North Ridgeville Police Seek 3 Males in Assault of Teenager

Steve Fogarty, Chronicle-Telegram, August 14, 2014

Police are asking for the public’s help to find those responsible for the weekend assault and robbery of a local teen.

Police Lt. Greg Petek, a detective working on the case, said three black males ranging in age from 15 to 20 are being sought for the Saturday night attack that left 16-year-old Nick Vincenzo with a broken facial bone and bruises.

“We’re asking for any witnesses who might have seen something to give us a call,” Petek said. “Center Ridge Road is a pretty busy area, especially around the close of the Corn Festival. We hope somebody saw something.”

The teen was attacked shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday as he walked home along Center Ridge Road from the Corn Festival grounds at Bainbridge and Avon-Belden roads, said his father, Jon Vincenzo, who said he was initially apprehensive about releasing his son’s name or any photos in the aftermath of the attack.


As Nick reached the intersection of Center Ridge and Ridge Plaza, a gold-colored car containing five black males pulled up, the elder Vincenzo said.

Three males got out of the vehicle and asked the teen for his cell phone memory card.

The boy, a junior at Elyria Catholic High School, told his father he was then punched and knocked to the ground by the suspects, and repeatedly kicked in the head.

The attackers took $12 in cash, the teen’s iPhone, and most of his clothing, leaving him clad only in his underwear and socks.


Police are trying to determine a motive for the incident.

“We think they chose their victim at random and because he was by himself,” Petek said.


Nick walked to a Center Ridge Road gas station where he was initially hassled by passers-by, but was eventually given a phone and a shirt.



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  • John Smith

    Imagine the reaction of the anti-white media creatures if the races were reversed. The headlines would scream “hate” and “white racism” along with images of sobbing relatives.

    But on a positive note, at least we can expect our president to make public statements about how he is “heartbroken” over this atrocity. Thank goodness he is half white huh?

    • IstvanIN

      Obongo is at home hootin and hollerin about this with its spouse.

      • Nancy

        At our house, we call his wife the “Worst Lady”.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Here’s some advice, Nick Vincenzo, as you make that transition to becoming what I already am in regards to racial matters. First, when you get home, throw away all of your rap CDs, which is probably 90% of the music you own. Next, for the rest of your life…

  • JohnEngelman

    I am glad the news story mentioned the race of the criminals.

    • John R

      Trust me, I am sure that editor was called to task for that one.

    • evilsandmich

      It took them almost a week to do so, just sayin’.

  • JohnEngelman

    Police are trying to determine a motive for the incident.

    – Steve Fogarty, Chronicle-Telegram, August 14, 2014

    When young men are inherently criminal, there does not need to be a motive, just a genetic urge.

  • Kenner

    The mulatto daughter of a wealthy former aide to Ted Kennedy– along with the daughter’s black boyfriend– murdered the white mother and stuffed her body in a suitcase while on vacation in Bali.
    Surprised it didn’t make Amren.

    • ncpride

      I saw that story today. She was beaten to death by the ‘aspiring rapper’ black boyfriend of her daughter’s. (sigh)

      • Anglokraut

        Crud, at first reading, I thought that the half-breed was later murdered by her Congo lover; turns out it was only the race-traitor. I was going to comment, “so nothing of actual value was lost” but now I’ll comment “missed opportunity”.

  • Tarczan

    None of the Cleveland stations mentioned race, but I had a hunch it was darkies.

  • KyraNelson

    If you think the “war” hasn’t started yet, you’re not paying attention.

  • Luca

    The victim is on his high school baseball team. I hope wherever he goes in the future, he carries his bat in case the opportunity arises for him to get in a little batting practice.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Elyria is a predominantly (but not overwhelmingly), White suburb within easy range of bombed- out Cleveland. Rt. 2 and the Ohio Turnpike makes east/west travel to- and- from this urban hell- hole easy.

    • Anglokraut

      When I lived in the area, Elyria was understood to be a “rougher” neighborhood. A place that you went to because you had to–not because you wanted to.

      When I was able to start driving to my clarinet lessons in Elyria, I knew to walk fast and always check my back.

  • Anglokraut

    I lived in this town from 1994-2002, and I graduated from the town’s high school. North Ridgeville is a farming community that has been “in transition” for twenty-five years now, and still can’t get it together, I see. It has been a while since I’ve been back to Corntown (yes, that’s what we called the place) but when I lived there, the city was having big problems with just about everything that is involved in running a small city (inept politicians, insufficient infrastructure, grossly underfunded schools, and arrogant police were the issues when I was in high school).

    One of the nicer things that this area was known for was its festivals. Amherst had the Potato Festival, N.R. had the Corn Festival, Elyria had the Apple Festival and Pioneer Days, and Vermillion had the Fish Festival. Good times for being a kid in a majority White area, but this area isn’t White anymore; Mestizos and Negroes have been relocated to the area via Section 8 housing, and meth and heroin have taken root as well.

    And now the ghetto has come to the Corn Festival. Of course, the Corn Festival was always slightly ghetto, as junior-and-senior high girls would wear their Daisy-Dukes and low-cut tops to show off their summer growth spurts–but that was pretty much as ghetto as it got. I used to volunteer for the NRHS band booster’s dunking booth; it was our big fundraiser to offset the steep Pay-to-Play fees for the band members. I was heckling the crowds to dunk me for a buck.

  • 4321realist

    I see the t.v. station has its mandatory black teleprompter reader. They have inundated t.v. reporting in droves these last 5 years.

    If you watched the news stations around the country you would think blacks were at least 50% of the population instead of just 13%.

    • Anglokraut

      Cleveland is majority Negro, so the faces on T.V. news reflect that population.
      I remember when it could take the five o’clock news from 5:00 to 5:30 straight through to recap all the murders of that day.

  • John R

    What is it about blacks and wanting to strip Whites-even males-of their clothing? Seriously, and I don’t exaggerate when I say this: I honestly think that much black hatred toward Whites is fueled by sexual feelings toward Whites, even the males. That would explain a lot. Sex and violence frequently go together in some people. I think a great many black males have a latent homosexual attraction toward White males.

    • Chasmania

      It’s a studied and statistically verified phenomenon, the higher rate of homosexuality in ALL non white races.

      • LHathaway

        I hope you are trying to be funny. You get an honorary up vote trying to be funny or not.

        • Chasmania

          It’s true. Blacks, Hispanics, etc… all have a significantly higher rate of homosexuality than whites. It seems to me I read it – with the cited percentages – either here on AmRen or VDare.

          • John R

            And, it follows, that we Whites have the lowest rate of homosexuality. That is understandable, though, when you consider this: What other race produces women like White people do?

          • Chasmania

            A picture is worth a thousand words.

          • Anglokraut

            The woman in the center is the only one that looks to be healthy. The others look to be a progression chart for anorexia nervosa that has been shuffled.

          • Bunky

            Yeah… um …ok.

  • MekongDelta69

    Do you see any Whites rioting over this incident (or the million other incidents just like this – and 1,000x worse)?


    Me neither

    • Anglokraut

      Doncha think it’s time to start, though?

  • Anglokraut

    Got to do something with that “Communications” degree!

  • JohnEngelman

    That technique is too complex. It takes too long to execute. There are too many things that can go wrong.

    • Chasmania

      If it takes longer to explain it than to do it, it’s maybe not so good in a street setting.

      Disclaimer: I am no expert !

  • Chasmania

    I can tell you that if it was 20 years ago they would have gotten a beating to brag about…..In most rural areas anyways. Who can say about large urban hellholes ?

  • Chasmania

    That’s a picture begging for a caption.
    ” Uh…Cousin Quatranika !?!

  • Chasmania

    Agreed. The being alone was just the cherry on top for those chimps. Or would “banana on top” be more appropriate ?

  • “Three males got out of the vehicle and asked the teen for his cell phone memory card.”

    My God, how bland and almost polite this sounds. “And then the three fine young negroes inquired as to the possibility of them absconding with the dear lads memory card. Blasted fool brought it upon himself for denying such a genteel request!”

    I feel something along the lines of “three black thugs tore open his door, simultaneously punching him in the face while screeching something in their primal tongue about his “sail foam” Is probably a bit more indicative of what actually happened.

    This country, the media, and weak father’s like this one make me sick.

    • evilsandmich

      There are pictures of the victim floating around on the local press; it goes without saying that torture was a component of the attack.

  • Earl Turner

    Had this young man been murdered, not one single TV would have been stolen in protest.

  • Nancy

    That’s a hoot! I wonder did the “teleprompter reader” even notice the resemblance?

  • Anglokraut

    It’s like there is nothing of the mother anywhere in the half-breed; the white genes were just snuffed out. Still, a white woman who would willingly breed with a non-white has mental deficiencies that we do not need in our gene pool.

  • Paleoconn

    The only positive I get from this story besides the kid surviving this sabage attack is the possible birth of a conservative. The kid may have lived his first 16 years oblivious of the dangers of diversity. I can only hope he saw the light after this beating.

    These cowardly thugs always gang up on their victims. The only exceptions is when they suckerpunch a pregnant woman.

  • none of your business

    Spent the money for Catholic school to keep him safe and blacks got him anyway. Walking home from a festival or attending a festival can be dangerous if OFEs are within 10 miles.
    OFE pronounced OFEEE obsolete farm equipment. The story stated black males. I’m sure the AP stylebook police will get on the paper for the stating the obvious.

  • M&S

    Canes on a healthy 16 year old make no sense. You can’t hide them, you are apt to leave them behind, they are hard to deal with in a movie theater or on a date and they attract all the wrong attention in terms of teasing and predator’s gaze.

    Tazer, Pepper Spray, Black Jack. Unless you have hardened your body through long years of martial arts, you can’t do more than break your hand on a black’s face. But something as simple as a sock with a rock is completely concealable and easy to dispose of and replace if you need to.

    The spray and tazer can also be stuffed in a coat pocket and are essential to at least -starting- the fight at a distance where early attrition can be achieved before swinging the sock. Their threat can also make some fools decide on an easier victim.

    They are non lethal and while they would be off limits at school, they are easy to justify in public, if your kid has the discipline to use them only as needed.

    The big question for me is how old these black males were. If they are young and dumb and feeling their oats after Michael Brown, then it’s possible that they know one or more ‘youth’ in this young man’s high school.

    Clearly they can drive and the young man is not stated to have recognized them but even if they are strangers, just come for a peek at some pretty white girls at this festival, it’s likely that they -knew- about it through blacks in the region.

    Having white students keep their ears pricked for mutterings from their fellow black students would be a good idea.

    So would investment in a set of traffic cams.

    One on the main drag in and out of town and another, portable, so that, ‘as a condition of event insurance’, the parking lot at these little celebrations can be taped.

    If someone drives in and gets into a fight or causes trouble after a few too many afterwards, it is when they are still innocent that the track-back process should begin.

    Smart white cops think ahead. Dumb lowlife thugs only consider the realities of their actions after the fact.

    I would also like to suggest a very healthy reward could be put up by the event sponsors, along with paying for the young man’s medical or at least the deductible.

    Sometimes it works. Particularly if the young blacks in question are trouble makers in the community and someone wants to get back at them, later.

    For the kid and indeed every white in town:

    Three Stupids: Place, Time, Purpose/Companions. If you are out after dark, alone, you are either up to no good or a potential Darwin awardee.

    Four Color Codes: White = Victim. Yellow = Alert. Red = Ready to Rock, slide racked, hammer back. Black = Your Funeral Jack.

    Outdoors, never be at less than yellow, assessing and gauging faces clothing, focus, of people around you. Always looking for the nearest place you can run to to make it hard for a bunch of them to get at you or the nearest group of whites who might make it hard for a predator to get at you.

    Running is better than fighting because the act of the chase makes it prolonged and public which is not something predators want. Like cockroaches, they are lazy and afraid of the light.

    Finally, the crime should be felony attempted murder. Hitting someone in the head hard enough to crush and displace the orbital for the eye socket and then _kicking them again_, behind the ear, after they were down, while in the process of a robbery, is an attempt to get rid of the witness as victim.

    If they catch these little bastards they should try it. Even if it is overturned on appeal, whites need to know that their law enforcement and prosecutorial teams are at-bat for them.

    • Conrad

      I mentioned the canes &or fighting sticks as an aside. Everyone knows of the other options. Sometimes it’s useful to think out side of the box. Besides, there a lot of older white folks that can carry & use them effectively, and they will not look out of place. I can think of a certain group that was attacked at a restaurant that could have used them.

      • M&S

        As an older white person who uses a cane, let me say that I understand but as someone who has also studied combat and warfare all my life, it doesn’t work that way. The reality is that people use canes, first and foremost because they need to, whether for balance after a stroke or heart attack or because of leg injury or to offset the effects of things like osteoporosis curving the limbs and spine. This marks them out as weak to other whites who are continually frustrated when you walk down the center of the side walk or take too long going into doors.


        For blacks, the stimulus is predatory. Sidelong measuring looks that evaluate every step you take and the social background behind you as: “Can we take this person and what will the immediate consequences be if we do.”


        Now consider that this kind of dislayed weakness emboldens someone who might otherwise be leery of a close fight with an armed person and so they take the hit to capture the cane. You can get into a fight with them over ownership of your walking aid but as long as you’re tethered to their existence, their friends have you dead to rights on a predictable location and if you lose your balance, now you’re on your knees.


        Canes also make for lousy swords because they are handle heavy and usually made from hollow aluminum tubing which means that unless you do a windup, they have next to no impact energy.


        Piston the shaft up through your dominant hand to put they heavy end on the end of a swing and you’ve just given them the handle. A cane is best used as a cross guard (like some jo stick forms) to bat away fists, hook arms or legs and swing the end around to achieve arm bar or throat and eye strikes, almost certainly implying a two handed grip. Again, if the person is in bad shape, physically and particualrly lacking in flexibility through the torso and shoulders, this form of combat is just not practical.


        As I said, I can sympathize with the ‘any weapon is better than nothing’ perspective but the reality is that you are white and should be thinking ahead of any risk to make sure whatever ‘leverage’ you have in a given situation is not adhoc but intentional and practiced. For many, that cannot include a gun because they don’t like them, can’t afford them or can’t secure them at home (some are also legal unable to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights). Now consider: the average age of whites in America is 41 and it will continue to grow older as we shrink and the short generation, high fertility, populations out strip us in young people.


        With this in mind, you absolutely cannot afford to think of fighting in terms of ‘handling yourself’, 1v.1, because you are not in the shape you once were and the bad guys have lots of friends. So you have to go ugly early within a range of devices that are non lethal and ranged effects capable. Even if it’s a child, if they are responsible, get them something that scores dominant attrition window by which to turn tail and run. If they are a (slower) adult, make sure it can be used more than once as an example: “See this, one of you is down already and I’m reloaded with 5 more shots.”


        Since the 3 Stupids include being alone, at night, in places populated by bad people and/or with dumb intent (drugs, sex, alcohol) if _none of these things apply to you_ and you’re still in immediate jeopardy, scoring one for the home team has one additional advantage: It rallies YOUR friends to the sight of success.


        People who fear, fall back on ‘wait and see’ conditioned reflexes that maybe the lion will only want one of them or maybe the hero won’t need any help and thus only one person be at direct risk of injury.


        It is therefore essential to look at things from a bigger scope of what combatant psychology means and how you can exploit fear into useful responses as: “Get behind me! Pick up something heavy! When they charge, step out and throw as hard as you can!” to make it a team effort. Where that isn’t possible because things eventuate too quickly, you absolutely MUST move to secure decisive first victory so that your side has time to get their act together and wall up with you as now the odds are only X:Y. But the other side is going to be embarrassed/angry, high on hormones or substances and generally looking to get even for what they will perceive as a ‘cheap shot’, even if that is exactly what they were trying to do to.


        Pepper spray can be used on a group in a in a single press. Tazers take someone out of the fight, for at least 2-3 minutes. A rock in a sock kills when it is swung at the parietals or fontanelle, cripples when it strikes the lacrimal bones of the orbital region over the eyes or the backs of the wrist and can ‘wind’ someone by shattering a sternum or breaking out their teeth.


        It can be used single handed as a snapping weapon while holding the target you intended to strike or cross/overhanded in longer swings when you want a lot of inertial moment.


        Fight to win, knowing beforehand how you intend to do so. Never use a weapon simply because it ‘might’ be useful because then you will be too tentative in your delivered effects.


        Half of combat is knowing that you want the blow or grapple to move into and through the space your opponent is occupying with sufficient force to displace whatever is there.


        Never fight a black the way you would a white. Their bones are too hard, their quick-release muscle density too great. Treat them as you would a lethal animal like a wolf or a cougar and strike from the outset, intending to incapacitate or kill.