Rise in Female Genital Mutilation, Inspectors Find Entire School Classes Victims

M.E. Synon, Breitbart, June 20, 2014

School health services in the small Swedish city of Norrköping have found 60 cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) among schoolgirls since March, with evidence of mutilation found in all 30 girls in one class, 28 of the most severe form.

In Sweden, where the EU’s Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) says that FGM “is considered to be a serious problem,” the law enables genital examination of children to be carried out without parents’ consent.

FGM has been a crime in Sweden since 1982 and can be punished by up to four years in prison, increased to 10 years if judged to be an aggravated offence.

According to EIGE, concerns about FGM became widespread in Sweden in the early and mid-1990s with the influx of Somali migrants: “The first national action taken in the field . . . was initiated after alarming testimonies from the healthcare sector indicating the existence of FGM among many–if not all–women that originated from FGM-practising countries.”

Now the daughters of immigrants are in danger of undergoing FGM. According to The Local, the risk of becoming a victim of the procedure increases in the summer when many schoolgirls visit their parents’ home country: “We’re working to inform parents that they could face prison if they come back and their children have undergone female genital mutilation,” said Petra Blom Andersson, student health coordinator in Norrköping.


In 2013, Somalis were the third largest group granted asylum in the EU countries, according to a Eurostat figures reported yesterday by Breitbart London, with almost 10,000 granted protection. Sweden gave refugee status to 26,400 people last year, more than any other EU country. The third largest group arriving in Sweden came from Eritrea, a country in which according to a UN report FGM is illegal but widely practised, with the rate estimated at 94 per cent.


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  • Löwenmensch ᛟ

    Male genital mutilation is fairly common.

    • TruthBeTold

      And needs to end.

      • AutomaticSlim

        I find most bodily mutilation to be disgusting.
        Including tattoos and piercings.

        • Barbara Jeremy

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          ✪✪✪ �✪✪✪ ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪� ✪✪✪

          • AutomaticSlim

            Wow, this must be my lucky day.
            Is there a full moon out tonight?

          • I find it a bit ironic that she (if it is a woman) is leaving spam comments about making $85 an hour from the internet on our immigration threads. If the immivasion keeps up, next to nobody’s going to be able to make $85 doing anything for the glut in the labor market.

          • AutomaticSlim

            Yes, Tata and Wipro will get that down to $10 an hour in no time.

          • I received a job offer as a proof-reader yesterday. Unfortunately it was a phishing scam, and someone else warned me. Fortunately I provided them with no information. Unfortunately, I would have liked the job; I could probably have done it rather well, had it been real.

            Is that “gal” still at it: the one who always brags about the new car she just bought, but never the same car twice? We have two cars and one truck that do not run, so I’m on foot most days. She must have worse luck with vehicles conking out than we do! I’d expect better from new vehicles; perhaps she should try putting gas in them.

            I’m glad you brought her up. It put a smile on my face, so thank you.

          • Hallie Eva


        • Ron Cheaters

          I’m with ya there.

      • 1stworlder

        It is pushed because it was an easy way to ID you know who during WWII in a way they couldn’t lie about. They push it so they can hide.

        • Sick of it

          Many push it for hygienic reasons. Personally, I’m glad I don’t have to spend that much extra time taking care of my little soldier.

          • AutomaticSlim

            I didn’t realize they were talking about circumcision.
            I don’t consider that a “mutilation”. More a hygiene thing, like you say.

          • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

            Do you realize they remove the clitoris
            And sometimes sew the outer lips together allowing just a small opening through which urine and menstrual blood can pass?

          • AutomaticSlim

            Um…male circumcision, what 1st Worlder and Sick of It are talking about, not the article.

          • Sewing those things together is the Zulu way.

          • Person of Whiteness

            It doesn’t take any extra time, plus it’s less likely to actually get dirty in the first place.

      • I’m happy I was circumcised. I don’t want to be “sensitive”. The way I see it, the happier my old girlfriends were or my wife is, the more I enjoy it. No, it isn’t “natural”, but neither is an orthodontist straightening misaligned teeth.

        • TruthBeTold

          It’s amazing how complete the propaganda is about circumcision that we accept it as normal, natural, and healthy to remove skin from the penis of a non-consenting baby; much like Muslims accept female circumcision as normal.

          If an adult wants to make that choice that’s their decision. I don’t believe parents should be making that kind of choice for their son. It’s not like imposing your ideology on them. One can change your ideology as you grow older. This is physical and permanent..

          • Of course this is permanent. My arms and legs are also scarred-up. I have a very good one, bone-deep on my left thumb, and one on my left knee, another over my right eye, between my eyes, and so-on.

          • jambi19

            As a clinician all I can say is “paraphimosis” and “smegma”

          • Hallie Eva

            Thank you, jambi, for mentioning that. I was reluctant to do so.
            In G.U. rotation, many cases of painful phimosis that required
            non-elective circumcision were seen.
            My German born ex-husband, circ’d at the age of 16 for phimosis, insisted that our boys have the procedure. No argument from me.

          • TruthBeTold

            All I can say is that 100,000 of thousands of years of evolution gave man a foreskin.

            My money’s on evolution.

          • ElComadreja

            Amen to that.

          • 1stworlder

            I know NICU nurses that say doctors treat the foreskin better than they do the baby because they sell the foreskins for more than the payout of the circ procedure.
            I see your smegma and raise you illegal aliens should have their anchor babies lower bodies cut off because they bring them into the ER for diaper rash, from not washing.

          • jambi19

            Sell foreskins??? Who told you that??? I don’t know any doctors that do that nor can I think of a financial reason to do it. Have to agree with you about illegals and the ER though.

          • 1stworlder

            fresh infant foreskins are sold to make skin grafts. Look up Apple grafts, actually Apligraf.

          • ElComadreja

            I’m glad I never had it done to me. It’s a barbaric practice and the whole “hygiene” argument is a red herring. It’s a very easy thing to pull back the foreskin and clean yourself.

  • Eventually, gender egalitarianism and Islam are going to have to come to blows. They can’t keep on existing happily together under the same political tent forever.

    • 1stworlder

      Maybe it is one of those Occupy tents with a No Rape sign on it?

    • Sick of it

      I expect more white feminists to simply jump ship and put on a Burqa. That way they can really hurt the white man (through genocide).

      • Magician

        Actually, a bunch of native Swedish women did wear a hijab and posted pictures of themselves on Twitter to prove that they are not racists and they do respect the muslim women in Sweden, after a muslim woman in Sweden was physically harrassed.



        And what is funny is, she was harrassed in the hands of a muslim man.

        If the Swedish women did truly care about women’s safety in general, they should have urged muslim women to take off their hijabs to let them keep in mind that they are living in a country where violence against women is not accepted But what they did was, letting all muslim men and women in Sweden that the native Swedes will understand and accept the muslim culture by wearing the hijab.

      • ElComadreja

        Yes. I’ve long suspected the attraction of some of them to black primitives was their way of dealing with their “daddy issues”.

    • [Guest]

      I hope you’re right, but there is an awful lot of cognitive dissonance going on under that political tent right now, and the occupants seem to pride themselves in it.

      Anyone who can be a crusader against the death penalty even for a confessed, convicted serial killer whose guilt is not in doubt while approving of it for the innocent (unborn babies); who can claim to champion freedom of speech and at the same time favor cracking down on “hate speech”; and who can pretend to support gender and racial equality while simultaneously supporting every “diversity goal” that discriminates against white males can somehow manage to accommodate Muhammadism.

      I put NOTHING past these people.

    • Ella

      Feminists believe they can educate them.

  • Rhialto

    In 1960 many Americans considered Swedish society to be the model for all societies to achieve, a country where women had attained equality in every way. Who would have believed a prediction that in 2014 FGM (cutting off the clitoris) would be a problem in this Liberal utopia?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    You can’t have a first world culture with a third world population, not without one destroying the other.

  • TruthBeTold

    Have you ever noticed how silent feminist are regarding Muslims’ treatment of females?

    • JohnEngelman

      They want to believe that Western civilization is the cause of the world’s problems. They openly hate the Bible Belt and the religious right. Everything they hate about those is far more true of Muslims.

      • AutomaticSlim

        The feminists’ issues with Bible Belt/Religious right is mostly perceived and based solely on philosophical differences regarding a female’s role in society.
        Islamic mistreatment and abuse of females is physical and quite real.
        This hypocrisy is very similar to the feminist disdain for the White male patriarchal society, while siding politically with violent black males, who beat and rape White females with an alarming frequency.

    • Sick of it

      They’re too busy converting to Islam.

    • Lagerstrom

      I have, but they (feminists) will say “it’s just men” when it comes to Muslims and Africans rather atrocious treatment of females, but when a White man is caught looking at one of the sisters for a bit too longer than maybe he should have, he’s a sexist WHITE man and most likely a rapist and the cancer of human history.

    • They like islam because islam hates us.

      • ElComadreja

        They are too stupid to realize that “us” includes them.

  • Alfred the Great

    We, the Anglo-sphere countries, are absolute idiots for letting in people who are nothing like us. Let the asylum seekers go to a country that has people like them.

  • Magician

    I read that Sweden has only 1.7% of the total population of EU ( I just checked and it is correct. Sweden has 9m and the total population of EU is 505 million) but it accepts more than 10% of all refugees and immigrants entering Europe.

    Simply search for “muslim refugees and immigrants in Sweden” and you will see several very disturbing photos.

    • Löwenmensch ᛟ

      Yeah Stockholm looks like a trashcan, a blend of Mogadishu and Islamabad

      • Magician

        Well a city as well known as Stockholm is bound to receive quite a few tourists from around the world as well…. And I read on the Internet that a lot of guys from India and USA visit Sweden for a “one night stand” with native Swedish women. Some get what they want, but others don’t

        • Löwenmensch ᛟ

          I don’t want to go to Europe, it has been ruined by the cultural Marxists importing alien people. I can see diversity here in America and it sucks

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            Europe is in a much better position to resist the tyranny of the one-world ideologues than America:

            (a) They have proportional representation which allows for the establishment of dissident parties.

            (b) Compared to America, the foreign-born population in Europe is a much smaller percentage of the national population.

            (c) Europeans have a much stronger attachment to Blut und Boden than Americans.

            If you want to talk about being almost completely ruined, look at America. Europe requires a European Spring to rid herself of the tyranny that plagues her, but America requires a bloodbath on the same scale and magnitude as WWII to get rid of the globalist tyrants and her third world population.

          • I agree with you that it’s going to be easier to save continental Europe than America, but I don’t think saving either is going to be the hard bloody row to how that you think.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            In all probability, the European situation can be satisfactorily resolved, with minimal or possibly no bloodshed, provided things do not go beyond a certain point of no return. I think the system is set up in such a way that the cosmopolitan elites can be peacefully coerced into surrendering power to nationalists.

            In America, the problems we face are far more intractable and fraught with peril. Here, we confront a formidable enemy who is determined to make us multicultural, even if it kills us. We have no way of fighting this enemy using the democratic system. They control the mass media and the public education system, which ensures liberalism’s survival as the country’s reigning ideology. This means that, barring a crippling economic depression or Soviet-like implosion, the most likely scenario is revolutionary war.

            Given how deeply entrenched multicultural ideology is within the dominant social and political institutions of American society, the attempt to remove these malignant cancerous growths from the American body politic would be an incredibly sanguinary endeavor, certainly much more sanguinary than anything that will take place in Europe. The ensuing conflict in America will be significantly aggravated by the ongoing, large-scale third world colonization, which has destroyed so much of the American landscape.

          • Sick of it

            If the Marxists would simply die of old age (and childless, hating the thought of bearing children; plus homosexuality), leaving the rest of us in peace, absolutely. But they will have pogroms here in America as they did in the Soviet Union. They have been on the attack in America for 200 years.

          • ElComadreja

            Yes. It really does go all the way back to the Abolitionists and their ilk.

          • Ella

            Czech, Poland, rural Switzerland and Lithuania still feels like Europe. Some Western European cities like London, Rome, Paris, Wien, Berlin, and others remind me of our foreign US cities- a slow cultural destruction and stye.

          • Magician

            Yes, I read that it is getting harder and harder to find indigenous white people in London and France nowadays. And on top of that, in London, many of the remaining white indigenous women are in the arms of black men!

  • Korean guy

    If Sweden stops accepting refugees or at least makes sure the refugees return to their homelands as soon as it is safe for them to do so, they would not have to worry about this whole chaos to begin with.

    I will be honest with you. I am sure I can find out what it is, if I try to find out what it is, but at the moment on top of my head I do not know what “genital mutilation” is or what the purpose of it is.

    And Sweden gladly gives “permanent residence permits” and “citizenship” very quickly to all refugees entering Sweden! It is almost as if it is exactly what the Swedish government wants to do. They are very happy to see the refugees and immigrants living in Sweden for the rest of their lives.

    • Anglokraut

      Female Genital Mutilation is a crude surgery that cuts away anything that causes sexual pleasure. Its purpose is to remove any sexual desire from women, by removing any pleasure from sexual activities. The endgame is for a man to be able to control his women by “neutering” them.

      • Korean guy

        That sounds absolutely cruel. A few months ago I read an article written by one of the most famous surgeons in Japan. He stated that it is not necessarily a good idea to remove an entire bodypart of a cancer patient where cancer cells are found, because each and every part of our body has its own important function and cutting off an entire bodypart, no matter what part of the patient’s body it is, actually does the patient more harm than good. It should depend on the situation. If the cancer does not appear to be spreading to other parts of the patient’s body, then the bodypart should not be “entirely removed” from the patient. His own wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and he decided not to have her breasts removed, because he concluded that it won’t spread to other parts of her body, and she is still stable to this day, many years later.

        He was once asked, “Would you like to come to South Korea to perform surgeries at some point in the future?” and he answered he will not because of legal reasons and the language barrier. He answered that there can possibly be miscommunication between him and the locals in South Korea, and when it comes to performing surgeries or giving medical advices, we can’t afford any miscommunication.

        I once had given my boss some of my own pills because she appeared be sick. And a few weeks later a physician told me that is illegal for anyone who is not properly licensed to give any type of a medication to anyone else, and that I should never do that again, even if I did not have any bad intentions.

        One rather amusing difference I noticed between Korean surgeons and Japanese surgeons…. Korean doctors and durgeons always smile brightly when taking a picture, but Japanese doctors and surgeons never smile when taking pictures.

        • Someday remind me of the diabetes amputee I met in federal prison.

          They didn’t take enough off, each time, and he ended up completely crazy, because he knew what was happening to him.

      • Those are not “men”.

        • Anglokraut

          No, they are not, but we are not allowed to call them the “S” word any more. The mods flag posts with the “S” word.

    • 1stworlder

      This joke bothers leftists. Q) Why do Muslims stone gays to death and mutilate little girls genitals? A) One day moo ham mads oldest wife hit puberty and he realized the gays where right about his willy being smaller than what is now cut off little girls.

    • Sick of it

      To be direct – A clitoridectomy performed by an amateur without proper sanitation.

  • IstvanIN

    Not Sweden’s problem, not our problem. Leave them to their own nations among their own people and their own traditions and all will be well.

    • SheilaTX

      This. That they shouldn’t even BE in Sweden is another point entirely. Why is it of concern to any European or American that an African’s body is mutilated and/or the woman cannot experience sexual pleasure? In their own countries and their own societies, I don’t give a rat’s behind about what they do to themselves or one another – just keep them where they all belong.

      • Sick of it

        That makes you an American, madam. Or the way we used to be.

      • They will eventually demand all young girls be mutilated in the same fashion.

  • 4321realist

    This is just another cultural/religious procedure of the third world that amounts to nothing more than a criminal outrage.

    Also slaughtering a defenseless animal in a blood thirsty ritual to make it “pure” is another mindless procedure that belongs to people who are so backward and ignorant they don’t belong in the human race.

    All of it should be banned, and the people caught doing it should be executed.

  • Liberals know that thurd worlders cannot be recast into a Western image. Assimilation is rejected by liberals on principle.
    So what is the purpose of importing them? To pollute white bloodlines, through miscegenation via forced integration. Miscegenation is intended to create that coffee colored dumbed down single world race that the power elites can control, while enriching themselves.
    FGM screws things up for the liberals because what white man is going to marry a blackie woman who has no sexual feelings or desires? Thus, FGM is a big liberal cause. It cuts down on misecegenation.

    • M.

      What white man is going to marry a blackie woman, period. Some do, though, for reasons I cannot fathom.

  • Truth Teller

    My opinion has always been that widespread circumcision began when women began having babies in hospitals. It was a way for the hospitals go get a small fee. All those small fees add up.

  • Truth Teller

    All during the mid 20th century Swedish tourist women were famous for being total sluts during vacations in S. Europe. Long before the pill by the way

  • HJ11

    I don’t care if non-White mutilate themselves to death. I practice indifference and non-interference in the business of non-Whites. They are not my kind and I care what they do to each other even less than I care what possums do to each other.

  • benvad

    Why are they letting them in??

    • Magician

      You must be a rookie on AmRen. All prosperous and peaceful white countries around the world are responsible to

      – import thousands of people from the poorest parts of this world every year
      – grant them citizenship as soon as arrive
      – put insane amounts of free money every month into their bank account every month, for the rest of their lives
      – let him bring his 9 family members back in his homeland to the hosting country
      – make sure he gets at least five different beautiful white girlfriends every year

  • LHathaway

    lol, they know this is the only way white men can please them. People of color are always so much smarter than whites. . .

  • I knew Pat Condell just looking at his face. His rants make me happy because I feel less alone as a “Yank” and more a “Westerner”.

  • Ella

    Does the school health board now examine all girls for FGM as part of their screened check-ups? How many diseases do they bring with them travelling back to Somalia and other Afro-nations that go unnoticed and unreported?

  • maxsnafu

    I’ll get upset about female genital mutilation when women get upset about no-fault divorce laws, family courts, and false rape accusations.

  • Truth Teller

    They are all on welfare but they have the money to spend the summer in Somalia.Sweden is committing collective suicide

  • fgbrunner3

    Give the people responsible life sentences.

  • dubium

    As an expert on modern Sweden i can promise you that unless Sweden can find some white privileged racist swede that can be held responsible for this, nobody will be punished. At best, somebody will arrange “talks” or “education” that nobody who needs to will attend anyway.

    • Magician

      Swedish Democrats party? They finally have a strong say nowadays

      • dubium

        Unfortunately they are probably to “plain” to make any difference, sure, they are better than the alternatives but far from “radical” enough. Also, they will not really have a strong say about anything until they get more than 50% of the votes. All the other parties (will) work together against SD so even if they would be voted the biggest party in Sweden with 30-40% of the votes, they would still be a political minority in all levels of political assemblies. That is how dirty, unethical and desperate the others are.

    • Grantland

      Sweden is what happens when women run the show.

      • dubium

        More like crazy, evil, foreign, liberal people. Some of them claim to represent women but most women wants nothing to do with them. The political situation of Sweden is basically the same as in the USA when it comes to who (what tribe) and which ideology that makes the most noise and has the most power, except they are much more powerful in Sweden than in America. For example, in America you have the constitution that can stop some of their madness. In Sweden they just recently re-wrote the constitution on some issues to serve their purposes. That is the kind of power they have here.

        • Grantland

          Thank you for that confirmation, from an expert on modern Sweden. You know that there are many on this forum who persist in their wilfully ignorant denial of the role of the tribe in the pervasive evil that afflicts the world. Just like the fools out there who wilfully deny the brutish criminality of the Negro.

          The tribe is foul evil, globally, and the hysterical, crazy white women (yes, not all) are their willing servants.

  • Quislings.

  • dd121

    The stupid Swedish socialists welcomed them in their country with open arms. Stop complaining, it’s what muzzies do (and a whole lot worse).

  • ElComadreja

    Sweden is committing suicide. What other conclusion can there be?

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Muslims are savages, plain and simple.

  • Cid Campeador

    What the HELL is the matter with you Swedes. Throw these vermin out of your country. They beat you on the streets ,they gang rape you women. OUT WITH THEM.
    Wish we could do likewise with our homegrown bestials.