When Brooklyn Juries Gentrify, Defendants Lose

Josh Saul, New York Post, June 16, 2014


The influx of well-off and educated white people to trendy neighborhoods such as Williamsburg is rapidly “gentrifying’’ the borough’s jury pool–and transforming verdicts, lawyers and judges told The Post.

It’s good news for prosecutors in criminal cases–and bad news for plaintiffs in civil lawsuits, they said.

“The jurors are becoming more like Manhattan–which is not good for defendants,’’ noted veteran defense lawyer Julie Clark.

“They are . . . much more trusting of police,” Clark said of the jurors. “I’m not sure people from the University of Vermont would believe that a police officer would [plant] a gun.’’

Former Brooklyn prosecutor and defense lawyer John Paul DeVerna said, “The ‘Williamsburg Effect’ affects every case that goes to trial.

“A contrarian-minded person–and Billyburg has them in spades–can cause discord in the jury room. And if the hipster gets along with everyone, that can even be more dangerous because they are confident and educated, which means they have the potential to hijack the jury.”

The seismic shift also is affecting grand juries, lawyers said.

“The grand jury used to have an anti-police sentiment. When I was a prosecutor 22 years ago, a jury would be 80 percent people of color,” said high-profile lawyer Arthur Aidala. “Now, the grand juries have more law-and-order types in there.

“People who can afford to live in Brooklyn now don’t have the experience of police officers throwing them against cars and searching them. A person who just moves here from Wisconsin or Wyoming, they can’t relate to [that]. It doesn’t sound credible to them.”

Meanwhile, civil juries have become more pro-defendant.

“There’s an influx of money, and when everything gets gentrified, these jurors aren’t pro-plaintiff anymore,” said plaintiff lawyer Charen Kim.

“We’re dealing with more sophisticated people, and they don’t believe [plaintiffs] should be awarded millions of dollars for nothing.”

The percentage of white people in Brooklyn grew from 41 percent to 50 percent between 2000 and 2012, according to US Census data.

Rents in the borough also spiked by 77 percent over the same period, according to a recent report by the city comptroller’s office.


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  • MekongDelta69

    I know Williamsburg like the back of my hand. Part of my ‘yoof’ was spent growing up in Greenpoint (or, as Norton would say, “Greenpernt”), which is the hood just north of Williamsburg.

    All the hoods in Western Queens and Brooklyn were White and lower middle class to middle class back then. Then they all turned black and brown (with the predictable results).

    Then, all the yuppies, who couldn’t afford to live in the City (which is what we called “Manhattan”), started to displace the rabble. What kills me is the prices have gone through the roof just for the ‘privilege’ of living in the same dumpy hoods in which we grew up.

    Anyway – I only mentioned that, b/c commenting on what the bleeding heart defense attorneys are whining about would get this post deleted.

    • What has me scratching my head, even though it really doesn’t, is that both the white hipsters and the black undertow they’re displacing vote for the same political party. If there was a smart Republican politician around, and there aren’t many, this would be a big juicy opportunity to drop a ten ton wedge in the Democrat-left coalition.

      • John R

        Why do you think that the black “flash mobs” even got some coverage in the news? Because upper middle class White liberals started to get targeted. That is why I have always argued that we need to reconvert the deluded white liberal, and stop wasting time on people who are genetically dissimilar to us.

        • Kit Ingoldby

          The definition of a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged,

          • ElComadreja

            Even a mugging doesn’t smarten a lot of them up.

          • John R

            Yep, said by my favorite mayor: Philadelphia’s Frank Rizzo, R.I.P.

        • Olorin

          This is exactly correct IMO.

          It starts with understanding that a lot of white liberals aren’t deluded so much as thinking and saying what they have been told to think and say by elites who will rob them of their jobs, freedom, homes, property, and families if they don’t. We all have seen what the punishments are for mere accusations of racism. This goes hand-in-glove with the slashing of middle class jobs and the freezing of real-dollar wages starting in the 1970s.

          The “race realism” (or whatever) movement has been instrumental in giving many white liberals a place to explore and witness to their real feelings, which are too politically incorrect to voice in public. It takes awhile to rebuild that freedom…particularly since most people don’t realize how badly the First Amendment has been compromised in the past 50 years, or how the elites who supposedly protect it (like ACLU and elected politicians) will remain silent when the issue is whites speaking out about their own experiences of racism or black sociopathology.

          This is one reason I detest the polarized political thinking I see on these topics (“libtards” and such). There are a lot of liberals and progressives who are as frothy-mouthy as they are because of interior stress–the danger to themselves and their families. Either they have nothing but school and media kumbaya to go on where blacks are concerned. Or they have often learned the hard way that to witness to lived experience is a crime that the elites punish without mercy.

          The internet has provided an anonymous outlet for this witness, as well as a documentation of abuses that cannot easily be sent down the memory hole.

          • My complete loathing of self-described “liberals” – really just Cultural Marxists – stems from my experiences with them as a university undergrad at Santa Cruz. After one of them told me in all seriousness that noodles are naturally green, but white males bleach them to remove the nutrients, I decided they are all mentally ill and that there is no point to having any sort of discussion with them.

            Other really good ones: Gender roles are artificial but homosexuality is natural. Eating meat is racist, and hunting is even worse. The December 1984 methyl isocyanate disaster at Bhopal, India was actually a US neutron bomb test. Prehistoric humans did not actually hunt and eat animals, and the stone ax blades, arrow heads and spear points archeologists find were really just a form of money. All heterosexual intercourse with white males is rape. Capitalist institutions deliberately cause war. Wall Street is rigged so that only white males can make money on the stock market. Owning a gun is racist. Owning a dog is racist. People who find homosexuality nauseating are merely latent homosexuals themselves and are projecting their own self-loathing.

            I could fill a book with these, but the examples above should be sufficient to explain why it is impossible for me to take these people seriously.

    • MBlanc46

      +1 for quoting Ed Norton.

  • Andy

    “When I was a prosecutor 22 years ago, a jury would be 80 percent people of color,” said high-profile lawyer Arthur Aidala. “Now, the grand juries have more law-and-order types in there.”

    I don’t think you meant it that way, but that was *racist*, Mr. Aidala.

    • TruthBeTold

      More ‘law and order types’ as in white perhaps?

    • Oil Can Harry

      And what about the (Indian?) lawyer who said that, compared to blacks, whites are “sophisticated people, and they don’t believe plaintiffs should be awarded millions of dollars for nothing”?

  • Dave West

    I love it! People of color being oppressed by hipsters!

    • benvad

      I love it! Spike Lee was really peeved about this one. He went on a rant about it on MSNBC!!

      Now, we’ve just got to get a hipster knock out game started against blacks in NYC, and the world will be in balance again.

    • ElComadreja

      Just what in the world is “hip” about any of these pitiful beatnik/hippie/yuppie wannabes?

      • Dave West

        I guess a more fitting name would be whimpsters or dumbsters.

  • benvad

    I’m just glad the white population is increasing and pricing the coloreds out.
    I don’t care if they’re the Woody Allen type, as long as the rabble is gone.

    • TruthBeTold

      Where will they go? To a neighborhood near you or worse, your neighborhood?

      • benvad

        I was really hoping for a styrofoam raft back to Ghana

    • 1stworlder

      Not really they are spreading black dysfunction to other areas.

      • benvad

        Ohhhhh wonderful !!!(sarcasm on).

  • The O. J. Simpson case taught white America all it needs to know about black and brown juries. The low IQ morons can’t understand that they set themselves up as victims by freeing conspicuously guilty defendants. But what happens when the tide of color shifts again and whites get pushed out a second time via mass immigration and government policy? The hipsters should enjoy their stay in Brooklyn because it just might be a short one.

    • TruthBeTold

      Most whites don’t want to learn the lesson because if they did, it would make them ‘racists’.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        That’s changing! The word has becomes so diluted as to lose its sting.

        • I, Michael Christopher Scott am a racist.

        • MarcB1969

          +1. Especailly after close to a decade of Obama being in the public eye.

    • Jesse James

      One of my first moments of racial truth was when the OJ Simpson acquittal was announced at a factory where I used to work. A loud shout went off from the floor as almost all the blacks let out spontaneous shouts of joy. We worked together everyday and I knew most all of those people and couldn’t believe that they would cheer for the acquittal of a someone that almost everyone believed to be guilty. I remember meeting the eyes of several other whites and them shaking their heads or expressing openly their disbelief. The decent blacks cheered just like the ghetto trash, that was when I saw how things were.

      • John R

        And those were the supposedly “good” blacks.

        • ElComadreja

          Those exist in the same imaginary realm as moderate Muslims.

      • ElComadreja

        I had been telling the whites I worked with what the outcome of the OJ trial was going to be for months. I was a “racist” and a “bigot”. The day the verdict came down I had the last laugh on those losers. I’ll bet half of them still can’t face reality.

    • John R

      As I said on another post, the OJ acquittal and the black reaction, was the beginning of my racial awakening.

  • TruthBeTold

    Minorities moving into white neighborhoods, good.

    Whites moving into minority neighborhoods, bad.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      That’s because Whites who move into Black neighborhoods plant flowers and fix the places up. We can’t have that now, can we?

    • 1stworlder

      When white people are not flighting bringing home prices down they are gentrifying bringing them too high.

    • Alexandra1973

      Whites fleeing minority neighborhoods, bad.

      Wow. We’re damned if we do, and we’re damned if we don’t.

  • dd121

    Would the cops lie to us or plant evidence? In 99% of the cases they don’t have to, the blacks are criminal enough on their own.

    • Mason Gull

      Do you even need to ask?

      Police Depts. measure the ability of their officers based on how many criminals they arrest and convict. There have been numerous cases of cops planting drugs on people or in homes to justify arrests and raids.

      • dd121

        My suspicion about most of those cases is that those people are guilty of something and the cops know it. So they’re just helping things along. Frankly, I don’t have a big problem with that. I know a lot of people do.

        • Jesse James

          Here we disagree DD, I do understand your point but the law is either sacred and applied equally or there is no law but that of the powerful doing what they will and the weak suffering what they must.

          • dd121

            You have a good point but look what the left has done to the law and the constitution. Maybe doesn’t justify it, but…

          • Jesse James

            Trust me I agree with what you say about the undermining and perversion of our law system. Still if we don’t stand for a higher civilizational standard then we are naught but another band of competing cannibals. Screw the commies and the fuzzie wuzzies, it is our law, our history our culture and our civilization and we are it’s just interpreters.

          • dd121

            I know you’re right, but, but but…

        • Mason Gull

          I guess that justice just isn’t important to some people. May your chains rest lightly upon you.

      • LHathaway

        I suspect cops in big cities are worried about prosecution, not just promotion. If you kill a younger person of color, you could lose your job or go to jail. They say some cops will carry a ‘drop knife’. I would have to guess less than 1 out of 10,000 cops carry something like a drop knife. Perhaps only 4 or 5 cops in the whole country carry one. Or less than that. Are there situations where a cop might carry a drop knife for a period of time or for a particular day (not necessarily to murder someone but expecting serious trouble)? I would guess 4 out of those 5 cops are policemen of color.

        • Mason Gull

          Cops routinely kill people of all races for questionable reasons, and the the harshest punishment they ever get is a paid vacation. Cops rarely go to jail because the PD is responsible for disciplining their officers and responding to complaints. A trigger-happy cop doesn’t even need to show a dead man’s weapon to justify himself, he just needs to say he felt threatened, and maybe bellow “drop the weapon!” before shooting if he wants to be really safe.

          I’ve never heard of drop knives, but I have heard of drop drugs. I’m sure that not every cop plants drugs on suspects, but they certainly aren’t all or even mostly black/Hispanic cops. American law enforcement is insanely corrupt, and I wouldn’t put anything above them. Police brutality and corruption is bad for everyone, and you shouldn’t excuse just because they victimize black people somewhat more often.

      • 1stworlder

        Harrisburg PA had a 20year democrate mayor lose to a black gimme dat candidate because she ran on targeting the careers of cops that shoot black felons. A few months after she won the cops avoided the areas where they would shoot black felons and the NAACP requested the governor declare martial law after 16 black on black murders in a month.

    • After I was arrested in 2000 and wanted to bond out, the FBI agent repeated only the worst things anybody was willing to say about me, without this pretend “evidence” being subject to cross-examination of the original sources.

      • dd121

        Couldn’t you challenge that?

        • My lawyer tried.

          • dd121

            I never had a run-in with the criminal justice system so I can’t say that I have an accurate idea what you experienced. There’s always been rumors, urhumph, that it’s all rigged.

  • r j p

    And if the hipster gets along with everyone, ….

    Sorry, hipsters are f’n tools, the biggest group of (w)hite fools.

    • Billy Clinter

      Well even bad whites are better than blacks…

      • Nonhumans

        I happen to disagree with that point. The nonhumans would not be and never would have been had it not been for the libtards enabling and emboldening them. We also would not have this squat-monster infestation going on, or at least not to the same degree if not for the libtards.

      • Having met plenty of “bad” whites in county jail and federal prison, I completely agree.

  • NoMosqueHere

    White hipsters in Brooklyn still vote democrat 9 to 1.

    • TruthBeTold

      Do we need any more proof that liberals are delusional?

      They actively deny what they see all around them.

      • They just need more of the Knockout Game. I always prefer that my enemies be convinced they are tragically mistaken, but a profound beat-down by black “yoofs” is a useful part of that process for some of them.

        • TruthBeTold

          How many post-beatdown interviews have you seen where the victim blamed the perpetrator?

          They either blame themselves, offer their forgiveness, or ignore the relevant race facts.

  • WR_the_realist

    Rents in the borough also spiked by 77 percent over the same period,
    according to a recent report by the city comptroller’s office.

    This process will continue until we run out of white people who can afford to pay 77% more than the people of color they displace.

  • JohnEngelman

    Gentrification only works to a point. Rich whites are less likely to have been victims of black criminals than middle class whites, so they are less likely to have a realistic appraisal of crime and punishment.

    Rich whites know few blacks. These few are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment.

    • 1stworlder

      Yea in Oakland whites from San Fran buy houses and put up fences along with sharing the cost of 24/7 armed private security with their white neighbors.

    • Cid Campeador

      “Gentrification only works to a point. Rich whites are less likely to have been victims of black criminals than middle class whites, so they are less likely to have a realistic appraisal of crime and punishment.”

    • guest

      And the more gentrified their neighborhood, the less contact they have with blacks.

      What you observe is exactly my experience with rich whites in the Bay Area. Particularly the ones who migrated there from rich East Coast towns/neighborhoods, or the very white Midwest.

  • A Freespeechzone

    With blacks, regardless if the black defendant is guilty or not (look at the OJ & Zimmerman trials), they ALWAYS side with their race, REGARDLESS of the facts.

    Whites, on the other hand, try to assess the facts and make a just verdict….

  • Who Me?

    “When I was a prosecutor 22 years ago, a jury would be 80 percent people of color,” said high-profile lawyer Arthur Aidala. “Now, the grand juries have more law-and-order types in there.
    We’re dealing with more sophisticated people, and they don’t believe [plaintiffs] should be awarded millions of dollars for nothing.”
    Whoa! Slow down there Skippy, you’re getting awfully close to telling the truth, and we can’t have that, you know.

    • benvad

      “more law-and-order types” like that’s a pejorative? We can’t be the same species, we just can’t be.

      • Who Me?

        Up is down, in is out, black is white, good is evil, wrong is right and if something isn’t done the end of life as we know it is at hand.

    • Alexandra1973

      Whites are interested in justice, blacks are interested in sticking it to Da Man.

  • 1stworlder

    Translation “we need more dumb axx n1663rs that will believe Traybon was going to church at 2am on a Saturday night when cops shot him”

    • M.Magog

      they never believed that, they all know the score, for them they judge by skin color. IT doesn’t matter who did what they always side with the black. They SAY they believe he was a “good boy”, but that is only because they think all whites are idiot liberals.

  • Billy Clinter

    Brooklyn is so nice now, and getting ‘nicer’.

    I didn’t need this article to tell me why.

    • benvad

      Imagine what the country would be like if they’d be back in their homeland?

      • benvad

        I can deal with all kinds of political attitudes as longs as the majority is the same race. All works out when everyone more or less resembles each other.

  • Kenner

    I doubt any of them could spell it.

  • HJ11

    White genes have us build and maintain White socieites and neighborhoods as surely as the genes of various species and subspecies of birds have them build and maintain their particular types of nests. Genes are us.

  • Cid Campeador

    “The jurors are becoming more like Manhattan–which is not good for defendants,’’ noted veteran defense lawyer Julie Clark.

    “They are . . . much more trusting of police,” Clark said of the jurors. “I’m not sure people from the University of Vermont would believe that a police officer would [plant] a gun.’’

    So we have a female Ron Kooby who shrinks in horror from the very notion that a defendant should be convicted.
    Yes “intelligent jurors”equals well considered verdicts.

  • John R

    Awwww, jurors might be intelligent, hard working taxpayers? THE HORROR! Gosh, they might even believe the police, and, I can’t say it, RESPECT THE LAW! OMG! This is definitely a major civil rights issue, and one Obama and Eric Holder need to investigate. If this keeps up, black criminals might actually get punished for their crimes. Really, I have heard B.S. from news stories before, and each time I think the sh#t couldn’t get any deeper, then a story like this comes out…

  • John R

    Republicans need a new “Southern Strategy” that encompasses all Whites in the country.

  • John R

    I don’t believe this “only 10%” idea. First, I would bet a MAJORITY of black males in their “yoot” get involved in some kind of criminal activity, second, I believe, MOST blacks-even if not criminals themselves-act to justify and excuse the criminal activities of their people. They act as apologists for black criminals. No, most of their race is responsible for criminal violence, not just a few.

  • benvad

    They haven’t been infected by gimme day Americans.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    “I’m not sure people from the University of Vermont would believe that a police officer would [plant] a gun.’’

    Funnily enough, I don’t believe that all those guns are planted either…..

    ”these jurors aren’t pro-plaintiff anymore,” said plaintiff lawyer Charen Kim. ”We’re dealing with more sophisticated people, and they don’t believe [plaintiffs] should be awarded millions of dollars for nothing.”

    How odd, something else that sounds like an outbreak of common sense. No wonder ‘Charen’ is unset, not so many ‘ghetto lottery’ wins for her anymore…..

  • Usually Much Calmer

    I live in Illinois. The Democrats here have really bad ideas but the Republicans have no ideas. The party is just dead in the water. I hope it is different in other states, but don’t see much evidence for it.

    I mentioned in another article yesterday that I went to an event for a Republican congressional candidate. His speech involved empty platitudes like, “We need more business”, “Government regulations are too complicated”, “Taxes are too high”. That’s it. Nothing about the VA, the president’s incompetent execution of foreign policy, shrinking government, nothing. His own heart rate probably never changed throughout the speech.

    In short, the guy failed the Turing test. He may even win his race (10th).

    Democrats running for office will tell you what they will do. All of those things at this point are things that shouldn’t be done, but at least a Democrat will speak content. The Republican party in Illinois needs to die. We need a third party.

    And every one of us should care about the second amendment at this point, but I agree with you on the rest. I am also SWPL, from SWPL. Thanks goodness for white people and the stuff they like!

  • Alexandra1973

    What I’m reading here is blacks will let a “brutha” off but Whites aren’t buying it.

    Sure, there are corrupt cops. But not *all* of them.

    Whites are more likely to actually listen to the evidence that’s presented and make a decision based on that. Blacks–if the defendant’s black, not guilty, end of story.

    Now we know why Lincoln was against blacks serving on juries.

    • The Colorado Springs police department has some good people, but I suspect one of them I had earlier complained about to his shift captain lied to the BATF in order to have them tear up my house in December of 2011.

      • Alexandra1973

        Wouldn’t surprise me.

        You should check out the web site called Operation Vampire Killer 2000. It calls for cops to basically be honest, actually serve the people and not the NWO. Great site even if it is slightly outdated.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      You’re right. Whites will pay attention to things like facts and note inconsistencies in testimony. Whites are also good about reading non-verbal cues. As Rachel Jeantel recently demonstrated, blacks are more focused on things like dare har n’ nails. Can’t be bothered with facts or complexities.

  • Play to win

    That behavior is commonly called chomping out.

    • neshobanakni

      Very close. Spell it right and get banned on most sites.

      But actually, cheering for your side is not ch*mping out. It’s just showing your priorities.

  • One of my old college friends was renting an efficiency apartment in Silicon Valley about 15 years ago, and was paying more to rent that little place than I was spending on the mortgage for my fairly large townhouse in Colorado Springs at the same time. I also got to deduct the mortgage interest on my income taxes; one doesn’t get to do that with rent, so that lowered my relative housing expense even further.

    As to where poor whites go, one of my friends from jail saved up for a used truck. He’s a heavy equipment operator by trade, and he went to North Dakota to work the oil and gas fields. Greg makes about $120,000 a year now. I’d need more than that to tolerate the winters there. Once he can’t take any more of it, he says he’ll move to Colorado Springs; he says Pueblo is too full of greaseritos.

  • Olorin

    So the defense lawyers are complaining because their era of easy-money race-baiting parasitism is drawing to a close?

    Poor poor defense lawyers.

  • Reverend Bacon

    “Defendants lose, plaintiffs lose.” This is one problem with our low-IQ rulers: they have no perspective. There’s a parable that went around awhile ago about dining out; the gist of it is this: a group of 10 people all eat dinner, but they pay dramatically different amounts based on their relative wealth. When the restaurant cuts its prices, they fight over who shares in the savings. They argue that giving it all to the wealthy is unfair. “Poor people lose” the low-IQ folks whine.

    Vilfredo Pareto talked about this idea almost 100 years ago. He developed a concept of “Pareto Efficiency” that is, a state of the economy where it’s impossible to make anyone better off without making anyone worse off. But that doesn’t account for the fact that those made worse off (here, the criminals and the ghetto Lottery players) are getting a free ride. Gentrification is not a pareto optimal move, but that doesn’t make it bad. What the liberal press calls, “Defendants Losing,” Paul Kersey would call “reduction in Black Jury Nullifications,” a reference to many of his documented cases where blacks on the jury cause a black criminal to be set free.

  • My ex-father was a university physics professor, and he genuinely enjoyed beating the dog $%&* out of me.

  • guest

    In my view they’re “bad” whites because they don’t stand up for their own AS whites. They lie, dissemble, and dissimulate. They hate on white people who DO stand up for themselves, their families, their ancestors, and their descendants.

    But at the end of the day, hipster whites ARE whites. Many of them have the good genome that assures success. What I loathe about them is they pretend that isn’t true, rather than standing up for it proudly, and then they back all sorts of expensive social experimentation that is useless…in order to keep from admitting that they KNOW the reason they are successful is who their parents have been these past 800 to 50,000 years.

    BTW, the lower class whites I know are all either married or partnered for keeps, in fine shape (but because of working, not going to the gym), and very much committed to their children.

    The upper class whites I know in NYC seem to gravitate toward changing reproductive partners, marriage partners, and sexual orientation as much as they change fashions in skinny jeans. They revile working class or working poor/poor whites (as you seem to), but never admit how much they rely on them for their class privileges.

  • MarcB1969

    I know exactly what you mean, but I understand that hipsters are the most extremely brainwashed by segments of society and have largely been coddled in Whitopias for most of their lives. I view them no differently than cult members who need to be deprogrammed, so I withhold my healthy contempt for them and feed them the race realist birdseed that their malformed minds can digest.

  • john boggs

    I was stopped at a red light in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, which, btw, hasn’t been German in a 100 years. Houses literally started to empty into the streets. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Within seconds my work truck was pelted with a bottle. Unlike Reginald Denny, I punched the gas and was fully prepared to mow down everything in my path. I got to a payphone and called my girlfriend, who informed me of the OJ verdict.

  • neshobanakni

    David Yeagley would be ashamed for the conquerors.