Copper Theft a Possible Factor in Metro Detroit Freeway Flooding

CBS Detroit, August 13, 2014

Scrap metal thieves are adding to the delays in getting water cleared from flooded roads.

Officials say copper piping stolen from pumping stations used to clear water from the freeways might have been a contributing factor in this week’s major highway flooding.

Michigan Department of Transportation spokeswoman Diane Cross said the copper piping had been stolen from several pumping stations–but MDOT didn’t know about the thefts until going in to pump the water after Monday’s torrential storms.

Cross said it could be several days before all freeways are reopened.


Copper theft for sale as scrap is a longstanding area problem, with it being blamed for many streetlight outages.



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  • Whitetrashgang

    Hurray. Maybe Detroit should build a copper cube right next to a midnight basketball court, play a little ball steal some copper the day is done.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    In black areas, if it ain’t nailed down, it’s gonna be stolen, and often, if it is nailed down (or bolted, or welded down), it’s gonna be stolen too.

    • APaige

      Yes. And if it is not stolen, it will be destroyed.

    • ViktorNN

      I’m actually kind of surprised that blacks were willing to do the work it takes to steal copper. Here in California, it’s Mexicans who seem to be more determined to tear everything apart.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Sounds as though the concerns about water availability are solving themselves.

    • bilderbuster

      That’s “Black Engineering” for you.

  • John Smith

    Detroit is the ultimate example of the end-game in all this so called “diversity and multicultural” madness being forced on us.

    A prosperous majority-white city just a few generations ago. Now not a republican, right winger, conservative, white family in site.

    Other cities are in varying degrees of decay and collapse, but ultimately on their way to “Detroit / end game” status.

    And yet we still have deluded souls among our own people wanting poor, mistreated blacks to be forcibly integrated into every white school, neighborhood and city.

    Pretty soon, an all-white poker game won’t be safe from the diversitymongers.

    • APaige

      The story of Detroit is so shocking it is as though Stephen King was hired to write for the Onion: Horrific, sad, disgusting, laughable, unbelievable, but a true story. Blacks in Detroit would have been better-off if the KKK was elected to look after them and the City. (not a joke). They might be hated, but would at least have a reliable water infrastructure.

  • 1gravity

    Regular testing of pumping equipment would have revealed the thefts. Let’s see the maintenance records. What else is not being tested? Let’s. just for laughs, try the back up diesel generators at local hospitals.

    • Michael Whalen

      Is that the Bismarck in your avatar? Just curious.

  • KyraNelson

    Soon they’ll all be crapping in the street. Just like in Liberia. Can somebody build a fence around it?

  • NYB

    Back in 1993 during the intervention is Somalia, military engineers gave up trying to rebuild infrastructure, because the Somalis stole their materials as fast as they could install them.

    Welcome to the future. If you value anything, you’d better stand guard over it.

    • Stan D Mute

      No, if you value anything – keep it as far away from Africans as possible. Africans will destroy anything and anyone in close proximity. No amount of “guarding” will ever be sufficient.

      • Nancy

        The little buggers destroyed classroom materials (that I bought for them to use and enjoy) right when I was in the room! They didn’t bother waiting until I was out of the room for a second, or looking the other way…they just sat at their desks and destroyed things. I went through 6 or 7 pencil sharpeners (normally, one will be more than adequate for the school year, as those things are built for school use) because they would go up to “sharpen their pencils” and end up shoving crayons, sticks, etc. into the d*mn thing.

        One particularly dim-witted 11-year-old didn’t even bring a pencil to be sharpened. Every day, he wandered over to the sharpener and cranked the handle around and around and around…because he liked the noise, apparently.

        • Fathercoughlin

          Was he the star pupil?

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      It would have been better if they used the material to build a wall around Somalia so they couldn’t’ wander out.

  • Lygeia

    Wow. I thought it was just the weather.

    It really hadn’t occurred to me that blacks stripping the copper piping from the pumping station made this happen.

    If it weren’t for Amren, I wouldn’t know this and might think there was some truth to the new stories that blamed global warming or climate change for the flooding in Detroit. But no, it was the blacks destroying their infrastructure, just like in Africa.

    We really should rename Detroit “Little Africa” or “Africa on the Erie.”

    • Jacobite2

      Tradition in Africa is to build a village of mud huts with reed roofs. Every year, when it gets truly filthy, they leave the huts and build a new village. Then they set the old huts on fire, and have a BBQ feast as the rats scamper out of the burning thatch. That’s between inventing flying machines and building the Pyramids, of course.

  • dd121

    Bomb what’s left.

  • Epiminondas

    I guess this disproves the “everything-that-isn’t-bolted-down” theory. They will steal it even if it IS bolted down.

  • ViktorNN

    Incidents like these have been happening all over California, especially during the past 5 or 6 years. Groups of illegal Mexicans go around stripping copper wire. They’ve been at it in the Central Valley (Victor Davis Hanson reports on this) and I’ve seen it here in LA. A street one block down from mine had the copper wire ripped out along the entire street, leaving the street lights blacked out for about 6 months until the city repaired it.

    This is one small aspect of the “Third World-ification” of the U.S. that the globalists have in mind for us.

  • nBmnp

    The summary sais “blacks steal the infrastructure” – I think you should edit that to read something like “teens” or (even better) “disadvantaged children”.

    Once I read some story about some black criminal who was referred to as a “child” in an obvious attempt to generate sympathy for him – in another newspaper I learned that he was (IIRC) 23.

    Also I noticed that quite often the age is omitted in articles that refer to them as adolescents.

  • Paleoconn

    First the copper wire. Now copper pipe. Also the water company will go under due to so many delinquent accounts. Detroit is now Africa.