Chinese Spies May Have Read All MPs’ Emails for a Year

Christopher Joye and Aaron Patrick, Financial Review, April 28, 2014

The Chinese intelligence agencies that penetrated Australia’s parliamentary computer network in 2011 may have been inside the system for up to a year and had access to documents and emails that reveal the political, professional and social links across the political world, according to seven sources with knowledge of the breach.

Security and parliamentary sources said Chinese agencies obtained remote, system administrator access to the Parliament’s computer network, which “effectively gave them control of it”.

In March 2011, The Australian newspaper and other media outlets reported that China was suspected of accessing, for more than a month, the email system used by federal MPs, their advisers, electorate staff and parliamentary employees. The perpetrators accessed several thousand emails, reports said.

Senior sources said the breach was much more serious. Australian intelligence reached the “absolutely clear conclusion” that Chinese intelligence was responsible and informed their political masters the identities of the intruders.


China got access to all emails, contact databases and other documents stored on Parliament’s computers.

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Canberra declined to ­comment.


Intelligence agencies believe China will use the information for several ­purposes. By seeing who communicates with whom and how frequently, China will be able to map the relationships in domestic Australian politics in detail. It will also reveal many of the personal relationships of Australia’s present and future leaders.

The parliamentary network is unclassified, which means it isn’t used for secret communication, so the information is likely to include a huge amount of mundane messages about the day to day life of politics, long lists of email addresses and phone numbers, and planning documents.

But it could also include sensitive discussions between MPs about party matters and reveal lobbying by companies, pressure groups and ex-politicians. It is likely include embarrassing gossip about senior figures and their media strategies. A similar breach of the Japanese parliament’s computer network, also attributed to China, occurred later in 2011, according to international media reports.



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  • Martel

    Australia has many Asian immigrants with questionable loyalties.This is not to say this incident was a partial “inside job”, but nations have always exploited minorities for their own gain.

    • David Ashton

      “But you don’t get mugged when you visit Chinatown, Oriental girls are the loveliest in the world, birds nest soup is delicious, Prof. Rushton said the Chinese are nearly as clever as the Jews, China will be stronger than the West, the ‘East is Red’ is a wonderful video, and whatever anyone else says, I am confident that I know the truth.” — Guess Who?

      • Martel

        Ahh, its on the tip of my tongue!

        I remember hours of boredom and reading the same lines over and over again. If only this clue would help me.

        • Romulus

          His comment is being vetted!
          I cannot reply at this time.

          *sly smile*

      • Romulus

        J.E. ????
        I’ve read on one of the earlier threads that Engleman was also at the conference.
        Can anyone deny or confirm??!!!

        How unfortunate that we did not have the opportunity to converse. I would have enjoyed dismantling his arguments in person, if in fact, he was in attendance.

        • David Ashton

          An insclutable mystely.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Maybe mr. Chang-lover also gave a subtle advice to everyone present at the conference to learn the language of their future overlords.

  • Hunter Morrow

    No nation should have groups of a different race in its politics.
    That goes for the U.S., too. Dual citizen jews are big time spies.

    • IstvanIN

      No man can serve two masters.

      • Oil Can Harry

        If the pols in OZ and the US had any guts they’d use China’s repeated espionage as an excuse to ban all immigration from Asia.

  • IstvanIN

    Her Majesty’s Australian government has sold out her people in its quest for Asianization and is incompetent to boot. If the elected representatives had any sense they would never have abandoned the White Australia Policy and they would have developed defensive nuclear weapons.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Wake up, Aussies!

    China is densely populated and resource poor.

    Australia is sparsely populated and (relatively) resource rich.

    What does the math imply? What do the Asiatic hordes have in mind for the Anglo Australia we know today? Invasion.

    The Chinese leadership will provide for their seething masses by whatever means they can. The ancient Greeks did much the same with their excess population, founding colonies as far afield as modern France and Ukraine.

    The colonization, already in its incipient phase, is just the first step. They want to wholly annex and transform Australia into a satellite of China, complete with a majority Chinese population and industries for resource exportation back to the mainland. The fifth column is already in place.

    This fate can only be prevented by immediately ceasing all non-white immigration. The alternative is an Australia that is wholly Chinese in character.

    • Martel

      Kangaloo’s ?

    • Paul

      Do you live here? It’s all bloody Indians to me!

      • captainc

        aren’t they everywhere where english is spoken…

    • SoulInvictus

      They know. I watched Tomorrow When the War Began a little while back. It’s like Australia’s Red Dawn, but with Chinese invaders in lieu of the Russians.
      I’m tempted to read the books the movie is based on just to get an Aussie perspective.

  • GenX Antipodean

    A recent local foreign policy report whose implications keep returning to my thoughts, is from one of our ex conservative Prime Ministers for the Liberal Party(center right, old school economic liberal, social conservation party.),Malcolm Fraser talking about reevaluating and down sizing our military connection to the US as not to anger our main trading partner here in Asia(?), China.

    Google: “Malcolm Fraser warns Australia risks war with China unless US military ties cut back”.

    He talks about the US backing Japan over disputed Islands in the South China sea which could possibly lead to war. A war that China isn’t ready for yet, but will be in about 20 years time as they’re still getting their ducks in a row apparently(is a US/Chinese war inevitable?)

    Being down here in the South Pacific with only a bit over 24 million people holding down the two Anglo Saxon colonies of Australia and NZ, with a combined military of 25,000 personal for all branches.

    Plus knowing that there’s 300 million Asian Muslims just above us in Indonesia, who loath us and then there’s the one billion plus Meritocratic Chinese who just seem to want to extract and own our minerals (ahead of their own), while showing very little ‘humanity’ to their own people.

    It’s a disconcerting feeling knowing that our leaders are debating entrusting our people’s future prosperity and destiny (I have two kids aged 6 and 8) potentially into Asian hands.

    We’ve always followed our Anglo allies into wars, who’s merits were often debatable, but better the devil you know and I don’t trust those people to rule over us, even economically.
    In a team Meritocracy Vs team Egalitarian battle, I know who I’d bet on.
    I wish we’d hurry up and see the value in our own blood internationally.

    • IstvanIN

      20 years from now the US will be a nuclear armed third world country unable to fight a conventional war and unwilling to launch a first strike. Japan needs defensive nuclear weapons. Australia needs to get rid of their non-Whites (excepting their own Aboriginals) and also equip themselves with nuclear weapons. Neither country needs to be able to win an atomic war, just enough to make one not worthwhile.

      • dd121

        Why exempt the Abos? The whites have hegemony by right of conquest.

        • IstvanIN

          It is their home continent.

          • dd121

            As North America for many Indians.

          • captainc

            what’s your idea to move them?

          • dd121

            Maybe not move but don’t act like their political will is a very important force in politics

      • SoulInvictus

        “20 years from now the US will be a nuclear armed third world country
        unable to fight a conventional war and unwilling to launch a first

        No need to wait, we’re already there. When upwards of 20% in some places are unemployed or even if working, are on aid for something as basic as food, I think it’s safe to say third world status accomplished. If we’re not there already, it certainly isn’t going to take another 20 years.

        And other than through a nuclear strike, the only wars we can even halfway win, despite the ludicrous amount of money spent on defense, are those against backwater hellholes.

        Interesting times ahead.

    • captainc

      300 million asian muslims in Indonesia do not hate anyone from downunder, except when they get too drunk and rude in bali..

      • GenX Antipodean

        Yes they like our money, schools, foreign aid, but they find our culture pretty repulsive. Not that you’re going to find me defending much of it.

        • captainc

          drunk culture is pretty repulsive everywhere. you don’t want anyone to puke on you or thrashing your place and think they are being funny, do you? or have you been there?

          • GenX Antipodean

            If you’re talking about Bali, no. My stepson is currently in Thailand and he has some tattoo’s. Personally I hate alcohol, I was a bartender for several years and saw nightly people convert from frightened little bunny rabbits at the beginning of the night into people screaming the ‘c-word’ at me by the end of the night to cutting off service. I was last in Australia during the Howard years (and the first couple of Rudd years), during the Howard years things were tense diplomatically you must admit.

          • captainc

            well, then, you just answered yourself that drunkards are pricks. yeah, foreign policy and stuff, but you still get to drill oil in ex-Indonesian province, Timor Leste. fair game, i’d say.

          • GenX Antipodean

            I don’t know where you stand in all these racial, ethnic, national debates. I consider myself a traditionalist and I just simply don’t like change, my view is conventionally based on observations made from with in my lifespan and maybe a little further back from the older people I listened too when I was younger. There’s not much about current ‘white culture’ or leadership that is worthy of defending to be frank. Like you say about oil drilling, its all about money now. I was reading about BHP trying to mine and sell Uranium to China recently with the State and federal governments both giving them approval through the courts, overriding the environmentalists and indigenous peoples protests. I’m just trying to make sense of it all, but having some sense of ethnic loyalty or pride makes me feels like a dinosaur, as it’s all about growth, growth, growth now. So good luck to you where ever you are.

          • captainc

            I think the Orientals are Whites’ greatest competitors in terms of wealth accumulation, but with other Asians like Indonesians, you can relax because they will never match your achievements.

            China is buying everything, even in Africa by bulks. This is exteremely worrying especially Australia is depending on Agriculture and Mining for her livelihood, moreover, you are enclosed by Asians. And China is the only buyer now for commodities as she is also the only factory for the whole world.

            The only way I could see it is for you to branch out to Asia, your stepson is doing the right thing, but he must not travelling for the sake of getting cheap booze and sex. He must look for opportunities and to know how to live well in small closed communities with other Whites, that’s the only strategy I could recommend to other Whites who think they will not make it big in their own turf. A Dutchman opening up a bakery in Amsterdam will not make much money compared if his bakery is in city of 20 millions and most of the population has just had a taste of bread. With small capital and less tax regime he would accumulate wealth faster and set his offsprings as land owners, the elites that set regulations and politics.

            In the land of the blinds, those with one eye rules. It’s the same like your forefathers in England and old-time Australia when it was still Abos and Kangaroos, but the time has changed, your gov’t needs money because costs are quite high there too, and you love your first world lifestyle too much than anything else and the politicians know this too well to lose their government job.

            Or maybe you have better idea?

          • captainc

            The Chinese rules the business in SEA, stole a land and made it themselves and called it Singapore, that’s just one motivation to go there, their forefathers were worried too when China was too poor even to feed a diligent maggot.

            You can obviously close the borders, but your country needs to make money and the West are in debt with slow growth, therefore, they will not buy much from faraway land, unless it is extremely rare.

            America is betting on the next war, so that it can fill her coffer with blood money. I think NATO too, secretly wish a war so that they can blame their incompentence onto other thing.

            It is just too many populations in this world and they all want the western lifestyle, read the same thing over the net, studying the same thing in the school or even better due to non-PC climate. We are more less the ghetto blacks trying to get ahead.

          • captainc

            So, my previous comment was not approved by admin.

            Shortly speaking, you should go to Asia if you think you cannot make it in your home turf, just like your forefathers. A baker in Amsterdam will not make so much money compared to a baker in a city of 20 millions of rice eater with a new appetite for bread.

            They all want western lifestyle, go and give it to them before and make a name before they can figure out themselves.

    • SoulInvictus

      In 20 years time, China is projected to have a massive elderly population (I figure euthanasia will be commonplace), horrible pollution, millions of men without potential wives, and an even more unmanageable and unfeedable population.
      I don’t see how they avoid revolt or collapse without engaging in a major war of expansion within 10 years (North Korea, India?).

      US manufacturing will probably be back up and running then as wages bottom out and reach parity with the third world due to free trade.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    I see this more as an act of war waged by the Australian government against its own indigenous white citizens. None of this would have ever happened if the government still looked out for the interests of its own citizens, as they did in earlier periods, until the White Australia policy was finally dismantled in 1973.

  • DonReynolds

    The Australian government may not be transparent to its own citizens, but clearly… is entirely transparent to foreign intelligence services.

  • bubo

    Maybe some Aussies can extrapolate but I heard that rich Chinese are driving the real estate market way up and making it hard for real Australians to find affordable housing in the major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

    • GenX Antipodean

      They’re also buying our farms, shipping companies and everything they can get their hands on.
      I even notice Chinese selling every other cultures traditional cuisine, be it Indian, Turkish, Greek. I thought that was meant to be one of the safe ‘benefits of diversity’.

      Instead of making laws to protect the locals, our local politicians are changing planning laws so instead of having the traditional 1/4 acre Western house on a block, you can squeeze in 20 shoebox style units. We’re selling all of our best education spots to rich foreigners who’re either residing inside or outside the country. There’s no loyalty man, it’s all about long term investment supposedly. Locals now often rent off Chinese who don’t live in the country and can’t afford to buy, because we can’t compete financially. Our real estate agents often hold expo’s in places like Bejing showing off how cheap it is to buy down here and NZ doesn’t even have stamp duty.

      It’s no wonder places like Malaysia has strict limits on Chinese business ownership and political representation and Fiji had a coop to take their country back from them (and the Indians).

      Google: nz national party chinese investors scandal…for the scandal that’s currently taking place. Sorry to be all doom and gloom.

  • Magician


  • NoMosqueHere

    Remember the scene in the movie Titanic, when the ship’s Captain meets the ship’s engineer after the ship hit the iceberg? The Captain asks: “What is going to happen?” The engineer responds: “The ship is going to sink.” The Captain, stunned, asks: “Are you certain?” The engineer responds: “It’s a mathematical certainty.”

    It’s a mathematical certainty the US, Australia, and western Europe will sink under the weight of third world immigration. Unless things change radically and very soon, the third world hordes, chinamen, and muslims will take over and try to destroy us all.