As PM Unveils New Terror Crackdown, a Scots Girl Incites Bloody Massacre on British Streets

Khaleda Rahman and Victoria Allen, Daily Mail (London), September 2, 2014

This is the Scottish private schoolgirl who travelled to Syria to join Islamic fighters–and is calling on Muslims to carry out a bloody atrocity on British streets.

Glasgow-born Aqsa Mahmood, 20, is the daughter of a successful businessman and was educated at a top private school in the city.

Aqsa Mahmood

Aqsa Mahmood

Last year she abandoned a university course to join fanatical Islamic State jihadists fighting in Syria.

Since then she has tweeted a series of radical messages, including a call for others to copy the shocking murder of soldier Lee Rigby, the Boston Marathon bombing and the massacre at the Fort Hood US Army base in Texas.

As fears grow over British jihadis returning home to carry out terror attacks, the Prime Minister yesterday announced new powers to seize extremists’ passports.

Since travelling to Syria, Mahmood has gotten married and has been tweeting descriptions of her humdrum life of cooking, cleaning and looking after children.

However, on Twitter she uses the name Umm Layth and her profile carries a picture of the black flag of brutal terrorist group Islamic State.

Shockingly, she has also posted jihadist propaganda, including one message in June this year saying: ‘Follow the examples of your brothers from Woolwich, Texas and Boston.

‘If you cannot make it to the battlefield, then bring the battlefield to yourself.’

Last night, Police Scotland and the security services confirmed they were aware of Mahmood.

Her involvement with radical Islam and her decision to travel to Syria stunned her family and friends.

Her father built up thriving businesses after coming to Scotland from Pakistan and Mahmood was sent to exclusive Craigholme School. At that time friends remember a Westernised girl, who loved make-up and clothes and liked to gossip with fellow pupils.

One ex-school friend said: ‘She wasn’t different. She got on with everybody. As soon as she decided to do something she would never change her mind. I guess that was something that was amazing about her, but also one of her downfalls.’

In her fifth year, Mahmood became more interested in Islam and began wearing the hijab. She began buying religious books, taking classes and chatting to people about Muslim ideology over the internet.

Mahmood left Craigholme after failing to get into university and went to study at the nearby Shawlands Academy, a mixed state school.

A schoolfriend there said Aqsa was a ‘usual, typical girl’. He added: ‘At school she had a lot of friends. She was a really confident person, she could talk to anyone she wanted, clever as well. Just the usual Asian Muslim girl.

‘I would say she was a moderate Muslim. I find it really bizarre, knowing her from school and then her suddenly being part of Islamic State.’

After Shawlands, Mahmood began a course in diagnostic radiography at Glasgow Caledonian University but dropped out in order to travel to Syria.

Friends did not know she had travelled to the Middle East, although Mahmood, who was very interested in politics, had spoken about wanting to go there to ‘help’ in the fight against Bashar Assad’s regime.

A security source said the Glasgow girl was one of an increasing number of western women travelling to Syria in order to provide a support network for organisations such as Islamic State.

The source said there was no indication such individuals took part in any of Islamic State’s frontline activities–but that this might change in future.

Last night, Mahmood’s father answered the door at the family’s sandstone villa, but refused to comment.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: ‘A 19-year-old female from Scotland was reported missing to us by her family in November 2013. Inquiries are ongoing in relation to her whereabouts and we are supporting her family.’

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  • This is how these Jihad-groupies should be dealt with.
    Clitorectomy, deportation, citizenship revoked.

  • I know what a Scot looks like, and this isn’t one.

  • MekongDelta69

    These people are mentally retarded. Revoke ALL of their passports.


  • Bobbala

    Send her to service the troops.

    • benvad

      Service the troops? She must be dropped in the middle of the Indian Ocean to be close to her ancestral homeland.

      • Bobbala

        Her troops. Not ours.

  • Periapsis

    Has it ever it occurred to this Jihadi Jane that there’s white men who will shoot her in the face or stab her to death? I have no compunctions about annihilating the likes of her to protect me and mine. I have to say there’s no more nations for us to defend because of the treacherous ruling elites who allowed black widows like her in. She is no Scotswoman but she should meet her demonic maker in Hell surrounded by pork.

  • 1. Twitter gives these psychopaths a platform for spewing their hate. Complain to Twitter. My wordpress site was taken down for a week for publishing that CNN’s reporters address. If I advocated violence, my site would be permanently gone. Yet muzzies can advocate murder on Twitter?

    2. No Middle Easterner is capable of assimilating. The girl used to wear makeup and act Western? Skin deep that was. Under it all the fires of muzziedom were burning and had to come out.

    3. Why isn’t the West targeting this creature with a drone? Obama?

    • bilderbuster

      All of the make up and the top private schools were no match for her inner multiculturalist.

      • Muslims are no agriculturalists. That is a White delusion.

        • Paleoconn

          you mean multicult, right? Funny typo 😉

          • Yes, thank you, that even made me laugh. Such can come with quickly clicking the spell check thinking it was correcting a misspelling of multiculturalists. Come to think of it, though, Muslims don’t seem to be the best agriculturalists either. (Doesn’t involve enough blood except when you get your robes caught in the harvester?)

          • Paleoconn

            They aren’t good at anything, except perhaps decapitation.

        • bilderbuster

          And we really, really tried to make her get with the program too.
          Sniff! Sniff!

  • Anglo

    The Scots and other White countries have let these dark muzzies into their countries and now the chickens have come home to roost. “and be sure your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32:23 KJV

    • Charlie

      Reason being, is that Zionists have total control of virtually every single government in the Western World…they know that people of color, especially Muslims and Mexicans, breed at rates several times that of Whites, which is why they allow them to flood Western countries in the first place…the goal is not “assimilation”, for the Zionists know that people of color are totally alien to Western rules, customs, and above all, values, for the ultimate plan is total replacement of indigenous Europeans, with non-Europeans…forcing gay and lesbian lifestyles on young Europeans and White Americans, brainwashing Westerners with the sinful practices of miscegenation, since they know that, most mixed-race people have virulent hatred of their “White” side, Obama anyone? They want to render the hated White male to be totally impotent, economically, culturally, religiously, militarily, and above all, racially…that’s the reason..

      • me

        That’s the problem–so what’s the solution?
        Merchants of every stripe must go.

  • Steven Barr

    The UK, US and France were going to bomb Syria in support of these people only a year ago.

    • bilderbuster

      That should be a red flag right there.

    • benvad

      The worst part is Bush would’ve gone ahead and done it anyways. In a good way this Obama clown did a good thing by backing down.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Kill them. All of them. No exceptions.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      I’m willing to stop when they wave the white flag, but after they break the peace, which they will, no mercy.

  • OS-Q

    Calling for Muslims in Glasgow to rise up? HA! The last time I remember them trying anything huge there a Scottish Cabbie hurt his foot kicking a flaming terrorist in the testes. The police had to SAVE the terrorists from the enraged mob.

    • It is early. Let genocidal demographics work its will.

    • Jack Burton

      The irony is that our racial enemies are doing our job for us, they’re more honest than whites are. They’re slapping whites in the face and saying, hey, we’re your natural enemies, don’t you understand that?? We’re not the same, we want what you have, we want to dominate you, here, let us give you some terrorism to show you.

      • OS-Q

        It is like grabbing someone by the collar and screaming “I really hate you!” in their face and the guy just keeps grinning and drooling.

  • RHG

    I never understand how women can go along with this Islamic insanity, you are a slave forced to dress in a certain way and think in a certain way and the minute you step out of line you can be killed by even your own family members with the support of the community. These people are just flat out nuts.

    • 4321realist

      “Flat out nuts” is probably an accurate description.

      Besides the horrific treatment you mentioned, women undergo a circumcision process that is not only unnecessary, but it’s extremely painful and if you Google the various kinds of FGM you’ll note how barbaric the procedures are.

    • JSS

      Race always trumps sex. In their blood they still know who they are regardless of whether our kosher governments and the media call them “Scottish” or whatever.

    • “I never understand how women can go along with this Islamic insanity”

      Because they are not Western women, plus I would imagine to them this is the height of fashionable excitement and romance and service to Allah.

    • Honestly, I think it’s just the fact that women seek direction. Western freedoms come with responsibility. She probably got a taste of it in school and realised that she’d much rather be under someone else’s Care and direction, however brutal that may be, than fend for herself in the real world.

      Terribly sexist and chauvinist of me, I know. But it’s a biological fact that women aren’t supposed to slap on a pantsuit with padded shoulders and March off to the office. They’re supposed to Care for, nurture, and comfort the family while the man of the household provides. That’s what evolution led to, and the current state of affairs is unnatural and simply wrong.

      Her going “native” and more or less enslaving herself is perfectly natural. It’s who and what She is, as a woman, and as a Muslim.

      • Jack Burton

        Rather it could simply be some white bitch pissed her off, some guy didn’t like her, and she’s jealous of being inferior to pretty white women.

        Just to spite whites and get revenge, she becomes radical and hates the West. I’ve seen plenty of examples of petty revenge being the basis for anti-social behavior like that.

        • me

          Indeed! The swarthy ‘female’ has always been full of hate, malice, and violence towards the idealistic European female, and have always desired the European male.

          • captainc

            you forgot long haired Aryan Jesus

          • me

            You forgot to not be an anti-White, racist, heathen, atheist, loud mouthed, imbecilic, primitive, trashy waste of skin.

    • Jack Burton

      The answer is most people are petty and irrational, especially women.

      Many people live their whole lives purely out of spite of others, like blacks hating whites.

      • me

        Not the AmRen women, surely? I find them courageous, intelligent, rational, and witty.

        • Jack Burton

          Did you see where I said most? Did I mention AmRen women?

          Don’t pester me with these types of questions like some liberal probing for racism.

          • me

            Ooooh, a bit touchy, eh?

      • Laura Dilworth

        i work at the post office and the other day, a sister came up to the counter-i had another customer, and there were two other customers ahead of her. she kept trying to engage me, but i don’t want to make mistakes. i answered her, but not to her satisfaction. She was LOUD for several minutes-bitching about how rude I was-called Customer Service…Some sisters live to get me fired since I don’t act scared

        • Laura Dilworth

          generally, female customers give me a much harder time than the average male customer. and they are petty

          • Jack Burton

            Women are more emotional by nature, and as statistics show, suffer more mental disorders.

            It’s not entirely their fault, it’s not a conscious choice, their biology is more sensitive to stress hormones. This is a scientific fact.

          • Laura Dilworth

            I believe it

        • Jack Burton

          Greater criminality is one aspect of black anti-social behavior, but even those who aren’t criminal are still socially dysfunctional and have a long list of character defects. Being loud, obnoxious, passive-aggressive if not outright openly hostile are common black behaviors.

          • Laura Dilworth

            I’ve worked at the post office for a long time and have observed this

  • 4321realist

    Christianity has been abysmally slammed by the radicals on the left for some of its beliefs and excoriated mercilessly, especially the ones that require blind faith and others they deem too stringent and unbending.
    Yet they never utter a word about the out-of-control fanaticism of Islam.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Christian = White/Europeans in liberal delusions.

      Liberals hate Europeans more than capitalism.

    • antiquesunlight

      Strange how Christian nations tend to be prosperous and happy while Muslim nations are train wrecks.

      If a liberal condemns something, it’s probably the best thing in the world.

      • R L Buds

        It’s true the libs only seem to support that which is vile. homosexuals, islam, people who refuse to work, etc.

    • anony

      The ones who hate Christianity have been at it for a very, very long time…say about 2000 years.

  • bilderbuster

    Don’t limit the efforts to Muslims.
    All non Whites must leave White lands.

  • benvad

    That’s an alien in Scotland it could never be Scottish. It’s a central asian or south asian, phenotype & DNA do not lie.

  • Paleoconn

    Quite the bonnie lass, this one. She’s as Scottish as haggis and kilts, I mean burqas and couscous.

  • IKUredux

    I know that in the no longer united states of america, that any color skinned person can declare themselves an “American”. And, therefore, if you can be termed an “American”, and then go and join our enemies, and fight and die for them. but, still be considered, and described as an “American”, and then buried in this country, well, F#$% me and all my ancestors! Apparently we lived, sacrificed, and died in FING VAIN! I’m gonna go out on an ancestral limb here and say: What the hell were we thinking? Come on! Seriously? My fing ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. My ancestors fought in the so called Civil War. My ancestors fought in the first world war and the second world war. Some of them in the Korean War. And, giving my age away here, MY generation fought the Viet Nam war. Pretty much all these wars were for naught. The only war that still makes sense, is the Revolutionary War. And, based on what this country has done since then, that war doesn’t even make that much sense.The Civil War was the biggest mistake this country EVER made. PERIOD. It created a division between Whites in the north, and, Whites in the south. A bridge that appears to be insurmountable, if we Whites are to prevail. Let’s try and move beyond the wounds of the not so Civil War. You know, frankly, if the Civil War is constantly being replayed, why does anyone in the whole world, think that disparate peoples from around the world, who have ABSOLUTELY nothing in common, are all of a sudden going to start getting along? Really? Whites from the North don’t get along with Whites from the South. But, seriously, you think every ethny from the world when brought together in a White country, are magically going to get along. Uh Huh. TPTB know we aren’t going to get along. So, we must ask, “Why is this forced diversity being done in ONLY White countries?”. No. Seriously. WHY? I mean, come on. If the reason were economic, well, then, why not encourage Africans to go to China? Or, perhaps that other economic powerhouse of asian braniacs, India? Nope. Clearly, the reason to encourage Africans and other ugly brown people to emigrate to Europe, has absolutely NOTHING to do with economics, and EVERYTHING to do with slapping Whites down. Well, I mean the elite Whites(you know, hollywood people, Vogue designers, in fact, ALL the White people who are the movers and shakers of this world. I mean, include an Asian here, there. Include a black here, there. IT’S ALL BULLSH%T.The PTB know they run the world. PERIOD. All other races are occasionally allowed in). Other White people are NOT allowed in. In fact, we are unknowing pawns, who are lashed with the word “racist” to keep us working and paying the bills. We Whites are the slaves of the new world order. Nothing in this world would exist without our creativity, and ingenuity. NOTHING. And, now, once again, we are expected to sacrifice our lives, spend our hard earned capital, to come up with a cure for ebola, and administer it. Really? Oh Really? The most hated race on the surface of the Earth is once again expected to save the day. why the hell don’t we start refusing? HEY! Let the fing Chinese do it! Let the Indians do it! They’re so damn smart, let them DO IT!

    • “The only war that still makes sense, is the Revolutionary War.”

      And the coming war, violent or non-, to save the best of the West and our Western peoples.

      • IKUredux


      • Charlie

        There is actually a current civil war, that is being waged, whether most people know it or not…that war is between the White Liberals, backed and supported and brainwashed by their Zionist cohorts, who are hell bent on destroying every last vestige of Western Civilization and Culture…they, since they are in our homes, schools, doctor’s offices, restaurants, news studios, etc, are the most dangerous element in our current world…the terrorists, though they are truly formidable, are “oceans away”, for they are not “the enemy inside the gates”, as an ancient Roman thinker once quipped…the Zionists don’t care what will replace indigenous Europeans and White Americans, for their only goal is the total eradication of Western peoples…this whole “war on terror”, is actually a “war on Whites”, being waged by Jews and White Liberals, against unsuspecting, proud Whites…

        • Yes, and even if their goal were not to destroy every last vestige of the West, but to continually knock us down a peg until the West can never ever ever pose even a potential or theoretical threat in their paranoid Holocaust-under-every-rock minds, that in itself will eventually destroy the West. Same with the Chinese, the Japanese, etc. You could only dilute, destabilize and kill (race motivated violent crime) them so much, especially if a big part of it is pathologically altruistic race suicide, before their civilization would no longer be able to recover.

          • Charlie

            What is sad, and most tragic, is the fact that, no other race would be as blind and suicidal and passive, and the White race is, right now…not even the most primitive of Third World races, like the tribes of Papua New Guinea, or the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert, would be as acquiescing to the destruction of their tribe and culture…I often ask myself, why are Whites so passive, when it comes to Deconstructionism? Is it some fatal flaw, a aberrant gene, in which Whites almost lemming-like, gravitate towards anti-Western, and non-White, pursuits? Curiosity of other peoples as a human being is vital for the survival of the individual, but can be fatal for the entire civilization and race…I mean, are the Japanese imitating African culture, are the Arabs, imitating and immersing themselves in Eskimo/ Inuit culture, are the Jews losing themselves in Brahmin/ Hindu culture? Only Whites are losing themselves in other cultures, while ridiculing and rejecting their own…

          • You sum up our horrific situation well, and yet I think on another level there is a sort of Lefty imperialism here, with White liberals assuming that when Muslims, Bantus, or whoever are more educated and become more multicultural and ‘rainbow’ they will start thinking more like White liberals, who believe they have evolved into some sort of advanced beings that have discovered new universal truths, when in fact they too represents a thread of Western thinking, no matter how utopian and depraved, and that they too will be wiped out when the West goes down. (A silver lining?)

    • Jack Burton

      The Civil War made a lot of sense, even more sense than the Revolutionary War. The result and the winner was what made no sense for the survival and rights of whites. Following the North winning, blacks and other non-whites were given citizenship and equality by law. The South responded with Jim Crow segregation, separate but equal. Northern tyrants later forced the South to integrate at gunpoint. It’s pretty clear who the villains are.

      The American Civil War and WW2 were key wars for white racial survival. Having lost those, we are now occupied by our ideological enemies, and we will have to wait for their racially self-destructive policies to destroy their own institutions before pro-whites can rally again. Perhaps Muslims will ironically bring about the destruction of enemies within our race, and allow us to reconquer for the greater good.

  • As others have said, our open-borders overlords import countless Muslims and then are shocked when they act like Muslims. In any case, don’t forget to ‘Celebrate Diversity!’

  • The British started forgetting what to do with Muslims after Richard I’s victory at Acre. in 1191.

  • glennm

    the old adage of not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim still applies.

    • Jack Burton

      The important distinction here is that it’s not just some isolated cases of crazy Muslims who did this or that, it’s in their religion. It’s divine law that tells them to behave in this manner.

  • Sloppo

    If we’re going to enjoy the wonderful benefits of rich multicultural diversity, we will have to make some small sacrifices including all our rights and freedoms, because our countries will have to become totalitarian police states to maintain order.

    • anony

      ” because our countries will have to become totalitarian police states to maintain order.”

      “…will have to become…”?

      • Sloppo

        Ok. I guess we’re pretty far down that road already.

        • anony

          Sorry, didn’t mean to be picky, but all of the electronic surveillance has really gotten me kind of paranoid these days.

          I’ve even thought about giving up using the internet because of the way all of our activity is “recorded”.

  • I cannot even begin to describe my contempt for the British political class and their two faced maliciousness or idiocy, or both.

    These people can, on a Tuesday, be congratulating the opening of a new Mosque and banging the drum of how wonderful Islam is and what a benefit is has been to this country, on a Wednesday be allowing a few more thousand Muslims into the country, on a Thursday be tinkering with the welfare to prop up their large broods of children and pay for their ‘free’ school meals, and on Friday be warning about the threat of extremist Islam to Britain in the future.

    I therefore cannot take anything they say seriously. They could not care less if Britain became an Islamic state by demographic deluge, providing that nobody was being beheaded in the process. If they do care, then why are they not limiting this whole process?

    Their arrogance also gets on my nerves, that their “liberal democracy” their “free market capitalism” and all the perversions that go with it, must be irresistible to Muslims – and wonder why people could possibly be rejecting it.

    The whole thing is ridiculous.

    • jayvbellis

      Hey Brit guy…

      Have you apologised to the Germans yet?
      Have you told them how very sorry you are?
      Have you told them if you had to do it all over again
      You would have gladly accepted the generous German offers of brotherly peace.

      After all, English are mostly Germanic people – Angles, Saxons, Normans
      With some good Nordic Viking genes thrown in to a good mix.

      Have you made the pilgrimage to the statue of the worst World War II criminal Bomber Harris? Have you gone to Normandy Beach and told the locals you wish the Germans had invaded England from Normandy Beach and The Germans had won the war and still occupied parts of London England, that’s ….
      London, not Londonstan.

      So English guys and all Brits, tell me this….

      Have you apologised to the Germans yet?
      Have you told them how sorry you are?

      • Charlie

        Absolutely…if the Reich had won, we wouldn’t have had this problem, for the Reich authorities were actually planning for Europe, to truly become a “Germanic” continent…in many respects, the last hope for Western Civilization, were those young men, from Berlin, Bregenz, Koln, Munchen, Konigsberg, Halle, Aachen, and Innsbruck, who fought in Scandinavia, the Russian steppes, the coasts of Pas-de-Calais, and the mountains of Crete…but, of course, it’s taboo to speak of the glories of the Wehrmacht…

      • Hey, have you got over yourself yet?

        Have you quit lecturing those of us who were not even born or involved at the time and who were in no position to do or say anything?

        Have you stopped being a retard or trying to be uppity and lecturing to people who actually know what the score is full well enough already and see things from the correct perspective?

        Have you ever considered that I need not apologise for what people I never knew in a different lifetime to me did, or that it would be a waste of time to apologise to Germans now – who in my experience largely couldn’t care less and would actually loathe me for saying “we” should have supported the National Socialists?

        Have you ever considered that not all of us admire the bombing of Dresden?

        In fact, have you considered anything at all?

        I am not saying sorry about anything – and furthermore, you can stick your snotty reply where the sun doesn’t shine. Don’t talk down to me with your arrogant tone and your wisdom of hindsight.

        I think that the people of Britain were duped. manipulated and misguided into the second world war, but I am not, ever, going to apologise for the actions of my forefathers who, despite being misguided, fought bravely and valiantly for what they thought to be their country.

        If you expect the “state” or political union of Britain itself to apologise for going to war against the National Socialists, then you really are deluded, for we both know that that is not going to happen.

        • jayvbellis

          Nah. Karma is heavily involved here.

          Trust me. Make the pilgrimage to the Bomber Harris Statue. Maybe go to Dresden and touch some the physical space where the English/British did the most vile deeds in a once great people’s history.

          Say you’re sorry and will never, ever consider doing anything even remotely like this again to our people.

          Once you have confessed, said you are sorry – you and your people can face the grim realities of Paki Muslim child rapists with a clear conscious.

          The alternative is to go on denying anything was really wrong, that that was “England’s finest hour” pure BS.

          Karma can be rather rough, the sins of the grandparents of the current, maybe the last Enflish, British people in England/Britain, these terrible sins are now coming down on not so Merry Old England.

          • Well, like I said earlier, you can take your ‘Karma’ and stick it.

            I have explained my position thoroughly, I have no intention nor need to apologise or atone for any “sins”.

            You clearly haven’t read (or understood) a word I said, so kindly take your bull-shine elsewhere and stop darkening my door with your belligerent nonsense.

            Instead of trying to argue with me, why don’t you go off and find somebody who actually disagrees with the clumsy point you are trying to make and then have it out with them instead?

            My position is clear, it is a shame you seem too arrogant to comprehend it.

  • scutum

    This is not a Scot, she is a Pakistani that happened to be Born in Scotland. And Jihadi John (Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary) is not an Englishman, he is an Egyptian that happened to be born and raised in London. So much for the idea that we are all products of our environment and the society in which we are raised. if you think that genetics isn’t the major determinant of behavior, just take a look at the difference between young children raised in the same environment, or the similarities between identical twins raised in very different environments. Liberalism/socialism/communism are all just forms of the same delusion that we are all the same and that any differences are between races and ethnicities are just skin deep. Remember that when grouping for IQ, Mexicans and middle easterners arte classified as white. If you limit the grouping to Europeans IQ levels for Europeans are about the same as for North East Asians. (Korean, Japanese and Chinese)

  • Bantu_Education

    Only 5000? In the dying days of WW2 the Germans evacuated hundreds of thousands from E.Prussia using 3 small cruise ships taking up to 20,000 at a time. All 3 were eventually torpedoed with the biggest loss of life ever recorded at sea. If they could put 20,000 in a 10,000 ton vessel how many more could we cram into a 100,000 ton Costa Cruise ship? Captain Schettino, where are you now that we need you???

  • Bantu_Education

    Only new Muslim immigrants? What about the millions of 5th columnist jihadis who are already inside and plotting against us? Islam must be banned and all its hate/indoctrination schools (aka mosques) destroyed. Halal food must be banned, and any Muslims who protest must be rounded up and deported en-masse by sea. I would suggest to Libya since it close to Europe, already in chaos (to which they are accustomed), and has lots of land even though rendered infertile by their compatriots and their goats. (not sure if they are a different species). Let them make it fertile again, as Israel has achieved. You know it makes sense.

  • me


  • Anglo

    How grotesque!

  • me

    YES! A trillion thumbs up!

  • Conrad

  • Laura Dilworth

    first lady is charming

  • neshobanakni

    Pakistanis aren’t Arabs, and Somalis aren’t Bantus. Nor or they Scots or “Minnesoodans.”