Study: Mideast Immigrants to US Pose Huge Security Threat

Todd Beamon, Newsmax, September 25, 2014

A new study shows that the number of immigrants in the United States jumped 3 percent in three years–to a record 41.3 million in 2013–and that the nearly 300,000 who came from Muslim countries pose a major national security threat, the report’s co-author told Newsmax on Thursday.

“All of that does raise national security concerns, and I don’t think there has been any consideration of that,” said Steven Camarota, research director for the Center for Immigration Studies.

The Washington-based nonprofit organization released the study on Thursday. It is based on an analysis of Census data from 2010 to last year. Camarota conducted the study and co-authored it with CIS demographer Karen Zeigler.

“The primary threat from a group like ISIS to the homeland is through our immigration system,” Camarota said, referring to the Islamic State terrorist group that has beheaded three Westerners in recent weeks.

“No one’s suggesting that they’re going to launch a missile and hit New York, but rather they’re going to board an airliner and blow it up,” he added. “They’re going to park a car in a public place, they’re going to go on a shooting spree, or any one of those things.

“Our immigration system is a vital part of national security. Everybody doesn’t seem to recognize that,” Camarota said. “The question is, what are the implications of our rapidly growing Middle Eastern population? The numbers certainly raise it.”

The CIS report shows that the United States was home to a record 41.3 million legal and illegal immigrants last year. That was up nearly 1.4 million from the 39.9 million in 2010, while the number was 31.1 million in 2000.

By comparison, the U.S. immigrant population stood at 9.6 million in 1970.

About 16 percent of the U.S. population last year was foreign-born, whether in the country legally or illegally, according to the data. That’s about one in eight residents, or one of every six adults.


The largest number of immigrants in the United States are Mexicans, with more than 11.5 million living here illegally and legally last year. The number of Mexican immigrants fell by 126,126–or 1 percent–over the period because of some dying and others leaving the country, Camarota said.

According to the study, the Middle Eastern population grew by 207,758 in the period, or 13 percent, to more than 1.8 million last year. That compared with 1.6 million in 2010 and 1.1 million in 2000.

Leading the growth from that region was Saudi Arabia, with 43,878 immigrants–nearly double the number who were in the U.S. in 2010. The analysis shows that 88,894 Saudis lived in this country last year.

Iraq was next, with about 41,094 immigrants, for a 26 percent increase to a total of 200, 894.

But the total number of immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries totaled 295,743 in the period, according to the CIS study. That was up by 13.5 percent.

The total number of immigrants from primarily Muslim countries in the U.S. was more than 2.4 million last year, compared with 2.1 million in 2010 and 1.5 million in 2000.


[Editor’s Note: The full study is available here.]

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  • propagandaoftruth

    And the libtards think Christian fundamentalists are bad…

    They’re gonna love these guys. Most look kind of black, too. Double fetish fest.

    • WR_the_realist

      But the $PLC assures the DHS that the real terrorists are all Christian white male heterosexual gun owners — every liberal’s worst nightmare.

      • bilderbuster

        Yet the SPLS is made up of people of Middle Eastern descent who have terrorized Europeans, toppled our governments, subverted our cultures and slaughtered our peoples for the last century.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Headed by a faux Hebrew, by the way.

          • bilderbuster

            Keep in mind that Morris Slegman Dees is a member of good standing in the Jewish Community and an adviser to DHS.

          • propagandaoftruth

            So was Cyrus the Persian, but the Jews called him a messiah as well.

            Dees ain’t no Jew. Named for an unrelated Jewish pal of his father’s. He conspicuously presents the name when trying to sucker $$$$$ out of poor, libtard non-Southern Jews who buy into the Jew York, Jew Hollywierd, 2000 maniacs view of the South.

            I hate those kind of Jews, but Seligman’s not one of them. In a way, he’s kind of Jewing the Jews, you know?

            Apologies to the Jews here. I don’t hate you guys.

          • bilderbuster

            That’s right!
            He’s an Engleman when it comes to the Hebrews.
            Mark Potok is their man.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        That’s because European-American men won’t behead you when you falsely accuse them. Not yet, anyway. <;-D

  • shmo123

    I bang the drum about immigration reform every chance I get. I never tire of reminding people that what was once a source of great strength for this country– Europeans who came to build something and work their asses off, with no guarantees of success and no safety nets to help, is now going to be source of our doom. Now we have millions of third worlders with no cultural or historical ties to this country whatsoever draining the coffers because the US government is Santa Claus 365 days a year. No country can do that indefinitely, and it’s only a matter of time, but they’ll keep printing or borrowing the money until the whole damn thing collapses. The whole idea of a multicultural society made up of endless tribes with nothing in common and disparate interests is absolute madness.

    • bilderbuster

      The money changers at the temple’s printing presses can’t print the trillions fast enough. They just type in more zeros on their computers to turn billions into trillions these days.

    • Germanicus

      (White) girls just wanna have fun. And the males and goofballs too after decades of feminist propaganda spewing from big players and makers (they think) of reality. “Will the real reality please stand up?”

    • AndrewInterrupted

      “Immigration reform” is a liberal talking point. The only “reform” that is needed is scrapping Hart-Celler-1965.

      • shmo123

        Agreed. Hart-Cellar was the birth of the monster. I could’ve used a better term, but I think my meaning was clear.

  • BTW, Islamic State is at Clemson this Saturday. Does anyone know the Vegas line? I would expect it to favor Clemson heavily because Islamic State’s star QB, Osama bin Laden IV, has been suspended for the game for having stood on top of tables inside the student union and yelling out Christian Bible verses.

    • MekongDelta69

      ISIS -5, but ONLY if OBL gets to hold a scimitar on the sideline and gets to ‘clothesline’ any Tiger running down the sideline on a kickoff return.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Rednecks turn orange in the fall.

      Old Gamecock/Tiger joke. Quite a rivalry.

  • Dave4088

    If something is bad or a demonstrable failure then that means we need more of it, so I expect the media and government to encourage more “immigration” from regions cited in this article.

  • John R

    Mid East immigrants pose huge security risk. Mexican/Central American immigrants are a huge economic burden. African immigrants are both. So, why the hell do we even HAVE immigrants, can anyone explain?

    • Bossman

      The USA is trying to show the world that it is a just and free country. If the USA were to go back to a time when it favored Europeans and Latin Americans, all of East Asia and South Asia, Africa and the Middle East would become very hostile to the USA.

      • WR_the_realist

        I want to go back to a time when U.S. immigration policy favored free white people of good character (our country’s first immigration policy). If the rest of the world hates us for that, tough. OTOH, I wouldn’t favor attacking Assad, or Putin, or anybody else who hasn’t actually attacked the United States.

      • Periapsis

        They were ALWAYS hostile towards us, so we lose nothing but a lot of potential insurgents and fifth columnists by expelling the illegals already here, and only admitting people of European heritage that are Christian. No Jews, no Muslims, nobody else who are alien to us ethnically, culturally or religiously.

        • Bossman

          Well Jews would be allowed since freedom of religion is enshrined in the Constitution. I think that the USA had a good immigration policy when it favored Europeans and Latin Americans as it was before 1965. Right now the people benefiting most from U.S. immigration policy are East Asians for no other reason that there are more of them than anybody else.

        • benvad

          I feel bad for the Middle East minorities but it’s better for is to just arm them.

      • OS-Q

        How could the Middle East get any more hostile than what it is?

        I think the world would be somewhat upset, but then they would come to respect us more, not less, and deal with us more honestly.

        The Chinese government would have to buy our technology rather than use corporate espionage.

      • That argument was made during the Cold War. Can’t believe anyone is still making it. And of course the regions you name are living these beliefs by demographically phasing out their own majority ethnic groups. [sarc]

    • 4321realist

      Our brilliant elites, comprised of the big money boys and government demagogues want warm bodies as tax units and consumers to keep their Ponzi scheme going, because they see it as a way to enrich themselves further in addition to gaining more power, while they live in their gated, guarded, armed communities above the unwashed tumultuous masses, who they keep drugged with non-stop entertainment and sports spectacles.

      Their loyalty is to power and the almighty dollar, not their own people and country.

    • MBlanc46

      Employers like cheap labor and they pay politicians to provide it for them.

    • Gary John 金白龍

      Diversity is a strength, doncha know???? (Sarcasm gone through the roof)

    • ghettovalley

      I support white immigration from anywhere. I would suggest we start a new program where we trade three of our own beloved American minority friends for one white foreigner. Maybe I should run for office and take my immigration platform to the mainstream media.

  • Sorry .no trial, no background check . . just disappear.

  • Muslims perform two primary functions in the US:

    1. They keep us afraid so that we demand more tyrannical security measures.
    2. We’re told we have to fight them in the sand dunes to make us safer at home. Thus, support for endless war is drummed up.

    It’s all part of the same globalist plan that seeks to replace the white working class with Mexicans. It’s not about the love of diversity and that nonsense. It’s economics. The rich want an even bigger share of the world’s wealth. Whites stand in the way. They have to control us and eliminate us via miscegenation, low white birth rates, demoraliztion, etc.

    The sharing of truth on the Internet is putting a dent in their plan. That’s why they’re trying to control the Internet.

  • 4321realist

    “Study: Mideast Immigrants to US Pose Huge Security Threat”

    They do pose a VERY serious threat, more so in France and Britain than the US.

    But they’re no more a security threat than blacks are whose black on white mob attacks and their hatred of white people and this country are at severe levels right now. They also pose a threat by being unable to learn, which causes school curriculum to be dumbed down throughout the country in addition to being the biggest trouble-makers possible by disrupting school learning environments with their criminal behavior.

    And the Hispanic menace wants to take over control of the entire Southwest by a soft invasion of their tribal kin. They want to replace our culture, history and historical figures with those of the failed states they fled from, which are so corrupt they couldn’t provide jobs for them, and all of them are rife with drug gangs and out-of-control crime.

    In addition to these people are there any non-whites here who value this country as a place of freedom? Sorry but the answer is “no.”

    All of them are constantly fighting for power and control. And all of them constitute an enemy within.

    And all of them reveal VERY CLEARLY that diversity is a recipe for disaster and will cause societal break-up into sovereign enclaves eventually.

    • bilderbuster

      So true and it shouldn’t take a “Study” to figure this one out nor is it “News”.

  • Easyrhino

    The current US based Muslim population you may consider “sleepers”. Once their percentage of the population meets critical mass the gloves (self restraint) will come off and their true intent will be open for all to see.

    When that day comes will it be too late to arrest their expansionist, militant, socio-political ideology or will we too concerned with being labeled a racist?

  • WR_the_realist

    So our response to 911 was to increase the number of immigrants from Muslim countries by 900,000. Way to go, federal government. No doubt this can be compensated for by feeling up more grandmothers and children at our airports.

  • Periapsis

    I am seeing Saudis, and others who are clearly Middle Eastern in what should be Podunkville Alabama, and I am seeing A LOT of them. I never say a single one outside of the university campus until several years after 9/11. There are mosques in my area as well, and that does not make me feel safe on the streets. I would not be surprised if the true number of Muslims in our midst are actually several times higher than the yellow journalism press is telling us. They are setting up beach heads for the invasion they are sure they are going to win, but are destined to lose.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      A lot of mosques going up throughout the country.

      They are having a lot of children.

      The feminized Western world better wake up.

      I don’t believe the official census numbers of Muslims in the Western world. There are far more than being listed “officially” This is similar to illegals.

      • bilderbuster

        Where ever a mosque is built it will become a settling point for Muslims and because the percentage of White Catholics is declining, you can bet that when a new Catholic Church is being built in a rural area that Hispanics have arrived.

        • Jimmy Joseph


          The Catholic Church is supporting illegal immigration due to its concern that it will fall behind with decreasing demographics.

          It doesn’t want to give position to the Muslims or Protestant Churches.

          • 4321realist

            It also wants to maintain its income level.

          • Jimmy Joseph


            Although, Mexican illegals will take more than they give. They will be a net loss economically.

    • antiquesunlight

      Those people freak me out. They’re all over college campus. It’s hard to imagine anything less American than those Sith Lord looking weirdoes. They are the starkest reminder that most immigrants are not at all interested in or capable of assimilating.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Three attractive white girls being polluted by the burkah menace. I need a bath after seeing this one.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Ironically, the more skin western women show, the fewer babies they have.

      • AndrewInterrupted

  • MBlanc46

    I had a medical appointment today. In the parking lot I saw a woman dressed head to foot in black, with a black veil covering her face. Her husband was wearing Middle Eastern/Central Asian dress as well. When I was a kid, we’d occasionally see nuns out and about, clad all in black except for a white wimple. Although separate, the nuns were still American in culture. I’m skeptical that the Muslim couple I saw ever will be Americans.

    • NoMosqueHere

      They are not americans; they are alien invaders and each and every one of them without exception should be expelled.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Shall we take a page out of the playbook of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain? Back when Spain was a shining beacon in Western Civilization, they expelled the Moors, world opinion be damned.

      • ghettovalley

        You should run for office. You’ve got my vote.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Study: Mideast Immigrants to U.S. Pose Huge Security Threat.

    Like, D-U-H.

  • Just wait, I see Harvard on Islamic State’s road schedule later this season. At that game, all the Harvard fans will be cheering for Islamic State.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    Ho, hum.

    Multiculturalism and the “you know who” are the biggest security threat.

  • Paleoconn

    They did a study to determine this?