Amazon Now Urged to Blacklist ‘Haters’

Bob Unruh, WND, April 30, 2014

For many years, the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled groups with values it doesn’t tolerate as “hate groups,” but now the organization is taking its attacks a step further, demanding Amazon and PayPal blacklist bloggers and websites that don’t fall in line with its leftist agenda.

Headlined “Financing Hate” in the group’s Intelligence Report publication, the Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, listed 91 “hate groups” ranging from those clearly on the fringe to mainstream bloggers and websites such as Catholic Family News, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, WND and the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

Clearly stating its opposition, it describes how some of the organizations utilize Amazon, PayPal and other online services to sell products.

SPLC said the Intelligence Report contacted Amazon in September about the participation of “hate groups” and “hate sites” in Amazon programs that earn the groups commissions.

Amazon, according to the report, said it would assign “appropriate teams to investigate, review applicable policies, and take appropriate action.”

But SPLC lamented that some of its targets “were still earning commissions through Amazon.”


William Gheen, whose organization, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, or ALIPAC, opposes illegal immigration and amnesty, said it was all too much.

In an open letter to SPLC posted online and to be “delivered to your offices by certified mail and then turned over to our attorney for further action,” Gheen said SPLC’s claims are “demonstrably false.”

“This letter is to inform you that we have Internet posts and emails containing threats and death threats against my life and the lives of my family members in reaction to your false claims that we are a hate group,” he said. “The threats we have received specifically cite SPLC claims that suggest we are somehow motivated by racism and advocating violence against minorities, both of which are demonstrably false.”


Gheen said SPLC is “fully aware” that ALIPAC is “racially inclusive . . . and that a substantial percentage of our supporters are minorities.”

“The SPLC is fully aware that ALIPAC has openly and eagerly worked with minority organizations and leaders,” he said. “The SPLC is fully aware that I have a background in registering and transporting minority and student voters and working to elect women and minorities to public office in the ’90s. The SPLC is fully aware that we never intentionally work with any racist or violent groups or individuals, and you are aware that we have publicly spoken out against racism and racist groups and individuals on numerous occasions.”

The letter, he wrote, is to “serve as your official notice of all of the factors I’ve listed here including your official notice that your designation of ALIPAC as a hate group, while no evidence exists that anyone in our organization has ever engaged in racism, hate, or violence against minorities, has crossed the line of civil discourse and is now directly encouraging people to threaten violence against me and my family.”

He charged that SPLC was “attempting to mislead our donations company, PayPal, by telling them that we are one of the 91 ‘hate groups’ using their services in the hopes they will stop allowing us to accept donations which pale in comparison to your multimillion dollar yearly budget.”

“Let this letter serve as notice to each of you at the Southern Poverty Law Center including Morris Dees, Mark Potok, and Heidi Beirich that I personally intend to hold you each legally responsible and personally responsible for any physical harm that befalls me, my organization, or my family due to your intentional lies and distortions.”


Judson Phillips, whose Tea Party Nation also was listed, said SPLC is “the ultimate left-wing hate group. This is a group that is somewhere to the left of Karl Marx, and they hate real Americans.”

WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah, who long has been personally targeted by SPLC, along with the news site he founded, said, “The Southern Poverty Law Center is hardly a credible watchdog on so-called ‘hate groups.’ In fact, it is a hate group. But, sadly, with its budget of hundreds of millions of dollars and its cozy relationship with government and the media elite, it has more power and influence than most Americans realize. Its hateful finger-pointing at companies and organizations has actually resulted in real acts of violence, as is the case of the Family Research Council shooting attack. I actually consider it a badge of honor to be targeted by the SPLC. But their attacks do come at a price, because they actually do place real targets on the backs of their enemies.”


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  • AndrewInterrupted

    Jeff Bozo hates on right wing writers so bad I dumped Amazon. He allows phony, heckler book “reviews” to stay up, even when the heckler clearly states he/she didn’t buy–or read the book. Blatant partisan politics. Amazon should be boycotted. I did over a year ago. Nothing they sell can’t be bought somewhere else.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Most big stores do internet price matching, so I usually pay the cheap Amazon price but the money stays out of Amazon’s dirty hands.

      • Debbie Johnson

        So Cal – most stores match Amazon? Good to know. I didn’t realize Bozo hates us so much. No more Amazon for me. I do know that a lot of stores that sell on Amazon sell on their own website directly. I’ll be doing that from now on.

        • So CAL Snowman

          Target, Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, Walmart, and Sears all price match the Amazon price. They do not price match the individual sellers though (like on Amazon where you click the 35 new and used items link for non Amazon vendors).

    • Greg_Deane

      Abe Books is far better than Amazon, and charges a lot less for postage. In fact, Amazon seems to penalise authors like David Irving through imposing higher postage. Also, David Irving and other writers Amazon finds offensive often have their own websites.

      • Sue

        David Irving offers incentives on his site from time to time. Shipping isn’t much. If you’re of a mind to hear his lectures, he will autograph any copies of his books that you have.

        • Greg_Deane

          Amazon wanted $40 for postage on “Hitler’s War”. David Irving only wanted $5. I doubt I’ll ever meet him though, so I’ll miss out on his autograph. But I recently ordered his “Morgenthau Plan” from his website. I’ve also ordered a book on Eisenhower’s Death Camps, where he starved and froze over 1 million German soldiers to death-there’s more real evidence this was closer to a genocide than anything the Germans did.

          • blight14

            I had dinner with David a few years ago……he’s very interesting to say the least….

          • Greg_Deane

            Gosh! What did you eat?

          • David Ashton

            Not matzoh balls, or chicken soup & barley, I should guess.

          • Sue

            It was also after the war was over that they were killed. Add the 12 to 14 million Sudaten Germans that still have never been allowed back to their ancestral homes.

          • Greg_Deane

            The whole Sudeten population was 3 million. Exaggeration destroys credibility, as with the holohoaxers

          • Sue

            Forgive the mistake. It will not be make again.

      • David Ashton

        Not good enough, though. I have found many very “incorrect” items sold or listed by Amazon. Price is less important than total exclusion. Access to useful downloads is also valuable, especially when individual pages can be selected.

        A free society is impossible if everything is eventually reduced not only by “hate speech” amendments but by academic, library and publisher controls to handwritten samizdat or whispered conversations with trusted acquaintances away from microphones, cameras or two-way cyber-systems; and the gradual drift towards this objective needs to be checked.

        • Greg_Deane

          Amazon is already a part of the repressive media machine, and not part of a free society. Luckily there are things like Guggenheim that publish older books which the likes of Amazon might regard as “dangerous”. Amazon might sell some “incorrect” things if there’s a big enough market. Lots of people are curious about “Mein Kampf” for example. But other books they probably sell because they don’t know or understand what’s in them. I only use Amazon as a last resort. I find the way it combines capitalist greed with Marxist repression very offensive.

    • Aren’t their affiliates mostly just “mom & pop” operations?

    • bilderbuster

      I’ve found that Amazon offers a wide range of books that interest me and that anger hate groups like the ADL and the SPLC so I will continue to shop there if only for the convenience.
      Who would consider a review of a book by someone who admits to never having read the book?
      I’m not familiar with Amazon’s policy on who reviews their books but it seems that it would be difficult for Amazon to verify whether the person posting the review has actually read said book.
      Having said that I will continue to purchase books and other items from Amazon at my leisure lest I be mistaken as a supporter of the that rabid pack of swine known as the SPLC.

      • Sue

        If you go to Amazon through vdare dot com they get a commission on any purchases you make—at no cost to you!

        • bilderbuster

          I try to make sure the soldiers get their rations.

      • Oldcorporal

        Amazon can tell if the person posting has bought the book from Amazon, but of course it would have no way of telling if they’d read it. From some of the reviews I’ve read on there, I’d say some people who post didn’t bother to read the book, but just want to bray like a bull moose in mating season about their political agenda.

        • bilderbuster

          I think I’ve always heard of the book from another source and just use Amazon to buy it.
          That’s the case with other products I go there for too.
          Anyhow, I’m going to continue using Amazon unless they DO cave to the SPLC scum and I doubt they will.


          I notice that, too. Doesn’t matter whether it was “March of the Titans: The Rise of Europe” by Arthur Kemp or “Murdering Multiculturalism” by Joe Adams of the White Voice, they always leave stupid comments like ‘white supremacist garbage!” or some ad hominem attack like “angry white men self-publishes garbage.” I always tell them to point to a particular page in the book that is wrong and explain why without the name calling or liberal knee-jerk reactions.

    • rentslave

      Plus,there’s no sales tax.

      • bilderbuster

        There will be in FL soon.

  • humura

    I read that YouTube removed a video of Black teens attacking a white on a school bus because “it might encourage bullying.” No, it would expose who the bullies are, and truth has become the enemy of the Left.

    • Sue

      It’s still on FB.

      Jonathan GuessfordThis
      is a video of my nephew Alec being beaten by a group of teens on his
      bus ride home from school yesterday. He was able to get off the bus at
      the next stop, 14 miles from his home. He went to the Magnolia Fire Hall
      and called the police.

      The bus driver failed to intervene AT
      ALL. She didn’t stop the bus while the beating occurred. She didn’t call
      the police and file a report. She didn’t inform
      the administration that the beating occurred. Apparently, the bus
      driver called the school and stated that Alec left the bus early for no
      reason, according to the administrator that called my brother yesterday.

      Of course, this morning, when my brother informed the school
      administrators that he had video evidence of the beating, the
      administrator now denies saying that Alec left the bus for no reason and
      of his own accord and that the bus driver stated that nothing had
      happened on the bus. There is some question as to whether the bus driver
      is related to one of the students beating my nephew. This needs to be
      addressed and either refuted or confirmed by the school administration.

      A student had the video posted to his facebook page and linked it to
      each of the student’s accounts that were doing the beating. A friend of
      my sister-in-law made her aware of the video posted on facebook and when
      I was made aware of the video I captured and saved the video. Almost
      immediately after my sister-in-law contacted the school, and made them
      aware of the video on facebook, the link was removed. Fortunately, I
      already captured and saved the video prior to it being deleted.

      I’d ask that every parent that views this video place their child in
      this situation and then act accordingly. I’d ask that my friends, both
      parents and non parents, share this video and contact the school. The
      school is Parkway Academy – Central. The principal’s name is Gail Evans.
      She may be reached by phone at: 302-730-8280 or by e-mail at:
      [email protected]. Please act to ensure that the school takes
      appropriate action to punish these thugs and to ensure that they
      terminate the driver. No child should have to be attacked like this in
      school or on a bus ride to and from school while adults excuse and allow
      it to happen.

      • Geo1metric

        “This is a video of my nephew Alec being beaten by a group of teens on his bus ride home from school yesterday.”

        This is a video of my nephew Alec being beaten by a group of feral blacks on his bus ride home from the propaganda mill yesterday.

        There, I fixed it for you.

      • Jacobite2

        I am constantly amazed at the level of de Nile exhibited by whites in the US. Allowing your kids to attend any school with any Blacks or Mexicans is simply signing him up for a good beat-down. That is — get out!

        • Sue

          Couldn’t agree more. It’s one of the reasons to go on the liberal sites and read the comments. It makes it easier to combat the crap. The level of brain washing!

          • Jacobite2

            You must be made of steel. I have trouble getting through the Comments on center-Right websites.

          • Sue

            Sure understand what you mean. Have to know where the thought is going or you’ve lost before you start. The ideas are truly startling.

          • Jacobite2

            As I understand Leftism, the ideas are mostly a con to divert attention from the ultimate objective, which is total cultural and societal destruction. As in one of my favorite movies (“The Enemy Below”), if you already know where someone is going, you don’t need to know the specific path he’s taking. Startling or not, the ideas are invariaby destructive of normal human life and society.

          • I’m watching that movie right now . . .funny

          • almost over

          • Jacobite2

            As a kid, my dad took me downtown to watch them tow a captured German U-boat up to the dock before they installed it next to the Museum of Science and Industry(?) in Chicago. Been fascinated with U-boats ever since. BTW, I’d be safer in a U-boat in the N Atlantic in 1942 than driving by our old house on the South Side (65th & Halsted).

          • As a funny bit of historical trivia, the US navy stripped that Type-9C submarine (U-505) of almost all usable equipment before there was any consideration in making it a museum. The museum managers in Chicago convinced the original German manufacturers to make a complete duplicate set of the proper instruments and controls.

          • Jacobite2

            Our Government — you gotta love it. In 1954, the Germans were trying to rebuild their whole country. I expect they were glad to make anything for anybody (I assume the museum paid them). BTW, what was the Navy planning to do with the stripped parts? Half the Navy was up for sale in surplus stores at that time. Anyhow, that sub was about the coolest exhibit I’ve ever seen. I went through an American sub in Baltimore later. Also impressive.

      • Oldcorporal

        When you said the driver didn’t stop the bus or attempt to intervene in the beating, I thought, “She’s black.” Just a lucky guess, huh?

        • Sue

          I have an ex cop friend who always says “ask yourself”. Same thing!

    • capnmorgan5150

      “…and truth has become the enemy of the Left.”

      It’s always been the enemy of the left.

      • ThomasER916

        The truth is an enemy of the Culture of Critique.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I can’t keep saying it enough. You go after the careers of the actual flesh and blood employees of the SPLC, who like to hide behind the initials.

    • CriticalEye

      The SPLC has a quarter billion dollar war chest. Morris Dees’ career is quite safe.

      We stop this nonsense by calling it out of the shadows


        their money won’t keep us silent forever!

    • SoulInvictus

      It’s always funny to me when the SPLC pops up here as I used to work on their website (they’re based in Montgomery) and have interacted with their staff numerous times.
      If only I had been of the mindset then that I am now….lol. The things I could have snuck into the code and the potential for mayhem… sigh, missed opportunities.

    • ViktorNN

      In general I agree – especially when it comes to low ranking PC left journalists and such – but unfortunately I don’t see how the top dogs at the $PLC can be taken down unless they screw up somehow (the left tends to overreach so this isn’t an impossibility).

      In this situation, I think it’s growing clearer that non-PC left America (which is increasingly just becoming “white America”) needs to establish its own institutions. All it would take is a handful of wealthy entrepreneurs to set up an OpenPayPal, a FreeSpeechAmazon, and so on.

      If they want to politicize the workplace there’s nothing to stop them – we have to form subcultures, institutions, and indeed an entire country where they can’t persecute us. It’s what many of us want anyway, right? The right to self-determination in our own living spaces. The $PLC’s persecution could, in a way, be a push in the direction we need to go.

      • Geo1metric

        We should all Go GALT.

        • Earl Turner

          No. We should all go GUBU.

          • Geo1metric

            Ok, I give up, what is GUBU?

          • AndrewInterrupted


            “…grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented…”

          • Geo1metric

            or, “get urban, black utes.”

          • Earl Turner

            Grotesque Unbelievable Bizarre Unprecedented.

        • Grantland

          Going Galt is designed to deprive the masses of the leadership they need to resist the tyranny. Atomized individuals with no responsibility to their people. Quite deliberate.

          • Geo1metric

            I used the phrase to mean that we should subtract our contributions to the debauched system and work only for and with our own kind. In other words, stop contributing to a system which is systematically destroying us.

          • Grantland

            It was aimed at the best of us, the wholly self-sufficient. We skulk off somewhere while they have their way with the helpless, pitiful lemmings.

            Reality: They’ll nuke Galt’s Gulch when they are totally in control. Globally.

          • SoulInvictus

            Since we’re fantasizing then, I’ll be Mr. House in New Vegas with my anti-nuke lasers.

      • bilderbuster

        The anti White left can’t “screw up”.
        They have the full protection of the US government as is easily demonstrated by the recent disclosure that Al Sharpton has been working for the FBI for three decades.
        Jewish criminal organizations like the SPLC and ADL have always worked closely with the FBI, the Dept. of Education and local law enforcement in illegally gathering “intelligence”, outright criminal acts and aggressively attacking White civil rights groups along with producing and distributing massive anti White propaganda.
        The fact that the FBI won’t release Martin Luther (Michael) King’s files has much more to say about protecting the FBI’s involvement as an accomplice in the “Black civil rights movement” than it does in protecting the already public details of MLK’s sordid reputation.

    • mikefromwichita

      careers and personal assets!!!!!

    • Oldcorporal

      That sounds like a great idea. Any idea how it could be accomplished?

  • Luca

    ACLJ and Judicial Watch need to combine forces in a class-action suit on behalf of all the 91 wrongly accused organizations that have suffered death threats, libel, slander, and intentional interference with a business relationship based upon the lies propagated by SPLC.

    In other words, sue the pants off of them and put them out of business.

    • Dubyasee

      Who has the wherewithal to go toe to toe with the money behind the SPLC? Who has the moxie to successfully go up against the constant droning that White people are the source of all the world’s ills?

      • Geo1metric

        If the harmed organizations can go “class action”, surely they can find a law firm that will work for a percentage of the take.

        • Anon

          You have to make it worth their while. When you use euphemisms like SPLC, what you mean are jews. As in 100% of the SPLC are jews and what they are doing is really a blatant attack of this hostile alien race on whites. Their strength is their racial solidarity. They understand something white people refuse to acknowledge….that there is no real loyalty to a nation or state but rather to the extended family known as one’s race. Their WEAKNESS, on the other hand is their corruption. They literally do not adhere to idealism in any way. They have no morality. Literally, anything goes outside the context of loyalty to their own.
          And here is where the opportunity exists. There are schisms. On the face, you cannot actually get together a bunch of lawyers and sue them….no matter how strong your case is, the plain fact of the matter is our courts are rigged. You can spend a lot of money, if you wish, but the outcome is already pre-determined.
          However, there is more than one group vying for control of the group we call “jews”. The easiest to see split are among those who want to destroy the white race and set up the US as the top of a multi-racial empire. Today, we call these people republicans. Then there is the group that wants to destroy the white race and set up a diffuse world wide communist government run by the UN (which is stubbornly not up to the task despite being groomed for it for several decades). Queue Obama and his merry band of psychopaths. The two groups cooperate ALOT but hate eachother and are competitors. They are powerful enough that you can’t really do anything directly about either group…and voting is a sad joke indeed.
          But they can be played off on one another. That’s a task for someone like Putin and quite beyond normal folks, no matter their ideology.
          But such schisms are everywhere, small and large. My point is, if you want to destroy the SPLC, you need to find a group of greedy jews who disagree with them and want to make lots of money off the situation. A class action lawsuit by such a group won’t be summarily dismissed as it would if white people attempted it. You basically agree to split the resulting cash and watch your back for the inevitable attempt to put a knife in it.
          Hate to break it to people but that is just the way the world is today. The way it really is instead of what we would want it to be.

      • Luca

        ACLJ and Judicial Watch.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I support both. They are worth supporting. They also send me newsletters for the cases they are pursuing.

  • JohnEngelman

    Does this mean that my Amazon reviews of “Paved with Good Intentions,” by Jared Taylor

    and “Race and Reason,” by Carleton Putnam

    will be removed?

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Speaking of Paved With Good Intentions, a 20th-anniversary Kindle edition was just released last month with a new afterword by JT.

    • Anon

      It depends. These people aren’t stupid. Before they remove such a review, they ask a simple question. Who is likely to read it who doesn’t already agree with such sentiments. If the answer is no one, then they will leave it alone and why not….it makes people like you feel safe, as in, at the end of the day you can still post such things and people won’t remove them. The very first time, however, someone not of like mind reads it, ESPECIALLY if it sways their opinion, they will remove it. If it happens more than once, they will kick you to the curb with a vaguely worded letter about a violation of some non-existent TOS.
      Controlled opposition is how these people work. They allow opposition. They actually love opposition, as long as its under their control. The very second its outside their control, they put an end to it.
      It’s the reason why Amren exists at all. Ask 100 random people what Amren is. A handful might actually know. The moment that number is greater than a handful, Amren will mysteriously disappear or have to go underground.
      And that’s in the US. Outside the US, they will simply throw you in prison.
      That is not to say people should not resist or attempt to inform others. Just be aware of this fine line and take such things with a grain of salt. Especially with something like an Amazon account (ie something hardwired to your real identity). It’s not about having your review pulled or even your account cancelled. It’s about someone at Amazon, illegally, but untraceably, looking up who you are, tracking down where you work through your bank account and demanding your boss fire you.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am confident that more supervisors will agree with my reviews than disagree.

      • Chip Carver

        What the troll likely meant was that his supervisors agree on what he and the other trolls post for reviews.

  • David Ashton

    This is a clear example of “how it all works” & links into media/college “brainwashing”. Not a matter of individual persuasion in a free society, as a Nordic Episcopalian China-worshiper of our acquaintance repeatedly asserts.

    • Geo1metric

      We should all ignore anti-White trolls.

      • David Ashton

        Yes, you are probably right in this case. Apologies to all my previous fans.

      • Anon

        The person you are referring to, in my opinion is not an anti-white troll but probably either married to an Asian or is the child of a white/Asian paring, based on various opinions they have expressed. I’d hardly call them anti-white or a troll. I don’t agree with them on most of the opinions they have stated but they are still within the grounds of reasonableness and understandable. They are obviously biased….but not to the point of being delusional.

        • Geo1metric

          You are too kind.

  • Fed Up

    I am thoroughly sick of the lies pandered by the SPLC and similar groups. Next these liars at the SPLC will be targeting any poster daring to air their views of minority members — not keeping with political correctness. Well guess what? I am damned PROUD to be considered a racist!

    • sulbernick

      Correct! What’s wrong with being a racist? In the final analysis, once all the bull has been dealt with, being racist means putting your own kith and kin first – now can somebody please explain to me why that is bad?

  • Mrfinoni

    I commend them on their strategy. Cut off my enemies food supply! it’s brilliant!!!

  • connorhus

    I am sure Paypal will jump right on that band wagon. They already try and ban any payments for firearms and such. Bank of America will join with em too.

    • Petronius

      Bank of America –– where the customer is always wrong.

  • Padrig

    SPLC is my go to source to hear about activist groups worth looking in to. I seriously would have never heard about a lot of them without the SPLC to let me know they are out there, and need support. Thanks for your valuable service SPLC, and keep up the good work.

    • NothingMan00

      Exactly! If a website or person has their seal of (dis)approval, it’s worth my time. It’s like when those Parental Advisory stickers started appearing on CDs and kids wanted to buy them specifically because of it.

  • Dubyasee

    The SPLC hates… I mean HATES the idea of people thinking thoughts that they haven’t programmed into the general population. Oh my God! What if White people started buying into the “White Privilege” and actually started networking to their exclusive benefit?!

    • You mean the exact same way every other ethnic/racial group in the whole world does?

      • Dubyasee

        Exactly Michael.

  • Tom Thumb

    Here’s the thing in my opinion. This lousy SPLC is scared and their actions show it. They perceive correctly I think that the pendulum has started to swing back and are taking action to stem the tide. It won’t work though. I think they’re losing the young people. Most young people absolutely don’t care about blacks and the real smart young people don’t like them. This is not what the commies like the SPLC want.

    • evilsandmich

      Yeah they really jumped the shark with their two minutes of hate against some book on how to pick women or something. In their race to stay relevant they’re (hopefully) sealing their fate as a marginal organization.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The SPLC is faced with a quandary here. It desperately wants to broaden its definition of “hate groups” so it can target a greater and greater number of conservative organizations as its enemies, but at the same time, this threatens whatever credibility it can still claim to have, as more and more conservative groups are now allied against it.

    If it were just Amren and a few other groups, it would be one thing, but now the SPLC has a whole legion of opponents. Frankly, I think the days that the SPLC has any credibility at all are numbered. I personally am ready to write out its obituary!!

    • WR_the_realist

      They make enough money that they can hang on for a long time. And remember that CNN, MSNBC, and most of the rest of the mass media still love those guys, because the mass media hates the same people the $PLC does.

      • John Ulfsson

        They’re composed of the same people as well.


        but their world is going to come crashing down on them eventually and their arrogant butts won’t even see it coming.

    • Anna Tree

      WND seems to want to stand its ground, but sadly, look how ALIPAC answered, thinking that to say he didn’t do nothing will save him from the bully (re. the video of the white teenager attacked by four black from behind). As Churchill said “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last…”

      The victims of SPLC should unite and fight back. Then they can win.

    • David Ashton

      What do they think of David Horowitz & Frontpage Mag?

  • Truthseeker

    Judson Phillips, whose Tea Party Nation also was listed, said SPLC is “the ultimate left-wing hate group. This is a group that is somewhere to the left of Karl Marx, and they hate real Americans.”

    Took the words right out of my mouth. The SPLC is a fringe group masquerading as a respectable, virtuous, mainstream organization. Anyone who pays attention to what they stand for and what they do knows that they’re fraudulent Communist bullies.

    • Geo1metric

      Nevertheless, they have millions of dollars with which to push their brand of hate. Additionally, they are in very tight with the US dept. of Justice and Homeland Security. I would not call that exactly “fringe”.

    • MekongDelta69

      “The SPLC is a fringe group masquerading as a respectable, virtuous, mainstream organization.”

      I wish that it would be so, but it’s not. They have assets of over $250 Million. (Look at any of the organizations who list 990 Forms, like The Foundation Center, GuideStar, ActivistCash, the Capital Research Center and Undue Influence).

      • Anon

        I’m not sure you understand what is meant by this. Yes…they ARE in fact the very same dirty jewish hippies that used to stupidly wave signs around when they were young. And by following the blueprint in “Rule for Radicals” they gained a lot of power, money and influence and to an extent are now the ones in charge and making decisions. Underneath they are still the same dirty, drugged out jews, only they shave, shower and put on a suit whenever they want to make their crazy views manifest as policy.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        So what, Don Sterling is a billionaire Jew and look what happened to him, over nothing.

        • Geo1metric

          The “sacrificial” lamb. Also, remember Leona (sp?) Helmsley? And Madolf?


    • Anon

      What’s the difference between the SPLC and Stormfront.
      Power. It’s relatively fruitless to wag ones tongue or finger at them. But VERY useful to follow their business model.

  • I want my name on the SPLC list. I have a hate website. Why, just last night I posted a story about a “Negro” rapist sentenced to 250 hours of community service at a rape crisis center, of all places. I called out his “black privilege.” I’m a hater. Bring it on SPLC.

    • Geo1metric

      Visited your site for the first time. Top drawer! Keep up the good work.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Yeah, I stop by there, too. Good stuff. He digs up some of the stories that AmRen misses. TheConservativeTreehouse is good, too.

        • Geo1metric

          Thanks for the Treehouse tip.

    • shawnmer

      You allowed to give the site name?

      • MekongDelta69

        Hover your mouse over his avatar and you’ll see it.

        • IstvanIN

          That is so neat!

        • blight14


    • Sloppo

      If I had my way, convicted rapists would be utilized as much as possible to do community service at every rape crisis center. I believe every proven victim of rape should be given the opportunity to work through their feelings of hurt and betrayal with some quality time in a rape crisis center shooting range. Community serving convicted rapists could collect bullets at the other end of the range during these therapeutic sessions.

      • MekongDelta69

        Obviously you’re being sarcastically humorous, but unfortunately that is almost exactly what happened recently.

        A wacked out leftist judge gave a convicted rapist a sentence of… are you ready for this?… No jail time – just community service at… ready?… a rape crisis center.

        I saw it on TV last night.

        Btw, if you should happen to see the country in which I grew up, wake me up and let me know.

        • Sloppo

          That judge apparently has no soul. She apparently victimized the rape victim all over again by slandering her and letting the rapist go unpunished.

        • Lagerstrom

          I cannot believe what I have just read.

        • Sasquatch

          I’m not super familiar with the case but from what I read, I’m not so sure it was an actual rape, but rather just a statutory situation where she’d had a relationship with him.

          Honestly I don’t know, it was black on black apparently though so I really don’t care.

    • blight14

      I just found your site, well done……

  • Jim Kental

    It is so clear that in the last few years (since Obama took office) that the left has ramped up its attacks, and that we are in the next phase where they’re tightening the noose around all dissenters (free thinkers). We are clearly in Orwell’s 1984 where you are forbidden to acknowledge the plain truth, and the penalties for doing so are extremely severe.
    However, being that these hot-headed white liberals have stepped up their attacks, they have also greatly strengthened the opposition. For example, if you are playing in a hockey or soccer game, and you move all your attackers forward on a rush, you leave yourself much more vulnerable. The odds of a breakaway player successfully attacking your own net skyrocket. And so it is in politics. More and more people who are politically neutral or moderate are beginning to break to our side. People who previously had no racial conscience are now made painfully aware as they are victimized in one way or another by the radical left.
    To cut to the chase, the left is now at much greater risk for not only a political backlash, but for a social “sea shift” in the national conscience that will likely remain for generations. We all know that whites are very liberal until they have to live in a multiracial “utopia”…….. that’s when things change. And as more and more folks experience this, and as they run into the wall of Orwellian thought control, our numbers only increase. But like the poem from Kipling….. the Saxons (whites) allow themselves to be continually oppressed and abused……. then they explode in a frightening rage and mercilessly vanquish their foes.

    • Geo1metric

      Had to do it:

      It was not part of their blood
      It came to them very late
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the SAXONS began to hate,

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy-willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved
      Ere the SAXONS began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low,
      Their eyes were level and straight,
      There was neither sign nor show,
      When the SAXONS began to hate.
      It was not preached to the crowd
      It was not taught by the State,
      No man spoke it aloud,
      When the SAXONS began to hate.
      It was not suddenly bred,
      It will not swiftly abate
      Through the chilled years ahead
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the SAXONS began to hate.

      • Jim Kental

        Thank you…… it’s a deep and enlightening poem.

      • Petronius

        Just piling on (sorry, couldn’t resist):

        * * *
        But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
        When he stands like an ox in the furrow with his sullen set eyes on your own,
        And grumbles, “This isn’t fair dealings,” my son, leave the Saxon alone.

        You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears,
        But don’t try that game on the Saxon; you’ll have the whole brood round year ears.
        From the richest old Thane in the county to the poorest chained serf in the field,
        They’ll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

        * * *

        from: “Norman and Saxon (A.D. 1100),” R. Kipling

        • Geo1metric

          Kipling R O C K S!!!

          I’ll bet he’s not taught in our “colleges”.

          • Petronius

            RK rocks big time.

            When we lived in England we made a memorable pilgrimage to Bateman’s in Burwash in Kent. The magnificent house was left by RK’s widow to the keeping of the National Trust. There is an oast house on the property, and also an old mill (dates from 1196) that features in several of his stories. Pook’s Hill is part of the nearby landscape. There is a memorial to his son John (k. at Loos) in the Church of St Bartholomew. Some years later we were able to acquire a painting of Bateman’s by John E. Foulger (d. 2006) which now has pride of place in our family room.

    • Anon

      You will never ever, ever be able to do something about it as long as you maintain the lie that these people are white. 99%+ of the people you are talking about are non-white. They do not in any way consider themselves to be white and, in fact hate whites. They think in racial, not ideological terms. Part of the scam is, they want you to think that millions of crazy liberal whites are to blame….impossible to get a handle on. When, the reality of the situation is that a handful of non-whites, some of whom are passing for white, control the whole thing.
      Remove them from the equation and the whole thing collapses. That is the bottom line. And its the thing they desperately don’t want white people realizing.

      • Anna Tree

        Are you saying that 99% of the liberal multists leftists are Jews and only 1% are not Jews?

        I think that as long as you maintain this thinking, we won’t be able to win back our white countries or even some parts of it.

        Unfortunately, the liberal multist leftists I know are not Jews but just whites, they are Christians, new age and atheists, middle class and rich, educated and not (the one or two who seemed to me more racial realists are more down to earth, more instinctive and usually have lived diversity). I hope I am wrong but sometimes it seems to me that a third of the families when the couples are in their thirties, are mixed.

        My fear is if we don’t acknowledge that many whites suffer from kumbaya, pathological altruism, wishful thinking and other liberal leftist ailments and other ailments like blind faith, naivety etc, then the danger of racial denial and miscegenation and self-hatred and demographic decline can come back again.

        I know you will disagree with me, but there are Jews who are pro-white and see themselves as white, there are Jewish Amreners for example. All the anti-white Jews are actually askenaze (higher IQ) and liberal multist leftist. So this seems to me to be the common denominator. If we want to win, we need to know the enemy.

        One thing I don’t like is the belief that all the whites liberal multist leftists are puppets of the Jew. This angers me that some think that white people are so weak. Sadly, the pro diversity whites I know are brainwashed by themselves. They are really true believers of the diversity dogmas. They don’t need any “priest” neither to believe in (the liberal leftist) “paradise” nor to go postal on “heretics”.

        In the future Oriana, would you reject a racialist white Jew and embrace a pro-diversity white non-jew?

      • Anna Tree

        That said, I completely understand the anger against Jews. In the like manner I understand the anger against white women, intellectuals and liberals. In the same way that not all white women, intellectuals and liberals are our enemies, I think not all white jews are our enemy. I don’t want to throw the baby with the dirty water.

        Future white countries will obviously need white women. But I think we will need also the white racialist intellectuals, liberals and jews.

        This is because I hold race above all ideologies.

        The traitors won’t be welcomed (those who have publicly or directly been against whites) but I think all whites should be. We are not enough to do otherwise. And again race is above ideology: the same way I regret ww2, I would regret any future disunity between whites, moreover violent. When all break loose, those who realized the truth should I think, fight for us against the non-whites (and white traitors).

  • Nancy Thomas

    I hope Gheen takes the SPLC to court and wins millions. He’s one of the good guys.

  • shawnmer

    Wanna know who has the worse end of any argument? Look at who is beyond arguing and is trying to restrict the flow of of information.

    • Geo1metric

      Want to know who is in charge? Notice who is NOT allowed to be criticized.

  • Truth Teller

    Jihad watch is an israel first jewish organization. SPLC is a jewish organization. Catholic family news? What’s the hate? The word family I suppose, it implies man woman marriage, something the jews want to eliminate in favor of gay marriage. There was recently a so called wedding in the People’s Republic of Mass. 3 Lesbians, one is pregnant.

  • MekongDelta69

    $SPLC‘s definition of a ‘hater’ – ANYBODY who doesn’t agree 100% with us.

    (Unfortunately, Jeff Bezos is a leftist, and he just might cave in to these extortionists.)

  • RisingReich

    Jihad Watch – yup – that sounds REALLY hateful….or smart. The article is right – the real haters ARE the $PLC.

    • SoulInvictus

      I wonder if United West is on their list. They’re very anti-jihadi, but pro-Israel/conservative jews, so curious how they’d rationalize that one.

  • If Amazon does this, I will never order anything from them again.

    • IstvanIN

      They are great for toys, I would hate to have to give them up.

      • They’re also great for used DVDs in great shape at low prices. It would be a pity, bit I am not going to humor private-sector censorship.

  • A Freespeechzone

    It’s about time that the same tactics these traitors to free speech and the Constitution try to use against us…..against them.

    A large class action discrimination suit involving tens, if not hundreds of thousands of those who can claim discrimination by the likes of Amazon might find that many in this country are tired of being pushed around by those who scream ‘fairness’.

    I’d be willing to bet that a class action would gather support way beyond what these vile anti-freedom would ever expect….time to stop being complacent and challenge them and hit them where it counts most……the pocketbook.

    Time for many of us to use the very tactics they use—against them. Time to stop being polite….and complacent.

  • phorning

    This is part of the reason I only buy paper books. If you buy online editions they can come back and delete it as “hate speech” later. Within our lifetimes, this will probably include fairly mainstream titles now.

    • Who Me?

      An “electronic book burning” so to speak. The books will go out of print, and unable to get, then they will vanish from online sources, and they will think they have eradicated them, except for a few, mouldering, old, stale actual paper copies retained by some of us old folks who still know how to read paper, and not flickering screens.

      • MikeofAges

        One thing people can do, and I am very serious about this, is scan the pages of out of print books and other books likely to disappear or be effectively banned. These picture files, if nothing else, can be saved until the works go out of copyright. Technically, even as much as copying a copyrighted work can be a violation of copyright. But if you don’t distribute the work, nothing is likely to happen to you.

        Another approach would be to contact authors or the heirs of authors and ask them to release their works into the public domain. In other cases, if the copyrights expired prior to the Clinton era copyright laws going into effect, certain works might be in the public domain. Under the old law, an American copyright was for 28 years, and renewable for another 28 years. Many were not renewed. A number of movies went into the public domain because the owner failed to renew the copyrights.

        Corporate entities involved in intellectual and artistic property would like the rights to these properties to last essentially forever. For now, the Supreme Court had told them that rights must expire eventually. Disney is particularly unhappy with this situation. They want perpetual rights to their characters and concepts. They and others no doubt are continuing to work toward rights in perpetuity. In spite of all other ideological divisions, cases involving free speech rights often are decided 9-0 by the Supreme Court. But no one know what the future might be.

        • Another way is to buy good quality hardbacks printed on acid-free paper. Unfortunately, these cost more.

          • MikeofAges

            That is one way, but electronic files are easy to store and easy to copy and disseminate, once the time comes. Also, I am thinking of books already printed and perhaps decades old by now. I would even say, save the other side’s works too.

            Actually, my public library can get me almost anything I ask for through interlibrary loan. Nothing is really destroyed, yet. It just has been removed from general public libraries and now is hidden away in college and university libraries and specialized libraries. One work I ordered apparently came from a monastery library in Oregon. Another from a tiny college in upstate New York. Only once could they not get me something, and there was no political motive at work. It just wasn’t available anywhere, though I could have bought it online for hefty price.

    • IstvanIN

      Can electronic books be burned to a disc? I never owned one.

      • phorning

        I don’t own a Kindle, but I downloaded the PC app for it. You would have to have compatible software in order to read the books even if you were able to save the file.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Save it as a PDF file.

          • robinbishop34

            I downloaded Culture of Critique on .pdf and uploaded it to my Kindle. It wasn’t specifically formatted for Kindle but it does work, just a little cumbersome to read.

          • IstvanIN

            And once it is a PDF they can not come back and delete it?

  • Bobbala

    They need some kind of mark … maybe a 666 on the hand or forehead …

    • IstvanIN

      If we looked under the elastic of Heidi’s knickers I bet we would see 666!

      • Geo1metric

        Thank the gods I haven’t had lunch yet!!!

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Don’t blame her evil on the beliefs of Catholicism; we don’t need religious dogma to make the case for her evil. That is like giving her a free pass. She is evil on her own, not because she is possesed by the devil. And yes, I realize your comment was tongue in cheek.

  • IstvanIN

    Only a positive opinion.

  • John_HD

    It’s just a matter of time before they try to shut down anything they regard as “hate” speech, which they’ll try to codify into law. They’re coming after sites like this and the people that post on them. Might be a bad thing for them, because at least with sites like this, we have an outlet to vent. What happens when venting speech is outlawed? No one can predict. The Soviet Union lasted what, 60 some odd years? Liberalism has pushed ever leftward for greater than 50 years by now. This won’t last forever, even as this place becomes more and more like the USSR.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    Hard to guess what Bezos and PayPal CEO David Marcus will do here. Both are members of the tribe, but they make money off these organizations.

    My gut tells me they privately told the SLPC to FO, and now the SLPC is trying to publicly force the issue.

    The CEOs will probably give a little at least so they don’t have to hear about the topic from their peers or cough up a donation to the SLPC or a combination there of.

  • Conrad

    I wonder how much money Amazon makes off of the books, and other items, sold by our people through that company. Amazon is not as likely to cut off its nose for the sake of the SPLC.
    Are YOU doing your part?
    Are you buying those books?
    Are you writing reviews for those books?
    And, just maybe, Are you writing any of those books?
    We cannot change the country until we change the minds of our people.

  • Donald

    Many of us, I’m sure, do a lot of business with Amazon. I spend well over 2K annually on books and sundry. Make your mind known to the companies involved. As to Pay Pal – Hell, the porn sites alone add up. (just kidding more or less)

    And, as always, be polite and civilized.

    • SoulInvictus

      Very true. This is all news to me, but I have an Amazon Prime membership and was considering selling some items on there. I’ll definitely be emailing them regarding this whole thing affecting my decision about whether they should continue to get my cash.
      Prime members should speak up. That’s a huge source of revenue for them that they don’t want to lose.

    • IstvanIN

      I wonder what Amazon considers to be a big customer? I must spend at least 1000 a year on toys for the kids.

      • SoulInvictus

        I would imagine anyone that breaks a few hundred per year would be a “big” customer.
        Anyone that does that AND is paying the $80? a year for Prime (which has to be almost pure profit for them), definitely not a customer they’d want to lose.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      I love Amazon too, and order books and dvds from them. The ironic thing is I get to Amazon through the link at V Dare, so they get a commission from each transaction. No doubt V Dare is on splc’s hater list and things will change for the worst. Pity.

  • Donald

    To Amren Staff: Please update your certificate verification for your store. It expired last month.

  • Lyman_Sweetwater


  • I’ve had a lot of luck with Amazon orders, especially their associated sellers, I say with some bias. But some months back Amazon had a big featured ad on their main welcome screen asking people to join Amazon Prime, by which you can get movie streaming, free shipping, etc. The ad featured this warm, friendly, family, or models, bursting with health and conviviality, watching Amazon Prime. The supposed husband, wife and child were, respectively, White, black and mixed race, all winningly attractive and no doubt intended to be today’s with-it generation. Obviously trying to make the product attractive, but subliminally making people want to be like this friendly supple morning-sun-kissed family. And this mixed-race couple continues to pop up on various screens at Amazon, advertising Prime. (I’m a member of Prime, but already decided not to renew. Like Netflix, why do I want to watch a lot of Multicultural Marxist Hollywood propaganda when I can come here and be amongst the sane?)

    Flash forward to about a month ago and you have another ad for Amazon Prime, tying into some other product, that pictures what appears to be an ID photo necklace, like those you see worn by employees in hospitals and such, showing your membership in Amazon Prime. Pictured on it is a group of about a half-dozen caricatured people who must be Amazon Prime’s lucky members. Since these people are presented as sort of blank caricatures, there are no facial features, except big friendly white-toothed smiles. Seen from waist-up, the women seem to be wearing simple casual jumper-like dresses, the men, T-shirts. Beyond that, they look young and fit and all have dark hair. Finally, they all have skin that is in varying shades of orange. So apparently this is the Brave New World that Amazon and our other open-borders overlords have in store for us. At best, we will all look as if we are sporting different shades of bad store-bought orangish tans, sort of like Speaker John Boehner, hopefully without his wooden expression and dead shark eyes, to paraphrase the colorful captain in ‘Jaws.’

  • LACountyRedneck

    I posted about 20 comments on the tolerant site “Hatewatch” (SPLC) and wouldn’t you know, they’re all deleted!

    • Lyman_Sweetwater

      I posted twice on this website this story and deleted….!

      • AndrewInterrupted

        I was deleted, too. I told Heidi about my new HeidiWatch website in beta testing.

        • Epiminondas

          Those-who-shall-not-be-named carry weight. Even here.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            My theory is AR realizes he worst thing you can be labelled in Amerika today is anti-tribe. And certain comments here will be used by our enemies to make it seem as if that is the underlying message at AR, which of course is a lie.

    • ViktorNN

      I would advise being cautious about posting or even visiting the $PLC’s sites.

      They put cookies on your computer and are probably collecting as much information as they can about who you are and what sites you’re visiting.

      Also, I’ve found that whenever I’ve made a winning argument against the anti-white dorks who post there day after day after day, the moderators never let my posts through. Of course, the dimwitted dorks you’re debating are oblivious to the moderation (because their posts always go through) and so they think they’re winning every debate with us evil racists.

      In other words, there’s no point in trying to debate over there, unless you like a stacked deck.

      • Epiminondas

        Just like our fool “conservatives” who appear on the morning talk shows. These idiots think they are getting their message out. For the MSM, these TV programs are staging grounds for their stealth assaults which they launch from their other venues. Until the MSM stranglehold on information to the masses is broken, their position is unassailable.

        • LACountyRedneck

          You should try it. Go there and have some fun. We were actually having a blast there and not trying to get any point across. Simply having fun with the “kids”.

      • LACountyRedneck

        I agree to a point but I’m not intimidated by them. There were others there like me also simply having some fun with their hypocrites. Why do folks here refer to them in that way, “$PLC”? Why the dollar sign? I mean I think I know why but not sure.

        • ViktorNN

          There are a lot of articles out there which are critical of the $PLC and their fundraising practices.

          My understanding is that the $PLC is sitting on an endowment (basically, a big pile of money they’ve raised) of about $250 million. This money goes towards the massive salaries of $PLC top dogs like Morris Dees (300K/yr), Richard Cohen (300K/yr) etc.

          At various times they have gotten bad ratings from charity/non-profit watchdog groups because a very small percentage of the money that people donate to them goes to any practical purpose. It just goes to this massive pile of money that grows larger in offshore bank accounts. What they plan to do with all this money, no one knows yet.

          They get this money by being very aggressive in their fundraising techniques. These include over exaggerating the threat of “right wing hate” and “right wing violence” in order to scare their primary benefactors (rich elderly Jewish people in New York and Los Angeles).

          In turn they don’t do a lot with that money. It doesn’t cost much to issue their hyperbolic “reports” and to get poor people with dissident political points of view fired from their jobs.

          Still though, their financial resources are vast and they can afford the best in online surveillance. They have full time people who sit and monitor sites like AmRen, Stormfront, etc. and try to piece together real world identities. I used to think I had nothing to worry about because I don’t do anything illegal, but all it would take is someone from the area I live to do something stupid and then the $PLC would probably submit my info to law enforcement as a potential suspect. Not to mention they would love to get me fired from my job, if they could, etc. etc.

          Just my .02 cents. They’re truly a nasty combination of self-appointed Stasi thugs plus the worst in U.S.-style snakeoil salesmen.

        • Mergatroyd

          Because their aim is NOT to help “eliminate poverty” it is a MONEY MAKING organization.

          SPLC gets its money from scaring donors, mostly elderly wealthy Jews, into believing that but for them, the Nazis would be marching in the streets and firing up the ovens.

          Ask how many “poor” the SPLC has defended or helped and how much money flows into its coffers and “leaders” each year.

          Vdare DOT com has a lot of good information about the SPLC and their fund-raising activities, fund raising by vilifying Whites, that is.

          Nazi = ALL White people.

      • Mergatroyd

        “I would advise being cautious about posting or even visiting the $PLC’s sites.”
        I agree and this can’t be posted enough. Use a VPN or The Tor. Before someone comes on here and claims they’re not 100% safe, I agree they’re not but better than using nothing where your IP can be easily picked up.

        Is The Tor or VPN fail safe?

        Most likely not but they do offer a better level of protection than not having one. Some people use two or even three layers of proxies (The Tor + VPN), a lot of BUGS, those who troll anti-white sites every day, use these two layers, in fact, I learned this trick from them. It may slow you down a bit but doesn’t leave your IP exposed to these neo-Bolsheviks.

        Clear out the cache, cookies and your browsing history often, once a day. Shut down your computer when you’re not on it, do not leave the browser open.

        Surfing the Internet doesn’t mean one is completely anonymous, there IS no anonymity on the Internet but there are ways of making one safer.

  • Emblematical

    Amazon have been pretty good so far in resisting this witch-hunting. But this stuff is going to get worse. Credit card companies and companies like PayPal will have enormous pressure put on them, and if Amazon caves then smaller companies will cave. Then the websites and publishers that still tell the truth about race and about history will face economic starvation.
    These people, the likes of the SPLC, are totalitarians. They reserve to themselves the right to label other people ‘haters’ and ‘haters’ have no rights.

    • Martel

      PayPal already banned counterjihadist Pamela Geller once.

      • Mergatroyd

        Among others.

  • blight14

    Who are the $PLC? I thought so…….

  • I imagine the next step is that the $PLC will be demanding some of Amazon’s money. Dees can’t possibly have enough offshore cash, after all.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    This is the philosophy that bothers Mr. Dees more than anything else.

    ‘There is not a truth existing which I fear…or would wish unknown to the whole world. — Thomas Jefferson

  • Malgus

    I think people like Dees will willingly go on camera and say whatever that sounds “reasonable” and bolster his argument and/or reputation amongst the sleeping rubes… but off camera, his actions are 180 degrees different.

    As long as the amount of shekels is sufficiently large enough, Dees will do anything…

  • dcc2379

    Eric Holder will simply have to do his business elsewhere.

  • Emblematical

    Counter Currents is being singled out for attack by the SPLC right now. If you can spare anything they deserve our support.

    • Mergatroyd

      Do you have a link for this? I have a feeling the SPLC is going to target each and every pro-white site and force a judge to open their lists of donors, then they’ll go after the donors personally for destruction.

      Thanks in advance.

  • Epiminondas

    The jews who bankroll $PLC know what they are up to. They have been striving for most of this century to keep the borders open to non-white immigration. The goal is to make a minority of gentiles so jews never have to worry about another coalition that could challenge their power. Some rabbis have openly stated in triumphal tones that the goal is now within sight.

  • 4teepee

    The Left thinks its ability to control media has been undermined by the Internet.

    • Epiminondas

      To a certain extent, yes. Thinking people have abandoned the MSM and its news/sports/entertainment monopoly, all three of which carry the multi-cult message. But non-thinking people vote. These are the people the chosen ones have in their clutches. And they will fight another world war to keep that hold. After all, WW2 in Europe was the ultimate Culture War. And we lost.

  • Ringo Lennon

    The left wing media can make this no account Dees a moral compass, one whose opinion carries great weight, whereas the right has no power to challenge the SPLC and Dees. You can see by this statement that conservatives have no power whatsoever.

  • Epiminondas

    If the $PLC is successful with Amazon, they will come after websites like this one next.

    • Mergatroyd

      Please read the link Istvan posted. If the SPLC is successful against the schoolteacher in Arkansas who donated to pro-white forums, ALL of us will be systematically “come after.”

  • IstvanIN

    It is truly scary how much freedom we have lost and are losing. Whether from the government or from organizations like the SPLC. What makes SPLC particularly unnerving is the amount of money and tracking ability they have. They were able to track down a school teacher from Arizona, who was posting anonymously by comparing his posts on various web sites and then figuring out who he was. How much staff do they have to be able to track the posts made by various people on various web sites and then figure out who the person is? And then they set out to destroy the life of the man, or the lives of his family if he is married with children, because he holds views, even if factual and not merely opinions, that they do not want expressed. The secondary purpose, of course, as in various dictatorships where a person who fell out of favor was not only disappeared but so was his entire family, is to scare us all into submission. They do not believe in the free exchange of ideas, they believe they should rule with absolute authority. Even worse is that there are no counter organizations, at least of their size, to fight back. There are no politicians, even one’s in safe districts, who will speak out. There is no White Army battling the Reds. There is no loyal opposition. How did the SPLC gain so much power that they are now threatening corporations that do not discriminate against “unpopular” organizations? Can you imagine a company refusing to do business with clearly racist and anti-American organizations like La Raza? The SPLC and Eric Holder would be on that like white on rice. How did we ever end up like this?

    • Martel

      Which teacher was this?

      • IstvanIN

        Star City, Arizona. Hopefully the moderator will approve my link to the story.

        • Martel

          It seems its a recent event. I found an article katv dot com, all comments posted where sane, those who were not, had the most down votes.

        • Mergatroyd

          Arkansas, not Arizona.

          Your link has already been taken down because the site in question here, Shall Not Be Named, despite the Thomas Jefferson quote at the top.

          American Renaissance itself was mentioned as one of the sites the schoolteacher linked to. AR doesn’t want to scare off its donors but I think people need to be WARNED that this is what the SPLC is doing now, targeting individual donors to sites they don’t like with the goal of career destruction. They’ve proved to be very good at career and personal destruction.

          We’ll have to keep updated somewhere else.

    • Geo1metric

      “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

      We have not been vigilant enough for a very, very long time.

      • Mergatroyd

        The price of liberty is smashing your enemy to smithereens so he poses no threat to you, as did the American Revolutionaries who defeated the British troops.

        This will take a war and bloodshed, a lot of it, to set things right and ensure peace, liberty and a homeland for the White Race from those whose goal it is to genocide us.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      How did we? Egalitarianism, liberalism, Marxism, progressivism coupled with the importing of Africans and the subsequent waves of non-Whites. Textbook 101 on how to destroy a first-world country.

    • Mergatroyd

      Did you post the link, or did it disappear? The guy in question foolishly posted links, including a link to American Renaissance, on Facebook.

      The SPLC claim they got his name through a donor’s list. What I’d like to know is HOW the SPLC obtained this list from the organization that shall not be named. Unless that organization that shall not be named was infiltrated by agents of the SPLC which is what I suspect.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    But if they ban he haters how will Blacks and Mexicans sell their products?

  • Transpower

    I love the Atlas Shrugs blog site. Maybe it’s time to take on SPLC’s financial interests….

  • jayvbellis

    And LIb Dem Congressmen were on record guaranteeing that the Civil Rights legislation would not ever, ever lead to quotas.

    And British and Americans who forced White Rhodesia to submit to Black rule guaranteed that Whites and White property rights would be respected and protected for ever….

    Stalin and his henchmen also guaranteed free and a Democratic elections in Eastern Europe in areas with a soviet troops after a World War II…..

    • Mergatroyd

      Roosevelt and Churchill claimed White German civilians would be “safe” after WW II – after specifically bombing German civilians and neighborhoods over military sites during the War.

      According to Thomas Thomas Goodrich Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, Between 20 and 25 million Germans and collaborators perished in the years AFTER the war had officially ended.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    No, hater is anyone who is White.

  • Mark Caplan

    Donald Sterling, caught on tape:

    “They [blacks] can be with me all day long, and all night long.” “I love minorities.” “I love everybody.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with your skin color” [V Stiviano is black]. “Why do you say these things? To upset me?” “Everything you say to me is so painful [calling Sterling a racist]. You know how to really hurt somebody.”

    “I think it’s nice that you [V Stiviano] admire him [Magic Johnson]. I know him well and he should be admired. I’m just saying it’s too bad you can’t admire him privately.”

    The supposedly racist rant is actually a jealous old goat trying to restrain his energetic young archivist from cavorting in public with vigorous young men in a manner that Sterling’s friends interpret as overly chummy. “You can walk all night long with your sisters, or your family,” [just not with handsome young Casanovas, and don’t bring those Casanovas to my games].

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Magic Johnston is a vigorous young man? Maybe all those ESPN articles have gotten to you.

      • Anna Tree

        No he is not, you are right. But hearing the tape on youtube, it was obvious to me as well that it was not about race but about jealousy.

        • Mergatroyd

          It was about wresting Donald Sterling’s property, The Clippers, away from him.

          He’s fighting back and I hope he wins.

      • Mark Caplan

        He’s young relative to Donald Sterling and, I’m sorry to say, me.

  • Anna Tree

    (Actually some Amreners don’t like him either.)

    That is what I would answer the judge then:

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
    Again a Churchill’s quote.

    • tlk244182

      He certainly had a gift for oratory, no taking that away from him.

  • wretchedwhiterabbit

    LOL I don’t order if I have to use Amazon and have never used PayPal, so who cares?
    There are other ways to shop. A rabbit has to have principles.
    Those organizations promote the anti-White proposition and I will never support them.

  • RHG

    I have been asking for years now why aren’t these organizations that this race hustling group SPLC labels as “hate groups” fighting fire with fire and and taking them to court making them prove these charges and suing for damages.

    • Mergatroyd

      Before it’s too late. They’re busy sewing up the court system so it won’t matter if you’re right and they’re wrong. You’ll stand in front of a judge who thinks you’re guilty merely because of your White skin and won’t think anything of striping you of all your wealth and tossing you in jail for “hate crimes” – that is anything the SPLC accuses you of.

      You won’t stand a chance in front of these judges and they are becoming more numerous.

  • Berkeley Guy

    Dear BerkeleyGuy,

    We have received a notice by a concerned customer that you have been reading the reviews for particular books that we have blacklisted from our site. We also understand that unspeakable people who are former members of our site have cached those pages and have posted them elsewhere on the Internet. This is in violation of the Nonloving/Hatred laws recently enacted by congress. The Committee on Unreadable Materials has established a probability of 94% that your ip address has been linked with these sites, which you have also used to shop on our site. However, nonloving people have been known to utilize the wireless connection of their neighbor to visit nonloving/hate sites. We strongly recommend that you update your wireless password, and be sure to use the most recent encryption standard.

    Red Orwell
    Committee on Unreadable Materials

    • Grantland

      More likely an unannounced SWAT visit.

  • [Guest]

    Whatever else we might say, the fact remains that the SPLC is on the winning side of the race wars.

    • Mergatroyd

      Amen. Blue ribbon and thread winner for you.

      Reams of analysis, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth and rending of clothing won’t stop these murderous bastards whose life goal is to end the White Race. They have the blessing and encouragement of the media and a vast war chest they can tap to destroy you and everything around you with their scorched earth policy.

      They think nothing of destroying your career and livelihood and suing you for everything they’ve got because you’ve met their narrow view of “hate” while they ignore vicious black atrocities against Whites.

      The government backs them 100% because the same powerful group is in charge of both. Their goal is to get you to shut up and die in a war that protects THEIR homeland while denying YOU and YOURS a homeland of your own.

      Too bad most White Americans don’t have a clue as to WHO is behind the genocide being done to them, some even welcome them into White advocacy groups because they “look just like us.”

      The tale of the scorpion and the frog explains what’s going on, especially the last line: “You knew what I was…”

  • Gina Tingles

    The SPLC officially jumped the shark in 2012 when they listed RooshV as a hate site, and ManBoobz as a resource. How they are taken seriously after that is beyond me.

    • Mergatroyd

      But…they are. Mark Potok has full access to spew his venomous hatred against White Americans on the major networks and in mainstream newspapers, he’s the go-to guy for information on hate groups, HIS version of what constitutes a hate group, that is. The SPLC regularly works with law enforcement groups to train them as to what constitutes hate and whom they should target. Remember the DHS targets that were being handed out like candy to LE groups? Where the targets showed photos of WHITE CHILDREN, pregnant White women, White elderly, etc.? What other race would stand for such blatant hatred and singling out for extermination? Imagine if the targets had pictures of black children or rabbis on them? We’d never hear the end of it. But Whites? Ho Hum.

      The media and government allow the SPLC to control the dialog on all things hate and terrorist, meaning White Americans. No other narrative is allowed.

      The entire anti-white system must destroyed top to bottom. It’s either the entire system is dismantled and destroyed or WE as a race are destroyed, there is no other choice.

  • Dale McNamee

    It’s time to use the SPLC’s tactics against it…
    We should be ready to hold them responsible for any harm, physical, emotional,economic, and sue them and others like them into non-existence…
    Find out how they’re raising money and expose it to the world… Sunlight is a powerful disinectant…
    Show them the same “mercy” that the give their “enemies” !

    • Mergatroyd

      They should be held accountable for the careers they’ve destroyed through their reign of terror tactics, false accusations, libel and slander.

      The SPLC is a terrorist organization against White Americans and it’s far past time for a push back.

      • Dale McNamee

        We should go after those who are funding the SPLC and expose them for the rotting bags of pus and decomp that they are…

  • Change the word hate for white and reread the post, all will become clear.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Niche market. Some smart entrepreneur (probably jewish, heee), who does not give a damn about being politically correct, would swoop right in and service all of the “haters” who are banished by Amazon and Paypal.

    • Martel

      This would be great, it would save me time finding new books as I could simply browse the entire content of this website.

      • Mergatroyd

        As the enterpreneur (most likely Jewish) turned your name over to the FBI, homeland security or the SPLC to add you to the “homegrown” terrorist list and destroy your career.

  • teaisstronger


    Before buying or selling ask if Black Hate Groups (BHGs) are being excluded?

    • Not with cultural marxist . . . that would defeat their purpose ..

  • WardKendall

    I have long advocated forming an organization heavily-weighted with pro-white attorneys, writers, and media-types under one banner (one example: United White Nationalists) as slick and polished as anything our enemies now throw at us—if not better. Instead, we continue to lament and to tremble with fear over being blacklisted from Amazon (I market my pro-white novels via their website) when we already have the means and the intellectual power to secure our lines of defense against SPLC attacks, if we but made the effort.

    Unfortunately, pro-white advocates continue to remain fragmented. Put simply, there is far too much “diversity” in our objectives, tactics, and leadership. From one extreme to the other, pro-white advocates pop up in the news almost on a daily basis, doing “their own thang” no matter how ridiculous, damaging, and ultimately fruitless their efforts may be. Recent examples include alleged pro-white advocates such as Craig Cobb and his poorly executed attempt to “take over” a strategically worthless hick town in North Dakota and Glenn Miller, a crazed psychopath (once arrested during a homosexual encounter with a male negro prostitute)—both individuals spawned by Alex Linder’s twisted VNN forum.

    So is it any wonder that from such incompetently-led efforts as these come the grist by which the SPLC continue to hammer away at our ultimate destruction? And what do we do? We continue to serve as apologists for these kinds of deranged actions, to one degree or another. And if not doing that, we bury our heads in the sand while we continue to pump $7,500 per month into one particular Internet forum while we chant in unison that we are “doing something”.

    And so it goes, year after year after year. From one pro-white blog to the next, down the A-to-Z list of links we merrily skip, reading first here and then there, posting (like here, for instance) on their Disqus commentary section (which they all seem to have!) and then (occasionally) popping them a couple of pity-payments via their Donate button, before moving on to the next link in the alphabet list. And it’s been like that for at least the last twenty years.

    In fact, it was like that in any other random year as well. Just pick one out of the grab bag of white nationalist incompetence, mediocrity, and failure, be it 1999 or 2003 or the present one. And the SPLC knows this is our pattern! They COUNT on it, in fact. They have us down pat, and yet we wonder why we are losing. But mark my words: somewhere in a back room of the SPLC they huddle amongst themselves and hope we never create a national command center staffed with attorneys (such as Kyle Bristow) and media talent (like Craig Bodeker) and writers (like myself) and skilled public speakers (like Jared Taylor) all working together in symphonic unity that will focus our message as tightly and powerfully as a 100 megawatt laser beam.

    For only by so doing can we ever move beyond the pathetic ghetto of blogs and forums and the occasional meet-greet-&-eat cocktail gatherings that we currently tout as the fountainhead of pro-white advocacy…

    • Martel

      The problem is finding lawyers willing to do this, also, acquiring funds necessary to pose an actual threat to organisations like the SPLC.

    • Mergatroyd

      Many of the “good” pro-white forums have been infiltrated, subverted and thus corrupted.

      Many whites even welcome in mortal white enemies as “one of us.” This is one of many ways pro-white movements have been destroyed from within and completely neutered, Alex Jones as one example.

      The courts have also been used against us to great effect to punish and warn whites who wish to advocate pro-white group interests. Ask Tommy Metzger.

    • jayvbellis

      Ward, please give us some feedback on your efforts to market your pro White novels.

      What has worked best for you?

      American White nationalists are notoriously cheap, want everything for free.

      Do you get customers to purchase Kindle versions of your books?

      Your work can be purchased on Amazon, how about ITunes ?

      Thanks award.

  • Jim

    The SPLC keeps digging it’s grave deeper and deeper. The more it resorts to the strategy of tyrants to silence it’s opponents, the more the average American sees it for what it really is. I know it’s a function of presence, prominence and recognition in the media, but there are probably more people in the US who despise the SPLC than there are people who despise AmRen. Kind of amazing, really.

  • The Cultural marxist are at their own brand of hatred . .
    no matter how you COLOR it it’s still hate . . hypocrites ..

    • SPLC Wiggers
      Morris Dees
      Mark Potok
      Heidi Beirich

      • Dale McNamee

        Not one of them are black… Ironically funny…

        Guilty white Libturds/Pukegressives. assuaging their consciences and indulging in their fantasies…

        • Don’t be confused by the color of their skin . . . .

          • Dale McNamee

            I’m not fooled…

        • Ringo Lennon

          Globalism at work. They need to destroy white countries by importing non whites. Bush 1 & 2 are globalists.

      • Gina Tingles

        2/10 WNB.

      • Heidi’s picture has me longing for some of Bon’s eye-bleach.

      • William Allingham

        if the word privilege applies to somebody it is to them, the funny thing is that something called “Poverty” Law Center has an immense budget and is in friendship with people like the Rockefellers who although may not have caused poverty they surely and decisively have profited from it.

        its easy to preach and tell others what to do when you spend your time with the narcissistic rich and earn 100 times more than you contribute to the world.

        just a bunch of sick-minded hypocrites.

      • Geo1metric

        For some interesting reading, check out some history of M. Dees.

  • Mergatroyd

    Their goal is to destroy the likes of Jared Taylor and other “White Haters.” Period.

    They have no intention of asking anyone on their hate list anything, their intention is to eliminate their opposition or anyone who questions their agenda of White Genocide.

    These monsters are beyond reason and logic, they’ve already made up their minds about Whites, i.e., ALL of us are in need of race replacement and then elimination.

    These are the same people who instigated the Russian Revolution and liquidation of 60+ million White kulaks in Russia. Don’t think it won’t happen here, it’s already happening.

  • Mergatroyd

    This needs to be read by EVERYONE who supports and/or donates to pro-white forums. DO NOT link to AR or any other pro-white site on the vile Facebook site otherwise you will be outted by the SPLC and your livelihood, reputation and personal life will be destroyed.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Dees, Potok and the mainstream media have so much power is because we let them.

  • Socialism is the message, Marxism is the strategy and Fascism is the goal…

  • Geo1metric

    Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis.

  • gregorian10

    Why doesn’t anyone ever sue the SPLC for slander? I’m obviously no legal expert, but they malign any organization they don’t agree with (aka, any organization that is not far to the left of the fringe).