In Ebola Outbreak, Who Should Get Experimental Drug?

Andrew Pollack, New York Times, August 9, 2014

Some have said it is wrong that with hundreds of Africans dying from the outbreak of Ebola, extremely scarce supplies of an experimental drug went to two white American aid workers.

But what if the first doses of the drug–which had never been used in people and had not even finished the typical animal safety testing–had been given to African patients instead?

“It would have been the front-page screaming headline: ‘Africans used as guinea pigs for American drug company’s medicine,’ ” said Dr. Salim S. Abdool Karim, director of Caprisa, an AIDS research center in South Africa.

A history of controversy about drug testing in Africa is just one of the complexities facing public health authorities as they wrestle with whether and how to bring that drug and possibly other experimental ones to the countries afflicted with Ebola. Who should get such a scarce supply of medicine? Health workers? Children? The newly infected who are not yet as sick?

The World Health Organization is convening a meeting of ethicists early next week to discuss this sensitive and difficult dilemma. The United States government is also forming a group to consider the same issues, said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

At least two of the countries affected by the Ebola outbreak, Liberia and Nigeria, have asked for the drug, according to a spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The debate about who should get the drug, which is called ZMapp, may be mainly academic in the short term, because there is virtually no supply left, Dr. Fauci said. By the time some modest supplies are available in a few months, the epidemic may have run its course.

Other experimental medicines might be available, but also probably in small amounts, like one from Tekmira Pharmaceuticals that has so far been tested only in healthy volunteers. Tekmira said Thursday that the Food and Drug Administration had determined that the drug was safe enough to be tried in infected patients.

ZMapp is reported to have helped the two aid workers, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, who were initially treated in Liberia and are now at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. But experts say it is too soon to conclude that it is truly effective.


Dr. Arthur Caplan, head of the division of medical ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, said priority should go to health care workers. Others say more recently infected patients would be more likely to be helped by the drug.

A senior F.D.A. official said priority might go to those who have access to other supportive care because they are most likely to benefit. But that could mean that the limited supplies might go to relatively privileged Africans.

This, of course, assumes that people will want the drug. That might not always be the case because of suspicions about health care in general and Western pharmaceutical companies in particular. Many patients stricken in the current outbreak are fleeing rather than going to clinics.

“There are just an awful lot of Africans who are afraid of the health care system right now,” said Dr. G. Kevin Donovan, director of the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Northern Nigeria has a history of resisting the campaign to eradicate polio, for example, with rumors circulating that vaccinations are a plot to sterilize Muslim women. At least nine polio immunization workers were shot to death there in February 2013.


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  • TruthBeTold

    With blacks it’s always damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    Give them an experimental drug and they scream racism because they’re being treated like lab rats.

    Don’t give them an experimental drug and they scream racism because you’re not doing anything to help them.

    Isn’t it funny how blacks always run to the racist White man to save them?

    • Jack Burton

      That’s because of white liberals who are always creating anti-white controversy.

      The fact is American drugs should go to Americans first, pretty simple.

      • WR_the_realist

        American drugs should go to Americans first and at prices no worse than the rest of the world pays. Unfortunately Americans usually pay far more for drugs than Canadians or most other foreigners. American citizens are effectively forced to subsidize the rest of the world’s drugs.


        Our biggest enemies are the J people and white liberal enablers and white ‘conservatives’ in power who either create policies that screw us over OR they won’t aggressively stand up for whites. If whites united as a race, most of our problems would be gone.

    • gregCall

      The biggest mistake ever made by western man was bringing western medicine into Africa in the first place. With the African reproductive strategy, all that was accomplished was overpopulation, starvation, and war, talk about the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

      • Mergatroyd

        If it were kept contained in Africa, I wouldn’t care. Same for Ebola.

        But when first world, White nations like the US, Sweden, Australia, etc., are pressured into admitting Africa’s problems due to overpopulation such as starvation, ebola, destitution, poverty and violence from teeming masses of 65-IQ African refugees that’s when it becomes a problem.

        Their over-reproduction will eventually overpopulate White countries turning them into what they left – overpopulated, teeming, diseased, miserable hell holes.

        Instead of being fed, Africans need to be sterilized until their population is able to sustain itself as it did before the White man interfered.

        • There is no credible evidence that Dr. Albert Schweitzer said or wrote these words.

          • M&S

            Perhaps. But he said something similar on Page 130-133 of _The Primeval Forest_.
            “I am your brother, but your elder brother.” I believe is undisputed.
            And even that is a mistake. For one needn’t claim responsibility for the actions of the primitive, simply to exploit their resources. One need only pay for them as one does in any other act of commerce.
            We do not rule the blacks being the first premise to why they must _never_ be allowed to rule us.
            Because much of what pseudo-Schweitzer wrote is true. And it will be proven in coming generations that what they hunger for, from us, is what we will be infinitely lessened by giving to them: our innate nature as genes and social imprint.

          • Mergatroyd

            Here is more of the quote from The Primeval Forest

            The negro is a child, and with children nothing can be done without the use of authority. We must, therefore, so arrange the circumstances of daily life that my natural authority can find expression. with regard to the negroes, then, I have coined the formula: ‘I am your brother, it is true, but your elder brother.

            One source I read claimed the quote… “I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa”… was a prologue to the original written in 1939. Omitted in later editions.
            No one can seem to find an original copy of the 1939 German edition, and many people have searched according to what I read, only the 1951 version without the prologue. Someone, I’m sure, has the original 1939 German version in a private collection somewhere

            Another source stated that the quote was on the official Albert Schweitzer website for years as “authentic” but then quietly taken down, never to be seen or mentioned again.

            The original was written in German and there were many problems with the translation, which is argued over to this day, especially the translation of the word “negroes” into “savages.”

            I suppose we may never know until an authenticated copy of the 1939 German edition surfaces somewhere. Until then, the jury is out.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            “…Here is more of the quote from The Primeval Forest

            The negro is a child, and with children nothing can be done without the use of authority. We must, therefore, so arrange the circumstances of daily life that my natural authority can find expression. with regard to the negroes, then, I have coined the formula: ‘I am your brother, it is true, but your elder brother….”

            And that is the wisdom that made for a very successful Jim Crow period in the South. Your average middle-age Black probably misses Jim Crow at this point.

          • Mergatroyd

            That quote was apparently the prologue to the original 1939 text of Schweitzer’s “African Notebook,” which was written in German. In the 1951 German version of “African Notebook,” the prologue has been omitted and the quote in question is nowhere to be found. It also appears in none of the translated editions of “African Notebook,” including the English version.

            Many people have searched for an original 1939 German edition but one is nowhere to be found. Until it surfaces, most likely from a private collection, the jury is out.

            Having read other things Dr. Schweitzer has written, that quote is certainly within keeping of how he felt about blacks.

            >>…when long-resident natives of the district expressed discontent at being ruled by white men, I answer that they without white man they would no longer be in existence.<>In general…manifold and heavy as is the guilt of the white people all over the world in the matter of colonization, yet may claim on their own behalf that the races they have subjected they have in so far brought peace that they have put an end to the senseless wars which constantly raged among them.<<

            (Notebook, p. 18, Henry Holt & Co. New York, 1939 Trans. by Mrs. CEB Russell)

        • Jack Burton

          The fact is Ebola and HIV are both very containable viruses. Simply stop doing behaviors that would infect you, they’re not airborne. The problem is African populations have low IQs and low conscientiousness.

          Instead of trying to save them, if allowed to play out it could actually have a eugenic effect on their populations over time.

          • Martel733

            The newest version of Ebola has show infection by droplet, the problem is sending meds to Africa only give us more Africans and more diseases western medicine cant cure. TB is by droplet and all cases can be tracked back to 3rdworld foreigners.

          • M&S

            It is contagious through spittle which is produced in great quantities when the coughing and vomitus phases are reached.
            The problem is not entirely related to intelligence either.
            People in Africa have to walk enormous distances (20-25 miles per day) to reach medical care and this can make taking a regimen of antibiotics very difficult if they don’t have access to a bike or bus.
            What is most essential about ‘taming’ Africa is the same thing that was true here: People before Animals.
            Remove the sources of contamination, almost always related to shared water, and you provide easy CLEAN UP of the local environment.
            Nominally, this means burnoff of virgin forest, killing of large game herds, DDT for insects and birds and fish. And then, in five or so years when the background toxicity levels drop (usually with assistance from plantings of tailored intermediary plant species) the institution of real crop foods.
            Nobody thought anything of this when the million strong herds of Buffalo were killed or the Passenger Pigeon or the Wolf/Bear/Puma hunted down.
            And yet, this essential action, to both liberate crucial water and food resources from wild animals and to break the disease vector chain that comes from shared use of water, is never considered an option for Africa because the environmentalists would rather save their National Geographic grants than the people.
            It’s utterly ridiculous. Africa loses a million people PER YEAR to malaria alone. It loses another 500-750,000 to internecine warfare between tribes and peoples. It is a disease ridden, racist, (blacks hating other blacks, not of their ethnic group) hell.
            And yet they are the worlds largest growth population. With 1 billion in 2010 going to increase 150% by 2060. And 200% by 2100.
            All this in a continent which is 40% desert, 30% trying real hard and 20% mountains and jungle unsuitable for organized agriculture. With so little, reliably arable land, are ALREADY at carrying capacity crisis. And nobody seems to want to think about what happens when rising global temperatures turn the hot band lattitudes into truly unliveable environments and there are 4.3 billion Africans who have become dependent on Western aid to avoid a Malthusian outcome to their profligacy.
            A billion people per year die off is _Not Impossible_.

          • Diana Moon Glampers

            Why would you want to make those changes? Interesting animals in unique settings are worthwhile. Africa being better able to sustain more Africans? Not worthwhile. You already stated the obvious solution, cut off the aid, population levels stabilize, problem solved.

          • Mergatroyd

            No, EBOLA is not containable, unless you’re gullible enough to believe what the U.S. government is putting out.

            As clearly explained by the Public Health Agency of Canada: (3)

            “INFECTIOUS DOSE: 1 – 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans.”

            Ebola, you see, can “ride” on aerosolized particles of blood, mucous and other body fluids. Someone sneezing, for example, can cause Ebola viruses to be aerosolized where they land on other people’s hands or faces. It only takes one virus entering the corner of your eye (or the corner of your mouth) to set off a full-blown infection.

            In fact, a 2012 BBC article entitled “Growing concerns over ‘in the air’ transmission of Ebola” states: (3)

            Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form of the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species. In experiments, they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact between them. In their experiments, the pigs carrying the virus were housed in pens with the monkeys in close proximity but separated by a wire barrier. After eight days, some of the macaques were showing clinical signs typical of ebola and were euthanised.

            http//www naturalnews com/046276_ebola_aerosol_transmission_infectious_disease html#ixzz3A2S3mhFO

        • Jack Burton

          There are plenty of verified quotes from Schweitzer, which are generally opposed to that quote such as the following:

          “I will not enumerate all the crimes that have been committed under the pretext of justice. People robbed native inhabitants of their land, made slaves of them, let loose the scum of mankind upon them. Think of the atrocities that were perpetrated upon people made subservient to us, how systematically we have ruined them with our alcoholic ‘gifts’, and everything else we have done … We decimate them, and then, by the stroke of a pen, we take their land so they have nothing left at all …”

          He said he considered blacks to be his brothers, but junior brothers. Make of that what you will, to me he strikes me as the typical condescending liberal.

          • Mergatroyd

            Here are a few verifiable Schweitzer quotes:

            >>…when long-resident natives of the district expressed discontent at being ruled by white men, I answer that they without white man they would no longer be in existence.<>In general…manifold and heavy as is the guilt of the white people all over the world in the matter of colonization, yet may claim on their own behalf that the races they have subjected they have in so far brought peace that they have put an end to the senseless wars which constantly raged among them.<>One of our missionaries, Mr. Robert, left the staff some years ago to live among the negroes as their brother absolutely. He built himself a small house near a village between Lambarene and N-Gomo and wished to be recognized as a member of the village. From that day his life became a misery. With his abandonment of the social interval between white and black he lost all his influence; his word was no longer taken as ‘the white man’s word,’ but he had to argue every point with them as if he were merely their equal.>>

            Page 130, from archives org: “On The Edge Of The Primeval Forest” :


          There should be a rule that if more blacks are in white countries, less food aide and less money goes to Africa. If they want more money, more of them need to not be in Europe/America/Canada/Australia, etc. Much like if you lived in housing your employer paid for, you get paid less. If you didn’t, your employer paid you more.

          • Nancy

            So right, Dawn. Also, anyone receiving aid should be required to take quarterly shots of Depo Provera.

            Actually, we need to enforce that policy HERE first. Starting with Detroit.

      • Jack Burton

        That’s correct, we’ve basically created a Malthusian catastrophe in Africa. We artificially support them, allowing their populations to grow to unsustainable levels that harms them, the environment and other animals.

    • Mergatroyd

      If it doesn’t work, it’ll be Tuskegee all over again.

      • TruthBeTold

        See, that’s just it. If we give them an experimental drug, it’s ‘TUSKEGEE’ all over again.

        If we don’t give them the drug, we’re selfish racists who don’t care about black folk.

        You can’t win with these people. They get you coming and going.

        • ElComadreja

          The liberals have taught them well.

        • Nancy

          That’s why I couldn’t finish out my 3-year “practice teaching” (first three years where new teachers have to be evaluated before we get “tenure”) in Atlanta Public Schools. The crazymaking behavior of the kids, staff, and “parents” was so bad, I ended up in a psych ward for a week.

          If I gave a failing kid a passing grade, I “didn’t give a rip about them”. But if I failed a kid, giving him the grade he deserved, “I was racist”. (Considering I had nothing but black students, that’s no small feat.)

          If my students were acting disruptive when I was teaching a lesson that was being evaluated by my principal (he/she was in the room), not only did this NOT intimidate the students into better behavior, as it would in any white school, they actually acted WORSE, knowing I was being watched.

          (Oh, and their behavior was MY fault, for “not being able to control them”.)

          If I determined a child really needed to be tested for learning problems, and turned over their names to the special ed committee, I got ambushed the next morning by angry black mothers who accused me of “sending the government to their houses to spy on them”.

          But if I DIDN’T recommend them to special ed, I “wasn’t doing my job” and “didn’t care about these throwaway kids.”

          It went on and on.

          • Augustus3709

            The standard narrative among blacks today is that:

            “Everything is White people’s fault.”

            This makes separation even more desirable knowing what average blacks think and feel about us. As long as they harbor this irrational psychological and emotional hostility towards us they are an undeniable cultural and social liability. The only way to satisfy them is with a constant flow of money and benefits.

            You have my sympathies for your difficulties in the school system with them. It’s a game and it’s rigged for us to lose. So we must rise up and change the rules.

          • TruthBeTold

            If you have already done so, you should write a piece for AR detailing your experiences.

            They always make great reads and inspire a lot of attention and comments.

          • TruthBeTold

            I told this story here many times.

            My sister gave a test one day and a black kid was absent.

            The next day she put him in an empty classroom across the hall so he could take the test without being disturbed; she was trying to help the kid.

            That night she got an angry phone call from the mother accusing my sister of insinuating that her child was stupid because she put him in a First Grade classroom to take the test when he was in Second Grade.

            A parent/teacher meeting was held and my sister was made to apologize to the mother and the boy.

      • Martel733

        Tuskegee was trying to help them. Tuskegee started before there was a cure, and after the cure came out any later stage person with syphilis would get deadly Herxheimer reactions to the treatment at the time. Syphilis and Lyme disease both generate Herxheimer reactions when too much of the disease gets killed off at one time. Herxheimer reactions are why medicine went from a single mega dose shot of PCN to taking antibiotics over 10 days. If you see Herxheimer reactions today its from undiagnosed syphilis, Lyme, or some 3rdworld disease.

    • Jim Davis

      You said it.

    • ElComadreja

      And stupid whites save them time after time only to be repaid with more of their crime and violence. It’s time for “benign neglect”.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Lets see…

    Who spread the disease? Blacks.
    Who is working hardest to cure the disease? Whites.
    Who is spending the most money to cure the disease? Whites.
    Who has the brainpower to cure the disease? Whites.

    I think the answer is clear.

    • MekongDelta69

      And who is bitching about it all?

      Blacks and guilt-ridden, self-loathing leftists.

    • Guest

      If you think about it werent the monkeys infected first ?.

      • David Ashton

        That reminds me of John Engelman’s icon.

      • They love each other – you can tell just looking at them – which is more than anyone can say for blacks.

        Sorry… “orcs”.

    • Augustus3709

      A-body know the sea ah eh created the aids and done flown it into afka to kill us off.

    • ElComadreja

      The sensible thing would be to let them die.

  • MekongDelta69

    “But what if the first doses of the drug–which had never been used in people and had not even finished the typical animal safety testing–had been given to African patients instead?

    “It would have been the front-page screaming headline: ‘Africans used as guinea pigs for American drug company’s medicine,’ ” said Dr. Salim S. Abdool Karim, director of Caprisa, an AIDS research center in South Africa.”

    Thank you – you just saved me a lot of keystrokes.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Well Hell, Let me go visit Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo! I’m sure her people’s medicine is much better! What do you say, Marie? Can I come visit?

    • Kenner

      What a twisted, left-wing, crapfest that show was…produced by two anti-white loons. ‘American Horror Story’, indeed.

      • D.B. Cooper

        At least they made the leftists look bad. Probably not intentional. I did like Season 2 though. His other show, Glee, I hear that show has gotten scary.

        • Jack Burton

          How about that Jessica Lange. In her 60s and still looks good. Grade A Germanic stock.

          • Kenner

            She is an amazing actress, it’s one of the reasons I tuned in, then the characters began spouting ‘anti-racist’ talking points. It was set in New Orleans, I’d love to see the twit producers actually have to live among the blackness they were celebrating.
            Lange hasn’t had her face doctored beyond recognition, unlike some actresses. She looks edgy and sophisticated.

          • Jack Burton

            I watched the first season, but then it became so vulgar and started with the pro-homosexual angle that I lost interest.

            Watched one episode of the next season and they were pushing some BS racemixing slavery angle, never watched it again.

      • ElComadreja

        I had to stop watching after a few episodes last season. The anti-white propaganda was practically nonstop.

    • Mergatroyd

      Is that like raping baby girls as a cure for AIDS?

  • JackKrak

    In Africa, blacks shoot people who are trying to eradicate the last pockets of a disease that disappeared from white lands decades ago because they suspect that in fact it’s a plot to sterilize them.

    Meanwhile, liberals wonder with genuine puzzlement why blacks outside of Africa aren’t better represented in any endeavor that requires more than around 70 iq points.

    • Nancy

      I find it interesting that most of the paranoia in Africa somehow relates to their fear of not being able to procreate.

      Remember the children accused of giving men the stink eye, and with that single glance, they supposedly had the power to make their “willies” shrivel up and fall off?

    • Mergatroyd

      Liberals don’t wonder, they know that blacks have ultra-low IQs and violent tendencies. Where they choose to live and send their own children to school tells you everything you need to know.

      Multiculturalism and diversity are for YOU, not them. These things were designed to destroy White America and your heritage, history and culture.

      They only want YOU to be fooled into believing that depraved African bantus are exactly equal in all ways to first world White Americans.

      But keeping this lie going is becoming more difficult and that’s why they’ll threaten to destroy you, and, in fact, have destroyed those who points out this fact.

      Ask James Watson.

  • Jefferson

    Ebola be racist yo. Ebola has dat White privilege nah mean.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This is no win.

    And… I’m not so sure the Prime Motive is to cure victims of ebola:

    Ebola vaccine pioneer joked about use of genetically engineered virus to cull human population

    http //www naturalnews com/046347_Ebola_vaccine_genetically_engineered_virus_depopulation html#ixzz39qSODJ7q

    • M.

      I wish it was.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Be careful what you wish for.

        Given that there is an ongoing War on Whites, it wouldn’t surprise me if the “culling by ebola” is meant for the White population.

        • Has he been proved an American citizen ?.

        • Sick of it

          I’ve said the same. In a world dominated by those who want to wipe US out, we’d most likely be targeted by such a plague. I’d just assume no one create it in the first place.

          • Mergatroyd

            The cultural marxists have been working at thinning the White population for years through their promotion of abortion, wars to think out young White males, women in the workplace, not the home, children as a burden, birth control, all of it directed at Whites.

            The latest push is the glorification of gay lifestyles as a “wonderful” alternative instead of a family with children.

            It’s not working fast enough so ebola is being imported to speed up the job.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Heavens to Mergatroyd if that ain’t true.

            I’m guessing you left out middle-age White males because their genocide is already complete??

        • M&S

          Hi Bon,
          Checked on Google and Amazon and did not find anything under _The Culling The Hunting And Killing Of American Citizens_.
          Is this an article or a book? Do you have an author name perchance?
          I have problems with using active pathogens in that you need both increased transmissivity, targetability and persistence, all rolled into one and usually these performance conditions are counterbalancing.
          To get a widespread vector contagion where knowing victim zero doesn’t really matter means it has to be airborne as casual touch is too easy to backtrail.
          While there are ethnic indicators which can be used to target pathogens, to kill whites in particular, in the U.S., means somehow bypassing the 20% inbreeding level of blacks with white genes (assuming you are not willing to accept blowback).
          And persistence means a carry agency (bacteria) for the viral shell that provides some degree of protection against both UV and loss of hydration as the principle two destroyers of virus’.
          If our own people want to be rid of us, a smarter path would be a cellular level disrupt that either clocked out the metabolism, early, or which caused some massive rescript of existing metabolic functions (liver, kidneys etc.) to ‘clean’ the blood of regulatory endocrines in a way that the resulting sudden death could be made to look like simple heart failure or stroke.
          I would combine this with secondary social agents, likely in the food, which increased obesity and certain (sugar, salt, starch) conditions which pushed metabolic loads to the limit of control loss anyway.
          A few pathologists might have to be brought in (statistically, it would rapidly beat the trackable disease threshold by which CDC is mandatorily required to begin investigation outside of criminal autopsy) but if the body is dead from ‘obvious causes’, so quickly that remissioning of liver or lymph function to flatly remove something like falsely attributed (immune response) myocardial cholinesterase inhibitors, seizing up the heart.
          This could be done, fairly simply, by inducing something like Graves Disease or similar hyperthyroidism and would only require a couple of metabolic changes to induce production of the TSH/T4 imbalances.
          While most definitely an induced pathology, such a condition could be attributed to everything from depression to poor diet and exercise and even be made to attack specific -classes- of people whose habits caused particular toxicity thresholds to accrue quickly.
          Most importantly, because the agent induction could be thrown something as simple as a contaminated needle in a (common) blood test, there would be little or no worry about it’s being detected in early enough stages to be countered or backtracked.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Here’s what I think. We already know they are keeping smallpox, polio, measles, and a bunch of other diseases in our CDCs. The third world is not immune to those diseases, so it won’t take much to bring their numbers down. I’ve always felt that white scientists have been experimenting on the third world for centuries, and I totally support it. Affirmative Action scientists are no match for those who earned their positions, and they are way out of their league in this field.

      • IstvanIN

        it won’t take much to bring their numbers down
        They’re not doing a very good job of it.

        • M.

          The problem is that the negro is multiplying at a frantic rate, so they make up for the lost ones very quickly. A longer-term solution would be to teach them how to use contraception.

          • That is completely impossible. The US Center for Disease Control and the US Department of Health and Human Services have been publicly pressing the use of condoms 24/7 for the last 30 years, and in spite of this massive campaign, blacks here still have the highest STD infection rates, the highest unwed childbirth rate and the highest abortion rate in the nation.

            Their ability to plan ahead ranges somewhere between that of a house cat and a house plant.

            One of my favorite online film clips was of a black woman who had a dozen or so children from various baby daddies, and who was griping to the news reporters that “Someone needs to take responsibility.” The glorious irony in her statement was completely lost on her, of course.

          • M.

            Yeah, I saw that one. TNB.

            How hard is it to take a damned pill, seriously? A person with an IQ of 75 can do it. These people are either mentally retarded, or they’re doing it on purpose to spite the white man. My guess would be a little of both.

          • Kenner

            We are paying them big cash bonuses and other free assistance every time they pop one out. Mo’ chirruns, mo’ money.

          • Mergatroyd

            This is designed to bankrupt White America by forcing us to support high fertility, low IQ, violent Africans and blacks. This is coupled with a design to cull and thin the White population through warfare, abortions and birth control. It’s worked as White numbers are falling everywhere.

            See: Cloward-Piven.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Or option C: it pays. Non-whites benefit from a state subsidized puppy-mill system.

            Or A, B, and C. All of the above.

          • Jack Burton

            I agree with her, we should have taken responsibility and sterilized her a long time ago, preferably before the first child, but at least after it.

          • Teresa Nichols

            That is an insult to house cats. All of the house cats I know have far superior long range planning ability.

          • Martel733

            That’s only because YT sends food and medicine

      • TruthBeTold

        “…it won’t take much to bring their numbers down.’

        Nature is trying. White men keep interfering.

  • Stan D Mute

    Why is it whites can’t just leave Africans alone? We should NEVER have had ANY interaction beyond study (from a distance) like we do with the Andamanese.

    But we simply don’t learn. We take them from Africa and they murder us, rape our wives and children, and burn our cities making them unlivable hells. They develop incurable diseases we allow them to bring into our civilization (AIDS, Ebola, ???).

    How many more innocent whites must die? Why is it so hard to learn what seems (to me anyway) a blindingly simple lesson? Africans must be avoided at all costs. There is absolutely no benefit to association with them, they’ve given the world nothing of value while inflicting murder, mayhem, and destruction everywhere they go.

    • gregCall


  • Jack Burton

    When you think about HIV and Ebola as defense mechanisms of animals from being eaten and possibly becoming extinct from irresponsible predation by black Africans, it’s completely justified that black Africans are suffering the natural consequences.

    How about blaming blacks for their role in spreading the viruses to human populations to begin with.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      You are nothing if not outside the box, Mr. Burton. <;-D

      Still chuckling over "…schlomo in the woodpile…"

  • LHathaway

    ‘complexities’, ‘complicated issues’, ‘tensions’. Get your waders cause you know it’s about to get deep.

  • Ian Thomas

    Just imagine if the Ebola virus was used as a biological weapon, scary stuff.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Or a God send? We were all hoping for a meteor last week. Ebola will suffice. We just have to be sure and shoot down any Gulfstream jets carrying Ebola infected Libs with an even worse case of Passover Syndrome.

      http //takimag com/article/diagnosing_passover_syndrome_among_white_liberals/print#axzz3A1Tt0RqT

      (You are so obviously an SPLC troll. I thought members of the tribe had a high IQ?)

  • JohnEngelman

    This is really disgusting.

  • Paleoconn


  • Ella

    Whites need not worry since health insurance companies will not cover the cost of their experimental “Ebola” drugs.

  • Augustus3709

    The only real solution to “racism” is separation. But, segregation is also “racist”.

    Checkmate Whiteman!

    Now pay up.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Where a medicine is developed by America, the first priority is obviously to ill Americans. This is not a difficult moral quandary. The Africans should be grateful that the Americans are bothering to develop a medicine to help them at all.

    In fact, I doubt very many Africans are genuinely criticising America over this, most of the anguish comes from self hating liberal Whites.

    • withcaution

      Liberals love to share others hard work.

    • This is the most spot on, common sense, and logical response to the made up “moral quandary” being presented here. Our nation developed the cure, our responsibility is to administer it to those afflicted who are our countrymen. If we feel so inclined afterwards, whatever is left can be distributed to others.

      It drives me crazy because this commonsense approach should be applied to EVERYTHING welfare, housing, jobs, etc. The people adopting African (or any other) babies while there are hundreds of thousands of homeless children HERE in America, absolutely sickens me. That a single foreigner from ANY country, including white ones is allowed to come here for the express purpose of working, while a single American is unemployed is revolting.

      Etc., etc. I’m sure you get the picture. The (white) world is utterly insane, and I wonder sometimes if it is a real mental illness, if pathological altruism really is the disease that will finish us off, and are we, here, the “racists” the “bigots” the vile nationalists merely the small percentage of our population with a natural immunity to the disease?

  • Alucard_the_last

    If they’re so equal, let them find a cure.

  • Nancy

    So let me get this straight:

    The choice is between A) giving the drug to pathologically compassionate white aid workers, who should never have been in that toilet of a continent to begin with, or B) giving it to a backward, illiterate, ungrateful horde of the pathologically unwashed, who either don’t trust modern health care, prefer using witch doctors, and/or refuse to believe Ebola exists.

    Is there a choice “C”?

    • withcaution

      It’s not the continent that is a “toilet”, it’s what fills the toilet that sucks.

      • Nancy

        Point taken.

  • HJ11

    Only innocent Whites who are not involved in pathological altruism in Africa in which they are interfering in the destiny and fate of Blacks.

  • Jack Burton

    Showing individual lowlifes is not a strong argument, but when you see evidence such as at 1:50, which shows swarms of low IQ, self-entitled black parasites, now we’re talking.

  • Jack Burton

    There so many videos of TNB on YouTube you could watch that stuff all day. They could have channel dedicated to it on TV.

  • Jack Burton

    “We built this country.” “We built the pipes under this building.” LMAO, I’d love to see her fatass do manual labor like plumbing.

  • Kenner

    Sekou-Toure: Guinea’s first ‘president’ cut all ties with France after independence, he wanted no part of the metropole, and Guinea fell straight into a black hole from which it never emerged.

  • Jack Burton

    It’s nationalist. 🙂

  • So you can see I wasn’t making this stuff up, but 15?

    My wife and I have one.

    • ElComadreja

      The government doesn’t run a breeding program for whites.

  • I suspect the vaccination for Ebola might be found in the Reston virus. I rarely talk about things that might actually help people. The Reston strain of Ebola does not kill people, so a vaccination of this might help.

    When it comes to diseases, I normally think about putting a radical hurt on folks, but I have a daughter, so I must suspect I am actually a real person.

    Experiments could be done with monkeys and then human volunteers. I’d go do it.

    • IstvanIN

      You’d want your gun rights back before, the government can not be rusted.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    We should petition U-tube for hate-speech on this one.

  • withcaution

    Even with all the crime, famine, stupidity, emigration and pathogens, Africa grows by 78,000 people every single day. Clearly Ebola isn’t a problem.

  • gregCall

    I agree, cut off all monetary and humanitarian aid immediately. Hash tag activism for the win!


    I’m tired of having to deal with blacks. I’m tired of their behavior. I’m tired of their attitudes. I’m tired of them getting freebies, never having to be held accountable when they screw up and whites having to support them and never getting any credit.