Eric Holder Warns About America’s Disturbing Attempts at Precrime

Peter Suderman, Reason, August 5, 2014

The premise of the 2002 science fiction movie Minority Report was that police in a near-future Washington, D.C. had developed an innovative system to stop crime before it happens. The system, called precrime, was based on the visions of a trio of psychics who could sense criminal activity shortly before it happened. That allowed cops to arrive on the scene and preemptively arrest offenders. It was the end of crime in the District, with criminals apprehended just before they could offend.

America doesn’t quite practice precrime yet, but in several states it’s edging closer. One difference between the reality and the movie is that instead of psychics we use actuaries.

States such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Missouri have developed programs that attempt to offer risk-assessments of offenders. Those risk assessments, which are based on a variety of factors including age, education level, and neighborhood of residence as well as past criminality, are meant to guide judges in sentencing. The explicit goal is to reduce future instances of criminality, which means that instead of sentencing people for crime already committed, sentences based on these risk assessments are instead sentencing people for crimes that they, or people like them, might commit.

In a speech last week to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Attorney General Eric Holder warned against the use of such risk assessments:

When it comes to front-end applications–such as sentencing decisions, where a handful of states are now attempting to employ this methodology–we need to be sure the use of aggregate data analysis won’t have unintended consequences.

Here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, legislators have introduced the concept of ‘risk assessments’ that seek to assign a probability to an individual’s likelihood of committing future crimes and, based on those risk assessments, make sentencing determinations. Although these measures were crafted with the best of intentions, I am concerned that they may inadvertently undermine our efforts to ensure individualized and equal justice. By basing sentencing decisions on static factors and immutable characteristics–like the defendant’s education level, socioeconomic background, or neighborhood–they may exacerbate unwarranted and unjust disparities that are already far too common in our criminal justice system and in our society.

Criminal sentences must be based on the facts, the law, the actual crimes committed, the circumstances surrounding each individual case, and the defendant’s history of criminal conduct. They should not be based on unchangeable factors that a person cannot control, or on the possibility of a future crime that has not taken place. Equal justice can only mean individualized justice, with charges, convictions, and sentences befitting the conduct of each defendant and the particular crime he or she commits.

It’s not hard to understand the surface appeal of such tools to policymakers. It looks reasonable. It feels scientific. The goal is to identify likely reoffenders and prevent them from committing a second crime. As a 2011 article in the Federal Sentencing Reporter put it, it’s a shift away from the traditional “backward-looking retributive approach” toward a “formalized, forward-looking, utilitarian” goal.

But Holder is right to be concerned about what is, in effect, a kind of actuarial profiling.


Indeed, the same reasoning could lead to support for explicitly race-based sentencing. As a report on Virginia’s risk assessment model notes, the state sentencing commission settled on 11 different identifiers to use in determining an offender’s risk profile. In the end, race was explicitly excluded from the model, but in the initial analysis, it was “strongly significant” as a factor.

If you follow the “forward-looking utilitarian” logic of the idea to its ugly end, then it’s all too easy to imagine a system that explicitly singles out certain races for harsher sentences, not because of the individual particulars of the crime in question, but because of the aggregate actions of other people who share that person’s race.

Now, as Virginia’s guidelines also suggest, it’s unlikely that any state would ever decide to make race an explicit factor. And if that did happen, it’s virtually certain that the courts wouldn’t let it stand. But even if race is never made an explicit factor, it could be built into the system implicitly, with non-race identifiers that have the practical effect of singling out certain races. {snip}


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  • MekongDelta69

    Eric “My Peeps” Hold-Em Up is perfectly content to let blacks run wild – especially if they run wild against Whites.

    • APaige

      The greatest ‘risk assessment’ for future criminality is Race.
      The greatest cause of disparate impact is the truth.

      • Pro_Whitey

        If they are black, they have to go back (to Africa).

    • proud white

      I saw Mr. Taylor on youtube, which brought me to this website. I like it a lot. however I see the moderators here, while better than most sites, still don’t like mildly offensive comments towards minorities. give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s not Minority Report, it’s reporting minorities.

    You will notice that even when the actuaries go out of their way to exclude race specifically from their criteria, the criteria they allow still has a disparate impact on blacks and Hispanics.

    Otherwise, I tend to think that these kinds of things are or will be a big bust, for the way CompStat has been a big failure in Chicago.

    Also notice that this support for Eric Holder and opposition to something that seems like or has the disparate impact of racial profiling is coming from a largely Koch-funded right-libertarian publication.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Since judges aren’t supposed to sentence based on skin color this system tries to get around that by encouraging the judge to throw the book at a defendent from a bad neighborhood- i.e. a black or hispanic town.

      One problem is that under this plan a white or Asian who lives in one of these neighborhoods would get a higher sentence than a black or hispanic thug residing in a mostly-white town.

      • Sick of it

        They include criminal history in their calculations. A relatively harmless grifter would not receive the same sentence as a violent criminal.

  • Mary

    Naturally this White-hating black militant cannot abide the idea of anything that might even slightly reduce the breathtakingly huge amount of crime committed by his people. Does Holder ever do or think literally anything that is not related to race? Even for a black, he is thoroughly obsessed.

    • journey

      He and little barry’s past associations have largely been with black radicals. After all, little barry and his wife sat in “rev” wright’s “church” listening to ant-white hate for over 20 years. Now, this guy is sitting in the WH. It’s like we are living in an alternate reality. One’s brain still cannot wrap around it.

    • Ograf

      I wonder if he realizes the truth and cannot deal with the fact that his people are a bunch of low life, welfare grabbing, breeding like rat criminals and as much as he tries to change it, It will never change.

      • Holder isn’t interested in changing that aspect of black behavior. Instead, he is interested in having the public ignore the problem while ensuring that black criminals go unpunished. The voter intimidation case was a prime example, and Holder’s official public statement on the matter was “White people do not have civil rights.”

  • D.B. Cooper

    You know, I don’t blame Holder at all. Nearly half of the white population voted for his appointment in the first place, and like Surgeon General, it has become a minority quota post.

    • jane johnson

      He’s been at DOJ since the Carter administration (1976). I posted part of his CV in response to a comment above. Except for a few lucrative detours provided by Reagan(?!) and Slick Willie, he’s been hanging around at Justice going on 40 years.

  • none of your business

    The best way to predict crime is to look at the race and gender of any person. The best way to predict if crime will happen in any given locality is to discover what percentage of blacks live in that locality.

    • David Ashton

      And age. We found in the UK that black youths with long legs were more likely to mug little old white ladies than the other way round, but then we are prejudiced by institutional racism dating from the Liverpool slave trade.

  • JackKrak

    Why does everything have to be framed in terms in references to pop culture B.S.? I think we would understand the concept of “precrime” without references to movies. Soon the national news broadcasts will explain events in the Middle East by referencing episodes of The Simpsons….

    • Stan D Mute

      Why? Because the average American is staggeringly stupid apparently. We elected “Dubya” Bush and then Barakabama. We have someone in Congress who worries an island will flip over and sink if too heavily loaded on one side. And we seem more interested in the antics of an obese Greek mudshark than the fact that the Tenth Amendment has simply been flushed down the memory hole or that our right to Freedom of Association repealed by Judicial fiat. I’d wager fewer than one in twenty “Americans” could even tell you the purpose of the Tenth Amendment while you’d be hard pressed to find one in twenty who hadn’t heard about the Lardassians.

      In general, “Americans” believe every bit of the WWII propaganda fed us by our corrupt government and media. Since Israel and our Middle East troubles come directly from that conflict and reinforced by rabid religious fundamentalists, perhaps the surprise should be that we don’t have Marge Simpson “explaining” it all nightly on CBS/NBC/ABC/FOX/CNN/etc…

      • IstvanIN

        I think the obese mudshark Kardashian (Armenian I believe) has been foisted upon us by certain unsavory types.

        • Sick of it

          She looks like she has black ancestry.

          • She’s a Turk. Her father’s full on Turk. Her mother was a Armenian with mostly European ancestry. I take solace daily in the fact that the Kim Kardashian is not white.

          • Sick of it

            Ahh, Turkish. That explains where she obtained her black ancestry (due to their dallying with freed blacks).

          • Periapsis

            Me too, and those women have shark like eyes, like lots of darkies do. Very disturbing to say the least, something about them should make most men’s, not just white men’s blood run cold. It makes you wonder just what sort of man would deserve them as a spouse.

          • Presumably, rocket scientist that he is, Kanye West thinks he got himself a white woman and is extremely thrilled about it.

        • The Kardashians are Armenian. A surname that ends in “ian” or “yan” is Armenian. UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, former California Governor George Deukmejian, as other examples.

          • Kim Karshian’s father is Robert Kardashian, a Turk, one of the many different ethnic populations in Armenia. Her father is a Turk. Therefore she is a Turk.

            To say that they’re Armenians would be true too, but that speaks to nationality and in this case nationality does not speak to ethnicity.

          • Luca

            Armenians were dispersed throughout the middle-east after the genocide about 100 years ago. They are found through out Turkey, Russia, Armenia, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, etc.

            Virtually all Armenians have names that end in “ian” or the Russian version “Yan”.

            Some Armenians were allowed to live in Turkey during the genocide years but only if they converted their names to Turkish sounding names,

            Robert Kardashian was born in the US, his great grandparents were ethnic Armenians from the Russian empire in an area that later became part of Turkey.

          • Ograf

            I used to think kardashians were a bad race of people on star trek.

          • Cheap ripoff of Klingons is what they were. It was the introduction of Cardassians when I realized they had officially run out of new ideas.

  • TruthBeTold

    If the police take proactive measures to stop black crime, they’re profiling and harassing blacks.

    If the police don’t take proactive measures to stop black crime, they’re accused of not caring about blacks.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • TruthBeTold

    actuarial profiling

    Great. Another ‘racist’ practice blacks can accuse us of committing.

  • journey

    This is preliminary to when criminality can be genetically determined. It would be difficult to accuse genes of being racists and profiling. Right?

    “because of the aggregate actions of other people who share that person’s race.” This can
    easily be made moot by bringing in Asians as part of the equation.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    So long as the data used is based upon relevant information like education level, prior criminal offenses, juvenile delinquency history and so forth it is irrelevant if it impacts one race more so than another. Any honest person alive today knows full well that our prisons are not disproportionately black due to racial discrimination.

    • journey

      We all know that blacks are largely in prison and dysfunctional because they were made slaves and forced to come here and discriminated against. It’s not their fault. Never mind that their type of behavior is global even when under black majority rule, e.g. Africa, etc.

  • Jefferson

    2 years and 5 months more of the Mulatto tard Eric Holder.

    • journey

      You know the guy will not disappear. He was part of slimy willy’s administration.

      • jane johnson

        I’ll never understand why Reagan gave him a judgeship.

        • Sick of it

          Or why Reagan allowed the first amnesty…

  • John R

    Makes sense to me, but I can understand why the anti-White Left would be against it. It would be an important tool to help control the black criminal population. To the typical black criminal, he did nothing wrong: He is just a prisoner in the race war against the evil White Man. The only difference of course, being, that the prisoners get released while this war is still going on.

  • Luca

    In the movie “Minority Report” they were using psychics to predict where crime would happen. Gee, maybe I am psychic too.

    It always, and I mean ALWAYS, happens where ever the black and hispanic populations exceed 10%.

  • SolStans

    I think this is a terrible idea. Even with a realistic attitude toward race, sentencing someone based on factors out of their control doesn’t make any sense. That said, I think there should just be tougher sentencing across the board.

    Besides, these laws would never be used against those vibrant criminals, but only to peg those who have a penchant for small government, firearms, and a lack of white guilt for worse sentences involving illegal(?) firearms, “delinquent” taxes, and using “hate” words against the poor youths, teens, and empowered WoC’s.

    Disclosure: I’m a white Pennsylvanian who just graduated with an actuarial science degree. Actuarial science has many potential applications; sentencing is not one of them.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      It shouldn’t be too long before science isolates the genetic causes, then the actuarial tables will be off the hook.

    • Sick of it

      “Besides, these laws would never be used against those vibrant criminals,
      but only to peg those who have a penchant for small government,
      firearms, and a lack of white guilt for worse sentences involving
      illegal(?) firearms, “delinquent” taxes, and using “hate” words against
      the poor youths, teens, and empowered WoC’s.”

      We’re being targeted by the full force of the United States government already. What would be the difference?

    • M&S

      It’s a exemplary punishment Sol. Intended to enlighten a community, 1/3rd of whose members will have a felony incarceration in their lives, that things could always get worse.
      “See, even the slow, stupid, whites have caught on that we commit three times more crime per capita, than our population fraction suggests we should be doing and they are reacting accordingly with dime-not-nickel punishments! This is what happens if you get caught while wearing your black skin, so just don’t do it!”
      If it was intended to prevent further incidences of black crime -by the individual-, it would begin with something like a bracelet and home arrest with no TV or friends, so that the person could be tracked, to and from work, and locking himself into a home where he had a twice per day time-code: in and out, within a given, 2hr, window.
      This is how you keep anyone from recidivist behavior, by making them aware that _until they prove themselves_ their lives outside of prison will be just as lacking in freedom as it was inside.
      It also has some realistic benefits for the corrections system:
      1. POs cannot be fooled.
      If you are on a one or two time constraint basis ‘or back to jail with you’, every time that bracelet (which is actually a cellphone and modem) downloaded it’s data to the PO’s computer, showing a geographic distribution of where the person had been that day, that would be it. If you aren’t making beelines from work to home and back, you are screwed. No overstressed POs trying to find 100+ missing parolees. No excuses. They simply sit down, log in, look at the time traces for a man’s movements (GPS) and then, if he’s not playing by the rules, oneshot him right back in to finish killing his time.
      2. You can’t hand out longer sentences.
      Not in a criminal system already grossly over crowded where good behavior gets you 50% or better reductions in sentence so they can get their bunk back. “Eight years for theft under 1,500 dollars? Whoot! Right! One potato, two potato…” And this applies to a whole range of crimes that are essentially petty in nature for which either exposure or attendance is an easy out _preventative_ measure.
      Not paying your child support? We can -either- kill your employment opportunities altogether by making you an excon, ineligible for housing or work. OR we can lock you down so that your opportunity to spend on things not related to your brats is removed.
      Third time loser with more tank time for alcohol or crack than an M1 Abrams platoon? Sorry m’lad but no more wild nights for you.
      You see, the reason that nobody is going to do something sensible is that they -like- having people at the edge of a riot situation as unhappy racial groups, split by their beliefs about each other’s motives and wishes and punishing blacks unequally for their unequal amounts of crime makes everyone money:
      A. The Lawyers and SPLC.
      “Unconstitutional, Racist, Cruel and Unusual!”
      B. Prisons.
      24,000 dollars for a low level incarcerant, 40,000 for max, 100,000 for ultra max. divide that up 60:30:10 over 2.3 million prisoners and we are talking -serious- money (89.79 billion with a B, every year).
      C. Legislative.
      Create the problem, amend the problem, find a new problem.
      What was wrong with ‘Minority Report’ was that it didn’t take into account that pre might mean preventative rather than preemptive. Given the precogs could and did see some crimes (including the lead character’s) many days ahead, the reality of simply isolating someone from the circumstances of their own as much their victim’s tragedy should have been a no-brainer, just on the costs of imprisonment.
      Especially when there was typically a third voice alternative future outlined.
      Thus, the by it’s very nature _cruel and arbitrary_ condition that ‘PC’ implied was not intended to interdict would be perps as or before they committed with intent being sufficient to establish criminality. It was intended to terrorize the population who SAW THE EXAMPLE MADE.
      And of course, that’s Jew Hollyweird for you. Always selling ‘controversy’ as a means to jam wedges between and within groups while screaming “Victim, Victim, pay me!” regarding their own condition. Divide et empera.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Aren’t there already a myriad of social programs for “at-risk” youth? That risk in question is crime. Shouldn’t those programs be on the chopping block too, since it assumes that without unlimited access to Whitey’s pockets, Shitavious and Jose will run amok? (The reality is they run amok with or without our cash.) Doesn’t the very labeling of these youth as “at-risk” crush their fragile psyches?

  • Zimriel

    That’s rich coming from one who has preemptively launched probes of Tea Party groups and veterans because they might do something. Let alone *this* side of the Right.

  • I guess it’s only conservative White folk who
    know what kind of a scumbag Holder really is .

    • jane johnson

      Holder’s first job at DOJ (1976-1988) was in the Public Integrity section, which was created in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal. Their ostensible mission is to prosecute cases involving criminal misconduct by federal judges, conflict of interest and election-related crimes committed by elected or appointed government officials, and “criminal abuse of the public trust”. We can see what a great job DOJ does of policing itself today under Holder. He had twelve years experience in “Public Integrity” to learn the ropes.

      • Sick of it

        He was Janet Reno’s understudy after all…

      • “cases involving criminal misconduct by federal judges, conflict of interest and election-related crimes committed by elected or appointed government officials, and “criminal abuse of the public trust”

        Call me crazy, but that sounds like a GREAT place to collect “dirt” on some pretty powerful people, allowing you to keep yourself moving up the ranks, despite your own incompetence. Maybe holder has made a career out of blackmailing people? Kinda seems like it would fit with his character, and explain how he made it as high as he did while being an incompetent.

        • jane johnson

          My point exactly.

  • Stan D Mute

    it’s all too easy to imagine a system that explicitly singles out certain races for harsher sentences, not because of the individual particulars of the crime in question, but because of the aggregate actions of other people who share that person’s race

    WHY? Why, pray tell, is it “all too easy to imagine?” Is there some race whose “aggregate actions” are unusually criminal? And isn’t “race” supposed to be merely a social construct? This is all so terribly confusing isn’t it?

  • 4321realist

    If the spin is extracted from Holder’s statements, the bottom line is that his main concern is protecting blacks and nothing else. It’s obvious he’s not concerned about actuarial crime analysis affecting anybody adversely but blacks.

    But unless he can wave his magic negro wand over the black population and make them competent, there’s nothing he can do to reduce the increasing incarceration of blacks, especially since their jobs will be quickly taken by the millions of illegals who continue to flood the country.

    The vast majority will be fighting with Hispanics over social benefits and low paying jobs.

    If he, like the goofy black leadership, wasn’t so delusional he would understand that the only thing that will help blacks is a cessation….. or substantial reduction…… in crime and violence, and a change in attitude wherein they concentrate on learning trades, but that isn’t going to happen. Hunter/gatherers have a natural aversion to anything but hunting and gathering.

    In fact it’s pretty obvious that by using actuarial information it can easily be determined that their situation will only get worse. It amounts to profiling via data on paper, and unfortunately for them, it’s pretty accurate.

    • PvtCharlieSlate


      • PvtCharlieSlate

        Just disregard … the result of trying to scroll with my left thumb.

  • Alexandra1973

    I won’t be a victim of crime if I can help it.

    My son and I were basically driving around southern Medina County this evening and we were getting hungry, we decided, hey, let’s go to the McDonald’s near I-71. I saw a white woman wearing a head scarf, kind of reminded me of a Muslim (probably married one). Then I saw a bunch of blacks sitting around in similar dress. After my son was done in the bathroom I told him, let’s go somewhere else. He asked why (we were in the parking lot by then) and I said those people in there are not the kind of people I want to be around.

    I did see a van from New York in the parking lot so they likely weren’t locals.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Sounds like a group of Islamists. The “White” lady was Arabic, I would guess.

      • Alexandra1973

        No, she looked Anglo, that’s what kind of surprised me.

        • Sick of it

          I’ve read at least half a dozen news stories this year about liberal white women who converted to Islam and either committed a terrorist act or attempted to do so.

          • Alexandra1973

            No kidding. I took one look at that dining area and got myself and my son out of there. And I don’t care one bit if they were offended or anything. They were the only patrons in there. We wound up going to a Subway close to home.

          • Tarczan

            Plenty of musloids here in Strongsville. I try to antagonize them with my “I WILL NOT SUBMIT” bumper sticker.

  • JohnEngelman

    In the forseeable future genes will be discovered that correlate strongly with criminal behavior. This will increase the accuracy of risk-assessments of offenders.

    It will be discovered that blacks are much more likely to have these genes than whites. I hope by then that the reign of political correctness will have come to an end.

    It can happen, even with a higher immigrant population. Immigrants are more likely to be hostile to blacks than whites. Immigrants are likely to have to live in or near black neighborhoods. As a result they see blacks up close and know what they are like. Immigrants have no reason to feel guilty about the so called “plight” of blacks.

    • LHathaway

      Oh, everyone pretty much has ‘tolerance’ training. One Chinese girl wrote a book about diversity called ‘Chinese Girl in the Ghetto’.

      • ncpride

        In short, what did she have to say?

        • LHathaway

          Sadly, I haven’t read the book. I have observed Asian immigrants as minorities in black neighborhoods.

          I believe she said the government/school turned a blind eye to physical and mental abuse of Asians. Perhaps the school did have a pro-diversity (pro-black) school assembly. Sounds about right.

          I haven’t read the book but would very much like to.

      • JohnEngelman

        Political messages only work when they tell people what they want to believe, or what they know to be true in their own lives. Tolerance training does not work when you and your friends have been victims of black criminals, but not white criminals.

        • LHathaway

          Tolerance training is normally backed up by sanctions and consequences for those not properly tolerant (to blacks and women). No one wants to get fired, provided one were brazen enough to speak up at one of these ‘hate the white man’ tolerance hours in the first place. Admittedly, workplaces are No longer scheduling tolerance training as ‘classes’ (perhaps it began to face resistance) but the ‘tolerance’ statements are still there. The main focus seems to be condemning ‘racists’ (always white) in the news and on social media. I would say these (likely staged events) are designed to affect the public. The ‘condemnation’ is designed to affect those who are not immediately it’s victims. It’s terrorism, man!

          Whites who are victims of crime protest that they are not racist. They’re serious.

          We live in a world, as did the Asian girl who wrote this book (and her case may have been an extreme one), where Asian students were subjected to continual insults and degradation, and the school responded by highlighting the ‘injustices’ faced by African Americans. Tolerance training and ‘education’ has some effect, and that’s likely an understatement.

          It’s only a matter of time before even young girls are subjected to some kind of ‘sensitivity’ lessons.

    • David Ashton

      Some of the research begun by the Nazis looks like being rehabilitated, then?

      • JohnEngelman

        More than likely. An unfortunate legacy of the Nazis, and one I have mentioned previously, is that they discredited the idea that innate differences between individuals and average innate differences between races matter, or that they exist at all.

        • Augustus3709

          The National Socialists didn’t start racial studies, nor did they particularly advance them. Racial studies from the 19th century onward were common knowledge and all educated nations were aware of them, not just mainland Europe.

          The “discrediting” part was due to anti-German propaganda conjured up to justify the war and distract from the atrocities committed against Germany. Allied civilians were told that they were fighting for ideals such as “freedom and democracy”.

          The West has been stuck with this deception ever since.

          • JohnEngelman

            Nazi ideology held that some races are innately superior to others. After the Nazis were defeated, and especially after the Holocaust was exposed in all of its horror, most people did not want to think that way.

            That was when “An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy,” by Gunnar Myrdal was published. In An American Dilemma Dr. Myrdal acknowledged lower black academic achievement, and higher rates of crime and illegitimacy. However, he argued that these were caused by racial discrimination.

            Dr. Myrdal also argued that when racial discrimination came to an end, blacks would begin to behave and perform as well as whites.

            An American Dilemma came out when most Americans wanted to believe it. It was cited in the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision. It also inspired the civil rights movement.

            Dr. Myrdal’s optimistic predictions have not come true. Nevertheless, it has become dangerous to point this out. My hope is that as the Nazi movement fades as a living memory it will become safe to discuss the truths of race realism.

          • Augustus3709

            You’re talking about Hollywood Nazism, not historical National Socialism, which was open to alliance with any nation and any race so long as they held similar ideals of personal excellence and racial achievement.

            The post WW2 equality agenda is exactly what I was talking about. The leftists called the West’s bluff. If you were really fighting for “freedom and democracy”, than surely you must also give it to Indians, to Algerians, to Hong Kong, to blacks in America, to feminists etc etc. The justification for the attack on Germany became an auto-immune disorder against the West itself.

            Using emotional language like “the exposed horror of the Holocaust”, (a nondescript and ever-‘evolving’ story in itself), is counter productive because it seems to endorse and approve of the tragic destruction of Germany, a powerful White country which believed in protecting race and homeland.

            So this obsession with the West now being “the anti-Third Reich” is a fundamental problem.

        • David Ashton

          Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Professor of Judaism at the University of Wales, tells us that “photographs of German barbarism” are a “graphic illustration of the inherent immorality” of any “racial anthropology” and of eugenic measures to “promote the birth rate of desirable members of society”. There is of course no logical connection.

          He also describes “antisemitism” as “humanity’s most persistent hatred” with “nearly 4,000 years of antipathy”, some two thousand of which has been largely the fault of Christianity. But now Muslims have added to the “ongoing presence of Jew-hatred in contemporary society”, with “Jewish security” imperiled and “the threat of Jewish extermination as great as ever”.

    • LHathaway

      I’m not sure how much sense that makes. This is some kind of ‘white supremacy idea now’ on the illusion that ‘genetic science’ will soon prove everything in the next 20 years or so. As if athletic competition, for one, hasn’t already proved it. Maybe there’s truth in what you are saying, but saying genes strongly relate to someone taking up crime is like saying genes will determine whether or not you will have an interest in needlework and take up sewing?

  • Blogger Mindweapons is in big trouble. The press has outed his real identity because his wife was running for a judge position. He’s been calling for that honest conversation about race, seeking to present the white point of view, but now he’s been demonized as a nazi.

    His website is mindweaponsinragnorok(dot)com. I believe he put up three posts today on his situation and his views. Although not a commenter here, he’s a friend of white people and deserves our support. Visit his website and leave a comment if you’re moved to do so.

    The lefties will do anything to shut us up. It’s not going to work with him.

    • JP Rushton

      I’ve been reading his blog for a long time and I’m sad to hear about this.

      I have a feeling his wife’s opponents are the ones responsible for this. It’s the first rule of running for anything, find something bad to slander your opponent.

  • none of your business

    When historian Roger Lane studied murder rates in Philadelphia, he found that since 1839 the black rate has been much higher than the white rate. Criminologist James Wilson has also studied 19th century racial crime statistics.

    It’s not welfare or lack of fathers or non attendance at one of those horrible black churches. It is being black.

    Whites voted in Obama and his anti White agenda twice.

    • LHathaway

      They’re trying to rectify injustices from 1839 onward. At least injustice caused to blacks. If you suggest whites have been victims of injustice, since 1839, say, even in incidence of murder, that would make you some kind of Nazi.

  • Sick of it

    They’re afraid white actuaries might put a stop to non-white violence all over this nation, thereby reducing subconscious stress on white women and leading to an increase in the size of white families. It’s ethnic warfare any way you cut it.

  • gregCall

    Although I personally find the whole Idea Orwellian, It was strange to read that Eric (my people) Holder was talking about equal justice under the law. I wonder if that means he no longer supports Hate Crime laws?


      Will Eric “My People” Holder commit to equal justice by prosecuting all under the same law? <- Of course not silly wabbit, equal justice is for blacks! )

  • none of your business

    Back in the mid 1700’s the City of New York banned the old Dutch version of Mardi Gras Pinkster because of the crimes committed by the black under cover of the festivities. Philly, Boston, Baltimore, all the cities had problems with the free blacks and slaves on their days off long before the welfare society.


    QUESTION: – Did you also read the Article written by the victim’s brother in order to compare The Young Turks shameful misrepresentations and out right lies, to the actual facts of the case?

    Also, I have to say that your favored treatment of the African criminal is extremely appealing, to say the least. In fact, I would support that 100% as long as we had our borders secured to prevent them from dragging their slimy carcases across our border again. However, we both know that the government, long since captured by the enemy. Has absolutely no intentions of ever securing our borders. So for now, I say lock the bums up in their miserable little cells for the rest of their miserable little lives!

  • “Eric Holder Warns About America’s Disturbing Attempts at Precrime”

    As opposed to Eric Holder’s disturbingly successful attempts to be a lawless anti-White attorney general.

  • Augustus3709

    American politicians during the 19th century made speeches from within the hallowed halls of government about race which would make modern day egalitarians turn beet red.

    They openly talked about the danger of race mixing. When you see people like Holder, you can’t help but contemplate this historical warning. I call him one of the ‘Militant Mulattoes’, as you might notice all of the race agitators are. The mixed folk look down on blacks with arrogance, and up at Whites with angry jealousy.

    So they pretend to be black and lead them in a cultural war against the White population.

    • 4321realist

      I think all these charges by high profile blacks of racism, oppression, and slavery against white people and other factors, are an excuse to justify black failure, black crime and an inability to understand, learn and achieve. All excuses and diversions that have nothing to do with their many problems. It also gives them a white whipping boy to blame.

      They regard the justifiably low opinion people have of blacks as an unfavorable reflection on themselves, and it angers and embarrasses them, so they childishly struggle to excuse their many pathologies by blaming factors that have no bearing on anything that has to do with their inabilities and failures.

      But the ironic thing is that these self-appointed black elites.,…for the most part….might be less dumb than the general black population, but they’re still FAR below par themselves.

      As a whole, they’re a terrible burden to place on any society

      • Melvin Bonzarelli

        The financially and professionally successful blacks have low opinions of their own people that would make a klansman blush. Why do you think that the richest blacks (not including pimps and drug lords) marry white women? and not the 400 lb monstrosities covered in blubber and tattoos, but nice slim, blonde white ones they show off in their Jaguar convertibles.

  • zamzow

    Holder sees all of those black faces in jail and sees nothing else. The man is delusional like most blacks.

  • Joe blow

    It’s interesting that “precrime” has, allegedly, been practiced by the IRS, with an unspoken, unacknowledged “extra attention” given to the tax returns of those with identifiably Jewish names, because of their perceived perception of dishonesty disproportionally linked to them in past cases.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      And you know this how? Do the Voices tell you these things? Didn’t your doctor tell you that if you kept taking your meds the voices would stop?

      • Joe blow

        The “voices” I heard were those of two IRS agents.

  • How borderline terrifying is that? When you spend a fair amount of time here, you get to know a bit of the character and personalities behind the screenname over months or years of reading their written thoughts, and then suddenly you realise you haven’t seen them in a week or two.

    I mean if Engelman or Brownman were to disappear, well, possible cause for celebration, but sbuffalonative?

    I also hope he’s okay, vacationing somewhere with less than. 01% black or brown population.

  • Mrfinoni

    Its already happening! there already exists progressive sentencing based on ones criminal history. Scientific sentencing if implemented properly would dramatically reduce the occurrence of crime if Blacks criminals, who would be incarcerated or exported out of the country. its a simple formula: less blacks = less crime.

  • Michigan Patriot

    Holder’s typical hypocritical verbarrhea ; just recently this mulatto refugee from the Caribean stated the exact opposite concerning his dictum to all public schools about punishing blacks more often that Whites nd better lessen these numbers asap or else. So which is it anti-American Holder , individualized correct punishment or racist, non or reduced punishment for non-white demographic groups ? What a tangle web we weave—yada,yada,yada. Holder—racist, hateful, non-appreciative detritus!

  • none of your business

    Stan D. Mute

    In general, “Americans” believe every bit of the WWII propaganda fed us by our corrupt government and media. Since Israel and our Middle East troubles come directly from that conflict and reinforced by rabid religious fundamentalists,

    Most amren readers and certainly the employees who decide what to and what not to post
    are the same rabid religious fundamentalists and Exodus fans who cheer the elimination of
    Bethlehem, Nazareth and the Christian shrines of Jerusalem. I remember Alexandra once referred to all Palestinians including Christians as “filth”. Despite acknowledgment of what religious/ethnic group is behind affirmative action, school busing, unlimited non White immigration, the elimination of Christmas in the public sphere most amren readers were bedazzled by Exodus and follow that slobbering, sniveling Christian zionist Glenn Beck and the TV bible thumper preachers.

  • none of your business

    Kim Kardashian is Armenian on her Father’s side and English/Scots on her Mother’s side.
    Many Armenians look like her. Many have smaller noses and brown hair and look more N.W. European. Her Father is definitely not a Turk, although there are Armenian, Persian, Russian, Greek and other foreign ethnicities living in Turkey.

    Being a woman, she takes after her Father which is how the laws of genetics work out.

  • none of your business

    Interesting that all these people who dislike the Kardashians and their black men and post about their Turkish and black ancestry are so interested in them.
    European visitors from as early as 1400 noted that although there were hordes of black slaves, the men were all castrated and although their were plenty of black women there were no black children and absolutely no mulattoes because the Turks aborted and all killed all black women’s fetuses and new borns.

    Kardashian is an Armenian, not a Turkish name. Her FAther was one of the wealthiest men in California and once owned MGM studios. He was a friend of OJ Simpson’s and supported and helped Simpson throughout the trial.

    I know the Kardashians are on TV but no one has to look at their show.

  • none of your business

    Augar Mayson
    Robert Kardashian is full Armenian. He was baptized in the Armenian Christian Church at birth. His name is aArmenian, not Turkish. The Mother of those women is Christ Everett of Scots descent and Everett is a typical Scot’s name. That picture of Robert Kardashian you posted shows he looks typical Armenian. Turks tend to have bigger and more square jaws and puffy cheeks.
    What is your interest in the Kardashians?

  • none of your business

    “China Boy” by Gus Lee is his biography about growing up in San Francisco in the 1940’s and 50’s and going to school with blacks and being bullied constantly.
    The more things change the more they remain the same.

    60 years between China Boy and the Chinese girl in the ghetto and blacks still bully non blacks.

  • none of your business

    Melvin Bonzarelli
    Both the ADL and the AJC claim discrimination and anti semitism in both the insurance industry and IRS for red flagging Jewish names for tax evasion and insurance fraud.
    I read it in the Jewish Journal as an example of continuing anti semitism that can only be stamped out by more and bigger donations to ADL, Israel and other Jewish causes.

  • Robert Tunnison

    Although I don’t have much in common with Holder, his policies, and his ideals, I have to agree with him with this one. I am a constitutional conservative, and I don’t think taking into consideration for sentencing items such as neighborhood, socioeconomic background and as Holder said, unchangeable factors that a person cannot control, are not in line with equal protection of the law guarantees intended in the Constitution.

  • scutum

    Everything has a disparate impact on blacks. Especially non-race identifiers, such as the frequency of rape, murder, robbery and assault by a specific group of people, or in a specific area of a major city. In post racial America, the emperor truly has no clothes.