Atlanta Hawks Owner to Sell After ‘Offensive’ Email

Ben Cohen and Chris Herring, Wall Street Journal, September 7, 2014

Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson announced his intent to sell his controlling interest in the NBA franchise on Sunday after saying he reported to the league an email he wrote in 2012 that discriminated against the team’s predominantly black fan base.

Mr. Levenson, who has owned the team with a group since 2004, informed the league office of the email in July, after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued Donald Sterling a lifetime ban and forced him to sell the Los Angeles Clippers when audio recordings surfaced of racist comments he made in private.

In the email to other team executives, Mr. Levenson blamed the Hawks’ long-standing attendance problems and smaller season-ticket foundation on the team having a base of black fans who “scared away the whites.”

Mr. Levenson apologized for the email on Sunday, calling it inappropriate and offensive, and said he had decided to sell his controlling interest in the team.

“If you’re angry about what I wrote, you should be,” he said in a statement. The Hawks also published the full contents of his 2012 email online. “I’m angry at myself, too. It was inflammatory nonsense.”


“The views [Mr. Levenson] expressed are entirely unacceptable and are in stark contrast to the core principles of the National Basketball Association,” Mr. Silver said. “He shared with me how truly remorseful he is for using those hurtful words, and how apologetic he is to the entire NBA family–fans, players, team employees, business partners and fellow team owners–for having diverted attention away from our game.”


While Mr. Silver commended Mr. Levenson for coming forward with the email and agreed to help along a potential sale, Mr. Levenson’s message was drastically different in tone from Mr. Sterling’s.

Unlike Mr. Sterling’s comments, which led Mr. Silver to swiftly ban the Clippers owner as he forced a sale of the franchise, Mr. Levenson’s were more measured in nature, and focused on how to improve the team’s bottom line when white men seemed reluctant to attend games.

“When digging into why our season ticket base is so small, I was told it is because we can’t get the 35-55 white males and corporations to buy season [tickets] and they are the primary [demographic] for season tickets around the league,” he wrote in a message to other team executives back in August 2012. “My theory is that the black crowd scared away the whites and there are simply not enough affluent black fans to build a significant season ticket base.”

But he continued: “Please don’t get me wrong. There was nothing threatening going on in the arena back then. I never felt uncomfortable, but I think southern whites simply were not comfortable being in an arena or at a bar where they were in the minority.” Mr. Levenson, who grew up in Maryland, was clear in separating his views from those who chose not to attend games for that reason, at one point calling that type of thinking “racist garbage.”

[Editor’s Note: The full text of Mr. Levenson’s email is available here.]

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  • MekongDelta69

    And yet – MORE groveling

    • Oil Can Harry

      And groveling over NOTHING! This guy only wanted to make the Hawks’ fan base more diverse.

      What’s wrong, liberals? I thought you liked diversity!

  • Adolf Verloc

    I suspect that this clown is trying to dump a team that has been losing value because it can’t fill seats. This is a problem for any professional sports team located in an “urban” downtown.

  • DaveMed

    When Blacks and other “people of color” associate with others like themselves, it is because of common heritage and socio-cultural factors.

    When Europeans or European-Americans display this preference, it’s “racism.”

    • LeGrandDerangement

      Whites who are uncomfortable being in majority-black settings are “racist garbage?”

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Troof be rayciss, yo.

    Dis guy need to go.

  • Hold the phone.

    Levenson supposedly wrote this e-mail two years ago, and sent it to a bunch of people. Why didn’t any of the people he sent it to leak it to the media two years ago? One of them would have for its content. Answer: Because he didn’t write this e-mail two years ago, he either wrote it very recently and gave it a back dated time stamp or someone did it for him.

    And why would he want to do that? Because, thanks to Mr. Developers Developers Developers paying about three and a half times for the Clip Joint what Forbes thought it was worth, this reset the scale for NBA franchise valuation way upward. And as the whole L’Affaire D’Sterling-Tokowitz proved, there’s big money to be had in getting prized status symbol assets like sports franchises out of the hands of “racists,” i.e. white or -ish people that notice things and tell the truth.

    I predict that this SCAM is going to turn into an epidemic, NBA owners suddenly “discovering” their own “racism.”

    • phorning

      He did send the email two years ago, the first website I read it on was time and date stamped. There was another incident reported where a player the Hawks were evaluating was referred to as “an African, but not in a bad way.” I would be concerned if I was an NBA owner, Adam Silver is coming across as a PC zealot. Nothing in the full text of the email was offensive in less someone is looking for reasons to be offended.

      • MikeofAges

        Adam Silver rotted on the vine for too long waiting for David Stern to retire. That makes him vulnerable to being weak and indecisive on one hand and a martinet on the other to make up for it. He is worst major sports commissioner since Faye Vincent.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      I disagree. This letter seems too organic to have been faked. The reason it wasn’t turned in by Hawks’ staffers stems from the fact that some forgot about the email and those who didn’t are, like most people, not overly sensitive to race in private.

    • TruthBeTold

      Levenson and Sterling. Go figure.

      • adplatt126

        Go fking figure. Seriously. Eating their own now. No one is safe from the totalitarian PC regime.

        • archer

          “Eating their own”, fantastic observation. Didn’t they do that to some extent during the “good war”?

        • TruthBeTold

          What’s frustrating is that blacks can’t differentiate and see them as white.

    • Ed

      The Clippers were valuable because of the market they play in, who bought it and the fact he wants to probably move them to Seattle.

      Atlanta won’t fetch much because of the problems Levenson alluded to. Charlotte has a similar problem

      In fact the league in general has been working behind the scenes to make it less “black”. Nearly 45% of its fans are black and they don’t spend money like white fans. Several franchises are in the red.

      • benvad

        Hope it goes bankrupt, nothing will please me more to see this idiots lose money.

      • Laura Dilworth

        the hawks rank 27/30

    • Garrett Brown

      *puts hat on and sits next to QD*

    • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

      I think there’s a lot of likely truth to your idea. Cashing out when value can be forced higher is a great motivator for people to opt out for a quieter life with all the “gold they can eat.” Using this trend to drive up franchise values provides a great opportunity before it too becomes mundane. It is likely that a few people will get great rewards by exiting an increasingly troubled business environment. Even Mark Cuban has skirted the margins of this problem with his comments on the issue.

      • Though with Mark Cuban, he just likes to run his mouth and fire ready aim. He strikes me as the type that owns an NBA team because he wanted to be a jock, was never good enough, but did the next best thing: Become a billionaire then buy a team.

        • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

          That’s probably why everyone who buys a team does so. The same goes for other things like car racing, etc.

    • SoulInvictus

      As with the teams, the fans are also shifting demographics.
      NFL and NBA will soon become as “diverse” as a BET broadcast, on both the production and consumption ends.
      Whites (more and more anyway) are concerned with more important things…bills, firearms, prepping, politics, war with Russia, vaccines causing autism, plummeting economy, etc.

      At some point, the only people with free time and a little disposable cash for wasting on these predominantly black sports, will be the EBT crowd.

      Expect the values of virtually all those teams to drop precipitously.
      Then they’ll surely begin “redistributing” the profits from teams in white markets.

      • Periapsis

        I think whites should boycott professional sports dominated by blacks and darkies in general. Why should our money go to rich non-whites who do us harm at every opportunity? They also encourage white women to miscegnate with blacks and other non-whites. No, with our incomes declining we have more important things to worry about, such as the next black riot that might jeopardized our homes, safety and lives.

  • John Smith

    I recently watched the Ken Burns baseball documentary.

    It subtly admitted that the major reason why the Brooklyn Dodgers left was economic (driven by racial issues). I was surprised they didn’t edit it out and “clean up” the wording in the film.

    To paraphrase – after Jackie Robinson, the surrounding neighborhoods and game attendance had an increasingly large presence of blacks. The associated problems (crime, decay, etc) drove the whites out and they stopped attending the games.

    • ATBOTL

      We always here about how the Dodger’s largely Jewish fan base was so tolerant, unlike the racist white fans of other teams. In reality, Jews are the first whites to leave when blacks show up.

      • Fidel Cashflow

        Do you blame them?

        • TheHBD

          Since they mate with them and foist them upon us through the media and social policy….yes, I blame them!

        • Fathercoughlin

          Hell yes!Theyre filthy hypocrites!! ¡

      • bilderbuster

        You should have said “Jews are the first to leave when Blacks show up”.
        I do give the Jews credit for being some of the most racially aware people around among other things.

        • SoulInvictus

          In a “for me, but not for thee” way, sure.

          • bilderbuster

            “Among other things” for sure.

    • Oil Can Harry

      To be more exact, after WW2 lots of whites ditched Brooklyn for the suburbs and blacks and Puerto Ricans moved in, transforming good neighborhoods into a stank ghetto.
      During a mid-’50s game at Ebbets Field the team owner Walter O’Malley saw a Puerto Rican man in the box seats peeing into his empty soda bottle. He then put the cap back on and threw the bottle of urine onto the field, much to O’Malley’s disgust. Can you blame the Dodgers for moving?

      • bilderbuster

        It was the 1950’s.
        He didn’t have to sell tickets to Puerto Ricans back then if he didn’t want to!

    • archer

      I think the same thing happened to the Giants, except for the Yankees most games are played in the meadow lands complex now.

  • Truthseeker

    As with any venture where Blacks are a big part of it, they want it to be all about them. Hey, I understand that desire, but don’t be surprised if Whites aren’t interested. We’re a different kind of people.

    • M&S

      “Hey, I understand that desire, but don’t be surprised if Whites aren’t interested.”

      Which is why a sport that has 80% black athletic talent has middle aged white guys, 35-55, glued to their seats like it was 1954 Milan, Indiana…

      It is my believe that the truth is that The Jews want out of black sports because there is going to be a (another, major) dip into depression if not global war soon and the profits are going to fall out of the stadium games like maple seeds in a hurricane.

      Jews reveal nothing which is not deliberate and thus everything you see and hear about, shock me, their inner sense of racial superiority is in fact a considered action.

      Controversy buys popularity which boosts profits and the league ‘forcing’ issue (on Stirling) likely wasn’t even set to roll until there was a major buyer in the wings.

      This is different. This is a studied imitation. And where it is so obvious, it can only be because it is urgent.

      What the difference is between a man who makes half a billion in clean profits and a man who makes only a quarter when they are that past it is beyond me but someone is keeping score.

      • MikeofAges

        I’m of partially of Jewish descent myself so inevitably this kind of stuff bothers me some. But I also makes me wonder. I had my own troubles in life, but the middle class Jewish kids I knew and grew up with were nothing like these Machiavellian characters. They were just kids who were born with good intelligence, most of them, who tried to get ahead doing what they were best at. Nothing wrong with that. That was what Thomas Wolfe called “the promise of America”.

        But these fat cat and billionaires are a little different. Except for the historic few who were made out of better stuff, like Andrew Carnegie, I think all of them are more the same than people know. No matter where they come from.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Crimethink doubleplus ungood.

  • Extropico

    As others in this forum and elsewhere have mentioned, it is very likely that Mr. Levenson purposefully leaked his email in order to get an artificially high price for his team as Mr. Sterling achieved. Mr. Levenson’s comments were survivable if he actually wanted to retain ownership. The Braves are moving to a new stadium around the 285 beltway and the Hawks could have been relocated as well.

    • DaveMed

      Just imagine – between any dozen of us on Amren, our thoughts are probably “worth” billions of dollars!

    • Nancy

      Truth be told, the majority-white audiences actually consider the “top-end Perimeter” (the northern arc of the 285 beltway around the city) to be as close to Atlanta as we can stand. Most of us live 20, 30, 45 minutes or more NORTH of the perimeter, as many areas close to 285 have largely been swamped by the Black Undertow as well, especially in DeKalb County.

      • Extropico

        Oh, you don’t want to face armed guards when you head into the grocery store, eh…

      • Mary

        Do you happen to know what Smyrna is like nowadays? My parents lived there in the early seventies, right before I was born. Has it succumbed to the undertow?

        • TheHBD

          It is bad…really bad. Most of Cobb county has been overrun. The Southern and Western parts of the county are becoming majority black.

          • Mary

            Thanks for the info. That’s too bad, though unsurprising.

          • Nancy

            Agreed. Anyplace within, say, 10-20 miles or more from the Perimeter is unliveable. With the exception of Dunwoody, which has a large wealthy (and Jewish) community, any other area in the first few exits up the 75, 85, or 400 corridors have drowned in the Black Undertow.

            Speaking as a resident of Gwinnett, it isn’t majority white between 85/285 all the way up to Pleasant Hill Rd. It’s either Mexican, Black, or both. A huge Asian community resides around Pleasant Hill, and the Gwinnett Place Mall (same exit) is closing. Hwy 78, which runs from the Eastside Perimeter all the way out to Stone Mountain and beyond: All Black. Several years ago, another nicer mall was built (Mall of GA) around 85 and Hwy 20, and the blacks/Mexicans take their kids there to run in the (free) fountain all summer long. So how long will that stay nice?

      • SoulInvictus

        Yup, I’ve lived it.
        I think I was about 10 minutes away from where they’re relocating to (and that’s considering Atlanta traffic).

  • Who Me?

    Groveling for telling the truth…happens all to often.

  • Simonetta


    It’s déja-vu all over again.

    Let’s see. Mr. Sterling buys a sports team for $50,000 thirty years ago, gets overheard telling his girlfriend (who’s one-third of his age) that he’s uncomfortable seeing her hanging out with the black guys of his team (who are all one-third of his age; he’s, what, 90?).

    In the ensuing scandal, he is banned (from what? banned from doing what? ) for life (a true hardship when you’re 90, as opposed to 18) and is forced to sell his beloved team (to whose games he rarely goes) for $ 1 BILLION dollars to some dingbat software billionaire (who is known as “monkey boy” by his devoted employees for his strange grunts and tendency to throw chairs during board meetings), but not give up his demented gold-digging girlfriend.

    I swear, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

    Along comes another guy with a sports team who casually notes that he can’t get all the people who make $10/hr to pay $110 for tickets to the big game like they used to when tickets were $20 because they’re come to notice that there’s a 90% chance that they’ll get the stuffing beat out of them by the crowds of savages hanging out in parking lot after the big game.

    So he gets called a ‘racist’ and will be forced to sell his own assortment of ‘sportsmen’ for a billion dollars to some other old white idiot who thinks his life will be complete when he owns his own personal set of ‘sportsmen’. Who will deal with the savages in the parking lot by setting up a bunch of loudspeakers and playing recordings of Mozart and Haydn, which causes the savages to run howling into the sewers, ruining their $400 sneakers, which are the same as $30 sneakers, except that they’ve been ‘endorsed’ by the ball-bouncers.

    Oh, the shame of it all. Am I forgetting anything? anything important?

    Meanwhile, the Earth’s civilization is nearly destroyed by a solar flare and no one notices until two years later because the news media decide that it’s not important.

    ww w dot cnn dot com/2014/07/25/tech/2012-solar-storm/

  • Easyrhino

    This is too contrived to be believed. No doubt this guy wanted to sell the team and was looking for an excuse to bail out.

  • 313 48224

    LOL….They moved the Detroit Pistons to Auburn Hills, a good 30 miles from the Detroit boarder to get away from the “black fan base” and it worked!!

    • Strider73

      Still can’t understand why the Red Wings haven’t joined them there, rather than staying in the middle of the Murder City.

      • 313 48224

        Strider, It’s because black people don’t go to hockey games. Hockey is a natural repellent to them. Basketball on the other hand…..well, it’s like flies to you know what.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Oh crap, I myself am so racist I sleep with one eye open just in case I do something racist Also it helps to see diversity and the tribe before it sees me, which is profiling , another one of WTs inventions. Which makes me even more racist I guess.

  • MoMo

    I think it beyond cavil that anyone intelligent enough to purchase this team to start with is so incredibly unintelligent that he would put something this politically incorrect in writing! The NBA is an African – American league, with African – American players, and with primarily an African – American fan base. There is a lot more to this than this superficial explanation.

    And of course the reason that there are more African – Americans playing professional basketball and raking in millions in the process, is because African – Americans simply play more basketball while they are young. It is not because they can jump higher and cut faster. That would imply …… well you know!


    • Gina Tingles

      It’s a combination of two things that makes blacks (on average) better at basketball:

      1. Higher density of fast twitch muscle fiber.
      2. Longer arms. It’s not that white men can’t jump, they can’t reach.

      These characteristics allow blacks to dominate in the NBA and the NFL. In sports where explosiveness and reach are not as important, blacks do not dominate, like soccer, hockey, baseball, golf, tennis, gymnastics, etc.

      In some sports, their physiology puts blacks at a disadvatage, like in swimming, power lifting, and mid-distance running.

      Playing more when young is a minor consideration – great athletes are born, not made.

  • antiquesunlight

    My observation is that most white people just don’t give a damn about basketball. They watch baseball and football. Some watch soccer (all of a sudden). I don’t know any white people who really follow basketball. That may tell you more about my friends and associates than it does about white people in general, though.

    Anyway, common sense is a taboo nowadays. He should have known better.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      What is any white person doing watching the NBA? The league is racist against whites and our people are only 20-25% of the players. I liked basketball as a kid and even played a bit. I still watch some international games when white teams from Europe and South America play – and often defeat – “our” all-black teams. But even when our guys do win the league stays mostly black.

      • Jack Burton

        It’s reported white players are 17%. I don’t watch the sport, but in passing and in pictures I’ve seen plenty of games that appear to be 100% black.

        • BernieGoetzFan

          They were counting white players from Spain and Argentina as Hispanic (4%). Still, it is basically an 80% black league so why bother? Blacks don’t watch hockey.

      • antiquesunlight

        Is it racist or just free market and honest? If our schools ran by the same principles as the NBA, they’d be 90% white.

        • BernieGoetzFan

          I don’t know. I do see all-white teams from Europe and South America handling the U.S. blacks even though basketball is not a main sport in most of these nations.

          • Cid Campeador

            Correct me if I’m mistaken but didn’t Argentina defeat the US afro team a few years ago?

      • Cid Campeador

        This league, the NFL and our own present “Government” is racist against Whites.
        FNC had a discussion between the Lawyer (pronounced like “Liar” in Ireland) Arthur Aidala and Psychiatrist Keith Ablow re. the latest vicious gang attacks against a Kroger or Walmart employee that left him totally unconscious. They were discussing different methods of dealing with the “kids” such as having the “parents” attend Parenting Classes. This chaos is going to leas to armed conflict and I think that’s EXACTLY what they want.
        You can speculate as to who “they” are.

    • Valmont

      This is just a guess. Your friends do not watch basketball because there are
      no Jumbotrons on the beach at Balbec.

      • antiquesunlight

        Nice. That book changed my life. My name comes from The Fugitive.

        “For Albertine’s death to have suppressed my suffering, the mortal blow would have had to kill her not only in Touraine, but within me. There, she had never been more alive. To enter inside us, people have been obliged to take on the form and to fit into the framework of time; appearing to us only in successive instants, they have never managed to reveal to us more than one aspect, print more than a single photograph of themselves at a time. This is no doubt a great weakness in human beings, to consist in a simple collection of moments; yet a great strength too; they depend on memory, and our memory of a moment is not informed of everything that has happened since, the moment which it registered still lives on and, with it, the person whose form was sketched within it. And then this fragmentation not only makes the dead person live on, it multiplies her forms. In order to console myself, I would have had to forget not one but innumerable Albertines. When I had succeeded in accepting the grief of having lost one of them, I would have to begin again with another, with a hundred others.
        So then my life was entirely changed. What had constituted its sweetness was not Albertine in person, but, in parallel with her, when I was alone, the perpetual rebirth of moments from the past called forth by identical moments. The sound of the rain brought back to me the scent of lilac in Combray; the sun’s rays moving over the balcony brought th pigeons from the Champs-Elysees; the sounds muffled by the morning heat brought the coolness of cherries; the yearning for Brittany or Venice was borne by the sound of the wind and the return of Easter. Summer was on its way, the days grew longer. It was the season when pupils and teachers leave before mid-morning to go to the public gardens to prepare for their final examination under the trees to catch the last drop of coolness falling from a sky less burning than in the heat of the day, but already arid and bare. From my darkened room, with a force of evocation which equaled that of former times but now brought only suffering, I sensed that the sun hung heavy in the air outside as it set, garishly daubing the verticals of houses and churches. And if Francoise on her return were accidentally to ruffle the folds of the lined curtains, I would smother a cry escaping from the inner wound that had just been reopened by the sliver of antique sunlight which had made the modern façade of Bricqueville l’Orgueilleuse seem beautiful, when Albertine had said, ‘It has been restored.'”

        • Kenner

          I’m sorry, is that Proust?

          • antiquesunlight

            Nothing like a little Proust to liven things up a little bit around here.

          • Kenner

            All I ever read was Swan’s Way, years ago, but that passage had the same feel.

          • antiquesunlight

            It is, of course, extremely long, but the whole thing is uninterrupted brilliance, in my useless opinion.

        • revilo evola

          Aside from the interesting prose style, the “narrator” was much too whiny, psychologically insecure, and neurotic over the libertine Albertine. But what does one expect from an invert? That is really their psychology. In any case, he should have either gotten over it like a real man, or done himself in over self-pity. Good grief!

          • antiquesunlight

            He was a bit mental, but he was also a genius. I think we can all relate to his possessiveness, and alternating indifference and obsession, even if we aren’t always like that ourselves. But really, he was telling us about how he learned to let go of everything by becoming a connoisseur of memory. It’s quite a serene and beautiful book.

        • Valmont

          Yes it is an amazing book, though decidedly short on NBA allusions.

    • Ian Thomas

      Football (soccer) is a white sport, we invented it. Just thought I’d add that in there.

      • antiquesunlight

        Nobody in America, or at least my part of America, cared about it until, like, a year ago. Before then, it was the sport you played as a little kid before you played something cooler like football.

  • IstvanIN

    Old News. He was discussing strategies for attracting a certain demographic. Most businesses go after a certain demographic. American Eagle goes for young people. Lane Bryant goes for big ladies. It is business. There was nothing racist in what he said. If he said he wanted more hip-hop music and more black cheerleaders to attract a black audience that would NOT be called racist.

    • Jack Burton

      If it’s racist against anyone it’s white people. He’s saying they can’t survive because they can’t take enough money from whites. The multiracial, Judeo-liberal monstrosity doesn’t work without whites willing to be exploited. The bubbleheads don’t even see it, flies way over their heads.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      Believe it or not, Kareem Abdul- Jabaar, was quoted saying exactly that in one of today’s articles in the LA Times. The race hustlers have been at him for being Uncle Tom like.

      • MikeofAges

        The reason why the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is marginalized is because he always has refused to feed the media the bloody red meat it craves. After he left UCLA, he went to Milwaukee, where he spent six years. He made a go of it there and by all accounts had a great relationship with the kids there. When he left he merely said, Milwaukee had less of what he was interested in culturally. That’s not a stretch. He otherwise steadfastly and bravely refused to denounce that Middle American community of Slavic, Germanic and Scandinavian skilled workers and middle managers. Never has. Never will.

  • Nancy

    Thanks for printing this, Mr. Taylor! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to send this story in today, but because I’m in the Tenth Circle of Hell commonly known as metro-Atlanta, it was the leading story on the 5:00 news. I sent it in before the local (mostly black) anchors and reporters were finished denouncing…er, I mean reporting the story.

    I can, however, attest to the fact that white folks absolutely DO avoid Phillips Arena during any majority-black event. He was one hundred percent right about that. In fact, there have been really nice concert venues built in the last decade or so in the majority-white northern suburbs so that we can enjoy good performances without having to go downtown. (Not all of them come up here, as some shows are sell-outs and Phillips is the biggest venue in the area…like Aerosmith last week.)

    But still…with the nice arenas in Gwinnett, North Fulton, and Cobb Counties, many shows never have to bother with the downtown arena, especially if their fans are mainly white. Hence the reason why the Atlanta Braves will ditch the relatively new Turner Field downtown when the lease expires in 2017, and will move up to Cobb.

    What’s disappointing is that this owner immediately backtracked and groveled (right on, Mekong!) as soon as the email was released. I WISH one of these people would finally stand by his original words for a change.

    • antiquesunlight

      I’d like to look up data on his claim that there wasn’t a single mugging or pocket picking in 9 years. There ain’t no way that’s true. I avoid downtown like the plague, and I haven’t been to Philips in a long time, but the last time I went to Turner Field, my dad bought a Gatorade off a shady black peddler and the guy shorted him on change (we didn’t realize until we’d walked off). There were black bums everywhere asking for money and blacks just wandering around like weirdoes. White people avoiding downtown Atlanta when they can is good sense.

      I went to the Gwinnett Arena for an MMA show and it was very nice.

    • Douglas Quaid

      I tend to think that they are told that if they do their ritual groveling at the altar of the PC god they will get their golden parachute and land safely. You can see this pattern time and time again.

  • Jack Burton

    Who cares, another Jew lamenting about how the white goyim won’t buy the black product they’re selling. Pay attention to his wording, “the whites.” No white person talks like that, that’s because he’s a Jew. Jews don’t consider themselves part of the white population, except when it serves their purpose.

    • NoMosqueHere

      White “goyim,” if you will, buy a lot of black product, from black rap crap to Lakers tickets. Does it really need stating that most sports franchises are owned by white “goyim?”

      • antiquesunlight

        It will never cease to amaze me that white people listen to rap. Our ancestors were writing fugues and symphonies, and now we listen to jungle music. Unbelievable.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Maybe Levenson wants to sell the team at an overinflated price, say $2 billion before the market crashes.

    Or, maybe Levenson “outted” himself after he saw the handwriting on the wall and was about to get the Donald Sterling treatment from Donald Sterling himself:

    Months after advocating for the removal of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling

    — Sports Illustrated

    LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s team of lawyers has hired four private investigation firms to dig up ‘dirt’ on the NBA’s former and current commissioners and its 29 other owners, a source confirmed to ESPN com.

    His biggest mistake was in believing that his e-mail would be kept hidden by those who received it.

  • BillMillerTime

    Notice how they always claim that someone’s views are “entirely unacceptable and are in stark contrast to our core principles blah blah commitment to diversity blah blah blah…” But they never say “what he’s saying is factually incorrect, and we can prove it.”

    • Kenner

      And ‘schvoogies’.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Since NO businessperson, no matter how liberal, would ever be this suicidal, my money’s on blackmail. SOMEBODY has been squirreling away that email since 2012, just waiting for the right moment: “Either you out yourself, or I’ll do it for you.”

    Cui bono?

    • This is why I post under my own complete name. I, Michael C. Scott am a racist. I’m also a federal felon. I don’t need a job, so as long as I stay out of police matters, nobody except my wife, daughter and mother has any leverage on me. I stopped working in March 2006 and I was on federal paper at the time, I had to explain to my PO that I refuse to work. I was kept on paper for an extra six months until the judge cut me loose.

      Once you decide you don’t give a rip, a lot of things are instantly free.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Umm…whatever, dude. I really have no interest in your personal life. Try Facebook.

      • Ian Thomas


  • OhWow

    No spine. Defend what you write. Obviously we know you really believe it. Who would write things they don’t believe? Did he specialize in satire or fiction? No.

    What he said is simple business and theories on solutions. What he said is 100% right. Wherever blacks go, violence and crime follows. So considering 70% of their fans are black, whites WOULD be scared to go to games and bars afterward.

    The longer America chooses PC culture over facts, the more pressure builds up. At some point it will boil over.

    • willbest

      I am inclined to agree with the proposition he wanted to sell the team anyway.

  • OhWow

    The reason whites don’t go to Iraq or Syria for soccer games is because whites are racist!

  • willbest

    “but I think southern whites simply were not comfortable being in an arena or at a bar where they were in the minority”

    This is the money quote. They may be racist, but at least they have money.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    It is strange that 80% of the players are black and probably 80% of the owners Jewish. I guess the only role for regular old whiteys is to shut up and pay as you guzzle beer, munch chips, listen to hip-hop and purchase a Quintavius Jackson jersey.

  • CallahanAuto

    I was shocked to find out that a major pro sports team has a predominantly black fan base. I didn’t think that existed, even in the NBA.

    • antiquesunlight

      Yeah, I guess we white Georgians just don’t care about basketball. I know I don’t. All of the move-a-ball-around games bore me to death.

  • MikeofAges

    Poor guy. He just wasn’t versed in business euphemisms. The other and more reasonable issue here is that when any street confrontation or unpleasant encounter occurs between black and white, it just ups the ante and increases the risk of a disastrous outcome. That is true whether the balance of power on the side of the white or the black.

    Whites, except for those who can project hipness or street savvy, stay away from non-gentrified blacks because they fear the possibility of a situation developing which they cannot handle. Whites who stay away from blacks probably don’t wish them ill in most cases. They are , in a word, just thinking realistically about the perceived risk and the potential horrific results of a negative encounter, however small the probability of it on any given day. It may be all in fun almost all the time, but when the weasel pops, it pops.

    Blacks, too, stay away from certain white situations. Except for those who can project hipness and street savvy. Some people somehow just get by everywhere. But that’s not everybody or something everybody should even consider trying to do. Most won’t succeed.

  • richard garyson

    What an yssup! He basically blamed the lack of profits on
    racist whites and he still apologized to blacks. I cannot wait until an NHL
    owner blames bigoted blacks, who don’t like hockey, for his team’s lack of

  • Epiphany Strachan

    I will save my “how professional sports helped reduce the white man to a fat, lazy, distracted, castrated mass of tissue” for another time…Now that these 35-55 year old white men aren’t going to football games maybe they will see what’s going on around them and will go down and defend or close our border?

  • David Jones

    All but one NBA team is owned by Jews. I read this on another forum. Don’t ask me the one team that isn’t.

    • ClaveDark

      Pretty sure Michael Jordon still owns a team.

      • Kenner

        You’re not looking Glad All Over…

  • MikeofAges

    Two billion. Steve Ballmer found the money in his couch cushions.

  • Aposleman

    Is Atlanta now in line to be the next Detroit?

  • Douglas Quaid

    “If you’re angry about what I wrote, you should be,” he said in a
    statement. The Hawks also published the full contents of his 2012 email
    online. “I’m angry at myself, too. It was inflammatory nonsense.”

    Again nothing in regard to whether or not the statement was actually true, which it most certainly is, just a bunch of muddled moralistic nonsense about how evil it was to utter such a thought.

    • 1G25

      Reminded me of the maudlin “self-criticism” sessions Chinese used to get together for under Mao.

  • none of your business

    The team is losing money because Whites are afraid of getting robbed and beaten and have stopped buying those way overpriced sky boxes and season tickets and prefer to watch in the safety of their White suburbs surrounded by their burglar alarms.

    So Levenson wants to sell out. Now if another 100 million White men would do what the White men of Atlanta metro do and stay away this black sport would fade away. Then 100 million White men might do useful things instead of blobbing on the couch worshiping black men.

  • bubo

    Sounds like a guy trying to get over somehow. His people are crafty. Perhaps he thinks he can get Silver to get another fool to overpay like the Microsoft guy did. It’s another “racist emergency sale.” Maybe Oprah is the target to be fleeced this time.

    • LHathaway

      hehe, that was my thought too. It certainly occurred to me.

  • Another ‘tribal’ team owner expressing thoughts that the rest of the Ruling Class forbids to everyone else.

  • Robbie Cheney

    Thinking Mr. Levenson is making an informed business decision ahead of an economic ‘event’ just like Mr. Sterling did.

  • Raydonn

    “While Mr. Silver commended Mr. Levenson for coming forward with the
    email and agreed to help along a potential sale, Mr. Levenson’s message
    was drastically different in tone from Mr. Sterling’s.”

    -I’m rather sure this single sentence speaks volumes…..

  • LHathaway

    “at one point calling that type of thinking “racist garbage”.

    If you’re a person of color living in fear of whites, what’s important is that You are afraid, or offended, and not the source of the fear. The nation must rally around all good cause and make sure no person of color need ever live in fear of whites or white society. If you’re white, and you afraid, afraid you may be assaulted or insulted, you just have incorrect perceptions and if these ‘perceptions’ persist, then you’re just racist garbage.

    But don’t worry, it’s quite OK to call someone racist garbage, ‘redneck’, racist, privilege, if they are white.

    From the above story, one group is exalted, the other to blame, demonized if you will.

    Now, maybe I’m making too much of this, or just do not have an educated enough perspective on this story, but from the reaction to this story it is clear some folks in the USA are valued, and other folks aren’t.

    This could be because Mr. Taylor is right, differences can or do cause conflict. I believe our leaders believe this too. That must be why whites must all be told (or shown) how lucky, privileged, and superior they are, so they will presumably ignore the ‘friction’ differences cause and reject their own ‘natural self-defense mechanisms’. In this way, apparently, by being the proverbial, good neighbors perhaps, by favoring the other over others, or others of the same race as you (if you’re white) in this ways the friction of diversity can be smoothed over.

    We must devalue, and blame, a whole group of people in order to make diversity work.
    This is coming from the higher and highest educated among our leaders. Clearly, some folks have value, others do not? This is the best our leaders can do?
    If ‘diversity’ requires we dehumanize a whole portion of society, in the words of Jared Taylor once again, who needs it?

    This is the future for all white nations, with non-white populations, one standard for them, another for you. We see what the standards are, above, and every day, if one carefully reads the news stories? That’s the whole point of the story reaching the newspaper, to show us what the standards are. And to enforce standards some must be punished to serve as an example for everyone else.
    Does diversity work differently than this in other white nations? I don’t know. If this is the way it will always work, who needs it? Certainly not white people.

  • TruthBeTold

    And what’s frustrating is that blacks can’t differentiate between White and Jewish. All they see is White.

  • benvad

    Whites get targeted for Jewish views of Blacks. We just want to be left alone.

    • antiquesunlight

      On top of that, he goes out of his way to condemn the many evil white Southern slave owners of Atlanta who won’t buy his season tickets.

    • The All Seeing Bry

      White became natural separatists. Most of White ancestors descend from cold environments. From that, we conquered the land; knew how to survive off of it, knew how to control it.

      This made white very much independent from anything. We could go anywhere and be successful. For this breed us being separatists. If we do not like something, hell we could start over and make something better on the other side of the ocean.

  • Cid Campeador

    The statement is interesting. When large numbers of Blacks gather anywhere they generally demonstrate less than civilized behavior that can be intimidating to Whites.

    • Vito Powers

      it seems whenever young blacks are in groups, they deliberately become loud(er) and (more) obnoxious. It’s like they’re looking to provoke a confrontation with anyone, preferably a single white person.

  • Why do black fans scare away white fans? For the same reason that blacks dominate in sports like basketball and football.

    Blacks are physically tougher and more aggressive. Black men beat up and humiliate white guys, and white female cheerleaders cheer for alpha black men since women are naturally hardwired to submit to the winning males.

    • Periapsis

      Tougher? They are indeed aggressive, but not tougher than whites. They are quick to resort to violence, whites in general are not. However, when we do resort to violence, blacks very often become cowardly, especially when one white take on multiple blacks.

      • The All Seeing Bry

        Blacks are cowards straight and simple. Blacks will not even act tough unless they have a 2:1 ratio. I’d rather fight two black guys then one white guy any day.

        This woman is delusional and lives in the fantasy TV world to believe her own statements. Give her a break though, she never had to witness the real world of violence, for after all she’s a woman.

    • M.

      They’re not tougher; they play tougher. Blacks tend to be more reckless, and whites tend to be more calculating when/before attacking or making moves.

      Start at 4:45

  • Puggg

    I have an announcement to make.

    When a granduncle of mine died quite a few years ago, he left me an envelope of what I thought was unimportant stuff in his will. But I looked through it and found that one of the things that was in it was a 1% ownership share in an NBA team that has one winning season every 10 years.

    And as you all can see, I have a building history of racist comments on a racist website.

    There’s only one thing that can be done to cure all this evil. Better find some rich dude to shell out at least $10 million maybe as much as $20 million for my share. No price is too big to pay for being politically correct.

  • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

    …in a time when speaking the truth is a revolutionary act…..

  • bilderbuster

    There was nothing racial in Levenson’s letter so this whole matter seems quite odd to me.
    The one thing that does stand out is that the racist “White” owners Sterling and Levenson are Jewish as is NBA Commissioner Silver.
    The article is written in a way to really blame Southern Whites for being to blame for this whole “racist” matter and I couldn’t help but notice that one of the reporter’s name is Ben Cohen.

  • bilderbuster

    So is NBA Commissioner Silver.

    • Nancy

      Have you seen the Barney Frank body double who’s the “part owner” of the Hawks? He went on and on, lamenting the evil words of Danny Ferry, “indicting a whole continent”, and “earning back the players’ trust”. He looks like a big, gay, Jewish Humpty Dumpty.

      http www dot myfoxatlanta dot com/story/26480768/fox-5-i-team-obtains-letter-that-sparked-atlanta-hawks-racial-investigation

  • crockadoodle6

    The exact same thing could be written about Royal Caribbean Cruise line that departs from East Central Florida coast. Obnoxious, loud, aggressive, entitled, pushy, obese, wild, ill-mannered, greasy, angry vacationers. Once was enough to last a dozen life times.

  • crockadoodle6

    Just to put this whole thing in perspective; who in their right mind wants to watch the NBA? Either live or on TV.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Oh dear, one of the “chosen ones” confessing to sending naughty emails about negroes.

  • none of your business

    How many White women follow Cosmo’s and the feminazi’s advice and get abortions every year? 100,000? 50,000? 20,000? I don’t know. But I do know that about 100 million White men spend their weekends and evenings on the couch worshipping at the Church of Black Sports Teams. The TV is the altar, the communion wafers are potato chips and the Saints are black athletes. The different teams are the different religions.

  • none of your business

    Do any Whites ever go to Yankee Stadium any more? It is located in one of the worst parts of the Bronx. Ironically Grand Central Parkway, the stadium,Prospect Park and those glorious 1900 homes and apartment buildings were developed to rival the best parts of Manhattan. But blacks moved in and one of the most beautiful parts of NYC was destroyed in 20 years.

    • Ed

      They go. The subway leaves you off right by the park. You only have to walk a few feet to the stadium. Not even a 1/2 block.

  • none of your business

    ” Walter O’Malley saw a Puerto Rican man in the box seats peeing into his empty soda bottle.”

    You see those soda bottles full of pee along the curbs in Los Angeles all the time.

  • SoulInvictus


    “Meanwhile, the Earth’s civilization…”
    or that Ebola and MERS and avian Influenza (and?) are one minor mutation away from melting humanity into a squishy pile. And our borders are wide open…

    or that we’re poking multiple nuclear powered bears with sticks.

    or that a major CDC scientist/doctor just came out as a whistle-blower saying all your fears about vaccines and autism are valid and that they’ve been covering it up for decades.

    or that our currency is poised on the edge of an economic abyss.

    etc etc etc etc….

    I will never comprehend how people find space in their minds or lives to give a crap about these sports.

  • none of your business

    It’s not just the danger it’s the incessant noise. Ever stood in line at a movie with even just a few howling and yowling at the top of their lungs about nothing with every other word n***** and mofa? I do most of my errands on foot within a few blocks of a busy commercial street with bus benches every 2 blocks. There are blacks, men mostly who just hang out on those benches for hours every day just blathering and babbling away. Sometimes they have no one to talk with but they just keep on blabbing. And they are not insane, just like to run their mouths about nothing.

    The bus benches used to be about one every mile, but the city put in one every 2 blocks. Bus benches are a nice amenity aren’t they? But not with blacks sitting on them howling and yowling for hours. They don’t live in the neighborhood. But anywhere there is a gathering place there they are. Pray for a long, cold rainy winter.

  • none of your business

    Speaking of the billions of things offensive to blacks, David Cameron plans to fly the blue and white cross of St Andrew Scots flag over his office. It’s the Saltire, a white X on a blue background. Expect howls and yowls of protest from American blacks and ignorant liberals who mistake any X for the Confederate Battle Flag, long may it wave.
    Wish the south would rise again.
    Long Live Dixie


    He is just not versed in Politically Correct language.

    Nothing would have happened had he written:

    “I suspect racist Whites do not buy season tickets out of unjustified racist fear of our beloved black fan base. ”

    After all, whites may be offended at will.