Boosting a Solid Sense of Identity at Canada’s First Africentric Pre-Kindergarten Camp

Louise Brown, The Star, July 17, 2014

Lucas Getu isn’t black. The 3-year-old has decided he’s cinnamon.

It’s a distinction that Canada’s largest school board hopes will, in its own small way, help drive down a troubling dropout rate among black students.

The Regent Park preschooler holds a sample of the ground spice up to his short bare arm and sees a perfect colour match–closer than the cocoa, or the nutmeg, or any of the other spices in vials that represent all the subtle shades of brown being celebrated at Canada’s first Africentric pre-kindergarten camp.

Here at this free summertime day program, the Toronto District School Board is using African stories, art, songs and exercises in cultural awareness to boost the pride and sense of identity of children from a community that is still among the most likely to struggle with school.

The 19 children in this pilot project at Nelson Mandela Park Public School–most are black but it’s open to all: a few are South Asian and one is white–made cut-out doll self-portraits on Wednesday, choosing from multiple shades of brown construction paper, which they dressed in swatches of vibrant kente cloth from West Africa.

They matched their skin tones to paint chips with names like “nugget gold” and “pelican tan” and checked out the spice vials displayed under picture books named Shades of People and I Like Myself.

“One little boy told his dad at the end of the day, ‘I’m oatmeal–and you’re chocolate,’ ” said program co-ordinator Karen Murray, one of five TDSB educators who designed the program for children entering kindergarten this fall.

Loosely based on models in California and Florida, it’s also running this month at one school each in Rexdale, Scarborough and Jane-Finch.
“The dad laughed and asked if that was before or after he gets a tan,” recalled Murray, “and the child said, ‘You’re chocolate all the time.’

“This kind of program gives kids the language to talk about these things in a natural way.”

Originally criticized by some as a form of segregation, the board’s Africentric elementary alternative school is growing, and test scores are on the rise. An Africentrichigh school program is expanding and Africentric courses will be shared with other schools this fall.

But this new experimental four-week program targets kids before even they start kindergarten.

To the sounds of a CD called African Playground, the children painted African masks, learned about African violets, studied snails under a magnifying glass, drummed, listened to a story called Chocolate Me about coping with racist bullying, and assembled jigsaw puzzles that feature black faces, one of them a girl wearing a hijab.

“One of the mothers who wears a hijab actually caressed that puzzle when she saw it,” recalled Murray.

Growing up black in Toronto, kindergarten teacher Kenisha Bynoe admitted: “I didn’t oftentimes see myself reflected in the curriculum, but this is enriching for children to see their history, the history of the African diaspora, reflected in school.”

Bynoe said the fact it has drawn some non-black students is proof the program is inclusive.

“The knowledge we’re building here together is rooted in the diaspora, but it doesn’t matter where you’re from,” she said, “and Africa itself is very diverse.”

Colleen Russell-Rawlins, executive superintendent of early years learning for the TDSB, said the program is meant to let children of colour see themselves reflected in a curriculum that has traditionally been Eurocentric.

“I often think we underestimate the power of seeing yourself represented in the program, but we believe a child must feel their identity is welcomed and affirmed in school,” said Russell-Rawlins, adding that offering different shades of brown paper is no small thing.

“We want them to be proud of representing themselves authentically. We recognize kids become very aware of identity in kindergarten and often don’t know how to talk about their differences. This program gives them positive language to be proud of who they are.”

Identifying their skin colour with pride can help bully-proof these children, noted early childhood educator Roy Bailey, who is black.

“In some parts of society it’s desirable to be lighter, so this lets kids feel proud of themselves whatever their shade. Our program helps kids recognize their shade and celebrate it.”

He looked around the classroom stocked with books like J is for Jamaica and Kenyan song lyrics and African masks, and noted: “This gives children a rich dose of everything they might not see in their classrooms in September.

“It just gives their self-esteem a bit of a boost.”

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  • dd121

    I’d be okay with it if they had a week or two of white identity training

    • RebelliousTreecko

      Make sure to capitalize “White”.
      We’re people, not a color.

      And I’d like classes like that, with things like European folk music, among lots of other things. I’m fond of Celtic music.

      • Olivia Richard


        ►►►� ►►► ►►► ►►�► ►►►

      • propagandaoftruth

        Lucas Getu isn’t black. The 3-year-old has decided he’s cinnamon.

      • Erasmus

        Like it or not, everyone else lives in the world we made. They are actors on the stage we built and in the play we wrote.
        Browse through any encyclopedia and you soon realize the contribution we made to world culture are orders of magnitude greater than those made by any other.

        Go to any metropolis anywhere in the world, let it be Asia or Africa, if you wish. When you see the cars, the buses, the lights, the trains, the computers, the airplanes, the modern medicine, you see the thumb print of the European heritage. You see the contributions of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, the Wright brothers, Sir Alexander Fleming to name a few.

        You don’t see contributions from Mfwesi Mbubu, Nigandar Nahaspemapetalam or Nao-Hsien Ren. They are simply not there.

        The contributions by Europeans are without equal and we need to tell the people who don’t like it to go bugger off.

        • Fantaman

          Amen to that. People shouldn’t be ashamed to be White, they should be proud of it. “I’m part of the race that created, built and drives the modern world. Your kind has absolutely nothing to teach me.”

    • dukem1

      Dream on.

      • dd121

        I do dream, that’s why we’re here. 🙂

        • Ella

          We can teach European culture at home, but kids really get interested when they are with their peers who express attention towards story telling or the arts. As a child, I was taught May Pole dancing for a year until it was banned by the Baptist for being too “pagan.” There we go…………our culture is labelled as pagan and racist. It is a beautiful dance with ribbons and traditional garb.

          • dd121

            I saw a May Pole dance performed by a group of college girls when I was in college. It most certainly IS pagan but sensuous in it’s own way. As for what liberals think of us, they have the notion that we’re all toothless bumpkins who drive pick-ups and live in a trailer park. Judging by the high level of posters on this site, I think it’s pretty easy to dismiss.

          • I am wolf

            “Pagans” probably wouldn’t allow their countries to be culturally swamped if they could help it – none of that “global fellowship” or “mea maxima culpa” crap.

          • mobilebay

            Ella, you’ve ruined my day! I wasn’t aware that May Pole dancing had been banned by the Baptist. When I was in elementary Catholic school, we had a festival every year and the May Pole with it’s colorful ribbons was the highlight of the day. Those memories go back a very long way. Those Baptists won’t let us have any fun! As far a being sensuous, I don’t think you can call a bunch of little kids either bumping into one another or going the wrong way very sexy.

          • Alexandra1973

            The May pole does have pagan origins. Phallic worship and all that.

          • Diana Moon Glampers

            Our elementary school has a maypole dance on mayday. It’s also 98% white.

          • Ella

            Oddly, it was a public school with many local Baptists in the area or on the school board. When I glanced at my elementary photos, the class had only one nonwhite person being Latinos. He spoke good English and never flaunted his Hispanic origin.

          • benvad

            That religion is what’s keeping us from uprising.

          • It is pagan; May Day was originally the Celtic Beltane spring fire festival. Their other festivals were Lammas, Samhain and Imbolc. We still celebrate Samhain as Halloween, another holiday that gets the Baptists riled.

          • David Ashton

            Samhain — All Saints Day?

          • Actually it is both that and Halloween: Samhain runs from sunset on October 31 to sunset on November 1.

          • Fantaman

            I introduced one of my daughters to celtic music and let me know it’s a delight to hear it.

            I recommend you try to interest your kids in classical instruments. There is nothing Whiter than an elegant young lady playing the violin or a well trimmed young man playing Mozart on a piano. Paying for their lessons is an excellent investment in their future, as they won’t be interested in rap or other negro culture.

    • Fantaman

      I’m not ashamed to tell my kids their race created the world.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Lucas Getu isn’t black. The 3-year-old has decided he’s cinnamon. It’s a distinction that Canada’s largest school board hopes will, in its own small way, help drive down a troubling dropout rate among black students.”

    So – if I call myself a cinnamon bun and bite a chunk out of my arm, will that make me want to skip dinner?!

    (You can call yourself a Vulcan if you want. It’s not going to change a DAMN thing. You’re STILL going to have an IQ of 75-85.)

    Btw, will they be singing “Burning Tires” and “Thank You For The Necklacing Dear” at this Mandela school?

    Jes axin’

    • Pro_Whitey

      Nelson Mandela should have been grateful the South Africans kept him in prison until after communism fell in Europe and Russia. He got to blame all the nasty necklacings on Winnie, and none of the other nastiness had his fingerprints on it. I bet they still might have tried naming after both Nelson and Winnie, but that’s still considered a bit too much.

      • me

        Nelson Mandela was a communist terrorist that should have been executed for his part in bombing and killing people. I’m sure that Mandela has gone to his ‘just reward’, and it makes me smile thinking about it.

      • David Ashton

        In England there was a plan to name the former excellent Girls Grammar School in Leyton, which had become a multi-ethnic comprehensive, “The Winnie Mandela High”. In a way it was a pity this didn’t go through, because it would have been immediately followed with the accusations that she was involved in the capture and murder of children.

        • It’s better when the Cultural Marxists are allowed to embarrass themselves in that sort of way before being forced to back down.

    • TruthBeTold

      “It’s a distinction that Canada’s largest school board hopes will, in
      its own small way, help drive down a troubling dropout rate among black students.”

      Said it a hundred times here. Theory after theory after theory.

      Now a black kid describing himself as cinnamon is going to help drive down the troubling dropout rate.

      I can’t wait to see this theory quietly and unceremoniously fade into oblivion, never spoken of again.

      • JDInSanD

        Why not skip all the nonsense and just tell the kid he’s white? Just a little bit cinnamony white. Then he too will become a rocket scientist.

      • Ograf

        The problem is Canada doesn’t have enough blacks to make that plan work. All the blacks in the States should move there and then they could test their theories .

        • I am wolf

          No thanks. I still don’t understand why we didn’t send what did come here back to the US after Emancipation Day (or send the ones freed in 1805 back to Africa.)

    • Alucard_the_last

      The ‘troubling dropout rate’ is 100% the negroes fault. No one is forcing them to drop out. As for the ‘cinnamon’ color, feces is much closer to the color of a negro.

      • Correct, and feces comes in various shades, just like spices. It all depends upon what one has been eating.

      • Fantaman

        Amen to that. Maybe in a generation or two, or rather never, will someone finally stand and point to blacks and say “This is your fault. You have no one to blame but yourself.”

    • me

      Nah. The Niglets start the day by singing, “Kill the Boer–Kill Whitey”. It’s the Frankfurt method of ‘edumacation’.

    • Fantaman

      Blacks are the only race in the history of the world who constantly needed to be renamed, as their fragile, yet monstruously inflated ego cannot handle any criticism. Sure kid, call yourself cinnamon but you’re still from the negro genus. You’ll still struggle in school because you can’t keep up with other races, you’ll still require MASSIVE influx of capital from other races just to keep yourself afloat.

      But most of all, you’ll still be black.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    A school named after a Marxist terrorist has little chance of producing anything other than “useful idiots” that the school is mostly black is an additional challenge.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      If blacks and Muslims can have their own schools, why can’t whites open up their own all-white school and call it the George Lincoln Rockwell or Nathan Bedford Forrest Public School? Of course, one should never expect logic or fairness from a liberal, especially one of the Soviet Canuckistani variety. These commissars would try to have you criminally charged and thrown behind bars for even mentioning a desire for white separation.

      • TruthBeTold

        Yes we should have our own schools and we should make a stink about it.

        But along the way, let them have their own schools to set the precedent and to keep them away from our white children.

      • With the ebonics cleaned out of it, even relatively civilized blacks’ thinking is “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours.” This alone means whites do not get institutions of our own.

        • Marc Zuckurburg

          That sounds a lot like one of my mottos.

          • me

            Not just your motto, but your people’s motto.

  • How come it’s always up to whites to boost the self-image of blacks and mulattos? Why is this always OUR burden? Can you think of any other racial group that takes such pain to boost the self-image of another race other than whites?

    Why are blacks always in need of a self-image boost? Could it be because they are a dysfunctional race of people and have little to nothing to be proud of by way of great accomplishments?

    • MekongDelta69

      I’m gonna go with YES for a Hundred Million Alex.

      • dukem1

        A hundred million and one up-votes!

    • TruthBeTold

      Sir. You are ignorant. Black folk invented everything that the white man stole from him.

      Do you comb your hair? Thank the black man. Do you wear shoes? Thank the black man. Did you ever ride in an elevator? Thank the black man.

      Do an internet search and educate yourself. Look for ‘Life Without Black People’.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        The only great black inventions I can think of are peanut butter, jenkem and AIDS.

        • JP Rushton

          There was an American Dad episode about the conspiracy of peanut butter. That since everyone loves peanut butter, if it was found out that a black man hadn’t actually invented it, people would turn against blacks.

          It was a pretty funny episode and at the end they showed a picture of the guy who supposedly invented peanut butter and it said “invented hundreds of uses for peanuts but not peanut butter”.

          • I am wolf

            Interesting. I had a tape of a Native Canadian (Cree, I think) singer; no one famous, but his songs were kind of amusing. One song included the things we should thank Natives for – and one of those things was PEANUT BUTTER – peanuts being also Native to this continent, I suppose.

            The Native is probably closer to the truth.

        • David Ashton

          Here I am again as Devil’s Advocate. I think AIDS may have had an origin in Africa, but it was certainly aggravated by the buggery warrens of gay “white” America and spread thereafter by sex tourism. Once it caught on in Africa, of course, male promiscuity spread it around.

          • That’s possible; some diseases become more virulent after they’ve been transmitted within a population for a while. Under the usual 20/80 rule, 20% of the hosts of a disease control the rate of spread of infection, anyway. The remaining 80% infect very few secondary hosts. These 20% are known as “super spreaders”; an excellent historical example was Mary Mallon, also known as “Typhoid Mary”.

          • I am wolf

            I think it got here originally thanks to the Peace Corps. Great idea that, send a bunch of horny teenagers to third world countries with beastly sexual behaviours, with little to no oversight. The kids of the 50s saw how “free” Africans were with the sex, and brought the idea back in the 1960s – “Why can’t we be like them, they’re so unrestrained by tired old uptight morals and have so much fun! We should be just like them and hop into the sack with everything that walks, without any sense of shame, too!”

            So of course these liberalized kids with their minds opened to “new experiences”, also believed in the “you can’t judge gay sex until you tried it” BS. The worst NA transmitters were probably the bis, who seem to be the worst for the casual serial sex, AND have the added benefit of being able to transmit their diseases to BOTH sexes at once.

            And when a chicken or cow sneezes, panic and bloodshed ensue. But it’s perfectly fine for humans to travel about the world freely, spreading whatever they like. Sure makes sense to me.

          • David Ashton

            Ebola Gay.

        • Alexandra1973

          I think the Mayans had peanut butter first.

          • Ike Eichenberg

            I think the first creature to chew a handful of peanuts invented peanut butter.

        • Peruvian Indians made a thick paste out of peanuts and water thousands of years ago. The Kellogg brothers of Corn Flakes fame were the first to make peanut butter using vegetable oil. The first electric traffic signal light was invented in 1912 by Lester Wire, a white policeman in Salt Lake City. The third (yellow) lens was introduced by William Potts in 1920.

          Below are pictures of Wire and Potts. They don’t look black to me.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            Well, you can’t take jenkem and AIDS away from the negro! Virtually all scholars of negro history are agreed that jenkem and AIDS are negro inventions.

        • Fantaman

          Peanut butter wasn’t invented by blacks, they just love to pretend they did.

      • bubo

        Don’t forget the traffic light. They are very proud of that. No cars, or even wheels on the mother continent until YT brought them, but still.

      • David Ashton

        Let’s keep some sense of proportion. Black folk’s hair doesn’t comb like white folk’s hair. The elevator is a modern invention which white folks managed without for thousands of years, but in the hotels of old, little black folks helped to press the buttons and help with the luggage, and often wore natty little suits and pillbox hats. Come back, Marcus Garvey, nearly all is forgiven.

        • Steam powered lifts and hoists were in use in England in 1800. The first electric elevator was built by Siemens in Germany in 1880. Even the self-closing shaft door was patented by Meaker in 1874 (US Patent Number 147,853) and NOT Miles in 1887.

          • David Ashton

            Thanks for that. All I am saying is that you cannot condemn the black race(s) because just because they did not produce the industrial revolution and all the consequent comforts of modern affluence which we all share. I think it was Carleton Putnam who exclaimed, as if it were a really telling point, that the negroes never invented toilet paper. To argue that the blacks generally are not as inventive as whites is another matter, but then scientific discovery and development is the work of the brighter section, especially exceptional individuals, of any society or race.

            “We have the Maxim gun, and they have not.”

          • me

            Truly delusional….

          • David Ashton

            & humpin’

          • Garrett Brown

            Who’s condemning anyone? We’re just stating the truth that is supported by obvious facts; blacks haven’t invented anything, even the few inventions they claim to. They’re worthless for progressing technology.

          • David Ashton

            Perhaps “condemn” was not quite the right word, but if you read carefully you will note that I said that it is another matter to argue that “blacks are not as inventive as whites”; and as my previous contributions here and elsewhere will show, I do not think blacks are technologically inventive “as a race”.

          • Garrett Brown

            He was arguing that they are inferior, and they are. It really is that simple.

          • David Ashton

            Intellectually the black race(s) are inferior on average comparisons to the white race(s). Survival in tropical heat or sprinting ability may be different; it depends on the measurement criteria and context. However, intellectual ability is increasingly important in the modern world.

          • Garrett Brown

            They can run faster than us. That’s about it.

          • David Ashton

            And boxing.

          • Garrett Brown

            That would be in the same category as speed, yes.

          • David Ashton

            Runnin’, leapin’,jumpin’, jiggin’, dancin’, steamin’, muggin’ & leggin’ it.

          • I can certainly condemn them for trying to claim credit for the inventions of others.

        • me

          What the heck are you blathering about? Furthermore, who cares about Negro hair? Are you claiming that Whites have ‘hair privilege’ now? Are we to shave our heads so that Negroes can have their hair extensions? Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans!
          Negroes did NOT invent the elevator, nor any other ‘invention’ that has been claimed by delusional freaks trying to give the Negro a false sense of self esteem. For thousands of years, the Negro ‘civilizations’ never left the Stone Age. They ‘built’ the pyramids like they ‘made’ the cotton industry king in the South. Negro inventions? The Negro ‘invented’ umbrage and a sense of entitlement, along with jenkem, gang banging, Polar Bear hunting, drive by shootings, twerking, the ‘knockout game’, and ‘blame Whitey for our degeneracy’. Period.

          • David Ashton

            No, I never blather. I leave that to people who put words into my mouth. I stand by everything I have said here, present and past, about the biological differences between the races, including the undesirability of miscegenation.

      • Alucard_the_last

        Life without negroes would cause wide scale unemployment for the police and prison guards. Welfare offices would close throwing more people out of work. Everything would get better unless you are the ones being laid off. Go back to Africa and create your paradise.

        • me

          Soooo…..what you’re saying is that it’s a win-win situation?

  • ncpride

    This program gives them positive language to be proud of who they are.”

    And I’m sure that includes that poor lone White child. /sarc……Saw ‘trending’ for a short while today, it’s supposed to be Nelson Mandela Day (pfft) so I decided to read some of the articles about this utter farce. I was very pleasantly surprised to see so many blast this nonsense. The media have not fooled half as many people as they think about their fake ‘God’. It’s incredible to me to see those who try to defend Mandela as some sort of savior for blacks in SA when any person with an ounce of common sense and honesty knows what a mess he and those after him have made. What was once a near paradise has become a hell on earth, and those facts are absolutely, unequivocally indisputable.

    • dukem1

      I don’t think SA is really, today, anywhere near the hellhole it is destined to be.

      • ncpride

        No doubt true. I also saw some sort of ‘stop the hunger’ campaign for SA, and it amazes me how those same bozo’s defending and praising Mandela won’t see the irony. Yes, things are and will get much worse.

      • That country is still in free-fall, descending to the level of civilization its new owners are capable of sustaining. Whenever the “Aztlan” reconquistas talk about how they want Anglos out of the US southwest, they ought to take a good, long look at Rhodesia and what happened there after almost all of the whites left. History is replete with examples of this, like Uganda after Idi Amin expelled the subcontinental Indian merchant class.

        Until about 1982, the SA rand traded at 1.40 to the US dollar. Now it trades at about 10 to the dollar.

  • SentryattheGate

    The US made the same mistake, thinking blacks’ problem in school performance etc. was lack of self-esteem, unlike it was realized that they have a higher self-esteem than others. That’s why they get angry so quickly when being disciplined, not getting the high grades they feel they deserve, the high incomes w/o deserving it, all the luxury perks when they become the mayor etc. It’s the white and Asian-American kids who are held to a much higher standard (behavior, grades,etc) who grow up believing that they must EARN respect, which brings you self-respect!

    • Pro_Whitey

      Brown v. Board of Education, which essentially is the foundation of forced school busing and other horrors, turns on just that self-esteem point you made. It was bogus then, and even more bogus now. What a disaster. I’m just thankful that because of municipal line drawing that occurred long before Brown, I happened to grow up a couple of hundred yards outside the busing blast zone. We had our dysfunction, and perhaps more than our share, but it was white dysfunction, minuscule compared to being a white kid forced into the inner city.

  • Dropout rate among black students

    Kindergarten dropouts?

    Loosely based on models in California and Florida

    Which have worked out so well in California and Florida, so of course someone in Absurdistan would want to import it across the forty-ninth.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Geez, I thought the Canadians opposed 54-40 or fight. Now they accept the worst aspects of it.

    • TruthBeTold

      Loosely based on models in California and Florida

      Did anyone look into the success (or is that failure) of California and Florida schools?

  • Whitetrashgang

    I am oatmeal, daddy is chocolate, mommy is a white ________ Anyways always nice to see progress.Got to get a beer out of the freezer now.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Whereas Americans ended up with a negro problem because of a series of historical accidents, Canadians are going out of their way to import theirs in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. Buchanan was right when he referred to that country as Soviet Canuckistan.

    • TruthBeTold

      Well, they’re just going to prove us wrong because they’re not racists. You’ll see.

    • David Ashton

      The suicide of beautiful Canada is a tragedy of terrible proportions.

    • Rosenmops

      Thanks, Trudeau. Thanks a million.

  • Sharps Rifle

    If they’re so African, let them return there. This kind of garbage makes me hurl!

  • Luca

    Silly Liberals, always trying to teach (indoctrinate) others into believing things which go against nature, common sense, logic, truth and empirical evidence.

  • Brian

    This is a great idea. All the black kids should be in their own Afrocentric schools…it’s funny though that they’re A) endorsing a version of Jim Crow; B) putting ‘self-esteem’ at the forefront, instead of educational excellence. As if blacks have a shortage of self-esteem.

    • Dave West

      “As if blacks have a shortage of self-esteem”

      Having lived in both Mississippi and South Florida this sarcastic statement is entirely true. Not only that, but from my experiences it seems that the more poor and dumb and black person is, the higher their self esteem. Only an unemployed black, living on welfare, who never finished high school could convince himself that he is the most intelligent and powerful person around.

      Is it possible that some poor white boys in Appalachia have the same attitude as poor blacks? Sure, but it would very unusual and most likely the entire town would hate that person and would probably take a fair amount of beatings at the local bar. This person wouldn’t be looked up to by the children in the community the way black street thugs are looked up to by the children in their communities.

      • kjh64

        I too have been around large numbers of low class Blacks and find that they, out of all races, have the unique ability of combining helplessness with arrogance.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Sounds more like an ego problem rather than self-esteem. IF they had self-esteem they’d pick themselves up and improve their lot in life by making positive contributions to society. Their massive egos are the problem as they believe everyone else should provide all their needs and wants.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I agree, I hope more Africentric schools get opened in Canada and the U.S. It’ll keep some of them out of regular public schools, which will make those schools a bit safer for white kids to go to, which means their parents won’t have to shell out for private school.

      Of course, this approach will only be PC for the next ~20-30 years or so. When the data becomes massively unavoidable in that Africentrism doesn’t improve blacks’ intelligence, it’ll become “racist” again to separate blacks from whites and blacks will once again demand to be schooled with whites…

      …until that fails, and Africentrism comes back into vogue around, oh…2060 or so?

      The cycle won’t end until racial realities are accepted by a majority of whites.

  • IstvanIN

    Lets look at a country that already has an ethnic problem. Lets say the problem is between two groups: French Canada and British Canada. The French Canadians resent the English language, their absorption into the British Empire, the English culture, the British monarch. They periodically grumble about pulling out of the confederation. The country has to deal with two official languages. Plus you have a minority of “first nations” (Indians) who never really fit in. What better way to encourage unity than to add even more ethnic and racial diversity. Insane.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      B-But diversity is our strength! That’s why diverse nations like Yugoslavia are such wonderful places to live!…

      Oh, wait…

      (Side note, how can liberals honestly believe it’s possible for people as different as blacks and whites to get along if different white ethnicities can’t even get along? The Flemish and the Walloons in Belgium don’t even like living together and they’re practically identical compared to the differences between whites and blacks. Not to mention the Irish and the English, or the French and the Germans, etc.)

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        I remember listening to Trudeau over the radio in the 1980s, when I was a little boy. His message was being broadcast over a large public area, so it was quite loud and everybody could hear it. He was telling his audience to imagine a land where people with different cultures and different languages and different ethnic backgrounds can live together in peace and harmony. Trudeau was going on about how beautiful this was and that this was his vision for Canada. I’ll never forget that voice. I must admit that even I was moved after hearing Trudeau deliver those words. They were actually inspirational.

        Now that I am much older, I reflect back on those words. Trudeau sounded so incredibly naive and child-like. How could a man as intelligent as Trudeau believe something so obviously stupid? Third world immigration causes nothing but problems. Even a retard can see that. Trudeau’s words only make sense when you realize that this man had set out to completely destroy the old country in the late 1960s.

        • me

          Ha! Trudeau couldn’t even put a leash on his wife, Margaret, who was the biggest wh$re in Canada at that time. She serviced so many rock stars that she started to get callouses on her knees….

        • “Child-like” is spot-on. These goofballs imagine a world in which they would like to live, and then proceed to pretend that they actually live in such a world. If that’s not juvenile, I don’t know what is!

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Trudeau implemented multiculturalism in order to diffuse tensions and improve relations between English and French Canadians. He believed that by reducing the English and French to ethnic minorities in a country where no ethnoracial group was in the majority would promote Anglo-French unity. This would be accomplished by not only destroying English and Quebecois nationalism, but also by destroying Canadian national identity as well. In the 1960s, Pearson established the “B & B” commission, whose purpose was to recognize the bicultural/bilingual nature of Canadian national identity and solve the problem of francophone economic underperformance and underrepresentation in Canadian political life (at this time, French Canadians were the worst performing ethnic group in the country, with the exception of native Indians).

      However, when Trudeau got elected in 1968, he totally ignored the recommendation of the B & B commission to make Canada an officially bicultural/bilingual nation, which actually made sense from an historical perspective. Trudeau unilaterally made the decision to transform the country into a “multicultural nation within a bilingual framework.” Originally multiculturalism started out as recognition of cultural pluralism among Europeans. By the late 1970s, this evolved into a vision of Canada as a miniature UN when Trudeau secretly changed the ethnic composition of the immigration from western European to third world. This third world immigration was initially tied to the Manpower employment index so it wasn’t as massive as it is today. The problem of third world immigration significantly worsened under Barbara McDougall, who set the immigration target at 1% of the Canadian population in the early 1990s.

      Yes, it is insane. Instead of fostering Anglo-French unity, as Trudeau weirdly claimed, third world immigration threatens to split the country up into hundreds of ethnic enclaves and relegate Canada to third world economic status. Trudeau put Canada on the path to race war. McDougall only hastened the inevitable.

      • IstvanIN

        So the plan really was death to the French, death to the English, all in the name of national unity. Insane.

      • me

        Trudeau was a patsy to the will of the usual suspects….

  • LHathaway

    This is completely deceptive. Every school room in Canada is Afrocentric, even if it may be to a lessor degree.

  • Theodora Angelina

    Why stop at facsimile of Africa when they could go live in the real thing?

  • David Ashton

    No human being can help how he is born or what he looks like. That goes for white folk too.

    • me

      No, but every ‘human’ is responsible for their behavior and the content of their character….quit splitting ‘heirs’.

      • David Ashton

        Subject to biological research into the brain, nervous system and hormonal impacts on aggressive tendencies, and the impacts of parental behavior on children, I agree with what you say about individual responsibility for behavior. The present generation of “white” or “black” people has no responsibility for the slavery of past generations. See my earlier contributions for further clarification of my opinions about race, and why I am opposed, for example, to large-scale black x white miscegenation.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          Only “large-scale” black-on-white miscegenation? I am opposed to ANY miscegenation between whites and nonwhites. Miscegenation places children at high risk of serious health and behavioral problems. Miscegenation, especially between blacks and whites, places the white partner at high risk of being maimed and/or brutally murdered. Opposition to all miscegenation is really just another form of humanitarianism.

          • David Ashton

            Against it on a large-scale because of the wider impacts on total population character, intelligence and health. A few individual crosses may not be susceptible to serious health and behavioral problems; I know of such cases. But I am opposed to it all on principle in so far as all such marriages set a bad example, however temporarily successful some may or may not seem.

          • David Ashton

            My reply has not (yet) appeared, at 4 PM GMT July 21

            I am sure we shall all profit from hearing your own evidence-backed reasons for opposition to absolutely any miscegenation.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            The high statistical probability that children will suffer from health and behavioral defects, as well as the negative effects of regression to the mean and lack of identity, should be more than enough reason to deter ALL whites from engaging in miscegenation. Given the fact that our governments are engaged in systematically murdering off the white race through massive third world immigration and multiculturalism (which are really forms of social and genetic engineering), it is imperative that whites the world over stand up and resist miscegenation, by force if necessary.

          • David Ashton

            As it happens, I have researched and argued these same points from student days when I debated this issue in college and was supported by only one vote, from a Nigerian, and then at my next university when I argued with Professor Otto Klineberg of UNESCO notoriety; I have never taken a different position, publicly or privately, though fairly familiar with the usual counter-arguments (e.g. K.F. Dyer’s “The Biology of Racial Integration”).

            Your last statement has been a motivator in my contributions to this website (except that I am against violent attacks on mixed-race couples or their children); it was a danger raised nearly a century ago by Prof. William McDougall in his US lectures when non-white immigration, “large scale”, was comparatively negligible. His main arguments against crossing appeared in “The Group Mind” (which was used by Hitler).

            Apart from a subscription to “Mankind Quarterly” since its outset, and life membership of what used to be the Eugenics Education Society, my reference library on miscegenation &c includes books by Ruggles Gates, Cyril Darlington, Nancy Stepan, Fritz Lenz, John Baker, David Rife, Colin Bertram, Herbert Spencer, Frank Hankins, Gustave LeBon, Hans Guenther, George Santayana, Ellsworth Huntington, Roger Pearson, Carleton Coon, Marcus Garvey, just to quote a few authors among many from my desk at some distance from the larger collection in another room.

  • WR_the_realist

    It’s 2014 and Canadian liberals still believe that the reason blacks do badly in school is because they don’t get enough Afrocentrism in their curriculum. It’s getting hard for me to believe that the white race (or at least the liberal half of it) has more intelligence than a turnip.

  • kjh64

    If Africans want “afrocentric” schools, why don’t they go back to their homeland? Why is it White’s jobs to give them “afrocentric” education? Wouldn’t be ridiculous if Whites moved to Black Africa and whined that the schools were “afrocentric? Why in the hell did Canada import Blacks anyways? Can Canadians be so utterly naïve not to see all the problems they cause in the US?

    • Canada probably imported blacks for the same reason Sweden has; they were arrogant enough to think they could do the job of civilizing them better than us awful Yank racists.

  • IstvanIN

    See themselves in Africa has certainly helped them greatly.

  • IstvanIN

    From the National Museum of American Jewish History: Chasing Dreams celebrates baseball and the many fans, players, and characters who helped shape our American story. Every triumph and defeat, every hero on and off the field, has become another chapter in the history we all share. And for immigrants and minority groups especially, it has played a crucial role in understanding, and sometimes challenging, what it means to be American.

    It always about tearing down, degrading and destroying Anglo-American society. And it is the same way in Canada, don’t become a Canadian, bring your failed society to Canada.

    • Kenner

      The culture of critique.

  • kikz2

    I like the idea, it reinforces that separate schooling is best for both Whites and Blacks 🙂 I just dislike that Whites have to pay for it.

    • We were going to be stuck paying for it anyway. This way, they aren’t disrupting class time in real schools.

      • kikz2

        they can get as twerkyand cinnamon as they wanna and noone has to hear any whining about being ‘microagressed’, there would be no more ‘disparate affectations’ because of discipline.. and more importantly…..whites wouldn’t have to fear riots, or as you say put up w/the general disruptions they manifest.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    ”Identifying their skin colour with pride can help bully-proof these children, noted early childhood educator Roy Bailey”

    So being proud of your race is ok then?

  • Alucard_the_last

    It is better that they go to their own schools. This way human schools won’t have to lower the standards so negroes can feel better about themselves. One of the main tests is how to fill out a welfare application.

  • Alucard_the_last

    The have ‘false pride syndrome’. They think they are special because they can add without a calculator.

    • They don’t even need that level of accomplishment. All these “self-esteem” boosts really amount to is that they should be proud of being proud. This doesn’t make blacks any more competitive in a modern economy, but does instill in them a sense of entitlement that eventually leads to anger, with whites as the inevitable victims.

    • Fantaman

      Nope. They’re taught to be proud to be black, without any forms of achievement. That’s also called affirmative action.

  • Lagerstrom

    I didn’t get far into this, I just couldn’t do it.

  • benvad

    My country has officially
    drunk the cool aid.

  • That’s a great site. Thanks!

  • Masks and drums: quite an achievement!

  • me

    That would explain some of this…

  • Erasmus

    You have to love “Afro-centric Edu-cay-shun.” The kids don’t learn squat, but they all feel good about themselves.

    • Like I said earlier, they’re supposed to be proud of being proud of being proud. This excuses them from the need for any genuine accomplishments in life. This short-circuits the “observe-decide-act-observe-learn” cycle that genuine humans use to develop confidence in our own abilities: i.e. pride.

      The safe bet is that these impending failures will feel great about masks and drums right up until high school graduation, by which time they will have also learned how to sit around and listen to music, and just enough about sex to get pregnant. They will also have “learned” that everything is always whitey’s fault, like the fact that at age 18, they still won’t understand how birth-control works.

  • Siemens is still the big electrical equipment manufacturer in Germany. There was another one, AEG: Allgemeine Elektricitaets Gesellshaft, founded in 1883, but after its subdivisions were bought out in the 1990s, the company evaporated. AEG appears to have heavily specialized in railroad equipment (this division was purchased by Bombardier). The founder was Emil Rathenau, who’s son, Walther organized Germany’s finances for World War One.

    Emil Rathenau was not an inventor himself, the way Siemens was, but a banker who realized the potential behind Thomas Edison’s patents and then arranged the finances to purchase German production licenses for Edison’s technology.

  • I am wolf

    I think I’m going to be ill.

  • I am wolf

    So, when do displeased Canadians get to do something? When can we
    even take to the streets with signs (like that’ll do any good …)

    have a Muslim mayor crying for more TFWs. We have the Chancouver area
    in the process of becoming culturally (and perhaps politically) Chinese.
    We have hippies in bed with businesses over “diversity”.

    will it be time to do something? Do we have to wait for the Jihad
    Squads to start gunning people down on the streets? For the Chinese Red
    Army to land in the Port of Vancouver? For the constant ethnic rioting
    to start in Toronto?

    We’ll STILL be told that everything’s OK,
    and we’re not even to lift a finger to defend ourselves, physically,
    much less culturally! And still the third world colonists come, and
    there’s really nothing stopping them – Harper loves them just as much as
    Trudeau does, albeit perhaps for different reasons. All the parties
    will speak in forked tongues to favour the third worlder as it suits
    them – all of them.

    It just gets worse every day, and we can’t
    even find out whether or not the anti-TFW march in Toronto worked out,
    or if it was busted up by “anti-fascists”.

    So just when DO
    Canadians get to get together, with groups both social and political, to
    stand up for ourselves? Hint: When we’re being marched into the camps
    is TOO LATE. But even then, we’ll be threatened with legal action if
    we “incite violence”. The PC plan is more well underway than most
    people think! Because “violence” even includes Mohammed cartoons – it
    hurts mooslime feelings.

    Where’s the counter-revolution? The hippies weren’t afraid to raise hell, and THEY WON.
    Don’t teens these days rebel against their parents any more?

    we really want blasphemy laws to come back, at the behest of the PC
    multicultural UN, just so random nutbars don’t have their feelings hurt?
    Why should Mohammed or Jesus be any more special than any other
    fantastical thing someone thinks up and insists they believe in with all
    their heart and soul?