Rand Paul Blisters Obama and Clinton, Calls for GOP Diversity

Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times, September 20, 2014

Fewer than 50 days before an election that may give Republicans control of the Senate as well as the House, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Saturday skipped past those contests entirely to focus on one in which he may play a more central role–the 2016 presidential race.

Paul, the featured speaker at the California Republican convention, made no mention of the party’s national advantages this year. He blasted President Obama and potential Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton as insufficient present or future commanders-in-chief. He insisted that the GOP must dramatically expand its reach in order to win presidential contests–a strategy that coincides with his pre-presidential efforts.


{snip} Paul’s more passionate appeal was one that he has forwarded across the country in such unlikely venues as UC Berkeley. Paul’s argument–that the party needs to expand from its older and white base, groups amply represented among the delegates–was framed as one that could reverse the party’s long record of thumpings in California and its national presidential losses.

“When our party looks like America–with earrings and without earrings, with ponytails and without ponytails, with tattoos and without tattoos–when we look like the rest of America–white, black, brown–we’re going to win again,” he told an audience gathered near LAX. {snip}

Paul suggested a freshening of the GOP message–he did not, he said, mean to suggest that the party “dilute” its principles and “be more like Democrats”–in order to attract young voters and the Latino and African American voters who have spurned the party in California and elsewhere.

He specifically cited issues he has pressed for months, including the NSA’s mining of data from cell phones, what he termed excessive sentences for drug use and expanding the ability of voters to cast ballots.


But as he made his argument there was a bit of a reality check in the room–Neel Kashkari, the party’s nominee for governor.

The child of immigrants from India, Kashkari has conducted an unusual campaign: He spent time posing as a homeless person to underscore his criticism of Democratic policies on poverty, and he marched in a gay rights parade in San Diego.

And he remains the longest of long shots in November, trailing Democratic incumbent Jerry Brown by 21 points among likely voters in a recent USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

The same poll found that state Republicans were the antithesis of Paul’s vision of a diverse party: 74% were white and only 25% either Latino, African American or Asian. (Among Democrats, half were non-white, far more similar to the state overall.) {snip}

In an interview after his speech, Paul lauded Kashkari’s candidacy and described him as someone who “could be the face of a new GOP.” But when reminded of Kashkari’s distant second-place standing, he acknowledged that change could be slow in coming, even if the Republican party follows his advice.

“We became the minority party in California over, what, 20 years?” he asked. “It didn’t happen overnight. To reverse it takes a while, but I think he’s saying and doing all the right things.”


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  • Thankfully the LA Times did my thinking for me when it brought up the irony of the mystery meat Indian being the Republican nominee for Governor.

    Rand Paul thinks he’s saying something that’s never been said before. Jack Kemp was saying the same things when he was coherent. In fact he said in the late 1980s that he predicted that by 2000, that 25% of the Republican Party’s elected officials and official bureaucrats would be non-white. Of course that turned out to be massively wrong.

  • MekongDelta69

    Rand Paul: “When our party looks like America–with earrings and without earrings, with ponytails and without ponytails, with tattoos and without tattoos–when we look like the rest of America–white, black, brown–we’re going to win again…”

    Riiiiight – And I’m gonna be the head of the New Black Panther Party.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Okaaay. I know who I’m NOT supporting in an election. If the GOP listens to this post nasal drip, I’ll be voting for their democratic challengers.

      • Rurik

        Nope, I could NEVER do that. But a write-in vote for Agosto Pinochet or Marine Le Pen? That’s a strong maybe.

    • When they say “look like America”

      My interpretation: Looks mostly like England and Germany, with a fair helping of the rest of white Europe

      Their interpretation: Looks like China, Mexico, Africa and Israel

      • propagandaoftruth

        I reserve the right to hate Rand Paul. I do not mean this as an aspersion to libertarians. I believe many of them hate him too.

        • I think you won’t find a better theory to explain Rand Paul and before him his father than Jack Ryan’s, that they’ll say whatever they think sounds good and nice and tolerant coming out of their mouths and then going into the ears of whoever is in their presence or watching or listening, then turn around and try to justify it in some real or pseudo libertarian doctrinal terms.

        • jackryanvb

          Well said. And understand, you could kick the arse of this pathetic boot licking sissy Rand Paul, next time you see him, get in his face.

        • jackryanvb

          Sorry, but I have to call out this Libertarian cult. It’s not just pandering Rand Paul or Garry Johnson demanding complete open borders immigration, he still won less than1% as the Libertarian Pres. Candidate. Ron Paul did much the same when he was the losing LIbertarian Presidential candidate in 1988. American Libertarianism is just another race denying Jewish political philosophy – very similar to Marxism. The fact that stereotypical anti White, anti American New Yorkers like Tamar Jacoby go back and forth between Leftist Marxism, cultural marxism and Libertarianism – that should show the grim reality of Libertarianism. This snake has many different skins, underneath it’s the same snake – Libertarianism in our real world of the dis United States, well it’s as impractical as trying to make it work in Iraq or Ebola plagued LIberia. Libertarianism – when anything goes, everything goes.

          • propagandaoftruth

            1. I think a lot of Whites prefer anarchy and “everyone for himself” to an evil, intrusive, genocidal government staffed by our enemies. I get it. Close after anarchy comes hardcore libertarianism.

            2. I think that before civil rights Marxism, government was largely staffed by competent professionals who cared about their jobs, and government worked well with business, regulating but not strangling.

            3. Race is the invisible 800lb gorilla in the room knocking everyone around. A libertarian who insists on “blamin’ all the problems” on the opposing political tribe(s), is a race denying joker no better than a libtard.

            4. One side of this wants a big gubbamint something fer nuthin Santa Claus, the other wants a no gubbamint something fer nuthin Santa Claus. Guess which is which. My take on extremes in general.

          • DonReynolds

            I cannot recall any society of whites that could be called anarchy. What follows anarchy is not libertarianism.
            Take away your own government and a foreign government will rule instead. Never been any different.
            Which do you prefer?
            (A good many libertarians will tell you it is anarchy.)

  • notaliberal

    Rand’s perm might be so tight that it’s affecting his brain. He’s ignorant of the fact that the majority of non-whites will never be receptive to rugged individualism and anarcho-capitalism know matter how hard he twists himself into a knot to make it so. Polls consistently show that black, brown and even Asian want big government and social services.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      I thought it was a hair club for men weave? Regardless it’s too tight.

      • Jessica Davis

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  • none of your business

    Some nerve posing as a homeless person. The cause of homelessness is not having a place to live. Immigrants such as his parents just take up housing stock that Americans could live in. I remember Obama’s aunt who lived in section 8 and received $800.00 per month disability and paid just $200.00 per month for rent and utilities except for phone.
    She lived in a cold northern state, Ohio I think in one of the larger cities. Every time she was in the news I thought of homeless Americans in that city freezing to death in winter and the Americans whose taxes paid for her worthless self’s section 8 paying high heat bills even if the thermostats were set at 65 all winter long so the worthless thing could luxuriate in 75 degrees or higher winter warmth while her bill was paid by the taxpayer.
    I turned against the GOP when Nixon implemented affirmative action so it doesn’t matter to me what either of my enemies do.
    I don’t want to hear about the cause of homelessness is mental illness and drug and drink addiction. I live near Malibu whose residents are just as druggie, drinkie lunatics as the homeless but earn enough money and have enough agents, managers and accountants to keep them in their multi million dollar homes.

  • me

    Rand Paul, the demented, power-hungry Howdy Doody of the Rhinos. I’ll give him a snowball’s chance in our multicultural hell…..

  • Rand Paul — two names, both lies.
    He should be forced to give them up.

  • Larry Klein

    Groveling won’t win Goat Boy friends on the left or right, and Sheldon Adelson and the Israel firsters only have a few votes, not that theyd actually vote for him. They’re more interested in rent-to-own.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      What makes you think he is pandering only to the Israel “firsters”? Have any evidence of this assertion besides not liking “Zionists”.

      Maybe he is trying to get the Catholic Church support? Or Lutheran support?

      Who finances him? There are plenty of non Jewish White billionaires that support illegals as well.

      • Larry Klein

        He’s shifted his position, back tracked, for example, on opposing “aid” for Israel. Obviously he found out the road to the nomination runs through the Israeli lobby. Seriously, do you think it’s just a coincidence that all Republican candidates gush about their undying devotion for Israel, constantly trying to outdo their opponents’ sycophantic promises (i.e. “I won’t just invade Iran, I’ll fly the jet!”)

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Yeah they want the Evangelical Vote and Jewish lobby money. I think the Evangelical vote is a larger factor than the Jewish lobby money.

          Nothing that shocking. Whats your point?

          Rand Paul is neutral on Israel. Ron Paul is largely anti Israel.

          Why do you call yourself “Larry Klein”. You obviously don’t like Jews.

          Just change it to David Duke. More appropriate lol.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Good job Rand.

    Another “conservative White male” selling out other Whites.

    Nothing new to see here. Move along folks.

  • Exactly what is Rand Paul up to with these absolutely CRAZY pronouncements he’s been making lately? Conservative and/or libertarian and/or tea party principles have few followers of the darker races because blacks and browns view government as a wealth transfer mechanism. It’s in their nature to prefer a paternalistic, albeit corrupt, strongman type government. Look at Africa and South America.

    Their Robin Hood view of government is that it exists to take from rich whitey to give to poor brownie and blackie. While the strongman dictator enriches himself and throws crumbs to the peasants.

    Although I NOW hate and despise the former USA, I respect conservatives who still believe in patriotism, one of the many traditional ideas that blackie and brownie have no use for. They’ fall for egalitarianism EVERY time, and have no use for free market enterprise, which whites created and which built this country.

    Screw the USA. I want out but at my age and my wealth level I don’t have the multiple millions that it would take to get out of here. And besides, there’s nowhere left to go.

    • jackryanvb

      What he is doing, is serously pandering.

      He’s not pandering to get Black, Muslim, Laraza, queer, Lib votes, that’s impossible. But, he is rewarded for his treasonous pandering by being given prominent access in the anti White lib media.

      MSNBC, CNN, Time Magazine (i puked reading Rand Paul’s comments on the Time cover story of the Ferguson MO racism, riots) present Rand Paul as the only “intelligent” “Conservative” opinion allowed in the media.

      Rand Paul gets to be on TV with Rachiel Maddow (lib lesbian), john Steward (not his real last name), Rand Paul is tolerant, political correct, hates Racism, (Only Whites can be racists), he worships Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, only he has some free market, libertarian spins to let the Black welfare underclass attend White private schools with vouchers.

      Rand Paul’s treasonous racial pandering doesn’t win him any votes, but like Jack Kemp it does gain him lots of personal profits – hey, he’s on TV!

      • OS-Q

        Bingo, he is basically paid opposition.

        He doesn’t care about winning anymore than the Washington Generals do when they play the Harlem Globetrotters.

      • BernieGoetzFan

        Yep – Paul will be about as successful as Kemp was as well. Maybe someone in Kentucky can primary this pandering buffoon.

        • bilderbuster

          Robert Ransdell is running for the senate there.

      • bilderbuster

        That’s the same BS that got Jackass Kemp the Republican VP nomination with Bob (he deserves it) Dole, the only possible idiot the Republicans could think of who could lose against the unpopular Clinton in 96.

  • Larry Klein

    Can you believe people actually get paid for advising this clueless rube?

  • Easyrhino

    While in reality there’s not much difference between the left and the right, it’s going to be hard for the GOP to compete against the left when the left offers free stuff and no income tax to the majority of it’s constituents.

    • MooTieFighter


    • DonReynolds

      No matter who grovels the most or offers the most, this government is unsustainable. It will surely fail and the wheels will come completely off the gravy train.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Rand Paul makes his multi culti pronouncements for one reason: he knows the media likes it, and good press is free and can make all the difference in a country ruled by elites and inhabited by lemmings.

  • Rhialto

    My guess is that Rand Paul has no illusions about his meager non-White support. His strategy is to appeal to the unaligned and moderate Repub voters. These are people who regard a bad (non-Liberal) attitude toward race as a Mortal Sin.

    • jackryanvb

      Nah, he’s pandering to the lib media elite. He and his staff members, cult followers desperately want to be accept in lib elite circles, Hollywood, harvard and Yale, get on MSNBC or Comedy Central and be treated with respect – one of the boys. That ain’t us.

    • Kalashnikov

      I’ve never understood those types. They’ll complain about the welfare state and crime but point out the crazy levels of black criminality and they lock right up. I think a lot of them are so beholden to the system as it stands that they can’t bring themselves to have “unapproved” thoughts. I knew a guy that smoked weed, but thought it must be bad because the government said it was. He supported the Israelis and the Palestinians at the same time too. Confused and conflicted, or happily mindless. I don’t know which.

  • LHathaway

    This is just an admission that the Republican party will never win again?

  • Sue

    He’s bought and paid for several years ago.

  • John_HD

    I’d sit the election out before I’d vote for this groveling, pandering turncoat.

    Bigone4u accurately described how the swarthy vote. They vote for whoever will give them more of Whitey’s hard earned money. And it really is quite that simple. He is terribly stupid if he truly believes they are going to embrace libertarian principles over more free stuff. The fact that he explicitly throws Whites under the bus with his naked pandering puts him outside the bounds of decent company (let alone being worthy of a vote). He has alienated a lot more of the kind of people that might have voted for him, while gaining a vanishingly small number of the type that won’t.

    He disgusts me.

  • John Smith

    OK, here’s a math lesson for the GOP:

    Cal & NY are solidly blue.

    Texas & Florida are on the cusp.

    There’s your national election. The GOP won’t win another presidential election.

    It’s the demographics, stupid !

    • DaveMed

      The only “solution” is for the GOP to adopt the Democratic platform with cosmetic adjustments. It’s over.

  • this guy is beyond belief. if he’s ‘conserative’ I hate to see liberal.

  • jackryanvb

    I take personal credit for exposing Rand Paul as the flat out worst White traitor of the year for 213 and he’s having a worse 2014.

    Amren voted Rand Paul the worst traitor of the year 2013 and he seems to be a Jack Kemp clone!

    May this terrible, boot licking political prostitute suffer the worst punishments in this world and the next.

    Hey Rand Paul – have you hugged an Ebola plagued African refugee today? Why not? Are you racist?


    Rand Paul, there’s a reason there are so few minorities in the Republican party. They really are Socialist, they truly believe that they have the right to enjoy the benefits of other peoples labor dummy! It’s not an act, it really is all about the Gibs Rand! Man, what a serious disappointment this guy is. To go from where he was when he was first elected, to now being just another one of these deluded Republican cheerleaders of diversity. Shame on you Rand Paul, shame on you!

  • By the way, how many non-whites that would ordinarily vote for whatever Democrat for President will change their votes to Rand Paul if (God forbid) he’s the Republican nominee? If it’s more than I can count on two hands, I’ll eat my favorite hat.

  • Paleoconn

    Rand Paul ran away from that DACA girl and Rep. Steve King handled her very well.

    Paul has no chance against any Dem.

  • IstvanIN

    Does some organization threaten to kill our politicians or their families if they don’t follow the genocide plan? I am not a conspiracy nut but almost every white politician embraces both the destruction of our nation and our race with precious few dissenters (Jeff Sessions and ???). What is going on?

    • jackryanvb

      No, it isn’t like that.

      Rand Paul traitors do what they do, shameless racial pandering because they are trained dogs – they are tossed a bone if they to the PC, anti White Pandering, if they slip up and say something that upsets Mexicans, Muslims, Black looters in Ferguson MO – well, they get hit in the nose with a newspaper.

      Yeah, trained dogs.

      Our side just needs to rub the likes of Rand Paul, rub their noses in their own dog poo.

  • Mike

    I think that as a man of faith, Rand understands that information about genes and hereditary behavior don’t matter, what matters is one’s connection to God and recognition that we’re all one in the eyes of Jesus Christ. There can be only one ‘race’, the *HUMAN* race, unless you side with that heretic Darwin and his monkey theories.

  • Viking_61

    Rand had better be prepared to start outbidding the Democrats on entitlements if he wants to brown the GOP.

  • MooTieFighter

    Our ideology is different Rand! Why can’t you get it? Those you are trying to “convert” only hate you more. Do you really think you are going to get Hispanics and blacks to follow the logic of hard work, less government, personal responsibility, and patriotism. It’s not going to happen.

  • jackryanvb

    I had a shouting match phone conversation with one of Rand Paul’s young DC staffers. This was shortly after Rand Paul made ridiculous comments about the rioting and looting by Blacks in Ferguson MO – Rand said the problem was the militarization of the police, too much government and justifiable Black frustratio with institutional racism. With one of Rand Paul’s former staffers Jack Hunter being outed as past race realist “sinner” – Rand Paul’s current staff is completely on board with PC, BRA – they just have some Libertarian, Constitutionalist spins. Bottom line, the Rand Paul cult likes being in the Washington establishment, likes being able to get on the cursed lying Lib Left media. When Rand Paul finally crashes his political career, maybe he can have Newt Gingrich’s job as the only “Conservative” voice allowed on CNN.

  • Stiv44

    So much for the Paul ‘Dynasty’. They weren’t the messiahs so many believed them to be.

  • Eddie Lutz

    You don’t shape your party to fit voters, you shape voters to fit your party. Indoctrination starts at a cultural level and snowballs from there. News media, most forms of digital entertainment, literature are dominated by white-hating lefties and it’s stupid to think you can make a conservative party appealing to zombies brainwashed by these institutions. Concentrate your efforts instead on shaping minds at a cultural level first and the voters will find you.

  • WR_the_realist

    I believe this is what is meant by the phrase, “pissing into the wind”. 90% of black Americans and 70% of Hispanic Americans want government jobs, race based set asides, and massive social programs that transfer wealth from whitey to themselves. They will continue to act rationally and vote for the party that will give them those things.

  • jackryanvb

    We need to learn to use the very effective tactics Leftists use to punish their enemies. The Left doesn’t use AR15 assault rifles or any of the weapons Right Wing Conservatives waste their time on and never use.. Instead the Left uses weapons like pies in the face, smear campaigns, black lists, constant harrasment to get their way. If Rand Paul was getting constantly attacked wit pie in the face, hissing and booing Conservative crowds, public officials shunning him, he would change, stop doing the treasonous pandering things he’s been doing. Sell one of your guns that you will never use, buy some water balloons. Get small crowds of activists to follow Rand Paul around and make his life a bit miserable.

    • Stiv44

      Harassment is an understatement. The Left will destroy you personally…usually without violence.

    • That reminds me. This is something I would be e-mailing you about if all my e-mails to you didn’t bounce back.

      Remember that planned protest last weekend where our kind of people were going to gum up the works by parking cars at US-Mexico ports of entry inbound? They were more or less borrowing the tactics that truckers used in the NAFTA debate back in 1993. It’s the kind of stuff we need to be doing more of. Unfortunately, they had to cancel. They claim it had to do with a barrage of threats from the dope cartels; I happen to think that they got one of those “offers they couldn’t refuse” from people in the Federal alphabet agencies.

      Anyway, I got someone high up in that effort to call me, and I told him that he had the right idea but the wrong targets. I told him about your general idea, that the people who most directly benefit from open borders, like Adelson and Zuckerberg, and the politicians who pander in that stead because they don’t interpret any consequences in doing so, like Rand Paul and hundreds of others, are the ones they should be doing these “gum up the works” tactics against.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    We need more mental retards, felons, rapists etc. running for office so that it can better reflect the diversity of the American people. Why would we want intelligent, educated and compassionate people leading us? Instead our leaders should look just like us.

  • SentryattheGate

    It makes me want to hurl, to see Indians come here, rise to the top, and look down their noses at us! (Doctors, engineers,corrupt financial VIPs) More jobs Americans cannot do???? There are >2 billion of them; let them get their own house in order! How about toilets to the 66% of them without! Look up Kashkari’s role in the Bailouts, the TARP program, Goldman Sachs, and all that traitorous stench! He stinks to high heaven!

  • DonReynolds

    As usual, Rand Paul is wrong again….posing nude for the press and washing the feet of any of the ethnic minorities he can find.
    13% of the US population is black, 16% is hispanic…..that means 71% of the US population is neither black or hispanic.
    That means the Republican party already looks like America.
    But Rand Paul wants to give half of this country to the blacks and half of this country to the hispanics. What does that leave for you and me?

  • DonReynolds

    Whites in America are not going anywhere. There are about 200 million of them and time is not running out on them.
    Time is running out on this unsustainable government, now running amok and wrecking everything they can…..deliberately.
    Whites will do what they always do…..clean up the friggin mess, blame some people and hunt them down, restore order, and put in another crop. The radicals are not going to destroy this country, or the whites who live here… they may destroy the Federal government. Nothing to worry about.

  • Well I agree diversity isn’t a good thing for the GOP. However we have to realize White Americans who vote “Conservative” are becoming a minority in America. From my experience in political activism the GOP is serious about winning elections. Same goes for the Democratic Party. They realize because of demographics they need Hispanic and other minority votes to win upcoming elections. Even more say around the year 2050 when the White Race will be a real minority in America.

    I’m no fan of the 2 party Communist system. I’m the Mississippi State Coordinator for the American Freedom Party, a Third Party advocating for the rights of White Americans. I see the demographic replacement of White Americans as a problem. However an even bigger problems is White People don’t vote like say 50 – 100 years ago. Apathy has become a dominant figure among our people and that’s making our Total Vote a minority.

    You will notice many elections come down to 50% vs 50% with only a few votes winning elections. Far right wing conservative votes are becoming smaller and RINO / Democrats are winning elections because the far right (White Americans” aren’t voting.

    You might not like the 2 party system and you might not like voting these days. However I think people should at least look at Third Parties who represent our interests. Your vote counts even if you don’t use it. You can guarantee the left will always vote and continue to become the Dictatorship majority that will silence traditional American values.

  • Fr. John+

    “When our party looks like America . . . we’re going to win again.”

    Yeah, America of 1965! Rand Paul, you are a TRAITOR to America. Step down, leave, get out!