GOP Lawmaker Returns Award to Protest Chamber of Commerce’s Immigration Policy

Pete Kasperowicz, The Blaze, July 24, 2014

Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.) said Thursday that he refused to accept an award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of that group’s position on immigration, and called the Chamber the “biggest pro-amnesty group” in the country.

“The Chamber of Commerce is beholden to special interests and has long since forgotten the main street businesses that struggle everyday to make payroll and keep their company afloat,” Bentivolio said. “It is with great pride that I reject their award, and call on them to stand on the side of America, instead of on the side of China and corporate interests seeking to exploit people for profit.

“I am with main street, not Wall Street.”

Bentivolio’s chief of staff, Rob Wasinger, added that the Chamber is “in the pocket of Communist China and big companies seeking cheap labor in the United States.”

“We think it is morally repugnant for the chamber to pursue, as a matter of public policy, initiatives which exploit the poor and oppressed, just so they can keep labor costs down for their fortune 500 member companies,” Wasinger said.

The Chamber was trying to give Bentivolio the Spirit of Enterprise Award.


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  • Good for Mr. Bentiviolo!

    • me

      Hear! Hear! I second that!

  • Very good. And note again another Italian surname. Arpaio, Barletta, Tancredo…and now this one. I have some Italian ethnic heritage, even though my surname isn’t Italian.

    He came to Congress in 2012 after the man who held this seat, Thaddeus McCotter, was off running a quixotic joke of a Presidential campaign and forgot to get his ducks in a row to get back on the ballot to run for another term in Congress. In Michigan, evidently, you have to gather signatures along with other things to get on the ballot, and that’s what McCotter forgot to do. Incidentally, this was what tripped up John Conyers this year, except he found a judge to order that he get put back on the ballot. Anyway, since McCotter was out, the only person who was on the ballot, who thought he was just a vanity challenger to McCotter, was this Kerry Bentivolio. And now he’s a member of Congress, and a pretty good one at that.

    This is why these vanity candidates bother, because sometimes, the incumbent gets caught in bed with a dead boy or a live girl.

    One other impressive thing about this is that before he was in Congress, Bentivolio was involved in the Ron Paul activist organization. All this proves is that he didn’t buy Ron Paul’s immigration stances.

    • MekongDelta69

      …even though my surname isn’t Italian.”

      Wait. You mean “Diversity” isn’t Italian?!?

      You should change that to ‘Diversitiola’ or something like that ASAP.

      • Yes, and I don’t believe, like the NYT does, that Mexicans are the New Italians.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I like his expression here.

      “I’m not touching that!”

      Haha! Viva Bentivolio!

      • propagandaoftruth



        • HE2

          Daddy!!! Not joking, he looks like my dad.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Distinguished looking.

          • HE2

            Both are very handsome men, and even better, propaganda, Daddy thinks like this one, too. A lifelong across the board racialist, resentful of all non-White incursion. Took years for me to see things his way, but now?
            He is my kind of guy.
            When I drove up in a Toyota Camry, he said, “remember Pearl Harbor,” and called me a traitor.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Funny how they make more sense as we get older…

          • The irony is that the Camry you drove probably had more real American labor behind it than the typical “American” car. And don’t forget about all those Japanese executives that call out Africanus Bellcurvius for his misbehavior.

          • Paleoconn

            Plus we goaded Japan into war and we all but obliterated two of their cities.

          • scottthestrategerist

            It’s all a part of America’s long standing policy of going to war against the smart and defending the stupid. It goes back to King Abraham!

          • HE2

            QD, right, the Japanese could not believe the unmanageable, undisciplined blacks employed to build their cars.
            I saw a Japanese guy speak about Toyota’s frustrating attempts to train U.S.A. plant supervisors who met their high production standards.
            Wonder what the outcome on that was. Do the Japanese plants here in the U.S. honor this whacked out govt’s AA regulations, hiring and promoting blacks?

          • Lots of Japanese automakers have factories here in the US. Toyota has six major plants in the USA: Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, West Virginia and Mississippi. They have three in Canada: one in British Columbia and two in Ontario. They also have plants in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, China, India and Russia.

            Last year, Toyota produced almost 2.3 million vehicles in the United States, employing Americans to do the work. I have a very hard time hating a multinational that employs local workers to produce the products for their own home market.

          • archer

            As a writer in Motor Trend once wrote, “Ford has spent the last thirty years divesting itself of American assets while Toyota has been investing here and building huge infrastructure”.

          • IBWHITE

            The Japanese build their plants out in the middle of a small town corn field so as to avoid hiring the bantus. The reliability and quality of their vehicles reflect that.

          • HE2

            Michael, I am seriously in love with my Camry, no matter what Dad says, not matter where it was put together. A ’91, released in ’92, lots of zip, fantastic mileage, reliable, never sick. Vintage condition, regularly serviced.
            This is a good, good car, built by either conscientious Whites or Japanese workers.

          • scottthestrategerist

            You shouldn’t. I’m all for foreign corporations manufacturing in America.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Y’know, with seven kids, YOU are doing more for our cause than all of us who yack all day to ourselves on the Internet! That’s why *I* want to start a movement to get whites of mating age to put down the Playstation controller, stop looking at the ‘Net, and MATE! We need to all imitate YOU!

          • HE2

            Thank you, scott. Keep spreading the word. Have babies, White people!
            It is a handful, though, believe me. Thankfully, there is live-in help.
            [All White, been with us for years, trustworthy, devoted to the family.]
            Only one of the kids is a bit of a headache; she inherited her father’s hair trigger, zero to warp speed outbursts of temper.
            Mother in law told me it is her Austrian genes. Her own father was a screaming, yelling, easily enraged Austrian.
            Did not know Austrians were prone to rage attacks???

          • scottthestrategerist

            You’re welcome. Now I can do something else for you: *I* am largely Austrian, and if you define “Austrian” as including German, then I’m a whole lot Austrian! In fact, my great uncle told us we came from a town 7 miles from The Leader’s town. Maybe we’re related? lol But I digress. Anyway, I also have a hair trigger temper, zero to warp speed outbursts of temper, and I too scream and yell and am easily enraged. So it may very well be in the genes. Either way, your daughter sounds like something really special! You should just direct her anger in the right directions, like against our enemies. I’m starting to pick fights w/ interracial couples. 🙂

          • HE2

            Ex-husband is half Austrian on his mum’s side. It was her father who raged, screamed, and threw things about, his genes seemingly making an appearance in my daughter.
            Raging Von Paulus Opa was born in Carlsbad, Austria, now renamed Karlovy Vary, and a part of the Czech Republic.
            Ex’s mum was born in beautiful Lubeck, ex born in Hamburg-istan their once lovely home now pulled down for Turk and Paki public council housing.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Those Turks and Pakis ruin everything. I’m sorry, but it’s not our responsibility to let them into our countries. In fact, to do so is racist because it’s necessarily saying that the only way for brown people to live in a modern, Western, technological society is to move to, or receive aid, from white countries. Egalitarians don’t like to say it, but it’s necessarily their position. Otherwise, they would join with me and advocate for the Prime Directive: leave them alone. Whatever they will be is up to them. Sink or swim, they have to do it on their own.

          • HE2

            Germany asked for it. According to my ex in laws, after WW2, the male workforce was all but depleted.
            The solution to the problem was importation of Middle Easterners. Were one conspiracy minded, it might be said it was part of the globalist plan to decimate one race of Whites, import a paleolithic, alien mystery meat culture to destabilize the country and pollute the genes of an advanced race of intelligent natives.

    • Jkjljmt_Pqprpstt

      You can’t beat Sessions though, and he is no way an Italian.

      This article is about publicity for the controlled opposition. Also, could you explain Pelosi?

      • Paleoconn

        And Cuomo and Giuliani and Panetta.

  • ncpride

    Wow, a Republican with guts?! Wadda ya know!

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    “I am with main street, not Wall Street.”


    Immigration should maximize the psychological and physical well-being of all white Americans, not take advantage of their kindness and generosity. If it doesn’t even do that, the immigration policy is worthless. At least this politician realizes that what’s good for business isn’t necessarily good for Murika.

  • JackKrak

    I can’t figure out Chambers of Commerce. They are stereotyped as being the essence of the Republican country-club type and no doubt one look at one of their meetings would confirm it. On the other hand, though, their policy positions always seem to be the product of a sit down between La Raza, the ACLU and the Congressional Black Caucus – WTF?

    • You just answered your own question.

      Look up: “Pincher (Pincer) Movement.”

    • TruthBeTold

      The love of money is the root of all evil and strange bedfellows.

    • Ella

      Lou Dobbs would go berserk over Chambers of Commerce in his new coverage, which explained their corruption and unfair business practices toward many American companies.

    • WR_the_realist

      Easy. The Chamber of Commerce represents the corporatocracy, and our elites want to avoid hiring American citizens at all costs.

      • LHathaway

        That they do. I still think it’s about providing appropriate husbands for their co-workers, affirmative action females. Perhaps it’s about replacing us all in general. The ultimate end will be a white homeland/reservation in NA. Likely in the NW.

  • MekongDelta69

    Holy Mackeral dere Kingfish…

    Two… count ’em… Two ‘feel good’ articles on Amren in ONE week?!?

    Not to mention my two laughs of the day on AmRen today. What in the hell is going on here?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  • TruthBeTold

    Never heard of this guy.

    Now the CofC will be forced to clarify their position.

    Great move.

  • WR_the_realist

    Wow, a Republican who doesn’t suck!

  • Whirlwinder

    Atta Boy!!!! Mr. B. The C of C has strayed way off the reservation.

  • amren-reader

    He should have mentioned all the illegal Mexicans and Central Americans, first.

  • mercantilist

    Bentivolio the one term incumbent is 20% behind in the polls to a man of wealth with Chamber of Commerce backing. Trott Bentovolio’s opposition is outspending him by more than 10 to 1. The Chamber is a cheap labor organization that is pushing for complete amnesty for employers of illegals and illegals themselves. It also supports massive increases in immigration – it does not matter for the Chamber if STEM and other college graduates are under employed they want an army of the unemployed to drive wages down.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Terrible news. Bentivolio’s a good man and his opponent Trent looks like a slick used car salesman.

      Trent’s backed by the Chamber and Mitt Romney. Sounds like another lamestream neocon.

  • Ella

    Italians can speak out in America because of their discriminated-against status as immigrants. For the rest of us whites, it’s a different professional standing.

    • WR_the_realist

      i have noticed that it’s mostly the Italian American Republicans who are good on immigration — Tancredo, Barletta, and Bentivolio. I don’t know why this is so but God bless ’em.

  • LHathaway

    “It is with great pride that I reject their award”

    Who writes this stuff?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Someone who doesn’t want illegals to be entitled to what American citizens have earned.

      • LHathaway

        One normally doesn’t take great pride from doing nothing. Was it a great achievement, rejecting their award?

        • Spikeygrrl


    • Wholly Unconvinced

      Someone with a fair bit more wit than you, apparently. Its called humor, in this case a play on words, since people typically start off a cheesy speech upon receiving an award with ” it is with great pride that I accept this award…” Mr.Bentivolio, in an amusing jab at what he sees as a corrupt organization, decided to twist it a bit, and have some fun at their sake.

      • LHathaway

        His statement is meant to be humor? It’s all just a parody of leftists, or this part of his speech is meant to be a parody of the establishment? So he’s not serious?

        “Its called humor, in this case a play on words, since people typically start off a cheesy speech upon receiving an award with ” it is with great pride that I accept this award…” Mr.Bentivolio, in an amusing jab at what he sees as a corrupt organization, decided to twist it a bit, and have some fun at their sake”.

        Which is it? He’s serious about immigration controls, or he’s just joking? It’s possible he could be doing both but there’s little evidence that he’s making a joke from what we can read. It would seem as though you’re reading more into this than is actually there. Something isn’t true simply because you want it to be true or imagine it to be true.

        It’s not a big deal that his ‘pride’ statement could be seen as a little out of place, or inapropriate. Oh God, if it is, that would shoot down every thing he said! And him as a human being. Leftists. . .

        I wasn’t going to say anything. . . And I truly wasn’t. Then I noticed you’re the guy heckling me on another thread. There was really no nee for me to comment. Your post stands on it’s own: you’ve said it already.

        • Wholly Unconvinced

          Okay, in an attempt to be more civil, let me ask a question, English is not your first language, is it? Because looking at your two replies, it seems obvious that a lot of the “problem” is that you’re not picking up on nuanced English, similarly to how I get pretty lost the deeper into a conversation in Hangul I get, so IF that’s the case, I do apologize for being rude, because your trolling is innocent in a way.

          As to your response above, I don’t even know how to begin to answer… like you said, “I’ve said it already” the one who’s reading too much into the article and speech is you, there’s nothing subversive about what the man said, he basically… okay, here’s my last attempt, imagine you hated a group of people, let’s say blacks, to keep it fun.

          Now these people you hate, for some reason, want to give you an award, “the golden basketball of gibsmedat”. Now you, disliking black people, instead of just calling them and saying no. Agree to receive the award, go to the ceremony, and then when they go to give it to you, you say “I proudly refuse this award, and here’s why…”

          You now have an opportunity, televised at the golden basketball society’s expense, to explain why you don’t like this particular group of people. It’s like free advertising, and a chance to make them look like idiots by refusing their award.

          That’s all he did… he disagrees with the chamber of commerce, so he made them look like idiots, and advanced his views on immigration.

          • LHathaway

            How am I the one reading too much into it? You’ve continued that bit yourself here. Reading the original article there’s no real proof he even showed up at the ‘awards ceremony’ even if there was one. The headline says he ‘returned the award’. Elsewhere the quote shown is him responding to the journalist who contacted him. Then his spokesperson is quoted. Ah, the Detroit News, perhaps the primary sources, writes that, “(Bentivolio) on Thursday returned an award from the US Chamber of Commerce that he accepted earlier this year”.

            Did he return the award in person? Perhaps you’d like to make up another story and tell us about him returning the award? No, that’s wrong. Let me say, yet another imaginary story. We’ll never know if he returned the award in person. We’ll have to blame that on the journalist’s who covered the story. They certainly would like you to believe it was an exciting story by including as many actualities as possible. They’re just no longer truthful about them, certainly not very informative. Again, I don’t think the congressman was joking or being sarcastic. That’s my opinion. He may have been. We’ll never know if he returned the award in person, unless you tell us. I’m sure I’m up for hearing yet a third completely made up story. Were you a journalist, in the Far East?
            When whoever wrote the phrase, that started this argument, “It is with great pride that I reject this award”, when they sat down to write it, what they wrote may have been the perfect phrase, the best thing they could have come up with. I couldn’t have wrote it better, but English is my 4th language, also according to you? I should apologize to the PR man working for the congressman. I’ve been reading AmRen for well over a decade. That’s what is normally done below the stories: point out hypocrisies, omissions, and faulty reasoning shown in the stories. Habit got the best of me. I insulted one of ‘our own’.

            I do that a lot on here. What is it Bejamin Franklin said, “our critics are our friends, they show us our faults”? We are certainly not living in the times of Benjamin Franklin.

            Apparently, you don’t want us to lose faith in this brave congressman – what was the congressman’s name again – if I may be so bold as to detect an ulterior motive? I mistook your previous made-up-story as just that, wishful thinking of some kind. Now I only suspect you’re a journalist! – used to making up stories.

            I was wrong in this case. It was a trivial, meaningless point I was making (and we do this ourselves quite often when questioning the left) and my point took away from the larger meaning of his action. In that, perhaps readers should genuinely thank you for correcting me. For ‘correcting’ me as a journalist, apparently, would. . . well, there’s never a shortage of readers for a story. Correcting me, schooling me and evaluating me.

            I do find fault, inconsistencies, and silly posturing from those who support many of the popular positions in the news here on AmRen. No doubt I’ll continue to point out these inconsistencies here when I feel like it and until I’m no longer able.

          • Wholly Unconvinced

            You make a good point mentioning that he initially accepted the award, which I missed. And I’m sure his returning the award was a purely political move to garnish some attention and free press coverage, as opposed to him taking a noble stand for good and justice.


            I don’t think that’s any reason to just assume that he’s not “one of the good guys”. My narrative above wasn’t an attempt at deception, merely trying to illustrate the situation in a humorous way, using a new term you just learned (gibsmedat).

            Again, regarding the English being your fourth language, I again apologize for some of my initial aggressive hostility, it took a moment for me to realize that might be the case, and your skill in that fourth language is most certainly better than mine at writing in Hangul, my spelling is absolutely atrocious, so your handling of English is more than impressive.

            I so still disagree with a lot of your posts, as I think you see things from a completely different angle than I, but I’ll try to remember to be a bit less confrontational with you in the future.

            (And no, I’m not a journalist, but I have thought about it a few times in the past, as I do love writing, learning, travelling, and investigating. But I realized that journalists today are nothing more than propagandists, and I wouldn’t last long in that particular sea full of bloodthirsty sharks.)

            Thanks for the interesting conversation!

          • LHathaway

            lol, I’m the one who likes black girls. Engleman presents himself as liking Asian girls.

            Apparently, we do All of our thinking downstairs a bit. At least, white men apparently do.

  • 1069rhythm

    Bentivolio, by using inexpensive ways to publicize his anti-illegal alien stance and his anti-outsourcing stance, just might overcome Trott’s huge financial advantage.

  • Michigan Patriot

    I have been following Mr. Bentiviolo’s patriotic, pro-constitutional policies for several years and he is the ” Real McCoy ” ! What a refreshing law maker he is ; God bless him !

  • scutum

    Finally, a real american who is also a politician. Someone get a picture before he becomes extinct!