Group That Listed ‘Pitfalls of Working with White People’ Received DOJ Grants

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller, May 20, 2014

An organization that published a list of 29 “Pitfalls of Working With White People” that was circulated at a diversity conference earlier this year received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Daily Caller has learned.

Beyond Diversity Resource Center, based in New Jersey, is listed as a partner organization for the White Privilege Conference which was held in Madison, Wisc. in March.

One of the “pitfalls” listed on the Center’s pamphlet, published by the website Progressives Today, is that white people “ask stupid questions”.

The diversity group, which claims that it “works to build a society that honors individuals because of their cultural differences”, wrote on the pamphlet that whites “benefit financially off the backs of people of color.”

White people “are arrogant”, they “say something stupid” and “get too friendly too fast,” the diversity center’s pamphlet claims.

The organization has published several books on diversity and racism including “The Anti-Racist Cookbook” and “The Great White Elephant”. They also lead educational seminars and workshops throughout the country.

And an increasing share of their funding has come from the federal government–mainly the U.S. Department of Justice.

In fiscal year 2011, the center received a $250,000 grant from the Office on Violence Against Women, which falls under the DOJ.

In Aug. 2012, they received a $249,479 grant from the Office for Victims of Crimes to conduct “National field-generated training, technical assistance, and demonstration noncompetitive continuation projects.”


The Center’s grants have increased substantially over the past several years.

They received nearly $325,000 in government grants between July 2012 and June 2013, according to their 2012 Form 990. In the year ending in June 2012, the Center received just over $147,000. In the prior two years, the center received no government grants while receiving smaller grants in the years before that.




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  • “Pitfalls of working with white people”

    Then left-progressive magazines and publications, and Obama’s 2012 campaign re-election data mining-big data team must be / have been terrible places to work.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “Pitfalls of working with white people”

      Like…having Whites do your work and expect to get credit for it?

      Never vote black. NEVER.

      • JSS

        Indeed, I have found one of the biggest “pit falls” of working with blacks is that they don’t actually do any work.

        • Dr. DA

          This garbage must have been written by a diseased minded self hating white.
          Just like O Booboos Book ,Dreams of My Father was written by Bill ayes a white bag of garbage.

          • Has anyone ever seen a black actually work without an excuse?

          • qualityrkc

            Do you honestly believe Ayers wrote the book? Republicans have become such a parody of themselves that I can’t even tell when you are being serious anymore.

  • DaveMed

    White people “are arrogant”, they “say something stupid” and “get too friendly too fast,” the diversity center’s pamphlet claims.

    I suspect that I am not guilty of this charge.

    Also, don’t worry – I enjoy owning my own Whiteness.

    But I understand how these people feel – anti-Whites annoy the hell out of me for exactly the same reasons.

    • I don’t treat them any different than anybody else. If they speak well or if they speak that bazar broken black English, I still treat them no different than I do any body else, if they act like a holes or animals, then I treat them no different than any other a hole or animal.

  • dd121

    Biggest laugh of the day. I guess they haven’t noticed how arrogant THEY are.

    • Daniel Schmuhl

      Blacks are very arrogant in general and totally oblivious to how incompetent they actually are. This is why I don’t understand the liberal argument that race realism will hurt black’s self-confidence.

      • Nonhumans

        Stoopidity and Hubris always go hand in hand. Two traits that nonhumans are known for.

      • dd121

        The left has encouraged them to have enormous egos and self confidence. The problem for them is that they don’t have the requisite abilities to give that attitude any substance.

        • JohnEngelman

          A left wing radical I went to high school with taught blacks in public school. Once he admitted to me, “The students with the highest self esteem have the least to be proud of.”

          • Weren’t you also a left wing radical back then?

          • JohnEngelman

            Not as radical as he was.

            I never joined the Students for a Democratic Society. I was shocked when SDS tried to get professors Richard Herrnstein and Arthur Jensen fired for arguing that IQ is important and that it is primarily determined by genes.

          • Deleted while still typing. Rats. I arrived here from the other direction.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Whatever happened to self-RESPECT?!

            Whoops, silly me; that has to be EARNED.

    • they are not arrogant, that would imply that they have a high I.Q and are correct in they way they think is right. The word that comes to mind is ignorant.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Are more concerned with pets,vegetables , and dolphins then the suffering of people of color. I would also add oil stains on my driveway. See I did a synthetic oil change in my ford escape and my driveway is kind of a mess.

    • Dale McNamee

      I love my pets and they love me and are appreciative, unlike people…. I love vegetables… The fresher…the better ! And I loved “Flipper”…

      As for the “suffering of people of color… I’m sick and tired of the “racism & slavery shuck & jive”… Go ahead morons…Focus on 300 years ago… You’ll stay there as the world moves on…

      • John R

        I am as concerned for people of color as they are for me. Yep, I am THAT hateful!

    • Diana Moon Glampers

      The list of things I am more concerned with includes absolutely everything.

    • John R

      More concerned with other things than people of color? Yep, I stepped on a roach in my basement the other day. I felt a little bad about it. I mean, the cockroach wasn’t intentionally harming me. It was just doing what it’s instincts told it to do. Now, as to Trayvon Martin-George Zimmermann has less to feel guilty about than I do stepping on that cockroach.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    My God, what a list! No matter how whites try to comport themselves around precious PoC, we are always the bad guy.

    I’d rather be a neo-segregationist skinhead naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews than step on eggshells for the rest of my life to avoid offending these losers.

    • Puggg

      Right. I read this list and most of this describes the left wing pandering kind of white people far more than it does any of us.

  • Jack Whistler

    My response as a White Man.

    1) Odds are this is the white person’s polite way of trying to find out what part of your under-developed decision making process determined your current look would be a good idea.

    2) People of color often have nothing relevant to say.

    3) Probably accurate since most employers are white, and no employer gives an employee a job for a reason other than to profit from that employees labor.

    4) Whites need to be in authority because whites built modern civilization, and viewing Africa demonstrates what happens when Blacks are in charge.

    5) Probably do in fact know more about the history of colored people since most colored people are too stupid to read a history book, much less comprehend anything but
    spoon-fed propaganda.

    6) Whites are proud of what they have accomplished and will not abide coloreds boasting about their relatively puny accomplishments as if they deserve some form of

    7) These people call themselves “Liberals, Progressives, and Communists” capable white people often try to segregate themselves from this very group which
    continuously leads blacks down the path of ruin, while blaming it on other whites who primarily want to be left alone.

    8) Don’t want to know anything about people of color, because people of color have nothing to offer civilized society.

    9) See #7

    10) See #7

    11) Such people foolishly expect a parasite to show gratitude.

    12) See #11

    13) This entry fails to understand the difference between failing to understand, and failing to care.

    14) See #7

    15) See #7

    16) See #7

    17) See #4

    18) See #7

    19) See #8, and #13

    20)See #7.

    21) Are routinely victimized by people of color, and then often their own people when defending themselves, and thus have no choice but to be wary of colored people.

    22) ?

    23) This is a reflection of the host being tired of the parasite wiping its posterior with every unearned opportunity the host provides.

    24) A White Man does not have to worry that his pets will murder him, his father, his son, nor rape his wife and daughters; or even take his things afterward.

    25) Whites can actually say they rose above their challenges and prospered, blacks and hispanics cannot.

    26) See #7.

    27) No black person who did not live in a white-majority nation has ever contributed anything of value to modern civilization.

    28) See #7.

    29) Pardon the %@*& out of us for acting like civilized people. A look at Africa shows the natural habit of those who compiled this complaint. Whites by contrast do not consider physical assault, or forcible rape of being acceptable methods with which to say ‘hello’.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Your on fire honey.

    • Sighisoara

      This article left me feeling disgusted (not the list, just the fact that the DOJ is sending them all this money) but your list really got me laughing. You should send it over to these lunatics at Beyond Diversity Research or whatever it’s called.

      • Jack Whistler

        For all the good it would do, feel free to copy and paste it anywhere you like.

      • bilderbuster

        And send the DOJ a bill for $300,000.

    • Dr. DA

      Excellent sir, you hit all 29 so called points and demolished each one with accuracy.
      Blacks never achieved any accomplishments except in Black mythology, referred to as Black History month.
      Black History is a book with one page and its blank!

      • Jack Whistler

        Oh no, the book of black history is massive, It’s mostly about the theft, rape, and murder they inflict on everyone they can, including themselves.

        • Dr. DA

          I stand corrected, and will demand a refund from Barnes and Noble and return the book.

          • Jack Whistler

            Nah, donate it to an inner-city “yuf”, the blank page is right at his reading level.

      • John R

        Black history a book with all blank pages? No, you mistook that for The Book of African Technological Achievements.

  • Luca

    Imagine if this manifesto said Jews, Muslims, women, blacks or hispanics instead of Whites.

    Better yet, imagine if the MSM covered this or that Whites actually protested it.

    My imagination simply can’t stretch that far.

  • Berkeley Guy

    Well, people are free to criticize us Whites, just as we are free as Whites to criticize non-whites. Now, I expect that if Whites made a similar document listing the pitfalls of working with non-whites, then it would make news headlines.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      It’s the fact that the gubbamint is bankrolling this.

      White genocide is Holder’s and Obama’s dearest dream.

      But they’re not going to get it. It’s going to blowback bad soon.

      • Berkeley Guy

        It is hard to imagine just who is giving grants to fund people who work on this document.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          This fella?

          • Dr. DA

            well if its not that old Black Nazi, Hayrick Vo Holder minister of injustice and all around swine.

          • bilderbuster

            Wrong uniform and the mustache is closer to Stalin’s too.
            Germany past or present has nothing in common with Comrade Holder.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You are factually correct, except that I believe high yellow Holder does have some Teutonic genetics in him. Regardless, painting him as a version of that which he hates was intended as an insult to the man himself since he won’t debate me but thinks I’m a coward.

            In that he’s monitoring this website and chompin’ at the bit to have the kind of witch hunting censorial powers of a British diversity commissar and so I just thought I’d send him a shout out.

    • Nonhumans

      We are free to criticize non-whites? I missed that memo…

    • Sighisoara

      I think my list would be longer than theirs.

      • John R

        Pitfalls of working, or being near, blacks….pull up a chair, people, this will take a while….

        • dav davi

          So, will you actually write that list? I’d really like to read it!

          • John R

            Just being funny. I assume anyone who is on this website could come up with their own list. I’ll save my educational posts more for YouTube-especially for videos where lots of blacks and White libs congregate. Great fun!

    • jane johnson

      National Review would fall all over itself trying to hire such a writer. Ha.

  • cecilhenry

    Please don’t work with us.

    Thank you.

    Parasites out.

  • David Ashton

    Anti-racism is racism is anti-racism is racism.

    How many black folks are going to read through this, mark, learn and inwardly digest? Was it even written by a black man.

    • Nonhumans

      I can’t say for sure, but it has the stench of raayciss sowpotomus and she-boon all over it.

      • David Ashton

        It reads as if written by a crazy white woman but the kingpin of the BDRC is a black man.

    • Dr. DA

      The Marxists are the “anti racist” racists. They use the Negros as their surrogate army.
      The Negros have always been in the pocket of the communists. Look at the Roosevelt’s and how they played up to the Negros.

  • WR_the_realist

    What’s even worse than the Democratic Party using our tax dollars to fund this sort of thing is the near certain knowledge that the Republicans will be too spineless to speak out against it.

  • r j p

    ” …. white people “ask stupid questions”.
    Because negroes can’t explain, even simple things, competently.

    • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

      Sheeeeeeeeet … dawg! You know what I’m sayin’, how, you know what I’m sayin’, can ‘dat, you know what I’m sayin’, be true, you know what I’m sayin’? You know what I’m sayin’, they be no truf, you know what I’m sayin’, to ‘dat whatsoever, you know what I’m sayin’!

      • Nonhumans

        Gnomesain, Gnomesain. Gnomesain, WhachooSay, Gnomesain, Gnomesain…..

        • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

          Shipity bipity hippity happity!

    • White people are curious about the world around them.
      Blacks are flat-line on that attribute.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      You know what?

      I read that in the preview and KNEW the ‘stupid question’ was going to be about hair!

      • Alucard_the_last

        I would ask them if they get crabs on their head since the hair on their heads is pubic hair.

      • Who Me?

        I would be willing to bet that the White person who said, “How’d you get your hair like that?” was not asking a question, but was really making an exclamation of surprise and amazement at why anyone would WANT their hair to look like that in the first place, and why they would spend time and/or money to achieve that particular look in the second place.

  • This list need to be circulated far and wide among blacks and browns with a message attached:

    “Dear Person of Color,
    Since it is impossible for us persons of color to work in harmony with whites, let’s avoid whites at all costs. Let’s not work with them. Let’s start our own businesses, and when we have enough money saved, let’s return to our ancestral homelands.

    Screw whitey. We’ll show him that he can’t get along without us and he’ll be sorry. Yep, whitey will be sorry when he doesn’t have us to kick around anymore.

    Beyond Diversity Resource Center”

    • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

      I wish I could vote this up a thousand times!

  • Mrfinoni

    At work I have been invited to socialise on numerous occasions, that’s what people do to build collegiality at work. People often comment how certain people remind them of someone famous… usually its a complement. Lets see…. if we don’t invite the darkies its racism…. if we do invite them were trying to get too friendly too soon! I’m confused.

    • Nonhumans

      Don’t read into it that far. Just be who you are, and do what you do. I hope that I am a living and breathing affront to them everywhere I go and in all things that I do.
      What good reason, honestly, do I have to care if they are offended by my presence and activities. Too bad I broke my tiny little violin the other day..

  • humura

    Not only did Obama’s hate-whitey Dept. of Justice subsidize this racist group, but Republican Gov. Walker’s state agencies also helped pay for the Madison conference. One expects anti-white racism from the Obama crowd, but why does Republican Walker help pay for this evil conference?

  • JSS

    This whole list sounds like it was written by some spoiled 12 year old. I thought diversity was supposed to be tough and masculine, but God they sure can complain and whine. All these stupid complaints could be solved by the diversity just moving away forever. Go ahead, show us uncool Whites you don’t need us. Please deprive us of your hard work, wisdom and vibrancy. Ramzpaul had the best answer for # 23. He said asking why we don’t have a White history month is like an olympian asking why he can’t get a medal in the special olympics to.

    • I have not worked as a chemical engineer in the microelectronics industry in the USA in 14 years. This appears to have crashed and burned. They don’t need me. My family needs me, and I certainly don’t need Symetrix.

      • JP Rushton

        I found an article written about you and what happened. Those were some big glasses that you used to wear!

        I’m not sure what caused you to go over the edge, but you didn’t just go over the edge, you jumped with gusto.

        • JSS

          Some years ago we had an obnoxious troll on amren who hated Michael and posted that article. I won’t lie, the man looked like a serial killer in that picture which is why Im assuming it was chosen. Id still have a beer with him all the same.

          • Nonhumans

            Hear Hear!! A man who will admit his misdeeds and faults is so much more of a man than those, otherwise. As long as I have been on these boards, I have always enjoyed MCS’ comments and company.
            Have a beer? I’d buy his beer, and the good stuff at that!!

          • JSS

            Agreed, no domestic pee water.

          • dd121

            We both live in Colorado. We had lunch a few weeks ago and I can tell you he’s an intense, brilliant fellow with a killer sense of humor. The chemical industry lost one of their geniuses. It’s a shame his life took a bad turn.

          • I owe you a lunch, but I must disagree about a bad turn. I loved my old life just as I do my new one. I wish I could have my gun rights restored, but I won’t hold my breath.

          • dd121

            It’s smart white guys like you who make all the important scientific discoveries. I know you worked in chemistry/electronics but people like you, who are not known to the general public make all the important discoveries. Someone needs to discover a new class of antibiotics to combat gram negative bacteria. That could have been you.

            Did you ever read the book “The Disappearing Spoon”? It’s about the discovery of the chemical elements and the creation of the periodic table. Very interesting even though I don’t know much about chemistry.

            I am glad you’ve found a measure of happiness in your present life.

            I’ll take you up on lunch. Might be a few weeks, though.

          • How about in Denver in a few months? I sometimes take Greyhound alone to visit my mother. This plants me near the 16th St. Mall right about dinnertime, and I can get an RTD bus from the Market St. station to Boulder until almost midnight.

          • dd121

            Sorry I couldn’t answer sooner. My wife and I were up in the mountains over the weekend.
            Sounds like a good idea. We’ll stay in touch.

  • italian guy

    I know that Mr. Taylor always encourage everyone to be polite and responsible with their comments here on Amren, but these kind of articles are enraging, I may be distant from you physically but it pains me to see you suffer from this crazy non-sense.
    I don’t even want to comment on that stupid list, since non-whites don’t belong in White societies and that’s all there is to it, I’m not going to pretend i give a crap about their feelings and it’s time every European on the planet understand that they are not our people and don’t deserve anything we have.

    • Nonhumans

      Thank You and Am(R)en Brother!!

      • Who Me?

        Took my idea and said it in much finer and more succinct (and civilized) language than I am capable of mustering on a Friday morning!

  • Rhialto

    30. Pay no attention to you unless their job requires it.
    31. Act polite, but never friendly.
    32. Too much concerned with gettin’ things done.

  • JohnEngelman

    An organization that published a list of 29 “Pitfalls of Working With White People” that was circulated at a diversity conference earlier this year received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Daily Caller has learned.

    – Chuck Ross, Daily Caller, May 20, 2014

    If a list of “Pitfalls of Working With Black People” was circulated anywhere in any context those responsible for composing and circulating the list would have had their careers destroyed. They would have become unemployable.

    • CLB11267

      About 15 years ago the Post Office put out a pamphlet for supervisors giving them pointers on how to get along with people from various minority groups. It pointed out various quirks such as black people tend to get silent and stare into the horizon when they get really angry. Basically good, spot on tips.

      I don’t know if anyone got fired over it, but USPS destroyed every copy of this pamphlet it could get its hands on when the MSM started reporting on it!

      • Nonhumans

        There has to be a copy floating around somewhere.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Target had a training document for its managers that had a lot of tips about Hispanics in it. Of course, some Hispanic employees sued, and I doubt there’s a copy of it around anymore.

      • Who Me?

        Black people DO NOT “tend to get silent and stare into the horizon when they get really angry.”
        Black people tend to talk very loud, or shout when angry. They curse and use foul language and vulgar words. They wave their arms about wildly and bash their bodies into walls and kick and/or hurl any objects within reach. They tend to try to kick or hit other people, not only the person with whom they are angry, but also innocent parties, standing by or walking past. They are basically full-size adults, (often plus-size adults) acting out an uncontrollable, toddler-type temper tantrum.

  • I think it is getting time to take the gloves off….
    With all the anti white White Privlage crap is about as raciest as you can get.
    I find the term White Privlage offencive. Im not rich, i work, my hands have the scares.
    but im Privlaged. B.S…
    I do feel that there is a backlash comming on this crap, I also fear it may to go too far.
    But i will say my ability to feel sorry for any black as withered away from the day that
    Holder stuck his nose in the Tyron/Zimmerman trial. It rapidly declined as well all the
    anti white crap that grown from that day forward. So if there is a rise in the Klan again,
    i won’t join the arrogant bastards but nor will i speak aganst them.
    This is what this adminastraition has done to me. I was a man who believed
    that all men are equal, every one should have a chance to do what they want
    with there life, but my mind has change, and that is why i can’t stand Obama and his
    adminastration, they turning me into one of the things i can’t stand. I do have Black friends
    that are good people, most are even hard republicans, they as well are very disapointed in
    Obama and Holder, they do share the same view that they have drove a deeper wedge in
    Race relations in our country.

    • Budd Smith

      Well your black friends are rare, since NBC/Wall Street Journal poll registered Mitt Romney’s share of the black vote at zero percent.

      • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

        Why would blacks vote against another part black? A black Republican could run and they would vote the same way and I’m sure in the future the powers that be will create a black republican presidential candidate.

        • Budd Smith

          No, absolutely not, if you’re talking about a conservative, limited government candidate. Blacks are not stupid so far as their immediate survival is concerned. Blacks know their survival in North America is completely dependent on big government. Without unneeded government jobs there would be no significant black middle class. Without EBT, many blacks would starve. Without Affirmative Action, blacks couldn’t compete in the private sector. I’m speaking of blacks as a group. Obviously there are many blacks that could survive just fine. The majority, however, would be toast. That’s why the only blacks you’ll see at a Tea Party rally are the keynote speakers.

          • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

            The repub candidates will get more left than George W Bush. A real conservative will never be run again

          • Budd Smith

            They’ll run, but won’t get elected. I’m predicting that George Bush will have been our last White President. We’ll have an 3 or for more Obama clones before the US collapses.

          • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

            It can’t collapse soon enough, civilization is the problem. the people are just too civilized

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I do not think there is a danger of the coming backlash going too far, but not nearly far enough. It’s making me and millions of others who quite frankly, into people who hate what their country is being turned into.

  • IstvanIN

    Michael Savage had a good segment on this and how White men invented the modern world and how good Christianity. I know a lot of people don’t like him but he does say the things that Limbaugh and his clone would never mention.

    • Budd Smith

      I disagree with his assertion that a nation is defined by its Borders, Language, and Culture. Borders can change, language and culture evolve. A nation is defined by genetics. Change the people, and the old nation is lost.

  • Kay

    I was initially taken aback when going through this list as I had assumed that the “Working” in the title “[…] Working With White People” was used in the sense of working at a job or on a task alongside white people. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t think or talk about whiteness, racism, equality, or the hair of “people of color” when I’m working. Then I realized that perhaps instead of listing the workplace issues that “people of color” have with white people, it was rather listing the personal, paranoid, and racist qualms that “people of color” have with their brainless white allies in “working” together (in the abstract sense) to fight for racial justice. Only in such a sense could a 29-point manifesto on “working” be exclusively and obsessively concerned about racism and say nothing about…well, work.

    • TL2014

      Well, many a black middle-class existence is owed to some anti-racism job, so that would make sense.

    • Dale McNamee

      Dear Kay,

      You wrote : “I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t think or talk about whiteness, racism, equality, or the hair of “people of color” when I’m working.”

      Neither do I… I also don’t think about it off the job…

    • Who Me?

      A lot of the problems listed here would instantly disappear if blacks realized that White people are getting paid to get a job done, not to make sure said blacks feel comfortable and never get their feelings hurt.

  • TruthBeTold

    So many on that list to chose from so I’ll just go with 29 ‘get too friendly too fast’.

    I will continue not to make that effort.

  • gemjunior

    God they are f*#%ing sickening. Sickening.

  • Sick of it

    One cannot help but be amused when a mentally retarded individual considers his betters to be stupid.

    • Nonhumans


  • RisingReich

    I agree with 29. Seen it most of my adult life. Bending over backwards to befriend bantus is a big mistake, on many, many levels They instinctively see this behavior for what it is – false, contrived, and a sign of mental weakness.

    When I see it – it makes ME see the same things.

    Blacks are NO friends. Don’t believe me? Just when you think they are ‘exceptional’ – they’ll slice your throat.

    Frankly – dim witted Whites who engage in such behavior could learn much from this list written from the Black perspective.

  • Nonhumans

    Let’s dissect this stooped little list:
    1.) I’m sorry that we don’t go to college for degrees in Nasty Weavology.
    2.) Learn to speak English, then learn to say things worthy of our attention, and then perhaps we will revisit this point.
    3.) Uhhhm excuse me? Ever since Johnson’s Great (Ape) Society programs it has been nonhumans profiting off of the backs of humans in the form of infinite social service programs.
    4.) Would you want a lesser species ruling over you? Come back and let me know when your species IQ averages are above triple-digits, then we will revisit this point.
    5.) I will concede this point. I’m not a nonhuman, therefore did not grow up in a nonhuman environment. Though what I do know of it does not impress me. Nice try lording that one over us. I will grant your pride in filth, stoopidity, and depravity.
    6.) What species does not have a certain degree of arrogance about them. The main difference is that the nonhumans take it to the level of narcissism.
    7.) Blame the libtards among us for this one. If I made the rules, nonhumans would instantly be removed from eligibility for all social service programs, and be offered a free one-way plane ticket to anywhere else in the world of their choosing. Help Me…Help You!
    8.) I beg to differ. There are copious amounts of humans out there with plenty of negative experiences with nonhumans. We are very familiar with your multitudes of deficiencies and threats. My experiences with “”People” (loose use of that term) of color” have changed my habits substantially. For example; I never leave the house unarmed, I never visit certain parts of town, I never leave my home unsecured, I never keep anything of value on my person, I never turn my back when nonhumans are present, etc. I’d say I’m well experienced with “”People” of color”.
    9. 10. & 11.) OK, excuse me while I laugh hysterically. I like to be productive. I wouldn’t waste a second of my time in the interests of nonhumans.
    12.) If by work against racism you mean speaking the obvious realities that the libtards, govt, and media work feverishly to hide, then yes it does somewhat damage me emotionally. Mainly because it insults my intelligence and poses a significant danger to those that I care for.
    13.) That’s just asinine. We know that there are varying degrees of stupid, and that it has varying effects on your abilities to experience and interpret the world.
    14.) Well most “”People” of color” don’t speak well, no matter the language, to begin with. Refer to #2 (No pun intended).
    15.) This point is one better directed at the libtards. Please refer to #7.
    16.) You will not find me guilty of this one. Nature gave the more dangerous and less intelligent among us very prominent features, and I dare not ignore them. As far as saying stupid things go, I only have to refer to the asinine names in which the nonhumans bless their chirrens with to finalize this point.
    17.) That’s what you do when you are smarter, more accomplished, in the majority, and inventing all of the things that we do to make life better as we progress. It doesn’t really make any sense to whine about being on top.
    18.) Nope. Refer to #16.
    19.) Refer to #5.
    20.) Pardon me while I laugh maniacally. When I count my blessings each morning, among the top of them is that I was not born to any other race/species.
    21.) Nope. No Sirrr. That is what the Beretta and the Martial training is for.
    22.) I own mine all day, everyday. I also encourage my fellows to do likewise. Whiteness is a blessing on many accounts. What reason would I possibly have to not own it. I love it, and I love my brothers. It fills me with a sense of satisfaction that I cannot accurately describe.
    23.) Life is not fair. I accepted that before I was out of the single digits. It is the nonhumans who have major issues with this point. “You “People”” would get along a lot better by embracing the realities of race and all of the research done on the subject and assuming your roles wherever you are able. Rather than whining and complaining that nature dealt you a lesser hand. It won’t change a damned thing. I am far from the best or smartest at anything that I have pursued in this life, but I get along gracefully and don’t burden those who are better than me with never-ending complaining, whining, and unreasonable expectaions. Grow Up Nonhumans!!
    24.) Give me one reason why “”People” of color” should be more important to us than any of our personal interests. Conversely, why aren’t “”People” of color” concerned with the plights of my species? There are those among us who suffer too. My concern and charity will go to my own kind first and foremost, well ahead of any nonhumans. Aside from that, historically, attempts to aid “”People” of color” have always proved futile at best, and they prefer the taste of the hand that feeds them anyways.
    25.) Well they did. Much worse than any nonhuman has EVER suffered on American or European soil. Regardless of the history and facts that the nonhumans and libtards attempt to alter and manipulate to suit their agendas, humans have suffered exponentially worse to develop our civilizations throughout history.
    26.) I don’t even try. Like stated above, I like to be productive. Maybe if you nonhumans and libtards actually worked to achieve something meaningful, instead of whining and blaming all of your failures and frustrations on another group totally and completely unrelated to your plight, then you might accomplish something worthwhile. Though I won’t hold my breath.
    27.) I thought it was all about the fame and the bling? But now that you mention it, all of you do seem the same. Pardon me for mistaking that there might actually be an individual among you.
    28.) I feel that I transcend nonhumans by my mere existence. How do you aspire to something that you are simply by default?
    29.) Don’t worry, when possible I avoid you at all costs. When that is not possible, interaction is reduced to the minimum mandated.
    Thanks for playing!!

  • LHathaway

    Where is John PM when you need him? This list covers more than what I’m about to say but the main idea is that whites who make a big effort to be anti-racists are the biggest racists of all. ‘Their efforts blind them to the true injustice that is going on’ no doubt. . . and that they do. Who knows, blinding people to injustice may be what this Is all about.

  • B.E.L.

    30. Rule the world……….for now.

  • MekongDelta69

    I would like to speak for all colored people… oops… Of course, I mean ‘crayons of color’… or something…

    * De’Le’Genius’Tavious’NuShawn clears throat:
    “We be wantin’ all y’all White peeps ta dyedydi… How u spel dat?”


  • connorhus

    Pitfalls of working with Black people…

    1. They don’t

  • I am proud to be guilty of the 24th pitfall.

  • TL2014

    Some of those points are actually valid, no? Much of this list actually describes a disingenuous white liberal (DWL) to a T (eg “I don’t see color”).

    I find such white people extremely annoying, too…

  • JDInSanD

    I’d like to ask these stupid questions:

    Why are these people in my country?
    Why did they come here if it’s so racist?
    Why don’t they leave?
    Why don’t they create a superior country somewhere else?
    When will they stop complaining? When we have a black president?

    Maybe we could have an Amren contest to come up with the most stupid white person’s question. They could include things like:

    What is the smallest particle?
    How can I design a flying vehicle?
    How do I send a man to the moon and return him safely to earth?
    How do I cure or vaccinate against cancer, polio, STD’s, the common cold, flu, aids?
    How do I regrow a limb?
    Is there life on other planets?
    How can I record music? Talk to people on other continents? Create a television? Put multiple computers in everyone’s home? Feed the world’s hungry? Bring the world law, writing? Police the world? Save the environment?

    • Emblematical

      Invent cricket.

    • Is there life on other planets?

      Yes. The problem is that intelligent life is mathematically so unlikely that there are probably 100 civilizations like ours in the galaxy, spread so far apart that there won’t be any peaceful contact, let alone space wars. We are effectively alone.

      • Or any contact. The strongest regular Earth-originating radio broadcasts go extinct and become indistinguishable from the radio noise in our galaxy anywhere between one and two LY from Earth, which means your rock and roll station pumping out 100,000 big watts won’t even make it to Alpha Centauri. Sure, we can send high power directional signals, but they too will go extinct before they reach many ETs.

        A lot of people assume that there’s a radio bubble around Earth that expands in a perfectly globular sphere exactly one LY per year. They all forgot about the law of inverse squares for electromagnetic radiation.

      • Norseman

        How close do you think any kind of extraterrestrial life is? In this solar system?

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Maybe not with life at all like us, but I am not so sure machine or cybernetic life couldn’t be out there. Machines might have become self-aware and duplicate everything a biological organism does, or life may exist that is as much biological as machine. Something like the Borg or Replikators just might decide we are something they could consume, along with the Earth itself.

  • Truth Teller

    All people regardless of race should be held to the same behavioral standards. Those who don’t meet the behavioral standards should be punished.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      and shipped back to Africa.

  • dcc2379

    Whites are pieces of crap. Faces it, Obama and Democrats espouse this every day, and dumb white liberals dont care because they believe this refers to other whites.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    An organization that published a list of 29 “Pitfalls of Working With White People” that was circulated at a diversity conference earlier this year received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Daily Caller has learned.

    If a white organization–any white organization–made similar comments about blacks, they would be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with having any government contracted business they might have had immediately revoked. Can there be any clearer example than this of the insanity this country has lapsed into??

    • dav davi

      That is quite unfair but true. Why can blacks generalize about whites without consequence but whites will be sued or fired for doing the same thing? –from a person of color

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The list’s not all wrong. The following points are spot-on for white Liberals…

    – Have very little knowledge of people of color.

    – Expect to be appreciate by people of color when they work against racism.

    – Assume the role of the Great White Mother or the Great White Father.

    – Say something stupid (“I don’t see color;” “People are all the same.”)

    – Try to become honorary people of color.

    – Believe that the greatest achievement that they can make is to transcend race or ethnicity.

  • OhWow

    Pitfalls of working with black people:

    1. Having to walk on eggshells even for menial tasks such as asking to borrow a stapler.

    2. If you ignore them, you are racist. If you embrace them too much you are just doing it because they are black and therefore racist.

    3. They have gigantic egos and very bad attitudes.

    4. Always seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

    5. Complain nonstop all day, everyday.

    6. Rarely speak proper English and can sometimes be hard to understand.

    7. They will get the job or promotion over you due to affirmative action.

    8. They get to play the race card and can get you fired for perceived “racism”.

    9. They tend to be lazy and show up late if they have a job at all.

    10. They always assume a lack of a promotion or job offer after an interview is because they are black and not because they are a terrible candidate.

    • Jack Whistler

      Pitfalls of working with Black People

      1) Working with black people.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      11) They call in sick often.
      12) They constantly want to get off early.
      13) They find ingenious ways to “look busy” while doing absolutely nothing.
      14) They resent the fact that you pick up on things they struggle with.
      15) They resent you because you make them look as inferior as they are.

  • IKUredux

    The answer to this problem, is simplicity itself: Go back to where your DNA indicates you originated.

    • Emblematical

      My ancestry is a mix of Irish, English and German. There is no place in Europe my DNA ‘originated’. I am a White Australian, not a European. And I like it here.

      • IKUredux

        Are you being deliberately obtuse? Or, is that your natural state? The article I am commenting on is discussing the “pitfalls” people of color have while working with Whites. If you are a White Australian, why are you offended? I am referring to people of color who are offended by Whites in the U.S. And, by the way, due to the creation of the E.U., who lets in anyone, there is nothing stopping you, from returning to Europe. Pick a country! Any country! White people are no longer allowed to celebrate their cultures. Soon, there will be no Ireland, England or Germany. People of color are welcomed to return to Africa, Asia, whatever. (Their DNA will clearly delineate where they originated.)

  • Brian

    One of the “pitfalls” listed on the Center’s pamphlet, published by the
    website Progressives Today, is that white people “ask stupid questions”.
    As opposed to ‘axing kweshshuns’. Lord, these people are insufferable.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    If there’s anyone who’s unbearably arrogant to me as a group, it’s blacks. Right now I have to deal with one who’s going to find out that I have a fierce temper that’s when it’s let slip it’s akin to releasing a demon. He also has an bad attitude, I frankly want to wring his neck literally sometimes. I cannot finish the day and go home soon enough because of him.

    • I had a Subcontinental Hindu like that. He was once in tears because I wasn’t doing enough of his work for him. I was told that I was not a good “team player”. My work involved developing new materials for microelectronics, and not being on some sort of “team” to make curry-eating n-words feel good.

      There is no word “team” in the letter “I”. The bosses of the world need to take their “team” and shove it.

  • SoulInvictus

    I see a lot of comments about the list… couldn’t care less about their internal stupidity.
    What bugs me is that they seem to get 100’s of thousands of tax dollars every year.
    These are the kinds of things that would stand little chance of cashing checks like that from a state/local government and why the Feds can’t be trusted with the treasury…

  • Nevsky

    Anyone would draw out pitfalls of working with black people? What are the top 5?

  • Nevsky

    18) Black men want to shag every white woman, and they dont hide their horniness

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      They want to deface everything that belongs to us, and they like nothing better but to defile white women. They consider it the ultimate revolutionary act. To me, the ultimate counter-revolutionary act is for the women’s male relatives to hunt down and kill those who defile their women.

  • Chris

    “Working” with white people? Rather, showing up and letting whitey do all the work because I’m lazy and incompetent.

  • Grinding Ax

    So if I read the list correctly people of color i.e. blacks (who I assume came up with said list) are ticked off when whitey is “colorblind” but also ticked off when whitey is “oblivious” to the plight of blacks. They expect whitey to work hard to get rid of racism but they also don’t want whitey to lead.

    It is so full of contradictions that it is itself stupid.

    And of COURSE the DOJ gave them money, this entire administration is hell-bent on the destruction of white people.

    If they really want to play this game then perhaps the whites who are oh so hard to work with should fire all blacks from their firms so they can move on and start their own successful companies. And then all whites should quit their jobs if there are too many people of color they are offending by being there and go work for other crackers. Then let’s see how the chips fall.

    Morons. The people who made this list, believe it, and funded it are all freakin’ morons.

  • ViktorNN

    Wow. I would point out the glaring irony of so-called “anti-racists” making racist blanket statement after racist blanket statement about white people, but the thing is, anti-racists have never been interested in ending racism – they’re only interested in hating white people. So the sort of hate seen in this list is to be expected.

    When you think about it, “anti-racist” activists are really just anti-white racists who go around saying stuff which is nothing but socially acceptable hate speech. We need to do something about that.

  • fgbrunner3

    The Democratic Party has become a party of racists.

  • In the meantime, Tennessee has brought back the electric chair. This is just what Lemaricus Davidson needs.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Excellent, they need to double or triple the voltage, for a quick death. 10 amps at 4,160 volts is always instantly fatal.

      • Saggin Gin

        Appease the libs and go green! Using solar & wind generated power could fry the lot of them on a really sunny or windy day.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Good God you all you could be right. See with these new cars its hard to tell.

  • Mary

    William Rufus King was supposedly homosexual. Not sufficiently “diverse” for that hip Seattle crowd? But I imagine it’s more important to give the nod to MLK. Only a gazillion things have been named in his honor, but it’s evidently never enough!

  • Stephen Wordsworth

    Yes we are awful people of color should stay away from us as much as possible and erect giant border fences to keep us away from them. Think of how awful places like Europe and North America will be when they are white only ghetoes while the balck only Africa would be a paradise.

  • KAMALA1218

    Leeberal garbage propaganda I say. Blah Blah I work in a very diverse work force, and everyone tries to get over no matter who they are.

  • Alucard_the_last

    This list is insane. Help a black and you are a racist. Don’t help a black, then you are a racist. And don’t fall for this ‘people of color’ crap. The Marxist-Leninist thought they would create a movement of all non-whites under one umbrella. The only problem is that all other racial minorities hate blacks more than we do. Lastly, if this pamphlet was called Pitfalls Working with Blacks, the list would be a LOT larger than 29 points.

    • Jack Whistler

      No it wouldn’t, it would only have 1 point.

      Pitfalls of working with Blacks
      1) Being in proximity to blacks.

      Everything else can be inferred.

      • Alucard_the_last

        I wouldn’t part with one penny to save the life of a negro. Way too much of OUR money goes to them via welfare and foreign aid to Africa and Haiti. “Our” congressmen do the exact opposite of what the tax payers want which the end of welfare as we know it and the end of foreign aid esp. to Africa.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Indeed, I NEVER give money to any charity because of that.

      • dav davi

        Everything else like what?

  • DucLap

    So, THIS is where my tax money went. I was curious as to what happened to that money. Try to be more frugal with it next year and don’t give it up so easily to phony race relations scams like this. I work hard for that money and I don’t like you frittering it away on silly crap like this.

  • 4321realist

    How any bureaucrat could get away with giving so much money to an obvious anti-white hate group is absolutely amazing in a country controlled for the most part by white people.

    That funds to finance such despicable hatred could not be paid out without the approval of whites speaks to the madness that has overtaken leftist white weenies in this country today.

    We will never be free of anti-white hatred until we can go our own way, leaving behind these leftist dregs to live among the non-white rabble all by themselves.

    They’re disgusting and should be neutralized by any means necessary.

  • bilderbuster

    What do you mean “Anymore”?

  • kikz2

    I love it when Anti-White Racists unmask their hate. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, let them shine it. 😀 It advances the cause of awakening our people.

  • redbearwolverine

    “Pitfalls of Working with White People” produced by the Beyond Diversity Resource Center, was circulated at a recent diversity conference. It sucks that this ignorant trash was bankrolled with taxpayer dollars awarded by the DOJ. Nearly $450,000 since 2011. How dare you fund race-baiting, mean-spirited, hate-spewing propaganda with our tax money? I want my money back, Mr. Holder, and RIGHT NOW. I’m a racist? Piss off.

  • Sick of it

    Maybe, but I read the same quote years and years before anyone created wiki anything. Wikipedia mods deleted my corrections on the Pinochet site because they did not fit their intended theme (i.e. their accuracy is always questionable).

    • I wrote most of the case-forming parts of the military firearms cartridges on Wiki. The mods there never griped at me.

      • Sick of it

        There’s a difference between something entirely technical and something over which liberal commissars hover continually.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    I read a few years ago in the comments of another site that, “The truth needs nothing but a lie requires constant maintenance”.

    The truth is buried all over this list and coming up like a weed anyway!

    4. Need to be the authority. —-> Whites are inquisitive, seek to understand the world around them and share that knowledge for others to build on.

    13. Assume the experiences of all racial and ethnic groups are universal. —>Whites don’t realize that significant differences between races in brain size, development, and chemistry impact the ability to make sense of the world around us.

    17. Cannot follow but must always lead. —> Whites are industrious and as second nature improve their environment (thereby building, maintaining, and advancing civilization).

    18. Practice colorblindness. —> Whites don’t believe in race differences (in error, is the implication).

    22. When they don’t own their own whiteness. —> The lack of racial identity among whites is confusing.

    23. When they practice the “everything is equal game”. (“Why don’t we have a WHITE history month?”) —> Whites do not discriminate on the basis of race (in error, is the implication).

    28. Believe that the greatest achievement they can make is to transcend race or ethnicity. —> Whites have been brainwashed out of their potential.

    29. Get too friendly too fast. —> Whites have a high degree of trust, an essential component of efficient economies and well-ordered societies.

  • Kenner

    Nice comparison re that ‘Skin color’ canard.

  • John R

    I read the list. Seems that we White people always offend the “people of color.” But it is a good article. It just shows why White people are so foolish to even talk to black people. Why bother? I love the one about “getting too friendly.” What a belly laugh! They complain if we are not friendly to them, then they complain if we ARE friendly. And we expect APPRECIATION when we work against racism! Yeah, White people working against their own and on behalf of you, and expecting appreciation for it! The nerve of those White people. Well, don’t worry blacks, you won’t have that problem with me. I’ll stick to my own kind and only talk to you people if absolutely necessary. But, anyway, thanks for uploading this article-very informative.

  • U.S.S.A.

    The credibility and accuracy of Wikipedia has long been challenged:
    I believe in the legitimacy of the quote. It has long been cited before Wikipedia came into existence. The quote also mirrors other similar comments Schweitzer made about Africans. Egalitarians and liberals are frightened and offended by his critical insights about Africa and like to claim he didn’t say certain things, especially the things that just happen to offend modern political correctness.

  • The Final Solution

    The displeasure of working with non-whites cannot be adequately summed up in anything less than a volume of tomes.

  • Matt Turner

    To be honest, most of this list seems to apply to white leftists. You know the type, always trying to make sure that blacks (and any other leftists in the general vicinity) understand that they aren’t rayciss.

  • none of your business

    Much of this is about 45 years old. It dates back to 1969 when REpublican Richard Nixon first got affirmative action going. There were all sorts of articles about how blacks were sooooooo insulted when bad mannered, guache, clumsy White fellow employees fell all over themselves trying to ingratiate themselves with blacks. Like a lot of the c**p coming out of the colleges, this stuff is just recycled marxist c**p.
    I remember it well. I also remember the indoctrination meetings cerca 1970 when qualified White employees were told how we had to tolerate loud, obnoxious, always late blacks who did about 1 hour of work per day while blathering away causing problems the rest of the day.

  • none of your business

    “About 15 years ago the Post Office put out a pamphlet for supervisors giving them pointers on how to get along with people from various minority groups. ”
    I didn’t know there were any non black employees at the post office.

    Thanks for tracking White privilege down to Yeshiva University. I remember 45 years ago when we were sent to seminars about how to work with blacks and accommodate their unique work style. The grant hustling non profit pimps who lived off the federal grants and put on the seminars were one and all red diaper baby Harvard and RAdcliffe grads putting in a few years promulgating the revolution before going on to law school. Both Berdadine Dohrne and Bill Ayers actually worked for on of these Richard Nixon LBJ save the blacks from themselves federal funded non profits when they were on the run from one of their bombings and bank robberies. They put on some of these seminars. A real conflict arose when at one seminar we White women were told to put up with gross sexual advances and threats of rape by black men and at the feminazi seminars when we were told that the merest glance or compliment by a White man was sexual harassement and grounds for dismissla.
    What do we call these chosen persons from yeshiva University? REd diaper great grandbabies

  • none of your business

    Believe me this is nothing new. I had to listen to Richard Nixon’s federally funded marxist revolutionary red diaper babies blathering about this beginning in 1972. These same statements were all over the liberal press as well, how blacks resented the innate hypocrisy of well meaning Whites trying to get along with them in the affirmative action workplace.
    Then and now it is straight from non goy brainwashing headquarters. I’m sure there will be a saturation of articles about black women’s hair and what a burden straightening it is.

  • Saggin Gin

    You know moochie is a male negro right?

  • beth goll

    I’m a white racist and I’m glad.

  • qualityrkc

    I always find it funny how people get angry at lists like these then run to the comments section to make a list of pitfalls for working with blacks without realizing how hypocritical they are being.