U.S. Should Stump Up Billions to Curb Central America Migration: Perez

Dave Graham and Sofia Menchu, Yahoo! News, October 14, 2014

The United States should provide billions of dollars to help Central American nations curb the flow of illegal migrants, Guatemalan President Otto Perez said, and his government warns the problem will get worse if Washington fails to help.

Fleeing violence, trying to reach relatives already in the United States or seeking jobs, record numbers of child migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have been stopped at the southern U.S. border this year, causing widespread alarm.

Last month, the three countries pitched Washington an ambitious development plan to confront the issue.

They want to pump about $10 billion into the region to create jobs and lift living standards, with the bulk of funding coming from the United States, Perez told Reuters.

He hopes the plan could come up with about $2 billion a year from 2015 to 2019, a sum he equated to roughly 10 percent of annual U.S. spending on border security and immigration enforcement.


The package would boost infrastructure and provide more jobs in all three countries, especially in areas that send large numbers of migrants to the United States, he added.

The three Central American governments are urging the United States to shoulder the lion’s share of the costs, arguing that U.S. demand for illegal narcotics has fueled violence among drug gangs across much of the impoverished region.

“The United States has to support this, it has no other option,” Guatemala’s foreign minister, Carlos Morales, told Reuters. “If they don’t support it, the crisis will kick off again, you can count on it.”

Perez said he hoped the United States would put up about 60 percent of funding. “But we’ll have to discuss it calmly and see what each individual country can do, and what can be achieved by common consent.”

During meetings in New York in September, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Central American officials he hoped Congress could approve about $300 million in funding, Morales said, noting the sum was “nothing” given the scale of the problem.


The initiative contains proposals to overhaul energy supply, roads, airports, and other key infrastructure in the region, alongside various other measures.

Known as the “Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle”, it is being seen by some as a more limited version of “Plan Colombia’, under which the U.S. government sent billions of dollars in aid to help Colombia fight drug traffickers and left-wing guerrillas.


Alongside financial backing for the development plan, Guatemala is pushing Washington to grant more concessions to migrants in return for its own efforts to reduce the exodus.

These include more visas for temporary workers and urging U.S. President Barack Obama to use his executive powers to improve rights of certain illegal immigrants with good records in the United States–such as those with U.S.-born children–if Congress fails to pass a stalled immigration reform.

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  • And this would stem the invasion how?

    It wouldn’t. It would, however, make Guatemalan politicians rich.

    • flyingtiger

      I agreed; the money would mostly go into their pockets.

  • MekongDelta69

    Our brown ‘compadres'[sic] have learned well from their black race-hustling predecessors.

    • me

      Extortion–it’s not just for Negroes anymore. What’s Guatemala going to do? Riot and burn down their country?

  • Dave4088

    This is just extortion. If I were president, Otto Perez would be receiving a picture of my middle finger before illegal aliens from Central America are forcibly expelled a la Operation Wetback.

    • ElGringo

      If I were president, Otto Perez would be keeping a very low profile as I wouldn’t tolerate blackmail from a third world nation.

      • bilderbuster

        If I were the president, his countrymen would be terrified to even visit the good ol’ racist US of A.

    • JP Rushton

      Little do they know that Obama actually wants them to come here. They think it’s a threat? Obama is probably throwing a party after getting this news.

  • Pathfinder75 (formerly Shadow)

    I agree that the requested amount of money should be given to the Central American countries in question,but only on the condition they use those funds to sterilize anyone in their countries who is,or has ever been,a member of any sort of gang.

    And that’s just for starters.

    • me

      We don’t play ball with terrorists-extortionists. That’s a hole that never fills up. How about Fat Man and Little Boy pay them a visit before that happens?

  • AmericanCitizen

    We should use the 10 Billion to build a Southern Border wall with machine gun towers every 50 yards. Declare the 1/2 mile in front of it a no-mans land, a free-fire zone.

    See how many Guatemalans make it past that barrier.

    • ElGringo

      Better yet, just stay out of Americans way who want to solve the problem as a hobby.

    • Toto

      Yes, shoot down the poor and oppressed who just want to live a better life. So much for “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Cry me a river.

      • Have you hugged an African Ebola patient or a Guatemalan TB patient yet today?

        Why not?

        What are you, some kind of RACIST?

        • Toto

          Having TB has nothing to do with being Guatemalan. Anyone can get sick.

          • That’s right, and you keep on not noticing things and casting aspersions on those who do.

          • me

            Yes, and you’re competing for the dubious honor of being the poster boy for mental illness.

      • Luca

        They want to live a better life but they want it on my dime.

        When my ancestors came through Ellis Island no one was standing there with an application for food stamps, welfare, reduced tuition, or instructions on how to milk the system by continually protesting and voting Democratic.

        All those who came through Ellis Island wanted opportunity and to be Americans. Those coming today want benefits while espousing anti-White, anti-American rhetoric. They should all be herded back across the border or into boats and have their home countries pick up the tab.

      • bilderbuster

        “The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send them tempest tossed to the Goyim”
        Only a Jewish Bolshevik like Emma Lazarus could write garbage like that and make it policy.

      • JP Rushton

        ” So much for “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

        That’s on a statue, not in the constitution.

      • Deiter Botha

        Your quoting lyrics from a poem not the constitution. Americans are under no obligation to allow any immigrants.

        • bilderbuster

          And a horrible poem at that urging “Wretched refuse” to come here.
          Emma Lazarus was a Jewish Communist and why that filth was later engraved on the statue is beyond me.

      • Ron Cheaters

        If they were worth their salt, they would be trying to make life better for their own people. Not fleeing them in their time of need. That’s the difference between whites and almost any other race on this Earth.

      • OS-Q

        If Emma Lazarus were to be alive today, she would live in a country with a solid fence protecting it.

        • me

          Ha! Emma was a Marxist member of the Tribe, as was the Freemason builder of that statue of Columbia–a Freemason goddess.

          • OS-Q

            Wiki called her a “forerunner” to the Zionist movement. Haven’t heard much about the Frenchman we got the statue from, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I always thought of Lady Liberty as some French Revolution era throwback abstraction that got dumped on us.

          • bilderbuster

            The model for “Lady Liberty” was a man.
            There’s several creepy facts about that statue if you care to read up about it.

      • me

        Toto, you must still be in Oz. Quit smoking the ganga or jenkem or whatever you’re high on and pay attention to the grown ups. You may learn something.

      • Mary

        Overwrought tripe from a very different era. This should have nothing to do with the geopolitical realities of 2014.

      • AmericanCitizen

        Why am I obligated to provide that better life?

    • Ron Cheaters

      Hire all those gory video-game kids to man the towers. tell-em it’s just like the game, only more productive.

    • JackKrak

      Dig a trench and fill it with books and soap – that’ll keep them out.

  • Truthseeker

    Now we have whole countries trying to shake us down. It’s clear that being civil and humane to these invaders isn’t stopping them from crossing our border illegally (surprise, surprise). Maybe it’s time to institute a Castle Doctrine for the country. You enter illegally, we have the right to use deadly force. That might make a few invaders think twice.

  • Fed Up

    Sure thing! Pay the thieves the demanded $10 BILLION — then get out of the way as the next wave of illegals comes galloping over the border.

  • We could nuke them for less than ten billion, which would eliminate any chance of them demanding more money later on.

  • Conrad

    This is cheaper.

  • The Guatemalan President has no problem asking for such a large sum of money because he knows the ass-clown currently in the Oval Office (or on the golf course) – including millions of DWLs – will gladly give it to him.

    Obama will do it to further bleed our nation’s resources while the DWLs will want it in order to feel good about themselves.

  • Man of the West

    So it’s come to this? Even second rate politicians in third rate countries can smell our weakness. Why should they be satisfied with 10 billion when they can come here and take whatever they want to take?

    • bilderbuster

      Or you could put it : Why not come here and take whatever you want and then see if you can’t get paid $10 billion for doing it?

    • mobilebay

      Central and South America are a bit slow, but they’ve finally learned from Mexico how to intimidate Washington. Our leaders are terrified that the invasion will stop and they’ll have no one to supply cheap labor to big business, that in turn will hand over the votes. Vicious circle. Jeff Sessions for President.

  • 4321realist

    “The United States has to support this, it has no other option,” Guatemala’s foreign minister, Carlos Morales, told Reuters. “If they don’t support it, the crisis will kick off again, you can count on it.”

    The brown hordes are extorting via the threat to drown this country in a soft invasion of warm bodies, if they are not paid billions.

    The black hordes are extorting via the threat to riot, maim and kill, if they aren’t given more freebies and privileges, including reparations.

    And the white weenies tell us that diversity is our strength, and if we don’t agree then it’s because we’re haters.

  • LHathaway

    At last, tax money that is well spent.

  • bilderbuster

    We’re supposed to have a military to do that for us aren’t we?
    I understand they do a good job protecting South Korea’s border.

  • George Costanza

    uggh, drop the “Little Boy” on em already…

  • bilderbuster

    They should give us $10 billion worth of bananas not to drop $10 billion worth of bombs on their heads for trying to extort us like that and give them a little taste of real racism.

    • texasoysterman

      Das a lotta nanas!
      But not nearly enough bombs.

      • bilderbuster

        We have to leave enough of them around to pick and pack and load our ships with those tasty fruits don’t we?

  • Ron Cheaters

    Would this be considered Blackmail, or Ransom?

    Anyway you look at it, the hand is out there, reaching for your wallet.

    • me

      Extortion–something the peons South of our border are good at.

    • mikekingjr

      Seems like one dictator making a deal with another and the citizens be damned.

  • me

    Why should they? Our own ‘elite’ and ‘government’ don’t, either.

  • mobilebay

    Gpt a better deal. Senor Perez – how about we use those billions to build a fence on our southern border, backed up with armed American military? That way you could keep your people home and build up your own economy so they wouldn’t have to leave. We are not the world’s dumping ground, no matter what you or any of the leaders of all the third worlds think.

    • mobilebay

      Sorry – first word should be “got.” It’s pretty early in the A.M.

  • archer

    Didn’t have to read the whole article because I know that we would only be flushing this money down the toilet, the only thing that will help is getting serious about border enforcement and sending any illegals back that are getting state and federal aid which is against the law. As the money dries up that will be a big incentive not to come here along with the fact that there aren’t many jobs for them or for us for that matter.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    As wages and quality of life keep falling in the United States and crime going up, people getting beheaded or shot regularly etc. there will be little incentive to come here. The only thing keeping them coming is the free welfare, business grants etc. they get that people born here, well white men born here, don’t receive. Strike down affirmitive action and start suing the SBA and other organizations operating under illegal racist criteria and the spigot should slow to a drip.

    By contrast, someone crosses the border then get’s a job making $15 an hour because a lot of construction companies for some reason only hire illegals even when Americans will do the job for less. Then they get free rent from section 8 or some non-profit that only caters to non-whites. And then a food stamp card, no need to prove citizenship for that. Free money for college that white people do not get, and then much lower standards of admission to any college. Frankly that’s why I think white people should move to south america or any country they can find without the heavy affirmative action and blatant anti-white discrimination we have here. Also challenge the discrimination in court and with protests whenever possible.

    The other thing is white people don’t help other white people. They are more likely to help non-whites than their own people. Whereas hispanics generally help each other with jobs and how to get freebies, as do blacks and such. I’m not sure why there are seemingly so many white racists, but few if any actually helping white people, instead out there hating non-whites.

    But let’s say if a country like China were to give white people free access to college, despite much lower scores than native chinese, free money to start a business that native chinese don’t get, free food stamp cards no questions asked etc. I would guess any low income white person would be packing his bags and doing whatever possible to get into China. All of this immigration is driven by policy and those policies have a clear goal. Greece is currently in shambles but you don’t see boatloads of people fleeing Greece to come to the U.S. because their white skin disqualifies them from the gravy train. There may be some amount of legal immigration from Europe, but nothing like the massive hoardes.

    It’s over for the United States. I don’t see why so many people think this is a big deal anymore. We are third world and it doesn’t matter if you live in the U.S. or Mexico, there isn’t a big difference anymore, except the U.S. hands out free money to non-whites and will continue to do so until whites are displaced and marginalized.

  • Fr. John+

    Billions of dollars, for one LONG, HIGH Fence- on the Rio Grande. And guards ordered shoot to kill for ANYONE trespassing NORTH. Best tax dollars I could ever imagine.