Young Americans Lured to Fight for ISIS Militants

Laura Collins, Daily Mail (London), June 19, 2014

AK-47 aloft, his right hand raised and pointing to the sky, Abdirahmaan Muhumed, 29, stands on a Syrian hillside and stares defiantly into the camera.

Six months ago the father of nine from Minnesota was shooting hoops in Uptown Minneapolis. He was neither overtly religious nor politically vocal.

Today he is one of as many as 15 young Somali-Americans from the Twin Cities currently under investigation by the FBI for having travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

First revealed by Somali-American journalist Mukhtar Ibrahim in a report for MPR News, Muhumed is one of the latest wave of radicalized young Americans, targeted by ISIS terrorists promoting a chilling phenomenon that security experts have dubbed, ‘Jihad Cool.’

Rap videos, romanticized notions of revolution and adventure and first-hand accounts of the ‘fun’ of guerrilla war are the latest tactics used by militant recruiters as part of what experts have identified as an, ‘intensification of radicalization,’ both in the States and beyond.

One unverified propaganda video, titled ‘IslamicState Work Out Video’ shows masked men apparently going through an SAS style boot camp, while in testimonies, many posted on YouTube, leaders, recruiters and seasoned fighters deliver their potent message. According to recent security research, such online activity is a powerful tool that increasingly, ‘prods an individual towards violence.’

A Congressional Research Center study into 18,130 entries in 2,112 online discussions from more than 15 Arabic language jihadist forums has recently revealed that ‘one fifth of all discussions include an explicit call for more terrorist attacks.

‘Overall two thirds of all discussions contain some form of call for our encouragement of terrorist attacks.’

Figures such as Abu Muhammad al Amriki (‘the American’) provide ‘inspirational’ footage in a bid to further the cause and swell numbers. ISIS fighter Al Amriki is one of the more high profile ‘American jihadist’ to have taken to the public stage. Online images of al Amriki abound, as pictures of him heavily armed and posing with his ‘brothers’ in Jihad vie for priority alongside videos of him fighting or proselytizing.

A video posted on YouTube in February shows him speaking in heavily accented English. Though it is not certain from where Abu Muhammad al Amriki originates, he claims to have lived in the States for 10 or 11 years before travelling to Syria and to have fought for the Al Nusrah Front, once affiliated with Al Qaeda, before becoming a jihadist for ISIS.

In recent days, tweets and social media messages posted by extremists from Britain who have already arrived in the Middle East have shown the chilling reality of ‘jihad cool’ writ large.

In messages that read like tips from music festival goers to fellow fans or student travellers to peers following in their footsteps, the militants urge others to join them. Travel light, bring a smart phone, but leave religious books at home to avoid suspicion at the airport they instruct.

Already 7,500 foreigners are believed to be fighting in Syria and Iraq. Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has told Congress that there are more than 50 Americans among them, believed to be waging jihad in Syria.

The FBI has declined to release the identities of the Twin Cities Somali-Americans currently under investigation but they have confirmed that three-times married, Abdirahmaan Muhumed, is one of them.

Journalist Mukhtar Ibrahim first identified Muhumed last week and has communicated with him in brief Facebook exchanges during which, Mr Ibrahim told MailOnline, Muhumed told of his desire to ‘bring back the Caliphate (Islam State).’

According to Mr Ibrahim, Muhumed told him that if others consider him a terrorist ‘he is happy with it.’ Muhumed wrote,’Family is not gonna save me frm [sic] hell fire because muslims are getting kill[ed] and if I just sit here i will be ask in the [hereafter].’

In a Facebook posting on Jan 2 Muhumed stated,‘I give up this worldy life for Allah.’ The following day he posted a image of himself carrying the Qu’ran in one hand and holiding a rifle in the other, with the caption ‘Shaam’–the Islaimc name for Syria.

He went onto state that ISIS is ‘trying to bring back the Khilaafa’ and that ‘Allah loves those who fight for his cause.’

In one chilling image seen and described by Mr Ibrahim and posted by Muhumed on May 8 the head of a dead man is held up to the camera, his mouth slighty ajar. In a following image his head has bound tied with a yellow ribbon from the chin up, his eyes and mouth shut, ‘as if in preparation for burial.’

Mr Ibrahim said, ‘This is all an extreme shift as far as his friends were concerned. About four days before he left he told a friend he was leaving for London, for a vacation. So to see this guy in Syria was a complete shock. To his friends he was a cool guy. His profile was far from a religious guy.’

Friends told Mr Ibrahim that Muhumed had been passionate about the politics of Jubaland, a regional administration in Somalia but they were Mr Ibrahim said, ‘perplexed as to why Muhumed went to Syria.’

He added, ‘This (jihadist behavior) is not something new, we have seen men travel abroad from the Somali community before.

‘But for them to go somewhere other than Somalia, where they don’t have any ethnic, cultural, or family connections. This is different.’

A recent report from the Congressional Research Service, ‘American Jihadist Terrorism: Combating a Complex Threat,’  identified ‘jihad cool’ as a key factor in pushing young Americans to take up arms where once their sympathies might have remained inert and without expression.

On 25 May this year, 22-year-old Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha became the first American born jihadist to die in the Syrian conflict.

He blew himself up when he drove a vehicle packed with explosives into a restaurant full of Syrian government groups.

The Florida raised Abu-Salha disappeared from his Florida home to join the Al Qaeda affiliated, Al Nusra Front, thought he did not speak a word of Arabic leading his parents to believe that their son, whose jihadist career began in 2012, could not have been radicalised by listening to ‘sermons of hate.’

But according to Organized Crime and Terrorism specialist, Jerome P Bjelopera, the methods used by militant recruiters to attract young men such as Abu-Salha can be far more insidious and subtle than open hate-filled rantings, heavy with religious rhetoric.

IIn 2007, Cabdulaahi Ahemed Faarax, a charismatic recruiter for Al-Shabaab, enticed young Somali men in Minnesota with a jihadi cool message replete with war stories.

‘According to federal court documents, he emphasized jihad but also stressed the sense of brotherhood he had experienced while fighting.

He detailed his own experiences in guerrilla combat and reassured his listeners that it was fun.’

Mr Bjelopera added that ‘jihad cool’ may have played a role in pushing five young Northern Virginia Muslim men who were arrested in Pakistan in 2009 for allegedly trying to join jihadist organisations.

Worrying, Mr Bjelopera concluded, ‘The interactivity of chat rooms, blogs, social networking sites, message boards, video hosting sites and email blurs the lines that previous generations of terrorists and sympathizers encountered with pamphlets, newspapers and newsletters.

‘This possibly encourages people who interact in such forums to more easily see themselves as part of broader jihadist movements and not just casual readers or online spectators. They may eventually engage in more substantive activity–actual propagandizing, financial support, or joining a terrorist network.’

They may, in short, be drawn by the lure of ‘Jihad Cool.’

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  • Truth Teller

    Already 9 lifelong welfare babies and dozens more to come.

    • Löwenmensch ᛟ

      They will all qualify for free college

  • D.B. Cooper

    Sigh. Once upon a time in America, this was what Isis meant…

    • Hillbilly

      for sure, and this ole hillbilly thought it was some kind of Bill Clinton babble………..

  • Dave4088

    The federal bureau of intimidation (FBI) probably doesn’t have the resources to keep tabs on these ISIS recruits since their primary mission is to monitor and harass white people who harbor politically incorrect views about the “Big Three” of Jews, afro-mericans, spanics as well as oppose cultural Marxist programs emanating from the government.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Gee maybe diversity isn’t Iraq’s greatest strength, something must be wrong with those people. It would be great if they could topple their puppet masters.

  • Jesse James

    More proof that Somalis are not and will never be Americans. This country has become an absurd joke.

    • John R

      If the Somalis want to go to Iraq, good. Let ’em. They’ll do less harm to us there than here.

      • APaige

        Yep. And if they die and/or kill other members of the religion of peace so be it. Once again when two minority groups fight it is a win/win.

        • John R

          We have to keep reminding ourselves of that old expression: “Do we have a dog in the fight?”

          • Medizin

            Our dog is hoping all of them will go fight for Allah. In the process, they kill each other.

      • They’ll do even less harm after the carpet bombings by B-52s based in Diego Garcia start. The open desert is ideal terrain for that sort of thing. I’ll bet any amount of money that ol’ Abdirahmaan is totally unfamiliar with the term “arclight”.

  • Well, at least our Muslims (“-“) running back over to the M/E and *-stan will be wearing $400 Nike Jordan shoes. It’s the ideal way to combine Jihad and shoe game.

  • JohnEngelman

    AK-47 aloft, his right hand raised and pointing to the sky, Abdirahmaan Muhumed, 29, stands on a Syrian hillside and stares defiantly into the camera.

    Six months ago the father of nine from Minnesota was shooting hoops in Uptown Minneapolis…

    Today he is one of as many as 15 young Somali-Americans from the Twin Cities

    – Laura Collins, Daily Mail (London), June 19, 2014

    Twenty dollars says those nine children are being raised on welfare. There is no mention of a wife and mother, so I guess they are illegitimate. I wonder how Mr. Muhumed knows they are his.

    • John R

      Yeah, “Father of nine”? WTF! And how is he SUPPORTING all those kids? I know, silly question.

  • John R

    Young “Americans”?

  • dd121

    You don’t really expect Holder to prosecute people fighting against our country, do you?

    • mikebowen55

      He’d have to prosecute himself and his buddies in that case.

  • Let these evil vicious creatures die for their religion if that is what they want. One thing they need to know, though. Their 72 virgins will look like Oprah, with all the warmth of Hillary. But if they are unfortunate enough to live, why should they be allowed back in the US? To kill Christians? Obama would like that.

  • MekongDelta69

    Like I said yesterday about those (so-called) “British” – these ‘people'[sic] are no more “American” than I am a Martian.

    • Klaatu barada nikto?

      • MekongDelta69

        Nah. Remember that head in the bubble in the original (1953) version of “Invaders From Mars”?

        Well… You’re talking to him…

  • Who Me?

    Why, in the name of God, WHY is there even such a thing as a “Somali-American”?

    • mikebowen55

      There isn’t.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Calling these culturally and racially unassimilable foreigners “Americans” is just plain stupid. If a white person goes to China, does he become a European-Chinese or just Chinese? Assuming that foreigners exposed to western ideas of democracy and free markets will become Americans is just as silly, even bizarre, as assuming that giving copies of the Analects of Confucius to every white man who visits China will magically turn them into Chinamen. You cannot disentangle nationality from race.

      • Robert Haschberg

        America isnt an ethnic nation state like Denmark, Germany or China so your argument is invalid. The American population is not characterized by a shared (genetic) origin and a shared history like the populations of ethnic nation states. Even the whites of America lack a common genetic origin and a shared history.

        From an european point of view you americans are horribly crippled by your mixing and you have to make-do with inferior inventions like “white nationalism” instead of the much more powerful ethnic nationalism we have in Europe.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          No, you’re wrong. America was founded as a white Anglo-Saxon ethnostate. The purpose of the melting pot was to produce a new white ethnicity, the American people, who would have both a shared history and a common genetic origin. American nationalism is, of course, an ethnic nationalism. However, because of radical social engineering through massive third world immigration and multiculturalism, American ethnic nationalism has been transformed into a civic nationalism.

          • Pro_Whitey

            Yes, let us all note that the Naturalization Act of 1790, one of the first acts of Congress, allowed only free white persons to become naturalized citizens. That law was not fully repealed (not that it ever should have been) until 1954.

          • Robert Haschberg

            Several european nations had colonial interest in north America. The brits ended up last man standing – but what are we debating? We are not interested in America of 200+ years ago, we are interested in America of today and tomorrow, and that America is not an ethnostate. The massive post 1776 immigration waves effectively ended that.

        • Medizin

          Do you include Australia and Canada as inferior inventions, as well?

          May I ask your ethnicity?

          It doesn’t appear ethnic nationalism is working in Europe.The British fail to recognize they are British. Germans aren’t permitted to recognize they are German.
          British, German, White Nationalism…none of it works with Europeans in Europe, United States, Canada, or Australia.

          What is your suggestion?

          • Robert Haschberg

            You americans do not get it because you do not have it. You do not understand how crippled you really are. Ethic euros arent mutts like you, ethnic euros have an all in-house ancestry that goes back many hundreds of years. Their ancestors worked the land and built the nation they reside in. They have a totally different claim to ownership and a much stronger bond between each other than white americans, whose ancestors are a scattered mix from everywhere and whose presence in a given area seldom goes back more than a hundred years. White nationalism isnt a particulary strong brand of nationalism but ethnic blood and soil nationalism is strong enough to get whites to fight each other – and we need no less than that.

          • Medizin

            You didn’t answer my question. How is enthic nationalism saving your country? Your deep historical advantage isn’t working.

            It’s obvious, we lost our country, as did England, but we in the U.S. should address the anti-White political environment causing our eventual demise. It is a White issue in the United States…always about African blacks and European Whites throughout our history. Now, it’s about blacks, browns, tans, and yellows hating European Whites.

            That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t develop a different strategy.

            Western Europe will be ruled by Muslims which is far worse than United States ruled by Hispanics. One-half of London, for example, is a Muslim no-go zone.

            The situation throughout European countries is far more complex than using ethnic nationalism will resolve. It is that very strategy ruling Zionist elites despise. The greatest obstacle is getting the majority of Americans, British, Germans, etc., to oppose the current regimes in control of our banking, media, education, entertainment, and governments.

          • Medizin

            More thoughts.

            Ethno nationalism is that very strategy Zionist elites despise resulting in more pressure, more support for non-Whites, more
            anti-White rhetoric and laws against Euro-Americans.

            First they must understand what is occurring in their countries, how it affects them, then ethno nationalism might work. Regardless, of whether it is using any one of three, people of European ancestry have lost all survival instincts. It doesn’t take much intelligence to see what the outcome of massive numbers of third-world tans, browns, and blacks, do to us and our countries. But, here, those who do speak up are labeled White Supremacists, Skinheads, KKK members, Nazi’s, racists, placed on terrorist watch lists, lose their jobs and reputations.

          • Robert Haschberg

            The entire anglosphere is a writeoff. Same for France and the mediterranian nations.

            But that doesnt mean that the entire of Europe is doomed to become a darkie hell hole, and it doesnt mean that the darkies will be able to keep their loot. Darkies have never been good at technological warfare.

          • Robert Haschberg

            I live in Sweden and ethnic nationalism is in the ascent here, although from a very low level but growing very fast. You havent seen anything yet, this will not end in anything else but an insurrection or civil war. This wont happen in every euro nation, the UK is well on the way to becoming a police state with agressively enforced tought control laws, and France is troughly rotten. The primary cultural problem the western euros have is that they refuse to accept that they have ended up where they are because they fought on the wrong side in world war 2. That goes for you americans too.

            Sweden (and the other scandinavian nations) have geographical and cultural advantages over UK and France. We have less jewish penetration of media and banking (although they are overrepesented here just like in USA), we do not have a militarized society with a huge standing army like the big powers, our army is tiny and very dysfunctional. We do not have a SWAT team in every tiny little hamlet like USA, we have just one for entire Sweden. They would be routed with very heavy losses after about an hour or two of combat against a large company of Donbass style militia. Theres really no physical power behind our government. Our political and economical elite is small, perhaps 10K people. Once they have gotten the Pol Pot treatment, there are no obstacles left for a political solution (“liquidate your assets and get out”).

          • Medizin

            “They refuse to accept that they have ended up where they are because they fought on the wrong side in world war 2. That goes for you americans too.”

            We came to that conclusion long ago.

            “this will not end in anything else but an insurrection or civil war”

            Probably, in the U.S. as well. Growing militias and increasing
            weapon and ammunition sales.

            You obviously understand the situation well.

          • Medizin

            See below for more thoughts.

          • SoulInvictus

            “They have a totally different claim to ownership and a much stronger bond between each other than white americans”

            …which is why Europe has been in an almost constant state of internecine warfare since, forever. We get it just fine, and it’s a big part of why we left.

            ” but ethnic blood and soil nationalism is strong enough”

            Which we had. Until we got into a scuffle that killed almost a million whites here over it. Some places still have it, mostly in the same States that fought that war.

  • Löwenmensch ᛟ

    Yeah won’t be long before al-Shabaab US Somali pirates shoot up the Mall of America in Minnesota, like the Shabaab attack on the Kenyan mall

    • mikebowen55

      That’s okay. They’ll have white gun owners and the NRA to blame. It’s a win-win for the traitors.

  • Fair Dinkum

    Lured? I don’t believe they were lured at all. Most likely they were chomping at the bit.

  • Fair Dinkum

    They are “no longer accepting comments on the article.” I guess they were getting too many un-PC comments.

  • IKUredux

    Never, ever forget, that we all know what it means to be an American, an Englishman, a Frenchman, a German, etc. TPTB can continue to stick any manner of brown crap into our societies, and declare them to be … But, we all know IT IS A LIE! A Somali will never ever be anything other than a Somali. A Nigerian will never be anything other than a Nigerian. A Chinese will never be anything other than a Chinese. Don’t listen to these people. They make these claims about how easy it is to bestow national status on aliens, because they have only ever been aliens in every country that has put up with them. (Before getting rid of them). Odd that these people who have always considered themselves to be God’s “chosen”, have pretty much not ever had a country to call their own. Personally, I would be questioning that whole “chosen” thing.

  • JackKrak

    Chew on this. If Mr. Muhamed catches one between the eyes (fingers crossed!) while fighting the good the fight over there in Camel Land, all nine of his “American” kids will get Social Security checks every month until they’re 18.


    • JohnEngelman

      I am confident that they are already getting welfare checks.

  • Pro_Whitey

    As one of the youngest children in a larger than average family, it grates on me to see the snickering about large white families while it is supposedly unconscionable to criticize unmarried blacks and browns whelping large broods with only government support.

  • Cid Campeador

    God Bless the Duggars. They have the reality show and it sure beats most of the others. They and their kids are all very attractive albeit a bit old fashion vis a vis their wardrobe. They appear to be a close knit loving family who take care of themselves.
    Howard, I should probably know this but what is the TPTB?

  • Rurik

    The real star of this drama is Lutheran Family Services which has brought this tribe of savages into the Twin Cities, incidentally making “obscene profits” from grants and subsidies before passing along these critters to public assistance.

    • It is our tax money that is laundered through these faux “charities” which pays for the invasion.

      • Cid Campeador

        This is no more than not so subtle ethnic cleansing of WHite people.