3 New York Colleges to Drop Crime Queries for Applicants

Ariel Kamineroct, New York Times, October 27, 2014

The application for admission to St. John’s University takes 12 pages to get to the question, but when it arises, it is hard to miss. Set off by a border of bold red, as if to warn of dangerous contents, it asks, “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a felony?”

On paper, the inquiry seems straightforward enough. But critics, noting the racial imbalances in how some crimes are processed, have argued that asking it can amount to a form of unintended discrimination.

Responding to those concerns, as raised by the advocacy group Center for Community Alternatives, New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has reached an agreement with St. John’s and two other institutions under which the schools will drop such questions from their standard application process.

“An arrest or police stop that did not result in a conviction, or a criminal record that was sealed or expunged, should not–indeed must not–be a standard question on a college application,” Mr. Schneiderman said in a statement. “Such a question can serve only to discourage New Yorkers from seeking a higher education.”

In addition to St. John’s, a private Roman Catholic university with 20,000 students on four New York campuses, the schools in question are Five Towns College, a tiny for-profit school located in Dix Hills, Long Island; and Dowling College, which is primarily situated in a former Vanderbilt estate in Oakdale, Long Island. They had been the only three institutions, out of 70 colleges and universities reviewed by Mr. Schneiderman’s office, that took such a broad approach to seeking criminal justice information.


The agreements with the colleges say that criminal history may be used to disqualify applicants only in the narrow circumstance that a conviction “indicates that the individual poses a threat to public safety or property, or if the convictions are relevant to some aspect of the academic program or student responsibilities.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    St. Johns used to be a decent place.

    But then again, most colleges used to be decent places. (Sometime in the Mesozoic Era)

    What’s next on the ‘curriculum’: Beheading 101?

    • phillyguy

      no, stuffing a blunt.

      • JENNIFER7

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      • WhiteVeinKratom

        No, How to fill out your welfare papers to get more from the Govt.

    • Oil Can Harry

      St. John’s also had beloved sports teams called the Redmen which had an Injun mascot.

      However that name was declared offensive to Native American boozehounds and changed to the Red Storm in ’94.

      • bilderbuster

        A fitting name seeing as the Communist “Long March Through the Institutions” is almost complete.
        No Bolshevik victory is complete however, without the traditional bloodbath.

        • Kenner

          ‘Red Mist’.

          • anony

            Are you a member of the Order of the Red Mist?

  • anony

    Expect much more of this insanity in Black Run America (BRA).

    • Black Swan

      Blacks do not run America, never have and never will. It may appear to you to be that way because the real masters of America have covered their tracks well.

      BRA is a myth.

      • anony

        I understand. I also understand that it surely “appears” that they do since the pols kowtow to their every “demand”.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Paul Kersey calls the strange McDonalds efforts to target them as consumers part of BRA, and those business decisions are not made by blacks. I don’t think BRA is used to suggest that they are doing the
        administrating, but that they have power and that things are run for
        them as the constituent class.

        • anony

          I contacted McDonalds about their 365black program, and informed them that I would never spend a dime at their establishments and would encourage all of my friends (both of them) to boycott them as well.

          I love that their revenues are dropping. (not implying I had anything to do with it, just enjoying it).

          • Usually Much Calmer

            People sometimes ask me how I stay slim and if I’m feeling salty I say, ‘I only eat food’. The implication is that the garbage most people shove down their gullets does not qualify.

            So I guess I’m participating in your boycott too. Next time you call you can say you and your three friends. (~creepy voice~: ‘We’re groowwing.’)

    • propagandaoftruth

      Yes, and more rapings/beatings/robbings/killings on campus because we worship feral negroes.

      • me

        Send your children to trade school. The world needs more mechanics, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, farmers, seamstresses, nurses, etc. What the world DOESN’T need are more ‘egalitarians’, socialists, communists, multiculturalists, etc.–majoring in ‘women’s studies’, ‘Afrocentrism’, ‘gender studies’, etc. That’s all the extremely overpriced ‘universities’ seem to be churning out these days–nitwits with a heavy sense of ‘White guilt’ and a lot of misguided ‘altruism’. Heck, they even think that your genitals are a ‘social construct’. A degree at an ‘accredited university’ and a dollar may buy you a cup of coffee, once the crap hits the fan–which it will, given our breathtaking trajectory towards a ruined, slum-infested nation.

        • anony

          Wait until the fed reserve stops quantitative easing and oil is no longer traded in $$s. Be sure you have your beans and weenies stored up.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Personally I think they do have a point here, but then they take it too far.

      The question is wrong.
      “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a felony?”
      The law quite clearly states the presumption of innocense until proven guilty, so disqualifying someone based on them having been arrested for a felony but then released of been proven innocent in a court of law is just wrong.
      Based on this, Zimmerman would be classed the same as a felon because he was accused of one and was arrested (and tried) but not convicted.

      Asking if the person has ever been convicted of a felony on the other hand, that is very much a valid question that says a lot about a person.

  • At the university where I taught, the University of Texas at San Antonio, the university was always open admissions, including open to criminals. One of my students was an armed BANK ROBBER.

    The anti-white president, Ricardo Romo, from the San Antonio barrio, began recruiting from the barrio and ballooned class sizes. The students told me there were drug deals going down in the back of classrooms. A little almost white Hispanic girl sitting in the back of one of my classes had a knife pulled on her and her life threatened.

    As far as I can tell the university has covered up and/or ignored campus crime. What I can say for sure is that when you recruit from the barrio, promising “students” a check and a degree, you get the dregs.

    Thanks, Ricardo Romo, you low IQ, barrio-loving retard. BTW, in the barrio, Romo is reported to have a juvenile record himself, beating up white boys as a teen gang banger.

    • connorhus

      I attended an HBCU for a couple of years since it was close and we didn’t have a community college nearby. In order to keep the Black quota alive they would recruit heavily out of St. Louis and Chicago with the same results you mention. Lot’s of fights, knives, drugs etc.

      However I noticed that by the end of the Sophomore year most of them were long gone. Washed out on academic probation. If you took a 400 level course it was all White. All they cared about were keeping the Black student numbers up by the Freshmen and then meeting the Black graduation numbers by using African foreign students.

      • antiquesunlight

        That’s exactly how it is where I’m at. Most blacks are struggling to get through English 2 and political science, but a minimum number of smart African immigrants get through STEM subjects to make them look decent.

      • Black Swan

        Most of them are long gone out of the engineering dept. by the third week, if not sooner. After that, classes become blissfully White and Asian.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        This same phenomenon is common in US high schools in places like Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, Baltimore and Detroit. It’s not a lack of funding that thins the ranks, it’s the justice system.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Simple solution, white person. Merely boycott these colleges, and tell them the reason why.

    • Oil Can Harry

      To be fair the wimpy colleges are only doing this under pressure from Eric “Hit and Run” Schneiderman.

      The same pol who right now is blanketing NY airwaves w/ads claiming to be tough on crime. All while he bullies colleges on behalf of black thugs.

  • AmericanCitizen

    I didn’t know that blacks were discouraged from seeking higher education because college applications ask about lawbreaking activity. I though it was because blacks in general lack intelligence, foresight, the ability to plan ahead past next week, and their culture that glorifies ignorance.

    • bilderbuster

      I always thought Blacks were discouraged from seeking higher education because colleges were hotbeds of Klan and Neo-Nazi activity.

      • Black Swan

        Only those depts. that lack blacks, like engineering, math and physics.

        • bilderbuster

          Western engineering has been relying on White innovations such as suspension bridges bridges and skyscrapers for too long and could use some diversity.
          Whites have been ignoring the Africans, who are experts at building structures in a more environmentally friendly by way using broken sticks and mud.

  • RacialRay

    I know a little something about “Five Clowns” college in Dix Hills, having a close relative who graduated from the school. Its generally known as the last-resort college for the most spectacularly ungifted kids of rich Long Island parents. I suspect that its private-school tuition cost, utter absence of an endowment and notoriously stingy distribution of financial aid would be enough to keep the usual “untouchables” away. Dropping the criminal offense vetting was probably done so as not to discriminate unfairly against the preponderance of white, middle-class heroin dabblers on the island.

    • bilderbuster

      I’m sooooooooo sure it was.

      • Not sure if this was sarcasm or not, but if it was, you might be surprised. Long island is full of rich white kids who mess around with heroin till someone in their class OD’s, gets gunned down, stabbed in a deal gone bad etc. And they suddenly realize that they probably shouldnt be messing around with that stuff.

        • bilderbuster

          I’m aware of the White punks on dope (Young Democrats) and they’re almost certainly among the supporters of this policy but I’m just as certain that they were an afterthought when this policy was hatched.

          • Oh i agree, it certainly wasn’t inspired BY or FOR them, but im sure the passing of the policy was made more palatable, knowing who it would actually benefit at that particular school.

  • Magician

    Basically, those colleges are risking their own students’ safety just to have a few more black students… and when the crime rate do rise within the campuses of their schools, students will flock to other schools. In the long run, they are basically shooting themselves in the foot.

    • MannyR

      In what way? A black could rape 10 women on campus and nothing other than an arrest would take place. They don’t care about any young women’s safety, it’s all about indoctrination and furthering the leftist agenda.

      • Black Swan

        An arrest and cover up would take place, as it did for years and years before the Cleary Act and I have a feeling, colleges do everything they can to cover up black crime on campus, most of which comes from the surrounding black community preying on college students who carry iPhones, expensive computers, money, have expensive bikes, etc.

        How many colleges and universities are surrounded by black ghettoes? Many of them which are located in cities. I’m thinking of USC in particular where a black was just arrested and tried for shooting two Chinese USC grad students in the head while they sat in a car. The papers called it a “robbery gone wrong” while the murderer smirked in court and after he was convicted.

        http //www latimes com/local/crime/la-me-usc-murder-verdict-20141028-story html

        • MannyR

          Here in Seattle there are constantly news stories of college students being robbed at gun point in our University District. You think it’s whites doing this? I think not. As I’m sure your aware when they don’t report the race of the suspect, there are reporting the race of the suspect.

    • John R

      So what? That is what we have been saying about liberals for the last fifty odd years! ALL liberal policies basically do the same thing. The only difference is here we are only talking about one college and not the nation as a whole.

    • Black Swan

      Since when have White lives ever mattered to the Cultural Marxists?

      Black lives don’t matter to them either, but blacks come before Whites in their little red book because blacks are no threat to them; however, we Whites are.

  • DonReynolds

    Criminal background checks are an INTENTIONAL form of discrimination and are intended to be…….and making colleges a safe place for most students has always been the intention of such filters.
    But I can imagine how the criminal element will influence the courses offered in the future at any college that allows in the criminal element. Maybe a course in Drug Marketing, or a PE course in Carjacking, and over in engineering they can have courses in Lockpicking or Security Alarms. Of course, you can give up on campus being a gun-free zone.

  • Luca

    Hopefully these colleges are heavy into sports, black history and ebonics courses otherwise they will now be plagued by high levels of dropouts and failing grades. They will also be spending more for security forces.

    • Black Swan

      You can count on loud-mouth blacks and the government blaming old Whitey for black failure, as they always do.

  • New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

    He’s the one who promised to give Al Sharpton a corner office.

  • fgbrunner3

    Surprise! Felons über alles.

  • none of your business

    This is a bonanza for the feminazis. With more black felons on college campuses there will be more rapes and the feminazis can then blame evil White male Christian misogynist St. John’s for the rape. Think of the JFF Jobs For Feminazis St. John’s will have to support along with their office space.

    • Adolf Verloc

      It is ironic that while the Federal government is working furiously to pursue “rape” on campus, redefining the crime beyond all meaning, we have the AG of New York determined to prevent colleges from “discriminating” against rapist applicants.

      • connorhus

        Don’t forget they will need a much larger Human DIEversity department too.

        • bilderbuster

          Racism is a much more serious crime.

    • bilderbuster

      A White Supremacist would never dream of permitting Blacks on campus and could care less about Herr Schneiderman

  • RHG

    Fine, let convicted felons enter these schools, then when they commit a serious crime then these schools will be sued for not doing their due diliilgence in keeping their campuses safe.

  • none of your business

    The federal Judges aka Vicars of Satan ordered the State of California to release thousands of felons from the prisons. The state and Gov Moonbeam fought it through the courts and lost. So the state arranged with some of the big retail employers such as Walgreens and supermarkets to hire the felons. On the new job applications the felony conviction is not a detriment but a new affirmative action category. According to my meat department manager friend, they behave in the workplace exactly as they behaved in prison; constantly arguing, domination posturing, shoving co workers, and of course not showing up on busy days. He says most of the new employees are these felons straight out of prison.

    • Like I have said, “ban the box” (on job applications) is disguised political skid greasing for mandated affirmative action for convicted felons. All one has to do is think through the real world and legal and logical pattern and consequences to conclude that.

      From what you wrote, it’s already happening.

      • none of your business

        Almost 2 years now.

    • Luca

      Those released felons not getting jobs are now roaming the streets at will and breaking into homes in broad daylight. They don’t care about alarms, cameras or nosy neighbors… they are in and out in 60 seconds on a smash and grab shopping spree. Three good kicks from a 235-lb gorilla is about all the run-of-the-mill deadbolt will withstand. My nice So. Cal. neighborhood has suddenly been hit four or five times in the last month. Same M.O.

      • bilderbuster

        Theys all good kidz, aspiring rappers, and Gentle Giants.
        They jus need mo money fo jobs n edgeekayshunz.

      • Black Swan

        The fire dept. has been known to hire them too, under tremendous pressure, I’m sure, to clear out brush around homes and clear areas out after fires. Instead of clearing out brush or fighting fires, they break into homes and cars, especially if an area has been evacuated.

        That’s why so many homeowners now refuse to be evacuated and choose to stay with their homes in the face of raging wildfires. If they evacuate, they may come home only to find out they’ve been cleaned out. Hope they have guns as well to protect themselves from fire dept. felons.

  • MannyR

    College is nothing more these days than a process one must go through in order to be allowed into the modern day upper class. I meet college graduates all the time that have no knowledge of history, how our government works or the basics of our political structure. But they sure know that Republicans hate women, John Stewart is speaking truth to power and racist people “need to be killed”. Indoctrinated, loud mouth little brats who think their better than you because they went some Eskimo school and learned how to hate white people.

  • John R

    Screening out convicted felons disproportionately discriminates against blacks. Demanding high test scores disproportionately discriminates against blacks. Heck, demanding a basic command of standard English disproportionately screens out blacks. Why don’t we just admit that blacks as a group, just can’t cut it? This idea of racial equality has really got to go!

    • Black Swan

      The idea of racial equality should have never been imposed in the first place. It was commonly accepted that blacks had smaller brains, were less intelligent than whites, etc. until Boas and his followers took over the anthropology depts. of major universities and imposed the dogma we’re forced to live with: All races have equal IQ and race is a social construct.

      With all the evidence out there now, anyone who claims blacks are equally intelligent as Whites should be mocked, laughed at and ridiculed because it IS ridiculous to believe so. Instead, their career is destroyed and they are marginalized for suggesting that blacks and Whites have differences in intelligence. You can ask Nobel Prize winner James Watson about that.

  • NoMosqueHere

    What if the question was: “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a violent felony, including but not limited to battery, attempted murder, rape, kidnapping, manslaughter, or murder?”

    Would the [expletive deleted] Schneiderman object to that question as well? Probably, since blacks disproportionately commit such offenses.

  • IstvanIN

    “An arrest or police stop that did not result in a conviction, or a criminal record that was sealed or expunged, should not–indeed must not–be a standard question on a college application,” I agree that an arrest that did not result in a conviction or an expunged record should not count against an individual. I disagree that the government should force private institutions to take that point of view.

  • A Freespeechzone

    This is just the beginning; soon it will be illegal to discriminate against anyone convicted of a crime.

    • Jack Green

      You are right. I can see that coming.

  • Kenner

    Yes, I’m sure by ‘non-white applicants’, they meant Japanese-Americans.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    I really am in a state of ongoing shock. The only thing keeping me sane is that I am in Alaska and rarely have to see blacks. The few I see have to behave bc they are outnumbered and outgunned.

  • IKUredux

    We Whites are once again, being sacrificed on the false altar of equality, or, wait, was that for “diversity”? Or equality? r Affirmative Action?

  • Jack Green

    This is similar to the ebola farce. Coddle a few and endanger EVERYONE else.

  • Black Swan

    More stats for the Cleary Act, which happens after a campus crime has already been committed. The Cleary Act also mandates that the race of the criminal be divulged in the report.

    Small comfort for those who have been robbed, raped, assaulted or murdered on supposedly safe campuses (reason for the Cleary Act in the first place, colleges and universities were covering up crime).

    According to Wiki: “From 2008-2012, 14 higher education institutions were fined for Clery Act noncompliance.”

    I’ve read Cleary reports, the race, almost always black, of the rapists, murderers, armed robbers, etc. that prey on college students is always mentioned near the bottom of the report.

  • Ella

    They just invited a bunch of rapists and violent thugs on campus. I hear law-suits in the midst of campus life.

    • Jack Whistler

      Hate have to be the one to point this out to you Ella, but the thugs and rapists are already on campus. More than once this website has run stories of universities covering up rapes in order to protect sports-apes. And those are just the incidents that manage to garner attention from someone (anyone) outside of those immediately involved.

  • Last year I was offered a job in China as a university professor. I said that I had done prison time here, and they didn’t want to know anything else.