Far-Right Extremists Lead Hundreds in Calais Anti-Migrant Protests

David Chazan, Telegraph (London), September 7, 2014

Far-right extremists led hundreds of protesters in an anti-migrant demonstration in Calais on Sunday night which saw riot police step in to end a tense confrontation.

The stand-off between the protesters and a group of about 50 left-wing activists highlighted rising tensions in Calais over the presence of up to 1,500 migrants, mainly from Eritrea and other impoverished African countries, who are trying to reach Britain illegally.

Dozens of shaven-headed protesters ran towards the left-wingers, who had tried to disrupt the rally by hundreds of far-right activists outside the imposing red-brick town hall, before riot police intervened.

The anti-migrant group was led by an activist holding a blue flare and wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Charlemagne 1944”–a reference to an SS division that was composed of French volunteers.

Those around him sang La Marseillaise and chanted “bleu, blanc, rouge” (blue, white, red), the colours of the French flag.

The rally was organised by Sauvons Calais (Let’s Save Calais), which describes itself as a nationalist anti-immigration group.

Some demonstrators performed what looked like Nazi salutes as they were addressed by leaders of several far-right organisations, including Yvan Benedetti of L’Oeuvre Française, which was banned last year on the grounds of racism and anti-semitism.

Kévin Reche, the fresh-faced 20-year-old spokesman for Sauvons Calais, denied that the group had neo-Nazi or fascist links.

“We’re nationalists and we want to stop the immigrant invasion not just in Calais but in the whole of Europe,” he said. “The migrants should be deported from French territory and placed in closed detention centres until they can be sent home.”

Mr Reche suggested that the centres could be funded by charities that feed and clothe the migrants, a suggestion dismissed by aid groups.

“It’s not our job to lock people up,” said Philippe Wannesson of Passeurs d’Hospitalités, a group that helps the migrants.

“The people of Calais are divided on migrants,” he said. “Some cafés don’t let them in but others allow them to use their toilets even if they don’t buy a drink.”

Some local shopkeepers object to the migrants and blame them for thefts and muggings.

Jean-Baptiste, 43, the owner of a grocery, said: “They haven’t got any money and they’re desperate. I’m not right-wing but they’re increasingly aggressive and we have to find a solution for them. They can’t stay here and Britain doesn’t want them.”

Banners unfurled at the rally showed white supremacist symbols with slogans such as “Let’s kick them out”.

The presence of the migrants has fuelled support for the far-right, which has risen in France amid the economic crisis and growing disillusionment with the Socialist government of President François Hollande. It has also caused tension between Britain and France, with the mayor of Calais demanding that the British authorities do more to stop the influx.

Mr Reche poured scorn on the British offer to send the security fences used to protect world leaders at last week’s Nato summit to Calais to help France stop the illegal immigrants.

Hundreds of migrants stormed the ferry terminal last week in a bid to reach Britain and the Home Office says the barriers in Calais are too easy to climb.

However, Mr Reche said: “There’s no fence high enough to keep out migrants”, describing their presence as “unbearable”.

“Women are scared to go out at night,” he claimed.

Mr Reche, who left the far-right Front National, led by Marine Le Pen, after a row with leaders who accused him of performing a Hitler salute, acknowledged that he had a “Swastika-like cross” tattooed on his chest, but said it was not “intended as a Nazi symbol”.

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  • John Smith

    One thing that concerns me is that legitimate groups concerned about parasitic, predatory illegal aliens are infiltrated with provocateurs will will deliberately misspell words on signs, misbehave and hurl racial insults.

    That being said, even so called “right wingers” deserve the right to hold rallies against their country being destroyed.

    • bilderbuster

      They’re the only ones who will do it.
      The Republicans want to go to war over Ukraine’s border but are silent on our borders.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        And where is all the supposed evidence of Russia’s wrongdoing in Ukraine? Neocon McCainiacs are just as loathsome as Obamadroids.

        • bilderbuster

          Just who are these supposed “legitimate groups” anyways?
          If anyone’s waiting for the Lion’s Club to stage a protest they’re in for a long wait.

    • Samuel_Morton

      I would wager that these SS and Nazi links are gross embellishments, outright fabrications, or Marxist infiltrators doing everything they can to destroy the momentum of Le Pen. The left are beside themselves after the most recent poll showing Le Pen a more popular choice for president.

      • Focal Joker

        I haven’t seen one Nazi sign, just lots of words describing them. All far right parties are neo nazi, according to leftists who write every piece of journalism and own every network.

        • plaintruthforidiots

          That would be “JEWS who write every piece of journalism and own every network”…

  • MekongDelta69

    “Far-right extremists” = Normal people

    “anti-migrant demonstration” = anti-illegal third world invasion

    • Robert Binion

      “activists”=demented left wing propagandists

    • Conrad

      “Far-right extremists” = White and normal.

      • APaige

        acting heroically.

      • Katherine McChesney

        …and sane.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Actually, I am anti-ANY-non-white immigration, legal or otherwise.

      • I would still be single and bitter if you had your way.

        • ShermanTMcCoy

          I certainly didn’t mean it that way, Mike. You are a stand up guy, and I’m sure you have a good woman, but there is way too much non-white immigration at the moment, and it would do the country good to give it a rest for a while.

  • Oldcorporal

    Why, in the media’s lexicon, are conservatives always “far-right,” while liberals are simply “left-wing”? Are there also “near-right extremists”? Also, notice how when Mr. Reche is quoted as saying “Woman are afraid to go out at night” due to the presence of the illegal immigrants, the reporter uses the word “claimed.” I was a newspaper reporter for 40 years, folks, and when you see the words “claimed,” “insisted” or “maintained” after a direct quote, the reporter is giving you a wink and a nudge: “This racist, right-wing scumbag is lying!” That’s the mindset of most reporters.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Hats off to the French! Perhaps Jean Raspail may finally be making a difference!

  • Calais was a stronghold of the French Communist Party for a very long time, and then it flipped overnight to FN in 2002 when JMLP made the runoff and has been FN territory ever since.

    That indicates to me that a lot of “far left” white people really aren’t.

    • Brady

      There’s a difference being being left wing in the sense of hating capitalists and being left wing in the sense of hating white people.

      • Peter Connor

        Not in the US…

  • IstvanIN

    “The migrants should be deported from French territory and placed in closed detention centres until they can be sent home.”
    Why is this such an alien concept?

    • Adolf Verloc

      Absolutely – it is hard to imagine why this should be considered a controversial issue. I am glad to see that the French really seem to be waking up, and that there is a real chance that the FN could win the next presidential election. Would that we were so fortunate!

    • bilderbuster

      It’s really a very common concept to most people.
      It’s only alien to the governments and their lapdog media.

    • Jack Whistler

      Pardon my disagreement, but they should be shot, Detainment under the white man’s standards of decency is still a damn sight better than their lives at home, and deportation does nothing to prevent them from trying again. Only when it is shown clear and without reservation that whites will not tolerate invasion will this stop.

  • Bobbala

    They only come because you pay them so well.

    Do not feed the animals.

    • bilderbuster

      The people want to send the animals back to Africa.
      It’s the government who wants to turn the nation into a zoo.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Dozens of shaven-headed protesters ran towards the left-wingers, who had tried to disrupt the rally by hundreds of far-right activists.”

    That’s interesting because the Daily Mail, who I trust more than the left leaning Telegraph, said the anti-fascists attacked the immigration protestors (rather than the other way around as being reported by the Liberal Telegraph here.) The Daily Mail also called the illegal immigration protestors “protestors” rather than far-right activists as they are being dubbed here. If wanting to uphold the rule of law and preserve your civilization makes one far-right, than the reasonable people who take that sensible position should become comfortable with and not care about that Liberal smear.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      “Shaven-headed.” They’re really not being transparent enough here, perhaps they could ask to use the doomsday font and just put NAZIS across the entire page?

      • I’m surprised it wasn’t along the lines of:

        “It was a cold morning, with smoke bellowing from nearby chimneys where some 6 Million citizens head to work. Shaven headed youths in bomber jackets and Dr.Marten shoes were shouting “Hail LePen!” “Hail LePen!” as they battered the skull of innocent Akiram who had fled from war torn Somalia, leaving his cancer ridden mother and AIDS suffering wife and children for a better life and to pay for their medical treatments. Saintly left wing comrades were standing to one side offering hugs and warm soup to the other ‘migrants’, who could not understand what it was they could have done wrong just by standing there. What was driving this hate?…..”

        • Neue Sachlichkeit

          You’re in the wrong industry. You do a little tweaking to your presentation and you could rake in the cash…..

  • Extropico

    “Banners unfurled at the rally showed white supremacist symbols…”

    Hmm. David Chazan does not sound like a traditional British name. Has he ever posted a column terming the Israelis as “Jewish Supremacist” for desiring that they remain the racial majority in their country and requiring a DNA test confirming Jewish blood lineage in order to be married.

  • B.E.L.

    I really wish these groups would distance themselves from anything Nazi related. They will experience much more mainstream support if they do.

    • IstvanIN

      The NAZI thing is bad PR and scares off Whites who otherwise agree.

      • JSS

        If you are at all pro White or to the right of Castro the media and government will call you a Nazi anyway. I don’t advocate dressing up and goose stepping but one thing the left never does is throw their own under the bus or worry about “moderating” their image. Having said that I have never in my life met a “neo Nazi”. I suspect that most the we ones we read about in the news are fake or Feds.

        • Neue Sachlichkeit

          Or kids who are fed up with the joys of diversity, who have no other visible role models for a pro-white movement except exactly the kind of cartoon skinheads and supervillain Nazis presented to them by the media.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Agreed. Whatever positive values the National Socialists in Germany may have had are not going to be widely known, and therefore, those who are unschooled in the history of twentieth century Germany will know only the negative aspects. In fact, any positive aspects will be identified as negative.

    • bilderbuster

      That’s what was said about the original National Socialists at first, but they became wildly popular in Germany.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      I suspect they are, and reports to the contrary are due to infiltrators, outright lying by the media, or one bald guy becoming “Dozens of shaven-headed protestors…”

      • B.E.L.

        Yeah, I do not doubt that the liberal left would grossly exaggerate anything white people do.

  • Conrad

    It would be nice of there were English subtext.

  • benvad

    Monsieur Reche is a great Patriot and a stand up guy.

  • kjh64

    Notice that the group that is opposing immigration is described as “far-right” while the leftists are just “left-wing”.

    • stringtheoryrob

      Standard MSM fare.

    • I also notice that they all like to use the term “anti-migrant”. This little trick makes it all about the individual and how ‘irrational’ it is to “hate” somebody you’ve never met, especially those who are “desperate” and all the other heart-tugging bullshine.

      What they really are is anti-immigration – which is criticism of what is being allowed to happen, criticism of the complete dump these people combined are making of a country and criticism of the disgusting states of affairs these people have to live like…….something which the “left-wing” (far-left) seem to be perfectly happy to continue, to their shame.

      Or, perhaps more precisely, they are not “anti” anything, they are PRO French. However, we can’t have that kind of talk, for that would “legitimise” the stoking up of the gas ovens that are eternally around every corner…….according to the “left wing”.

  • ricpic

    There will come a time when calling those who love their own country, their own people and their own way of life Nazis will be as smoke in the wind, the wind of resistance.

    • bilderbuster

      In 1930’s Germany if you loved your country, your own people and your own way of life, chances are you were a Nazi.

      • AFlaVet

        Not true.

        • bilderbuster

          Germany held many national referendums that were free and fair by any standards and the National Socialist government consistently received 90%+ approval votes making them the most popular government in history.
          No American government has had anywhere near that much popular support.

  • kikz2

    electrifying the fence comes to mind…..

  • bilderbuster

    I know that anything to the right of a Social Democrat is considered “Far Right” but how is the slogan “Let’s kick them out” a White Supremacist slogan?
    The press in France is communist.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Because it’s a “supremely” good slogan, written by whites?

  • Correct. Which means these supposed “far leftists” never really were far left to begin with. They just latched onto communism because they thought it was their only way to get economic populism. Once JMLP and the FN came along to give them economic populism and a better option on everything else, they took it.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    multiculturalism = extremism.

    • stringtheoryrob

      Multiculturalism = Marxism, delusion, and democide.

  • Garrett Brown

    France is waking up much quicker than I thought it would. I could read a story from France every day and wouldn’t get tired of the info. It’s inspiring.

  • none of your business

    Nothing wrong with being right wing. If being pro White is right wing then I am a proud right winger although I espouse complete revolution which I guess makes me a radical.
    It looks like the French have the best organized anti immigration organizations in Europe right now although the naive and ignorant anglophile amren readers will never admit that the vastly inferior RC frogs are anything but inferiors who are not “really White.”

    • bilderbuster

      I love the French for the most part and don’t consider them anything but friends and racial family.
      Europe owes a great debt to The Hammer of the Franks Charles Martel.

    • joe pat

      I took a trip to Paris last spring and loved it. Awesome city. I only walked around the French parts of the city, and all of them were amazing.

  • KenelmDigby

    Actually, in all honesty, the illegal invaders besieging Calais do have a point.
    Britain’s New Labour administration of 1997-2010 basically abolished any vestige of immigration control Britain had and introduced a real open borders policy, that is, New Labour were happy to take in absolutely anyone, anyone at all who showed up at Britain’s borders, instantly give them full residency rights, and a whole panoply of lavish tax payer funded bennies. No, I am not lying or exaggerating because of hatred for New Labour, it really and truly was like that during their period of madness.
    Because of the sheer lunacy of New Labour, it is no wonder that thousands and thousands of invaders come and will continue to come, like bees to the proverbial honeypot.

  • The Final Solution

    Greetings men. The Final Solution greets you from the front lines of Finland. Arrived a few weeks ago and this place is FANTASTIC. Barely a negro in sight. Organized, orderly, peaceful – a perfect white homeland. No Spanish speaking illegal invaders! And the women! Oh lawdy lawdy lawdy. So many gorgeous blondes you would think you died and went to heaven. Other than the disgusting Swedes, Finland borders two white homelands – Russia and Estonia. The lack of “diversity” is so palpable. The cab drivers are white, bus drivers are white, convenience store employees are white. Don’t they need these Somalis and Mexicans to do that kind of work? Somebody better tell them about all the vibrancy they’re missing out on. Come on over gentlemen, you have to visit this place in your lifetime. See what a white homeland is meant to be.

    • I had a similar experience on a short break in Poland about 10 years ago.

      Compared to my town here in England, which is approximately 30% Pakistani, it was a holiday in itself just being wall-to-wall with European peoples.

      I was more relaxed, more comfortable, everything felt calmer and safer.

      The shops were well looked after, the public houses were great and the streets were absolutely spotless…Not a flurry of floating crisp packets or whatever to be seen blowing around the place, like they do here.

      I am sure the place will have their own problems – I only went there for a short break – but they are nothing to what happens in Europe, Britain and America today.

      The only bad thing about it was having to come back home again! Oh, and the language, which I found impenetrable and not even something I could guess at.

      Yeah, when you experience something like that, it both fills you with pride at what things can be like – and fills you with dread as to how things are going and fills you with anger at the bar-stewards who are ushering it in. They are utter scum.

      • Just what is the fascination with blond ladies? A “Snow White” looks good, too.

        • Kenner

          Black hair and very white skin, long black eyelashes– That’s an Irish look.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            And blue eyes. Omigod!

        • The Final Solution

          There are plenty of gorgeous brunettes as well. Spectacular women!

      • The Final Solution

        Yes, plenty of order and safe streets. They even have two lanes on the sidewalk, one for pedestrians and the other for bikes. Yet people say it’s “boring” here. I guess that’s one thing non-whites do well – turn cities into exciting, chaotic, crime infested hell holes. I’ll take boring any day over diversity.

        • This is no word of a lie, but there was once a programme on the TV here in Britain relating to the poverty and “homophoia” that is rampant in some parts of Africa.

          The streets were absolute chaos. Litter, dung in the streets, mopeds and cars and vans shooting in all directions, the noise was a cacophany of various beeps, shouts, musical dins and they had just been discussing the violence that surrounds.

          The presenter, in typical fashion, stood in the chaos and said it was a “vibrant and exciting” place!

          Now I know what liberals want to bring with their “dynamic vibrancy and excitement” of “cosmpolitan multiracial London” (and elsewhere)…….

          George Galloway once mocked traditional Britain as being boring and grey before mass immigration, where ‘all you could get to eat in a cafe was egg and chips (fries)’…….

          Like you, give me boring and quiet any day of the week! I would also gladly eat egg and chips for the rest of my life, every meal, if the country could be returned to how it should be.

          • The Final Solution

            Yep. Whites = boring. Non-whites = exciting, vibrant, enriching. Non-whites are a net gain while whites are basically non-existent. It won’t be long before our people bring back the excitement that we are known for, the spirit of conquest, the ground shaking with the thunder of millions of boots on the ground and tens of thousands of tanks and artillery once more. Hopefully that will make things a little more interesting for these people.

    • I’d keep quiet about the beautiful white women if I were you. Such talk will surely trigger a tsunami of African men.

      • M.

        A Negro once told they really prefer mulattas, or fairer blacks, to outright white women. But I agree, why take chances.

  • AFlaVet

    Now…if the Germans would just join in to end their suffering and humilation at the hands and knives of the muslim hordes that have made too many cities in Germany unlivable for it’s citizens.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Right on! Power to the White Europeans trying to stop the invasion of racial aliens. Godspeed.

  • How many neo-Nazis become neo-Nazis because they are given no other options to be pro-white/pro-Europe? They are taught, from an early age, that any pro-white sentiment is the equivalent of being neo-Nazi, so they figure they might as well go all the way; they’re going to offend people and be marginalized either way.

    • I agree with this.

      When people eventually come to understand that the fight cannot be won whilst trying to play to the rules of our opponents (and to the systems of our opponents)…

      …when they figure out that trying to “box clever” just means that your message is lost in a sea of side issues and failure…

      …when they come to realise that they are going to call you the names anyway, organise against you anyway, disrupt your events anyway…

      …There becomes nothing lost with admitting that yes, you do care for the survival, welfare and well being of your people (i.e socialism) and that you prefer this to a globalist system (i.e nationalism).

      Ergo, national socialism becomes not particularly a “boo” word any more.

      In fact, it becomes something that is admirable and not all that much to be ashamed of any more. (Particularly when other ways (like Communism) have nothing to write home about on the ‘saintly’ stage).

      I am not a big fan of those who try and live up the stereotype image, I don’t see a need to play into the hands of our enemies so easily. I think you can be a ‘neo-Nazi’ perfectly fine without all the regalia.

      Following on from that, if you are then going to go on to defend your beliefs (as a ‘social nationalist’), you come to realise that it is more of a lifestyle choice, a matter of leading by example, that you need to get fit and be able to take care of yourself as part of a healthier life and also in order to be able to defend yourself from attacks…

      Men can tend to start losing their hair in their mid to late 20s and 30s, where the best option can be to say “to hell with it” and have close cropped hair rather than looking like Friar Tuck.

      Before you know it, you are getting well built, getting a bit nifty with the fists, are defiantly proud of your beliefs and way of living life, have close cropped hair….and facing some liberal going “Nazi! Nazi” in your face lol.

  • Steven Barr

    This is France’s fault, nothing to do with us. They ought to act against these camps rather than call on us to help them.

  • Leon NJ

    They should only be allowed to enter the country if they are housed with the white liberals who support their cause. Let them sleep across the hall from their 5 year old daughter. What’s there to be afraid of? They’re just humans like you and me who just want a chance to succeed in a western country.