House GOP Resurrects Border Bill, Predicts Successful Friday Vote

S.A. Miller and Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, August 1, 2014

House Republicans resurrected their border bill Friday morning and said they were on track to pass the rewritten measure later in the day–though with the Senate gone for the summer the vote will be more a political statement than a policy-making exercise.

GOP leaders weren’t making any predictions after suffering an embarrassing conservative rebellion on Thursday, which forced them back to the drawing board, but rank-and-file lawmakers said they believed they had finally corralled enough votes to pass it.


The crux of the bill sends hundreds of millions of dollars to immigration agencies to house the illegal immigrant children and families surging across the border, and makes changes to a 2008 law that made it difficult to deport children from Central America.

In order to attract enough support, Republicans also added in another bill that would halt President Obama’s non-deportation policy for so-called Dreamers, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Conservatives had supported both of those policies in general but balked at the way the bills were written, arguing they left too many loopholes that they believed Mr. Obama would use in refusing to enforce the laws.

As of late Friday morning GOP lawmakers were rewriting their bills to try to accommodate those concerns.

The procedural hiccups signal just how touchy the immigration issue is. Many Republicans want to vote on the strongest possible statement opposing Mr. Obama’s policies, and they fear his claims of unilateral authority to pick and choose how he enforces immigration laws.


Democratic leaders, meanwhile, have called for the GOP to forgo changes to the law, and instead want to see a bill that only spends money to house and care for the tens of thousands of children and families from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that are crossing the Rio Grande in search of a foothold in the U.S.

But Senate Democrats failed to win enough votes for that plan on Thursday, with even some of their own party colleagues joining Republicans in saying it doesn’t do anything to stop the flow of children.

After their failure, Senate Democrats closed the chamber down and sent most lawmakers home for a five-week summer vacation, meaning that regardless of what the House does, nothing can be sent to Mr. Obama’s desk.


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  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    Meanwhile, Mexico has machine gunners on their southern border.

    • Bossman

      Not true at all. Mexico has a very lax southern border that is not well patrolled. The USA is pressuring them to take more action which they are reluctant to do.

      • RisingReich

        Both of you are incorrect. Mexico has an official treaty with Guatemala to provide ‘entrance centers’ on the border to quickly process round and brown invaders, issue them temporary passes and provide assistance all the way up to the US.
        Mexico is assisting in the invasion. I’m sure you’re thrilled.

        • Bossman

          Why should Mexico treat Central Americans harshly? They are people of the same race, language, culture and of the same continent.

          • RisingReich

            You’re slower than molasses in January, aren’t you?

          • propagandaoftruth

            I often wonder if this dude is real or a ham sammich of some form. Maybe both?

            “Ham sammich” is my term for a poster who, for whatever reason, is not entirely legit. If hostile, goal is to drag down entire dialogue by downward spirals of idiocy buttressed by sane, group-friendly canards and shiboleths. If friendly, either uses humor to mock the enemy – Zuck – or could be a strawman sock puppet designed to make the enemy look stupid and give regular posters an easy target to practice on, or vent a little steam on in a team building exercise.

            You know?

          • Whitetrashgang

            I think he is for real, just a 15 year old illegal alien living in the US with white foster parents.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I wonder if he’s Hispanic. If he’s in the country and can in any way pass for White, he should be 100% on board the anti-immigration bandwagon.

            Maria Conchita Alonso became “white enough for me” when she supported an anti-immigration candidate.

            15 year old? Explains postings of that kardashian slut trying to make the case we should let in millions of dumpy brown Central American Indios with their beautiful for-sale womenfolk. Hooey.

            Like I’m gonna look at a pic of Michelle Rodriguez and say to myself, “Ooh. I want me one of thems! Let ’em in!”

            Oh don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind a Santanico Pandemonium for my basement collection, but that ain’t whats flooding over the border and onto our welfare system. So…build the wall.

          • RisingReich

            Yeah most of us believe ‘sock puppet’.

          • 1G25

            He really shows his ass. Each Latin American country is hugely different from another. His attitude is parallel to “…all negroes look alike, don’t they ?”

          • JDInSanD

            So you’re saying we can treat them harshly because they’re not the same race, language and culture and never will be? I’m all for it.

          • Bossman

            I’m not saying that at all. They are fellow North Americans and fellow human beings.

          • Alexandra1973

            So if someone breaks into my house, I’m supposed to let them do so and take what they want because they’re a fellow human being.

          • Bossman

            Public trespass without inspection at an international border is not the same as breaking into private property. One is a misdemeanor, the other is a felony.

          • 1G25

            Latin America, to put it in a word you might understand, sucks.

            That, Bossman, is because it is full of Latin Americans.

          • John R

            Don’t know if you are trolling, but I will take you at face value. Mexico treats it’s illegals harshly because Mexico is not full of LIBERALS! I have said it about a hundred times before on this website: Liberalism is a White concept. Other races do not have liberals. Only White people work against their own group’s interests. So, of course Mexico is harsh with it’s illegals. They aren’t Whites; they are Amerindians and mestizos.

          • Bossman

            The USA has made Mexico to become strict with immigration policy. Mexico was once a naive country that once welcomed the Anglo-Americans; the end result was the loss of half of their territory. After the USA enacted a Chinese Exclusion Act, the Mexicans did the same thing. One can almost see a pattern emerging. The Mexicans are pressured everyday by the USA to have strict immigration enforcement.

          • John R

            Mexico didn’t “lose” half of “her country.” She never had it to begin with. What you call “Mexico” was the colony of New Spain, that comprised most of modern Mexico and the American southwest. It gained independence from Spain in 1824 (I think.), but the overwhelming majority of it’s inhabitants lived in southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. North of the Rio Grande was a wide open frontier. It was dominated by several warlike tribes, mainly Apaches, Comanches, and Navajos. Remember that the “nation” of Mexico had only just achieved independence, and only had a dubious claim to the American Southwest because of prior SPANISH claims, which were also dubious at best. The Mexican government, in order to develop her northern territories, invited Scots Irish pioneers to settle there. These were the first people to truly impart any kind of civilization on the Southwest. Later they declared their independence, in 1836, only a dozen years after Mexico herself was independent. For more detail, please read, from any public library: Empire of the Summer Moon. The book will put to rest this myth of the Unites States “steeling” this land from Mexico. (Sorry to be so long winded, my fellow posters, but this comment needed a more detailed reply.)

          • propagandaoftruth

            You ever lived south of the border? Ever looked at the casualty figures and methods of social control historically employed in the region?
            Or, have you ever delved into the murderous psychosis of the Aztec state and religion? Which was pretty close to most other pre evil Whitey religions and societies.
            The cults of blood run deep in heavily indigenous parts of the region yet. A

          • John R

            Yes, and the Aztec tradition of human sacrifice. They would not want to kill too many of their enemies outright. They would go on wars to capture thousands of their enemies to sacrifice to their hungry gods. The victims would have their hearts cut out and the bodies tossed down the steps of their temples. (Source: The American Heritage Book of Indians.) The Aztec civilization is best dead and buried. The Spaniards did them a favor by conquering them.

          • Bossman

            So what? When the Spaniards came, they stopped doing that and accepted Christianity. The Catholic religion is also about human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism. Their man-god Jesus was sacrificed on a cross once and for all and all they had to do was eat his flesh and drink his blood symbolically. The whole ritual has been raised to a symbolic level when the priest drinks some wine and hands out wafers to the congregation during a Catholic mass.

          • John R

            So a Catholic Mass, where the parishioners drink the blood and eat the body of Christ, using wine and wafers, is the same thing as cutting up people alive in an Aztec sacrifice? Good. You have passed the test! You are truly a liberal, and are using the most ridiculous argument of equivocation that I have ever heard.

          • Bossman

            It is not the same thing but both have the same primordial roots.

  • MekongDelta69

    t doesn’t matter what leftists and RINOS and Elephants and Donkeys or anyone else does.

    NoBama will not stop until he gets to his goal of the browning of America.

    • Shadow


      Regardless of what Obama’s political and cultural objectives are,we can always comfort ourselves with the happy realization that he doesn’t have any biological sons. : )

      • JDInSanD

        Some think he doesn’t have any biological daughters either.

      • 1G25

        Reggie is apparently sterile.

  • Puggg

    Even if the House passes a bill we like, the Senate will throw it away anyway. I would rather the House do nothing than do something bad.

  • willbest

    Seriously? how much housing do you need. There are hundreds of airplanes parked in the Arizona desert. Get some mechanics out there, get them checked up, grab some pilots. Each plane could move 260 a day back to South America. 50 planes means 13,000 a day. After a week and a half you would have cleared the backlog

    • RisingReich

      Hate to say this, but where have you been? They are using planes to fly down and PICK THEM UP and fly them HERE.
      You don’t actually think our government would do the opposite, do you?
      Common, where’s your compassion for the ‘poor children’? /sarc off

  • IKUredux

    We haff ways to deal with theez problems. Voting is no longer my first choice.

  • John R

    Exactly. Funny how Mexico suddenly loses control of it’s border when the border jumpers are heading all the way to the US.

  • John R

    What if gangs of White supremacists, based in Canada, were crossing the border to attack minority group members and then escape across the border and the Canadian government were doing nothing to stop them? What do you think our government would do then, in that situation?

  • kikz2

    just a PSA…i’ve had problems with Disqus loading on the amren site for a few days now.. and also, i notice that the volume of comments on the site appears to be way down. this leads me to think that others may be experiencing problems as well.

    my resolution was to nix my amren cookies and come back on the site. disqus still works and all else seems normal. i hope this helps others, if they are having a problem w/Disqus here.

    • It’s a Disqus wide problem, and involves a lot of Disqus users seeing every comment they write on a Disqus based comment section being tagged as spam when those comments are obviously not spam. It is not some sort of political hit or politically motivated hack.

    • Disqus is just buggy. Sometimes I can’t get it to recognize an article that I want to read here, but it does my second choice just fine.

      While Discus is often frustrating, it is also free.

  • Housecleaining.

    Some of you may be having problems with Disqus, the particular problem is that every comment you submit to a Disqus-based comment section is being indicated as spam and never appearing, even when it’s obviously not spam. It is happening to a lot of Disqus users, it is not a politically aimed hit of any sort.

  • WR_the_realist

    The problem is that the Harry Reid let senate will never pass that bill that doesn’t let Obama make whatever immigration laws he wants, and even if a miracle happened and the senate did pass it Obama would veto it.

  • Ringo Lennon

    How many illegal children did Nancy Pelosi invite into her district? After all she compared children to baby Moses.

  • monster

    I was watching the movie Slumdog Millionaire on television the other evening and a thought occurred to me. It seems that those on the left would have our country devolve into something similar to a third-world country. While I enjoy travelling to a few places where things aren’t as great as we once had it here, I don’t want to see our country brought down to that level. I appreciate the differences between our countries, that’s what makes me want to visit. Visit. I want to be able to return home and live in the land of opportunity. Just as it is great to sleep in one’s own bed after returning from a vacation. We should always want to be that shining place on the hill. Unfortunately, there are those as Margaret Thatcher once explained when talking about socialism, who would prefer to bring down the wealthy rather than bring up the poor. It seems that people like Obama and his supporters believe that the US is too great a nation that needs to be embarrassed for being successful. Their remedy is to open the borders for every welfare case around the globe until we’re no different.
    We need leaders who are going to be steadfast about keeping the US the US. The question is are there any left? The media’s push to effeminize men, or wussify people in general is killing us. Not sure how we can combat that.

  • Ringo Lennon

    With all the third world immigration we’re surely destined to become a very poor country. People will be fighting over the few jobs that remain. Is this the country we want? Stop the invasion and deport illegals right now.

  • scutum

    The political class in Washington will NOT close our borders. The Chamber of Commerce, Business Round Table and Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform. along with the immigration activists like LaRaza spend millions lobbying our senators and representatives for open borders. The lying, treasonous hand of ted Kennedy has reached out from the grave to destroy the country he wanted to turn into a “workers paradise”. Never vote for a politician that is receiving monet from the Chamber of Commerce, The Business Round Table or Grover Norquist if you are concerned about