The New Land of Opportunity for Immigrants Is Germany

Anthony Faiola, Washington Post, July 27, 2014

An unemployed architect back in Barcelona, Jordi Colombi weighed his options and decided to start a new life. Armed with two suitcases and a Spanish-omelet recipe to feed his homesickness, he arrived two months ago in the land of opportunity.


In the United States, the immigration debate is toxic and paralyzed. Political parties raging against foreigners are surging at the polls in Britain and France. But in Germany, the government is rolling out a red carpet by simplifying immigration procedures, funding free language classes, even opening “ welcome centers” for newcomers looking to carve out a piece of the German dream.

In the rankings of the globe’s most prosperous countries, this economic powerhouse of 82 million has now leapfrogged Canada, Britain, Italy and Spain to become the largest destination for immigrants after the United States, according to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Because of a morbidly low birthrate, the population here is shrinking, raising the pivotal question of who will keep the massive German economy humming in the years ahead. Yet even as insular nations facing similar plights, such as Japan, continue to resist importing workers, Germany is counting on immigrants such as Colombi. In a nation where former Chancellor Helmut Kohl once famously declared that “Germany is not an immigrant country,” the 36-year-old Spaniard is part of what is fast becoming a global experiment in the immigration debate.


Germany has gone through waves of immigration before, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, when great numbers of Turkish guest workers helped provide the backbone of its Cold War-era economy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, ethnic Germans poured back into the country, mostly from points east.

But the latest upsurge is largely based on Germany’s reemergence in recent years as Europe’s undisputed economic leader, a beacon of light on a continent still suffering from the aftermath of a brutal debt crisis. In the 28-nation European Union, free movement of labor means nationals can easily relocate from one country to the next. And with unemployment at 25.1 percent in Spain, 26.6 percent in Greece, and 12.6 percent in Italy, Germany–with an economy built on industrial giants such as Siemens and an army of innovative small and midsize companies–has never looked so good.

But Germany also is looking beyond Europe for prospective workers, with German factories courting Indian engineers and German universities competing for Chinese students. In 2012, Germany simplified the process for immigrants from outside the E.U. In 2013, Germany introduced a “Blue Card” system, effectively granting entry to anyone with a university degree and a job offer with a minimum salary of $50,000 to $64,000 a year, depending on the field. As a result, the average immigrant moving to Germany is better educated and more skilled than the average German.

To a far smaller degree, Germany also is reaching out to the jobless. In 2013, the government launched a special program aimed at young, unemployed Europeans ages 18 to 35, covering their travel, language courses and living costs while offering them vocational training in Germany. Interest in the $609 million program proved so overwhelming, however, that the German government had to cease taking new applicants in April.

Chancellor Angela Merkel–echoing the warnings of other European leaders such as Britain’s David Cameron–has spoken out against immigrants relocating here merely to tap generous domestic welfare benefits. Yet in contrast to the foreigner-bashing unfolding across Europe, she told economic leaders late last year that “Germany today is a country that is indeed very open to immigration.”


The number of immigrants is expected to taper off as other European countries begin to recover. Yet the sheer size of the recent wave–about 400,000 immigrants arrived in 2012, up 38 percent compared with the previous year–is testing the limits of Germany’s welcome mat.

In the struggling coal town of Dortmund, an apparent backlash against foreigners led to the election to the city council last month of a far-right politician who campaigned on the slogan, “Germany for Germans.” Also last month, a report from Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution registered 473 physical assaults motivated by xenophobia in 2013, up 20 percent from a year earlier. And many Germans still call the lack of assimilation among Turkish immigrants–including their second- and third-generation children and grandchildren–a leading national problem.

But anti-immigrant and far-right parties have gained nowhere near as much traction in Germany as they have in countries elsewhere in Europe. Observers call it partly a product of World War II-era guilt, a sense that Germans owe their neighbors a share of their newfound prosperity.

But it also is an invention of German pragmatism. The aging population is shrinking here, with the 2011 census showing a loss of about 1.5 million people since the 1980s. As the decline accelerates, by 2030 the government predicts a hole as big as 2.3 million workers in the German labor force.

Whether they like it or not, “Germans know they need immigrants,” said Reiner Klingholz, managing director of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development.


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  • MekongDelta69

    I’m sure the WaPo is beyond gleeful that Germany hasn’t learned a thing from the rest of its neighbors.

    • anew

      At least most of the immigrants to Germany are white Europeans, and more Turks are now going home than are immigrating into Germany. Net immigration into Germany is probably running above 80% white. It would be better if it were 100%, and if most of those whites were young people from the Americas, but 80-85% white immigration into a country that is 92-93% white is not near as disastrous as what is happening in the other major Western economic powers.

      • shockblock

        BUT whites in all these nations (Germany, Sweden, Russia, England, etc) need to start having the large white families we used to. If whites leave one nation to go to another, there are less whites in that former nation to keep it up. That leaves room open for nonwhites to invade (even more). I’m sorry, but if whites have the freedom to flee areas instead of standing their ground and fight, we will keep running away and will eventually run out of places to run to.

  • JackKrak

    Berlin is like L.A., Miami or London – the people who made it great have long since left and been replaced by people from the more donkey and camel-intensive parts of the world.

    • Eddie Lutz

      This is true for the entire Western world.

    • Augustus3709

      Berlin is still mostly White.

  • anony

    Germany should encourage its own to “make new Germans. Alternatively, they, obviously, should restrict the immigration to Whites.

    Yeah, fat chance.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      There is nothing wrong with having a smaller population. It generally means that natural resources, jobs, and educational opportunities are more readily accessible to the native-born. However, if the Germans insist on having a bigger population, then they should focus also on on the quality of the people that they are importing and not simply the quantity.

      • anew

        There is nothing wrong with having a smaller population.

        I agree that countries can do just fine with a birthrate below replacement level (2-2.1 children per woman), but once it gets below 1.6, it does become a problem, especially in a state with a generous pensions program. The British Isles, France, Scandinavia, and Benelux have healthy enough birthrates, but Germany, Austria, Italy, and most of Eastern Europe don’t. The latter states need white immigrants to make-up the difference in the deaths-to-births ratio. But the former ones need them too, to make-up the difference in the whites-to-nonwhites ratio.

        • IstvanIN

          Then you skew the tax rates towards large families, not screw the native population.

        • plaintruthforidiots

          You don’t even understand where money comes from… Nor who owns the land in your country (i.e. who STOLE the land from the rest of you, and makes you all work as wage slaves to pay for 25 years to own a postage stamp sized piece of land with a crappy, shoe box sized house on it.)
          Where does money come from? Answer that first, then we’ll see if you actually have a clue what you’re talking about.

      • anony

        Making new Germans does not necessarily mean growing the population. It takes 2.4 children to simply replace the parents. If a population is not producing at that level, and there is no immigration, that population is shrinking.

    • none of your business

      Germany has big welfare benefits to encourage births. But the Germans just don’t want to have children. It is too bad as the women especially are one of the best looking ethnic groups on earth.

      • asdf

        Maybe at some point whites in all these nations will wake up and start having more white kids, but things will have to be look beyond bleak before that happens. Whites historically never react until they’re backed into a corner.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    There are a few million white South Africans who need a place to stay…

    • adplatt126

      Love it. They should roll out the red carpet for the Boers. Seriously. Poland and the Czech Republic too. Silesia is short on Germans and has been for some time…

  • IstvanIN

    Very sad. Germany Extinguished. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. must be beside himself.

    • Ella

      This chosen banker would love to see the German people permanently extinguished to bare bones.

  • Truthseeker

    How sad to see our ancestral homelands being turned into mere geographical expressions that no one has any inherent birthright to. It’s the curse of being the most advanced race.

  • Anglokraut

    If anyone has a right to move to Germany, it is Americans of German descent. America is a poisoned well–a place which I can’t recognize anymore, and I’m only 33 years old.

    Perhaps there is something to this–my brother was stationed in Germany when he wasn’t blowing up sh*t in Iraq, and he said that he picked up German quickly, and with our family name, he was regarded as a fellow German by the native Germans.

    • 1stworlder

      You would miss what little free speech the US has.

    • IstvanIN

      English is a Germanic language.

      • Anglokraut

        Sure is, which is really helpful. I’m trying to learn Spanish, but for as grammatically simple as Spanish is, the phonetics are wickedly difficult for me. Specifically, I have a hard time rolling my Rs. The most difficult phonetic I’ve encountered in German is S, because it’s pronounced ‘sh’, which makes saying words like ‘straBe” really tricky for me: sh-tra-sah.

        • M.

          “I have a hard time rolling my Rs.”

          You do that all the time. If you can say “get outta here” then you can say “primera hora”.

          • OS-Q

            Saying “butter” thousands of times helped

    • Alexandra1973

      I’m of German descent myself. Sometimes I wish I’d taken German in school instead of Spanish and French. Oh well.

      • Anglokraut

        If German had been offered at my school I would have taken four years of it! As it was, I took four years of French; I really enjoyed it, and was good at it too, but outside of woefully infrequent trips to Canada, I’ve only had one opportunity to speak French in the U.S. outside of a classroom setting.

  • Steven Williams

    The main immigrant problems that Germany faces are third world immigrants. Immigrants from other European countries to Germany don’t count because they are ethnic whites except for blacks and Muslims born in those countries.

    • IstvanIN

      Large numbers of Poles, Spaniards, or Hungarians would still change Germany irrevocably.

      • Ella

        I might agree about the Spaniards being Mediterranean Latin culture, but the Poles and Hungarians probably will “Anglicize” more quickly. Look at the Poles in the US on how quickly that they acculturated.

        • IstvanIN

          I am not “anti-Eastern European”, but America is different than Europe. Germany needs to remain overwhelmingly ethnically German to remain German. Americans are not quite the same as the ancient race of Huns who have thousands of years of ethnic history.

          • Ella

            I think Polish who remain in Germany permanently will be “Germanized” culturally. In the US, we “Anglicized” immigrants to be more Anglo-Saxon British. It is why you and I speak English and not German. Poles from the Baltic area have some Nordic descent, and there were ethically mixed Germanic-slav tribes in the East according to Roman writers. Most Germans are not Slavs though.

      • anew

        Genetically speaking, Germany and Poland, like England and Ireland, have been all but the same country for centuries.

        Obviously co-ethnics tend to be more closely genetically related than co-racials, but essentially ethnicity is a matter of race and language. If you are white and speak German as your mother tongue, you’re a German.

  • NoMosqueHere

    I don’t understand any of this. Have whites forgotten how to make babies?

    • Samuel_Morton

      It seems that every group with future time orientation are choosing to have less children (don’t want to bring children into a world if you can’t afford them), whereas low-IQ groups who live in the now are procreating wildly to satisfy immediate desires. Dysgenic to the extreme.

      The ultimate tragedy is that Westerners have been hoodwinked into believing the great myth of equality, such that all humans are interchangeable. If there’s a deficit of Germans, then just bring in some Africans and they will also work long hours and spend their free time at the opera gaining a loving appreciation of Tristan und Isolde.

      • Kenner

        Perfect summation.

      • Holden

        “…such that all humans are interchangeable.”

        Bingo. Both left-liberalism and right-liberalism see men as mere economic units: interchangeable cogs in the global economy. Even so called “conservative” Republicans can’t bring themselves to express opposition to immigration except on the aspect of the economy. Not nation, not ethny, only the economy.

        I’d like to ask you your opinion about something relating to your first paragraph. The government is also financing the underclass’ population growth through benefits and “entitlements” (WIC, SNAP, etc.). I, however, have chosen to not take part in these schemes because I was raised to be self-sufficient. That being said, we struggle to raise our children on a single income, even when keeping a strict budget (and homeschooling will add an additional financial burden). Do you think that whites should take advantage of the same benefits that the underclass uses, or should we continue to be self-sufficient, even when it works against us demographically? Thoughts?

        • anony

          Take advantage of the benefits and have more children. Your economic situation does not necessarily translate to your children. Use my portion of taxes for your benefits. I gladly give them to you.

        • M.

          You’ve probably already paid for all of these benefits through taxes.

        • none of your business

          Absolutely get the food stamps and free school lunches and anything you can get. A lot of those children’s sports teams that cost $150.00 per season will give a big discount if you tell them your want them but can’t afford them. Children with lower middle class working parents are often eligible for medi caid. Do you know about Earned income tax credit for working parents with kids? Check it out.
          Of course you will have to take days off work to hang around the welfare offices and that could get you fired.
          Section 8 and other govt housing is forbidden to Whites both because of govt discrimination against us and because we would be killed by the africans.

        • Samuel_Morton

          I agree with the others – as long as someone’s not gaming the system, and as long as they are not becoming a slave to the government dole, then I don’t see why they couldn’t take advantage of assistance available to them. I think of it this way: I wouldn’t think poorly of a native of Denmark or any other northern European country for using a social program. In the same way, our Northern European brethren built this country and we have inherited (and bought-into) the system. So the social programs are designed exactly for productive members of society who need a helping hand.

    • 1stworlder

      Feminism was designed to have productive smart people have less kids. Telling women to get a career during their most fertile years, then they don’t look to have kids until their biological clock starts running out. Fertility drops dramatically after 35yo, and you only have a 5% chance of getting preg at 40 naturally. Older mothers also have more complications for themselves and children. Basically white women are working so their taxes can pay for Latrina’s 21 illegitimate kids.

      • Magician

        Jamala’s 50 kids (from 45 different daddies)

  • 1stworlder

    Didn’t they learn from importing Turks?

    • M.

      The Turks they imported tended to be blue-collar workers, not necessarily very eduacted, contrary to this more recent wave of immigrants. But it’s still sad to watch.

  • a1781054

    Do these non-Whites have some obsession with being oppressed by Whites?

  • Ella

    I believe Germany handled their immigration in a responsible manner. They first allowed many ethnic Germans to return home back to Germany. The largest immigrant group in Germany from census counts is the Poles. Near half of Poles have some Germano-slavic origin sharing borders.

  • John R

    So Germany wants immigrants to take the place of German’s and make up for falling birthrates? And what kind of society will these newcomers build? Germany should note that Japan has the same problem-but is not solving it by adding immigrants to it’s population.

  • bilderbuster

    This is exactly what Karl Marx and co. have always had planned for the German people.

    • Jack Burton

      Yes, but not just Germans, all whites. The difference was, Germans were the biggest, perhaps the only threat to stopping them. With the Germans defeated, now whites worldwide are at their mercy.

  • MBlanc46

    Until it’s no longer Germany, but Turkey, Somalia, and god knows where else.

  • Leon NJ

    Britian is now Pakistan, France is now Algeria, and Germany is now Turkey.

    • Jack Burton

      Let’s see how far along the cancer patients are:

      Berlin is about 12% Asian, 2% black.

      London is about 20% Asian, 16% Black.

      New York City is about 29% Hispanic, 26% black and 13% Asian.

  • KenelmDigby

    The article does not make it clear if the immigrants are White Europeans fleeing the economic disaster of the EU or if they are darkies from the third world. If they are the former, then there can be no serious objection, if the latter, well, Germany has learned nothing from its disastrous decision to contemplate third world immigration in the past.

    • M.

      Immigrants to Germany tend to be educated and intelligent regardless of their background. They will probably not cause much mayhem, but the displacement of indigenous Germans is still sad to witness.

      I saw a TV report on them recently. Around half of them come from the EU, mainly from Southern Europe. The others tend to be East Asian and Indian (who are dominating the start-up computer companies), and to a lesser extent, from various other parts of the world.

      Today’s immigrants to Germany are definitely of higher quality than those of the Cold War era, who were mainly blue-collar workers (from Turkey).

  • none of your business

    Unfortunately the German police departments are now under immense pressure to get rid of their excellent civil service system and substitute affirmative action for non European immigrants which in German is Muslims from the most backward parts of Turkey.

    I lived and worked in Germany for 5 years. It is the most wonderful nation on earth except for the Turks. The Greek, italian and other immigrants are fine, but the Turks are a pustule
    on the beautiful face of Germany, especially for women. They don’t commit the rapes that Swedish muslims do,but they harass and grab and in general act like American blacks towards women.
    But the German people and their society is the most efficient on earth.

  • none of your business

    Another blot is the incessant American military blacks all over the place. I worked in Frankfurt which is overrun with them. The average working class German is upper middle class compared to the average American working class.

  • Alexandra1973

    I say they should consider taking in the Boers and getting them out of the war zone known as South Africa.

  • Jack Burton

    Germany isn’t nearly as bad as Britain and the US.

    91.5% Germans
    2.4% German Turks
    2.3% German Asians
    2.1% Afro-Germans
    1.7% Other/Unspecified

  • The Final Solution

    Amazing that the baby boom following WW2 didn’t require immigrants. Nor the rise of Germany post WW1. This house of cards is about ready to fall. As I’ve said before, even the most liberal of scientists are starting to denounce mass immigration.

  • Augustus3709

    Germany has the wonderful law of blood. France has the law of soil.

    We can clearly see which one is better. Immigration into Germany is also less desirable because Germans have extremely high demands on the quality of your work, so there is not the anchor baby welfare culture. You actually need to pull your own weight. It’s beautiful.

    But The War on Germany didn’t end in 1945, and one of the occupiers’ laws is that they are supposed to accept all asylum seekers, which is a clear attack on the coherency of the people, …but it could be worse.

    • asdf

      But they can be conned into ‘not being racist’ or have laws against them speaking out against illegal nonwhite immigration and they will fold like other whites have.

  • Augustus3709

    Are you serious? Germany went out of its way to avoid war with England, in spite of the attacks on German civilians by the British government after WW1 and at the onset of WW2.

    Germany wanted friendship with England but the elite of your country brought genocide to Germany and destroyed the British Empire in the process. You want “punishment”, clean your own house which is now flooding your homeland with Muslims and Africans who rape your girls.

  • Pat Kittle

    Yeah, Jewish supremacists, flood those Western countries with immigrants while your precious Israel has arguably the most racist immigration policy on Earth.

    We know who’s behind this crap.

  • MoMo

    All Germany has to do is import countless Africans. The one thing they can do is make babies. Plenty of babies!