How Eric Holder’s Disparate Impact Crusade Leads to Quotas

Hans Bader, Daily Caller, June 5, 2014

In a May 17 speech commemorating Brown v. Board of Education, Attorney General Holder claimed that “in too many of our school districts,” “segregation has reoccurred.” That includes, he erroneously said, “zero-tolerance school discipline practices that, while well-intentioned and aimed at promoting school safety, affect black males at a rate three times higher than their white peers.”

But higher black suspension rates reflect higher rates of misbehavior among blacks, not zero-tolerance policies. Indeed, zero-tolerance policies suspend a slightly larger number of white students relative to black students than milder forms of discipline. Ironically, as Walter Olson notes, “zero-tolerance policies were adopted in the first place in part as a defense for administrators against disparate-impact charges” alleging racial disparities in discipline. Thus, pressuring schools to eliminate all racial disparities–as the Obama administration is doing–could actually reinforce harsh zero-tolerance policies!

Misconduct rates are not the same for different races. A 2014 study in the Journal of Criminal Justice by criminologists like John Paul Wright found that racial disparities in student discipline result from more frequent misbehavior by blacks, not racism. The study, entitled “Prior Problem Behavior Accounts for the Racial Gap in School Suspensions,” concluded that higher black suspension rates are “completely accounted for” by students’ own behavior. Since racial disparities are caused by student conduct, getting rid of zero-tolerance will not end them.


The Education Department claims it has the right to demand that schools eliminate colorblind disciplinary rules just because they have a “disparate impact”–i.e., if a higher percentage of blacks than whites are suspended, and the school cannot prove to bureaucrats’ satisfaction that the disciplinary rule is essential to maintain order. The Education Department’s January 2014 guidance to the nation’s schools insists that a school can be guilty under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act (for disparate impact) solely due to “neutral,” “evenhanded” application of discipline rules, just because more minority students violate such rules (see pp. 11-12).

But the Education Department has no right to enforce such “disparate impact” rules. The Supreme Court ruled in Alexander v. Sandoval (2001) that disparate impact doesn’t violate Title VI, only “intentional” discrimination does. The Education Department claims that while the Title VI statute itself doesn’t reach disparate impact, regulations under it can and do (an idea that the Supreme Court decision described as “strange” in footnote 6 of its opinion).

The Education Department states that even if the only reason a school punishes more black students for unauthorized “use of electronic devices” is because blacks actually “are engaging in the use of electronic devices at a higher rate than students of other races,” it can still be liable for disparate impact. This distorts the disparate impact concept. Even when courts do allow liability for disparate impact, the disparity must result from something in the disciplinary process, not the mere fact that more blacks misbehaved. As the 2001 Robinson decision allowing lawsuits over disparate impact in workplace discipline emphasized, a mere “bottom line racial imbalance in the work force” is ”insufficient.”

The Education Department also claimed such disparities were the product of racism by schools, not just “disparate impact.” That contradicts the Supreme Court’s ruling in U.S. v. Armstrong. It rejected the “presumption that people of all races commit all types of crimes” at the same rate, which is “contradicted by” reality. Blacks, who are only 13 percent of the population, commit nearly half of all murders.

The Education Department claimed there is no evidence of “more frequent” misbehavior by minority students. But the homicide rate is 10 times higher for black teenagers than for whites.

The only way to equalize suspension rates for all races would be to adopt racial quotas that curb discipline for black offenders. But an appeals court ruled in People Who Care v. Rockford Board of Education (1997) that schools cannot use racial quotas in discipline, striking down a rule that forbade a “school district to refer a higher percentage of minority students than of white students for discipline.” Ignoring that ruling, the Obama administration has pressured school districts such as Oakland and Palm Beach County into imposing veiled racial quotas.


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  • Sloppo

    In order to be “fair”, the Department of “Education” needs to punish a Japanese child who chews gum in class the same as an African child who commits murder. That decree came down from President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho so don’t even think about saying anything about it.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “Joe was about to learn, that in the future, justice was not only blind, but had become rather retarded as well.”

      “Dwayne Elizondo Camacho …Five-time Ultimate Smackdown champion …Porn superstar …And president of the United States.”

      • JSS

        Well a pimps love is different then a squares.

    • ViktorNN

      ..b…bb… but Brawndo has electrolytes!

      • Sloppo

        It’s what plants crave!

        • alwaysright21

          reminds me of the weird repeating thing blacks do over and over when they are chimping out

      • alwaysright21

        what are electrolytes?

    • Young Werther

      No, this is the way a white child needs to be punished…

    • MooTieFighter

      Yep, they realize setting the expectations of a black child on the same level as a white or Asian, is impossible.

  • Mary

    The Department of Education claims there is no higher rate of misbehavior by minorities.
    This has to be the most egregious lie I’ve heard in a while. The garbage these corrupt incompetents toss about is simply breathtaking.

    • JSS

      I agree that the Education Department is basically full of bull but you have to keep in mind that with leftist words mean whatever they need them to mean at the moment. So misbehavior for Whites means whispering in class but for a black it’s nothing short of having to the call cops. Thus when they say there is no evidence for minorities misbehaving more there is in fact none by their Orwellian standards. Also keep in mind that to a leftist Whites are misbehaving just by existing.

      • Young Werther

        That is all really quite true.

    • Mary, corrupt, yes. Incompetent, NO!

      The tyrant in the White House and his fellow true believers are getting exactly what they want at every turn, the law be damned. Illegal prisoner swaps, illegal quotas, nothing stops the tyrant, most certainly not Lindsay Anne Grahams’ threat of impeachment, IF Obama does it again. What a joke.

      Governments that are this open with their lies are governments that are supremely self confident in their abilities to control the masses through their totalitarian practices.

      Ann Barnhart states that only rivers of blood flowing in the streets is going to change things. She may be right, but our ancestors put up with a tyrannical King for years while they plotted their revolution. Maybe we can do American Revolution II the way the Russians did theirs–without bloodshed. We can pray that it is so.

      • IstvanIN

        The Bolsheviks spilled plenty of blood both during and after the revolution.

      • Young Werther

        The Civil War aka The War Between The States was the second revolution and plenty bloody. Some think we are coming too close to a
        Veto Coup d’ e’tat. In any case we can pray it can be avoided…sometimes prayer doesn’t work.
        Some recognise we have already experienced a bloodless (I certainly don’t think it has been bloodless) over-throw by way of the intellectual social engineering of Cultural Marxism, which comes before the Veto Coup d’e’tat. We certainly *live in interesting times*…

        • mobilebay

          The Civil War aka The War Between the States aka The War of Northern Aggression.

        • Beloved Comrade

          Yes, let’s call it what it was, a War Between the States, A War of Northern Aggression is OK too.

          A civil war is when battling faction fight for control of a central government; the south wanted to break away from the U.S. government which is allowed under the constitution. Lincoln was a war criminal for disallowing this breakaway AND for fomenting a bloody war that cost 500,000 or more White lives.

          That northern cities like Philly, Detroit, Washington D.C., parts of Baltimore, New York, etc. have been completely destroyed by blacks should be called “Jefferson’s Revenge.”

          They’ve done a better job at leveling and decimating these cities than Sherman could have ever dreamed.

          • r j p

            Lincoln was the first POS elected out of Illinois.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Are you kidding? The Bolsheviks spilled oceans of blood before, during and after their bloody coup.

        Before their sick, warped, anti-human nature system collapsed 60 million or more White Russians were liquidated. I suspect the numbers are higher than that.

        It will take another ocean of blood to set things right in this country and it will happen.

    • APaige

      Black behavior is the cause of ALL black social ills.

    • Young Werther

      I wouldn’t call them incompetents since they are quite successful at what they do. But, what they do certainly leads to a dangerous and chaotic society, which they see, and understand, and apparently desire.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Blacks are merely doing what they are allowed to get away with. Segregationists knew what they were doing: Protecting White lives and areas from black murderers, robbers, rapists.

        TPTB want blacks to attack and destroy White schools, neighborhoods, cities and lives. If Whites were allowed to do what was necessary to stop this, i.e., protect themsleves and their children, there would be a lot of bloodshed, justified bloodshed, but blacks would learn at the point of great violence done to them and their community, to leave Whites alone.

  • MekongDelta69

    If Eric Hold ‘Em Up had his way, all Whites would be in jail, simply for existing.

    • He and Obama are half white. Can we put half of each of them in jail?

      • bilderbuster

        As long as the White halves gets the death penalty for being race traitors.

    • Beloved Comrade

      If Whites had their way, this incompetent fool who means great harm to Whites would be sent packing out of a White homeland. Holder and all others who think it’s OK to unleash feral blacks upon White children.

  • r j p

    This country has fallen so far as to believe blacks are suspended for using electronic devices (texting)? Not likely that they are using them to cheat on tests, more likely Shontavious is telliing DeNeQua that he be going to have her juicy butt in the stairwell during studyless hall.

    Don’t recall this as being one of the reasons Trayvon was suspended.
    blacks are suspended for drugs, assault, theft, and rape.
    It will be Whites that will be suspended for texting.

    • Samuel_Morton

      I wonder how all of these flash mobs somehow organized on Twitter without the use of electronics?

      • r j p

        I think this article is regarding use in class, not use in general.

        • bilderbuster

          They can do that in class.

    • MooTieFighter

      I sat in a many college course with blacks that were completely out of their league. It apparently is only getting worse. The funny thing is that I am pretty sure they had no idea how far out of their league they were, despite the obvious inability to keep pace with others.

      • alwaysright21

        n!99ers are functionally illiterate, mkay?

      • Beloved Comrade

        Why should black care? They can go to a nice university for several years paid for by Whites (by force, I might add) and continue doing what they love to do: rape, rob, commit crimes, be loud and aggressive and harass whites.

        They are never held accountable so why not go and have a great time at Whitey’s expense? When they party’s over, they’re shipped back to their hoods and the next shipment is sent to the universities.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Stuff misbehaving blacks in via forced integration, then make it impossible to discipline them via disparate impact suits, resulting in mayhem, disruption, and no education for anyone. Wonderful system if your goal is to destroy the U.S.A.

  • Tom Thumb

    The point I think should be to make a quota for suspensions. So many Whites get suspended for every black. I’d say 5 White students should be suspended for every black. Any time a White boy or girl is out of these dumb schools is good for White people. I’d even go so far as to say if a black student is suspended for five days, his counterpart White student should be suspended for twenty five days. Also, if there aren’t enough White students in the same school as the suspended black student, then White students from other schools should be suspended indiscriminately. Anything to get our children away from these stinking “educators.”

    • TruthBeTold

      I believe that was the intention of ‘zero tolerance’ policies; to close the discipline gap.

      Blacks were claiming that whites were getting away with stuff that blacks were punished for. So they pushed the zero tolerance line.

      Only more blacks got caught in the lower-standards net than they anticipated.

      Blacks never think through.

      • I now tend to think more than that, the insurance industry is the hidden iron fist behind zero tolerance.

        • TruthBeTold

          Part of it is that school are trying to cover their butts for any future action.

          If a kid draws a gun when he’s 10 and then at 15 brings a gun to school and shoots other kids, people are going to scream that the drawing of the gun was proof that the kid was dangerous.

          It’s getting ridiculous but I do believe schools are trying to protect themselves from future criticism.

    • MooTieFighter

      Just don’t blame all the teachers. I know many and they are just as sickened as us. I personally know two teachers that have quit just to home school their own. They will tell you in a heart beat what is destroying our schools. Black children are not only causing more trouble (and now being told to be even further ignored), they also slow down most classes (as their own white peers try to tutor them), and they are very disrespectful.

  • JohnEngelman

    In a May 17 speech commemorating Brown v. Board of Education, Attorney General Holder claimed that “in too many of our school districts,” “segregation has reoccurred.” That includes, he erroneously said, “zero-tolerance school discipline practices that, while well-intentioned and aimed at promoting school safety, affect black males at a rate three times higher than their white peers.”

    – Hans Bader, Daily Caller, June 5, 2014

    If Attorney General Holder wants to close the discipline gap he should tell those young black males to stop sassing their teachers and to stop harassing students who are trying to learn.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Education Department claimed there is no evidence of “more frequent” misbehavior by minority students.

    – Hans Bader, Daily Caller, June 5, 2014

    That is because those who present the evidence risk their careers.

    • MooTieFighter

      Just talk to teachers. Your answer will be given to you rather quickly, but your right, if they were asked in an open forum, I am pretty sure they would muddy the answer up. People need a job and honesty can get you fired or labeled a “racist”.

  • guest

    “zero-tolerance school discipline practices that, while well-intentioned and aimed at promoting school safety, affect black males at a rate three times higher than their white peers.”

    Once again, Holder points out that he is against disciplining all troublemaking black students. He wants schools to be less safe just so all the black troublemakers, who don’t even want to be in school in the first place, will go unpunished whenever they cause trouble in schools which causes all sorts of problems for the teachers and the students that actually care to learn and make something of themselves.

    The only tolerance Holder wants in schools is the same kind he has: tolerance for nonwhite criminals and no tolerance for white people in general.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      That’s going to explode in their faces, and for many their faces will be blown off by whites who finally rise up and meet their violence with greater violence of their own.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    Eric Holder is a black supremacist, sticking it to “the man” every chance he gets. His greatest fear is being rejected by the brothas. He has to prove to them he is 100% certified black angus.

    • Kenner

      What’s with the ‘g’ in that last word?

  • Samuel_Morton

    I wonder if Eric Holder is raising his family in a segregated area? Would he choose a school for his children on the basis of how many black students there are, or the reputation and record of the school’s graduates?

    I get the feeling that he is so angry at whites because he is projecting. He knows, perhaps unconsciously, that a prosperous nation and a diverse nation are mutually exclusive.

    • MooTieFighter

      He and other blacks realize that without whites they would fall into oblivion. It is a great fear among blacks that we would ever leave them to their own making. Without white schools, white colleagues, white education they don’t have a chance. They realize this, but wanting whites to accept more and more of their disruptive behavior is only going to awaken a few more whites.

      • benvad

        I hope they do as much damage as possible in the time they have left. Maybe only that will wake up whites?

        We need this as a kind of “smelling salts” to revive us out of this semi coma state the we’re in.

    • r j p

      Eric Holder is only X% black.
      So to compensate and prove his blackness, he must be 100+X% black.

      • jane johnson

        Holder is married to the sister of now deceased Vivian Malone, who was one of the first two blacks to attend the University of Alabama. On graduation, Malone was given a job in the civil rights division of the DOJ, and never held a private sector job. In a New Yorker article, (Jeffrey Toobin,2/17/2014), Holder refers to “my sister-in-law’s integration of the U. of A.”, as though she did it single-handedly.

  • Homeschooling never looked better. But how do we rescue the poor whites who are stuck in public schools with these monstrous creatures from hell? A generation of innocent white kids is getting the tar beat out of them and having their learning impeded by blacks.

    No child left behind? No prisoner left behind is a better analogy. White kids are prisoners to black dysfunction in schools across the land. Besides homeschooling, there are Catholic and other private schools that are an option. Whites need to set up charities to pay the tuition of white kids stuck in schools that are majority black. And hit on the Koch Brothers, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett to contribute.

    • Jesse James

      We need a real life school like the one in “Morning Crafts”. The Koch brothers could have funded it with that $25 million grant.

      • Sick of it

        Their tribal instincts wouldn’t allow for it.

  • 4teepee

    The problem for Eric “My People” Holder is that the more black thugs that are allowed to run amok in schools the more other students drop out for their own safety. The “affirmative action” attorney general really is a dunce.

  • ViktorNN

    Kind of amazing the lengths they’re trying to go to not admit that blacks just misbehave more. Anything but admit the truth. Perhaps if they just admitted the truth they could come up with some sort of solution.

    Their religious-like faith in equality has them chasing their tails, endlessly. It would be amusing if it weren’t for the massive waste of resources spent on dealing with black dysfunction.

  • Jesse James

    Instead of worrying about the discipline gap they should be addressing the behavior gap.

    • MooTieFighter

      Agreed, but they know they can’t fix this, so go after whites.

  • MBlanc46

    Quotas are the result of any attempt to deal with white-black inequality.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Intelligence has a disparate negative impact on blacks. Although I must confess whites are getting dumber and dumber every year. Bonehead won 46% of the white vote, without which he’d still be senator bonehead.

    • r j p

      Bonehead would be a nothing to this day had the corrupt Chicago machine not released another candidate’s sealed divorce records.

  • John R

    Of course the “Justice Department” claims that black behavior is no different than White. How do you think these people keep their cozy government jobs there? Like Stalin’s Soviet Union, you had better internalize certain values of you want to obtain and keep a good job in the government. Simple as that.

    • benvad

      It all comes down to money. Those varmints want to keep their big fat paychecks, so they’ll back whoever or whatever policy.

      Soon enough they’ll lose their job when the time comes. Just like the anti apartheid white cheerleaders found out, when the Bantus won, they became out casts to the ANC. Suddenly no one knew them anymore.

  • Evette Coutier

    Eric, segregation occurs because everyone gets sick and tired of black people’s behavior so they leave.

  • Young Werther

    Which schools receive more federal funding, a school with some blacks or schools with all blacks? Right, a school with all or mostly blacks. When a student does not show up for school *each* day, the school receives less Federal dollars. This is why administration goes to great lengths to avoid any kind of suspension at all. So you can be certain that when it is used it is deemed an absolute last choice. Therefore, suspension rates reported are already much lower than they actually *should* be. This is just a simple fact.
    It is also true that many school attendance records are tampered with before and after a teacher turns them in. So, it is easy to imagine how any discipline records are as easy to manipulate. For example, when a student shows up at school with any weapon, the weapon is taken, parents are contacted, no police are called, thus no report is made and at the end of the year the school can report little or no weapons confiscated that year at *their* school. That is how it was done at every school I worked at except for *one*. Now, I worked at all black schools but *one*, which happened to be all white.
    The black culture is not only a sub-culture, but has evolved into a radical counter-culture, and a counter-culture has its own system of principles;rewards, morals and ethics…with little if anything to do with the mainstream culture, or what is left of what it was if any. This way of doing things is especially acceptable in an America that now endorses Black Supremacy ideology (Critical Theory/Critical Race Theory which gives it foundation for law). This is the way business is done. This is the method to the madness.

  • dcc2379

    Disparate impact means “get out of jail free.” No two people, let alone a race, are equal. Blacks fo not go to school to work, follow directions, or behave, but to point out the obvious is once again white racism.

  • LHathaway

    “The Education Department also claimed such disparities were the product of racism by schools”

    What will end racism in schools, the death of every white in the USA?

    • MooTieFighter

      They wish.

    • benvad

      I leaning towards Yes, everyday now. I think they actually want to exterminate whites. Watch the Samuel K. Doe video and how he’s treated before his execution. That’s what they’d like to do to us, pure & simple.

  • paul marchand

    A recent article about non-fatal gun injuries in Chicago has the victim rates per 100,000 as such:
    whites 1.62………blacks: 112.83……… males 18-24: 599.65
    Being that the black on white crossover rate is about 4 times the opposite, the white perp rate would surely be less than .8 per 100,000.
    Thus, the black male rate would be about 750 TIMES the white rate.
    Now, the black on white rape rate is 1000’s of TIMES the opposite.
    In light of this, can we understand the INSANITY of Holder?
    Can we understand the INSANITY of FORCING school mixing by the EVIL US fed govt??
    Can we understand the INSANITY of FORCING, under threat of huge fines, apartment owners to let Joe Thug move in (WITH THE XXXXING FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE OF THE XXXXING US GOVT) ??????
    Can we understand the INSANITY of FORCING you to sell your house to Joe Thug?
    Can we understand the INSANITY of FORCING banks to loan to Joe Thug, knowing the unlikelihood of repayment of the loan?

    • Paul Kersey found a gem.

      Homicide rates are no longer reliable acid tests for how violent is a given place or is a given subset of people. If these non fatal gun injury stats out of Lagos-on-Lake Michigan are reliable, then it means that BM 18-34 are 750 times more dangerous than all white people, which I think is just about right.

      • paul marchand

        QD: right. Reliability is a must. But Ann Coulter’s and another’s inter-racial rape stats, in addition to my own mega-anectdotal info……….it lines up.
        That said: this is not about vengeance or anything of the sort.
        It is about the extraction of human rights over the past 50 years, whereby a middle class white family cannot find a school nor a modestly-priced apartment where they feel content and safe. And this, IMO, is indicative of causation of the demise of the white middle class in the USA.

      • r j p

        Homicide rates aren’t reliable. If the victim lives it just becomes an assault. Where would you rather be shot? Western Colorado two+ hours from the nearest emergency room, or Chicago – where nearly every ER doctor in a level one trauma center gets to try to save a gunshot victim on a daily basis?
        There are four level one trauma centers in Chicago.
        June to date:
        Shot & Killed: 11
        Shot & Wounded: 75

        Over 80 “opportunities” for ER docs to practice on gunshot victims so far this month. Divided among four capable hospitals over nine days.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Holder’s evil, not insane. So are his bosses.

      • Frank Morris

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Good one! The more we mock them, the better!

  • MooTieFighter

    Just talk to any teacher. We know several from this district and many other areas. They all say the same thing: blacks are already allowed to get away with more. The general consensus is that blacks are so disruptive that teachers must pick their battles with them or otherwise it eats up too much time away from actually learning.

    • paul marchand

      No. Fight the US federal govt with information and more if necessary.

      We are being oppressed, depressed, scattered, picked on, abused.

      In the words of the Chambers Brothers: Time has come today.

    • benvad

      Now I get the whole white concept of Home Schooling. Preventing your child from being brainwashed by leftists and avoiding having to deal with undesirable types.

      Now my question is, why hasn’t the Teacher’s Union tried to stop this?

  • I’m afraid I have to disagree with many of the comments here. White gangs are a serious problem. Proof? Just Google ‘West Side Story.’ Imagine blacks, Hispanics or Muslims trying to dance against those guys. Not to mention their cool shirts with the turned-up collars.

  • They were right then, and it’s true today. Forced integration is communism .

    • paul marchand

      Our parents were neither stupid nor immoral. They were sane.

  • dusa1957

    A Negro in the White House and running the DOJ. The demographics of the USA rapidly plunging. Do you think things are going to get better in this country? The trumpet has already sounded for white people.

  • alwaysright21


  • crockadoodle6

    Anecdotes aren’t data but are interesting. In the last week a sophomore star defensive back, Tray Matthews, was dismissed from the Univ. of Georgia’s football team for TNB that culminated when a professor in his ‘Child’s Literature’ class notified the athletic depart. of the athlete’s constant 4 weeks of class disruption. This guy was most recently arrested in the winter for the expected ‘theft’ charge and, by coincidence, was in court yesterday for a ‘pretrial intervention’. Anyway, he spent the entire ‘mini semester’ talking and arguing with other students while sitting in the back. He was asked by the prof multiple time to be quiet, but that isn’t a request likely to be respected by an impulsive, entitled, aggressive black. Finally, the prof asked the guy to leave and the monkey’s response was…’or what’? In the end the head coach dismissed him and guess what? At least 4 major college FB programs are lining up to sign him despite his obvious congenital dysfunction. To my knowledge, Eric Holder hasn’t started his ‘civil rights violation’ investigation yet. The one thing I can’t figure out is why the FB player wasn’t in an African American studies class. My guess is that AA studies consists of classes with no focus, constant arguing, one-syllable grunt celebrations, and lessons on the psychology of victimization so a little disruption would be a mandatory part of the curriculum. ‘History of the black race in America’ can be summarized as an undetected hole in your pocket…you keep losing everything you put in the pocket, but aren’t allowed to change pants.

  • Mrfinoni

    don’t send your children to a college with a D1 football program thus no athletic scholarships or to a traditionally liberal elite college. Send your children to a smaller private liberal arts college so they can get an education without the Blacks and their White liberal cheerleaders.

    • r j p

      Don’t think that they aren’t giving out athletic sKolaships to D2 and D3 tier players, they just refer to them under a different name. I was offered a partial to play soccer at a NAIA school. When I went back to finish, most of the girls on same school’s tennis team were getting partials, it was a D2 school then.
      If your kids can, try for Hillsdale or Grove City. Neither one accept any federal funds.

  • LHathaway

    Potential race quotas for offenders? If you don’t think white criminals are in jail for decades on a first or second offense, that if committed by our favorite american’s, even on their 3rd or 4th offense, would have them already out, you’re living in denial of reality? A small price to pay to show a proper respect for diversity, especially if you’re not the one having to pay it.

  • antiquesunlight

    “Ignoring that ruling, the Obama administration has pressured school districts such as Oakland and Palm Beach County into imposing veiled racial quotas.”

    You mean an administration run by black people is ignoring law and bending rules? I can’t believe it.