D.C. Gets an ‘F’ in Academic Achievement for Low-Income and Minority Students

Ali Meyer, CNS News, September 19, 2014

The District of Columbia in 2014 received an “F” grade in academic achievement for low-income and minority students attending its public schools, according to a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber, which released a report entitled Leaders and Laggards: A State-by-State Report Card on K-12 Educational Effectiveness, ranked states on nine indicators to see which states were the national leaders in educational performance and which states were lagging behind.


Out of nine indicators of educational achievement that the District of Columbia was applicable for, D.C. received five F’s, one D+, one C+, and two A’s.

The District got F’s in the Academic Achievement, Academic Achievement for Low-Income and Minority Students, International Competitiveness, Post-secondary and Workforce Readiness, and Return on Investment metrics.

According to the report, “The District of Columbia earns a failing grade in academic achievement for low-income and minority students. The District has the highest percentage nationwide of both African-American (76%) and low-income (78%) students. Fourth and 8th graders in both groups perform below the national average at or above the proficient level on the NAEP reading exam.”

Other failing metrics for D.C. were workforce readiness and international competitiveness. “The District earns a failing grade preparing its students for college and careers. Students’ chances for college attendance by age 19 are the lowest in the nation,” said the Chamber of Commerce. “The District earns a very low grade preparing its students to compete in a global economy. Only 10% of students are proficient in reading and math–the lowest percentage in the nation–compared with an international standard.”


The district fared better in metrics like parental options and data quality. “The District does an excellent job providing parents with strong school choice options. It has one of the strongest charter school laws in the country and more than half of all students attend a school of choice–the highest in the nation,” said the Chamber.

“The District earns an excellent grade collecting and reporting high-quality education data,” states the report. “It provides funding to expand its longitudinal data system and links student performance data with teacher data.”

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  • Nomo Mojo

    I bet the administration says the only solution is a lot more money.

    • APaige

      The ‘funny’ thing is that D.C spends over $29,000 per pupil and no other large U.S. city spends over $24,000. On the state level, New York spends the most at over $16,000 and the U.S average is just over $10,000. These numbers prove spending more is not the answer…never has and never will. They also point out the unfair spending on New York City education compared to the rest of the state.

    • Brittany William

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      • Garrett Brown

        You better hop on that MD!

      • propagandaoftruth

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    • evilsandmich

      But the district is very good at reporting on how little the students learn.

      That, my friend, is the sound of a tin cup rattling, yes.

  • MekongDelta69

    Blacks = F

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Why does DC get an ‘F’ for black student failure when black students fail wherever they are? Why is everybody blamed accept for the only people who deserve the blame — the black students?

    • Dave West

      I feel sorry for teachers of any race who teach in heavily black or hispanic schools; they have the most thankless babysitting jobs ever.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        The “unaccompanied” children, now cramming what little room there is left in any school, don’t even speak English. And if the teach doesn’t know Spanish, the Reconquistadores are blaming the teacher. Ingrates, if i’ve ever seen one.

        • Dave West

          These whiny invader teenagers have walked into a country illegally and have been given permission to stay by the leaders of the United States of Liberal Bed-wet-istan. They should be studying day in and day out to learn English; at least, pretend not to be parasites.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            For these young reconquistadores who don’t know any English, they need to be SEGREGATED in the trailers out back, away from everyone else and learn E-N-G-L-I-S-H. And they better…look at all the taxpayer $$ already waste on them. The illegals already here don’t even TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE ENGLISH LESSONS offered at libraries and churches.

            The Liberal Bed-wet-istan? One of funniest lines i’ve seen here @ AR recently..thanks for the laughs in the midst of diversity madness.

          • Juggernaut3000

            For these young reconquistadores who don’t know any English, they need to be DEPORTED.

          • Juggernaut3000

            Most were found NOT to be teenagers but teens or men in their late 20s and 30s, some with grey hair and wrinkles.

            I can see how easy it would be to mistaken these mutants for children because they’re 4’10” tall.

            http //theconservativetreehouse com/2014/08/09/40000-unaccompanied-alien-children-mysteriously-vanish-border-patrol-and-executive-office-of-immigration-reviews-numbers-dont-match/

        • Juggernaut3000

          Neither do they speak Spanish. Reports are they speak indigenous Indian languages.

        • none of your business

          You forgot about mayan, mixtec, tixtoc, nauzhaul and other pre literate indian languages.

  • Sorry, but when I read about the Chamber Pot of Commerce and the word “competitiveness” in the same article, I know they’re greasing the skids for amnesty and no borders.

    The district fared better in metrics like parental options and data quality. “The District does an excellent job providing parents with strong school choice options. It has one of the strongest charter school laws in the country and more than half of all students attend a school of choice–the highest in the nation,” said the Chamber.

    And how are these charter fool charter schools actually doing?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Charter schools, like the ones in Harlem run by con man Geoffrey Canada, get rave reviews from libertarians and lamestream conservatives for allegedly “closing the achievement gap” and producing bright black scholars.

      That is, until you look more closely at these “miracle schools” and see that they cherry-pick their students and regularly expel their dimmest and worst-behaved ones back to the public schools.

    • none of your business

      The report does not mention that getting a child into a magnet school of their own choosing is as complicated and even more time consuming as getting a kid into Harvard or Stanford.

  • Jamal struggles with maff, but feels good about it.
    Well, bless his little heart.

    • dukem1

      I think you’re referring to J’mal.
      Get with the the times, daddy-o!
      (Apologies for using the “D” word in an article about DC school kids.)

    • Samuel Hathaway

      the point of education is self-esteem, not academic skills and knowledge. And yes, Jamal probably spelled “maff” for the word “math” on the spelling test, too. See, Jamal feels so good about himself that he thinks he’s going to win the spelling bee. Got tough competition though, with all those East Indian cheerins in the way.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Maybe if we spend a lot of tax dollars on these schools the quality of education will improve and so will the inner city black.

    Yes, I was laughing when I wrote that.

    • Jaggers

      Don’t forget charter schools, because choice will create competition, and freedom…or something. That will solve this pesky achievement gap issue.

    • Juggernaut3000

      About a trillion dollars has already been spent trying to raise up urban blacks. Not one cent made a bit of difference.

      The money’s not real so what’s the difference?

      • Alucard_the_last

        All of their problems are their fault. Despite trillions being spend on these ‘people’, they are still at the bottom of any positive list and at the top of any negative list. Television gives a fault representation of blacks except for COPS, The First 48 Hours, Maury and Forensic Files.

      • benvad

        It’s just government bribery spread around blacks to keep them from robbing liquor stores. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to relocate them to Africa and support them from there?

        We’d save money and they’d be happier back in the fields where they belong.

        • Uncle_Dan

          Wouldn’t it be cheaper to sacrifice a few liquor stores?

  • JohnEngelman

    It is not clear from this article if blacks in Washington, DC are being compared with blacks in each of the states, and if low income students in Washington, DC are being compared with low income students in the rest of the United States.

    Because most of the student body in the DC public school system are black and low income it would be misleading to compare them with students in a predominantly white state, and blame the difference on the teachers and administrators in Washington, DC.

    • Jaggers

      No matter how they crunch the numbers, if you’re a school or teacher being rated on your minority students’ test scores, you’re screwed. They have “Value Added Model”, supposedly based on student growth, it doesn’t matter. Right off the bat, you have no chance. Pretty soon a lot of people will be feeling the repercussions of this whole school reform fiasco.

      • benvad

        How were they able to educate them before?

  • Change the curriculum to courses such as “How to Peel A Banana 101” and DC can begin making a dent in the achievement problem. Math, science, and other fields that require abstract thinking do not come natural to the blacks that infest DC.

    Plus, before that banana is peeled, DC can use it to illustrate how to put on a condom. Not that condom use comes natural to blacks either. But at least they could get academic credit for seeing how its done.

    • dukem1

      Oh now,,,be nice,,,

  • Pax Romana

    You can’t squeeze water out of a rock.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      I think it might be possible with some rock. Of course I am referring to actual rocks and not an analogy of blacks learning something.

  • TruthBeTold

    I can’t wait to see how DC and other districts do with Common Core.

    If the methods for solving math problems is as bad as it appears, black scores are going to crash and burn.

    • Mary

      Oh, it is! Common Core math is currently the bane of my existence in trying to assist my grade school son. It also confuses my husband, who has a Math degree.
      Blacks don’t stand a chance.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Mary: Common Core is PRECISELY why my niece in NC is now homeschooled. They really hated pulling her out of her school from all her friends. The school is also 96% white, another advantage for the children who need to be shielded from multicultural and racial sideshows. TRAGICALLY, the only virtually all-white educational experience my niece will ever know is being taken away by Common Core.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Common Core math is specifically designed to be confusing and near-impossible to understand.

        If no one understands math, all the better for the government to fudge whatever figures it wants about how great the economy is going ,etc.

        • Mary

          I’d like to shake the boneheads who created this mess. You’re right. This has nothing to do with helping anyone with math. This is a ploy to drag down the smarter students so everyone can be equally confused. Totally consistent with their ideology. They can’t improve the performance of the stupid, so they’ll try to harm the performance of the intelligent.

          • Uncle_Dan

            Mary, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

          • Mary

            True, but there may be some elements of both in play here. A coalition of malice and stupidity.

    • Diana Moon Glampers

      I have said from the beginning of CC that making math more confounding will only increase the achievement gap. The white kids will struggle, but mom and dad will teach them proper math and they will get through. Blacks will be left behind, gaining even less basic arithmetic.

    • Juggernaut3000

      The media and government will lie about the results. When that becomes impossible, they’ll blame everything except the blacks themselves and dedicate even more money be taken from White children to raise black test scores.

  • Easyrhino

    In DC there is a black mayor, a predominantly black city council, school board, teachers, parents, and students, and one of the highest per-pupil budget.

    Wonder how they’re going to blame Whites for this one.

    • OS-Q

      West Virginia is obviously at fault.

      • Juggernaut3000

        The greedy White taxpayers and racist White teachers are obviously the ones at fault. The solution is more money from White taxpayers and replacement of all White teachers by blacks.

    • benvad

      Don’t worry about that, they’ll find a way! When it comes to slander, they lead the nation in every categorie.

  • Adolf Verloc

    It is a waste of time trying to make silk purses out of sows’ ears. Unfortunately, you have to keep young blacks, particularly young male blacks off the streets as much as possible to keep them out of mischief. In previous generations, they could have dropped out by middle school and gone to work as unskilled laborers. We don’t have those kinds of jobs any more, so the only answer seems to be to keep them penned up in school as long as possible, doing busywork at a level of which they are capable.

    • superlloyd

      After school, many will be penned up in negro university. They need to be prepared for their future.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        One of those educationally worthless “Historically Black Colleges.”

        • Tarczan

          Didn’t you ever see “Drumline”?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The District of Columbia in 2014 received an ‘F’ grade in academic achievement for low-income and minority students attending its public schools

    Anymore, I tend to avoid these types of threads due to the vitriol directed at the teaching profession, some of which is deserved.

    But, I dared to take a look at this story because as a professional teacher myself, I am absolutely appalled at the lengths the Cultural Marxists will go to to justify and rationalize black, brown and “minority” failure then demand that we “educators” and the government “do something about it.”

    There ARE traditional educators out there who are fighting the good fight against almost impossible odds and trying to offset, if only to a small degree, the lefty, Zinn-inspired dogma that has been imposed upon the k-12 curriculum by anti-White Marxists.

    Oh, and in case anyone here thinks -as the government tells us – that anyone can be a teacher, I’ve seen plenty of Teach for America and second career business people and engineers who have attempted to take up teaching at my school only to crash, burn and die before Christmas Vacation and crawl out on their hands and knees due to their inability to deal with a job that we’re told, anyone can do.

    I am convinced the problem is insurmountable and no amount of money will ever make the vast majority of blacks and brown perform academically past a low, rudimentary level.

  • IstvanIN

    Leaders and Laggards: A State-by-State Report Card on K-12 Educational Effectiveness, ranked states
    DC isn’t a state, problem solved.

  • superlloyd

    ”Only 10% of students are proficient in reading and math–the lowest percentage in the nation–compared with an international standard.”

    ”The District has the highest percentage nationwide of …. African-American ….students. (76%).”

    Could these facts be connected?

    I wonder how many of this ‘high achieving’ 10% elite are black?

    Of course, the article doesn’t mention that per pupil spending in DC is one of the highest in the nation.

    Educating the negro is an exercise in utter futility. I pity any non negro teachers that have been given this thankless task.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      Booker T. Washington said essentially the same thing 150 years ago in ‘Up From Slavery’. He figured that ten percent of the freed negroes were intellectually capable of becoming educated, civilized individuals. Which is why his book was removed from library shelves all over the country after 1965.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Thomas Jefferson sort of believed the same thing. Virginia law in 1826 required that all freed slaves leave the state. However, Jefferson wanted the few slaves he had that had learned a trade, such as blacksmithing, to be employed at the University of VA.

        • none of your business

          Affirmative action. One reason Jefferson ended up practically bankrupt was that his slaves had so many children there was not enough work for them on his plantations but he still had to support them.

    • none of your business

      A higher percentage of blacks than Mississippi.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    The teachers didn’t fail, the students did. Time to face the problem honestly for once.

  • White Mom in WDC

    You can paint a turd gold, but it is still a turd.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      That’s it. We should give them gold painted turds instead of welfare.


    • PvtCharlieSlate

      And you can put a monkey in a suit and send it to Harvard but it still won’t write anything for the Law Review.

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    This is why I stay away from conservative groups that oppose abortion. Actively culling the herd is the only way we can exercise any kind of restraint over this population.

    • Dave West

      “Conservatives” who are extremely religious and oppose abortion are in my mind almost as useless as white libtards. I know plenty of these types; they only care about one or two political issues (abortion). They always talk about peace and “saving the world.” Many will make countless trips to Latin America and Africa to spread the “word of Jesus.” In fact, when I look on many of these peoples Facebook pages they have entire albums of their “charity” trips to Africa. From what I can gather it seems the only thing they do on these “church trips” is play with little black kids all day. Besides the religion factor, what is the difference between people like this and do-gooder, white libtards?

      • Mary

        They like to adopt lots of black children as well. Whenever you see a White with an adopted black child, they will either be a do-gooder “conservative” or a do-gooder liberal. I have not yet seen an exception to this.

    • Juggernaut3000

      Our own herd needs to be culled of useful idiots as well.

    • none of your business

      Thank you. Are their any conservative groups that approve of or at least neutral on the subject of abortion? I have not found any, that is why I call myself a White Nationalist and emphatically not a conservative.

  • none of your business

    The average black IQ is 85. According to John Derbyshire 40 percent of blacks have IQs under 80.

    • MBlanc46

      That’s the most relevant fact, all right. It’s likely that there are other hereditary deficits in blacks (and that’s whom we’re talking about here), but stupidity is certainly the most relevant to academic achievement. Unless the Neo-Stalinists and the elites are willing to talk about this, the status of blacks will never be improved.

    • Dale McNamee

      But then, how do you explain those black children who succeed in grade school.high school,and college and then succeed in their careers ?

      I believe that a home environment that encourages such greatly helps the black student overcome the low IQ issue, especially if they are in a good school that rewards hard work and study…

      But, those homes & schools are almost non-existant…

      • none of your business

        Blacks who succeed have IQs ranging from 90 to 105. Someone claims that the average IQ of black Harvard students is only 115, which is bright normal.
        The home helps as well.

      • Uncle_Dan

        I always thought the IQ gap was a red herring for ordinary jobs. Most jobs do not require high intelligence. They do require a good attitude and a willingness to do one’s best and to learn on the job Here there may be a big difference between an earnest child and one with a chip on his shoulder.
        For the “rocket scientist” type jobs, typically higher paying, the IQ gap should justify the observed over- and under-“representation” of ethnic groups.
        In other words, neither IQ nor prejudice will stop you from having a good life in America.
        And of course, nowadays, if you are black, and have a good attitude, and a 115 IQ, the sky’s the limit!

      • Tarczan

        “But then, how do you explain those black children who succeed in grade school.high school,and college and then succeed in their careers ”

        How do I explain it? Affirmative Action.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    Bash the Libs all you want, its only a matter of time before the first Conservative comes out with a headline that reads ( THE LEFTS WAR ON MINORITY UEDUCATION)!

    • Dave West

      By conservative, you mean “”CONSERVATIVE””

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, John McCain, Rand Paul, etc…

  • Leon NJ

    “The District does an excellent job providing parents with strong school choice options…”

    Great, so now parents can choose a school that gets a F or the second school that gets a F-.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    They also released pictures of the hall monitors in DC schools.

    • tancred guiscard

      Mixed emotions on that pic, mainly humor and sympathy. There be no reason to tame, domesticate, or in any way bring those critters into civilization. I feel sorry for the animals too:)

      • AndrewInterrupted

        It’s the jungle coming to a neighborhood near you.

  • IKUredux

    Absolutely nothing in this country, or, the world, will ever be settled, unless, we remove the fallacious concept of “equality”. Now, TPTB want us to embrace this obviously false concept. They know it’s B.S. We thinking Whites know it’s B.S. Actually. all the dumb naggers and their coffee colored brethren, also know, either in their hearts of hearts, or, because they actually have something that passes for a brain. I will say one thing though: This website can remove whatever comments it wants. However, I must say, that the removal of the person who commented as “Spartacus”, is nothing more than an abridgement of the first amendment. And, if in fact, this website felt compelled to ban “Spartacus”, to protect themselves, then, this has been a most egregious violation of the Constitution, and, specifically, the First Amendment.

    • Dave West

      Why did Amren remove “Spartacus”? Did “that person” comment on the tribe?

      • IKUredux

        Why are you asking me? Ask Amren. I personally don’t recall any diatribes against the RSP.

      • Juggernaut3000

        He told too many truths that contradicted the truths told here.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Yes, that was awhile ago. I see him at TakiMag from time to time. I’m sure he’s band at NRO by now, too. There was a tribal takeover there as well.

        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” –Voltaire

    • none of your business

      Sorry to inform you that the first amendment applies only to government infringement of free speech. It does not apply to private organizations such as amren or any business. There have been hundreds of cases over the years that established this.
      Constitutionalists need to study constitutional law or at least google constitutional law to learn about it.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Unless you say the N-word inside your own home. Than it is the governments business. Of course walking down a public street shouting “kill whites” is perfectly acceptable.


      • Uncle_Dan

        As it should be. We certainly wouldn’t want the gummint requiring AmRen to publish a post they don’t want to post. That WOULD be a violation of free speech.

  • George X. Pat

    My grandma graduated from a tiny, two-year Midwest teacher’s college when she was 19. Then she turned around and started teaching high school — to students who were only 4 or 5 years younger than her (my grandpa was one of her former students!). They had a few basic books (yes, the famous McGuffey readers!) and just ZERO budget–simple little building, sturdy plain-jane textbooks, a “library” the size of a small bedroom. I bet that they didn’t spend (in 2014 dollars) more than $1,000 a year for each student.

    And you know what? It worked JUST FINE. No bull***t “sytems” or “curricula” or “teacher training” or “special programs”, just a few young women doing their level best and using their common sense. A lot of the smart students went on to college. The not-so-smart ones became fishermen and farmers, but still remembered a few Shakespeare quotes and the highlights of the civil war.

    It’s appalling to see what an incredible, appalling, insanely expensive mountain of bull***t modern education has become. It’s really a disgrace to a great nation to have an education system that is really just an expensive, dishonest racket. I would have been proud to to follow my grandma into education, had I not seen, in my own 1990’s education, what a joke it had all become.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Your grandmother was a gem. Those old-timey teachers in a one-room school. And the kids got good educations. No computers, no cell phones, no I-pads, no diversity and multicultural sideshows.

      I went to school with all WHITES, no blacks, no asians… learned cursive in third grade,

      no computers, no high-tech gadgets… just the basic stuff with special programs for advanced learners. And I don’t think my elementary education was slighted because there were no blacks in the class.

      • HE2

        And phonics, sounding out each letter! Sentence diagramming. Proper e-nun-ci-a-tion. Penmanship. Grammar and syntax, parts of speech, tenses, etc. Spelling, using helpful memes such as “i” before “e” except after “c,” when it sounds as “a,” as in neighbor and weigh.” One never forgets those things.
        Each day began with a flag salute, National Anthem, and recitation of Our Father.
        We have progressed a long way……..down.

      • Dale McNamee

        The Amish use the one room school house, with all grade levels in the same room… The older students help with teaching the younger and the 8th.grade is the furthest they go in the “education racket”…

        They never stop reading,learning,and thinking once graduating from the 8th. grade… They are far better educated than many PhD’s… And I can hold a deeper conversation with them on many subjects than with the so-called “educated”…

      • none of your business

        People laughed at Trayvon’s friend when she said she couldn’t read cursive. But at least in California they don’t teach cursive at all any more. It has become a real problem as kids grow up and have to sign their names for bank accounts, drivers licenses credit cards and other documents.
        Most of the younger teacher can’t write cursive either, they print.
        And, California schools don’t really teach printing any more either. It is learned in nursery school and kindergarten but never practiced in 1st and 2nd grade. So their printing is as bad at age 10 as it was at age 4.

        • PvtCharlieSlate

          I was surprised that St Trayvon’s friend actually used the word “cursive”. It made me suspect that had received some coaching.

    • Juggernaut3000

      The population, and IQ level of that population, was very very different at that time.

    • Tarczan

      Did you ever see one of those books that are published about small towns? The ones that are a photographic history of your hometown? I bought one for my hometown and the thing that really impressed me were the photographs of the school children. They all had optimistic, determined, and happy looks. It’s hard to describe, but it was so obvious.

      You just don’t see that today.

  • joe pat

    Kind of hilarious how this fact alone destroys the Republican myth that ‘school choice’ is some sort of panacea solution capable of solving all educational problems – which of course really means low performance of blacks and hispanics.

    Will anyone pay attention to this study? Probably not.

    American culture has lost the plot of reality. Some incredible number of people – including those in power – are simply incapable of dealing with race from a perspective of facts and truth.

    • Juggernaut3000

      And they’ll bankrupt us Whites trying to prove that blacks and Whites are inherently equal in all ways and any discrepancy in achievement is due to racism.

      I think the aim is not to lift blacks up, it is to bankrupt and thus destroy Whites.

      The Soviet Union also had a terrible time with equality and liquidated upwards of 70 million souls trying to prove everyone is equal.

      They’re primary goal was to eliminate those who disagreed with socialism/communism.

    • none of your business

      One thing the conservatives never mention about school choice is that there are only a finite number of placements and that with 300 kids competing for 25 places 275 will not get their choice anyway. Some districts use the lottery system. Another thing I hate is all this homework and parental involvement nonsense. Parents have to work and cook and maintain the house. So why should we do the teaching between 6/pm and 9/pm? Exactly what are we paying the school systems for?. What I liked best about the private schools I sent my kids to is that although there was homework all the instruction was done at school so I didn’t have to teach them every evening instead of cooking dinner and other chores. By the time I got home the homework was done and the kids had dinner almost done.
      Many parents send their kids to public school and them spend as much time on homework, basic instruction and those ridiculous projects as they would spend on home schooling.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Yet DC spends more money on education and still they fail. Just goes to show that throwing money away accomplishes nothing. Utah spends the least yet are on top of any state. Education is not a concern for the welfare class and we know who they are.

  • Dale McNamee

    I did a “PC Refresh” (installing new PC’s to replace the old PC’s ) project for the DC Public School system back in 2007-2008 and as I swapped the PC’s, I wondered why the schools existed…

    The kids had no self control and the teachers also had little effect on the “student’s” behavior, but they were hamstrung by the ” school rules ” in dealing with the “children”…

    Then, the DC Schools will be asking for “Mo’ Money” from the DC taxpayer…

    It’s time to try a “less money” approach…

  • Chris

    The failure rate is easily explained. Those students also have the highest % of drawing SSI benefits in the country. Learning to “game the system” is probably the best employment option of today for any kid, black or white. There will be less and less jobs in the future in the USA, and all will be low-pay part-time.

    • none of your business

      Good to know. If they get SSI that is proof they are either retarded or so insane they cannot learn.

  • none of your business

    Weren’t there articles like this 65 years ago claiming that riding buses 30 miles each way so they could have White teachers and terrorize White children would bring them right up to grade level?
    Now what is the solution? Smaller classes? More work for teachers keeping records and making up creative innovative lesson plans? Brand new textbooks every year? Some weirdo new method of teaching math? More office jobs for affirmative action morons?
    Same old same old.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Forget about minority students. Watching my Bears play football yesterday I noticed they’re all black, like in the SEC. Give the white man a break, I say.

  • Tarczan

    Ohio just came out with their school test scores and once again the black schools did terribly. The new term is “inner-ring” suburbs; the ones which have gone darkie. Not a mention in the press between darkies and pathetic academics.

  • Paleoconn

    The teachers are honest at least, unlike in Atlanta, where meteoric improvements appeared from one year to the next only to realize teachers cheated. Their bonuses were taken away and they were jailed.