President of Zuckerberg Pro-Amnesty Group Resigns

Tony Lee, Breitbart, September 20, 2014

Joe Green, the president of Facebook co-founder’s Mark Zuckerberg’s pro-amnesty lobbying group who suggested that foreign workers were better than Americans, was reportedly “forced” out for failing to pass amnesty legislation despite the millions of dollars the group has spent on both sides of the aisle.

On Friday, Zuckerberg announced in a “confidential” email Re/Code obtained that Green, who was also his college roommate, had “resigned as President of, effective immediately.” Todd Schulte, the former official for the pro-President Barack Obama Priorities USA Super PAC, will become the new president.

“While has achieved important milestones in the fight to reform immigration laws, Joe and I agreed a change in leadership was necessary,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Friday email.

High-tech lobbying groups like have been pushing for massive increases in guest-worker visas even though nonpartisan studies and scholars in addition to Census data have found that there is actually a surplus of American high-tech workers. The guest-worker visas would, as the Congressional Budget Office determined, contribute to lowering the wages of American workers.

Re/Code said that “it looks like Green was pushed” and it was not “much of a surprise” given “the lack of any significant movement related to immigration reform, which was one of Green’s big focuses.”

“The group had tens of millions of dollars at its disposal to work on this issue that is critical to the tech community and has come up with, well, peanuts,” Re/Code wrote.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, Green did not help matters when he said that foreign high-tech workers were “truly great” while Americans are “just sort of okay.”


Zuckerberg, though, said that Schulte, the new president, will work with Republican lobbyist Rob Jesmer, who is the campaign manager, to pass comprehensive amnesty legislation.

As the mid-term elections approach, the fight for immigration reform is more important than ever,” Schulte said in a statement on the group’s website in a blog post announcing the leadership change. “ remains on the right track to continue all the great work that our supporters, employees, partners and volunteers have made possible, and we’re excited about our future.”

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  • I would like to think that this is good news for our cause.

    But then I have to rub the rose from my glasses and be an adult about it. I think all this really means is that Zuckertraitor now knows that he’s not going to get what he wants by means of that veiled form of bribery known as lobbying and campaign spending. He’s going to get it when Obama whips out the pen and phone some time after November 4, and he can rest easy that the Stupid Party will feign a lot of fake outrage but do nothing to stop it.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Amnesty is a forgone conclusion. After the mid-terms, if the Dems hold
    onto power Obama claims he’s following the will of the American people
    by jamming amnesty on America. If the GOP takes the Senate, out will
    come the same story about GOP obstructionists and how Obama has to act
    to help the American people (who ironically he’s destroying with

    • LHathaway

      If Ronald Reagan passed amnesty legalizing 10 million hispanics I’m pretty sure Obama is willing to, but your right, it’s not over yet.

      • IKUredux

        If people fight back, it will be more like “get rid of the wetbacks”. What was that called, LHathaway? What President?

        • LHathaway


          • IKUredux

            Very good, bot.

  • MekongDelta69

    “‘While FWD[dot]us has achieved important milestones in the fight to reform immigration laws, Joe and I agreed a change in leadership was necessary,’ Zuckerberg wrote”

    “You failed to get our leftist agenda through. You’re fired pal.”

    Btw – FWD[dot]us

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Zuckerberg reminds me of the Catholic Church.

    Can’t tell who supports illegals more.

    • Germanicus

      I think you mean the corrupted, infiltrating, Novus-Ordo, post-Vatican II mockery of the Church. Yes, them…

      • Jimmy Joseph

        However you want to spin it lol.

        The Pope is from Latin America. Guess where his heart lies?

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          He is from Argentina, a majority White country.

          • none of your business

            He is pure Italian ethnicity.

      • ZB01

        Precisely, the Church before Vatican II (under Pius XII)—get ready— is Catholic; after Vatican II, reconstructed.

    • Xerxes22

      Richard Land and his Southern Baptists. They have a lot of influence in the Republican party and they help to keep creeps like Lindsey Graham in office.

      • Alexandra1973

        I told my mother I go to a Baptist church. She said “Not Southern Baptist!” I said, no, don’t worry, it’s *Independent* Baptist.

        One IFB church I went to, the preacher was constantly saying how Bush was a man of God, and I couldn’t take it anymore because I knew better…he was one of those guys where if you tried to tell him the truth, you were simply branded a “liberal.”

        The last couple I’ve been to, they just tell you to take a good look at the candidates. This time my reason for changing churches was driving distance.

        I’m tired of people who think GOP stands for “God’s Own Party.”

  • Truthseeker

    When the elites have this much contempt for the people who were born in this country, raised in this country, and socialized into a certain type of American society, it’s enough to make you check out. These people don’t care one bit about us as long as they have their cushy bubble to protect them from the consequences of their actions.

    I can’t respect people like that, nor do I view their leadership as legitimate. I deny any shared nationhood with them, as I’m sure they would with me. They’ve undermined our heritage, our people, our laws, and everything our ancestors intended us to preserve in their name.

    That’s why I’ve given up on trying to “take back America.” The America I loved is gone. Countries can be destroyed, laws can be violated. All I carry with me is my blood, my genes. That tells me who my people are, not any governing body run by these clowns.

  • I used to think that Zuck was motivated by money. I now realize he’s motivated by his hatred of living in a white country. It was whites that (allegedly) murdered six million of his ethnic group. He’s motivated to rid the world of whites and thus rid the world of the (alleged) danger to his ethnic group. Money doesn’t motivate him (or Gates for that matter). It’s hate. Pure and simple.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      LOL you have no evidence of this assertion.

      What evidence are you presenting that this isn’t being done for “greed” but for “hate” reasons.

      I fail to see how Zuckerberg is any difference than Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, The Waltons, Catholic Church, Protestant Church, etc.

      Besides being a “Jew”, explain how his actions are any different than the aforementioned groups.

      I am open minded on this question but your assertion has no evidence. You need to elaborate more.

      Comments like these make White Nationalists look dumb unless they can back them up.

      • Xerxes22

        The Christians who support open borders do it because they think it will help them get into heaven The Jews who do it, do so out of hate and revenge or they think it will be good for the Jews. The Gates, the Buffets, the Waltons etc. do it out of greed or a desire to impress their fellow elites.

        • Alexandra1973

          According to the book of Revelation, the NWO is to be spearheaded by Rome (not Tel Aviv). Why else would the Vatican be just hunky-dory with this kind of thing?

        • Jimmy Joseph

          No the Catholic Church doesn’t do it just for “love”.

          They do it for demographic reasons, considering many Whites have left the CC. They are trying to increase the Catholic population percentages. It isn’t being done out of “love”.

          Love the rationalization of you people.

          The Jew does the same exact thing as the Christian. However, the Jew is guilty because his “intention is hate” while the Christian who does the same exact thing is fine because he is “love”.

          This looks like gibberish.

          Too scared to look internally and confront the demons of the White community. Need to blame the “Jew” or some other boogeyman for White decline.

          Pathetic and weak. Whites better toughen up or they will be on the way out.

          • Xerxes22

            I didn’t say that the Catholic church did it for love. I said that they did it to get into heaven. That’s not love, that’s self interest. You Fundies are going to have to stop obsessing over the RC Church. They are the largest church in the USA and they don’t need any new members, especially people who can’t pay their way and are nothing but a liability. You Fundies worship Israel and the Jews because you think it will help bring on the rapture. Well the rapture isn’t coming anytime soon. In the meantime most American Jews hate your guts and are doing everything possible to bring about your extermination.
            Look how they portray you folks on TV and in films and ads, as dumb ignorant bigoted redneck toothless hillbillies. Do you like that portrayal? Keep worshipping the Jews and defending them and you will get what you deserve from them, a kick in the teeth or a knife in the back.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Don’t know where you get the “idea” that I am a “fundie” lol.

            I just am speaking “truth to power man”.

            Can’t blame the “Zionists” for things that the Catholic Church, mainstream Protestant Church, non Jewish billionaires and white single women vote for.

            They are no more “guilty” than these groups. Yet there is complaint about the “Zionists” as if they are unique.

            Sounds like jealousy to me. Sounds like when the Blacks complain about “Whitey”.

      • John

        He presented as an “opinion”. Regulars here recognize his signature and respect his observations. It’s trolls like you that ask for “proof” for everything they disagree with. It’s a well know fact that Jews have been at the forefront of the “open borders” movement not only in this country but in Europe and Australia as well. Additionally, anyone that knows anything about the Jewish religion, especially it’s hate filled “go to” book for Rabbinical wisdom /Sarc, the Talmud, is more that aware of how misanthropic the world view of all its practitioners are. Thus, “bigone4you”, being aware of these factual considerations, was able to accurately speculate as to why Zuckerberg reacted the way he did in this case. Attributing his behavior to “hate” is consistent with the behavior of his coreligionists is entirely believable.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          You have proven nothing besides “regulars” supposedly know something.

          This is a ridiculous “argument”.

          The Catholic Church has been pushing for illegal immigration of non Whites just as long as the “Zionists”.

          They have been very aggressive in their push for illegal immigrants, worse than Zuckerberg.

          The CC has huge charities devoted to funding illegal immigrants in the USA.

          Show me how “Zuckerberg” is any worse than the CC besides him being a “Zionist”.

          This is why David Duke has become a joke and has gained no traction in his last 25 years.

          • John

            My original comment was deleted so at this point, all I have to say is go twirl a chicken.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Zuckfucker can kiss my white grrrrl arce. He is a traitor, has no loyalty to this ‘nation’. Someone needs to beat his Hebe butt.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      No more of a “traitor” than most White non Jewish billionaires, the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, etc.

      There is a lot of blame to go around.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Yes, but there are in this matter primary and secondary groups. Zuckerberg belongs to the primary group (you too?).

        • Alexandra1973

          Is Zuckerberg Catholic? That’s the primary group right there.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          LOL nice rationalization of your dislike of “Zionists”.

          If a “Zionist” does exactly like most other White groups in power, the “Zionist” is uniquely guilty,

          The Catholic Church, Protestant Churches, etc are somehow “innocent” despite supporting illegal immigration more than a Zuckerberg.

          This kind of logic is why White Nationalism looks fringe. It is trying to prove a “conspiracy” of “Zionists” rather than acknowledging the systematic weaknesses of the White community.

          It is “easy” to scapegoat others rather than have a hard look at internal problems.

          Unfortunately, this won’t help much.

  • The ‘Ruling Class’ perceives its best interest in having every country in the world filled with a colossal and burgeoning third-world underclass, the better to keep workers in their place, payscales down, ethnic vendettas up, and everyone but the Ruling Class (always depicted as kind, virtuous and generous in its mass-media portrayals) at one another’s throats. Divide and Conquer.

  • mobilebay

    anyone for “comprehensive enforcement?”

  • IKUredux

    I’m tired of talking. When’s the revolution? There are all kinds of fighting back. Pick one. Graffiti in the Walmart bathroom is a good start.”WAR ON WHITES”.

  • me

    Mark Zukerberg is a traitor and a lawbreaker, and should be treated as such. Of course, this will never happen because of our lawless, traitorous ‘government’, and the Merchants who bought and control it. We’re busy putting out the fires of political espionage, political corruption, and rigged elections; unlawful and aggressive wars; false flag operations and ‘governmental terrorism’ against the citizens; ‘Climategate’ and the repression of human rights; massive unemployment and corporate greed; created and controlled inflation; mass immigration and White genocide by displacement; anti-White racism being ‘normalized’ and ‘justified’; robbery and tyrrany by the lawless and illegal ‘Federal’ Reserve’ and its’ ‘legal’ taxation; indoctrination by cultural Marxists in the schools towards our children; mass media propaganda; media ‘blackout’ of Negro-on-White crime and the reporting of government lawlessness and corruption; the ‘normalization’ of sexual deviance and body dysmorphia/transsexualism; the corruption of the judicial system; the destruction of our culture; and the Luciferian penetration of organized ‘religion’. With all of these things to combat, it’s a wonder we have the energy and faith to get out of bed in the morning, much less to keep on fighting the good fight. Be kind to each other, White people!

  • Paleoconn

    Idea. Pay for Zuckerberg and company to move to Mexico or India or wherever. Build them a new HQ if needed. Ditto Kochs and Adelsons and Bloombergs. Then seal the border.

    Since those people are so awesome, why deprive the billionaires of ALL the Mexicans.