UndocuNation Atlanta: May 30th and 31st

Imagine 2050, May 17, 2014



For the complete schedule of this exciting event click here.

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  • This poster has one glaring omission.

    It fails to list the Chamber Pot of Commerce as a sponsoring organization.

    • TruthBeTold

      Well, someone is funding them.

    • Marc Zuckurburg

      They forgot to list my sponsorship.

      I also hope they don’t forget to hold hands and sing the jingle I taught them:

      “Make our immigration reform comprehensive, please!”

      • r j p

        I’d like to teach the U-S-A to sing,
        In perfect harmony.
        I like to take wages to nothing,
        and make Whitey continue to pay.

        • clemensb

          It’s the real thing…

          • me

            Cocaine coma….it’s the real thing!

      • me

        Hey, Marc! You do realize that your tribe is going to be responsible for destroying your goose that laid your golden egg, by importing radical commie peons, right? Your gated communities are going to be under siege in a few short years. Mehico would not have given you all of those sheckels you so dearly love–only in the USA could you have made a zillion dollars by doing absolutely nothing, producing absolutely nothing of value, and promoting your crap to the masses–along with the American work ethic and inventiveness of its’ people . It would be better if you ‘special’ people raised your own kids, cleaned your own McMansions, and mowed your own lawns…..

        • Marc Zuckurburg

          Silly goy. You keep forgetting about my extradition free tax haven! In an undisclosed location, of course.

  • Anglo

    Sounds like a new Liberation Theology.

    • propagandaoftruth

      It is a religion. Messianic democratic totalitarianism. Worse than naziism. Gives Uncle Joe and Mao a run for their money too.

      Comfy genocide anybody? Who’d have thunk the brave new world would trump 1984?

      • Anglo

        “It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go….We are living in the end of the sovereign states….In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish….Countless people…will hate the new world order….and will die protesting against it.” – H.G. Wells, in his book, “The New World Order,” 1940

        • me

          H.G.Wells was a typical, ivory tower Englishman who never realized that, sooner or later, the shite would engulf his ‘superior ruling class’ as well.

  • Caucasoid88

    AW, this is cute! I hope there’s finger-painting there. And I hope there isn’t any white paint, because white is the color of oppression. Goddamn devils. See ya there!!!

    • LHathaway

      According to this, white is the color of oppression, or am I racist reading too much into it?

  • Oil Can Harry

    The most well-attended panels:

    How to apply for an EBT card

    Which states have the most generous welfare benefits?

    What cologne to wear when seducing your stepdaughter

    • Jesse James

      Oh is Woody Allen a guest speaker?

  • A Registered Racist

    Imagine that: blacks, hispanics, muslims, and white turncoats “building true solidarity” against white Americans who’d like to protect their homeland and culture from destruction by blacks, hispanics, muslims, and white turncoats.

    • Jesse James

      You know there is big money behind this sort of rabble rousing event, the poor hard working immigrants sure don’t have the time, resources, training or experience to fund, plan and execute these types of events. They are concentrating attention on Georgia because they think they can flip this state by drowning out the white vote in a sea of soon to be legal illegal immigrant voters. It is could for the general public to see our enemies lining up to organize our destruction so openly. Even the most clueless whites should be starting to become uneasy. Most Georgia malls look like a sea of non-white foreigners, it is starting to become disorienting which is probably why Amazon in doing so well. What I really would like to know is where the money is coming from behind all this organization of the brown tidal wave.

      • John

        ADL, AIPAC, SPLC and so on.

  • LHathaway

    Just imagine the opposite. Art and justice racial workshops devoted to the concerns and issues of whites. Can your art for this expo be non-activist? It doesn’t appear so.

    Since whites would appear to the only race and identity excluded by this advertisement, whites would appear to be the only group actually in need of such consciousness raising.

  • MekongDelta69

    All the ‘key’ words found in every leftist poster are there:

    ‘Solidarity,’ ‘struggle’ (they’re always ‘struggling’), ‘liberation,’ ‘social justice,’ ‘racial justice,’ [fill in your own snazzy word] justice,’ ‘nativism,’ ‘change,’ ‘fighting’ [against ‘the man’], ‘workshop,’ etc., etc., ad nauseum.

    All brought to you by: [Fill in any 5-10-15-20-25 far left radical groups here.]

    See how easy it is to make a poster? Let’s all make one together, shall we?!

  • r j p

    OrGulloSox …


  • dd121

    This has got to lead to revolution and counter-revolution. Americans just can’t ignore this invasion forever.

    • MBlanc46

      We’ve been doing a very good job of it for forty years.

      • dd121

        I can think of circumstances that would cause the chaos to congeal. Pray be that it does.

        • MBlanc46

          So can I. I just don’t know how to get from here to there.

          • dd121

            Something like total economic implosion. That is definitely in the realm of possibility.

  • I don’t see the SPLC listed at the bottom as a sponsor. There must not be any money in it for them, as their tribe of donors is centralized around NYC. I do see a bunch of obscure to me CBOs (community based organizations), the concept of which is communist inspired. This is how Obammy got its start.

    Also, I’m thinking if the black youfs show up, there just might be a shooting. Thus, I don’t plan to attend, although an undercover video of the thing would be interesting to watch.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Don’t bum me out, AmRen. It’s Friday.

  • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

    What’s that last line; Reproductive Justice and Racial Eugenics? Sounds like European-American genocide talk

    • Who Me?

      I was just thinking the same thing.

  • IKUredux

    umm, say, I didn’t see anything about Transgendered, or lesbian, gay stuff. I feel minimized. I’m offended. I am suing these homophobes for deliberately excluding illegal transgendered aliens. It just isn’t fair, that we have been excluded(once again).

  • I’m half-tempted to crash the party. I would love to celebrate increasing crime rates and civilizational breakdown.

    Some years ago in an Atlanta apartment complex I used to live in, an undocumented migrant, who had very lovingly crossed our border, chopped the face of a white child with an ax and killed him for no apparent reason.

    Boy, I can’t wait to be a minority in a country full of Mexican peasants.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Is Atlanta’s nickname “the Shadows”? Because that would help explain what they mean by “living in the Shadows”. It apparently does not have anything to do with going incognito.
    My fantasy is that under a Jeff Sessions administration, an ICE actually following its mission checks the local hotel registrations for an event like this, determines who is actually “undocumented”, and then swarms in at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning to pluck as many as they can and send them on buses across the border.

  • Who Me?

    EEEEEEEK! What are those….people? That’s scary.

  • Steven Bannister

    I’d really like to hear the talk entitled “Islam: The New Nativism” – oops! I’m sorry, I meant “Islam-OPHOBIA: The New Nativism!”

    • Katherine McChesney

      And then there’s Islamo-NAUSEA.

  • none of your business

    If the hispanics do to the blacks of Atlanta what the hispanics did to the blacks of Los Angeles, crime will plummet, the schools will be reasonably safe and life will improve. I hate to say it, but replacement of blacks by hispanics is not bad.

    • IstvanIN

      Then they move to YOUR neighborhood. It isn’t as if the invaders are disappearing the blacks, simply chasing them off.

  • none of your business

    Jesse James these are the organizations funding this. ACLU, ADL,AJC,SPLC, Soros foundation, Tides foundation, Woods foundation Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller and the usual suspects who funded everything from the communists defense in the 1940’s through Brown vs Topeka, through the over turning of the criminal justice system, through affirmative action.
    Ford Foundation created both LARAZA, MALDEF and MECHA around 1968.

  • mobilebay

    So we’re discussing Nativism? I’m wondering why it’s a bad thing. The definition is favoring inhabitants of a county over immigrants. I’m all for that, but our government isn’t.

  • Rainer

    If the immigrants are undocumented, can’t they just be undocumentedly deported or undocumentedly imprisoned or undocumentedly taxed higher taxes than normal.
    I can sign up online. But can’t I just participate in this conference without signing up, as an undocumented participant?

  • kikz2

    LaRaza “The Race” wasn’t listed?

  • none of your business

    Reproductive Justice means free abortions from conception to the day of birth. Racial Eugenics means abortions of the unfit and dangerous such as browns and blacks and encouragement of reproduction of the fit, intelligent and lawabiding. Strange, the 2 concepts are a total contradiction. But that is the contradiction of liberalism. The worst contradiction is the coalition of anti rape feminazis with the blacks and browns who commit most of the rapes.

  • WR_the_realist

    So surprise, the ACLU of Georgia is a sponsor. The Anti Christian Lawyers Union has long believed that it is a civil right to break our immigration laws.