23andMe Mega-Study on Different American Groups

Dienekes, September 23, 2014

It’s great to see that the massive dataset of 23andMe was used for a study like this that seeks to capture the landscape of ancestry of different American groups.

First, distribution of ancestry in African Americans:


The higher fraction of African ancestry in the south and of European ancestry in the north, shouldn’t be very surprising. {snip}

Second, distribution of ancestry in “Latinos”:


To my eye, this seems like more African ancestry in the eastern parts (presumbly from Caribbean-type Latinos?) and more Native American ancestry in the west.
Third, distribution of ancestry in European Americans:
Overall, it seems that relatively few (less than 5%) of European Americans have more than 2% either African or Native American ancestry in any of the states, so the breakdown of European ancestry into various subgroups  is perhaps more interesting.{snip}

bioRxiv doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/009340

The genetic ancestry of African, Latino, and European Americans across the United States.

Katarzyna Bryc, Eric Durand, J Michael Macpherson, David Reich, Joanna Mountain

Over the past 500 years, North America has been the site of ongoing mixing of Native Americans, European settlers, and Africans brought largely by the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, shaping the early history of what became the United States. We studied the genetic ancestry of 5,269 self-described African Americans, 8,663 Latinos, and 148,789 European Americans who are 23andMe customers and show that the legacy of these historical interactions is visible in the genetic ancestry of present-day Americans. We document pervasive mixed ancestry and asymmetrical male and female ancestry contributions in all groups studied. We show that regional ancestry differences reflect historical events, such as early Spanish colonization, waves of immigration from many regions of Europe, and forced relocation of Native Americans within the US. This study sheds light on the fine-scale differences in ancestry within and across the United States, and informs our understanding of the relationship between racial and ethnic identities and genetic ancestry.

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  • Okay, so where’s the map showing white people and Germanic DNA? Though it’s not as if I don’t already know where the dark states would be.

    • Cecil Broomsted

      That is strange. European Americans of German descent was and still should be the largest ethnic group in the country. Wisconsin and Minnesota should have the highest concentration of them.

      • connorhus

        A lot of em in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri as well.

        • Jessica Davis

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          • Garrett Brown


          • awb

            And don’t play the radio!

      • Lisa Meyer

        Also big influx of Germans in 1700’s on what is still called “The German Coast” of Louisiana. The French changed the names of our German ancestors to make us forget our German heritage, even before the Cajuns showed up, but it only partially worked.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I think the reason they weren’t included is that 23andme doesn’t distinguish between French and German ancestry. Here’s my 23andme ancestry info, for instance:

        • AndrewInterrupted

          No shlomo in the woodpile (Jack Burton), too. Good for you.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Mine is 2.9%.

        • Lisa Meyer


        • Raymond Kidwell

          You are only 99.9% European. I need you to get into the oven.j/k

          Why do they lump British and Irish together and French and German?

          Your lower class British are mostly the same stock as Irish and even pretty close to French, coming from a largely Celtic stock. Upper class British are basically German/Scandinavian with some mixture of the Cetlic/Roman influence. France is mostly Celtic/Roman except in a few north east reigions (like normandy) which has a heavy Germanic influence but still pretty strongly Celt.

          They should make a distinction from the swarthy Celt/Roman West European stock and the Germanic stock but they don’t.

          For instance about 25% of Irish blood comes from Vikings. You can see this clearly in tall Irish people with usually red, but sometimes blond hair, sharp features, similar to Conan. Then you have your typical shorter, stockier, darker Celtic types. North West Europe is basically a mixture of those two groups. There is minor Roman influence but the Romans are pretty closely related to Celts. Native Welsh have almost no Germanic influence for example and you see the strong Celtic type in them.

          Then in Spain you have middle eastern elements mixed in with the Latin/Celtic and sometimes Germanic influences.

          I mean this test is like saying you are 50% American, 25% Canandian and about 20% Alaskan. I mean these are locations, not ethnic groups.

          It should be Germanic, Celtic, Latin/Greek, Finnish, Slavic in regards to the main white ethnicities of Europe. In southern Europe some mixture with middle eastern elements would exist as well so “Arabic” should be a group. Ashkenazi should also be on there along with Sephardic.

          I’m kind of glad I didn’t waste my money on this. I know my ancestors came from Europe. It would be more interesting to see the breakdown of what ethnic genes I inherited.

      • TXCriollo

        So do most states, texas is a good example. I am spanish english polish and a little german. Ive met lots of mexican americans with german ancestry, but germans are not the flavor of the month in the us right now

      • Jo

        Pennsylvania has the largest number of Germans in the country.

    • Lisa Meyer

      There was a huge immigration of statist Germans into Missouri in the several decades before the “Civil” War, which is why Missouri had any semblance of having pro-Union sentiments.

  • Easyrhino

    After viewing how dark/Latino many of the border states are I have to wonder if this geographic version of the USA will remain the same in 40-50 years or will some areas vote to secede.

  • Luca

    South Dakota is looking better all the time.

    • Mary

      I used to have a boyfriend who grew up in an area that changed over a few years from a nice White area, to a majority-black hellhole. He was very bitter about it, and his dream was to relocate to the Dakotas. I’ve occasionally considered it as well.

      • adplatt126

        All of us consider it. Only some of us, brave souls like myself that is, actually move.

        • Ograf

          The problem we have in North Dakota is that Lutheran Social Services thinks we need thousands of somalians running around with freebies. One cannot get any further away from a North Dakotan heritage then Africa. My advice to any 3rd worlder would be, If you come to the Dakotas you surely will freeze to death.

          • Alexandra1973

            Oh, not to worry, there’s always HEAP.


      • dukem1

        If I was younger, with the pep I had back then, I’d be there in flash.

        • PvtCharlieSlate

          I’ll be 68 in November and I just relocated to the Northwest from one of the bluest counties of one of the bluest states in the Northeast. The change is inspiring: no vibrant diversity and young white women with children (plural!).
          Now, if only I hadn’t been treated for prostate cancer by having my plumbing attacked by a “state-of-the-art” robot machine-that-goes-ping that had a can opener in one claw and a wooden spoon in the other …

      • Garrett Brown

        To meet him again, make up, and have ten white babies.

        • Mary

          That particular ship has sailed. But I did find someone else, and now I have three White babies.

          • Garrett Brown


    • Cecil Broomsted

      South Dakota is nice. The cities are clean and very low in crime.

      • connorhus

        I lived there for a number of years. Stay away from the Reservation areas West of the River and bring lots of warm clothes and humidifiers for your house in the Winter.

  • Mary

    I remember reading about one of these studies a while back that claimed that 30% of White Americans had some degree of black ancestry. I don’t remember the source, but it seemed way too high. This study makes much more sense.

    • Adolf Verloc

      It’s closer to the other way around. The white ancestry of black Americans varies with region, but about 20% is typical. I suspect that accounts for a lot of the mean IQ of blacks being 85 here and 70 in sub-Saharan Africa.

      • Mary

        You’re correct. I believe that other study I read about took into account the black admixture of Latin American Whites as well, which is considerably more than White Americans.

    • Bossman

      If those 30% of Americans with black ancestry don’t look it, then it doesn’t matter. Race is a fluid thing that can be transmuted.

      • Tip Of The Spear

        What about the one drop rule.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Remember that many of Sally Hemings granchildren in later years were able to pass as “white” decades after her death. There was an interview on either 60 minutes or Dateline, some show like that, several years ago about todays descendants of Sally Hemings, who you couldn’t tell hardly that they had some black background. Singer Carly Simon kind of fits the profile were talking about. I had no idea she was part black until recently.

          • Who Me?

            Carly Simon??? Well, thinking about her looks, I guess that’s more than possible, but really, I had no idea!!!

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Yeah, surprise, Carly is a little “black”, but at this point, so what? At least she made decent music.

          • Tip Of The Spear

            Carol Channing stated that she had African-American ancestry in her autobiography, Just Lucky I Guess (2002). She later said that this admission was a mistake. I guess if you are passing it is best to keep this information to yourself.

          • pcmustgo

            With Channing you can tell because of her big eyes and big lips.

        • Alexandra1973

          My mother suggested we might be descended from black slaves on her father’s side. I rather doubt that and I hope it’s not true. For one thing, my great-grandmother on that side was descended from the Nasons, who settled in southeastern Maine, and I’m not sure if there were many black slaves in Maine. And my great-grandfather–English and German (for a time their family was in Ontario due to being loyalists).

          I also consider the source. My mom, a two-time Obama voter, doesn’t mind “diversity” and she’d probably find it nifty if it were true. I myself would have preferred to have 100% White ancestry, but at least the non-White I have is Amerind and not black, to the best of my knowledge.

          For another thing, I have no problem with future-time orientation. LOL

          • Tip Of The Spear

            Would it be such a bad thing to have African ancestry as I do? Two of my great grandfathers were white men in that liberal state of Mississippi. I suppose that my great grandmothers could have just said no to paraphrase Nancy Reagan.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I don’t understand the obsession with ancestry. I find it interesting but rather see ethnicity as something you are- not defined by your ancestors as much. It’s perhaps a factor, but nothing to obsess over.

            Of course I have some Native American and Jewish ancestry but it hasn’t gotten me out of losing jobs, being discriminated against in education and welfare and people hating me for being “white”.

            I would be curious what my genetic test would give back, but seeing that it just labels you as “british” or something it would be a waste of time.

            The irony with me is I have dark eyes and complexion I guess a lot of neo-nazi racists that go on WN sites would label me as non-white or not pure but really for the most part it comes from French ancestry which they consider white. Even though I am about 2% Indian that comes from my mothers side and she’s blond and blue eyed Germanic looking, and her mother who also is light complected and Germanic looking.

            I suppose Jewish ancestry also can contribute somewhat as well although most Ashkenazim I have seen are blue or green eyed.

            But I must say for being so obsessed about race it seems like a lot of people posting about it don’t know a about it or else have knowledge based on made up psuedo science.

            But it is interesting to me because there might be something unexpected or interesting coming from a genetic test. Like most of my family are blond and blue eyed yet I have dark hair and eyes. I guess I just inherited more from the darker end of the spectrum. Would be interesting to see a breakdown of Celtic, Germanic, Ashkenazim, Latin etc. influences but to get a test that comes back saying your ancestors came from Europe seems pretty f*&^ing retarded. Or they came from “France/Germany”.

            You should understand though that your genes will not reflect your ancestry exactly. You can inherit more genes from one side or the other of the gene pool and that’s where it would be interesting. These tests also seem to confuse that fact. It all seems to be a lot of hocus and not really factual based, seems to be a waste of money to me.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            You’re in good company with your Amerind heritage. Crystal Gayle, the younger sister of Loretta Lynn, has some slight Cherokee Indian in her background. Charley Pride makes decent country music..from Mississippi, he’s black with half-Choctaw indian background.

          • pcmustgo

            Patsy Cline, that famous country singer, definitely had some part amer-ind, maybe black.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            The early scotch-irish immigrants to Appalachia lived with the Cherokee and inter married with them to some degree. A mixed cherokee/white actually later developed a written language based on the cherokee language and they had a pretty civilized society going and were considered one of the only “civilized” tribes. Then they were forced to relocate on the trail of tears. But a good amount of Indian blood was mixed into the hillbilly population at that point, so that modern hillbillys probably mostly have about 2% Indian in them or something. A lot of black people have Indian mixed in them as well, a long with white mixture.

            So a lot of the people from Kentucky/Tennessee area would probably have some small mixture.

        • Bossman

          Scientifically speaking, the one drop rule is meaningless and the people who believed in that stuff in the past were all ignorant.

    • I am (according to 23andme) 96% Northern European & 3.5% Sub-Sahara African.

      I appear to be lily-White, but I struggle with object-oriented programing and I like shiny things.

      • Tip Of The Spear

        Walter White the first African American president of the NAACP had blond hair and blue eyes.

        • Adolf Verloc

          Walter White? Holy moly! Are you telling me that Heisenberg was president of the NAACP? 🙂

          • Tip Of The Spear

            I researched Heisenberg and found his life story quite interesting.

        • Charlie

          True…I believe that Walter White was 1/32th Black, meaning that of his 32 great-great-great grandparents, only one of them was Black…the average Black person in the NE, is 20% European…

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Due to the large amount of white European immigration to limited-black northern states, that number clearly isn’t plausible. Furthermore, even the very divided South has less miscegenation than liberals would have you believe.

      • Mary

        Yes, liberals go into paroxysms of glee at the thought of evil, racist, White Southerners having some black ancestry. In reality, it’s rare. Although American blacks are 20% White on average, few Whites have any black ancestry. And where it does exist, it’s a very small percentage. In contrast, I am a little surprised that the incidence of Whites with Native American ancestry isn’t at least a little higher. In the South, it’s quite common for Whites to claim that partial “Cherokee” ancestry!

  • M.

    Pretty much what I expected.

  • Let’s see if I understand the maps. The numbers are somewhat confusing at a glance.

    In map A of the first set of maps, my interpretation is that the purest Negros are to be found in South Carolina (the darkest shaded state in the map). Why that would be so is unclear.

    In the three Latino maps, it appears that the most negrofied latinos are to be found in Louisiana. Since I grew up there, I understand that result.

    In the set of six white maps, map A shows that Louisiana and South Carolina whites have the greatest taint of African blood in them. Louisiana whites where I grew up were “cajuns” code word for some small mix of black.

    All of this is very interesting, but I can see how egalitarians can use the results to claim that we must accept more diversity because of our diverse DNA that already exists.

    My preference would be to live among whites who have historically rejected race mixing with Latinos or blacks. I’m not sure from the maps where that would be, but it’s certainly NOT Louisiana. And living in Texas, it’s not here either.

    • Diana Moon Glampers

      I choose to believe that SC blacks have so little euro blood because few SC whites breed with them. The larger percentage of whites with African blood is explained by the fact that any mixed breeds who can possibly pass as white have chosen to do so because SC is so blissfully racist and segregated.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Just look at big segregationist hypocrite Strom Thurmond, the South Carolina Senator who fathered a black daughter. And paid her off nicely to keep quiet about it. Well, she did agree to the deal so she likes money just as any hypocrite politician.

      • pcmustgo

        I found out my southern belle white girl roommate from north carolina was part melungeon, and therefore like 1/64th black or something. She had blond hair but very dark, dark brown eyes, so I asked her about her racial make up. Thin lips though, no other black traits.

    • Lisa Meyer

      “CREOLE,” NOT “CAJUN,” is the word meaning some types of black admixture in Louisiana (also my homestate). Cajun is slang for “Acadian,” the French Canadians who came to the area in the early 1800s.

  • John R

    Why don’t they do a map of the racial admixture of the “Hispanic” population? Of course they never will. It would reveal just how little “Spanish” ancestry they actually have. I would expect it to look like this: Mexicans/Central Americans (75% Amerindian; 15% White; 10% Negro). Cubans (60% White;35% Negro; 5% Amerindian and other) Puerto Ricans and Dominicans (65& Negro; 30% White; 5% other), Haitians (85% Negro, 10% White, 5% other), Brazilians (50% Negro, 45% White, 5% Amerindian/Asian). Peruvians (80% Amerindian, 10% White, 10% Negro). This would be based on DNA and not on cultural classification, of course.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Would also like to see a comparison of Mexican Hispanics who are 3rd/4th generation vs. 1st. It’s my experience that the older, more assimilated stock has a higher concentration of Euro blood.

    • Rick O’Shea

      They also aren’t spending $100 a pop to send in a mouth swab and get their DNA test done.

      Mind you, any black person who has done so, or any person of any group who has done so… is automatically skewed toward the higher IQ among that group. So any black person who’s getting around to sending in their DNA, or even has any idea what 23andme is… is likely to be one with more than the average amount of white DNA.

    • pcmustgo

      No, Puerto Ricans are about 1/4th black, 1/4th amer-ind, 1/2 white

  • Garrett Brown

    Why are there so many Negroes in New York?

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Why are there so many Negroes in the cafeteria serving line?

      • Garrett Brown

        There aren’t that many in Commiefornia. Look how dark NY is (pun intended)

        • Alexandra1973

          Probably because of los mexicanos.

  • Alexandra1973

    I have an interesting mix myself. 50% Eastern European (that’s Belarus and Poland), and on my mother’s side I supposedly have a touch of Cherokee, no more than 3%, which makes me 47% Anglo-Saxon-Celtic (English, Scottish, French, German). I did have some ancestors in Virginia, one was a preacher born in 1808 by the name of Daniel Summers, and it might have been his wife who was a Cherokee (then again I read somewhere that Summers was a Cherokee name). That branch of the family went from Virginia to Ohio (there was no West Virginia yet), then on to the Great Lakes region (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio).

    I’m a brown-eyed brunette that tans easily. The only hint of Amerind is in my eyes.

    I might add that I have a weird reaction to alcohol. No, I’ve never been drunk (nowhere close), I haven’t taken a drink since the 90s, but when I had even a sip, I got a funny feeling in my elbows and knees. If my mother takes a drink her face gets totally red.

    • Rick O’Shea

      You should definitely send off your sample to 23andme or another site then, because you might find it pretty fascinating to get to see it all broken down with numbers.

  • ElComadreja

    Yes, all those negro “Hispanics” in the east are Caribbean island trash. We’re drowning in the useless creatures.

  • Malgus


    I coined the term “Lifeboat of the South” for Kentucky… my home.

    Now I see that I was correct in doing so. We sort of stick out, yeah? 🙂 Us, and West Virginia.

    • pcmustgo

      I had a crush on a blond haired, blue eyed white boy from Kentucky whose mother was… decidedly kind of non-white looking… amer-ind or possible melungeon/mulatto ancestry, judging from her facebook photo. He showed no trace of this.

      • Malgus

        Could be. Both groups are found in the southeastern part of the Commonwealth. My best friend is 1/4 Cherokee, and he looks it. When Andy Jackson relocated the Amerinds, a bunch of Cherokee decided to not go.. There’s a couple other tribes around here… dated a Lakota Sioux girl for awhile.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Being a native Southerner, been here all my life, a trip through South Carolina just feels “different.” They aren’t any better or worse than anyone else but I always encounter slight culture “shock” over little things. Like asking for those nice, well-seasoned, potato wedges In Anderson, SC, and having the girl behind the counter say, you mean”Jo-jos”? I’m not kidding.

  • Rick O’Shea

    I think a lot of people here understand that “purity” becomes a tricky concept when you’re talking about biology, and a species which has been changing as long as it has existed.

    A lot of Asian DNA has ended up mixed in with whites in parts of Russia, in Finland, and these recent findings are indicating that there may have been more contribution than previously was understood re: this Eurasian group from the northeast, and that’s fine and I think most of us here are pretty realistic about that sort of thing.

    Some here don’t believe in evolution, but I do and I think most of us do. I think most of us are quite scientifically minded, in fact.

    It’s not that I think the white race is some sort of divine, singular creation that descended to earth in it’s present form, and any deviation from some “pure” form becomes a completely worthless human being.

    We’re realistic. We understand that we’re related to the rest of humanity. We don’t hate the rest of humanity. Most of us have a lot of respect for East Asians and I think in many ways some respect for Native Americans too.

    We just want white people to be able to continue to exist, and that can’t happen if EVERY single place white people have traditionally held on the entire planet, becomes a melting pot. Which is what is happening. It is not evil, hateful, or hard to understand that we’d want our genome to stay viable and stay on the planet. There’s nothing wrong with that desire. It’s perfectly natural and most people from other groups feel that way.

    The thing is, in a country where a certain genome dominates and is the clear, vast majority – that genome can afford to absorb a little bit from others and still remain pretty much intact. If Barack Obama had moved to Kenya when he was young instead of living in America, and he’d married a full blooded Kenyan woman… and their children had married full blooded Kenyans… it wouldn’t be that long before the white DNA he had became just a trace element in that bloodline, a tinier and tinier fraction. Just something interesting for a DNA test years later to pick up. In other words, the Kenyan bloodline wouldn’t really be all that disrupted by it. It could weather a small addition from another genome like that.

    Much the same is the case with white countries when whites held the clear, firm majority. Whites could absorb a bit of Amerindian DNA, and effectively swamp that DNA with white DNA making it become nothing but a small curiosity and a trace amount in later generations. For all intents and purposes, that bloodline remains white.

    We just want somewhere on the planet where our genome isn’t the one becoming a trace. That’s a reasonable request. Again, that’s not hateful.

    And I think we have more valid reasons for concern about the future of our genome right now than other groups because of our homeland (Europe) being flooded by people from other genomes who outbreed us, and are very keen on breeding with us… and because we’re not a big portion of the world’s population (less than 10% is my understanding) and our birth rates are below replacement everywhere. There’s also the issue of how fragile a lot of our defining characteristics are: when we mix with other groups things like blonde and red hair, blue and green eyes, and freckling pale skin do not tend to survive the process. This lends a real, biological basis to the feeling whites may have of being “overwritten” by mixing.

    You can say “well just have more babies, that’s your fault if you die out” as many people are fond of doing, but every group deserves to have a place where they can peacefully go through the ebb and flow of birth rates rising and falling without having to be locked into some eternal reproductive competition with other people. It’s called having a homeland, and every group deserves one.

    I don’t think most white nationalists are unreasonable about someone with 3% Cherokee DNA. After all, some genomes blend better with ours than others – and black DNA is the least assimilable for Euros and Asians because of how much more evolutionary time separates them from the other groups on the planet + being the one group who didn’t breed with Neanderthals/Denisovans, etc. There are legitimate, biologically based reasons to have a particular problem with black DNA entering one’s gene pool – whether you’re white, Asian, or whatever. Native American and Asian DNA and Arabian DNA are more easily absorbed into the white genome without completely throwing it off.

    It’s not a question of a few people with small percentages of genomes that weren’t that different from ours to begin with… it’s a matter of absolutely out of control immigration into all of our lands simultaneously, by groups who consistently outpace us in reproduction. That’s a very real threat.

  • pcmustgo

    I read on the PC black supremacist Abagond blog that Europeans in Europe are 1-3% African, with the northern ones being 1% and Jews being 3%… it was a study.

  • Lisa Meyer

    Yes, the French were there before the German Coast migration, which began in the 1720s with some of my first ancestors in southern Louisiana, but the record-keeping priests in the parishes changed names to French-sounding ones: Kammer to Cambre, Tregle(with variations) to Tregre, etc. It was about more than “just being able to speak French.” There was intermarriage with French, but there are still pockets of over half German “Cajuns.” And yes, the immigration was substantial.

    Nowhere did I mean to imply Germans were there first, or that we were ungrateful to our French hosts. It was simply the expedient policy of the day, and built a more unified Catholic culture quicker.

  • Lisa Meyer

    It was not an official prohibition, just a default result of the politics of the 1700s. Not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    This study only shows 23 and me customers who are probably mostly middle class people. No one in the ghetto is going to spend $100 to get a DNA test unless it involves determining who needs to pay court ordered child support. As well that map says people with less than 2% Native American ancestry. What about people with more than two percent? Hillbillies in appalachia have a good amount of Cherokee and similar Indian mixed in with them. I would say the average white hillbilly in that area is about 1 or 2% Indian, with some being more, some being less. Yet that map shows somewhere near zero around Tennessee and Kentucky. That can’t be right.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    French people are genetically distinct from German and Dutch. Some northern regions are france are mostly Germanic, but French typically have a different appearance and character than Germanics, not sure why they would be lumped together.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    And if it comes back that you are 1% black the first thing you should do is take that test result to the welfare office, then get yourself a big fact college grant. You will probably be admitted to Harvard or something if you have an I.Q. of 112 or better and can “prove” you are black. Just use some skin darkner for appearance reasons to make liberals like you more.

  • Itooktheredpill

    My 23andme profile indicated I was 99.9% white .01 percent undefined. So european through and through though I expected nothing less. Whats also interesting is is 82.8 of my DNA is from eastern europe which again makes alot sense. My whole like people have been coming up to me and saying “you look super polish” or “Bro your russian right?” etc etc. Another really interesting thing (well at least to me) is my whole life I have been absolutely incredible at spotting other Slavic looking people. Iv even made a game of it on the subway where ill spot someone who I think is slavic and eavesdrop on their conversation. Im probably correct about 90% of the time just by looking at their faces. Certain features simply repeat themselves. Which ofcourse makes sense when you think about what it really means to be a nation. I am also 3.1% neandrethal which puts me in the 96th percentile.

  • Rick O’Shea

    Very cool.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Being born and raised in the upper-midwest, this seems pretty accurate. My grandparents from Minnesota were Swedish. The running joke with them was that they’d say “there goes the neighborhood” when some Norwegians would move into their small town. I’m also assuming that most of the “East-European” dna in Wisconsin and Illinois is from the Polish and Czech/Slovak immigrants…..there’s not many Russians or Ukrainians around here at all.