Rock Hill Teen Says She Was Bullied on School Bus, Beat for ‘Acting Too Much Like a White Person’

Andrew Dys, The State, September 5, 2014

A Rock Hill teen told police she was bullied on a school bus Thursday afternoon then beaten up by another girl after she was told she was acting “too much like a white person.”

The victim, 16, told police that after getting off the bus on McDow Drive she was punched several times before the female assailant fled, the report states. The claims were corroborated by witnesses interviewed by responding officers, a Rock Hill police report states.

Officers found the victim had injuries to her head, shoulders, and a cut above her right eye. Her injuries required her to be taken by ambulance for medical treatment.

The victim told police she has had a problem with the assailant for at least a year. The victim said because she is “light-skinned black female,” the assailant, also described in the report as a black female, taunts her and tries to pick a fight but the victim refuses.


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  • MekongDelta69

    As always – it’s called jealousy

    • John Smith

      Yep, you’re spot on.

      Deep down in their souls, black women know they are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of desirability, which is why they are so insecure, loud and violent.

      Funny…black females don’t mind “claiming” the attractive and successful mulattoes like Halle Barry as being black, but they sure do object being in close proximity to them.

      Funny how blacks in general are the only race on the planet that will happily claim someone who is 15-20% (Tiger Woods) as one of their own. (Hey, our “black” prez, hero to millions of them, gotz a white momma)

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Exactly. The Negro bully is jealous of the Mulatto girl, and jealous of far more than just looks. The Mulattto girl, if this is an all Black school, is probably one of the star students. Mulattoes are almost always more intelligent than the darker Negroes. They have some Caucasian in their gene pool, so it is no surprise that they are smarter, and also have a stronger moral compass than the darker Negroes. Mulattoes are still Negroes, still exhibit the Negro temperament, but it is moderated. I’ve heard many times that they are frequently treated very poorly by the darker Negroes. You would think that this would catalyze loyalties to Whites over Negroes, but that is seldom true. Obongo is a good example of this. Despite being raised by loving White Grandparents and abandoned by his Negro father, everything is still about being a Negro with Obongo.

        • benvad

          That’s why mulattoes are dangerous to us. They see themselves as replacing the white rulers.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            They are dangerous indeed. Their ranks are going to grow immensely in the next 20 years here in the states. White/Negro miscegenation is rampant, usually with a White Mom, and Dad a Negro sperm donor. I wish we could sent every one of these stupid Mulattoes to Africa. Let them be rulers of African dictatorships. This is where Obongo belongs.

          • HamletsGhost

            The film “Birth of a Nation” touched on this apparently long-standing meme. The mulatto in the story wants to marry a white woman to be his queen of a black empire in the south with him as king.

            Mulattoes aren’t white enough to be white, so they envy whites and ultimately wish to destroy what they can never be. They have contempt for the blacks, whom they see as their inferiors. What a predicament the tragic mulatto must feel.

    • archer

      Her daddy should find her a black jack to hide in her purse, one good crack on the head with that, end of problem.

  • Adolf Verloc

    I have always felt sympathy for blacks who are harassed and beaten for “acting white.” I knew a black drummer in Philly who was a gentle, pacifistic soul who got beaten up all through high school both by the neighborhood gang and other gangs. At least he has the satisfaction of being alive while many of his tormentors are laid out on slabs.

    • Mack0

      I had a black friend named Josh who was constantly being insulted for acting white by other blacks. His dad, yes his dad was present. was a task master and made certain Josh was well spoken, respectful and had a value for education.

      • Alexandra1973

        They’re out there. They may be the exception, but they’re out there.

        • David Jones

          Absolutely! When I read this on Yahoo news you would be surprised by the Blacks who had to endure this when growing up. Many said they have never encountered racism from Whites but mostly hatred and jealously from Blacks. Many older Blacks refused to send their children to majority Black schools. I read this in the comments section of which there were thousands.

          • LHathaway

            Most of them knuckle under. I’m sure they can be pressured in ways where their ‘tormentors’ never have to say a word.

            Perhaps this represents another era more than our current one but it’s been said that light skinned ones have to act ‘extra black’ in order to try and fit in and conform to this kind of political correctness and perhaps they often did.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Such Blacks, particularly Mulattoes, are certainly out there, yes, but this does not mean that their loyalties are to Whites. Logic is elusive to non-existent in the Negro mind. Look at Obongo. Before the 2008 election, many older White Democrats figured that, being a Mulatto raised by his White Grandparents, he couldn’t possibly harbor anti-White sentiments, or seek to shower Negroes with preferential treatment. After all, these older Whites figured, that just didn’t “make sense”. Fast forward to summer 2013. Mr. Mulatto boy is supporting and encouraging anti-White hatred in response to the Zimmerman assault. Mr. Mulatto boy, raised by loving White Grandparents and abandoned by a reptilian Negro father, is no better than Sharpton and Jackson. Whites who trusted him to be a healer of racial tensions find that he is just like most Negroes. Everything is about race for him. The Negro race. Same bull crap as most Blacks, with Black homicidal maniacs and rapists all being innocent.

          • benvad

            You’re the only one who understands and is realistic, the commenters seem to be holding out for new comrade.

          • saxonsun

            I had an Hispanic student who told the class that whites are not racist at all but blacks and Hispanics are. Loved it.

          • Kenner

            Good to see you posting again.

          • saxonsun

            I’d post more often, but frankly, as a gay woman, I don’t feel welcome here.

          • Magician

            Post some pictures of you touching your partner in your lingerie and you will be suddenly every male AmRen member’s favorite poster including me

            But all jokes aside, we AmReners are not exactly unhappy with gays and lesbians themselves. We are mostly upset with our government and mainstream media relentlessly glorifying the LGBT community and giving them ridiculously unfair advantages in various situations in our lives nowadays, and convincing our children that “It is cool to be a gay or a lesbian but it is not good to be a straight person”

          • M.

            I hear you!

        • Mack0

          They are rare and some say extinct species of responsible black males. I haven’t seen Josh in over 20 years. I only hope he didn’t bow to the pressure to comfort to the standard of blackness common among his kin.

          • ElComadreja

            It always happens. The “bucket of crabs” analogy is very true

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          They are out there, yes, but logic is elusive in the Negro mind. Most mulattoes think of themselves as Negroes, and their loyalties are to the Negro race. Even when their White side has treated them well and loved them, while their Negro side, and Negroes in general, treat them like garbage. You would think that this Mulatto girl in this story would be a racial realist after her experiences. She probably has a White mudshark Mom, and has never met Dad. If logic ruled, She would want to move to a White neighborhood once grown, and put a nice Confederate Flag in the yard. This is highly unlikely to happen. Logic is highly elusive to non-existent in the Negro mind. Mulattoes like her being loyal to their White side happens about as often as an Israeli joins an Islamic extremist organization.

          • ElComadreja

            Well put.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel


        • benvad

          Don’t let them fool you, they’ll turn on you eventually. One drop rule always applies.

    • Harvard Professor of Medicine

      And yet, these blacks who bully light-skinned blacks would kill to get a white woman. In the presence of a white woman, they change 180 degrees, and begin to worship whites. They are demented and twisted, a mixture of envy and a superiority complex.

      • Guest

        Your handle interests me.

      • DaveMed

        What’s up with your username?

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Of course they do. Negro males, more than most males, think with the head below their belt far more than the head on their shoulders. In the old days, when White moral values were the norm in Western countries, Negro males knew that White females had no use for them. Miscegenation was seen as an abomination by Whites, and Black fantasies about miscegenating with Whites were not given license or approval. Anti-Miscegenation laws were an excellent thing. They set the right tone for the masses, Caucasian as well as Negro.

      • ElComadreja

        Black women are butt-ugly with rotten attitudes and a violent streak. Even those with lots of white blood in them have the same nasty attitude. In a way I can’t blame blacks for wanting nothing to do with their own.

  • Truthseeker

    It’s obvious that something about Whiteness is repulsive to many Blacks. For those of us who are White, our very existence is bothersome to them and causes them to act out violently. Sounds like a good argument for separate countries.

    • Son of Abraham

      Yes, “that something” about Whiteness that offends blacks is called beauty and success.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Just as Blackness is repulsive to most Whites. Before 50 years ago, Whites were honest about their feelings on this issue. A self actualized White person who does not repress their emotions finds Negroes strange and alien, and is repulsed at the very thought of intimacy with a Negro. God made different races for a reason. He also placed us on different continents for a reason, surrounded by geographical barriers for a reason. If not for the European explorers and, later, modern transportation, Whites would not even know that the Negro race exists.

      • ElComadreja

        I’ve always wanted to ask coalburners and oildrillers how they stand the stink.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          I wonder that too. Negresses are repulsive to me, and that includes the Mulattoes. Other than the attitude, they are butt ugly. I’d rather kiss a dog on the lips than a Negress.

    • HamletsGhost

      It’s nothing more than old-fashioned envy. There’s an old tale about a fox and some grapes.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Picking on the smarter blacks who try to do good in school proves their awareness of their inferiority. They equate smart to white and are too stupid to even realize that by picking on the smarter blacks for acting “white” they are actually insulting themselves and confirming what we all know to be true about their limited mental ability.

    • They are also teaching the lighter-skinned, more intelligent blacks to hate them.

      • kikz2

        i certainly hope so.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Yes they are. Unfortunately, few of these smarter Blacks are smart enough to become racial realists with loyalties to the White race first and foremost, honestly viewing the Negro race as an inferior race. Negroes are particularly impaired at using Logic. Look at Obongo and Holder. Two Mulattoes, smarter than the average Negro. Obongo has every reason to be repulsed by Blacks. His Black African father left him. His White Grandparents raised him. Without them, he would not be where he is today. Is he repulsed by Black sociopathy? Not hardly. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” was his reaction to quintessential Black sociopathy in action. A decent man and responsible leader would have reminded Blacks that violence is wrong, and that words never justify violence. He would have portrayed Zimmerman as a brave man for acting in self defense, and mused about how, as a college student, he was moved by another brave man who acted in self defense, a man named Bernie Goetz. He would have told the country that violent young Black men like Trayvon Martin give non-Blacks every reason to fear Blacks, and that anyone who assaults a fellow American, as Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman, will be judged according to their actions by our courts, and that a victim who acts in self defense, as Zimmerman did, has acted within their rights.

      • ElComadreja

        They hate whites more. They are just human enough to realize their predicament.

  • “Acting too much like a white person.”

    What, you mean she doesn’t have any felonies on her rap sheet yet?

    • Epiphany Strachan

      “… a black female, taunts her and tries to pick a fight but the victim refuses.” Yep, definitely acting like a white person- we don’t defend ourselves.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Trying to avoid a fight is reflective of intelligence, and a strong moral compass. If She must act in self defense, though, I hope that She will do so. The media needs high profile and on-going stories about Mulattoes acting in self defense, Zimmerman style, against dark Negro assailants. Obongo will really have to eat crow when the person in Zimmerman’s position resembles him, not the assailant, and this repeats itself over and over.

  • Magician

    “”Acting too much like a white person.””

    What, you mean she makes sure she avoids pregnancy at the age of 12?

    • Magician

      And she makes sure she does not weigh 300 pounds on her 15th birthday?
      And she pays attention in school and is well on her way to one of the top schools in the country?
      And she knows who her biological daddy is, and he lives with her and supports her in many ways as any normal daddy should?
      And she knows the answer to a math equation of “1 + 2 = ?”

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Well on her way to a top college, courtesy of her Blackness. Well on her way instead of a poor White child in Appalachia who is far more intelligent than her. This is how we get idiots like Obongo in the Oval Office.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. The typical Black teen has parents under 40, Grandparents under 60. Blacks breed like rabbits.

      • ElComadreja

        Hell, a black great-grandmother in her thirties is far from unheard of.

    • ElComadreja

      She eats KFC less than 15 times a week.

  • IstvanIN

    What about all the White kids beaten up, permanently injured and killed for being White? That is who I feel sorry for.

    • Rhialto

      Good point! What Blacks do to one another is not my problem.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Same here. A Mulatto is still a Negro.

  • Conrad

    If I remember my history correctly, it was the same in Haiti after their little revolution. I wonder what this “Negro” thinks of Obama.

  • Alexandra1973

    And of course you can blame whatever ancestor was guilty of miscegenation for her predicament.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. Miscegenation with a Negro flushes our genetic inheritance down the commode. A Mulatto is like Yogi Bear. Smarter than the average Negro, yes, but still a Negro.

  • Zimriel

    Tragic mulatta is tragic.

  • Epiphany Strachan

    I posted this recently on a different article….
    And just for the record, they HATE each other. I’m surprised they have as many black friends as they do. Black people are all about status however. I know this hatred is reflected by murder and crime statistics, but I’m speaking of hatred at its basis element- there are shades of black and if you’re “light skinned” or “yellow” you can be attacked or ostracized, esp if there is no poor white bastard around to receive the wrath. They are self- segregating with their names, dress, and attitude- all this bravado to ascend and impress a society they loathe. They hate themselves and I don’t blame them-

  • Michigan Patriot

    This poor victim of black racism & hate crime is lucky; if she was White she would have either permanent brain damage or be dead instead ! She can thank her melanin amount for still breathing.

  • ViktorNN

    Blacks do face a certain problem which I have to admit, is a difficult one to solve.

    To make it in the US and become more or less middle class, blacks have to act white in at least some ways. This puts them at odds with themselves and their community, because, well, let’s face it – blacks hate white people.

    The thing is, even if they get over their aversion to acting white, they then face a deeper problem. They aren’t white. They never will be white. Both racial groups have distinct genetically-based identities which distinguish the two groups in all sorts of important ways.

    Blacks didn’t produce Western Civilization, for example, and they never could have. They can barely reproduce it in their own countries, and they do a crappy job of it there.

    So blacks dealing with the question of whether to act white have to deal with a very profound problem – whether or not to act like something they’re not and never will be. They can imitate “whiteness” – but it’s always an act.

    Separation is the only real solution which acknowledges the right of the two human groups to exist. Instead, the globalist elite in power would rather have us all mix into one vast brown moronic underclass.

    • Charlie

      If you know anything about Black History, and the achievements that some Blacks have made, the overwhelming majority of them, were either light-skinned, mulatto, or, were so light, that they could even “pass”…for instance, Frederick Douglass, the abolitionist and orator, who was actually the first Black ambassador to a foreign country, was the mulatto son of a White slave owner…Booker T. Washington, who was the leading Black educator in the early 20th century, who actually dined with Queen Victoria and Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft, was also the mixed offspring of a White slave owner…Martin Luther King, was of Dutch and Irish ancestry, and Malcolm X, had a White grandfather…whenever one comes across an intelligent Black, who seems to “buck the trend”, one can reasonably be sure, that European blood isn’t too far back in their family history…

  • CPAinLA

    I am completing an MS in Accountancy which is marginally challenging, mostly a test of one’s determination. In our small cohort are two African students. One from godforsaken Rwanda and another living in the third world squalor of Ethiopia. I didn’t think anyone was capable of hating the American negro more than me until I met these two. While we will never be able to get the majority of American’s to face the rude facts of life that our government must stop wasting trillions trying to legislate equality, why isn’t the Black middle class (conceding that through government jobs we have created an artificial Black middle class) as appalled at the underachievement of their foul and feral brethren as these Africans? We must find a way to manipulate the Black middle class to become our own activist much the same as someone brilliantly turned low income blacks against immigration under the guise that is was taking black jobs (and yes, it was challenging trying to not lol when typing black jobs)

    • Dale McNamee

      Dear CPAinLA,

      Your Rwandan & Ethiopian classmates aren’t the only Africans who hate the blacks. My wife & I have friends ( her fellow nurses and doctors ) from Liberia,Nigeria,Ethiopia,Kenya,Ghana,Sierra Leone,etc. and they avoid the US blacks in regular “every day” life… They call US blacks “mongrels” and worse… They don’t let their kids associate with them… And their kids are very studious,intelligent, hard-working ( for those fortunate to have a job )… And they are very conservative politically…

      In fact, we ( who are white ) are considered as “Africans” and are invited to weddings,etc. by them…

      Ironic, isn’t it ?


    I know the girl was a mulatto but this is the same kind of jealousy that makes blacks hate whites and in this case a mulatto. They have an extreme inferiority complex. The mulatto girl probably got far more attention from bucks, sorry I mean young African American males, and maybe even some idiotic white guys, and was probably more intelligent etc. I sympathize with this girl and if we have any decency left in this country the other girl should be expelled from school at the very least but it angers me to think about all of the non mixed white kids who were victimized at school last week ultimately because they are white that we will hear nothing about. To those white self hating swine out there who preach about white privilege and how we must all be more accepting of non whites no matter their behavior I’d like to know how many acts of violence are we supposed to tolerate against our own people and loved ones? Already it is probably way passed the point of more whites being victimized by blacks then blacks were ever victimized by whites through the entire Jim Crow era and slavery etc. No I don’t have stats that prove it but if you do the research about black on white crime rates it only takes common sense to put that together.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Around 3,000 blacks were lynched in a two-hundred year period. Civil rights organizations will even admit that 60-70% were lynched for crimes that they actually did commit. So let’s just leave it at 1,500. That number is surpassed by blacks killing whites every year.

  • It seems this story turned out to be a hoax.

    • JohnEngelman

      SEPTEMBER 8–Cops are considering charging a South Carolina teenager with filing a false police report for claiming that another girl beat her up because she was “acting too much like a white person.”

      In fact, investigators say, the teens fought last week over a boy.

      • Magician

        You always fantasize a Chinese woman and a Jewish woman fighting over you

        • JohnEngelman

          I would rather they not fight. I would rather have both.

  • ElComadreja

    In the absence of whites the darker more apelike ones will always turn their hatred and rage on the lighter more human ones.

  • Magician

    Haha you must have started posting on AmRen very recently

    It was meant to be a joke for John Engelman