Salinas Officer-Involved Shootings Prompt Protests, Calls for Calm

Lee Romney, Los Angeles Times, May 22, 2014

Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin on Thursday sought to calm community tensions over two fatal officer-involved shootings of Latino immigrants this month that triggered violent protests.

McMillin said at a news conference his office would complete its investigation of both shootings and then forward them to the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division for further assessment.


The incidents–particularly the most recent shooting Tuesday–have spurred anxiety and anger in the east Salinas neighborhood of Alisal. Residents have launched a petition calling for an end to what they consider police use of excessive force in their neighborhood.

The department generally averages one officer-involved shooting per year, McMillin said, but there have been three this year. In late March, 42-year-old Angel Ruiz was shot and killed outside a Wing Stop restaurant after he refused to obey commands and pulled a replica gun from his waistband, police said.

On May 9, officers shot and killed 26-year-old Osman Hernandez, a farm worker, in a Mi Pueblo parking lot as he wielded a lettuce knife. And on Tuesday, a man with garden shears was gunned down after waving them in the air as he walked toward a busy intersection and, police said, lunging at officers.

Police identified him Thursday as Carlos Mejia, 44, from El Salvador, and said he had been arrested last October for being drunk in public and again in January for being drunk in public and resisting arrest.

Police received a call Tuesday afternoon that a man matching Mejia’s description had attempted to break into a home and attacked a woman’s pet. They found him walking down the sidewalk. He ignored commands in Spanish and English, they say, and two attempts to strike him with a Taser failed.

A video of the shooting taken by a 19-year-old criminal justice student quickly went viral and was widely reported.

Crowds amassed to protest Wednesday, and the gathering turned violent. Patrol cars were damaged. And when a 23-year-old man walked onto his porch to watch the protest, he was gunned down in front of an estimated 100 witnesses in an apparent gang-related incident.

A police officer who arrived on scene began performing CPR but had to stop when someone in the crowd hurled a bottle at the officer’s head, injuring him. {snip}


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  • Giovanni704

    Just another day in the paradise of Diversity.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      What the hell’s an officer to do when a crazed Mexican is charging at him across an intersection wielding a pair of pruning shears? Wait and see if he get’s run over first?


      • The lettuce knives for which I found pictures online look like fairly substantial, serrated instruments. I wouldn’t be too keen on letting an obvious hostile near me with one.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          IOW, don’t bring gardening shears to a gun fight…

          Thanks, BTW, I got your message.

          • If I disappear for a while, it probably means I am in jail, and while disliking the food, I would be otherwise OK and eventually home again. When another regular here goes missing, I worry a bit.

        • Bossman

          Couldn’t they aim their guns at his fingers?

          • Only in the movies.

          • Bossman

            What do you mean, only in the movies? So if you’re acting in a rowdy manner and carrying a stick, does the police have a right to shoot you dead?

          • Mason Gull

            They can shoot you dead for a lot of ridiculous reasons, thanks to the Blue Code of Silence.

          • Bossman

            Unfortunately that is very true. I once read a story about a black man who bought an antique sword and was swiping it to get the feel of it while retutrning home. A police saw him and ask him to drop it, when he refused to do it, he was shot dead.

          • John R

            Good. “Get the feel of it”? More likely, practice how he was going to chop down some white muth**f***** with it.

          • Bossman

            I don’t think it should be the policeman’s right to imagine what people are going to do before they do it.

          • They have the legal right to order you – not “ask” you – to drop a weapon.

          • SentryattheGate

            At least cops have tasers now, but even those kill occasionally, It’s a tough job; even a routine traffic stop can get a cop killed. I wouldn’t want the job, but, for the most part, I appreciate what they do. Soldiers get deployed to a war zone and can get PTSD but many cops are out in that “war zone” all the time!

          • I once worked for a company here Colorado Springs on a street named “Mark Dabling Boulevard”. If that sounds like someone’s name, it once was. He was a CSPD cop who was gunned down during a routine traffic stop there. He didn’t make it.

          • dcc2379

            If you are a law abiding citizen, you follow reasonable requests of the police. Poor black man swinging a sword in public, and I do pay the police to imagine what happenns. I wish every time a nand of Muslims get on a plane, I hope law enforcement’s imagination take off.

          • A Freespeechzone

            Stupidity IS Darwinism.

          • Valmont

            A Muslim gentleman in Brooklyn recently beat his wife to death with a stick.

          • Bossman

            So I guess if you’re going to carry a stick, you better look very old and sickly.

          • Whitetrashgang

            No you should just act civilized .

          • Katherine McChesney

            He certainly was NOT a gentleman.

          • Bossman

            You can’t be a Muslim and a gentleman at the same time.

          • Mason Gull

            Gadaffi pulled it off.

          • tlk244182

            I know he dressed like a woman, but I didnt realize he’d pulled it off.

          • Mason Gull

            Traditional Bedouin robes aren’t what women usually wear, and that was only one of his costumes.

          • newscomments70

            Gadaffi raped teenage girls and teenage boys. He was a sick wierdo.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            Maybe but he also kept the Sub-saharian hordes from invading Europe unchecked…trust me, many people in Southern Europe miss him

          • newscomments70

            That is true, and Europe had to pay him a constant ransom for this service. He wasn’t just being nice. I just saw an article about “refugees” in the Telegraph. Isn’t it wonderful that these people are coming to Europe for “freedom”? There were photos and everything. It was disgusting, and no comments were allowed.

          • Mason Gull

            You’ve been watching the electric Jew. Gaddafi wasn’t a perfect man, but he was ultimately overthrown and killed because he wanted to trade oil for gold. All these stories about rape were contrived after the fact.

          • newscomments70

            I don’t know, I imagine that is possible.

          • mobilebay

            Valmont, that was no gentleman who beat his wife to death. That was a subhuman savage!

          • If they tell you to put the stick down, you had better do just that, immediately, if not sooner. Please remember that the cops do not carry firearms to protect the public. Instead, they are issued guns to protect themselves.

          • Mason Gull

            Police carry guns to kill people for whatever reason they see fit, and cooperating won’t guarantee your life. James Boyd did what he was told and the police shot him anyway, apparently so they could have some fun. The police force is filled with trigger happy morons and thrill-killing psychopaths, and no one, no matter how law abiding, is safe from them.

          • Matt Turner

            American police do cross the line in many instances, but not all. Put yourself in the cops shoes. There is a man behaving erratically, carrying a deadly weapon. You ask him to drop it, and he refuses. What do you do next? Trust that the guy is basically a good egg who is just having a bad day? Or, do you see in your minds eye your wife explaining to your children why daddy doesn’t come home anymore?
            People who aren’t a danger to the public generally comply with reasonable requests from police officers.

          • The best policy is to cooperate with their orders, especially orders like “Drop it!” and politely answer their questions. An equally good policy is to not be out in public when one is loaded on booze; if one is drunk, stay home (this works especially well if one lives alone and there is nobody around to quarrel with.) Another good policy is to avoid racking up repeated, similar arrests; the police will eventually decide you are a chronic troublemaker and will the begin watching you more closely (the Mejia character near the end of the article had two “drunk in public” and a “resisting arrest” in the second. His final encounter – with the pruning shears – was after being stopped for a domestic break-in. Given his prior history, I don’t really need to read a toxicology report to be almost certain he was drunk again.

            This is not complicated stuff, or at least should not be for someone who is – at least chronologically – old enough to buy alcohol.

          • Matt Turner

            Hmm. Sorry sir, I was trying to respond to the post by Mason Gull.
            Ah well it’s posted there, and resulted in a post from you, so it’s not all bad.

          • I am never “Sir.”

          • Yancy Derringer

            Not pruning shears (small, one-handed), they were garden shears (the two-handed variety).

          • Mason Gull

            What I wouldn’t do is get within stabbing distance, but then again I would never become a cop in the first place..

            “People who aren’t a danger to the public generally comply with reasonable requests from police officers”

            You mean “people who don’t want to die generally will do whatever a cop tells them to do, no matter how unreasonable.” Cooperation with the police in no way guarantees that they will respect your life or your rights.

          • B.E.L.

            Mason your kind of talking out of your ass. Yes there are bad cops out there that make bad decision, but I challenge you to find any profession that has perfect people in it. Police officers are not robots made in some factory, they are regular people that are doing a really hard job.

            As for the incident that this article is speaking of, the guy lunged at the cops with the shears raised, that was his last and final mistake. You say dont get in stabbing distance….what are the cops supposed to do, watch him from across the street until he kills someone with the shears? It’s the cops job to stop that guy from being a danger to the public. If he would have killed a kid or anyone with those shears, then the cops would have been blamed for not stopping him.

            It really irritates me when people with ZERO police experience and/or training, try and second guess cops. The bottom line is they are needed to stop violent people and it will never look pretty when they are doing it.

          • Mason Gull

            Oh! How dare I question the judgement of a cop! Everyone knows that their community college degree ensures that they always know when killing is the best option.

            No, I obviously don’t expect the police to be perfect but I shouldn’t have to expect them to regularly abuse their power and grant themselves criminal immunity through the Blue Code of Silence. I would be more forgiving if the police faced consequences for their actions like everyone else, but that almost never happens. Sometimes they push a man like Chris Dorner too far, but it’s sad that that’s the closest that we can get to police justice.

            And no, by “not getting within stabbing distance” I did not mean “across the street.”

          • B.E.L.

            Police officers are a public entity, they are there to be scrutinized and second guessed, I do it myself on occasion. I’m glad I live in a country where you can voice your opinion without fear.

            But you talking police tactics is like me trying to give a surgeon advice on open heart surgery. I have zero experience in it, so I’ll just let the pro’s do what they do. That’s my gripe with you Mason, complain about the cops all you want, just stay out of their tactics.

            And the last thing I’ll say on this, just by the fact that you mentioned Chris Dorner in your argument, tells me where you arecoming from, you’re obviously anti-law enforcement, Chris Dorner was a psycho path that got what he deserved.

          • Mason Gull

            Since when do you need to be trained in something to criticize someone at it? If there was a heart surgeon who accidentally killed all his patients, I think we could agree that he was a pretty terrible heart surgeon.

            My problem with the police has nothing to do with :”tactics.” I hate the police because the police are almost never held accountable for their actions. They savagely beat harmless people and use their guns liberally not because they need to, but because they know they can get away with it. Some parts of police brutality come from training. Cops are trained to shoot any dogs in their presence, for instance, but blaming bad training is just an excuse for unacceptable behavior. Chris Dorner summed it up pretty well in his manifesto:

            “How do you know when a police officer is lying??? When he begins his sentence with, “based on my experience and training…”

            You can call him a psychopath and a madman all you want, but I know the truth. He was a well-intentioned man with a remarkable sense of honesty, justice, and patriotism. The LAPD ruined him for exposing the criminal behavior of his fellow officers, and they paid for it. I strongly disagree with his decision to kill the daughter of his lawyer, but his actions were a welcome reminder to the police that some people will not tolerate their abuses.

          • Matt Turner

            I believe I added the caveat that there are many examples of police crossing the line. I am simply against the knee-jerk reactions to any story involving police shooting. Sometimes it’s the “victims” fault. I am certain that both you and I could sit down and come up with numerous examples of police brutality. But, sometimes a police shooting of a bad apple is just that. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • Some departments are much worse than others. The really bad one here in Colorado is the Denver Police Department.

          • There are no guarantees. They’ve stopped me with guns drawn before.

          • Some police forces are full of them. Others not so much. I was once arrested by a young woman who even after I was laying on the wet street with my hands behind my back, waiting to be cuffed, she was too scared to come close enough to handcuff me. Her supervisor came and did that. It was over a false report, the charges of which were later dropped.

            I wasn’t particularly scared of that policewoman killing me, but I had already asked Sayaka to marry me, and she had said “Yes.” Dead on a street didn’t fit in very well with that plan. I am certain that I’m going to die someday, and I know it will probably hurt, but I’m not eager to get it done anytime soon.

          • Matt Turner

            If you try to hit them or others with it… yes.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            What was deleted?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Wonder if THIS could be utilized as a weapon??

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            That is corium, which is emitting 10,000 rads of radiation an hour, enough to kill you twenty times over. Electronics are fried in a radiation field of this intensity, in a few minutes a person would get much more than a fatal dose.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I knew I should have included a graphic…hold on…

        • Yancy Derringer

          The knives made for harvesting lettuce are different than that green-handled knife. They’re squarish, large, and quite fearsome – the kind of thing you might choose to keep under your car seat.

          • I have a claymore. Sayaka has a niginata. Nobody will ever come in here without body parts flying.

      • Bossman

        To shoot someone dead who’s carrying a much more inferior weapon is a cowardly act and very unprofessional for an officer of the law.

        • Sick of it

          Great. You should volunteer to be on the front lines and to take on gangs armed only with your dazzling personality. You’ll last a day or two. Maybe.

          • Bossman

            That is why I think policemen should be brave and act in a professional manner at all times.

          • tlk244182

            I agree. They have batons and OC spray, as well as pistols and, usually, partners. A private citizen would be justified in shooting, because he doesnt have the equipment to scale his response to the threat level. But a policeman, it seems to me, should be ready and able to go hands on with his baton and OC when confronted with knives or gardening tools. Now, of course, that’s easy for me to say, since dealing with violence isn’t my line of work.

          • The batons and OC spray are for use on violent or uncooperative *unarmed* suspects.

          • Bossman

            Yes, I agree totally with your assessment of this situation.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            No, police should shoot to kill the scum the moment they present themselves as a lethal threat. I once was faced with three of them rushing me with a hatchet and other sharp objects. I had only pepper spray, but I gave the hatchet wielder a full can to the face. Had I had my gun, I would have given him multiple heavy caliber hollow-point to his face, then the other two if they didn’t take the hint from the first one being blasted all over the street. Rush me with a hatchet while armed with a gun, I’ll kill him whether or not I’m a cop,

          • I was a fairly rough customer while in my 20s. I do have an antique tomahawk, but almost nobody ever saw that.

            It is always best to aim for the center of mass and then drop your first pistol to pull out the second one once it is empty.

            A guy with a tomahawk and a butcher knife never needs to reload.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            HA! Great post, and why you are one of my very favorite posters.

      • Greg Thomas

        The hostile mexican invaders don’t care about any of that. They only see one of their La Raza getting shot, which he deserved. Notice the racial solidarity at play here. It’s always like that when a member of diversity gets shot by the man.

        • They came here illegally in the first place and then once here do things like cock-fighting, dog-fighting, drunk-driving, public drunkeness, rape, rape of children, identity theft, and so-on, in enormous numbers. They simply don’t believe any laws should apply to them.

          • Anon

            They are correct that laws don’t apply to them. When you believe laws don’t apply to you, it’s an issue of morality. When you KNOW laws don’t apply to you, it’s an issue of power. One of the most potent weapons against white people is to confuse the two.

            Put another way, it does not matter that you have a problem with it. Because of the collective choices of white people, we literally have no say in the matter.

            And no right to one.

          • Then we can do these things the other way.

          • Alexandra1973

            Speaking of identity theft, it’s a good idea to check your children’s credit reports…to make sure no one’s using their Social Security number.

        • Anon

          Morality is an issue ONLY those who survive get to debate. Races that engage in racial solidarity, no matter the reason, live and races that refuse to engage in racial solidarity, NO MATTER THE REASON, die.

          You think what the Mexicans are doing is wrong and that the idealism (actually brain washing) that is nothing more than excuses for not being on the side of one’s race, is right.
          When the situation is reversed, white people come up with ANY excuse, no matter how flimsy, to disavow any association with their fellow white. They become a criminal and free game for any molestation or harm by other races. That incredible EVIL heralds a death sentence for our race.

          And is pathetic by contrast to what these Mexicans are showing. There will come a time when the police don’t dare do a thing when confronted by these people. Actually, that time has already come. MANY places in SoCal and other states, there is no police presence nor any American authority. They’ve fled for their lives.

          The US and mexico are, essentially at war with each other. It’s a war we have already lost because white people just don’t give a damn about each other. Mexicans do. They care so much that it does not matter what these particular Mexicans did. All that matters is that they are Mexican. And quite frankly, that is right by default.

      • dcc2379

        Rethink Republcan’s angst against parental permission for Planned Parenthood.

    • Homo Sapien

      Multiculture to be exact.

  • Salinas (CA) is another illegal alien, squat-monster haven. The gangs in this city are out of control, most of the drivers on the road are unlicensed because they’re illegals, and crime is incredibly high. Not to worry, though, both the Democrats and Republicans are determined to turn every city in the U.S. another Salinas.

    • I was through Salinas a few times as a UC Santa Cruz student in the 1980s; it was pretty gnarly even then. I simply can not imagine the place has gotten any better in the last 25+ years.

      • trouble maker

        Salinas has changed a lot since John Steinbeck wrote Tortilla Flats , when I was a kid that city was viewed in a much more favorable light by the entire country !

    • MekongDelta69

      Hell – ALL of Mexifornia is an illegal alien, squat-monster haven.

  • MekongDelta69

    To the L.A. Times:
    “Latino immigrants”

    To everyone else, NOT living in La-La Land:
    Brown illegal aliens”

  • D.B. Cooper

    If you minority rioters really want to get whitey’s attention, run amok through a 90% white neighborhood. Then again, you minorities don’t really want that, do you?

    • APaige

      Even better. Whites should riot in the barrio. After all they are unwanted and uninvited ‘guests’ that are ruining another place.

    • I think they should drive to ultra-liberal Santa Cruz – the good neighborhoods at higher elevations away from the beach flats – and riot there.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Guaranteed it would be ‘Open Season’ on rioters–remember that LE had NO legal obligation to protect you or your family per the SCOUS.

    • Jack Whistler

      They do, but only after they’ve been given the power to vote and help destroy the 2nd Amendment.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “Natural conservatives. Family values.”

    • “Dreamers”

    • John R

      Yeah, future Republicans! When pigs fly!

  • A fake gun. I expect even an illegal alien would be smart enough to know that the cops here carry real guns. Darwin Strikes Again!

    Pruning shears: also a good choice when going up against police.

  • Dave4088

    These two violent and mentally unbalanced mestizos are typical of what’s crossing the border these days and has been for a long time now. John Boner and the RINO’s tell us these kind of people will make great Americans and Republicans. Rand Paul sees two brown libertarians who will create jobs and employ millions of Americans.

    America is a certified nut house.

    • connorhus

      Seen it happen when I lived in Santa Fe and worked as a manager at a hotel there. The Mexicans would often times be amiable and hard workers until at some point they would snap. This snapping point which usually came right after payday and involved alcohol would often end with one running around the hotel with a kitchen knife of some sort threatening people. The local PD had a drunk Indian/Mexican response crew that always showed up to deal with them.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Violent protests? They do back flips to avoid using the word “riots.”

  • Publius Pompilius Quitus

    There will be no violent revolution. More likely, there will be a slow dismantling of every cultural institution of the historic American Nation (a la Antonio Gramsci) by the constant inflow of hostile and incompatible immigrants.

  • Deiter Botha

    So much support from the community. I can’t believe these women chased a dangerous confrontation around a corner with a baby just to say thank you. They would riot if the police just stopped patrolling their neighborhoods.

  • OhWow

    So typical. And they try to tell us these illegal immigrants are the same as the old Euro ones LOL!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The officer-involved fatality is the second this month and the third for the year including the deaths of Osman Hernandez and Angel Ruiz, respectively. Last year, Salinas police killed one: Jose Ruiz, on Williams Road.

    Good thing no one was hurt.

    My grandparents are from Salinas. It used to a paradise but is so bad now I cannot even stand driving through town, it infuriates me to see the graffiti, the run down streets, the homes with dirt front yards and bars on the windows.

    It is the illegal alien and gang capital of Central California.

    What I saw in the video was Mexican cops shooting a Mexican followed by a Mexican riot and complaints about police brutality from Mexicans.

    This ain’t Steinbeck’s Salinas; for all intents and purposes, Salinas is 3rd world Mexico, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

    The bastards destroyed paradise.

    • Romulus

      Thanks Ol’ Bon-ny lass. I give you kudos for your excellent pics.
      Notice in the second pic, the depiction of the dream of the invaders to re-establish the old borders of mexico/atzlan.

    • r j p

      The Gulf oil spill was the equivalent of the volume of the NO Superdome.
      The amount of crude oil that could be on a pin head dunked in a bathtub full of water would create a higher level of concentration in the bathtub than the BP spill created in the Gulf. Yeah, I actually calculated this.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Recently, a 19-year old man was caught on a surveillance video in Oregon peeing into the 38-million gallon Mt. Tabor reservoir which supplies drinking water to the city of Portland.

        The city was going to DRAIN the entire reservoir but later decided not to.

        I heard a numbers cruncher on the radio say that he figured it all out and the pee amounted to the equivalent of two or three drops of urine in a swimming pool.

        But still…

        Glad I have a Water Wise to filter MY drinking water.

        • Wikipedia says Mt. Tabor’s reservoirs are open, but If they are open, wouldn’t birds occasionally poop in them, making the issue of a drunk idiot “contaminating” one of them an even more moot point?

          • AndrewInterrupted

            There is also a fair amount of treatment as it passes through the pumping plant. I believe some municipalities use UV light, etc. Ammonia from urine is no big deal, It’s the bacteria and e coli they worry about. Survival experts recommend drinking your own urine once if you are stranded. But, only once. More than that and it will kill you. You probably know that from your military days.

          • I drank my own blood after I was badly wounded.

          • PvtCharlieSlate

            And remember what W.C. Fields said about not drinking the water because fish f**k in it.

    • Johnny Squire

      “What I saw in the video was Mexican cops shooting a Mexican followed by a Mexican riot and complaints about police brutality from Mexicans.” – Bon, From The Land Of Babble

      The response from the “minorities” in Salinas is typical of minorities everywhere in the U.S., hell, even everywhere in the world: this is your fault, Whitey, now come clean up our mess.

    • “The bastards destroyed paradise.”

      I know.

    • Thats absolutely correct, everything you say

  • Mason Gull

    Good for them. Cops routinely abuse and murder people of all races, and an occasional anti-cop riot lets them know that their actions have consequences. If anything, white people are too permissive with the police and should be more militant when organizing against police brutality and corruption.

    • trouble maker

      The power held by Law enforcement is not always managed well by it’s members , but then that applies equally as well to all government entities.

      • Mason Gull

        You don’t say?

  • The Final Solution

    Viva Aztlan! Viva La Raza!

    • Andy

      Viva la Raza en Mexico!

  • Romulus

    Since comments are closed on the MEMORIAL DAY thread, I’d thought I’d add my thoughts here first before commenting on the nightly news.

    Mark well our honored dead, for they have sacrificed all. I pray that our people will NEVER slaughter each other again at the behest of another tiny alien elite’s machinations.
    I went to a beautiful cemetery and planted little CBF’s and Old Glory’s.
    At a time when the gov’t wants to slash vets benefits, their dying before they receive care, a politician has a plan to privatize their care (which would result in the costs being offloaded by the gov’t) and of course the social engineering that is being implemented, it becomes increasingly more important that we Remember Them.

    I’ve been perusing through some of American thinkers threads this wknd and found that the site appears to almost be completely Co-opted by the establishment right(both contributing authors and commentors) Neo-con progressives, Rino’s,zionists, negroe lovers and the lgbtq community)
    The reason I bring this up, is the non stop ww2 propaganda all over the TV over the holiday. It is obviously meant to convince Americans that the tribe is our ” friend” and murdering our racial kin TWICE was something to be proud of. I disagree, of course. So, I thought everyone would enjoy this little post of wisdom:

    IT is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press!

    It is the Soldier, not the campus/community organizer, who has given us the
    Freedom to demonstrate.
    It is the Soldier, not the lawyer who has Given us the right to a fair trial.

    It is the Soldier, who salutes the Flag, who serves under the Flag ,and whose
    Coffin is draped by the Flag, who allows the protestor to burn the Flag!

  • none of your business

    Friend grew up there. He is about 70 now. Japanese, like 4th generation american. Dad was a manager at one of the huge farms. But I don’t blame the immigrants,they were brought here by the owners and stockholders of those enormous agribusinesses. The farm owners up and down central california have 800 numbers posted all over Mexico and central America in the primitive indian areas.
    What can one expect?

    • Actually, the leading perpetrator in the Salinas invasion was the mayor, Anna Caballero who had the state and the feds turn Salinas into a Sactuary city for illegal occupiers.
      She is now the Calif State assembly woman

      • Dr. Möbias

        I thought you were still locked up in Spamblinka.

        How did you escape?

  • none of your business

    Why riot in Salinas? The farm workers should burn the fields belonging to the agribusinesses that employ them.

    • Natassia

      I think the nature of farm work–hot, sweaty, grueling hours out in nature under the sun–means that the personality of the average farm worker is not particularly rebellious or violent. People that work with their hands in nature tend to be hard-working, peaceful, and grateful. Not sure if the work makes them that way, or people like that tend to gravitate to that kind of work.

      • Juggernaut3000

        They may not be, but their “leaders” are. There is constant agitation of these people by communists to “rise up” against their White masters and “throw off their chains.” The UFW tried it in the 60s and there are always new “rights” groups springing up with the usual commie behind the curtain pulling the strings.

        The growers are well aware of this and that’s why they want a constantly revolving army of uneducated, 3rd world mestizos to pick crops, they’re always screaming in congress that they don’t have enough manpower and the crops will rot in the fields if the government doesn’t allow hoards of Mexicans across the border. Mexicans do this, move on to the welfare rolls, which is better than picking fruit and the next group comes in.

        The latest groups coming in are indios from the most backwards areas of Mexico and Central America. They do not speak Spanish but native Indian languages which is causing problems for the police and courts when these people who do not understand American laws are arrested for things like child rape, which is normal and legal in their country.

        We Native Born Whites are told that WE must accommodate them and be sensitive to their cultural differences, such as drunk driving, child rape, urinating in public slaughtering goats in the street, firing guns in the air to celebrate, shooting endangered species and setting off highly illegal fireworks in tinderbox areas. All are tolerated in California is one is a mestizo.

      • So, you lived in Salinas and know this..

        They are TOTALLY violent and defecate in the fields and you eat their lettuce.

    • Juggernaut3000

      They don’t have the IQ points necessary to think it through, they have no future orientation. They’d riot, burn the fields and then go after private homes, etc. for the resources they need, like booze, drugs and women, moving on to the next neighborhood, city, etc. until stopped by extreme force.

      Problem is, the U.S. government wants them to destroy White livelihoods, businesses and neighborhoods, it would give them a chance to apply martial law across the land while blaming Whites for causing any insurrections or uprising to the oppressed of the land.

  • John R

    Police are trained on the “21 foot rule.” Remember, on average, it will only take about 1.5 seconds for a man to cover a twenty one foot distance to close with a knife and attack an officer. It usually takes longer than that for the officer to aim his weapon, and open fire, and actually stop the attacker. So, sharp weapons need to be taken seriously.

    • That’s actually very true. Edged weapons pose a serious threat. Can you imagine if the officers would have allowed the suspect enough room to have grabbed someone and held them hostage with shearing blades to their throat? Or if the suspect would have stabbed or cut some passerby? The police would have been blamed for that too. The cops often (though not always) are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Not only that, soft body armor is easily stabbed through, only the heavy military types that contain metal or ceramic plates stop knives. A illegal armed with a knife can and should be shot, the officer should shoot him in the face because anywhere else a mortally wounded assailant can still kill a cop. People can take a minute or longer to die, even when shot fatally.

  • humura

    The protestors should have been rounded up, placed on buses, and shipped south of the border where they would not have to worry any more about American police oppression. They could enjoy all the civil rights afforded by the authorities of Mexico.

  • Joe Webb

    Salinas is almost totally mexer. Amazing to drive thru. It is the lettuce and artichoke capital in California.

  • LACountyRedneck

    “What a dump!” — Bette Davis and also Elizabeth Taylor. Take your pick.

    • tlk244182

      Betty Davis, hands down!

  • dcc2379

    Mexicans with guns, knives, and shears. Anyone who has shot a gun knows that one must shoot to kill, and when faced with conditions less than perfect, there is no room for second guessing. Instead of calling a spade a spade, non-whites ally themselves on the side of gross criminal behavior and threaten insurrection (rioting).

  • MBlanc46

    And the rioters were immediately arrested and deported. Right?

  • Anon

    You may wag your fingers and tongues at this but this is the main reason Spanish speaking peoples are displacing European Americans. They hold solidarity with their race and back it up with violence. There aren’t enough jackboots in all of the US to lock them down and force them to submit to genocide when a race will not cooperate with that agenda. European Americans, despite being far more heavily armed and far more powerful in all other ways, especially access to resources, instead, cower in their homes when faced with a police state. A handful easily controls a multitude. And the punishment for that is DEATH. As in our population is shrinking, being murdered both as adults by criminals and as children by abortion…..manipulated into not reproducing and not investing in children when we do.

    In short, what the “Hispanics” are doing here is both noble and correct, even if the individuals killed by the police are the criminal element. Police…..should not exist. Neither should lawyers or courts or any other “professional” elements of justice. Neither should the military, for that matter. All these are lies….tools of oppression and the very last thing they do is effectively deal with crime or threats to our race. THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY EXIST FOR!

    Those functions, both the responsibility and the power inherit in their function are mine. They are yours too. Every man is supposed to handle these things locally. To be a man at all involves being a hunter, a warrior, part of a vigilance committee. And yes, in cases like this, part of a mob.

    It was not so long ago…..

    • Natassia

      What you are advocating is anarchy…which might be plausible in the wilderness but certainly not in a dense urban environment. Law-keepers and sheriffs have been around for centuries, even in racially homogenous Christian-majority nations.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Time for us to organize and show solidarity. Past time, actually.

    • Juggernaut3000

      There is an extremely powerful ethnic network that will make sure WE lose our jobs, livelihoods and businesses. They do it all the time to great effectiveness. I cannot afford to lose my job and be branded as a racist, hater or xenophobe.

      I don’t know how to put an end to it…without losing my business to these diabolical genocidists of the White race.

      We who sit in front of computers ARE heroes. We work hard to spread the word and wake others up and I believe we are having an impact, however small.

      What is imperative is to put a stop to the anti-White narrative and power that has paralyzed us into inaction while we are facing loss of our living space, livelihoods and resources.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        The pen is mightier than the sword, until it runs out of ink.

        I grew up in a modern white majority nation and now have to end my days in a developing third world cesspool that looks like Mexico or Brazil. Unfortunately, the situation on the American home front is deteriorating rapidly. Massive third world invasion and black crime are going to significantly worsen over the coming decades. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take whites to realize that the US federal government has long ago declared war on them. Nevertheless, there are an estimated 300 million guns in the United States. They need to put these weapons to good use by permanently ending mass third world invasion and the multicultural ideology that will ultimately result in the extinction of the white race.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      The Mestizos have promised to “keel us white beetchez!”

    • NeanderthalDNA

      We must reverse this eloi style devolution of our folk.

  • Matt Turner

    I’ve never been shot by the police in any of my dealings with them. But then, I’ve never drawn a replica (let alone a real) gun on an officer. So anyways… These are the natural conservative republicans I’ve been hearing so much about. Sound like a bunch of bantus, to be honest.

    • dcc2379

      You don’t pull guns or machetes because of your white privilege. You instead resort to microaggressions in place of Hispanic’s and blacks macroaggressions.

      • Matt Turner

        Well… yes. But of course! Now allow me to twirl my moustache ends and say… neehhh! I mean… What good is white privilege if you aren’t willing to use it. Now I must go and bully the servants!

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    Jugar juegos estúpidos, ganar premios estúpidas.

  • Natassia

    >>A police officer who arrived on scene began performing CPR but had to stop when someone in the crowd hurled a bottle at the officer’s head, injuring him.<<

    So ****ing dumb.

  • I live only a few miles from Salinas. In the past few years the town has become particularly violent and dangerous, due to warring Mexican gangs.

    • Juggernaut3000

      …due to Mexican gangs and drunk driving.

  • Adolf Verloc

    What kind of idiot would pull a replica gun on a police officer? Oh, wait, I see.

  • save that protesting for when you get back to your homeland . . . .

  • SentryattheGate

    Let them go to Mexico and deal with Mexican police! I hear that <10% of crimes are even reported to the Mex.police; the Mex. people know better!

  • cranky_1970

    Obviously Cops need a non-lethal weapon that makes you crap your pants.

  • Fudge

    Kill every damn of those criminal wetbacks.

  • Jack Whistler

    And to think that people tell me I’m cruel when I say we should go into the neighborhoods where these invaders have taken over, and warm their dismal lives by sharing some kerosene-flavored Jack Daniels with them.

  • none of your business

    Never forget who brought these criminals to Salinas. The agribusinesses that employ them. It is a fact that Mexican agribusiness uses more planting and picking machinery than America because the machinery is far more costly than the endless supply of cheap immigrant labor.

  • Rodney S

    These are the people the government wants to import into your quiet, orderly white neighborhood. You see, white people are boring and they need the vibrancy of drunk Guatemalan border-jumpers waiving knives and exposing themselves to your wife and kids. Think of the rich, cultural experience of seeing intoxicated El Salvadorans urinating and defecating into your trash container, right after buggering the family dog. I can’t wait!

  • Juggernaut3000

    “The most dangerous terrorists in this country are White, Christian, Pro-constitution, Pro second Amendment rights people.”

    –Janet Napolitano

  • Juggernaut3000

    With all due respect, this class, high standards, not “stooping to THEIR level” and self-respect are exactly what our enemy plays on to defeat us.

    The time will come where all that will be irrelevant as our country and its resources are being wrested from us by foreign nationals who despise and hate Euro Whites. It will be fight, and fight dirty, or die.

    Those who say otherwise, the apologists, will and should be left behind, we can’t and shouldn’t save everyone, especially those useful idiots who complied with our enemies and their numbers are legion.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      If they think that will continue when our backs are against the wall, the proof that the opposite is true will be written with their blood.

  • Juggernaut3000

    …And harshly and severely punishes those who threaten the native population in any way, such as flooding their homeland with a low IQ, foreign, third world population that will eventually out-breed and out-number the native population, leading to inevitable, bloody warfare over finite resources.

    Come to think of it, a death penalty should be involved for those who seek to genocide to an entire race of people via race replacement.

  • Grantland

    White Men would give them a week to get get back over the Rio Grande, and then roll in the tanks. Shoot to kill.

    Only metrosexuals put up with this.

  • SentryattheGate

    Have you heard of the planned North American Union, the NAU, aka Security and Prosperity Partnership? Many American have not because the press doesn’t report it; the planned union of Canada, US and Mexico (one of the most corrupt nations on earth). Bush first signed on, then Clinton, Bush and Obama to erasing our borders; that’s why 20+million illegals are inside the US! Like the European Union, we will be(?) one of the 10 regional unions in the world, merging into the New World Order.

  • Juggernaut3000

    That movie, “Machete” was a call to arms, just like 12 years a slave was for blacks.

  • Eventually it’ll get to the point where cops will quickly kill a white person, but will think twice, and thrice, before shooting a “person of color.” We might already be at this stage. One set of rules for the Brahmins (“people of color”) and another for the untouchables (whites).

    • Peter Gauge

      If it gets to that point there will be a lot of deer rifles with telescopic sights shooting back.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Not to mention military weapons equipped with military grade scopes, including those that allow shooting in the dark.

        • I used to be a chemical engineer. I printed and saved an hard copy article on Soviet “Novichok” chemical agents. The quatenary ammonium versions would be very persistant.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Yep, and that would render the land, and any resources therein, unusable for years. Nerve agents can remain in sufficient concentrations to kill or inflict permanent neurological damage for months, even years because they have the consistency of motor oil. and are far stickier than motor oil. That would be about as scorched earth as it gets short if destroying our own cities with nuclear weapons to leave nothing of use to our enemies.

          • And your problem with that is?

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            This is one Hell of a good way to paint ourselves into a corner. This is not something to use as a first resort.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      We are already indeed held to higher standards, Reuben. In all aspects of life. A slow chokehold genocide and humiliation.

    • Martel

      That stage was entered around a decade ago. No cop fears getting bypassed for promotion for shooting a white man.

  • rechill

    And what if a citizen happened to have shot him? Would that be any different?

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Ahem…your President has ordered you to refer to them as “Undocumented Workers”, so take heed or he’ll drone you.

  • I lived in Salinas CA for almost 2 decades.
    Watched it transfer from a white, Arkie/Oakie town, filled with blue collar workers – to the bottom of the barrel village that looks like Tijuana.

    White Americans live behind their gigantic gates with armed guards and security systems. They walk in fear. They are called nasty names ans pushed around by Mexican racists–btw: Mexican racists are the WORST of all racist, imo.

    My former husband, a white, Germanic hunk applied for a position at a nearby Tennis club.. He was a foreman in a steal mill in PA.. He worked like a dog. When he sat down for the interview with the manager (a white male, also blonde) he was told: “Are you going to give the Hispanics a bad time?”
    My former husband is the nicest man in the planet, a loyal individual, honorable, handsome and would give the shirt off of his back.. Yet, he was judged just for being white by ANOTHER WHITE.

    These Mexicans are NO doubt, in the country illegally. Marxist, La Raza b*stands run the town.
    The cop should start demanding their green cards from ALL of these protesters.

    Get tough like Joe. When will Salinas have had enough!

    • I am married to a Japanese gal. but I will never work with a black, Mexican, Middle-Easterner or other darkie. If a company needs them, they don’t need me.

  • kikz2

    latino immigrants… don’t they mean illegals, mexican or (insert s.a. country) nationals?

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Yes, they do have a right to kill illegals who menace them with weapons, and a duty to kill them.

  • Monmouth78

    There was similar riot in Anaheim a year or two ago. We may start seeing regular Mexican riots.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    I wonder how they would react to sword wielding whites with swords that cut them in half, literally. Some whites still have a blade culture, which trains them how to use a blade with lethal efficiency.

  • A Freespeechzone

    You can bet that ‘Latino immigrants’ means illegal takers.

    Make threatening actions that puts an officer in potential mortal danger and expect to be shot–regardless of you race.

    They reaped what the sowed—no sympathy.

  • IKUredux

    Bienvidos (or whatever) to Ustados Unidas (or whatever)..OOh wait, am I gonna be marked down for my crappy Spanish? What if I consider the entire Spanish language crappy? Because I do. Oh yeah, si. While the commercial enterprises of this country are willing to pander to the Spanish speaking, let us not forget that the world uses ENGLISH for EVERYTHING. So, we the United States of America, the English speaking exemplar of European exceptionalism, is going to be forced in the future to speak SPANISH!! Of course, because according to demographic trends, we will be a Hispanic(read:stupid, third world country) nation. Adios, America.

  • none of your business

    Interesting that the Slimes covered it. Generally they don’t cover California north of Ventura except for obvious puff pieces written by PR people in Silicon Valley. So this is just one more of their immigrant sob stories. I didn’t read it again. Did it cover up the fact that most of the mean old Salinas cops are hispanics themselves?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “If I disappear for a while, it probably means I am in jail, and while disliking the food, I would be otherwise OK and eventually home again. When another regular here goes missing, [Bon] I worry a bit.

    –Michael C. Scott

    I sincerely hope you didn’t post that video in reference to me.