Dallas Ebola Patient Was Another Visa Mistake

Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies, October 1, 2014

Look up “likely visa overstay” in the dictionary, and you should find a picture of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who is the first Ebola case diagnosed within the United States, and who is now being treated in a Dallas hospital.

This looks like another good case for the consular officers training manual of a non-immigrant visa that never should have been issued, but which could have serious public health consequences, not to mention monetary costs.

According to his Facebook page and other reports, Duncan is a 40-something, single, unemployed Liberian living in Ghana who applied sometime in the last year for a visa to visit his sister in the United States.

That is five strikes against his application:

  1. Single
  2. Unemployed
  3. Liberian (5th highest overstay rate of any country in the world)
  4. Living outside country of citizenship
  5. Sister living in the United States.

Together, all these factors should have weighed very heavily against the issuance of a visitor’s visa to Duncan. He clearly appears unqualified.

In 2013, more than 3,500 non-immigrant visas were issued to Liberians. This number has grown steadily since 2009, when just over 1,300 were issued. Most are issued to tourists and business travelers. A relatively high percentage do not return, but settle here illegally to join a well-established Liberian community (many of whom have won green cards in the visa lottery).

The federal government has yet to disclose the details of Duncan’s immigration history, but it is fair to ask why he was issued a visa in the first place. More importantly, what steps are being taken to prevent others who may be infected from entering the country?


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  • DaveMed

    This country is an absolute mess.

    It would take the hand of God to clean it up.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      I think even God would shy away from what needs to be done now to clean it up. As in all things, an ounce of prevention would have been worth a million tonnes of cure. The longer we wait, the more impossible and uglier the methods of cleaning up this country will be.

    • JackKrak

      I don’t think God would want to be involved in what needs to be done to clean this country up.

  • anony

    Patient Zero, Duncun, is just the beginning. The massive flaws in our visa procedures, and other immigration flaws, will become deadly to us.

  • Here’s the hypocrisy of the whole matter.

    Earlier this year, I read on V-Dare about a story, about a physically disabled white Canadian woman who was denied entry into the USA in order to catch a cruise ship for a special cruise devoted to disabled people. The boat did not have a Canadian rendezvous, so this is why she had to come here. And why did we deny her entry? Because 20 years ago or something like that, she was treated for depression. That’s depression, as in not a contagious communicable disease.

    • propagandaoftruth

      We have a very competent civil service led by an impartial and all wise executive. I’m sure all is being done within the capacities of all those people.

      Oh God…

    • 1stworlder

      Even worse was in July Oleksandra Bronova ,a blond Cambridge graduate that speaks 5 languages, & is married to a US marine veteran was arrested for crossing the border and put in max security while MS-13 gang bangers walked past.

      • Well, she was blonde. The Ruling Class in America today has only one purpose for blondes: target practice. And with that phrase I also include what self-styled ‘masters of the universe’ in NY and LA do with them.

        • propagandaoftruth

          But back to the ebola infected bantu…

          “That is five strikes against his application:

          1. Single

          2. Unemployed

          3. Liberian (5th highest overstay rate of any country in the world)

          4. Living outside country of citizenship

          5. Sister living in the United States.”

          Yeah and he could have been a murderous psychopath child killer degenerate bundle of eternal welfare bills and social misery ate up with infectious disease but…


          But with the bantus they get like 6 to 10 strikes before they get called out, don’t you know?

          • John R

            “Well, ummm, gee, you have to understand. I couldn’t deny him admission because it might mean I was being, uhh (whispering now) racist.”
            Typical White person working in government these days.

  • phillyguy

    this might be some sort of godsend,, it might force this country to stop immigration and people coming into this country from third world places full of disease

    • Shadow

      There is always hope.

  • Luca

    We may have had every logical and legal reason in the world to deny him a visa, but to do so would have been called racist.

    Racism is a fate much worse than ebola, so alas, we had to let him in.

    • 1stworlder

      The good news is that like small pox we survive it better than others. That’s why Farrakhan thinks YT made it.

    • Canadian Friend

      There is a similarity here with the Rotherham scandal, the same pathological obsession with avoiding anything that might be called racism caused people to do things that are far more harmful than any supposed racism.

      Leftism is a mental disease, and leftism may kill us all ( if we don’t do anything about it ).

  • Duncan got in on one of those “cultural enrichment” visas. You know, the ones that all Africans qualify for. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars in free medical care is this clown going to get? Not to mention the millions of dollars more that are going to be spent on tracking down and treating his contacts.

    Patient Zero? Yep. That’s a $ and a one with a long list of ZEROs behind it.

    • 1stworlder

      Hopefully very few because if he survives others will want to come to the US for treatment. He knew he was infected as the woman he lived with came down with ebola on 9-15

    • fitz fitzgerald

      … And that’s not counting the extended family which will dribble in year after year and the reproduction by all concerned…and the crime —

  • The State Department has crazy rules which include quotas on visas. Would not be surprised if the current policy for Liberia is simply to increase non-immigrant visas regardless if the person doesn’t qualify.

  • IstvanIN

    Our kids will be killed off by that Central American respiratory virus brought in by Obama’s “refugees” and the one’s that aren’t will be done in by Ebola. And not a single White politician speaks up.

    • phillyguy

      I think we need a nationalist leader, just like the ones that came into power in Europe in the 1920′ S, that is the only thing that can save white America

      • model1911


    • Canadian Friend

      Just as no one was speaking up for almost two decades in Rotherham while thousands of young girls were being gang raped by non white males

      This obsession with racism the left is afflicted with is a serious mental disorder and if we don’t stop the left they will get us all killed in the name of multiculturalism.

    • Because our politicians are WINOs… White In Name Only

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    The Dept of State could care less, they want to dilute the US population with hordes of poor, uneducated 3rd world welfare suckers.

  • 1stworlder

    Saudi Arabia has banned travel from ebola nations.

  • shmo123

    It’s bad enough that he was allowed in to begin with. Now who is going to get stuck paying his hospital bill? Take a wild guess.

  • George Costanza

    I hear Dallas is one of the liberal strongholds of Texas, hopefully more blue card carrying democrats and only them, are infecting with this disease ..el oh el

    • 1G25

      South of the Trinity River, you’re right. A Liberian would feel totally at home there.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Austin is the worst. Libs congregate there surrounded by evil normal folks and feel especially smug in their efforts to destroy all that is decent and natural.
      Driving about in their Priuses, listening to NPR, feeling antinomian and murderously guilty. They know who the bad witches are and being surrounded by them is thrilling. Protected by the laws the hate and hide behind, they strike out from such bastions of mass suicide, ridiculing their enemies, undermining their civilization, and feeling awfully self important and vindicated.
      When the get hoist upon their own petard by their precious pets, they take delicious masochistic, messianic, rapturous joy in their humiliation and degradation, and misery loving company, crusade to spread it about.
      These eloi are the real root of the problem. Black/browns their fetish.
      The self loathing White – Jew, Gentile,

  • Canadian Friend

    Bann travel from Ebola nations? White liberals are opposed to that as they say this would be “racist”.

    Just as they let thousands of young girls be raped in Rotherham to avoid doing something possibly “racist”

    The white liberal mind is sick.

  • IKUredux

    I read somewhere that he knew he was going to be sick with Ebola and came to the U.S. because he knew he would get the best care is no existent money could buy. Oddly, being perhaps an uneducated African, he is correct. I know I advocate graffiti, but maybe I’m wrong. Sometimes, a citizen has to do what a citizen has to do.

  • LHathaway

    What is the over-stay rate, is the number so they can’t even print it?

  • LHathaway

    anarcho-tyranny: the more depraved becomes the actions of people of color, the more the authorities are forced to crack down, on whites.

  • AmericanCitizen

    A person who is here illegally and spreading disease. Sounds like a great reason for executive amnesty to help keep these scummers in America.

  • John R

    Visa mistake? I think that the twenty million foreign born Americans are all “visa mistakes.”

  • People are on about money, paying for medical bills etc, but I think that is hardly the point when a nation is at risk of something that remains deadly and largely still untreatable.

    One would think that America has more sense than to allow all and sundry to enter the country, especially from infected areas – but it seems the cult of diversity masquerading as “oops, we let one slip through the net” is as strong as it is here in Britain.

    I remember an article in the Daily Mail here about universities still pushing for students to come here to Britain from infected regions. Now that IS about the money. They want the funds and don’t want to be seen as “prejudiced”……so the idiotic university staff suggest there is “little risk” and otherwise try and smooth it over.

    …”UK ebola fear as 21,000 African students from countries in the affected regions arrive.

    A leading academic has warned that university students could be at risk from the deadly Ebola virus – because 21,000 students from countries in the affected region are about to arrive in the UK.

    Anthony Glees, the Professor of Politics at Buckingham University, called for West African students to be held in their home countries until they have been declared clear of Ebola and the 21-day incubation period has passed.

    Last month Universities UK, the membership organisation for the country’s 136 universities, passed on to universities the government’s official advice saying that the Ebola risk to the UK remains ‘very low’. “……

    America lets them “slip through the net”……whilst the British government and universities work together to help bring in 21,000 potential risks!

  • Paleoconn

    To not appear racist, we welcome ebola into our country.

  • Philogical

    Are we against free travel?
    Are we against the open market?
    Do we want gov’t to limit people?

    • In times of high risk of pandemics of communicable infectious diseases that has a 90% fatality rate untreated, then the answer to all three is an emphatic yes.

      Even in calm times, there are times and circumstances when and where the answer to all three is yes.

      • Philogical

        At this point should be quarantine Dallas since that is the source of a potential ‘outbreak’?