The Sheriff leading the investigation into the brutal slaying of a Border Control Agent by two illegal immigrants has revealed local farmers in his county have reported spotting gangs of armed Mexicans ‘in military fatigues’ marching through their fields.

Sheriff Larry Spence’s department played a key role in catching Ismael Hernandez and Gustavo Tijerina after they allegedly gunned down hero officer Javier Vega Jr. in front of his mother, father, wife and three sons while they were on a family fishing trip.

Since their capture, Fox News reported that the suspects are both Mexican nationals who were in the U.S. illegally and have been deported six times between them.

Spence, who has been Sheriff of Willacy County in south Texas for 29 years, said the problem on the border is reaching a crisis point.

He said ranchers with land 25 miles north of the border have reported groups of men–believed to be illegal immigrants–walking single file, through farm land in military fatigues. Some were armed with rifles.

His stark warning came as a local woman who unwittingly helped Tijerina, 30 and Hernandez, 40, after they killed Javier, said she is now in fear for her life.

Her concerns are indicative of the climate of fear that is creeping into certain parts of the border states because of the increase of illegal activity.

The fugitives banged on her door at midnight on Monday morning, claiming they had been in a fight and looking for help. She let them in and gave them water.

She only became suspicious when she saw a police helicopter circling the property. At that point she flagged down a passing Border Patrol Agent and scores of officers took the men into custody.

But now the mother-of-four says she is terrified that the men, believed to have links to the infamous Gulf Cartel, could send criminal associates to her secluded property to kill her and her family, to stop her from testifying.

Speaking to MailOnline from his office in Raymondville, Sheriff Spence said that while the current political focus at the border had been on the humanitarian crisis posed by tens of thousands of undocumented children arriving alone in the US, an increasing ‘criminal element’ was being ignored.

He said: ‘We are not use to this kind of violence happening in our town. We may have a murder every two or three years, but that would be a bar fight, or a domestic incident, nothing like this.

‘But this is becoming much more prevalent. Lately we’ve been having a lot of traffic through the ranches. Smuggling, illegal immigrants, drugs.

‘About three or four months ago we had an individual who saw people walking through farm property in military fatigues, with backpacks.

‘He went out and asked them, “who are you”, they said “what’s it to you”, he said he owned the property and they said, “well you better get out of here”. Sensibly he left and called us, but by the time we got out there, they were gone.

‘We’ve had people say they’ve seen groups going through the fields in single file, with rifles as well.

‘It’s picked up on the road where the incident with Javier Vega took place. It’s a very busy road for illegal immigrants. A couple of weeks ago we had fifty of them in three cars.

‘As soon as we lit them up the doors fly open and they’re off into the brush. You get some back and the next day you get some walking down the highway, but it’s getting more and more frequent and it’s getting more and more dangerous.

‘This concerns not only me here, but the other counties as well. These are not people seeking asylum legitimately, they have criminal intent and they are making money.’

He went on: ‘We as Sheriffs have the trust of the people, especially near the border. If we don’t stop it here, then the problem is going to spread. We need to help come up with a solution.

‘You hear of places already in the United States where cartels have a foothold. We are just trying to do our part. Sheriff’s on the border in New Mexico, Arizona and California are having the same problem.

‘For several years we’ve been saying, “we’ve got a problem here” but nobody would listen. We have had several incidents and people need to open their eyes, there is some border violence.

‘There is a definite need for asylum if people are being persecuted but there’s a criminal element behind all of this and we need to open our eyes, we can’t just keep letting everybody in.

‘We have always been a compassionate nation, but just recently, there were 1,200 a day coming through. Border Patrol have said we are doing a great job out here, but it is a concern. I don’t want one of my guys going out on their own and getting hurt.’

And Sheriff Lance has not just experienced Mexicans or Central Americans coming across the border.

He said: ‘In Port Mansfield, we have had Chinese people and Polish people coming in illegally by water. It makes you wonder what is coming through. Maybe we are just scratching the surface.’

Having worked for the FBI and served in the US military in Vietnam, Spence has been an officer of some description for more than four decades.

And he has definitely noticed a sharp upsurge in violence in recent years. He explained: ‘It’s not like it was years ago when people were just looking for a job or something to eat. Now if they ask for something and they don’t get it, some of them will take it.

‘I used to walk around and not show a weapon, but now I have two, or maybe three. I love this country and I love the people I serve but we need to do something. Many of us are facing the same problems, we are getting overrun and the danger is increasing.’

Sunday’s murder happened at a small fishing hole used by the Vega family for years. Javier Jnr, his parents Javier Snr and Marie, wife Paola and their three boys Javier III, Jiovanni, and Jarod were enjoying their day out when the two suspects ambushed them.

The family bravely tried to fight them off, with various unconfirmed reports claiming both Javier Snr, Jnr and even Marie fired shots at them. But 36-year-old Javier Jr–a Border Patrol veteran of six years and a former marine–was killed by a shot to the chest and Javier Snr was blasted in the hip.

Initially it was claimed Tijerina and Hernandez confessed to the murder, but Sheriff Spence says that isn’t the case. He explained: ‘They haven’t confessed to the murder, but they have confessed to being there and to attempted robbery.

‘We need to sit down with everyone who was there and work out exactly what happened. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. I’m just glad we manage to find them. We are a small department and we had a lot of help. The phone rang off the hook that night, with FBI, Border Control, Board of Public safety. They were all saying, “Larry, whatever you need, you’ve got it helicopters, whatever.”

‘Once we found the vehicle, our next thought was, they are on foot and they are armed, someone else could get hurt very easily. I was surprised when I heard someone had let them in (to their house). They could have very easily been killed.’

MailOnline spoke to the woman who did let them into her house after they knocked on her door at just after midnight. She is too scared to be identified, but she told how the two alleged killers were in her property, just feet away from her four children.

She said: ‘I was at home with my four kids. We were getting ready to go to bed and there was a knock at the door.

‘My son answered and said there were two guys who had been hurt. I came out and asked them what they wanted. They said, “Water and to charge a phone”. They said they had got into a fight with some family down the road who kicked them out.

‘They were right inside the house. My daughter gave them some water and the chunky one charged his phone. He called his sister and told her he was hurt and he needed to get away.

‘He said he’d pay me money to take them to a town called Weslaco about 20 minutes away to drop them off.’

The woman said she only realized something was seriously suspicious when a police helicopter started circling her house. She said: ‘I called my kids and said, “something doesn’t feel right”. They said, “Momma, someone keeps flashing a light in the house”.

‘I went back out and tried to flag to the helicopter. Then a Border Patrol car came flying down the road and I flagged him down. I asked him if he was looking for two Mexicans, because there are two in my house.

‘They drew weapons and then about 35 cars back up started turning up. There were so many and so many guns, that’s what shocked me.

‘The Mexican guys were round the backside of the house. The police asked if they had any weapons and I said I hadn’t seen any.

‘They went into the house and then caught them by the back door and brought them around. They didn’t put up a fight. They had a look on their faces like, “damn, I’ve been caught, I’ve got a lot of time in prison”.

‘The investigator came over and said, “did you not see the news, they killed a Border Control Officer and shot his father and they’ve been on a crime spree all day”.’

It was only then that the enormity of what had happened hit her. She said: ‘I had to take a deep breath. I had just helped some criminals and I was so worried about my family, they could have killed them.’

Now she can’t stop thinking about who these men really are and what they are capable of. She went on: ‘Then I found out one of them had crossed the border four times. I mean, they need to beef up their security. He’d been running from them for a long time and now it gets to this point. If people can come over and do this, then we’re in big trouble.

‘They really need to do something quickly. It’s scary. I have heard the cartels are having a war down here. I don’t want my kids to stray far from the house. I don’t want to worry about them being snatched or anything. Now this has happened.

‘Who’s to say they don’t make a phone call, send someone else out here and say, kill the whole family? I am scared to testify because I am putting my kids in danger. We can’t protect the border, so who’s going to protect me and my kids?’

Soon after their arrested, Fox News reported the pair’s long list of run-ins with American law enforcement and Border Patrol.

It also reported Tijernia–who is the alleged gunman–could also face charges in connection with a string of similar attacks in Cameron County over the last six weeks, believed to be linked to the infamous Gulf Cartel.

The ruthless crime syndicate is one of the oldest, most established in Mexico and is based out of the suspects’ home town of Matamoros, directly across the border from Brownsville, Texas.

Its primary business is drug smuggling, but it also operates through protection rackets, assassinations, extortions and kidnappings. It is believed it has recently branched out into robbing U.S. citizens, before smuggling their belongings back across the border.

Fox News claims sources have informed them Tijernia is expected to be charged with four counts of aggravated robbery and one conspiracy organized crime charge.

They allege that one of Tijernia’s earlier victims was another off-duty Border Patrol agent who was also out fishing when he was robbed.

On Tuesday the station also reported both Tijernia, 30 and Hernandez, 40 had been arrested and deported numerous times. They were issued with tiny fines and the seemingly came back into the United States at will.

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Texas. And some of you “conservatives” think Rick Perry is the answer.

    • Luca

      Governors are not legally allowed to solve immigration problems. If he could, I’ll be he would.

      • Archibald_Cunningham

        Are you talking about the same Rick Perry who signed a bill giving illegals in-state tuition, and said anyone opposed to educating illegals is heartless?

        • Luca

          Yes. The federal government stuck him with his problem. He handled that one wrong, but that was then and this is now.

          • gregCall

            I think you’re living in denial on this one, I may be wrong and you may be right, but I doubt it. To me he seems just another Bush wannabe.

          • kjh64

            Perry could have refused to sign the bill giving illegals in-state tuition but didn’t because he wanted the “Hispanic vote” just like he refused to support e-verify because businesses that hired illegals complained.

          • mobilebay

            A couple of Perry’s biggest supporters (read cash) are builders. And what do builders want? All together now…cheap labor that illegals provide.

        • Jim Davis

          If governors would start banding together this could stop. States are supposed to have more authority. If Rick Perry or Jan Brewer were to act against Obama’s wishes, who would stop them? I guarantee you’d see the Bundy Ranch x 100,000 if Obama tried to move against them.

          • And they are probably on good legal ground. Look at the last paragraph of Article 1 Section 10. The only real world hangup is if the Federal judiciary will interpret the Camp of the Saints as an “actual invasion.” Or whether they’ll use some sort of refugee excuse to rule that it isn’t an invasion.

          • Um they’d send in the Army or at least the National Guard with about 600 M1 Abrahms tanks and perhaps the 6th fleet off the coast of whatever state was involved.

          • Jim Davis

            I highly doubt that.

          • SoulInvictus

            They wouldn’t even take Bundy. So yeah, massive armed incursion, against Texas. Monumentally bad idea. They’ll just blue it to death instead.

          • Jim Davis

            Yep, this is why I find no hope on the “right” in America, they are so worried about guys running around in a desert thousands of miles away, they can’t seem to grasp the concept that not all invasions are done with army’s and battles. This is the Romans and the Huns all over again.

      • APaige

        Texas has given us George W. Bush and LBJ. That alone ends the debate. You may have to go back to Lincoln for a worse Republican president. LBJ is as bad as Obama and Carter combined. Don’t mess with Texas…ok…stop messin with us.

        • Alexandra1973

          Dubya was born in New England, give Texas a break there!

          • Paleoconn

            His daddy and granddaddy were Texans. LBJ too. Horrible pseudo-cons and liberals are the only thing that emerge from that overhyped state.

          • Long Live Dixie

            His daddy and granddaddy were Texans.

            George W. Bush is from New England. His father (George H. W. Bush) is from New England. His grandfather (Prescott Bush) is from Ohio. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a single Texan in his ancestry. The Bush family’s roots go back to colonial New England.

          • Paleoconn

            Thank you for this, dixie. Apologies for the error.

          • Ringo Lennon

            A man is from wherever he puts roots down. Abe Lincoln was born in Kentucky but he was an Illinoisan. Dubya is a Texan.

          • bilderbuster

            Yeah and illegal invaders are Americans too!

          • bilderbuster

            And a Kennedy got capped there too.

          • Epiminondas

            Kennedy was killed by a commie from New Orleans whose ancestry was northern. Oswald was married to a Russian he met while living in the Soviet Union.

          • Epiminondas

            So was Pappy Bush and all the other Bush clan. They’re yankees through and through. Act like them, too.

      • LHathaway

        Ah, immigration and our borders are a federal issue. But refusing to turn in undocumented workers and forming ‘sanctuary cities’ that’s just up to local law enforcement.

      • kjh64

        When the issue of e-verify in Texas came up, Rick Perry was against it because of “business interests” ie. businesses that hired illegals complained so Perry said no. Rick Perry is a typical neocon who does the will of big business, not the people.

    • Paleoconn

      If Rick Perry is the answer, we should stop asking questions.

    • Jack Burton

      There is no one who works within the current system that is the answer.

      • Pro_Whitey

        Jeff Sessions of Alabama?

    • Epiminondas

      Rick Perry, like George Bush, was a cheerleader in college.

  • MekongDelta69

    Well – when you have no borders, you have no country.

  • none of your business

    Interesting that an English newspaper did a phone interview with the local sheriff and the woman who flagged down the patrol car. Non of our alien media elite bothered. I’m surprised the NYslimes has not accused them both of racism.

  • mobilebay

    When do we stop being the good guy and put armed military on the border just as Mexico has?

    • When it comes time to begin shooting US citizens who resist the “legal displacement of old Americans with Mexicans”. Then the armed military will come in and disarm any militias or private citizens. Heck they might even provide safe escort for the Mexican “New Hope & Dreamers”.

    • bilderbuster

      If “the good guys” ran America the military would have finished this before it ever started.

      • Epiminondas

        This is not your grandfather’s army.

  • MadmanMarz

    Turn Back!

  • Luca

    Texas needs some hard core vigilantes on the border to reason with these nice folks crossing the border illegally.

    • Periapsis

      Indeed, armed with these and a good supply of expanding ammunition.

    • gregCall

      That should have been done 30 years ago when it wasn’t too late to matter.

    • I remember something in the news quite a few years ago, regarding (I think) the minutemen doing just that, guys who owned property along the border setting up armed guards and patrols to do the job border patrol wasn’t. I distinctly remember that they were being labelled, hard, as evil racists who were gunning down poor little thirsty Mexicans. Wish I could remember the details, or even when, exactly, this happened, but the end result was they were forcibly stopped, either by threat of, or actual arrest.

      Again, this was years ago, I highly doubt such (perfectly legitimate and appropriate) actions would get very far today.

  • Doomispixulated

    It’s time to give them a taste of how Israel deals with this kind of threat IMO.

    • NoMosqueHere

      And receive worldwide condemnation for defending america’s borders from enemy invaders and criminal terrorists? Heavens no!!!

      • Sick of it

        When the world is condemning us, we must be doing something right.

      • gregCall

        Our masters would never allow it, America and all white nations have to welcome multiculturalism, at least until whites are no longer a threat.

        “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question:
        Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?”

    • Epiminondas

      The Jews would be the first and loudest to condemn us.

  • NoMosqueHere

    John Lennon, Imagine:

    Imagine there’s no countries,
    It isn’t hard to do,
    Nothing to kill or die for,
    And no religion too.

    The hippies and liberals from the 60s and 70s are running the show and they think fighting for their country and defending its borders is passe.

  • none of your business

    There were many comments from local people. It has become very common for people camping, fishing, hiking biking, riding whatever to be robbed at gun point along that river and other areas.
    The hsipanics enjoy California state and national parks and sometimes rob other campers.

  • Alexandra1973

    They’re not staying south, either.

    I live in Ohio. This afternoon my son and I were sitting in a Taco Bell in the city of Medina. I saw a fairly new Subaru Outback in the drive-thru. The license plate frame was something that the dealership apparently stuck on, and it had the name of some dealer I never heard of, and little pictures of the Texas flag. The license plate number (Ohio) looked pretty recent too. And there were Hispanics in it.

    Even over here, near Amish country, you’ll see them.

    • Sick of it

      You practically never saw Hispanics in Louisiana (right next door to Tejas) when I was growing up not so long ago. Their numbers here today prove that this is an invasion.

      • Periapsis

        Rarely saw them in Alabama, now there’s more and more of them. And they stare at whites with that hate stare of theirs.

        • Chasmania

          Imagine what it’s like here in central Texas, a virtual front line.

          One of the lines that’s always irked me is the “they’re living in the shadows ” crap. Living in the shadows ?!?! Evidently the Washington idiots have never been to a Wal Mart, Home Depot, Lowes and any fast food joint you care to name. In addition there’s dozens of mom and pop Mexican bakeries and eateries anywhere you care to look.

          Hiding in the shadows my as$.

    • Who Me?

      Look up the Mexican Amish. I don’t have the links handy, but they aren’t like the regular Amish who are peaceful, hardworking farmers and craftsmen. They are more like gypsies, up to mostly no good, crimes like theft, robbery, rape and all the rest.

      • Alexandra1973

        Never heard of Mexican Amish. The only Central American Amish I’ve heard of is the Beechy Amish, they’re in Belize.

        Interesting, though, I’ll have to look that up.

  • Sick of it

    Stop talking, start shooting. The problem will end rather quickly.

  • Georgia Boy

    According to Wikipedia, Mexico already has the world record for the most consulates by any one country in any other one country … 50 consulates in the United States. About 12 million people born in Mexico live in the U.S. … Thats ten percent of their entire population. We shipped them our factories. We have already done plenty for them, more than any country should need to do for any other, still they clamor for more immigration, more rights here, more benefits. It’s like a really needy girlfriend that has to be around you constantly and never leaves you alone … Are we one country, or two? Let us have our own existence. Borders are legitimate practice, there for good reason, they don’t exist just because white heterosexual male Americans are racist. What is so hard for white liberals to understand about that?

    • Mergatroyd

      The government has been using the lowball 12 million figure for over 20 years now.

      It’s more like 30 million, possibly more and getting worse.

      • kjh64

        Or 40 million.

    • kjh64

      No, Mexico is like a dysfunctional selfish relative that screwed up his own life and as such is eternally needy and always wants something from you and guilt trips you into giving in.

      • Nonhumans

        A dysfunctional relative who moves in to your house, and then ,against your rules, moves his violent and drug addict friends in as well. Meanwhile you are powerless to stop any of it.

      • bilderbuster

        More like an inlaw from that relative’s horrible interracial marriage.

  • Jim Davis

    At what point do these people start realizing it is their life and the lives of their family and friends on the line here? To hell with Obama and the law, I say they should get armed and band together, you see armed men on your property, that’s self defense, I know I wouldn’t wait around for the govt to get it’s head out it’s butt while armed men are threatening me.

    • LACountyRedneck

      TRESSPASSERS WILL BE SHOT. They should post that that in Spanish on their ranches. I wouldn’t waste any time. If I had trespassers there I’d fling a few rounds over their heads. If they don’t take heed, a backhoe can dig a hole and bury it in no time. Makes for good fertilizer.

      • Jim Davis

        Exactly, and I’m not even doing some “keyboard warrior” talk here, I mean seriously, people are threatening you and your family, and these ranchers are waiting around for the govt to do something?

        • Ella

          Most are probably Latinos landowners and blindly trust their own “wonderful” people. Who would be in the right mind to let strange men into your home with 4 children on the Border knowing about the current drug wars???? I would never willingly allow strange men into my home period!

    • Nonhumans

      I’m sure it’s coming. If I owned land on the border, I would certainly “Protect” my family and neighbors. The way things are going, though, proximity to the border won’t matter for much longer. I already carry my sidearm everywhere that I’m able. How much longer until we have to grocery shop with an AR?

      • Jim Davis

        Next generation probably, maybe sooner.

      • Ella

        Switzerland allows AR in the grocery stores after training, but they are lawful white males.

        • bilderbuster

          And Jews can carry Uzis in Israel and Feinstein , Bloomberg and Schumer are cool with that.

  • none of your business

    There is even a messican consulate in a Ventura county amtrak station of all things. The one in Los Angeles is located right next door to one of the largest welfare offices in the city.

  • John R

    The “criminal element” is increasing at the border? Uhhh, as opposed to the fact that the very act of entering this country without permission is also a criminal act by definition.

  • none of your business

    Meanwhile, other sheriff’s have to accommodate illegals outrageous behavior

    Immigration detainees engage in hunger strike over food served at Alabama jail

    HUNTSVILLE, Alabama –Immigration detainees housed at the Etowah County Jail went on a brief hunger strike Thursday and today to protest the poor quality of food they are served, an immigrant rights group said. But an Etowah County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman said the protest was not a hunger strike because it did not last 72 hours.”Several detainees refused three meals, which does not constitute a hunger strike, beginning Thursday … today, Friday, August 8, 2014, the detainees accepted and ate lunch,” spokeswoman Natalie Barton said. “Etowah County Detention Center staff quickly resolved the refusal of food and addressed the detainees…

    • kjh64

      Why not just deport them, they can eat back home.

  • Again: absolutely not a word of this is on any major news network. Major news items are “The toddler who got into the White House”, That white murderer Pistorius, Ebola & how we need to vaccinate all of Africa to recompense for our past sins, & no Iraq airstrikes. –And this is ALL the US News.

    Sometimes I think AmRen finds these crazies who make this stuff up as noone else has a word about it.

  • Nonhumans

    It’s also well beyond Treason!! Defense of our borders and compulsory deportation of any illegal entrants is one of the primary responsibilities of our government. The fact that they have dragged their feet for so long and are even considering amnesty is tantamount to criminal negligence. Especially given the past amnesties.

  • Looks about time for the US Army to come in and take out that Racist, Neo-Nazi Group called “The Minutemen”.

  • Ella

    This has been going on for years but it has gotten more attention lately in the media. Mexico has not been a “friend” to the US as we play it up of being our great neighbourly border-state.

    • Periapsis

      If there ever was a nation where the U.S. had ever right to burn to the ground and turn into a wasteland befitting the Mongol hordes who drowned Eastern Europe with the blood of it’s people, it’s Mexico.

  • bilderbuster

    The Geneva Conventions clearly states what a nation at war can do in these situations and no trial is required.

  • bilderbuster

    Tell their American co religionists to keep supporting open borders for the U.S. like they have been doing.

  • M&S

    Google: DTO with Night Vision, Heavy Weapons (explosive projectiles), Comms Monitoring etc.. AmRen itself ran an article here within the last year about how badly overmatched local LEOs were by drug runners who scout and overwatch smuggling routes to protect their mules in wars _with each other_.

    American Patriots who don’t have milspec gear and training will be on the short end of the stick with predators that have been fighting each other for so long that SUW tactics are a given for them.

    Would be heroes might want to recall the Alamo here and then ask themselves how likely is it that no relief force will even be sent, let alone turn back. Obama is on this fourth or fifth ‘promise’ to send 1,000+ troops who have yet to show up as I recall.

    Not that it matters because, if you want to end a threat, you have to do what the South Africans did: stage ‘External’ ops into the logistics base of the enemy rear. Even when that means crossing a border into another country. Using these tactics they are the SOLE nation to have ever won a guerilla war with the ANC.

    We came close to doing the same in Vietnam where, so long as we continually disupted their base of supply they couldn’t mass the forces to be more than a patrol-level threat in-country (See: ‘We Were Soldies’ as an example in the Ia Dran and Ia Shau valleys of what interdiction of a major threat element on your turf looks like…). Go a single year without house cleaning the vermin out of your neighbor’s backyard and you get things like Tet and The Easter Invasion, the very next campaign season.

    It being the liberals and leftists fear of this which made efforts like Lamson 719 into such celebrated ‘run away!’ endorsements of failed American policy when, in fact, they did exactly what any quick-raid should have which was destroy huge amounts of enemy materiel.

    ONLY by making the enemy worry about his dirt do you maintain initiativeover your own tempo of ops. Anything else and you’re reacting to them. Over and Over and Over.

    SOCOM is less than 1,500nm away in Florida. They have specwar teams specific to this part of the world who look the part and speak the lingo like natives. They could EASILY make life all but impossible for the Fat Cat drug lords who live like a second coming of the Hidalgos (think Zorro and spoiled aristocrats).

    But we won’t do it because we are led by slaves who want to be masters and genociding whites by annihilative replacement is an easy way to get there. And those who aren’t actively seeking to elect a new people are instead dues paying members of club coke.

    Hitler was right: It’s a war between races with the ultimate goal of annihilative dispossession as displacement and if we don’t identify the truth that we have been betrayed from within, we will never be able to ensure our safety from without.
    THAT is where we have to begin, so that our backs aren’t stabbed as we take care of business in Texas.

  • Something for whoever our future right-wing populist-nationalist autocrat to chew on.

    Andrew Jackson was the first to use the pen and phone, except his pen was quill, and he didn’t live quite long enough to experience the telegraph.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Very good but is it too late? I hate to see what country will look like in another year. Major goal for vile Dems is turning Texas and Ohio blue. Like one poster said “this should have happened 30 yrs. ago”.

  • none of your business

    It is the farmers and ranchers of the southwest who invited this plague into our country.
    Occasional trespassing, vandalism and theft is a small price to pay for the endless supply of cheap labor from which the farmers and other businesses profit.
    Our government has of course betrayed us. But bear in mind that governments generally do exactly what the elite and powerful want. And the powerful want cheap labor.
    Except for a brief period of 40 years, 1925 to 1965, American elites benefited from cheap immigrant and slave labor.
    A historian would say that in terms of our of control immigration and lowering of wages America is back to normal.

  • Earl Turner

    Rick Perry’s “deployment” of 1,000 NG troops to the border is meaningless political showmanship. The rules of engagement will prevent them from doing anything at all to stop even one illegal from crossing. The force will be overloaded with support troops and have very few boots on the ground to even observe and report.
    But hey, it looks good to the average dumbass Amurrican who will briefly cheer “thas right Texas! Send them beaners back!” before changing the channel and saying “hey honey grab me another beer! time to watch the game!”
    Perry has under his command the top state defense force in the nation, the Texas State Guard. Google ‘state defense force’ if you are not familiar. 24 states have them. I serve in one myself.
    It would take minimal effort to train them on the tasks necessary to patrol the border and intercept illegals; and to respond with deadly force to the cartels when they pick a fight. At $121 per day per troop (same pay regardless of rank) plus support, it would be far more cost effective than deploying the NG. And with no Federal interference, the rules of engagement would be far less restrictive.
    Finally, with the stroke of a pen, Perry could sign agreements with the Governors of other states and allow soldiers from other state defense forces to deploy and serve alongside TXSG, boosting the numbers of troops actually doing something. If that were to happen, I’d be there in a heartbeat and stay as long as it took to complete the mission.
    All it requires is a Governor of Texas with a set of balls. There have been calls to deploy TXSG in the past. I’m surprised there is no mention of it now.

    • jayvbellis

      How about mortaring some known cartel smuggling hubs on the Mexican side?

  • mobilebay

    How many more Border Patrol Agents as well as law abiding citizens will be sacrificed in the name of cheap labor and votes?

  • Epiminondas

    If there is to be physical resistance to the Feds on the part of states, it must begin with the border states currently being overrun by aliens. Without such resistance materializing there, where could it materialize?