Barneys Reaches Accord Settling Racial-Profiling Allegations

Esteban Roman, Wall Street Journal, August 11, 2014

Barneys New York agreed to pay more than $500,000, hire an independent anti-racial profiling consultant and monitor employees more closely under an agreement with state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman settling racial-profiling allegations.

The attorney general’s office became involved in October after allegations of discrimination by African-American shoppers who said New York Police Department and Barneys security officers detained them unreasonably after they made purchases at the luxury department store.

In its investigation, the attorney general’s office said existing records showed that Barneys had “a disproportionate number of African-American and Latino customers being detained for alleged shoplifting or credit card fraud.”

It also concluded that the company didn’t have comprehensive written policies regarding racial profiling and use of excessive force and handcuffs.


The allegations against Barneys drew considerable attention, spawning new phrases for New York’s lexicon for discrimination such as “shop and frisk” and “shopping while black.”


In a news release, the Rev. Al Sharpton said his organization, the National Action Network, was hiring spot checkers in Barneys to see if there is enforcement of the profiling agreement.

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  • Funny that this mentions both NYS AG Eric Schneiderman and Al Sharpton in the same article. Four years ago, when Schneiderman was running for NYS AG, he promised to “give Al Sharpton a corner office” in the AG’s office.

    I suspect the “independent racial profiling consultant” will be someone who is close to Sharpton or works for Sharpton.

    • NoMosqueHere

      In NYC, you can never be too liberal. So it’s kinda funny that most of the men who work for Barneys are homosexual. For those of you unfamiliar with NYC, Barneys is an ultrachic clothing store.

      • phillyguy

        it’s a shame, at one time New York City was the conservative capital of the country the leaders of the know-nothing party,,but once the Zionist started to immigrate to that once great city did things turn for the worst.

  • MekongDelta69

    What’s that sound?
    It sounds awfully familiar.
    Wait – I know…
    It’s the sound of another racial extortion taking place.

  • Luca

    “In its investigation, the attorney general’s office said existing records showed that Barneys had “a disproportionate number of African-American and Latino customers being detained for alleged shoplifting or credit card fraud.”

    Notice the article doesn’t say wrongfully detained? And where are the demographic results of those actually convicted of crimes in that store?

    Plus, I’m willing to bet Sharpton has some of his buddies go into these rich stores and pretend to be shoplifting just so they can be stopped and then file a lawsuit.

    • Nancy

      My thoughts exactly, Luca. I can just imagine one of Al’s cronies walking around Barneys, deliberately trying to look suspicious by furtively looking over his shoulder, wearing dark glasses and a hoodie, a backpack over his arm.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Who gets paid the money? Is this how Al Sharpton finances his purchases at Barney’s?

  • dd121

    What’s a Barney? Maybe blacks got arrested more because they commit more crime? Naw it’s gotta be racism.

  • Conrad

    This is of course, none of the government’s business.

    • paul marchand

      Tell THOSE bastards that.

  • LHathaway

    lol, is this article meant to be amusing? It certainly is. Blacks and Latinos shoplift and commit credit card fraud. . and the store is forced to apologize and pay.

    • paul marchand

      Exactly. Let’s stick our axxes up ONE MORE TIME.

  • This sounds like a good store for paying customers to boycott.

    • paul marchand

      It aint the store’s fault. It is the fault of the US government.
      Time for tax revolt. Have constitutional conventions amongst white men only. Revolt. Anything.

  • JohnEngelman

    If racial profiling was recommended by the legal system the crime rate would decline.

    • paul marchand

      Never happen short of a revolution.

      • JohnEngelman

        In a retrospective on the New Left, former Students for a Democratic Society leader Mark Rudd said, “The War in Vietnam drove us crazy. Nevertheless, where we really went wrong was in imagining that a revolution was a remote possibility in the United States.”

        That was true for the New Left. It is true for white nationalists and white supremacists. Anything that can be achieved in the United States can be achieved peacefully and democratically.

        The American people respond negatively to those who initiate the use of violence.

        • paul marchand

          Kissing axx and appeasement has been the modus operandis for the last 50 years.
          In that time, whites have gone from about 87% of births to minority births.
          Of course all avenues short of force, or attempted force, need to be taken.
          I see a possible temporary reversal.
          But the Abortion Party IS about violence.
          Except when in the minority, IMO.
          I simply think the avenues have been about exhausted.
          And the diminishment of whites is accelerating.
          Due largely to US federal govt policy.
          The voter demographic is discouraging.

          • JohnEngelman

            If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of people who feel the same way. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.

            There will never be a successful revolution by white nationalists in the United States. The closest anything will come to that will be a few violent rebellions here and there. These will easily be crushed by the government. They will result in a left wing backlash.

            During the late 1960’s the same thing happened in reverse with the black ghetto riots and the student disturbances.

            In the early 1960’s violence by segregationists led to the passing of civil rights legislation.

          • paul marchand

            Not so sure about. I was in a foul mood about 2 hours ago when I went to the local WalMart (in a 25% white, 75% black area), saw a white guy behind me, who I did not know, and blurted: * it’s time to take the xxxxing country back*. He responded in the affirmative: ” I’ve been saying that for years”.
            My assumption is he knew what I meant.
            * *
            I fear a downward spiral. I sense a vastly increasing resistance arising. Assuming it aint “potential politician talking with buddies in bar syndrome”.

          • JohnEngelman

            If you can’t win an election, how can you win a revolution? If you win a revolution, what will you do with all the people who disagree with you?

            Non whites will never be on your side. A large percentage of whites will always be on the other side.

          • Augustus3709

            There will be a tipping-point type of moment in the upcoming years where the majority of White people will collectively wonder why they are paying taxes to a hostile government and citizenry. That will be the time when something new and very interesting can happen.

          • JohnEngelman

            What you seem to be looking forward to will result in incalculable loss of life and property.

            You have still not answered my question about what you intend to do to those on the other side if your side wins.

          • Augustus3709

            Nothing in this world is incalculable. In fact most modern racial notions are based precisely on analysis of demographic trends and other calculations taking future projections into account.

            You didn’t ask me personally what to do with non-Whites, but I’ll take a stab at it.

            The easiest solution would be a grand sit down among racial leaders whereby a historic concordat would be signed agreeing to partitioned lands and borders.

            There would then be a given time-frame where people would move.

            Those who chose not to move would be under the authority of the other race, which probably would not be too pleasant.

            Furthermore there would be another plot of territory, called “Diversity Land” or something to that effect, where all the mixed-race people and multiculturalists can go if they choose.

            There’s really no need for violence.

  • paul marchand

    Bottom line: we, and owners, HAVE to kiss axx of the crooks. Put them on a pedestal.
    Note: they don’t HAVE to shop there.
    And Barney’s should have the right to say: you want to play this game? YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Black and Hispanic shoppers were detained “at rates far greater than their percentage of the store’s customer base.”

    Wonder if they were shoplifting at rates far greater than their percentage of the store’s customer base?

    Did losses drop after the store started profiling?

    Expect one of two things to happen: Price of merchandise will skyrocket to make up for accelerated “shrinkage” OR there will soon be a “going out of business” sale.

    “The store also reached out to paid off community leaders such as the Rev. Al Sharpton, who met with Lee to discuss the allegations.”


  • Who Me?

    Oh, the poor delicate darlings, get their feelings hurt and accuse the police of profiling them for “shopping while black”. Why, that’s just dreadful. My idea of the best way to make it up to them is a free, one-way ticket completely away from us horrible, racist White folks–all the way to Africa, a continent all their very own.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Mayor de Bozo is gonna ship all my black and hispanic neighbors outta da Bronx?

    Hey, stop getting my hopes up!

  • paul marchand

    Well, it’s racist. But real.

  • Lagerstrom

    Jay-zuz! It’s time for a complete separation, for the good of ‘us’ and to hell with the rest of ya!

  • Augustus3709

    Why do 40,000,000 black Americans who have a collective purchasing power of around $1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) need to hunt down wealthy clothing outlets for race-baiting shakedowns?

    There’s no excuse for it. Unless they are just incapable of mentally organizing anything.

    • gemjunior

      “Unless they are just incapable of mentally organizing anything.”
      I think I might show this to some people and then draw a light bulb and glue it onto a stick so I can hold it up when I see their eyes light up at this discovery. My niece is in her first year of college, I’m the big bad waycist auntie, and she was always a good little liberal. This past week we all went on vacation together to the same summer house and she and I had a long discussion about the usual suspects when suddenly it truly was as if a light bulb had gone off or lightening struck her. She all of a sudden asked me why every city or country inhabited primarily by blacks turned to crap. And I was only too happy to give her the information and websites (like this one) that she should read. It was good to see someone catch on. I realized it is not that they are stupid or unable to reason — the problem is they never even ask the question. They don’t confront the question or anything about blacks in their own minds, let alone out loud. Some young people are really very unconcerned about the state of things. I’m sure there are plenty who are though. And they give me hope like Matt Heimbach.

      • Augustus3709

        Hope it helps. Yeah, I was pretty much being rhetorical when asking whether or not they can organize things. History tells us: no.

        Race riots and African tribal death squads don’t count.

        I truly hope your daughter realizes the racial realities of the world before something bad happens. I don’t know if White girls realize what the average blacks would do to them if they could get away with it. Modern Liberal “Education” is child abuse against our community.

        I saw a video of Matt Heimback a little while back and I was happy so see White issues being discussed intelligently and calmly. That doesn’t turn people off as does the cliched image of White Hooligans which the hostile media puts out.

  • none of your business

    What is alleged credit card fraud? It either is or it is not. There are no excuses such as
    “I forgot I slipped it in my pocket, duffel bag whatever” with credit fraud card. The credit card is either yours, or it is stolen.
    Barney’s is owned by alien elites and has replaced Bloomingdale’s as the alien elite women’s shopping nirvanna. A Barney’s shopping bag is the ultra plus ultra status symbol on the upper west side, Great Neck, Scarsdale, Greenwich and the 5 towns.
    Couldn’t happen to a better store.
    When I was in law enforcement a black yout grabbed an asian women’s purse. He tried to use her credit card an hour later to buy some expensive stereo equipment. The “mentally challenged” fool, a black man presented the woman’s credit card with a common Chinese name and a common gender specific woman’s first name. The victim’s name was something like Marilyn Cheng. I suppose the store clerk who called the police was guilt of racial profiling because he noticed that Marilyn Cheng was a black man.

    • gemjunior

      Dat wayciss dun had pwofalled dat brutha when he was jus tryin’ to get his shoppin’ awn. Sheet, cain a nigga git paid no mo’?

  • none of your business

    Life in the retail service industry. Clerks are dammed if they accept fraudulent and stolen credit cards and dammed if they decline stolen and forged credit cards if presented by blacks. Oh well, most of us have sat through sensitivity and racial brain washing sessions.
    Bring a paperback you can hide behind the folders they will give you as they will monitor for cell phones.

  • SheilaTX

    I have already stopped “going out into the public sphere.” I refuse to go to the library any more to see the Chinese kids all playing video games on the computer terminals, and the Indian “librarians” at the help desk, and the black “students” on their cell phones. Now I simply re-read what I have or order something for my kindle. I literally cannot recall when I last went out to see a movie. Pay for Hollywood’s excrement? If all the purported race-realists online quit watching their crap, it would make a noticeable dent in their revenues – but everyone online seems up on all the latest shows and movies. Hypocrites all.

    I detest going to the grocery store and dealing with the Indian cashiers who micro-examine each coupon to ensure you aren’t cheating (since they all cheat all the time). I’m sick of the shrouded Arab women as they drive off in cars (invented by Whites). While I still go to the lone pharmacy around that has a White, American pharmacist, the grocery store it’s in is an Obama-store – the Kroger chain has gone to all blacks in its advertisements and features an Obamacare sign-up station in the checkout area.

    The lone clothing store I used to shop at (stopped going to the mall decades ago), which used to be quiet and semi-exclusive, now has black cashiers and diverse customers . . . and chains on its higher-end merchandise due to the volume of theft. Ten years ago you almost never saw a black in this area; now they’re everywhere.

    I refuse to “give” anything to charity that’s going to more blacks and Mexicans. If I can’t find a White family I know who need something, or I can’t sell it to a resale store, I throw it out. I’d rather trash it than give more to the parasites.

    I won’t waste my time arguing with disingenuous White liberals, or dealing with the brownish hordes. I prefer to stay home. I’ve saved lots of gas money and the mileage on my car has dropped precipitously. Community (pronounced the ebonics way) is a filthy word without freedom of association in what passes for a nation these days.

    • Augustus3709

      I like the way you think.

      Though hunkering down in our prison-homes is not a real solution. There must be other like-minded Whites with whom you can connect and enjoy the world.

      White People cannot just use the internet as a release valve, but rather as a tool for organizing in real life.

  • gemjunior

    Why are the poor, disenfranchised, put-upon blacks in Barney’s anyway? Aren’t day tew po’ fo’ dat sto’ ? I thought that they made less money than everyone else due to discrimination – that in spite of being honest and hardworking, others just hate the sight of their skin. Just that skin is what makes the other groups in the world feel nauseous and skittish around them. Oh, and I also thought that just being in a ‘white’ store like Barney’s they’d worry the evil white people might accidentally ask them to fetch a glass of champagne or perhaps buff their boots? You know, act like they have “white privilege,” or something and surely mistake any negro for a servant. Like what happened to Oprah, remember?
    So which is it? Downtrodden, voiceless and powerless, without a penny to spare – making ends meet with hand-me-downs and brown-bag lunches? Walking humbly and fearfully down the street, fearing that a carload of white “youths” might just jump out and lynch the young man or if it was a young lady – gang-rape her (oh, I forgot that’s not such a ‘white’ thing) OR…… Flashy loudmouths with plenty of money to spend on designer jewelry, clothing, silly shoes and boots in primary colors, cars with rims, and necklaces with giant dollar signs pendants on, strutting confidently down the street as noisily as possible looking in people’s faces trying to establish a conversation or commenting on something about them or their dress…. Can’t seem to choose which one of the above is the way they want to be seen. It’s a major personality crisis. Personality disorder, rather….