Voter Registration Fraud Probe Looms over Tight Georgia Senate Race

John Roberts, Fox News, September 19, 2014

As the pastor of Atlanta’s famed Ebenezer Baptist Church, Rev. Raphael Warnock knows how to deliver a line for maximum effect. He employed that skill Wednesday, decrying a fraud probe the state has launched into a minority voter registration drive.

“You don’t have to wear a hood–you don’t have to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan to be engaged in voter suppression. We know voter suppression when we see it,” Warnock told a press conference in Georgia’s Capitol building.

The charge, harkening back to a dark period in the South’s history, was aimed squarely at Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Kemp’s office is investigating whether the group Warnock is associated with–the New Georgia Project–has committed fraud in its drive to register more than 100,000 minority voters before the Oct. 6 deadline.

“There’s somebody clearly doing something wrong,” Kemp told Fox News. “And we want to figure out who that is, and try to make sure that we stop that. And bring charges against those people.”

At an emergency hearing of the state Election Board this week, Kemp’s investigator Chris Harvey laid out the elements of the case. Harvey said he had confirmed 28 cases of fraud in 14 counties–25 fraudulent voter registration applications and three fraudulent canvassing sheets. Some had forged signatures; others, false information. Another 26 cases were labeled suspicious.

Falsifying a voter registration form is a felony in the state of Georgia.


The issue is a particular hot button this year because of the narrow margins in the race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga. Polls show Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn narrowly trailing Republican David Perdue. Nunn’s campaign believes if it makes significant inroads into signing up some of the 800,000 unregistered minority voters in Georgia, she could take the seat.

The New Georgia Project was founded by Georgia House Minority Leader Rep. Stacey Abrams. She is a member of Nunn’s so-called “kitchen cabinet,” advising the candidate. Abrams told Fox News she maintains a clear wall of separation between her work with the Nunn campaign and what she insists is a “nonpartisan” effort to get more minorities out to the polls in November.

Kemp has slapped the New Georgia Project with a subpoena, demanding any and all documents and communications related to the voter registration drive by next Friday. The NGP fired back on Wednesday proclaiming its innocence and says it is strictly following the law. Abrams complains that the subpoena is “overly burdensome and an abuse of power,” and is taking valuable time away from the group’s voter registration drive.


The NGP lashed out at Kemp, accusing him of a pattern of voter suppression and intimidation. They charge that of 85,000 new voters they have signed up, 51,000 have not yet been registered. Kemp insists that any valid voter registration forms will be processed by the appropriate county officials and that his office is not blocking the registration of minority voters.

“I was very disappointed in a lot of the reverend’s comments,” Kemp told Fox News. “I think anybody that knows me knows that I’m not a racist and some of the things that they’ve said and accused me of are just flat wrong.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    Here are thousands of examples of real leftist and minority Voter Fraud; not the phony ‘voter suppression’ they’re always rambling on about:


  • I would have been really steamed about this story several weeks ago. Now I realize that voter fraud isn’t a bug of democracy, it is a natural and inevitable consequence of democracy. Therefore, the best way to solve voter fraud is to ditch democracy.

    • And replace it with what? National Socialism. The Articles of Confederation? A white ethnostate? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

      • Where we’re going? I’m not so sure. I think for the time being the beaux ideal form of government for white people surrounded by tribethinking hostile non-whites is a combination of a patriotic populist nationalist autocrat and a natural positive aristocracy of the same mindset, that relies on the doctrine of concurrent majoritarianism and has some non-binding democratic input.

    • JSS

      Right on. The idea that a feral 75 IQ illiterate black is fit to have any kind of say in how a modern 1st world country should be run is laughable. The fact that White politicians pander to these creatures while ignoring or taking us for granted shows that it’s time for us to just say no to democracy and equality. Our ancestors didn’t die at bunker hill and Lexington so shitavious could vote and perhaps one day be president.

      • H. L. Mencken, the indirect subject of an AR thread last week, once said that the average person would trade the Constitution for a new Ford.

        Mark Twain said that a five minute conversation with the average voter soured him on democracy.

        Remember, both were referring to white people only, with an average 100 IQ; neither even considered the insane possibility of blacks voting en masse.

        The more I live and learn, the more I realize that giving that much power to the average person, even the average white person, is foolish. Too, democracy taken as its own virtue lends itself to the universal franchise.

        • JSS

          Both quotes I’ve heard before that I wish got as much air time as Jeffersons universalist equality schtick. Personally I’m not opposed to the idea of tax paying White males with military service and no criminal history being able to vote or being eligible for some kind political office. Women don’t need to be voting because their husbands or fathers are voting for their whole families which was the original idea behind Athenian democracy. Non Whites shouldn’t be here to begin with. Of course I’m thinking more along the lines of a republic that serves White racial interest and not a universalist democracy where politics is just a sickening reality show.

          • And even Thomas Jefferson’s five words are way misunderstood and taken way out of context.

            I’ve asked rhetorically here and elsewhere recently, though nobody seemed to have wanted to take me up on my offer of discussion: If everyone could vote in the affairs of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), would the quality of brain surgery go up or down?

            Obviously, it would go down.

            But my rhetorical question has an implied non sequitur logical fallacy, or it seems to. Not being a board certified brain surgeon, and therefore not being eligible for AANS membership, I don’t know how the AANS conducts business, whether they do a lot of voting, or they cobble together consensuses, or something else. But let’s assume they do all ballot box voting all the time. The possible fallacy in my rhetoric is that the AANS proves that democracy and voting doesn’t necessarily beg universalism. But the problem with that argument is that: (A) I highly doubt that anyone in the AANS wants to extend the power of their internal franchise to anyone but those already eligible, i.e. board certified brain surgeons, and (B) Virtually nobody who is not a board certified brain surgeon is clamoring for “voting rights” within the AANS. Therefore, democracy isn’t bad for the AANS.

            But society and government in the general public is a different animal. A system that casts voting and democracy as some sort of uber-alles virtue will be a system that, in order to be true to its principles, will do nothing but keep on expanding the franchise until everyone has it. I wrote on OD yesterday that I think I figured out why segregation in Dixie and apartheid in South Africa failed, other than external pressure. It was because they were mated with democratic republican forms of government, and the racial-nationalist pressure of the separatist system conflicted with the universalist-democratic pressure of democracy and voting as the uber-virtue. The latter consumed the former. I’ve been asking myself for a long time why caste systems tend to fall apart, and now at least in the case of two of them, I think I figured it out.

          • JSS

            While I don’t subscribe to the equality fad in any way I also don’t believe in caste type systems for Whites either. One thing I think the German national socialist got right was doing away with the old petty class distinctions without the French revolutionary style blood letting that ultimately went nowhere. I think it’s important that working class Whites also have dignity and feel like they have just as much stake in society as anyone else. As to why any hierarchal system Whites put in place seem to fall apart lately I would say a certain group that is either “White like me” or persecuted minority group depending on whatever’s convenient at the moment has played a staring role in deconstructing everything that used to define us as a people.

            I think your post below mentioning that the American system was originally supposed to be the best of aristocracy, monarchy and democracy is an interesting idea and I wish it could have worked. I think your correct that democracy unleashes the worst in a people though because it’s so open to corruption from without and hijacking from without. That’s why although I’m not totally opposed to some sort of franchise it obviously needs to be strictly limited with no chance for expansion. For example I would like to the “service” put back into public service. No officials should come out of any office wealthier and should never be above the law. I think the Spartans were on to something when they put their kings on trial when their terms were up. Personally I would like to see holding any office be seen as more of a curse and burden then an open invitation to lawlessness, corruption and naked power as it is in modern Amurika.

          • When I wrote “caste system,” I meant it not in the sense of classism among white people, but in purely racial separatist terms.

          • JSS

            I would be opposed to that as well because it implies living in the same territory as nonWhites. A caste type separation isn’t enough, we need a homeland where they simply aren’t welcome at all and don’t have to suffer from all our White privilege and supremacy and all that.

          • Except the racial caste system isn’t necessarily an endorsement of living in the same space as NWs, it’s a recognition of reality and adjusting public policy around it.

        • propagandaoftruth

          I’m not sure of what to replace it with but the word “democracy” has transformed in meaning to become an almost meaningless shibboleth. Tyranny of the majority, mob rule, totalitarian in scope.
          Representative governance is fine up to the point a people can handle it and act responsibly.

          Too much “democracy” means a permanent, cascading witch hunt to find and hold accountable the bad people who cause all the problems. It seeks to create a godless paradise on earth and woe to any in it’s way.

          My ideas of Messianic Democratic Totalitarianism don’t seem to get much traction here. I guess it makes me look rather un-American, or possibly dangerously Nazi-esque.

          I’m not even a fascist – not a fan of puff chested foreign militarism, not opposed to sane representative governance.

          But the vast majority of castle in the sky pipe dreams and deadly wishful thinking that one must buy into in order to be cool and on the team (living a dream according to the Lego song, lol, so true) are ideals never intended to be seriously realized, envisioned by people who understood better the cold slap of reality – limitations – far better than most of us.

          I call my ideology “Phalangism”, and it’s quite pragmatic, influenced by fascist thought regarding many corporate and integralist societal notions. Worship of “democracy” is not a part of it, but neither is utter disregard for representative governance in some form.

          The messianic democratic totalitarian is an idolater. All his gods are false but pleasant to behold.

          Thank God for Dark Enlightenment, ha ha.

          • Too much “democracy” means a permanent, cascading witch hunt to find and
            hold accountable the bad people who cause all the problems. It seeks
            to create a godless paradise on earth and woe to any in it’s way.

            It’s three wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for supper, when we’re the lambs.

    • Mark

      Democracy is just another form of tyranny. Theoretically, of course, we don’t have democracy in US.

      • Theoretically, we should have never had it. We should have had some democratic elements that were held in check. I was always made to understand that the American system was to be equal parts monarchy, aristocracy and democracy, combining the best elements of all three while they check and factor out the worst elements of all three.

        Unfortunately, natural positive aristocracy got crowded out.

        • Mark

          Thank you QD. You put it more eloquently than I could.

    • SFLBIB

      I disagree. Voter ID will produce more honest elections because voters will have more confidence in the results. I re-post my earlier because of the time it would take to find it:

      Poster “bmatkin” from Canada wrote:

      The intent was to tie an individual person to an individual ballot, but not the
      person to any specific ballot. This means that each voter on the vetted list gets a
      ballot, his name is crossed off the list, and a numbered ballot is tied to his name. However, before dropping the ballot in the ballot box, a poll worker verifies the number is correct and removes the number from the ballot.

      The ballot then becomes generic, legal, vetted, and in the voting box without the
      voter’s name attached. You can have a very, very honest election, most western countries do. I live in B.C. Canada where recently a contest was won by a single vote, nobody complained and everyone knew it was as close to honest as humanly possible. Cheating here is really hard, and consists mostly of the socialists getting a few very elderly people to the polls and “helping” them vote socialist. I do believe there is a very long tradition of voter fraud in the US. The Dems just take it for granted. Tammany Hall is a perfect example of cheating from the beginning. I do believe that tradition is why your vote is in such a mess.

      americanthinker. com/2013/09/election_fraud_detecting_the_undetectable_1_comments. html#comment-1035678901

      And if anyone complains about it, send him to his chaplain to have his T.S. Card punched.

      • I agree that it would produce more honest elections, and that we’ll occasionally get some election results that are good for us.

        But we’ll still have elections, and still be stuck in the ringer of egalitarian-democracy-plutocracy agitation cycle.

        • SFLBIB

          I had a management course once in which the instructor gave a test to demonstrate that a group decision produces a better result than the sum of individual decisions. Of course there is the tyranny of the majority, but that’s why we have separation of powers.

          I think a major part of the problem is the fact that democracy in practice degrades to tyranny of dedicated [numerical] minorities. I attribute this to the evolution of political parties and their coalitions. Consider the homosexual movement for example. How did only 2% move their agenda faster than any other in American history? They joined the liberal coalition. You can see this by observing gays counter-demonstrating outside abortion clinics. One would naturally wonder why a homosexual needs abortion. They don’t, but they are supporting abortion in exchange for support from the rest of the liberal interests.

          Heaven help us if they ever give convicted felons the franchise.

          • And convicted felons will get the franchise. Because democracy. If we worship democracy, then we can’t not extend the franchise to felons. Institutions are true to their principles, and an institution that worships democracy is inevitably going to want as many voters as possible.

          • SFLBIB

            Suppose 60% of the registered voters were democrats and 40% were republicans. Under such conditions, I would like to see a system where a democrat candidate would have to get 60%+1 votes to win, and the republican only 40%+1.

  • JP Rushton

    “what she insists is a “nonpartisan” effort to get more minorities out to the polls in November.”

    These guys crack me up. Minorities only vote one way, so why not call this what it really is, a Democrat voter drive.

  • IstvanIN

    There should be two voting machine, completely independent of each other. One records your secret ballot vote, the other records your fingerprint (no name attached). If a finger print shows up a second time during one election that person is detained and arrested, if appropriate. Bet they wouldn’t go for that.

  • Adolf Verloc

    “28 cases of fraud in 14 counties–25 fraudulent voter registration applications and three fraudulent canvassing sheets.” In all fairness, this wouldn’t make any difference in the Senate race. Voter fraud in terms of individuals registering improperly or voting multiple times is very uncommon. Most cases of fraud involve election officials, vote counts, “lost” ballots and the like. That is the kind of fraud that can really swing elections.

  • Back in the day in the deep South we had a really good legal means of voter suppression.

    I was just a kid, but the adults told me that they would spread the word among the blacks that the cops were going to be at the polling stations looking out for people wanted for or suspected of crimes. The blacks stayed away since virtually all of them had a criminal past.

    We had many a good laugh at this bit of “dumb cracker” trickery that the Yankees were powerless to prevent.

    • Dave West

      How about starting a “voting gives you HIV” campaign in black ghettos! Sad thing is, it would probably have some effect in the turnout given the ignorance/stupidity of many blacks.

      • HE2

        Dave, the negro would only see or hear the trigger word “gives,” which means something will be handed out free.
        Plus, HIV is pretty sophisticated terminology. Suggest you seek advice from someone fluent in ebonics for wording such a campaign promise.

        • Dave West

          How about this:

          “Only pretend niggaz like EMINEM vote”

          • HE2

            Now you are talking, Dave.
            When an edumacated White person can make out only one or two words, it has to be ebonics.
            Did you buy an ebonics Thesaurus on Amazon?

          • Dave West

            Ebonics Thesaurus…… not quite, I have better ways to spend $15.99!

            I had to take an imaginary time machine back to my high school football days where I played on a team that was 2/3 negro. I guess my initial white privilege got in the way of coming up with an appropriate slogan.

  • LHathaway

    Are any of these voters ‘disenfranchised’ white? Apparently that’s couldn’t possibly be an issue in this state obsessed with ‘equality’.

    • IKUredux

      “that’s couldn’t possibly be”? Really? “that’s couldn’t possible be”? Is English your first language? Or is it something , oh, I don’ know, “assemblerish”?

      • LHathaway

        Obviously that was a typo? My English sucks but turning an obvious typo into an attack on someone’s English proficiency is a sign of dishonesty.

        Or in other words, yer black.

        • IKUredux

          I don’t know, was that a typo? Oh, and please, how is a critique on someone’s English, dishonesty? What? Where the hell did you come up with that? No, really. If I’m an English professor, and I criticize your English proficiency, am I being dishonest? Seriously, once again, what the hell are you talking about? Oh, and you are correct. Erm black.

          • LHathaway

            lol, it was an obvious, obvious typo. Seriously taking someone to task about an obvious type smacks of dishonesty. Blatant dishonesty, with an abusive intent sounds a lot like black relations to whites, something that leftists have likely taken up on. But who is kidding who, we’re all blacks and leftists now.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    OK, Mr. Kemp… your first mistake was telling the media that “you’re not a racist.” Now that you’ve hooked on to the “white-I’m not a racist” connection, you’ve drawn suspicion to yourself even though you are clean of the charge of “racism.” That’s like Larry Craig, disgraced Idaho Senator saying, “I’m not gay, I have never been gay.”

    Never address these phantom accusations of “racism.” You only point out that voter registration drives that target ONLY non-whites voters is RACIST, and you hit this “Revered” so HARD with the racism charge that the wind gets knocked out of him. And then you point out that falsifying voter registration forms in Georgia is a FELONY. And bloody the noses of those who accuse you of racism because you are WHITE. Bloody their nose, and bloody them good.

    Michelle Obama was in Georgia last week, at a campaign event encouraging only NONWHITES to register and vote. Fancy that. Michelle is RACIALLY PROFILING for Democratic Party votes.

  • Texan1st

    Why is the good Reverend involved in the voting process? I thought such things were enough to have their tax exempt status revoked and bring the IRS down upon them. At least this was the case with 33-34 so-called ‘conservative’ churches recently.

  • Sam_Bowdin

    Always the same, tired, Klan analogy for their self-aggrandizement.

  • Paleoconn

    All these deadbeats voting merely once, even legally, is a fraud. Democracy is a scam ever since the voting franchise was extended to non-property owning leeches and women.

    And as far as voter suppression, how about what the New Black Panthers did? I never saw Whites suppressing black votes in my lifetime.