Europe’s Anti-Fascists Clash with Police in Vienna

YouTube, May 29, 2014

Right-wing nationalists of the Identitarian Movement held a rally in Vienna on May 17. Organizing themselves across social media, members of factions across Europe flooded in from France, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland to join the Austrian faction to demonstrate against the EU.

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  • Puggg

    This seems to happen a lot. The other side and its goons come to protest our kind of people, and they wind up fighting not our kind of people, but the cops.

    • Ron Cheaters

      All barbarians need an outlet to release the beast within.

  • I am just happy to see the Identity Movement growing and thriving across the nations of Europe.

  • Conrad

    I am coming to believe that the Anti-fascist crowd is deeply involved with the NWO and the Luciferians (The NWO & the Luciferians are kissing cousins.) They hate everything that is good, up lifting, moral, Christian and especially white. Since white Europeans were the ones to spread the message of the Gospel, Lucifer & his cohorts especially hate whites.

    • Sick of it

      It goes deeper than that. Adam was the first man. Adam was a white man.

  • Dave West

    I love when the pencil-neck anarcho-commie “tough guys” make threats at people they disagree with and then cry about police brutality after being tackled to the ground for pushing a policemen. If these idiots actually do get their wish and physically fight with right wing groups they will soon find that the brutality and the hands of tax payer funded police is a cakewalk compared to the brutality they would face in a street brawl with right wing groups.

    • Sick of it

      They need the police to oppress us. They need the police to survive. The police are part and parcel with this decaying dystopia. When they go – It all goes.

  • dd121

    I read today that the EU is toying with the idea of having negative interest on deposits. The rational reaction would be to withdraw all your Euros and put them under your bed. Is that sound economics?

    • captainc

      Mr. Draghi said that the measure was meant for Banks’ loan in ECB, but whether the Banks load the costs onto common savers, that depends on each Bank. This move is to encourage money to be distributed into real sectors.

    • Pro_Whitey

      While pushing negative returns on deposits, they might at the same time still be inflating the euro, so that putting euros under your bed might not help. Perhaps physical gold or silver, but I could be wrong about that, too, if they are in fact trying to deflate the euro (euros under the bed might then be a smart move). The short answer, though, is no, not sound economics. The market system is generally a great thing, but the monetary system, that’s always been squirrelly at best.

    • Kenner

      What is negative interest? Charging rent to store our money?

      • dd121

        I think so. That’s the way I read it.

  • coco bongo

    This is a very encouraging development. This must increase not only in Europe, but also in the US and Australia. The Eurocide sweeping the West has now reached the point that I fear our governments will have to be overthrown to stop it.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The powers that be in America are preparing us for the North American Union and the Amero. We’ll be facing the beast as well.

      • coco bongo

        No doubt. We’re in for rough times ahead. I always keep a close eye on our European cousins because the geographic boundaries of their nations are smaller and therefore the impact of racial aliens has a more immediate impact. It will take longer in the US but we’re headed in the same direction.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Our governments will have to be overthrown in order to stop the white genocide.

      • coco bongo

        What else did you have in mind? Every white person I am aware of is a descendant of Europeans. Any time I write “Euro” that is who I mean. I consider myself a European American. That clear enough?

        • Cecil Broomsted

          “Whiticide” doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it as “Eurocide.” Well put, Sir.

  • DelmarJackson

    immigration is a racket. It is a transfer of money from labor to capital .Immigration is promoted by billionaire open border globalists who profit from immigration and then pass on all social, economic and environmental costs to the communities. at the same time, they spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying the media, the elected representatives who need their money to get elected, and forming front organizations to promote their agenda while smearing all who oppose with the most vile and treasonous labels.
    What is extreme about not wanting to be dispossessed from your own country? What is extreme about objecting to massive immigration lowering wages and stealing job opportunities? I can provide quotes of every national leader in the west in the last 2 years claiming multiculturalism was a mistake. Are they all extremists too?
    Immigrants and immigration are not a problem, they are a symptom. The problem is elitist billionaire open border globalists that use their criminally and digitally created wealth to pervert the democratic system and transform nations to consolidate their power and wealth and to punish their political enemies.
    If a true far right does rise up, it will not have occurred in a vacuum, but been caused by those who wish to steal the birthright of citizens on the cheap and not expect to pay for it in the usual nasty historical way.

    • Cecil Broomsted

      I believe you are correct. The main driving force behind massive, demographic-changing, immigration is the money to be made by the corporatists. They drool over having a vast pool of cheap labour. However, their is also another driving force of insane leftists who imagine multiracialism to be some sort of Utopia. The “diversity is our strength” delusionists.

      Republicants are on board with the former and Demoncats the latter.

  • MBlanc46

    I hope the day will soon come when standing up for your civilization and your history will not be considered an “extreme political movement”.

  • IKUredux

    We need to have this movement in the country located between Canada and mexico. Don’t really know what to call it anymore. One thing is for sure, it’s not my country anymore. Not sure whose it is. It sure as hell ain’t united. It consists of a conglomeration of people who have zero interest in having anything to do with another. We Whites in whatever this land mass is, are being destroyed deliberately and with malice aforethought. What is being done to us is an outrage.Don’t participate. Don’t go to restaurants owned by these foreign usurpers. Please, you like mexican food,or whatever, look up the fing recipe on the internet and make it yourself. If you really like a certain ethnic cuisine, open up your own fing restaurant. Who says chinese food can only be prepared by someone chinese. For God’s sake, I see chinese people who have gone to France and studied French cuisine. I bring up food, because that’s always the number one reason Whites provide as to why they “like” diversity. Seriously? Really? Your are willing to forego your birthright as a citizen of this land mass that shall not be named for moo goo gai pan?

  • Cobbett

    The Great Unwashed – Lefty Scum. The same the World over.