Church of England to Bar Clergy from Joining Parties Seen as Racist

Belinda Goldsmith, Reuters, June 3, 2014

The Church of England may dismiss clergy if they back political parties promoting the “sin of racism”, its bishops agreed on Tuesday in an unprecedented move by the mother church of the world’s 80 million Anglicans.

William Fittall, secretary general of the Church’s General Synod, said they would be disciplined if they joined or sought support for the British National Party or National Front, whose views the Church considers incompatible with its teachings.

It was the first time Church of England clergy have been banned from joining a political party.

The move is likely to be welcomed by many congregations in the worldwide Anglican Communion, particularly in Africa, where relations have been strained by differences over women bishops, gay clergy and other liberal reforms in western churches.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans, has faced an uphill struggle in his first year in office to re-unite the deeply divided Communion.

The ban on clergy or lay staff from joining the British National Party (BNP) and National Front is expected to come into force in July after a declaration by bishops is approved by the Church’s General Synod, its governing body.

“Support for either party, whether expressed privately or publicly, would be unbecoming or inappropriate conduct for clergy under the new provision,” Fittall said in a statement.

The decision came after European Parliament elections last month saw a surge in right-wing anti-immigration parties such as the UK Independence Party and France’s National Front.

Cardinal Reihnard Marx, head of the COMECE group of Roman Catholic bishops conferences in the European Union, said after that vote that the “nationalistic and xenophobic” policies of such parties was “unacceptable for Christians.”

BNP scoffs at ‘excommunications’

The move by the Church of England does not mean the other Anglican churches have to follow suit because the Anglican Communion is not a single church but a family of independent national churches.

The General Synod urged the Church in 2009 to adopt a ban on links to the two parties that police and prison officers agreed on about a decade ago.

But the bishops did not agree to push ahead with affirming disciplinary action for party affiliation until receiving legal advise that this would not restricting clerics’ free speech.

A Church spokesman said no current Anglican clergy were known to be active members of either group.

Outlining the reasons for the ban, the Church quoted from statements by the two parties published on their websites.

The BNP, a far-right party set up in 1982, said it would do all it could to stop immigration driving “indigenous British people” into a minority and halt “Islamic immigration … as one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation”.

The National Front described its mission as being to “ensure the survival and advancement of the White Race and the British Nation”.

BNP spokesman Simon Darby said it was ridiculous that the Church had “excommunicated” the party and would back any clergy who faced action by the Church for their political views.

“The Church is more interested in putting out politically correct platitudes than following the lines of scripture and what is in the Bible. You can understand why people don’t go to church any more,” Darby said.

“It’s like the dark ages when people used to hunt witches.”

The National Front could not be immediately reached for comment by email or phone.

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Oh well, you aint gotta go to that church, right?

  • Publius Pompilius Quitus

    The church that I was baptized and raised in, the Episcopal Church, has been doing this for years. All churches have generally become whores to political correctness, which is sad, since Christianity was once a symbol of European civilization.

    • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

      Civilization was going on pretty well when the Temple of Jupiter was at its apex in Ancient Rome. Christian fundamentalism destroyed science and the arts, it wasn’t till the Renaissance that the yoke of it was thrown off to Enlighten the People.

      • Alexandra1973

        You mean Catholicism. It’s diametrically opposed to Christian fundamentalism. The Dark Ages were dark because the popes ruled the known world, it wasn’t until the Reformation that the people realized they didn’t have to listen to the pope.

        • rightrightright

          You might like to read Emmet Scott’s books “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited” and “The Impact of Islam”.

          Scott points out that there was continuity within European civilisation after Rome fell as the Germanic settlers admired the Roman system and kept it going. It was the rise of Islam that brought about the Dark Ages – in the 7th, not the 5th century.

          He points out in some interesting detail the work Christian monasteries carried out in preserving records, medicine, farming methods etc.

          The Dark Ages were dark because of voracious Islam. Roman Catholicism was on the light side, not the dark.

          No, I am not a Catholic, but a Protestant (who can’t go to church anymore as the whole show is so touchy-feely-politically correct with nothing in its centre).

        • saxonsun

          Oh yes. I just love the freedom of thought Christian Fundamentalism allows me–absolutely.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Those churches who are politically correct are members of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.

    • Alexandra1973

      Isn’t Episcopalianism the American counterpart of the Church of England?

      • Publius Pompilius Quitus

        Yes, it is, but I haven’t attended for years.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Whites who choose to remain Christian need to form alternative denominations and shun genocidal episcopals.

  • Puggg

    Nationalism is necessary, religion is optional.

    I hope they remember that.

  • Brian

    This will backfire and the Anglicans will be further weakened, to no purpose.

    • Publius Pompilius Quitus

      Alas, most Anglicans aren’t English or even white. Read paragraph four of the article.

      • Long Live Dixie

        I believe Nigeria is the largest Anglican country. It’s really a shame because Anglicanism had such potential as a national faith of the English and their descendants in the New World.

      • Brian

        I know. I mean that the Anglicans in England, the birthplace, will be further weakened. I couldn’t care less about the African Anglicans.

    • TruthBeTold

      Let’s hope they lose a large chunk of their flock and the money they contribute.

  • David Ashton

    The offending vicars (if there are any) will be “unfrocked”. I am reminded of a “Private Eye” cover years ago, with the Arch of Cant with his curly locks and two companions standing in their outdated episcopal dresses, and saying in clerical falsetto: “Who needs women priests when you’ve got us?”

    • Bantu_Education

      I remember a Private Eye cover from the Rhodesian Sanctions era – The then Arch Hypocrite was parodied as the “ArchBOMBER of Canterbury” after he proposed the bombing of white-ruled Rhodesia. Ever since then I’ve known whose side they are on, and its not the side of European civilisation.

      • David Ashton

        Masochism not Christianity.

        The previous local Anglican parish “priest” in our town was a “progressive non-theist”. Tongue in cheek I once suggested to him that instead of admitting just the lucky ones who had managed to get here as refugees or immigrants, we should send a naval armada (if we still had one) to go and get all the sick, poor, diseased and displaced people from all over the world, and bring them to England to be looked after. “What a good idea!” he said. Oblivious to the PC etiquette, the churchwarden said: “But wouldn’t that depress our own living standards, Vicar?” “What does that matter?” replied the Reverend Tony.

  • JSS

    These must be the people Jesus was talking about when he mentioned turning people away from heaven and saying “I never knew you”.

    • foundingstockcracker

      Fight the good fight and look forward to the ChristReich.

  • TruthBeTold

    Time for a second schism?

    • Long Live Dixie

      It’s long overdue. Maybe a return to Anglo-Saxon Christianity is in order.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Reformed doctrine doesn’t bow to political correctness.

  • Long Live Dixie

    A church that opposes the survival of its congregants will not get – and does not deserve – their support.

    Church attendance in the UK is already in the low double digits. Maybe if the bishops want to remain relevant they should worry more about filling their churches than about fighting against “racism”.

    • TruthBeTold

      People are looking for leaders and leadership. What they’re getting is wishy-washy and falling standards.

    • Ron Cheaters

      It isn’t the religeon I knew growing up. Suicidal move to back the parties that want to destroy you.

    • Bantu_Education

      I think its more like “low single digits”.

  • MekongDelta69

    Maybe they could bar the leftist Church Of England.

    Just a thought…

  • There needs to be a clear difference between politics and religion. Religion governs my personal life. I try to treat people in a civil and caring manner. To follow the Golden Rule .
    But a country. A nation, a body politic cannot do that. It must do what is best for its people. Open immigration is not good. Mass immigration of Muslims into a country is not good for it. The public ethic of a government and the private ethic of a follower of Christ are two completely different ethics. Render onto Caesar what is Caesars.

    • [Guest]

      A person’s political views, though, are going to derive from his religious beliefs, right?

      The opposition has it the other way ’round.

  • Faith and spirituality will always have a place in the lives of whites so long as the white race exists. But the whore of Babylon is not the place to find either. We must find it in our history, our love of our ancestors, our culture, our love of the land and nature. It’s not be found by some bejeweled priest in robes and a funny hat, spouting Marxist theology.

  • Tom Thumb

    The Church of England is on its last legs. The Catholic church isn’t far behind. A bunch of stinking, lazy morons/clergy running each.

  • dd121

    A lot of churches have lost the message of Jesus which was a proclamation of the coming of the Kingdom of God. It has been replaced with a marxist message of wealth redistribution. That message doesn’t grip people like the authentic Word. The result is millions of people are dropping out of organized religion.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Organized religion, having one foot on a bar of soap, today placed the other foot firmly in
    to its grave. . . .

    And so it goes.

  • Pro_Whitey

    As a semi-Cat-lick, allow me to extend two middle fingers of dissent from the Cat-lick bishops regarding the prohibition on joining the BNP, UKIP, the National Front, or any similar party.

  • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

    jesus says to carry your cross to thy doom, English people.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Christianity is just another form of white racial and cultural suicide. Time for the white man to either find new gods or reject all gods before it’s too late.

    • Alexandra1973

      How so?

      There’s nothing in the Bible that says “thou shalt race-mix.” In fact God separated man by race (Shem, Ham, Japheth), by land (in the days of Peleg was the earth divided), and by language (tower of Babel). What’s that tell you?

      The problem is *professing* Christians that twist the Word of God to suit them and bring “refugees” from every Third World hellhole over here. And who’s doing a lot of this? The Catholic “church.” And Lutherans…one of the daughters of Rome.

      The only purpose for going to a foreign country, I’d think, would be for missionary purposes. Establish a church there, hand the reins over to one of the natives, then get out of there.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        That may or may not be true (about Genesis), but according to the official version of Christianity, the bible is in favor of racial equality, miscegenation, globalism and massive third world immigration. All of the major Christian denominations, as well as the vast majority of Christians, subscribe to this official interpretation. They cite various passages from the bible and other sources of official Christian doctrine in order to justify these beliefs. Moreover, the most vicious enemies of white racial consciousness and white identity are, more often than not, practicing Christians.

        I understand that Christianity may have been different 100 or 200 years ago, but the religion as it exists now is nothing more than a murderous, suicidal cult led by psychopathic, genocidal murderers. Christians have blood on their hands and will be punished when these traitorous multikulti regimes are finally overthrown. Whatever happens to Christianity, it cannot be allowed to exist in its present form. Perhaps there should be a return to medieval or patristic Christianity. I don’t know. I suspect that only the total eradication of Christianity in all western lands will be necessary for ensuring the future survival and safety of the white race and western civilization.

        • adplatt126


        • ShermanTMcCoy

          Screw the “official” version. We orthodox (for the most part) hold to ethnic separation of our parishes. Except for the US version (naturally), the OCA.

          My relationship with Christ is between Him and me. There are enough white people in need to keep us all busy helping for a lifetime. There are enough white people (even in my own family) that I struggle forgiving, so why waste any emotional energy on blacks and illegals?

          God (or evolution) separated the races geographically. We who attempt to circumvent that are either going against God or nature (take your pick). In either case, it leads to disaster.

          Heaven will be soon enough for integration, when all physical bodies will be perfect, with only pure souls to inhabit them.

    • American_cavalier

      Yeah dont think so. Go talk to the crusades, the conquistadores, the Puritans and Protestants of America. It is their faith which carried them to victory and brought you the glorious posterity which you now claim lost because of that same faith. In fact we are here in the West precisely because of that rejection of Christ. It is our faith which made us great. That faith was as Queen Victoria replied to a Hindu, wonderous of Britains glory, rested on the Bible. “This”, Queen Victoria pointed to the King James Bible, “is the cause of Britains glory”. That is why the rulers of dark places and principalities of the air have always placed their greatest fiendish plots in using their man servants to infiltrate, denigrate, and twist the Christian minds of the West. They have done this by twisting our man made church entities against us. That is why the.Commies religion as.the opiate of the people. Ipso facto take control of the the church and pump spiritual and mental opium into the masses. Mission accomplished. Fey upon this religious false prophets for misleading the people with their usurped power under the name of Christ. It will ne better for them at the end if.they had never been born!

  • JohnEngelman

    I guess it is not bad enough that the Church of England has decided that God has changed His mind about certain sins.

  • LHathaway

    They church may lose, on this one.

  • freddy_hills

    The Anglican Church has lost so many members that the BNP could probably tell its members to attend and they’d be the only ones there.

    • newscomments70

      I don’t think anyone even goes to their services anymore. Many churches are being converted to mosques. They did have some elderly ladies in the congregations, but most are too afraid to leave their flats.

    • American_cavalier

      Freddy that is an excellent point and should be taken up by the BNP, NF, and UKIP in solidiarity. Take control of the vestries, purge these disgusting Priests, excommunicate the Bishops, and run them on a rail straight into the sea!

  • IKUredux

    Holy crap. Moses must have left the eleventh commandment up on the mount. You know, “Thou shall not be a racist, however the hell that term is used, including, but not limited to:people of other races(again, open to interpretation, because, sometimes race is merely just a “social construct” , but, at other times, it is actually a real thing, like when it comes to affirmative action, certain “race” specific diseases, and, when the people in power just arbitrarily decide that race is like, you know, real) people of other religions, people who although may be of the same socially constructed race as you, but are from, shall we say, a light fingered ethny. No wonder Moses left it topside. It was longer than the previous ten. It is not a sin to be a racist. I mean, it’s official. The original Red Sea pedestrian leader said so. His descendants are to be ignored on this subject. If everybody wants to keep telling me that Western Civilization is based on Judeo-Christian principles, well, we heard it from the main man himself. There is NO eleventh commandment. Be a racist to your heart’s content.

    • WR_the_realist

      The Old Testament is a highly ethnocentric book. Who knew that it forbid ethnocentrism?

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Support for either party, whether expressed privately or publicly, would be unbecoming or inappropriate conduct for clergy under the new provision,” Fittall said in a statement.

    Is this even real life? Am I actually reading this, as a legitimate quote? So the priests are no longer allowed to have private conversations with their families and friends if those conversations should include the fact that the priest supports a “racist” party?

    And here I thought the U.K. was making some small steps towards rationality on the race/immigration issue.

  • Brady

    Membership in the Communist Party is still OK though, I take it?

  • Arlene Erickson


    ⦿⦿⦿� ⦿⦿⦿ ⦿⦿⦿ �⦿⦿⦿ ⦿⦿⦿

  • Alexandra1973

    During the Dark Ages, they hunted down people who wouldn’t bow to the pope, didn’t matter who you were or what you looked like.

  • WR_the_realist

    The Church of England, filled with atheist priests, wants England to become a Muslim nation.

  • 4teepee

    “It’s like the dark ages when people used to hunt witches.”

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

  • Bill E. BOBB

    You need to see that christianity is one of the biggest threats to the white race. Look at the catholic church and illegal aliens. look at all the churches that sponsor blak refugees from africa. it starts with ” and god created all men equal” and “love thy neighbor/brother” etc. and ends with religions desperate for new customers.

  • saxonsun

    Nothing like being anti-Christ. If Christ came back today, you folks on this site would crucify him upside-down.

  • saxonsun

    As he nips at his bottle.

  • jayvbellis

    Ah, the Anglican Church of England – another Brit institution that has gone completely to pot since the end of World War II .

    England supposedly won World War I and Wolrd War II…


    I hope all Amren readers from Merry old England are not falling for the D Day – “England’s finest hour” propaganda nonsense.

    Hey English….

    Have you apologized to the Germans yet?
    Have you told them how sorry you are and if you had it all over to do again you would gladly done what solid French and Spanish people did.

    Don’t you wish the Germans had successfully invaded England FROM Normandy Beach?
    Don’t you wish blued eyed Germans still patrolled the streets of England in Panzer tanks?

    Londonstan? Black Mulims beheading English soldiers in broad daylight? Guardian newspaper nonsense or the Church of England persecuting English patriots – never happen if the good guys had won World War II .

    After a hard days work, wouldn’t you English like to see…
    German troops and English allies parading in England and white children everywhere waving English and German, Anglo Saxon, Norman flags….

    Sure some old folks might gossip that many of these beautiful children were from war brides, English women that slept with the enemy, but admit it.. That would be a beautiful sight to see now, after…

    A hard days work.

    Yes, my English kinsmen wouldn’t you like to see that now, instead of what you see…

    After a hard days work?

    • adplatt126

      Amen. Short-sighted imperialist policy against the one nation fighting the communists (which the U.S. began fighting themselves less than a few years after they placed half the continent under communist rule willfully in WW2). Now we’re ruled by the communists…

  • Rainer

    If the head of the Church Of England doesn’t renounce the edict, he deserves to be dethrowned. The Church Of England can now be called ‘Catholic’. It’s sorry that the historical church buildings in England are in the hands of an anti-racist church. Those buildings need to come into the hands of a free or xenophobic and racist aka racial realist Church. The Queen needs to change who the official state church is.
    If a Cardinal claims ‘“nationalistic and xenophobic” policies of such parties was “unacceptable for Christians.”’, he’d better re-read the racist and xenophobic book called the Bible. Sermons of deceased pastor Peter J Peters can give guidance.

    The BNP has had clergy support in their recent election campaign. See the clergyman at 3:38 – 3:59

    • WR_the_realist

      “We say what you think.”

      I wish America had a party like that.

  • adplatt126

    Wait a second, I’m agnostic. White race-realists are increasingly a non-religious bunch. Wherever the Church goes you see increased “tolerance”, “cowardice”, “coddling” and marketing to outsiders in pursuit of expansion. The Church is like a business. No one wants to alienate whole consumer blocs and lose market share. You don’t however see increased rationality. I see no sense or reason emanating from the church frankly. The problem with the church is not any of the things you mention. “Butch lesbians”? “Agnostic clergy”? Come now. The problem with the church is that it’s the church. It is regular everyday church goers who are the problem and contributing to the bloodletting, because they think it’s altruistic and decent and Christ-like to give America over to invading parasites. I see it everyday. F*ck the church and the government, the church being little more than an extension of state policies at this point, as is often the case for all non-governmental entities under totalitarian regimes.

  • [Guest]

    >>>Cardinal Reihnard Marx, head of the COMECE group of Roman Catholic bishops conferences in the European Union, said…

    This man, despite his lofty station, has no authority to declare what is and is not “acceptable for Christians.”

  • I am not particularly religious, but there is so much wrong with this situation that I do not even know where to start.

    For example, who are these people who claim to speak for God? Are they in direct contact with God and Jesus? If not, who are they to lecture what is a sin or not – particularly when they are advancing buggery and a perversion of marriage in their institutions.

    They are more like the Church Of Marx, with a MarxBishop of Canterbury. Liberalism is their faith, dippy doo-gooding is their creed….whatever the cost.

    Is not erecting a multitude of Tower of Babels in our nations and destroying God’s work (destroying races He apparently created) not a sin? Is this not against the wishes of God?

    Simon Darby is right….. whilst the Church is so weak and liberal, immigrants, particularly Muslims, are taking advantage and will be filling the void that the Church is leaving behind. I am not religious really, but the human condition seems to take to religion – and with the Church populations falling through the floor, the space will be filled in the future by Islam – both by immigrant descendants and our own.

    The Church is seen as so weak and feeble by Muslims, they must laugh up their sleeve. They are a faith that has zero respect for the wet nancy-boys that are now the Church. They see them as turning against their own scripture, they see them as the promoters of perversity, weakness, degeneracy. Who respects that? Certainly not them.

    In fact, the only growth in the Church congregations in Britain are from Eastern Europeans and Blacks arriving from Africa.

    Once the English pensioners die off, the Church will be even more of a shell than it is today. Maybe this is another reason behind the move…… making sure the “new congregations” are happy and welcome and making it plain that they are a tolerant, vibrant, anti-racist, pro-immigration organisation….as though that was not already the case and perfectly clear .

    Churches are being turned into Mosques…. new mosques themselves are opening up all the time. The fools at a local church in my town have even gone to their opening day as part of “interfaith dialogue” and “building bridges”. Being shown around, eating Pakistani food, shaking hands…….. They are signing their own death warrant and refuse to even see it.

  • [Guest]

    Yes, and when they say “the Church” supports a given viewpoint, they mean for us to believe that the viewpoint is compatible with Christianity, even it isn’t.

  • freddy_hills

    This is what happens when radicals get control over institutions. They destroy it from the inside. A fish rots from the head down.

    My suggestion is always the same, congregations should remain members but form populist organizations outside of the denominations’ official hierarchy and tithe to it instead.

  • American_cavalier

    Well quiet clearly the Church of England, a Parliamentary Party run church, is now ruled by servants of the Anti-Christ. For apparentely, one could be a member of the God hating Christ denying Communist Parties, or a member of a party which advocates the murder of unborn children, or a member of a party which advocates inundating Christian England with Christian hating foreign pagans, moslems, or Jews, but one isnt allowed to be a member of a patriotic nationalists parties because they are racists? The caveat of course regarding the latter is an Anglican is allowed to be a member of Protestant Christian hating Irish nationalist Sein Fein/IRA. However this is only because alparentely Sein Fein/IRA, worked so hard to purge the Christian Establishment of Ireland just so they could replace it with a Black Mayor Nigerian Mayor of Dublin. If this passes its the end of the Church of England and it immediately must be replaced by a new Christian reformation movement, which turn must be tied with a new Britsh patriotic renewal movement. If only a good Queen Bess reigned then perhaps these anti Christs and anti Brits could be arrested and executed for reason. Where is Britains promised King of Darkest Need?

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      King Arthur Pendragon only sleeps until recalled by the Kingdom’s time of Darkest Need. And may God resurrect him soon!