Posted on September 8, 2014

Filmmaker Dresses as ‘Ebola-Infected ISIS Terrorist’ to Sneak Across Lake Erie

David Martosko, Daily Mail (London), September 8, 2014

An Ebola-infected ISIS terrorist could easily motorboat across Lake Erie and reach Ohio from Canada, according to an American conservative filmmaker who videotaped a fictionalized one-jihadi incursion across Lake Erie and released the footage Monday.

‘On the eve of the 9/11 anniversary our man, dressed as an ISIS terrorist was able to cross Lake Eris, walk off a boat into Cleveland, Ohio–and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,’ guerrilla documentarian James O’Keefe narrates.

‘At no point did anyone even question [him] or ask him what he was carrying in his suspicious brown duffel bag.’

O’Keefe’s latest online provocation comes at a time when the world’s attention is focused on the self-professed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and Americans are growing increasingly concerned about the danger the group could pose to the US.

His video shows a black-clad jihadi with a British accent being ferried across Lake Erie, which separates Ohio from the Canadian province of Ontario.

‘The British government says American journalist James Foley’s ISIS assassin was an Englishman,’ O’Keefe says in his narration.

‘British intelligence believes more than 500 British citizens have joined ISIS. Brits can enter Canada without a visa; it’s virtually an open door.’

In the short gonzo documentary, O’Keefe meets up with a ‘terrorist’ who has hired a boat to bring him from Ontario to the middle of Lake Erie. The two exchange pleasantries as the pretend jihadi transfers to O’Keefe’s American-piloted craft.

‘On August 17 we stole Ebola from a lab in Liberia,’ he says in the script. ‘We took he bandages and the bedsheets and then we covered ourselves in it and hoped that we’d get infected.

‘The incubation period is about 21 days, and it’s been about–21 days.’

O’Keefe, a confirmed rabble-rousing video activist, last made national noise in August with a video showing how an Islamist terrorist–dressed as Osama bin Laden, no less–could wade across the Rio Grande River from Mexico to the U.S. without being detected.

‘We went to Texas and saw little border security,’ he told MailOnline on Monday; ‘now we’ve discovered there’s even less border security on the Canadian border.’

His jihadi character in this latest video also carries with him a container marked ‘ricin.’

Playing the part to the hilt, the actor points to a fresh-water intake port that serves the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan area, and tells O’Keefe, ‘The water supply is over there. If we put it in there, it will kill a lot of Americans.’

Staring into the camera, O’Keefe clarifies that the terrorist, his ricin and his Ebola-soaked linens are make-believe–but warns that ‘anyone can cross this border. You could cross in a Jet-Ski if you wanted to.’

‘You could import weapons, you could import whatever you wanted to, because there’s no detection on our borders.’

O’Keefe told MailOnline that ‘the only coast guard vessels we saw were tied up at their docks.’

‘One of the boat captains expressed his own concern about border security,’ he said, ‘and worried that perhaps the Great Lakes are the soft underbelly of America.’