Lawmaker Screams Environmental Racism After Hamptons Garbage Shipped to His Town

CBS New York, July 28, 2014

A Long Island community was upset Monday, outraged that garbage from the Hamptons and other east end towns is being held in their town until state officials can figure out how to send it to a landfill out of state.

Garbage from east end towns was being trucked into a trucking depot in Brentwood, garbage that had piled up for more than a month at transfer stations–first, because of a shortage of trucks and, recently, because rail cars were diverted to New Jersey instead of Long Island. Neighbors told CBS 2’s Matt Kozar they are fed up, saying the truck depot should never have been allowed to accept another community’s trash.


The trucking company, Elm Global Logistics, did not respond to CBS 2’s calls for comment, but a local lawmaker, Assemblyman Philip Ramos, said bringing the garbage to Brentwood, a heavily minority community, is environmental racism.

“Keep it in the Hamptons temporarily and then send it somewhere else. This community is tired of taking it on the chin,” said Ramos, a Democrat.

Assemblyman Ramos said Brentwood already has several superfund sites and three power plants polluting the air and water, and added Islip town leaders should have done more to block the shipping of garbage to Brentwood.

“We are prepared to engage in civil disobedience. The other day I laid down on the road right in front of the trucks together with other supporters over here of this cause,” Ramos said.


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  • MekongDelta69

    “Waddawe want?”
    Environmental Racism

    “When do wewannit?”

  • WR_the_realist

    In all fairness poor neighborhoods (not just black ones) do tend to get saddled with the major nuisances like trash transfer stations. It’s not “environmental racism” its “environmental classism”.

    • APaige

      I agree. The garbage from the Hamptons should be stored at the Hamptons, like the visiting celebrities. Just as wealthier areas should not have to be forced to accept ‘affordable housing’. Poor areas should not have to store rich peoples’ garbage. But then again, at least its dumped in a proper place, not thrown about like most Black and especially Hispanic areas. I mean would it hurt you Jose to put the taco wrapper in a garbage can?

      • So-called “rich” people are often educated enough to recycle. We have free curbside pickup here for paper, most plastics, steel, aluminum and glass. It costs us nothing to put this stuff out every other Thursday evening for Friday morning pickup. Waste Management even gave us the bins (made out of recycled plastic) for free. I still save the aluminum up and then sell it, but I remember the days when I could sell glass.

        • MBlanc46

          WM picks ours up too, but we pay a charge to our village. WM must be getting paid by someone.

        • 2eRep

          It is beneath their dignity to recycle, ” little people” recycle, rich people buy carbon credits.

        • WR_the_realist

          Where I live it’s too rural for curbside pickup to make sense. Our town has it’s own trash transfer station. But unlike on Long Island, it handles only the trash for our own small town (about 2500 people). So the trash transfer system isn’t big and rat infested, and you can’t smell anything if you stand at the road in front of it. People have to haul their stuff to the transfer station. Anything you separate out for recycling can be disposed of for free. You pay by the bag for everything else. Overall it’s a fair system, and there’s no poor suckers getting screwed by it.

          • When I replaced the ballast in a 1950’s vintage fluorescent light fixture with a new version I had scrounged, I took the old ballast to Boulder when I was visiting my mother. We took it to the free hazardous waste drop-off site there because I thought with a transformer that old, there would probably be PCBs in it.

    • I was worried I’d be the only one expressing the same sentiment, although Brentwood, and the residents there are basically garbage already (a good number of them illegal) there’s absolutely no reason, other than the superwealthy inhabitants of the Hampton’s having so much money, for them to be dumping their trash on any other community.

      I hate saying it, but they’ve kind of got a point… I mean, drive through the Hampton’s sometime, any one of the households there could likely literally afford to pay to have the trash moved to an actual dump somewhere out of their own pocket, not that they should have to, but this is pretty silly.

      Slow day in the news?

      (Calling it environmental racism is just stupid, but what do we expect from them?)

      • WR_the_realist

        Actually, left wing white environmentalists invented the concept of “environmental racism”. They wanted to prove their bona fides to the rest of the lefty establishment. This was at about the same time the last environmental organization gave up on immigration reduction as a way to stabilize our population.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Or there is a logical reason for it, like with so many other things.

      Like for example that the land is cheaper in poorer neighbourhoods.
      Or that putting such things somewhere makes the area less desirable, and decreases land prices, which leads to a poorer neighbourhood.
      The chicken or the egg?

      It isn’t done out of racism or classism, but out of capitalism.
      It’s simply cheaper.
      Nothing more, nothing less.

    • archer

      This is one time I have to agree with the “race baiters”, I wouldn’t want that garbage piling up in my town either.

  • propagandaoftruth

    The environment be rayciss?

  • dd121

    I claim “environmental racism” too. All those brown illegals are breathing my air.

  • IstvanIN

    NJ was forced to take in NYC’s garbage when NJ refused because it was deemed interfering in interstate commerce to not allow it in. If Phil Ramos doesn’t like Long island garbage he can go back to where he belongs. I have no sympathy.

  • So it is going out of state, huh? What the eff-word is the problem, Matt?

  • bilderbuster

    Non White nations dump their garbage by the boatloads, trainloads and truckloads into White nations ,toxically polluting and poisoning them and their people on a daily basis, and have been doing so against our wishes for decades.
    Now who’s really guilty of environmental racism?

  • libertarian1234

    “The other day I laid down on the road right in front of the trucks together with other supporters over here of this cause,” Ramos said.”

    Well no wonder he didn’t get any results.

    Somebody needs to tell him that setting himself on fire is a much more effective and lasting way to make a statement.

    • He should use lots of foam packing peanuts with the gasoline. That way, it will stick better.

      • Waldemar Daninsky

        We used to make homemade napalm that way when I was a kid. We’d stuff the payload of an Estes rocket, and put a few firecrackers in the payload as well, with the fuses fused together and pointing down. Pretty cool to watch fireballs raining down on the earth, although, in retrospect, was probably not a smart thing to do, living in the desert.

  • none of your business

    Even when rich people re cycle they have a lot more garbage than poor people. Another thing re cyclers forget is that it is still garbage and is part of the garbage flow? freight? whatever is the right word and is stuck at the garbage transfer point.
    One thing I extremely dislike about recycling is the sight of not 1 but 3 huge trash cans in front of each house. The wealthy neighborhoods that are so proud of their recycling look like slums from the street with 3 huge trash cans in front of each house.
    Then there is the pollution involved in trucking recyclables to the west coast, shipping it to China to be made into more useless stuff, trucking it to the Chinese factory, trucking it back to the coast, shipping it to America and trucking it back to the walmart from whence it came.
    If it were all dumped into a nearby landfill it would save so much of Mother Earth’s precious resources such as fossil fuels. And the Chinese pollution that has overwhelmed western America is now invading the mid west.

  • none of your business

    If this were a White town they could have hired the best PR person in the country to publicize the problem and the media would have stayed away. But the words minority ad hispanic and the media comes running eager to write yet another story about eeevvvvviiiiil Whitey and how we victimize non Whites.