaceful society unravel as it surely will.

      • IKUredux

        I never used the word “wish”. What, you think I’m throwing pennies into some freakin’ mental wishing well? Well, See the Future, oh, may I call you See? Are you related to the see in the National Anthem? If so, you must be so proud. Please, feel free, to sit back and see, (watch), See.

  • As it turned out, the answer was no.

  • Democrats need the illegal voters.

    White people need a country of their own.

  • John R

    Stop it! Latinos are not “liberal” at all. Like blacks they are racialist. That explains their political positions, not some ancient Anglo Saxon political concept that is totally foreign to them. And the scariest thing I read in this article was, “The number of Latino voters increased from 6.6 million in 2010 to 7.8 million today. This increase was largely fueled by population growth.” Hey, that is a growth of 18% in only four years! We are doomed If we don’t reverse that. We are losing this country faster than the injuns did.

  • Bill

    There’s nothing racist about not wanting to reward ‘illegals’ with green cards, and eventual citizenship. But the Hispanics are promoting amnesty because of their fellow brown people………..Now, on which side of the argument are the racists?