Report: 4-Year-Old Girl Had Many Serious Injuries

Jay Meisel, Highlands Today, October 18, 2014

When 4-year-old Mercedes A. Blair arrived at a local hospital on Tuesday, it was quickly evident that she was severely injured, according to an arrest report released Friday.

Dr. Sally Smith, who is identified as being with a child protective team, determined that “Mercedes suffered from numerous bruises to her forehead, both ears, both shoulders, both arms, both legs, chest, back and abdomen. Mercedes suffered damage to her liver and kidneys. The bruising and damage to the organs was caused by blunt force trauma.

“Mercedes also suffered from a skull fracture to the crown of her head. The cause of the skull fracture was the result of a high force impact to the head on a broad flat surface. The impact to Mercedes’ head caused her to have brain bleeding and swelling. The entire right side of Mercedes’ brain was hemorrhaging, the report said.

And in addition to that, the report notes “the top of Mercedes’ right hand had a healing burn and the hand appeared to be fractured near the thumb. The burn appeared to be inflicted by another person by pouring a hot liquid onto the top of Mercedes’ hand.”

The man accused of being responsible for all those injuries, Ivan James Sanders, 28, 3533 County Road 17, was arrested by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. Sanders showed no emotion when he appeared in court during his first appearance.

Ivan Sanders

Ivan Sanders


The chain of events leading to his arrest on the murder charge began when Sanders brought Mercedes to Highlands Regional Medical Center, authorities said. The girl was unresponsive and then transported by helicopter to All Children’s.

Sanders initially told authorities that Mercedes was playing on the steps outside the residence. He went inside to get water for her and when he returned she was unresponsive, authorities said.

At some point, Sanders also told authorities that he was caring for Mercedes while her mother worked and that he prepared breakfast, the arrest report said.

When Mercedes finished eating, she “tripped over a chair and struck her head on the floor,” Sanders told authorities, according to the report. “Later that morning, Ivan noticed that Mercedes had scratched herself on the stomach.”

During other interviews with law enforcement, Sanders said that he “playfully threw Mercedes onto the couch and onto a bed,” the report said. “Ivan stated that on the occasion that he threw Mercedes onto the bed, she bounced off of the bed and forcefully struck her head on the wall. Ivan also stated he pressed hard into Mercedes’ abdomen area in an attempt to assist her with having a bowel movement.”

As for the burn on the hand, Sanders said, that while he boiled water to wash dishes, Mercedes attempted to get a glass and knocked the pan on her, the report said.

The mother told authorities that she had dated Sanders for six months and had moved in with him at his residence about two weeks ago, the report said.

After moving in with Sanders, the mother began noticing “unexplained bruises on Mercedes,” the report said.

She also found out that when she was at work one day, Sanders spanked Mercedes’ buttocks to the point of causing bruises, the report said.

The report said the mother found Sanders’ explanation of the burn suspicious as she never saw him boil water to wash dishes, the report said.



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  • New Taste

    Just typical parenting behavior for one of Obama’s sons and Eric Holder’s people.

    • none of your business

      I printed out all the articles and sent them to Nancy Grace. Except for the racial aspect it is exactly the kind of story she likes. Maybe if others send her the articles she might do feature the story on her show.. We can but try.
      There are 2 addresses
      Nancy Grace Show CNN 1 Time Warner Center NY NY 10016
      Court TV 600 Third Av. 2nd Floor NY NY 10016

      • HE2

        Thank you, none.
        You do a lot of heavy lifting on behalf of our people.
        To you, gassho, palms together in a deep bow of appreciation.

    • none of your business

      Mother Geisy Alvarez has another child, a black female. The monster and mom were in a mall with Mercedes. Passerby noticed bruises and confronted monster.
      Mercedes told grandparents monster hit her with a belt. confrontation. Allegedly that is why mom moved out of grandparents house with monster. CPS and a deputy were looking for the house the day Mercedes was beaten into a coma. Mom and monster gave police a fake address the night before when Mercedes ran away.

      • Richard Gearon

        That mother should also be charged, and get sentenced to about 20 years, with NO parole.

  • if he had done that to a white girl 100 years ago, even 70 years ago, can you imagine the pain he would have had coming down on him?

    They domesticated the culture and they use the culture and the legal system to suppress white power.

    Understand the forces in action. That is always the first step.

    • 48224

      Whites are too civilized for their own good. I saw another white woman walking with a black today….seems to be something I witness at least once per week now. Saw three at the mall in one day. It makes me ill. I can’t help but think the KarTRASHian family has influenced this trend to the dark side..

      • Cid Campeador

        Every Armenian that I’ve known was always dedicated to his/her own ethnicity. The Kardashians are a disgrace.

        • none of your business

          It was their Scots American Mother who created the Kardashian show years after their Armenian Father died. They make a fortune. Kim appeared yesterday at a Vegas club. She was paid $500,000 for a 4 hour appearance. The show and behavior are for making money and it works. The youngest, Kendall Jenner has already made more than a million and she is only 17.
          Then there are the blonde WASP Honey boo boo family.

      • HE2

        Yesterday in the market check out aisle,
        I saw a tall, blond, fair skinned White man with an Asian woman. He was very attractive, would have sired beautiful White children.
        Thankfully, no kids. Yet.

        I wanted to scream.
        Why oh why?
        We know the answer, though.
        Die-versity is our greatest strength.

        • That could have been me, if his hair had been brown.

          One of my old lady friends in the mid-1990s had two kids from her previous marriage. It was awkward at at first, as I was having a whole lot of sex with their mother. I made the two of them some rather cool puzzle toys they would have to solve together, and always brought them more of those.

        • none of your business

          I’ve noticed Asian women only go for tallish fair White men. I see a lot of White man Asian women couples. I have never seen an Asian women with a dark haired or less than very fair skinned White man.
          They want the genes, height and fair skin. Blue eyes are a premium because they hope the children’s eyes will be hazel or at least light brown. But the height is most important.

          • HE2

            Interesting, none. You are onto something.

            This beautiful man was easily six two, the epicanthic woman about five feet tall.

          • Magician

            This Asian woman’s name is Sandrah Oh and no offence but, she is one of the least attractive female celebrities I have ever seen on TV in my life, and I am bewildered how she became a celebrity.

          • dean53

            I have a Filopina friend who is married to a white man who has red hair and blue eyes. She told me that she would never marry a brunette or brown eyed white man. She wanted the best, and that meant the whitest genes possible.

          • HE2

            dean, that is so depressing.
            Have they cranked out bi-racial kids yet?
            Whites mixing with any other race is a form of ethnic treason in my view if they have offspring.
            You just want sex with a little exotic meat, fine. But please do not have mess with our gene pool by having children.
            Our children are all one hundred percent Northern European. We are proud of our genes and want them reproduced, even as our White hating govt grows ever more brazen in its attempts to wipe us out.

        • Magician

          My observations on white male – Asian female couples

          1. I do see more white male – Asian female couples than white female – Asian male couples, black male – white female couples or black male – Asian female couples in my area.

          2. But most Asian women in the arms of white men look like this woman in the photo I included in this post.

          ” the epicanthic woman about five feet tall.”

          The Asian woman you saw in the market must have been quite unattractive as well.

          3. And many white men proudly brag that “Asian women throw themselves at us!”

          But on YouTube, when we type in “I love white men”, all results are young black women. There is no Asian woman saying, “I love white men” on YouTube. Yes, we do see WM – AF couples more often than any other kind of interracial couples, but do you ever see Asian women openly asking white men out?

          4. Many Asian women in the arms of white men are from South West Asia or Philippines. Philippine people are a mix of a variety of ancestries such as Spanish, African, Chinese, and so on. Philippino women tend to be darker, chubbier and shorter than East Asian women.

          5. There are some Asian women who marry white men 30 years older than she is, and when she gains American citizenship, she either files for a divorce, or simply runs away.

          • dean53

            Or she stays with him until he dies and she inherits all his wealth.

          • Magician


          • That’s quite OK. A fellow can not take it with him.

          • HE2

            magician, the Asian woman was unattractive because she was mating with one from our gene pool. That makes her ugly in my view.
            I did not study her features.
            Thanks for posting those data, btw.
            Very interesting.

          • Magician

            Another common misconception is,

            “Many black athletes date or marry blond white women”

            which could not be further away from the truth!

            Yes, you can find black athletes married to white women if you try to find it, but 90% of all African American NBA athletes are married to African American women, and among the remaining 10%, half the remaining 10% are married to Asian or Hispanic women.

            LeBron James is married to his highschool sweetheart named Savannah and she is black,

            Chris Bosh has a child with a black woman, (Bosh, Wade and James were known as the “Miami Heat Big 3”)

            Kevin Garnett is married to a black woman,

            Rudy Gay, who is the 10th highest paid player in NBA, is married to a black woman,

            DeWayne Wade is married to a black woman,

            Kobe Bryant, who is the highest paid player in NBA and also owns a personal chopper, is married to a Hispanic woman named Vanessa

            Steve Curry (a young all-star) is married to a black woman,

            DeMar DeRozan has a black fiancee,

            By the way, NBA players make more than NHL players and MLB players do on average.

            For some reason, the Jewish driven mainstream media only focuses on black athletes not married to black women….

            Common Misconception #1 – Beautiful East Asian women throw themselves at blond white men
            Common Misconception #2 – Most black athletes are married to blond white women

            By the way did anyone watch the World Series game 7?

            Photos –
            1st one – DeMar DeRozan, his fiancee and daughter
            2nd one – Kevin Garnett & his wife
            3rd one – LeBron James & Savannah

          • HE2

            Magician, avoiding black dominated sports as the plague that they are, I have no idea who those men are.
            The upside is they are with their own kind. I guess.

            BTW, I loathe those photos, they display a distillation of my pet peeves.
            The bling earrings, dark glasses indoors. Surprised they are not wearing hats sideways, which of course are not removed indoors.

          • Korean guy

            “dark glasses indoors. ”

            I wonder why many young white men wear sunglasses when they are out in public with their girlfriends or wives. Women love their men looking into their eyes…. And a person’s eyes do a lot of things when communicating with another person.

          • HE2

            Korean, I wear sunglasses out of doors.
            California is a sunny state.
            I do not, however wear them in doors.
            They are not necessary unless one is affecting the ghetto, “yo, dawg, looks at me and dese ‘spensive shades” look.

          • Guest

            Two possible reasons: (1) At least ever since rock n roll became popular, young white men sunglasses have perceived sunglasses as “cool.” It’s sort of a “rebel” thing. (Didn’t Bruce Lee also wear them from time to time?) (2) Light color eyes are much more sensitive, I do believe, to very bright light than are brown eyes.

          • Korean guy

            Poster Magician, you sure like that photo and the photo of the very obese woman being a part of “hands up don’t shoot” riots. I do find the obese woman doing the “hands up don’t shoot” funny too buddy.

            We East Asian boys and girls do notice that while there are more Asian women going out with white men than white women going out with Asian men, the Asian women who date white men are, most of the time, rather homely

            We East Asians predict that white men have a different definition of “beauty” from our definition of “beauty”, or they are simply happy to go out with an Asian woman. Her beauty, lack thereof, is less relevant. And just as you stated, many Asian women who go out with them are from Philippines and they look quite different from typical East Asian women

            A lot of white men say, “Lucy Liu is very hot!!” and in our East Asian eyes, she is not even close to attractive. Her face is very angular, which makes her appear older than her actual age, and makes her look less feminine. Lucy Liu mostly dates white men…

            I have included a photo of a member of the most popular girl band in South Korea, and a normal non-celebrity woman who is considered truly beautiful in the eyes of East Asians

            The girl with a white dress on just started dating a very good South Korean friend of mine…

          • Guest

            I’ve heard this from other East Asians as well. It’s been said that a certain Japanese girl whom none of the Japanese men wanted instantly found herself a White man at a London pub. (I think that many young White men today believe that there’s no future for their race, as it is under constant attack, so they choose East Asian women. But it cannot be denied that many of them are attracted to women who seem exotic to them.)

          • Magician

            U.K. is the country where white women love and worship black men most in this world. If any black male reading this wants a beautiful white woman to feed you and let you have sex with her for the rest of your life, go to U.K! As soon as you get off the plane in U.K. you will see tens of very good looking young white women fighting over for the chance to have sex with you.

            On here on AmRen, whenever we read that a black male in U.K. murdered a white woman, or brutally attacked a white woman, she is most of the time his own girlfriend or life. Katie Piper is an example. She worked as a model before her black boyfriend attacked her on the face with acid and permanently disfigured her face.

            And what is amazing is, she now has another black boyfriend, and she is pregnant with her new black boyfriend’s baby. Once again it shows how badly white women love and worship black men in U.K….

            “But it cannot be denied that many of them are attracted to women who seem exotic to them.”

            That is very reasonable. Not surprising at all.

            But over here in America, we see more white female-black male couples than white female-Asian male couples. What do you suppose is the cause or reason for that? There could be no absolutely right or wrong answer. At least East Asian men won’t murder or beat up their girlfriends or wives…

            If you want my perspective, many white American women who date black men tend to be very obese, and black men love women with very large butts because they grew up around women with very large butts.

      • MannyR

        If you’d really like to test your gag reflex just put on MTV for about an hour. Every video is nothing but scrawny, tattooed, gang member looking blacks rapping about how great they are while young white women fawn after them sexually. Its beyond grotesque.

        • Who owns MTV, I wonder?

          • Garrett Brown


          • dean53

            That was an anti-Semitic question. You should be ashamed of yourself!

      • Alexandra1973

        Obama might have an influence too. Maybe you get some foolish White woman who thinks her mulatto child may get to be “prezdint” too.

      • Magician

        I do see black men going out with white women once in a while but I see white men going out with Asian women five times more

        And majority of white women do not date outside her race

        If anything white men are speeding up the process of our extinction five times more than white women do

        and our white boys proudly brag that “Asian women throw themselves at us!” when they do finally manage to date an Asian woman that looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s wife

    • Cid Campeador

      They do it to their OWN little girls.
      We need to go BACK to the Zeitgeist that existed 70 years ago.
      We can thank the mindless Zombies that elected twice this cutthroat legion of devils.

      • you think obama has something to do with the fact that white men will not dole out punishment on him like they would have 70 years ago?

        LOL…man, I don’t think I can help you with that problem…

        • none of your business

          I think it is every President since Eisenhower who sent the army to force Whites into black schools at the point of bayonets.

    • Sam

      He would have been tarred and feathered.

  • ncpride

    How stupid is this ‘mother’? A four year old is more than old enough to tell this worthless woman what was going on if she cared to listen to her own flesh and blood. She is just as guilty here, if for nothing more than being stupid enough to leave her daughter with a negro.

    • Mason Gull

      I bet she was a drug addict. The signs are all there.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Florida, the first sign. Tampa the second.

    • propagandaoftruth

      She should be hanged and left to rot for all to see. The wages of treachery and evil.

      No sympathy for any involved but the dead. Quite the opposite.

      • ncpride

        I don’t believe for a second this selfish, useless ‘mother’ didn’t know what was going on. She chose this monster over her own child……a black male she knew for all of six months. Sickening.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Tampa is full of crack heads. He was probably her dealer.

    • robinbishop34

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Anglo

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Just as? She is the guilty one. The negro deserves death, of course, and in better, saner times, he would be swinging from a rope already. But the mother? … the mother betrayed her child. Her mother chose to leave her baby alone with a … dear lord I cant say ANY of the words i want to, or this post will be erased … with that inhuman thing, while she went to work… she moved in with IT, willingly. And then, seeing her child, fresh bruises cuts and scrapes appearing magically day by day, likely paired with the poor child becoming quiet and withdrawn, unwilling to speak or play or do anything, for fear of being hurt again by the … thing…

      This is just sick… this … they are filth, and the women, and men who voluntarily choose to associate with them are no better, they deserve what they get … but that poor child, she didnt deserve the hell she must have lived through for months.

      Tell me this isnt a more tragic story than thug life brown and his swisher sweets, or trayvon skittles, the sweet angel of burglary and grape drank, or Saint sandwich himself, poor negro who managed to fire bullets from betwixt slices of bread.

      This little child was TORTURED DAILY by a negro thug until one day her body couldn’t handle it, and she died. This poor girls filthy whore of a mother was so brainwashed by the liberal media to think theyre “just like us” that she couldnt dare admit what was going on to her daughter while she was at work, because acknowledging such would be racist.

      And this will be swept under the rug like it doesnt matter. Like this innocent girl, tortured to death over the course of days, weeks, months, is somehow less significant than a black thug gunned down while being a thug.

      • Anglo

        Judgement Day is coming.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Nice post, if that’s how it should be put.F#ck the MSM.

  • Dave4088

    “As for the burn on the hand, Sanders said, that while he boiled water to wash dishes, Mercedes attempted to get a glass and knocked the pan on her, the report said.”

    Afro-mericans can be such pathological liars. No numbskull boils water to wash dishes unless, of course, one is black. And shame on the girl’s pathetic mother to shack up with this low life, loser and low IQ African.

    Another innocent white child has been robbed of her life thanks to her race mixing mother and the creed of white genocide – racial integration.

    • Oil Can Harry

      If you watch the TV show The First 48 you’ll see a parade of chocolate thugs lying through their teeth.

    • Alexandra1973

      I think we all know the reason they boil water–for ghetto lobster.

      What is with these so-called “mothers” anyway?

      • Bantu_Education

        “Ghetto Lobster” – I had to look that one up. I didn’t realise it was so commonplace but I should have known since boiling water is a favourite torture device used by Bantu home invaders in Azania (South Africa).

        • none of your business

          When I was in law enforcement there was a black woman who turned on the gas burner, took off the kids pants and sat the little one right down on the burner. Kid was pretty small, only about 2 I think.

          • Bantu_Education

            Sounds like the black lesbian welder who blow-torched that white boy to death. I think I know where she began the torture.

  • Padrig

    What a defective beast the mother is. If she had any decency she would kill herself.

    • Sharps Rifle

      Could’ve figured the “mother” was burning coal.

      She deserves worse than what the perp gets.

    • none of your business

      Her name is Geizy Alvarez. She did not even want a funeral. She has another child.

      • Guest

        Geizy Alvarez is the maternal grandmother.

        • none of your business

          I thought the maternal grandmother is named something like Tucanirello. Whatever, the Mother did not want a funeral and has another child somewhere. The maternal grandmother and her live in long term man Mr. Hall took care of Mercedes until stupid Mom moved in with the monster.
          Every person in the extended family has a different last name.

    • none of your business

      Her older child about 6 it looks like is black girl.

  • MekongDelta69

    How many dumb-*** White women have to have their kids killed by blacks before they wake up?

    [Rhetorical question – They will never wake up.]

    • phillyguy

      That is a big problem, all I see now, especially in lower class sections, stupid white girls dragging along half and half kids.

    • Anglo

      I’m a woman. I don’t understand this, but it truly sickens me.

      • Dr. Bazzi

        Its Satanic this pattern of white women becoming involved with blacks.

        • none of your business

          300 years of White men getting involved with black women was worse as it produced far more blacks that would have been if the White men had left the black women alone and they mated only with blacks.

          • Anglo

            Yes, that’s where it started and the degradation of the White race only gets worse and worse with each passing generation.

  • Magician

    Admirable! Admirable!

    Is there anything more noble in in this world, than an adult man physically or sexually assaulting a four year old girl to death?

    I hope the same ice cream truck driver waits outside the prison and hits him if he is ever released from the jail while alive.

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    He should be offed, quickly and efficiently, together with the girl mom

    • Dave4088

      No, he should be administered a very slow and painful death like he did to the little white girl.

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        I understand the feeling of rage and disgust but i respectfully disagree.

        Mind you, i’m not necessarily against roughing up people for valuable purposes (i.e. extracting intelligence from the enemy during war times), in this case i simply wouldn’t even dignify this sorry freak of nature with any emotion whatsoever.

        Just shoot a quick bullet to his head, collect some DNA sample for future research, incinerate the corpse, problem solved.

        Ditto for the mother

        • Anglo

          No burials for the Black SOB or the fool mother. Let them be obliterated.

        • An eye for an eye. Its not about emotion or “revenge” its justice. They were responsible for this poor girls drawn out suffering and anguish, they deserve to receive the same, slow, agonizing torture.

      • Bantu_Education

        We should consult the North Korean bizarre execution methods manual. It was widely rumoured that Kim’s uncle was executed by being thrown naked into a cage of ravenous dogs. I think that’s about the right level of justice for these two.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Yeah, but for the mother’s treacherous stupidity and neglect…

      I have something for her and her feral sex-ape…

  • No emotion, the story reports.

    There never is emotion shown because this subspecies is incapable of emotion except the emotion of selfishness. They’ll chimp out at a moment’s notice when “disrespected” via some accidental slight, but then they brutalize, torture, and murder while remaining calm and quiet. Is this the behavior of something fully human? I have my answer.

    Which brings me to men’s rights. The dead girl had a white father. A white father with NO RIGHTS in the court system. His daughter can be placed in a home with a scumbag like this one and he has no recourse because mudshark mom wants some “muh dik.”

    I want see a picture of the so-called “mother” who bears partial responsibility for this tragedy. Her tubes need to be tied. Permanently.

    • connorhus

      I am sure she has a restraining order out on the Father with trumped up charges too. All the while telling her friends and family the Father is a non-involved dad.

      • Anglo

        We don’t know anything about her father. If he knew this was his child, I would hope he would have protected her some way.

      • none of your business

        If she knows who the Father is.

      • none of your business

        His name is Bryce Blair. He moved to another state some time ago. His latest girl friend is pregnant. Did not attend the funeral, nor has he helped the maternal grandmother in any way with the funeral

        • Anglo

          He sounds like a real loser to me. He should be sterilized.

        • connorhus

          And was he served with a restraining order or Ex Parte prior to breaking off contact?

          • none of your business

            In every state in this country there is no way a parent can be forbidden from seeing his child. He can be restrained from going to or within a few miles of the child’s home, but he cannot be forbidden from seeing his child.
            When you wrote restraining order you meant a temporary restraining order usually 2 weeks. Ex parte hearing means just one party usually the plaintiff and the judge in his or regular courtroom’
            The plaintiff, in these case the custodial parent makes all sorts of allegations and reasons as to why non custodial parent should not be allowed to see the child and come to the home where the child and custodial parent live.
            A temporary restraining order is issued for 2 weeks. A hearing date is set 2 weeks later on the date the temporary restraining order expires. Often CPS is ordered to investigate serious allegations such as molestation, beatings, drunk driving etc.
            Unless the allegations are proven the custodial parent is allowed to see the child so ordered at this hearing 2 weeks after the granting of the exparte temporary restraining order. The usual arrangement is that the non custodial parent can’t ick up the child at the home so arrangements are made. Maybe a relative, friend or neighbor can deliver the child to the non custodial parent. Maybe the parents can work it out
            Exparte and temporary restraining orders expire in 2 weeks.
            No parent is prevented from seeing the child for longer than that on a temporary restraining order.
            Here is how it works if the court finds all the custodial parents allegations of abuse and evilness true.
            The non custodial parent is ordered to anger management, counseling, maybe other counseling and supervised visitation.
            If the non custodial parent goes through the hoops and pays the sliding scale fees the non custodial parent gets to see the child at a child services office chaperoned by a social worker. After perhaps 4 supervised visits the non custodial parent if he or she is not totally a lunatic or rapist can see the child. Perhaps the parents might be ordered to exchange the child in a police station parking lot.
            That is how it works IF the restraining order hearing Judge finds the non custodial parents allegations true. Domestic court Judges and the evaluators and social workers are very aware that many false allegations are made and that is their job to protect the interests of the non custodial parent as well as the child.
            No parent has ever, ever been prevented from seeing the child for more than 2 weeks to a month because of an ex parte hearing.
            The exparte hearing is like the filing of a lawsuit. It just starts the process.
            If someone has claimed he can’t see his children because of the other parents lies at an ex parte hearing he is not telling the truth.
            Court joke: Whoever files first gets the restraining order.
            I am sure you can find information about ex parte hearings, TRO’s, restraining orders and child abuse allegation investigations and evaluations on the internet. Judges don’t believe all the allegations in custody disputes. Nor should friends and relatives.

          • connorhus

            This is a complete crock. If the custodial parent (Almost always the Mother by default) denies visitation the police will not enforce it, family courts and judges may demand it is enforced but again assign no one to see that it is and Ex Parte / restraining orders are given out without a court appearance. Guilty until proven innocent.

          • none of your business

            I know perfectly well ex parte TEMPORARY 2 week restraining orders are given out ex parte just the plaintiff and the court. But as you probably know a hearing is scheduled 2 weeks later and the non custodial parent is supposed to show up and tell his or her side of the story.
            I am not a DR Judge or social worker or ex wife who took your or some friend or relatives child away. You are revealing personal problems in these posts.

          • connorhus

            And if the Woman who demands the Ex Parte does not show up for the hearing it is thrown out. Except she can go and get another one. Eventually the judge will get tired of this yes but it takes a few times and if there are different judges they can get away with it for a while.

            I am not jumping all over you any more than you are attacking me while also attempting to paint this Father out as a scum bag. He may in fact be a scumbag but until I see the facts from his point of view the normal lay of the land tells me he has no choice but to be a scumbag in the matter.

          • none of your business

            Read my posts. All I did was repeat what was in the article and comments. He moved to another state some time before mom met monster. His new girl friend is pregnant.

          • none of your business

            No, he left of his own accord. By ex parte you mean a 2 week TRO.

    • none of your business

      The White sperm donor may not know he started a child during one of his drunken one night stands.

    • Anglo

      I would hope the little girl had a White father who would have fought for his child. If necessary, he should have taken his little girl and ran where they couldn’t be found. It’s all so tragic.

      • none of your business

        He did not even bother coming back to Florida for the funeral. He left some time ago.

    • none of your business

      Father Bryce Blair moved out of state BEFORE Mom met monster. No social worker, DR Judge or anyone else but Mom moved Mercedes out of the home with maternal grandmother. No prior involvement with social services or DR court. Bryce’s current girl friend is pregnant.
      Consult a DR attorney before you assume that Fathers aka non custodial parents have no rights in the system.
      Google the story and facebook page

    • none of your business

      Father is Bryce Blair. He moved out of state some time ago. Mercedes had never been in child services or DR court. She was not placed by any authority in the monster’s home. Mother moved herself and Mercedes in with monster.
      Articles and facebook page are on the net. Read the facts.
      Non custodial parent don’t even need an attorney. All it takes is a call to child protective services and an investigation starts. If needed, CPS provides non custodial parent with a free attorney.

  • Garrett Brown

    If low IQ White women insist on becoming mudsharks they only have themselves to blame for situations like this.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Well, and the Media to a certain extent.

      • Magician

        I also blame public schools that keep on teaching children that being a racist white person is the worst crime in this world, and white women who do not have a black boyfriend or husband are racists

      • Kenner

        MTV = Mudshark TeleVision.

        • Magician

          Moron TV

  • NoMosqueHere

    I think we all agree how to deal with a beast like this. It costs a few bucks in a hardware store.

    • anony

      Is it long and able to be coiled into tight circles?

    • Ron Cheaters

      Rather chuck ’em in a box-baler, hit the red button, listen for the pain, then mop it up after.

      • Who Me?

        Industrial-size wood chipper. Only remains are a red spray out the back end…

        • Ron Cheaters

          I like the box-baler.. anytime I use one.. when Its at its full piston length.. you hear all these Bang’s and Pop’s while its ar full crush.. then you hit the release button.. I like to think the bangs and pops are brains… make your own joke

    • MannyR

      Lampshades and bone china

  • Conrad

    I believe that mentally & physically healthy people possess the instincts that motivate them to stay away from other races. Especially those that are so far removed from our gene pool as blacks. I have noticed that people like leftists are not mentally & physically healthy people. therefore they cannot make correct political or personal decisions.

    • Whitetrashgang

      A Mudshark by definition is mentally ill.

  • dd121

    Chimps and lions will kill the young offspring of the females they dominate to bring them into heat. That’s approximately what’s going on here. Ancient genes still acting on today’s blacks.

    • Bantu_Education

      Interesting and highly plausible theory.

    • This was not just a killing. The demon tortured her horrifically for months. May that beautiful, sweet-faced little girl finally rest in peace, and may her womb donor and that…thing…she shacked up with be dealt with, by any means necessary.

      • dd121

        I think the guy who did this should be electrocuted. We have a sadistic black killer in Colorado who heartlessly murdered several whites at a Chuckee Cheeze. He was scheduled to be executed but our Dem governor stayed his execution indefinitely. It will probably cost him the election. Dems don’t mind killing unborn babies yet will spare the lives of sadistic black murders. To me it seems contradictory.

        • That would be Nathan Dunlap. Two of his victims were 17 year-old high school students.

          • dd121

            If that doesn’t beat Hickenlooper in the election then there isn’t much hope.

  • connorhus

    Ok let’s try this again.

    I rate mudsharks about equal to cannibals and people who drop unwanted pets off in the country but a Mudshark that leaves her child with a Black deserves a new category all her own.

    Bet she has a restraining order out against the White Father too.

    • none of your business

      If she knows who the White Father is. He probably does not remember what skank he was on top of the day the poor child was conceived.

      • connorhus

        Well he certainly should have vetted his partner better I will tell ya that.

        • Sick of it

          These days, that means a guy ends up alone 70%+ of the time.

          • connorhus

            Point well taken 🙂

      • Fathercoughlin

        You sound like a woman.You should shut up.He was most likely a decent guy.The WOMAN is the guilty one,sorry mr or miss sissy.

        • none of your business

          I am a woman. Since there is nothing about the Father, I assumed the Mother doesn’t know who the Father is in other words, she doesn’t know who fell on top of her and conceived the child.

        • none of your business

          I found out about the Father. he broke up with the Mother and left the state some time ago. His latest girl friend is pregnant with his son. He did not come back for the funeral.

          • connorhus

            Broke up with her for what? Sleeping with Blacks when his back was turned? What were the conditions of the breakup? Were they ever married? Was he allowed any contact with the child at all by the mother? Because we know he has zero rights to the child according to the courts. The courts won’t even uphold visitation rights from a divorce contract.

            See it’s legal and the mother’s right to expose the child to dangerous Blacks but illegal for a White Man to see his child except under whatever conditions the Woman sets. If any.

          • none of your business

            They were never married. He left for another state about a year ago. His latest girl friend is pregnant. Mom met the monster about 6 months ago. See my above post explaining the meaning of ex parte hearing and temporary restraining orders.
            Father, Mom and Mercedes lived with maternal grandmother until Bryce left for another state. Mom and Mercedes remained with grandmother until they moved in with the monster a few weeks ago.
            Judges, social workers and evaluators in nasty custody cases don’t believe any allegations until investigated and proven. Friends and relatives of people involved in custody disputes shouldn’t either.

          • none of your business

            I am not your ex wife. I am not the Judge or social worker who keeps you from seeing your child. I am not the ex wife of whatever friend or relative of yours who cannot see his child for whatever reason.
            Google Mercedes Blair and you can read the articles I read.
            You might not want to reveal so much personal information in your postings.

          • none of your business

            Why jump allover me? Why not just read the article and facebook page?

  • walt

    Any idiotic white woman who wants to degrade herself by having sex with farm animals should have their children removed from their custody

    • Anglo

      Yes, it’s so tragic that someone couldn’t see this and should have intervened.

      • MannyR

        50 years ago no white woman that wasn’t a drug addict or a street walker would even contemplate dating a negro. But thanks to TV, Hollywood and feminism this is what we get.

    • Fathercoughlin

      And their uterus!

    • Bantu_Education

      No self-respecting farmer would keep a herd of bantu. Farm equipment maybe.

      • walt

        I stand corrected. Obsolete farm equipment.

  • anony

    The father of this beautiful young White girl has a job to do.

    • I am not that one’s father, but I would very much like to axe her killer some questions.

      • phillyguy

        We should be allowed to put him on the rack and disembowel him like they used to do a thousand years ago, let him die on the table while we are ripping his innards out, it will take him a couple hours to expire.

      • Sick of it

        I’m sure you’d do a real hatchet job…

    • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I can only imagine the rage he must feel, when going off of my own feelings. Id be willing to do the job for him without hesitation, if presented the chance.

    • none of your business

      The Father did not even attend the funeral.

      • connorhus

        Did the mother even bother to tell him about it?

        • none of your business

          I am no advocate for the Mother. You can google Mercedes Blair and read several articles about the family and the events preceding and following the murder as I did. You are revealing a lot of things about yourself you might not want to reveal in your postings.

          • connorhus

            I would say that works both ways here. I happen to know how biased the family court laws are yet still managed to get custody of and raise my son, however if my Ex had turned mudshark there is little I could have done about it. Only my son getting old enough to begin his own rebellion against his Mother’s lifestyle (Which didn’t include Blacks thankfully) allowed me to take control of the situation. You are obviously on a smear campaign but refuse to acknowledge that the Father had no rights or means to effect this situation at all.

  • none of your business

    Wait a couple years and he would have raped her as well. I’ll let the men write about the Mother as I am ashamed of being a White woman and associated with these race traitors.

    • Anglo

      That makes two of us.

      • Who Me?

        Call it three.
        That poor baby. There are no words… any White woman who wants to live with blacks, should be allowed, of course, but is she has any white children, they should be permanently removed from the home and given a chance at a normal life. Even if they escape being physically and sexually abused by the stepfather (or some relative or friend of his) the psychological damage can take years to repair, if ever.
        In addition to removing her children the mudshark should be instantly sterilized to prevent any further reproduction.

        • MannyR

          No they shouldn’t be allowed, just like you aren’t allowed to marry a cow or goat. Yes I’m making that connection and I stand firmly by it.

          • Just to elaborate, in case theres any misunderstanding, they are animals, not humans. The lowest, basest of creatures capable of speech. Human women, and men for that matter, should not live with, copulate with, or marry animals.

            It is simply wrong.

          • Who Me?

            “any White woman who wants to live with blacks, should be allowed”
            I said this because, although no picture of the whore is available, I think we all know what she looks like: 300+ pounds, peroxide-blonde straw for hair, tattoos all over her hide, loud mouthed, crude and rude–something no white man wants anyway. Sterilize her and let her “f” with ni*qq*ers until one of them offs her. No loss to the white race in any case. The real tragedy here is that poor innocent child who had no choice in the matter and paid for it with her life.

          • Anglo

            I certainly agree all Whites who ” F ” Negroes should be sterilized.

          • Anglo

            Inter-marrying with Blacks used to be against the law and still should be. I think having sex with them is like bestiality too.

        • Four. These women are not white except very superficially.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Why do you think he hadn’t already?

      • none of your business

        Only because there was nothing in the article about it.

    • HE2

      No, none. They do not wait.
      Work experience in the inner city jungle among sub-humans has shown me otherwise.

      Black males sodomize baby boys, penetrate baby girls both anally and vaginally.
      Even infants.

      You can wager this little White child has been violated serially from day one of coal burner mum allowing him near her.
      She should be charged as an accessory.

      • none of your business

        She probably will be on some neglect leading to death charge. I know about the animals. There was one in San Francisco first name Vancouver after the city. He raped a black baby girl. Some evil White police officers got hold of him when he was out on bail and beat him almost to death and made sure he would never commit penile rape again. But that was 50 years ago.
        I think the baby was his, maybe it was his girl friends or who knows who the baby’s Father was.

        • HE2

          Fifty years ago, S.F. was apparently a different city.
          Now, not so much. Too many areas have eroded into squalor, now unsafe.

          Line after line of trannys hailing down potential tricks on Market after dark.

          On Symphony, Ballet or Opera nights, walking from BART Civic Center to Davies or the Opera House, [for safety, with clumps of others on their way to these venues], one passes door ways of homeless derelicts in sleeping bags settling down for the night.
          The fetid stench of urine and feces hits one’s nostrils in the corridor and on the steps coming out of the underground station.

          • none of your business

            Were you ever downtown near the Hilton and Union Square when Glide Memorial Church was passing out free food? Every OFE in the Bay Area lines up along with a zillion 70 year old Asians living off social security disability and old age pension they never put a dime into.

          • HE2

            None, I BART to S.F. these days only for performances at the Opera House or Davies.
            Used to like Union Square for browsing. No more.

    • Say “species traitors” instead, and you might be closer to the mark.

  • Pax Romana

    “Another causality in a nameless war, being brutally waged nationwide; where few mourn for the vanquished.”…”Just another white person whose life came to a shocking, senseless, and violent end at the hands of a black individual, whose actions are ultimately protected from being too harshly judged because he belongs to a racial group whose collective failures are not to be noticed…”-Paul Kersey

    These women never learn until it’s too late.

    Remembering Mercedes and other innocent white children murdered by blacks:

    Like a mournful metronome, a list of just a few of the many white teenagers, children, and babies who where murdered by blacks in the USA only, listed by age… the oldest being the same age as Trayvon Martin down to the youngest being 5 months old. Google any name for the details of these violent black on white child murders.

    This is only a partial list and in no way complete:

    17 year-old Marley Lion,

    17 year-old Katelyn Beard

    17 year-old Ryan Satterfield

    17 year-old Michael “Eli” Mohney

    17 year-old Edward Mark Caylor

    17 year-old Jourdan Bobbish

    17 year-old Brian Glenfeldt

    17 year-old Belinda Worley

    17 year-old Colleen O’Connor

    17 year-old Benjamin Grant

    17 year-old Debra Ann Chandler

    16 year-old Joshua Stepp

    16 year-old Mary-Ann Leneghan

    16 year-old Alexandria Nicole Bertran

    16 year-old Elizabeth Pena

    16 year-old Taylor Fitting

    16 year-old Mark Thornton

    16 year-old Bobbie Sartain

    16 year-old Meghan Landowski

    15 year-old Kai Brooke Geyer

    15 year-old Steven Brady Watson

    15 year-old Jonathan Lee Russell

    15 year-old Susan Jordan

    15 year-old Mary Clare (Molly) Conley

    15 year-old Sara Beth Lundquist

    15 year-old Raquel Gerstel

    15 year-old Taylor Adams,

    15 year-old Barbara Kralik

    15-year-old Ann Harrison

    14 year-old Chelsea Brooks

    14 year-old Brandy Duvall

    14 year-old Jennifer Ertman

    14 year-old Kelli O’Laughlin

    13 year-old Genelle Conway-Allen

    13 year-old Cori Baker

    13 year-old Krystal Jean Baker

    13 year-old Esme Kenney

    13 year-old Helene Navarro

    13 year-old Gabriel Martinez

    12 year-old Jonathan Foster

    12 year-old Jennifer Spencer

    12 Year-Old Tia Rigg

    12 Year-Old Emily Haddock

    12 year-old Christina LeAnn Neal

    12 year-old Autumn Leigh Pasquale

    12 year-old Bobby Leonard

    12-year-old Ryan Carter

    11 year-old Bradley Way

    11 year-old Cherie Morrisette

    11 year-old Bonnie Bulloch

    10-year-old Mark Ethan Alexander Stewart

    10-year-old Jennifer Heaton

    10 year-old Samantha Evans

    10 year-old Tiffany Nicole Long

    10 year-old Kayla Burchett

    10 year-old Lauren Relyea

    10 year-old Marissa Lynn Emkens

    9 year-old Michael ‘Connor’ Verkerke

    9 year-old Marcia Trimble

    9 year-old Stella Harvey

    9 year-old Dylan James Royer

    9 year-old Jennifer Ann Lewis

    8-year-old Riley Burdick

    8 year-old Kevin Shifflet

    8 year-old Joshua Evans

    8 year-old Melissa Heaton

    8 year-old Melissa Spencer

    7 year-old Kyleigh Crane

    6 year-old Jake Robel

    6 year-old Viktoria Ivanova

    6 year old Kayla Rolland

    6 year-old Ryan Smith

    6 year-old Adiele Crutchfield

    5 year-old Claudia Wadlington

    5 year-old Cadence Harris

    5 year-old Emily Rimel

    5 year-old Devon Duniver

    5 year-old Allison Griffor

    5 year-old Bryor Gibbons

    4 year-old Mercedes A. Blair

    4 year-old Ruby Harvey

    4 year-old Riley Jane Lawrence

    4 year-old Reba Ryan

    4 year-old Marley Crutchfield

    4 year-old Layla Malone

    3 year-old Celina Marie Jackson

    3 year-old Hunter Wise

    2 year-old John Swoveland, Jr.

    2 year-old Madison Ruano

    2 year-old Avery King

    2 year-old Bryan Butts

    2 year-old Jordan Land

    2 year-old Paul Gallagher Jr.

    2 year-old Cody Allen Rollins

    22-month-old Kyleann Burress

    18-month-old Wayne Albert Jackson IV

    15 month-old Damien Christopher Lynn

    13 month-old Antonio Santiago

    1 year-old Xander Toliver

    1 year-old Ryan Hacke

    1 year-old Wayne Jackson

    11 month-old Malaki Lindley

    10 month-old Silas Nelson

    5 month-old Andre Jenkins

    What the list does not include are the names of their mothers, fathers, older brothers or sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents or other white adults who may have been raped, or tortured, and murdered with them, ……. at times in front of their eyes before they themselves were killed.

    Their stories and final moments are what the most horrific nightmares are made of. All downplayed, or ignored by the Liberal MSM and Black Victimists.

    Where is the Duke Lacrosse/Jena 6/Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown MSM, Jesse ‘HymieTown / I spit in white people’s food’ Jackson, Al ‘Tawana Brawley/ Freddie’s Fashion Mart’ Sharpton, Eric ‘My people’ Holder, and Barack ‘If I had a son’ Obama??

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      A very important and necessary post

      Thank you

    • Lt. Greyman, NVA

      Wonderful Post.

      Breaks you heart to think of the children at home being hurt, afraid to talk, hearing the door close and mommy go to work (because the chimp doesn’t work) and knowing soon the pain will start.

      I hate these women. She saw bruises and burns but did not protect her child.


    • DaveMed

      Copied and pasted for my records. Thank you.

    • HE2

      Thank you.

      If it were possible, this post would receive hundreds of up votes from me.
      May I save it?

    • Thank you.

      I read through the list, every name. And seeing mercedes there at the top of “four years old” was terrible… read through this list folks, theae arent just names, they are the lives of children which have been snuffed out, often horribly. Each name is a murdered young child, the responsibility for which we ALL bear some part. And another name was just added to the list.

      Every day we refuse to stand up and say enough the list will get longer. How many names long must it be before we’ve had enough? How many lives must be snuffed out before we stop this…

    • anony

      As I’ve stated many times, the msm have blood on their hands.

  • je suis paganisme

    May the fruits of her stupidity leave her longing for a death that will not come soon enough . . . if she has not already burned out her conscience.

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    The horrible sad truth is that we have completely failed white children leaving behind a grotesque, idiocracy-like world for them to fix.

  • TheCogitator

    The mother should be on trial with that savage beast she allowed to have access to her daughter. While I feel a white woman should never be living with the likes of him, there is no excuse for not getting out the first time she saw that he had hurt her daughter. I feel for the father who has his ex turn coal burner, then has his daughter savagely murdered. We need to give more thought before just automatically giving custody to the mothers.

    • Yancy Derringer

      Exactly. The mother said “she began to notice bruises…” Began?? So this heartless mother let the scumbag beat the little girl repeatedly. The woman should be arrested!

      • Fathercoughlin

        The filthy pig is no doubt seeking consolation in the arms of yet another ape.She should be locked up til she is too old even for them..

    • none of your business

      I read the latest news. The skank will not be charged at all. Very bad. she has another child too.

  • Jack Green

    The mother and the n199er need to be shot.

  • NorthernWind

    The mother and her “boyfriend” should be sentenced to death by beating.

  • IstvanIN

    I can not imagine the horror that beautiful little girl went through in the last months of her life. The mom should be executed along with the “boyfriend”.

  • JohnEngelman

    Sanders showed no emotion when he appeared in court during his first appearance.

    – Jay Meisel, Highlands Today, October 18, 2014

    Those people are incapable of remorse. They only regret being caught.

  • Anglo

    A stupid, foolish White mother subjected her innocent child to the cruelties of this sub-human piece of garbage. If justice was truly served, both of them would be sentenced to die.

  • Visceral

    Interesting. I googled Mercedes A. Blair and not a single major news network covered the story.

    So, black thugs are free to murder four year old white girls and the media refuses to cover it. In doing so they condone it.

    Our society clearly hates white people; the very people that founded our nation.

    More specifically, our society hates white men. If it didn’t, then this girls father could have protected her from this black savage.

    • Douglas Quaid

      There is obviously a systematic plan in place to try to displace whites and white Christian culture as the dominant culture. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me as to why the media defends the droves of illegals, thug negros like Mike Brown and the “peaceful protestors” calling for justice.

      • MannyR

        Correct and now make the final connection. Who runs the media? Why would they omit certain facts while reporting others endlessly? What is their final endgame. Google the 12 Protocols

    • none of your business

      So called pro White Fox didn’t cover it either.

  • WASP Insurgent

    Another white trash size queen begging for a 9mm brain bleed.

  • ckmariner

    When I see White women with sub-human scum, I feel like killing or severely beating her. But, I guess I really don’t have to. They seem to pay a very steep price for their actions.

    • MannyR

      The problem is their children and family members often times are the ones that pay along with them.

  • ckmariner

    When I googled this and saw the highlandstoday website article, they showed the ape, but no picture of the White girl anywhere. Disgraceful media!

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Of course. They’re not gonna let on that coal burners are endangering their children or themselves.
      After all, that might preserve the white race.

  • Luca

    The mother should be arrested as an accessory to murder and for child endangerment. She may as well left her child in the lions’ cage at the zoo.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      She would have fared better in the lions’ cage.

    • none of your business

      She probably will. The animal probably has a criminal record, don’t they all? Child beaters tend to repeat their crimes.

  • donkeypunch

    Coalburning always ends in tragedy.

  • libertarian1234

    Almost every black out there despises whites to a certain extent. And being alone with white children, the worst ones are going to take their hateful feelings out on them. That’s a given, so any woman that brings a black around is offering her helpless child up as a sacrifice to the black menace, and she should be culled from the herd by any means necessary.

    It’s usually little boys who are tortured and beaten by these primitive, dim-witted scum, because blacks see them as an opportunity to get back at white males who they hate with a passion.

    But usually they can hardly contain their glee when an opportunity to gain control of either a little boy or girl presents itself so they can torture, maim and kill.

    I’ve debated many blacks on these forums and the one thing I always hear is that, “You must have had some bad experiences from blacks to dislike them so much.” And I always tell them they’re way off the mark. I’ve never been jumped or beaten by black mobs or had any real head to heads with them. I despise them for who they are, their constant whining, their constant hate-whitey attitude, their stupidity, their loud rude behavior, and the fact that I always have to watch out for them whenever I go out anywhere, because I might have to kill one in order to defend myself and that would ruin a good night out.

  • 48224

    Now we know black kids are so screwed up. The ones the boyfriends don’t kill, the rest have no respect for humans and go out and play the knock-out game when they get old enough.

    • none of your business

      Almost all black women were molested by family members as children. My son only went to public school for one year because we moved. It was his last year and I figured he would survive and the school was some kind of preforming arts magnet school only 2 blocks away. He played basketball and as teenage boys do, the blacks talked about their sex lives. They were absolutely shocked to learn that White boys do not have sex with their sisters. It was unheard of in their black families for the boys to leave their sisters alone. These were mostly affirmative action allegedly middle class kids.

      • Lord Sandwich

        That explains a lot.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Ivan also stated he “pressed hard into Mercedes’ abdomen area in an attempt to assist her with having a bowel movement.”

    IOW He kicked the sh!t out of her.

    • Lt. Greyman, NVA

      “Ivan also stated he “pressed hard into Mercedes’ abdomen area in an attempt to assist her with having a bowel movement.”

      Yes, internal injuries. They both should die. The chimp for being a danger to all humans and being a child murderer, the coal burner for putting her “relationship” with an animal above her child even after she was aware of scald burns and bruises.

      Even putting the little thing up for adoption would have been better than letting the animal get close to her again. Think about her when you hug your children or grand children close.

    • Kenner

      Blacks; always willing to lend a hand.

  • gooberboy9999

    Tragic, but can anyone here say they’re truly surprised at this sort of thing? White women breeding with blacks tends to be a self-solving problem, so it’s one of the few race problems that drives most white people mad that simply doesn’t bother me.

    If I want proof of that, I just take a trip to walmart and watch the 400lb monstrosities waddle around with the only kind of male they could get – a black one.

    Any white woman that takes up with a black man either has mental problems or is so physically repulsive she cannot land a white man. In either case, it’s better that they’re taken out of the white gene pool entirely.

    I can’t even bring myself to care about what the white father might be feeling. What kind of dad would let this happen? There is no last resort when it comes to keeping your kid away from blacks, you do whatever you have to. He didn’t.

    • DaveMed

      I wish it were the case that White women who paired with Blacks were uniformly physically repulsive. Unfortunately, that is not nearly always the case.

      • There was a pretty blond gal with a n-word on I-25 in about 1994. They had gone off the road in a horrible snowstorm. I stopped, but drove off after I saw the black. I hope they froze. I did 35 miles per hour all the way.

  • Dr. Bazzi

    That poor white little girl died because her stupid mindless mother though more of the black beast looser lover than her.

  • MannyR

    What in the world would convince a white women to allow a black man into her home and then give him supervision of her fragile little child. 70 years of anti white, ” their just like us” brainwashing. I’ll say it again WAKE UP WHITE WOMAN!!!! Get a clue!

  • Cid Campeador

    He and the Puta mother both need to be executed.
    I wonder how many times the Prieto molested the little girl.
    Typical soulless stare and those lips that you want slice off with a razor.

    • I am filled with so much rage at this … they dont deserve an execution, they both deserve a slow torture administered by a sociopath who can take his time. Thats what this little girl was forced to live through, and one of the few bits in the bible i thoroughly agree with. “An eye for an eye”

      They both deserve to suffer, and then die.

      • Anglo

        “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” Mark 9:42 God will not forget.

  • Once this story moves to page two of Amren, you’ll likely never see it again. A child tortured literally to death by low life black scum while her mother chose to look the other way. Chose ab animals sexual attentions and companionship over the life and wellbeing of her own child.

    Two months from now, without searching very hard, you’ll likely come across a story referencing St. Skittles, Swishers, or Sammich, and how tragic and unnecessary their death was.

    This is insanity.

    • HE2

      You are right.
      Down the memory hole this story will go.
      I doubt if anyone other than those who read this and other race realist web sites are even discussing it now, while the story is new.

      • Bantu_Education

        I’ve done my my bit by posting it on FB, but then again most of my LIEberal “friends” have long ago “de-friended” me because they were “offended” by my despicable racism. I dare say all of us Amreners are in the same predicament.

        • Douglas Quaid

          I was frankly surprised, perhaps naive, at how quickly I was called a racist for simply pointing out the facts about the shooting in Ferguson. That one cost me a dear friend, he simply refuses to talk to me.

          • MannyR

            He’s not much of a friend if he quit talking to you because he was offended about realities you pointed out about people he’s never even met.

          • One of my childhood friends did that to me 16 years ago. I still love Ed Myers, and would lay down in highway traffic for him, any day of the week, but I can’t get there from here. It still hurts so bad I sometimes cry. Orcs aren’t supposed to do that.

        • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

          Same here. Liberal FB friends called me a bigot and racist for calling attention to these stories as well as for pointing out the folly of the Detroit Police Chief who opined in an interview that the reason for lower Maine crime rate is amount of concealed carry permit holders. Many unfriended me. The rest who are still friends are completely silent on all my postings involving race and immigration and diversity. Most noticeably silent are all the atheists who are daily ranting about other’s religious delusions yet they are blind to their own liberal group think delusions.

          • Who Me?

            “pointing out the folly of the Detroit Police Chief who opined in an interview that the reason for lower Maine crime rate is amount of concealed carry permit holders”
            Sorry Jones, correction here: That is NOT folly. Read “More Guns, Less Crime” by John Lott. The more CCW holders there are, the less inclined the feral Bantu will attempt to prey upon them. Stupid they most assuredly are, but they do not want to get killed. The only surprising thing about this is that one of them, and from Detroit yet, was willing to admit it.

          • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

            You are right about the guns. I am seeing that here in Alaska. However, I did not phrase my earlier comment correctly – what I meant was that in Maine there are not high numbers of blacks except where the federal govt has resettled Somalis in Portland ME and a few other towns. So Me does not have the high violent gun crime and other crime and violence that areas with significant black populations have. From reading and checking city demographic changes over past 20 years, I seems to me that if black population gets to threshold of 5% there will begin a noticeable uptick in shootings and other crimes. So that’s what I meant, that a black police chief was not acknowledging at all that the lack of a large black demographic in ME was a factor in why ME gun crime looks nothing like that of Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago etc. and that those ME locations where blacks have been imported do hav an increase in gun, gangs, drugs, crime.

        • MannyR

          You don’t need em. Trust me I’ve lost friends, relationships…etc. our cause is just and I have no doubt God is on our side. You are not alone my friend, you are not alone.

          • none of your business

            I avoided my Mother for decades because she was so anti White and pro black, even when her 5ft 80 pd 50 year old sister was mugged by one of the animals. My Mother’s motive for liking blacks so much was simply snobbery and arrogance. She thought being pro black put her into some sort of intellectual elite superior to the dumb rednecks. She did not know any blacks and lived in a suburb that had just one black family but she knew that blacks were inherently good and beneficial and that black crime was a KKK myth.
            2 lefty pro commie, pro black parents and all five of us are more than race realists we are very anti black.

          • MannyR

            My family is literally the same exact garbage. Dedicated Democrat far left liberals who look down on “flyover country” country, guns , Christianity and anything remotely patriotic. I can remember them bad mouthing Republican”bastards” growing up and just fawning over Clinton when he got elected in 1992. Many of my friends don’t understand why I’m such a hardcore far right anti liberal. It’s because I seen the opposite end of the spectrum and the sad life outcomes it produces. We had so many people that my pàrents considered friends that were just screwed up people. Drug addicts gays and hard core commie types that were miserable human beings. The first thing I did when I turned 18 was join the Marines and left the state ASAP. Their still are angery about it and to this day feel the need to let me know that they disapproved every once and a while.

          • none of your business

            5 kids raised to be black worshipping commies and as soon as we went off to college or the army or whatever we met blacks and made up our own minds. Liberals have some kind of gadget in their brain that forces them to follow the latest liberal fads. At least she left the family trust to us and the grandchildren and great grandchildren instead of the socialist party or a black college.
            At some point she taught some “college bound”blacks in some summer program in a private school. She followed their progress for the rest of her life and was so proud of their affirmative action govt jobs.
            Only her sons went to her funeral and that was because their wives insisted.

          • anony

            “She thought being pro black put her into some sort of intellectual elite superior to the dumb rednecks.”

            I think there is a lot of truth in your above comment. Notice how the dems always portray their presidential candidates as “oh so smart, so intellectual”, and conservatives as “slow” ala Reagan.

            This meme plays to the desire of us all to be seen as smart. This also harkens back to one of the strong roots of uber-liberalism in this country, The Frankfurt School, which ensconced itself in our elite university system.

          • When I moved home from California, I would occasionally be driving somewhere and the thought would hit me, “I am happy I am back in Colorado,” just because of the relative dearth of blacks here. I was profoundly depressed after my later return from both Japan (in late 1994) and Australia (in 1998). The absence of African’ts in both places made even Colorado look dirty.

            Randwick (a Sydney suburb between the UNSW university campus and Coogee Beach) was gloriously civilized, as was Saitama, and for the same reason. Even in 1987, when I got lost at night on my way back from a party, on a borrowed bicycle in Nanjing, China, I had no worries at all. This is how cities should be, and is how they are without blacks.

          • Perhaps we should all start befriending each other. There is strength in numbers.

        • HE2

          Well, Bantu. I have developed thick skin.
          When called a racist, I say, “thank you; what a relief to see things as they really are.”
          After years of working in the inner city jungle burdened breathless by unexpressed outrage, I am home.
          Writing as much as possible with 7 wee ones, I feel light as a feather.

        • Actually this is why I post here under a pseudonym and don’t [yet] attend AmRen conferences in person. I & family are still tied to the corporate “respectable” world where such things as AmRen attendance could be grounds for employment termination.

          However I do have one small one under my care. It’s interesting how much care the little ones get in the right housholds and how nice, intelligent, and well behaved they are growing up. Yet these are the very children our Government hates and the “wild bantus” are the ones they encourage to breed.

    • Douglas Quaid

      This is another time where playing the “Lets imagine if the races were reversed” thought experiment serves us well. We would never hear the end of this story if the abusive boyfriend was of Nordic extract, we would see endless pictures of a cherubic black baby and weeping relatives.

      • Fathercoughlin

        Relatives looking for “answers”,and $$$$

      • none of your business

        I’m sure we will see a version of this on law and order soon. The black Mother will be a doctor, the evil White boyfriend will be a patient she found in the jail ward and brought home to rehabilitate. The child goes to Montessori nursery school but was home sick one day and evill Whitey beat her to death.

        • Who Me?

          Didn’t they already do that one?

        • Douglas Quaid

          The schlock coming out of the mainstream media is such boilerplate that it practically writes itself.

        • tlk244182

          Show used to be good, is now literally unwatchable.

    • MannyR

      Every white ” freedom marcher” from the uncivil rights movement should have this leaflet cover their houses and cars. Someone should then approach them on the street while being recorded and ask why little Mercedes had to die. I would pay good money to see this.

  • authorizedversion .

    A few years ago I had a job (collections and repossession for rent to own business) that required frequent house calls to vibrant neighborhoods. I remember paying a visit to the home of a very large, angry, black man who had a white girlfriend, who had a young, maybe 4 year old white son. As I was talking to the man, his girlfriend left the home, leaving her young son behind alone with the boyfriend. The sad, quiet cry the boy made when he watched his mom go nearly made my heart break.

  • I am terrified of heights and rocket artillery. The way I see it, I’ll kark it anyway, so being afraid of one mechanism or another is just silly. The love in the meantime is what makes me real.

  • John Barleycorn

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .All for the love of a black man . . .

    • see, this is the problem here–you actually think the liberals are to blame for this problem.

      liberals are a PRODUCT of a process, and not the CAUSE of the problem.

      The PROCESS that ensured that white men will not now punish a black man for doing this is the same process that CREATED liberalism.

      Liberals and liberalism is a product of the process.

      If someone walks up behind you and hits you in the head with a hammer, the problem is not the bump on your head. The problem is not hammers.

      The problem is the person who hit you on your head.

      • John Barleycorn

        ACTUALLY , I just wanted to blame someone
        since I can’t readily execute the bantu bastard myself..
        but thanks for the tip anyway ..

      • MannyR

        1. What in gods name are you talking about?
        2. Liberals are very much the problem .

        • pay no attention to the corporations behind the curtain, huh?

          Never heard of cause and effect?

          You say liberals are the cause. I say they are the effect, or at least one of the effects.

          Your turn…

          • You can stop blaming corporations when you stop buying their products. Unless and until then, one of us is being somewhat disingenuous.

          • you express a common fallacy, a flaw in your thinking. Each of us, me included, have to use this world to our maximum advantage. That is how we live as long as possible. I want to live as long as possible. So I take actions that will extend my lifespan. One of the actions I take is to use my money to buy the best and cheapest products. No matter where they come from.

            I come on this forum and discuss these matters with you because I believe that we white people need to take collective action that will extend our lifespans.

            Let me tell you some things about such proposed collective action. I believe that we white people need to realize that corporations, plutocrats (large aggregations of capital, in general) are using propaganda to divide the white majority so that such large aggregations of capital can control the government (more) and thereby use mass immigration to lower wages and weaken electoral control of the government. I believe that such actions by said large aggregations of capital will shorten the lifespans of the white majority, myself included.

            The realization and subsequent understanding of the aforesaid dynamics and forces by the white majority should give rise to collective action by whites that would increase my lifespan.

            Your turn….

          • Capital has done this since the failure of the various monarchies and the international aristocracies to provide for those who have talent. A thousand years ago, In Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Germany, I’d have been foisted off into the clergy, wherin I would have had no children. This would have been an evolutionary dead end.

            I love museums in Europe, and these tend to have beautiful suits of armor – with holes shot in them. It must have cost quite a lot to equip a man of the “proper” ancestry in such a manner, but once money made the rules, it sure didn’t cost very much to kill those guys.

            I went into chemistry because corporations have a demand for intelligent people with the patience and attention to detail for the work that needed to be done. I retired at 40. I receive no benefits; I simply quit working.

            I always set aside 20% of my net, paid off my house with extra payments on the principal, and never financed a vehicle.

            I massively invested in a diversified mutual fund in which the dividends are automatically re-invested. My mother told me to do that. That was after I paid income taxes on the money I had worked to earn. If I take a distribution, I will have to pay capital gains taxes on my profit.

            When I was still allowed firearms, I reloaded my empty cartridge cases. I married a gal who thinks the heat set at 55F is a bit warm. Breakfast this morning was fried potatoes and coffee. When a winter coat had the original plastic snaps starting to break, I replaced them with metal ones. My wife is small even for a Japanese gal, and office dress clothes in her size are expensive here, so she sews her own. She gets casual clothes at girls’ “Back To School” sales.

            I grow a kitchen garden out front, homebrew exquisitely hard cider, and make my own fishing tackle. I also do my own automobile work – we are back up to two vehicles that run, though the Saturn seems to be firing on only three cylinders (probably a cracked cylinder head gasket). Her car is a 1931 Model-A Ford with the engine and tranny out of my old Mazda RX-7. We save money every which way we can.

            In the meantime, our investments keep churning and growing, so we are middle-class capitalists.

          • It all makes sense now!

          • When one has eaten out of garbage dumpsters it sure makes a lot of sense.

          • And when we were children, staying at the archduke’s, My cousin’s, he took me out on a sled, And I was frightened. He said, Marie, Marie, hold on tight. And down we went.
            In the mountains, there you feel free. I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.

          • Spend less than you earn. This is not really so complicated. Even a dip-$#!& liberal can do it. That will probably mean fewer $7 lattes at the coffee shop in your case.

            The First Rule in Mike Scottistan is that one can take 20% off of any expense.

            Invest in a big bag of cheap rice at Wal Mart when you get hungry.

          • the most important thing is to hate the liberals. And attack them. And the liberals attack conservatives. And hate them. As long as america keeps that mindset, everything will be everything will be OK…everything will be OK…everything will be OK…everything will be OK…just keep saying that …just keep saying that …just keep saying that …

          • My high school girlfriend was a liberal democrat. That was 31 years ago, and I don’t hate her. I loved Diane. Now we’re each married to someone else. That’s quite OK.

            One of my best friends from childhood called it quits with me because I am a racialist. That’s OK. He watches football and thinks that it actually matters. I don’t think negroball is very important.

            I made a jig for bending through-wires for fishing lures today. The body is scrap plywood, the pillars were some heavy nails I also scrounged, and the backing is scrap tempered hardboard. The cost might be a penny for the wood glue I used. I make the fishing lures largely out of trash. The VCR died here last year, so I scrapped it out and kept the sheet aluminum from the inside. That gets made into fishing lures, such as the rotating petals for “spinner” lures.

            I don’t need a government grant to do this. I do it because it makes me happy.

          • none of your business

            Any problems with raccoons? They are vermin and terrible pests. I have heard they are edible if the fat is cut off and they are soaked in vinegar and barbequed.

          • none of your business

            You are a gunman and were a mercenary. You might have become a warlord. If a monk you might have the one who invented the first rifle.

          • Everything in its time.

    • RacialRay

      Add about 120 pounds, 4 mixed-race children and a black ‘boyfriend’ to this shrieking banshee and you will have the very flattering picture of any number of miserable, white trash hags I’ve had the extreme misfortune to run across in my life. My racial animosity is not restricted to non-whites, and for very good reason.

      • Magician

        “Add about 120 pounds, 4 mixed-race children and a black ‘boyfriend’ to this shrieking banshee”

        Ha! Ha! And then she will go join the hands up don’t shoot riot

        • Guest

          I can start to imagine why she joined the hands-up don’t-shoot rioters… over the course of her life, the only type of men who showed interests and were affectionate to her were African American men who like women with very very big butts.

          African American men have occupied a very special part in her heart, and since then she has decided to be always on black mens’ sides… the only type of men who ever showed her love.

          Another thing is, men or women who live with such a disproportionate bodyshapes tend to have a short life expectancy..

  • Douglas Quaid

    The vast majority of child abuse cases are from a single mom’s boyfriend, add a gentle giant boyfriend into that equation and stories like this one are the entirely predictable result.

  • Bantu_Education

    “4-year old Eloi female tortured to death by Morlock male”.

    I think the most sinister aspect of this shocking crime is that it happened at least 10 days ago and Amren has only picked it up now. Seems it was not important enough to have been in the main Tampa Tribune so it was hidden in a local news supplement. I totally understand – it would have been racist to make this story more than local news because only a racist reporter working for a racist newspaper with a racist editor would have been racist enough to try to bring this to wide public attention.

    As with most – actually ALL – the most heinous crimes committed by black savages on defenceless whites, this did not meet the high newsworthy standards required for CNN or the NY Times, or any LIEberal media source. Of course if it had been a 300 pound drug-dealing black criminal – er, sorry, “unarmed teenager” in BBC-speak – being shot in self-defence by a white cop, that would be infinitely more newsworthy and blacks would be fully justified in rioting and burning and looting and retaliatory killing of random whites as “justice for Trayvon, er, sorry Michael Brown”.

    The litany of farcical excuses for the girls various injuries would be comical if they weren’t so tragic. I was immediately reminded of the truism “how do you know when a black is lying? His lips move.”

  • ncpride

    John Grisham and his completely out of touch, ridiculous movie. I found it terribly ironic when he was forced to apologize and backtrack a few weeks ago after his comments condemning the ‘absurd’ number of White males in prison for child porn, who have never hurt a soul. He certainly didn’t have a problem making White men (Southern of course) look like monsters in his fairy tale book. What a hypocrite.

    • none of your business

      I first read his book the firm. Then I read a Time to Kill with its reversal of the races just like on Law and Order. I have not read a book of his since. He is a horrible race traitor. Didn’t he write a book about an old White man on death row for killing a black and his grandson hated him for it or something?

      • MannyR

        Wait so the races were reversed in the book? You’ve got to be kidding me.

        • Magician


  • Fathercoughlin

    You tell me the white “woman” is not due for a severe chastisement?Damn this mother to HELL!Subhuman animal putting a white mans daughter in the hands of this animal? (Apology to animals)

  • ViktorNN

    Rates of domestic violence are higher in interracial relationships.

    This should be part of The Talk that every white parent has with their kids.

    R.I.P. Mercedes. You should never have suffered so.

  • bubo

    I hope this negro’s giant black dick was worth having your child tortured to death by him, white girl. Sorry for the strong language but that is where I am with these hateful white tramps.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    Getting to end of article and seeing the little girl’s photos felt like a kick to the gut.

  • KenelmDigby

    In the wild, lions habitually kill cubs sired by a another, rival lion, in order to bring the lioness into oestrus. In this way the lion ensures his genes are spread.

  • KenelmDigby

    Mercedes Blair? I wonder if her mother is distantly related to former British PM Tony Blair.

    Ironically, Tony Blair was the biggest enemy of the White race Britain ever produced.

  • none of your business

    Often the parent who allowed abuse and murder to go on is tried on accessory or some kind of extreme child neglect charges.

  • MannyR

    Damn this is like the best post on this thread so far. I never really thought about it like that but your absolutely right. I’m going to use this in order to further my agenda amongst the un-initiated.

  • MannyR

    My girlfriend and I watch it religiously and crack up over the ridiculous fabrications the blacks will come up with in attempting to get out of murder charges. It’s also striking the petty things blacks will commit murder over.

    • SHUT UP and gimme dat poak chop!!!! LOL

    • none of your business

      Can you understand what they are saying? All I ever hear is “guh gah grunt gggurgle gooble gggum”

  • none of your business

    I always tell my women friends that the only effective anti rape organization in this country was the KKK. Lynching was a positive good.

    • Anna Tree

      Actually, that could and should become a meme. From now on, every time I hear the word rape or murder for the matter, I will say lynch.
      The meme works so on two level, that such crimes should be dealt swiftly after the trial and that lynch in the past was exactly just that: a punishment for serious crimes to protect society and innocents of further suffering.

  • none of your business

    Her Father, Bryce Blair split up with the Mother some time ago, moved to another state and another girlfriend is about to have his son. He has not come to Florida for the memorial service. The skank Mother, Mercedes and Bryce all lived with the Mother’s parents until recently. The maternal grandmother intends to try to publicize the murder. The victim is White, lots of luck.
    I was wrong. He knew he had a child. Mercedes was not the product of a one night stand.

  • none of your business

    The maternal grandmother has a Justice for Mercedes page on facebook. The skank Mother has not been charged. She should be with at least negligent endangerment.

    • Any mother who could ignore such injuries on her daughter is a criminal accomplice. I’m 48, and when I injure myself with machine tools, she still asks me. She cares.

  • none of your business

    The Mother’s name is Geisy Alvarez. She has another child somewhere. The Father is Bryce Blair he lives in another state, anther girl friend is pregnant. He did not come to the funeral. The Mother did not want a funeral. The Mother did not call the maternal grandparents until a day after the child was admitted and was near death. Maternal Grandmother lives with a man named Hall. This family appears to be unfamiliar with the idea of marriage, everyone has a different last name. Mercedes called Grandma’s live in boyfriend, not her Father Bryce poppa. Geisy could very well have left Mercedes with maternal Grandma and Mr. Hall instead but took her to live with the monster.
    Bryce left some time ago.

    • Who Me?

      White trash, the whole lot of them.

      • Of course, but that poor little girl had to pick up the bill and pay it.

        • Who Me?

          And that is utterly heart-breakingly sad.

  • none of your business

    It gets worse. 3 weeks before her murder Sanders the animal not her negligent Mother Geisy Alvarez took her to the hospital for the burn on her hand. A nurse reported it to CPS but the worker concluded that the burn was consistent with Sanders claim it was an accident.
    A few days later Mercedes left the house looking for her grandparents home. She walked into a strangers home. He called police. Sanders and Mother arrived about the same time as the police. Mercedes was allowed to go home with Sanders and Mother Geisy Alvarez but lack of supervision was reported to CPS.
    Unfortunately Mother and Sanders gave a false address to the officer. A CPS worker and a deputy spent the day looking for the house as Sanders beat the child to death.
    Father Bryce left the state some time ago. Latest girl friend is pregnant. He didn’t come back for the memorial service. Mother Geisy did not want a funeral.

  • none of your business

    There are no plans to charge her with anything.

  • none of your business

    The White father, Bryce Blair left some time ago. He moved to another state. His latest girl friend is pregnant with another child. He did not attend the funeral.

    • connorhus

      Was he informed of the death or the funeral time? Why did he leave the mudshark to begin with? Maybe she started mud diving while they were together? Did the mudshark make up charges so the courts would serve him with AUTOMATIC restraining orders? Is his current girlfriend White? Was he ever allowed to see the child or just sent the mandatory child support bill to finance the mudshark’s lifestyle? We know the courts don’t uphold visitation rights for Men.

      • connorhus

        A few other questions.

        Is taking your child because the Mother is living with a dangerous Black legal?
        How many years will that get you these days?

        • none of your business

          First step is very easy and with the child bruised and burnt and has fast and good results. Just call CPS anonymous if you like and report the abuse. The child will be questioned by a skilled person and since she did have the bruises she would probably be temporarily placed elsewhere in Mercedes case back with grandma.
          The Father would not necessarily have to hire an attorney. A free CPS attorney would file to take custody away from Mother and various social workers, evaluators, shrinks etc would testify that child should be taken away from Mother because of vicious thug with whom she lives. Mercedes would probably have been sent back to grandma and grandma have physical custody and CONTROL.
          CONTROL is important means she can call police in case of any kind of dispute.
          Once more, you reveal too much about yourself. Take it easy, you might not want to reveal those things to amren readers. If the custody problems are those of a friend or relative don’t believe all you hear.

  • Jake Frizzell

    A shame that both the mother and the negro didn’t receive immediate justice.

  • RacialRay

    I read this report with my usual lack of surprise or emotion for the details of crime in the black community, until I saw the photo of the little white girl at the end.

    Heart. Broken.

  • Lord Sandwich

    Words fail me.

  • scutum

    The guilty party here is this poor child’s mother for taking up with this miscreant black and allowing him to abuse her daughter. I’m telling you now that the whole left wing liberal agenda would not exist without the votes of white women who are consumed with “sticking it” to white males.

  • ElComadreja

    He “showed no emotion”. Of course he didn’t. A prerequisite for that would be humanity. The mother should be hung for knowingly endangering her child by putting her in contact with this beast.

  • Guest
  • Kenner

    Unless she was threatened to keep quiet.

  • ” No I ain’ see’ed Pookey on uh er Friday cause I wuz a’ my Grandmama house. 32 years in LE, I’ve heard them all many many times….wit’ LaDarius and DeNorris”……dumb maggots! WE know the answers be’foe we axe duh Kwustiums! Igununt a** hoodrats…Thank you LBJ!…..if you weren;t in hell you could be enjoying the great society in which you made everything better foe everyone!..You know it played out like this don’t you?Script LBJ and Corporate America- “Dayum Lyndon….have you lost yo’ damned mind?” WE aint a’hirin them SOBS……..”That’s alright boys…we gonna pay them to stay home. set on the poach and drink some wizes and get them out’n the street marchin’ and what not…. so they don’t f**K ever;thang up so it’ll be OK…we got MLK on board and them otherNigra leaders so ever’thang is gon’ be fine!” “Murika 1964-65 Read ’em and weep.

  • Anyone who does tat should, in a saner world, be executed on the spot…after getting a burnt red ass themselves.

  • Michael Whalen

    Not necessarily. Overly brutal child abuse is not confined to black or interracial families. My father used to wallop the lard out of me if a blinked my eyelids too loud. I would try to tell my mother, and I would get some comment back like, “That didn’t hurt you!” or “Oh, so what?!?”. And yes, these were both my biological parents, and I am one hundred percent Caucasian. I knew that I didn’t like the abuse, what with my mother being the useless coward that she was, but I had no clue as to how morally wrong it was for my father to do what he did to me. That was probably this little girl’s mindset.

    • My own ex-father used to beat the holy, howling hell out of me. He hated the way I would mow our big lawn. I’d do half of it in the morning and then the other half in the late afternoon, before dinner, just so it was relatively cool, rather than in the middle of summer days. The bastard thought I should do it all at once. My way was smarter, but that didn’t calculate with him. He was a brilliant university physics professor, but wasn’t very practical about work. He did cryptoquotes and crossword puzzles in pen, because he never made any mistakes. I am more a combination of him and my mother’s dad. Norman.

      He also enjoyed humiliating my sister at dinner, and would then scold her for crying until she would run off to her bedroom.

      He was completely brilliant, but also completely evil. Judge Miller called him a “truly despicable man” in open court when I was being sentenced. I am delighted my ex-father is so full of cancer that even his tumors have suspicious growths. I once explained to him that I was happy that his blood-pressure medication was working, because what he really deserved was cancer.

      My revenge is that he will never meet his granddaughter, who has never been spanked. The family abuse buck stops here, forever. The feds gave me a head-shrinker for three years after my release from prison, and those Saturday meetings seem to have worked.

      I’d like to kill him in half, but he will never come here. It thus just doesn’t matter anymore. A nice family is the best revenge.

    • Ohmy!

      My children’s paternal grandfather was the same way, whipping his boys (over inconsequential things) with a leather belt, leaving welts on their bodies (from toddlerhood on up to the grade school years). He was a child abuser. His wife did nothing to stop it. The ex-father-in-law is dead and I can’t stand the ex-mother-in-law (even though she comes across as the sweetest woman in the world).

  • Dale McNamee

    He has dead,souless, eyes… Even in a photo… I hope that the other inmates do same to him…

  • Dale McNamee

    He’s a souless monster…

    Why didn’t Mercedes’ mother take her and leave him ?

    Poor Mercedes… She didn’t deserve this !

    I hope the other inmates get him…

    • Magician

      The murdered girl is amazingly beautiful and also looks very intelligent….

    • HE2

      Dale, blacks’ mistreatment of children is so common, it has become normalized.

      He will not be beaten by co-inmates. Heck, they will probably elevate his status for taking out a White child.
      Have you read the book about “The Zebra Murders?”
      We are White devils. Blacks are awarded extra points for killing White children.
      The more torture inflicted, the more gruesome the death, the higher the merit.
      I am sure he will learn this from fellow black inmates who are now Black Muslims.

      • none of your business

        I was in San Francisco working in pre affirmative action law enforcement at the time. There were almost 300 black muslim monster White victim in the state of California in a few years. Many Zebra murderers roaming the state looking for White victims.

        • HE2

          none, I read the book a couple of years ago when we were group reading and discussing on SBPDL.

          The randomness of the gruesome homicide accounts and teachings of the snake who came to town to teach Black Muslim’s vile lessons of random homicidal torture and terror was a heavy sledding read for me as a Bay Area lifetime resident [since 16].

          It is appalling these these attacks, so ghastly the entire Bay Area was held in the grips of fear, have escaped down the rabbit hole of Soviet style media suppression.
          Never discussed, it may well have never happened.
          So goes the narrative.

  • MekongDelta69

    Look at the daughter!

  • DNA Explains It All

    Her mother is a FILTHY WHORE.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Turned that poor little girl over to one of these beasts, she deserves THE SAME TREATMENT he daughter got.

    • Probably also a serious druggie.

  • Kenner

    Should be ‘required reading’ for Amrenners!

  • gemjunior

    This savage should not have been anywhere near this child. It’s the mother I blame, being a mother myself – the day I would leave either of my children near someone like him would just never happen. Outrageous, disgusting.

  • cranky_1970

    “…Ivan also stated he pressed hard into Mercedes’ abdomen area in an attempt to assist her with having a bowel movement.”

    Ivan Sanders should be impaled by an expert executioner.

    • Who Me?

      “he pressed hard into Mercedes’ abdomen area in an attempt to assist her with having a bowel movement”
      What the hell? If a child is having trouble having a bowel movement you give her a couple of prunes to eat! If that fails, half a “stool softening” pill. If it’s gotten to the point where she needs her stomach manually pressed, she needs medical assistance, that’s for sure.

  • Lord Sandwich

    There is no method of punishment or execution for this scumbag that will have any influence on the behavior of other blacks. They cannot be deterred by anything our court system can do to them. Their lives are cheap. Their futures are meaningless. That’s the real problem. My heart breaks for the loss of this little girl. But what I want, is to save the NEXT would-be victim of black murder. Our system of courts and prisons are inadequate to protect white people from black pathology. Some of us can carry firearms and train in self defense, but not everyone can, certainly not a four year old girl. No, white people have to wake the hell up and look at what is really happening. But I don’t know how that’s supposed to happen, when not one single mainstream news source has reported on this story.

  • none of your business

    Father is Bryce Blair. He left for another state some time ago; current girl friend is pregnant. He did not come to the funeral. Mom is Geisy Alvarez.

  • none of your business

    in another state living with another woman who is pregnant.

  • none of your business

    He left some time ago. He is in another state and his latest girl friend is pregnant. Mom has another child somewhere.

  • none of your business

    Often parents ignore children’s reporting of abuse. Skilled social workers can usually find out the truth.

    • HE2

      none, Child Protection Agency case by case screening employes are affirmative action employees who could not care less about a White child’s suffering, are they not?
      That is all I met.

      The MSWs, spread ever more thin, are more likely to follow up, that is, if the case makes to their in basket.

  • none of your business

    Because Mercedes is White.

  • Magician

  • Magician

    “I’m married to an Asian. My children will have a higher IQ because of it. They are also more attractive on average then white women.


    Cool story bro.

    You found one article on the entire Internet, written by an Asian guy, which says “Asian girls are more attractive than black women or white women” and then you automatically believe it.

    If a gay guy posts an article on the Internet and says “I am gay”, are you going to say, “Oh all guys in this world must be gay”?

    If a black guy posts, “Our hos da best” on the Internet, then are you going to say, “hey look what I found on the Internet black women must be the most beautiful women in the world”

    If Asian women truly are the most attractive, then does Mark Zuckerberg’s wife look more attractive to you, than this blond Nordic woman?”

    And I just saw the list of Miss Universe title holders for the past several decades and there are very few Asian women. The winners are mostly from North America, Central America, and Europe. If it is true that Asian women are more attractive than white women, should not there be more Miss Universe winners from Asian countries? Asian countries contain one third of the entire population in the world.


    I do not believe you have PhD because I know quite a few guys who earned his doctorate from some of the best schools in the world, but none of them uses “PhD” on his internet logins, and secondly,your logic is so pathetically flawed that it cannot possibly come from someone with PhD

    p.s. Is this Engelman?

  • none of your business

    If you had married my daughter you would have had a 128 IQ to mix with yours. There are lots of White women with IQs higher than 100.
    Reality check. According to the online charts Average 105 IQ is only for Japan and S. Korea. Average IQ in China is 100. Note, Hong Kong is not a nation, it is part of China. Average IQs in other Asian nations such as Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia are between 100 and 90.
    Reality check 2 high IQ parent do not make a very high IQ child due to regression to the mean. There are thousand of Drs, attorneys, and MA and PHDs married to each other who have not produced geniuses. In other words, 2 125 IQ parents won’t produce a 140 IQ child.
    Glad you are happily married. Lucky me, I married a man whose Mother and maternal aunts looked like Simoneta Vespucci. My daughter and granddaughter inherited the Simonetta Vespucci looks.

    • WhiteMalePhD

      You misunderstand me. One of the very strong evidences for racial differences in IQ is that differences regress to different means, blacks to a lower means than whites, whites to a lower mean than Asians. That means that a half-Asian will have a higher expected IQ than a full Caucasian with parents of similar IQ.

      Also, by Asian, I mean east Asian.

      • none of your business

        Glad you are happily married but Whites like me and mine with IQs between 120 and 130 have higher IQs that the Japanese S. Korean average of 105 or 107 or whatever it is.

  • That girl looked white. Maybe her mother was a Mexican and her father was white. Mercedes deserved something other than being beaten to death by a n-word.

    She also looked happy. I am very, very un-happy about this.

  • Sam

    The mother should be charged with child negligence and plain stupidity for moving in with an animal.