Dem: Redskins a ‘Hateful Mascot’–‘Racism and Hate Speech’ a Priority in Congress

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Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) said at an event on Tuesday at the liberal Center for American Progress that ‘racism and hate speech” are always a priority in Congress, including as it relates to the campaign to change the name of the Washington Redskins.

“Racism and hate speech is always a priority if we’re going to be the shining beacon of democracy and respect and opportunity that we aspire to in all of our founding documents,” McCollum said when asked whether the Redskins controversy should be a priority given all of the issues facing lawmakers.

In her remarks at CAP, McCollum said when she came to the Capitol in 2001, she became aware of the “harmful stereotype” the Redskins mascot represented.

“It made me realize that people didn’t know what they were doing–that they needed an opportunity to find out what this hateful mascot really was, because they didn’t know,” McCollum said.

McCollum spoke at CAP at an event to release a study done by the center entitled “Missing the Point; The Real Impact of Native Mascots and Team Names on American Indian and Alaska Native Youth.”

“Research shows that these team names and mascots can establish an unwelcome and hostile learning environment for AI/AN students,” the study summary states. “It also reveals that the presence of AI/AN mascots directly results in lower self-esteem and mental health for AI/AN adolescents and young adults.”

During her remarks, McCollum said she headed a protest last year against a football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins scheduled for Nov 7, 2013. {snip}


McCollum did not express concern for Minnesota’s use of the Vikings as their mascot even if the sea-faring Norsemen do not have a reputation for kindness and tolerance.


The CAP report includes recommendations for local, state and federal agencies, including calling on the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights to “use its full authority to enforce civil rights protections for AI/AN students” and federal and private funding for “new research on the impact of derogatory AI/AN representations in schools.”

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  • I’ve been wondering what the point of Redskinsmania is, when Indians don’t care about it, and not much of anyone else cares about it.

    It’s all the diversity industry looking for a new salt lick.

    • I’m 3/16 injun and it doesn’t bother me. I wasn’t asked to be part Amerind, but only having to shave twice a week is rather handy.

      There was an outcry about ten years ago over a high school team from Alaska, the “Half-Breeds”. The people in the town got behind the team, explaining “That’s what we are.”

      • propagandaoftruth

        Jim Thorpe kicked butt and I dated his granddaughter or great granddaughter in college and she was a beautiful blonde, green eyed, high cheek boned White girl. With a little injun in there.


        She was redskinned too, but only when she got sunburned, which was as easily as I.

        • Winston Churchill was partly Iroquois, thanks to his American mother.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I never knew that. My infinitesimal drop of the red may be Iroquois.

            I think the Amerinds were originally up to a third Caucasian to begin with, and I suspect that those who inhabited Europe-like environments – a large chunk of N. America – may have looked/lived more European than those who adapted to more non-European environments.

            Thus, early mixtures of N. American Amerinds and European Whites in a way represent…

            1. Recombination of old European DNA, especially in Euro-similar environments, and…

            2. Autochthonous types may have been convergently evolving with Europeans already.

            So…a little injun…cool… Most “pure” populations of Europe involve Aryan overlay of “others”, all the way back to my people, the glorious Neanderthals. People do evolve. American mongrel White.

          • Spikeygrrl

            My drop is Apache.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Apache? That makes sense, Spikey G.

            Pardon me while I date myself, but this is the mental image I’m getting here…

            Spikey, lol…

          • Who Me?

            I’ve a wee bit of Choctaw, but you’d never know it to look at me, red hair, blue eyes, and a blinding white hide.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Too funny! My once-auburn hair is now a striking silver-white, my eyes are still an EXACT color match to the green t-shirts of the U.S. Marine Corps, and I am still “as white as a box of socks.” I sunburn painfully if I even THINK of poking my nose outdoors without Sunscreen Set To Stun. 😉

      • DonReynolds

        I got a big kick out of the mascots of the Illinois high school Ronald Reagan graduated from. They are called the “Chinks” and they dress up like Chinese coolies…..even the marching band. It was a hoot.

        • propagandaoftruth

          When did everyone lose a sense of humor and a few layers of epidermis?

        • I also know that the high school in Pekin, Illinois, next to Peoria, because Pekin is one letter away from “Peking,” had until 1980 as its high school mascot, the “Chinks.”

      • Jack Burton

        Have you been tested? It only costs $99, 23andMe.

        If you’re going to go around claiming non-white ancestry you might as well be sure.

        • tlk244182

          Just went to their site. Has a mixed Black kid and Henry Louis effing Gates Jr, for eff’s sake, shilling for them. May still go with their product, though. What the heck, it’s only $99 bucks, and apart from their putative spokesmen, it seems legit.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      The left has destroyed all of its real enemies, so it imagines enemies for itself now.

    • willbest


    • SFLBIB

      “Victimhood is where it’s at. If there are not enough real victims, then fictitious victims must be created.” – Thomas Sowell

  • Manaphy

    When was the last time anyone anywhere used the word “Redskin” as an insult? More importantly, can Betty McCollum answer?

  • MekongDelta69

    The entire world is falling apart under this black muslim Marxist’s anti-everything good’s non-leadership.

    So what do Leftists do, when ALL ELSE fails?…

    OF COURSE. It’s time for the ‘Racism‘ card.

    * Strike up the Redskins Band and let those Cheerleaders loose. That’ll really tick ’em off.

  • JackKrak

    Golden State Warriors, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks, Florida State Seminoles, Illinois Fighting Illini, North Dakota Fighting Sioux, Utah Utes, etc.

    What did the Redskins do to get singled out?

    • phorning

      The NCAA is forcing North Dakota to change their nickname to something else. Illinois voluntarily stopped using a human mascot dressed like an Indian Chief during games and the Indians recently stopped using Chief Wahoo as the logo.

    • I am probably the last man to have killed an armed opponent with a tomahawk.

      • dd121

        I want to hear this story.

        • tlk244182

          Me too.

        • mobilebay

          Me too. This conjures up all sorts of images.

    • LHathaway

      Can’t use Indian names? Then nearly every river in the country would have to be renamed, as well as nearly every state would have to be renamed.

      • Dale McNamee

        And some of the towns,cities, & counties, too !

        • dd121

          And states.

      • tlk244182

        Re-named for ‘persons of color,’ most likely.

  • WR_the_realist

    Okay, let’s give in on this issue. Rename the team The Fighting Whities. I’d buy a ticket.

  • dd121

    Maybe Betty should concentrate on the real crimes such as Fast and Furious, IRS Gate and Obama’s passport and SSN.

    • me

      But then she’d actually have to DO something for her pay……

      • So that’s congress these days?

        • me

          I’d rather have Barnum and Bailey running congress than the current collection of insane scumballs…..

  • DonReynolds

    He He……the Indians with the mental problems, probably never heard of the Washington Redskins.

    (No….they do not own the term “native American”.

    Anyone born in the USA is a native American,
    regardless of where their ancestors came from.)

  • dd121

    What they mean by “hate speech” is speech that they hate. I hope the constitution saves us from further erosion to guaranteed free speech.

    • IstvanIN

      Remember the Constitution is a “living document” and doesn’t mean what it says.

      • Fortunately, SCotUS ruled that the Second Amendment really does recognize the right for ordinary people to own firearms. Even if Shrillary is elected in 2016 and the proceeds to stack the Supreme Court, that one is a done deal.

      • dd121

        If it’s living then we’re already dead.

        • We’re already dead, whether by cancer or heart attacks or battlefield wounds. What each of us does with the short time allotted to us matters very much.

      • SFLBIB

        Ah, yes. Bryer’s “evolving standards of society.” Someone posted the question, why is it you never see the constitution “evolve” toward smaller government?

  • Jack Burton

    The majority don’t, it’s always a vocal minority that care.

  • LHathaway

    It really doesn’t effect us in any way what the team is named, as long as they don’t name them the ‘rednecks’ which actually is a racial slur. No matter what they name the team it doesn’t effect us, except for ‘letting us know’ that they can control us, everything we do and say, apparently. Since we know what the team is named doesn’t effect us one bit, it no longer controls us.

    • Spikeygrrl

      “Yankee Doodle” was a slur until American revolutionaries claimed it as their own and wore it as a badge of pride. Ditto “queer” for homosexuals.

      If I were a sports fan, which I am not, I’d take pride in rooting for the Rednecks.

  • “Racism and hate speech is a priority for congress.”

    That must be because they have nothing else to do, like balancing the budget, or keeping Obamalamadingdong on a shorter leash where illegal aliens are concerned, or producing a useful plan for dealing with the interstate highway system’s crumbling infrastructure, or holding hearings with subpoenaed witnesses about exactly how the humongous amount of aid money we have given Iraq and Afghanistan is being spent, or whether production of the F-22 Raptor should be restarted, as the fuselage longerons on F-15 Eagles are developing fatigue cracks, or what will be done to replace the AEGIS cruisers as they reach the end of their useful lives, or what sort of replacement for the space shuttles should eventually be built.

    These buffoons are paid a lot of money, but in this respect, they focus on a subject an elementary school teacher can deal with. Congress is just playing more of the Grandiose Posturing Game here.

  • Dale McNamee

    Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) and those who are buying this “swill”, including the useless ” U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights” are the ones projecting their mental illnesses on everyone else…

    When grade school,high school,college & pro-sports teams name themselves after Native Americans, it’s because they admire them… Otherwise, Native Americans would be ignored…

    And what is it about Minnesota with all of the daffiness that I’ve read about over the past year or so coming from there ?

  • bilderbuster

    Don’t hold your breath.

  • As I am part Scottish, I am probably also partly Norwegian and Danish via rape. I should probably thus be irritated about the team named “Raiders”.

  • bilderbuster

    I was offended when Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham and Dante Culpepper were the Viking quarterbacks but it didn’t effect my self esteem or my White Privilege.

  • Tarczan

    Change the name, make all the government employees live under the same tyranny the rest of the country does .Most of the Redskin fans work for the Fed Gov.

  • Paleoconn

    The only people who are offended by things like this are White liberals. Indians don’t care about the Redskins name, in fact they probably appreciate their warrior past being commemorated in such a way.

    • Libtards look for things to pretend to be “offended” about. In fact, they are only happy when they are doing this, as the moral posturing involved validates their otherwise worthless lives. By saying “I’m offended”, the Libtard is really announcing that it is morally superior to the rest of us; unfortunately much of society humors them in this.

      Instead of repeatedly caving in to the libtards’ demands that their moral superiority be recognized, society needs to begin replying, “Good! Good if you’re offended! F&#@ you!”

      • Paleoconn

        Great post. It is indeed pretend offense. And you’re right instead of defending something against these totalitarian wimps, we should just respond ‘we’re glad you’re offended. we must be doing something right’.

  • Spikeygrrl

    No, because real Dutch boys are WHITE.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Because Clevelanders are idiots 😉
    — Spike, former Clevelander

  • Michigan Patriot

    But reducing the European, mostly Christian, founding demographic Original Americans from a high of 89 % to the now 62 % of the total population and falling like a rock, democratic politicians ,including Slick Willie as president, have parties for the day that Whites will be a minority in their own created countries; how racist and the ultimate hate crime perpetrated by so called liberals or progressives or more accurately, communists !

  • eavesmac

    We used to be a shining beacon of freedom and liberty, but now we’re just a big day care center with adults instead of kids.

  • Michigan Patriot

    I find the term ” Washington ” highly offensive because what the corrupt federal government has done to the founding White Christian culture; civil rights for minorities only, affirmative action, quotas & the coup de gras: diversity aliens colonizing America since 1965 !


    That’s a moving target. Liberal tactics are that they keep hammering and hammering, and hammering until everyone else gets tired of the griping and gives them what they want. The counter tactic is to stand like a rock and never, never, never give in because if you do, it will not be the last demand you will surrender to.