Report Reveals ‘Disturbing Trend’ of Brazen Attacks Against Border Security

Jana Winter, Fox News, July 30, 2014

A game warden hit in the head with a rock while trying to seize a raft. Police officers wounded in an hours-long standoff with a gang member wanted for murder. Criminals spewing obscenities and death threats at local cops before asking for–and receiving–medical treatment.

And that was just last week.

A weekly report distributed by a Texas state agency to senior law enforcement officials paints a grim picture of the Mexican border, where authorities regularly confront illegal immigrant gang members and draw automatic gunfire from across the Rio Grande, and where local, state and federal authorities fight a never-ending battle against drug smugglers.

The most recent Border Operations Sector Assessment report compiled by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Border Security Operations Center, dated July 25 and obtained by, details local and federal authorities encountering smugglers carrying millions of dollars’ worth of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine, some of which was found in vehicles filled with biblical passages and religious items; federal agents being assaulted and shot at; gang members brazenly approaching people in their homes; and ranch workers witnessing men crossing into the U.S. wearing camouflage and carrying long guns and automatic weapons.


“In recent weeks the traffic appears to have slowed slightly, yet assaults on law enforcement have increased. This is a disturbing trend that needs to be addressed,” Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Union, Rio Grande Valley Sector, told


In the week of July 16-23 alone, according to the report, U.S. authorities apprehended 6,028 illegal immigrants, 4,152 of whom were not from Mexico. Most came from Central America. But there also were people from Russia, Morocco, China, Cuba and India, among other nations.


The 83-page report for July 16-23 reveals, among other things, that authorities seized $478,879 in U.S. currency, recovered more than seven tons of marijuana (street value: $6.35 million) and turned up more than a million dollars’ worth of cocaine and methamphetamine.

Most of the marijuana was found in an abandoned stash house, resulting in no arrests, while most of the other drugs were found inside vehicles stopped by law enforcement.


The report also revealed Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens routinely encountered illegal immigrants and gang members, and detained hundreds to be turned over to Border Patrol agents. One reported being hit in the head with a rock while trying to seize a raft used to ferry illegal immigrants across the river. “A Game Warden attempted to seize a raft and was assaulted on the head with a rock that was thrown from the MX river bank,” the report reads. “The subject surrounded himself with children to avoid counter measures. Wardens patrolling the river heard approximately 15 rds of automatic gunfire in MX. A total of 55 IAs were detained,” the report says.


Last week reported that Border Patrol agents patrolling the Rincon Peninsula, south of Mission, Texas, and across the river from Reynosa, Mexico, had been forced to run for cover when rounds of .50 caliber gunfire were shot from the Mexican side to the U.S. side of the Rio Grande. Without any protection from such high-caliber rounds, the agents were forced to hide until the barrage stopped. Federal and state sources who work in the area said they believe the gunfire continued for about 15 minutes.


The Border Security Operations Center report also includes encounters with gang members and cartel gunmen during the same week, including:

– The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office arrested 32 members of gangs that included the Valluco, Texas Chicano Brothers, Sureño 13, Texas Syndicate, Tango Blast and Latin Kings.

– U.S. Border Patrol agents detained a dozen suspected gang members trying to cross the border, including alleged members of the infamous Salvadoran gang MS-13.

– A homeowner called Rio Grande City police to report three men who said they’d crossed into the U.S. were at her door asking for water. When cops arrived, one admitted to being an active MS-13 gang member.

– Two Edinburg, Texas, officers were shot and wounded by a Texas Syndicate gang member wanted for murder during a multiagency, hours-long standoff in La Joya.

– American reporters were threatened by rifle-toting smugglers from across the river.

– Dozens of photos and mugshots of illegal immigrants–some of them juveniles–proudly displaying gang-related tattoos.


Also of note: Salvadorans riding a train called “The Beast” to the U.S. border reportedly told authorities they had been told to take the long way into America–through New Mexico, not Texas, which is the far more direct route–because they had heard that Texas Gov. Rick Perry was sending 1,000 National Guardsmen down to help secure the border.

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  • LHathaway

    Crossing our border at will. Gangs. MS-13. Terrorists. Planes disappearing, leaving only puzzlement. Expect more white women to be sleeping with these ‘victims’ of color as part of women’s fight against ‘patriarchy’.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Can somebody wake me up please?”

    “What did you say?”

    “Oh – I am awake.”

    • Paleoconn

      The American Dream used to be a dream about what one can make of himself in America. Now, our dream is one of what America used to be. And when we wake up to our daily reality, we wake into a nightmare.

  • Jefferson

    Jeb Bush’s son racially looks like he could be a member of MS-13 or a Mexican drug cartel.

    • Pro_Whitey

      He might as well be. He and his family are about as destructive to this country.

      • 4321realist

        Yes, he said in a speech his mother taught him that they need to take care of “our people.”

        Even the mestizos ally against the Gringo.

  • JackKrak

    Well of course they feel empowered to do whatever to whomever they want – the government is doing everything possible to welcome them here and simultaneously giving the finger to anyone who questions what’s going on.

    Why wouldn’t they feel like King lording over his subjects?

    • SentryattheGate

      The Reconquista!

    • journey

      Absolutely agree. Besides in Latin countries, there is next to zero respect for blacks.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The AK-47s are being supplied by Holder himself and obama’s solution is to grant citizenship and voting rights to these criminals and thugs.

    According to former Border Patrol Chief Ronald Coburn “1 in 5” illegal aliens has a violent criminal record.

    • Paleoconn

      When we talk about immigration, we should not have Reagan’s name as being on our side. After all, he signed amnesty 1.0 in 1986 which legalized 3 million.

  • Thurd world brain Obama sanctions Russia? Over one plane? The sanctions should be against Mexico. Strong ones, with the threat of a declaration of war on Mexico if that country doesn’t control its side of the border.

    Idiot south Texans still welcome the illegals and still hire them to do their odd jobs, even though there are white men needing work. Greedy b*st*rds need a good dose of reality. I’m outta this place of race traitors soon enough.

    I hope that folks on this website and similar ones understand: Do not vacation in Mexico. Do not allow your spring breakers to go to Mexico. Boycott Mexico.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Just like the ‘rules of engagement’ our military had to put up with……since Vietnam.

    NO self-defense…..

    By the way, heard anything more about the 1,000 Texas National Guardsmen on the border? I know beyond the announcement—-not a peep.

  • Paleoconn

    Three words to CBP officers: shoot to kill.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Put sniper towers all along the border and blow away any invader. Private property. No trespassing.

  • dd121

    It’s all been enabled by our Head Nagger.

  • I am wolf

    Huh. If you want to attack someone, make sure you surround yourself with kids. Whites are too wussy to not care about enemy kids. The game warden should have shot, anyway.

  • archer

    The time has long since past to put troops on the border, anyone shooting at them should be put down immediately.

  • Erasmus

    No true conservative supports amnesty. If you support amnesty, you are most definitely not a conservative.
    There is no issue more conservative than protecting a country’s borders. Without borders defined and protected you have no country, and a government that refuses to protect its citizens from invasion is no government. It’s just a very powerful crime syndicate.

  • M&S

    In Vietnam, you could either fight the Trail War along a network of roads in deep valleys, often covered by a triple layer canopy and still end up losing because 10% of the 12,000 trucks that the Vietnamese asked the Russians for replacements could sustain a guerilla movment at low activity levels.
    Or you could fight the same war In-Country where everyone looked alike and there was no play book outlining which village to go roust when you took fire from a treeline.
    Or you could bomb three bridges and mine two harbors and stop every ounce of high tech materiel from entering that third world, stone age, society as the SPOD/TCP chokepoint.
    Which end of the funnel did we choose to stuff our fist in? That’s right, the wide end.
    And people wonder why we ‘lost’ in SEA…
    The same truth applies here except that it’s a people vice route centric condition.
    You sweep up half a million illegals and their DTO escorts _on this side of the border_ and you have to pay for their stay and extradition hearing.
    You hit the drug gangs and their Coyote runners where they live, humiliating and terrorizing them so that they realize they can’t do business in the U.S. without being punished for their far-off invasion and the number of wide-end-of-funnel IAs who can get far enough into the U.S. to matter goes to _zero_.
    SOCOM is just across the way in Florida and they have whole units of A-Teams who are trained Hispanics that can pass for native in language, appearance and customs. Because that is how the regional combatant commands work.
    If targeted assassination is A-OK for redneck hillbillies trying to kick us out of their homelands, why isn’t it okeydokey for those enabling the half million trying to break into our country? Is the Latin invasion less of a threat to our health and wellbeing?
    No it is not.
    “Sorry, don’t want to arrest you. You’re not going to jail. Do not think that this is a free pass. March right back into that water, swim for the other side or prepare to have a fatal accident.”
    When the guide who would have taken them to a nearby city is dead in his Tijuana house of an overdose on whatever drug seems reasonable. And never mind the needle mark where the cyanogen went in.

  • His work is almost finish . . . .America was such a pushover .