Halifax Bar Racist for Calling Police on Patron Who Didn’t Have Proper I.D.

Tristin Hopper, National Post, May 1, 2014

For refusing to serve a man carrying what it deemed to be improper I.D.–and then calling the police when he refused to leave–a Halifax bar is now awaiting punishment for what the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission deemed to be a discriminatory act of “imposing the police” on a customer “because of his colour.”

The bar, the Halifax Alehouse, maintains that it had no racial malice in kicking out Sierra Leone immigrant Dino Gilpin; they were simply fulfilling the strict requirements of Nova Scotia’s Alcohol and Gaming Division.

“Our motto is ‘if in doubt, keep them out,’” Alehouse general manager Peter Martell said in a letter filed before the commission. “We are heavily scrutinized by the [Alcohol and Gaming Division] and follow their guidelines.”

The incident occurred on a Saturday night in February, 2010. Mr. Gilpin, then 32, entered the Alehouse, ordered a beer and was immediately “carded” by server Stephanie Lent.

Mr. Gilpin provided an expired Nova Scotia identification card, an expired driver’s licence, a pictureless Nova Scotia health card and a Canadian citizenship card, which included a picture.

As none of the cards met the bar’s policies of only accepting valid driver’s licences, provincial I.D. cards and passports, Ms. Lent refused service and asked Mr. Gilpin to leave.

Mr. Gilpin continued to linger, despite the intervention of manager Shawn Murgatroyd. Eventually, Mr. Murgatroyd called Halifax Police to remove him from the premises.

Despite unanimous testimony by Alehouse staff that Mr. Gilpin did not seem intoxicated, police charged him with public drunkenness and detained him for a night in police custody.

The charge was subsequently dismissed, and Mr. Gilpin is intending to pursue a separate case against the police.

In its final decision rendered in July, the Human Right Commission ultimately ruled that Halifax Alehouse’s denial of Mr. Gilpin’s identification was not necessarily racist, even if it chastised the bar’s current age identification policy for being “aggressive and even arrogant.”

What was racist, though, was the bar’s act of “invoking the force of the state” by summoning police.

Halifax Alehouse was unable to “rebut the presumption of discriminatory behaviour,” read the decision.

“As Maya Angelou has said: … ‘people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,’” wrote commission board chair Walter Thompson.

“Mr. Gilpin wept as he told his story. He will never forget how the Alehouse made him feel.”

At proceedings, Mr. Gilpin’s lawyer also claimed the episode had triggered his client’s post-traumatic stress disorder.

At a final hearing convened on Tuesday, the parties met to hash out an appropriate “remedy” to the July decision. To be decided by the board chair within the next few weeks, the remedy is expected to have lasting effects not only on the Alehouse but the whole Nova Scotia liquor trade.

“What I think you’re going to see from the board chair is some commentary with respect to the benefit of having training relating to consumer racial profiling and stuff of that nature,” said Kendrick Douglas, lawyer for Mr. Gilpin.

His client’s experience is “not the first of its kind in Nova Scotia, that’s for sure,” he said.

Gordon Stewart, executive director of the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia, said he anticipates the pending remedy will prompt Nova Scotia restaurants to work out clearer carding guidelines with the Alcohol and Gaming Division–particularly since the Halifax bar scene is already swimming with fake I.D.s.

“It can get restaurants … charged and shut down and fined,” he said.

Alehouse lawyer Eric Thomson, meanwhile, told Halifax’s Chronicle Herald that the case’s outcome still leaves plenty of ambiguity on how bars will be expected to treat their customers.

“The question still remains–when do you make a phone call, when don’t you make a phone call?” he said.

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  • Tarczan

    I agree with the Nova Scotia Civil rights Commision. Having to produce an ID has a disparate impact upon darkie alcoholics.

    • Fair Dinkum

      And darkie voters too, apparently.

  • MekongDelta69

    Don’t they know that rules do not apply to blacks?

    Git wit da tymez…

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “As Maya Angelou has said: … ‘people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,’” wrote commission board chair Walter Thompson.

    “Mr. Gilpin wept as he told his story. He will never forget how the Alehouse made him feel.”
    This would be hilarious if these fools weren’t being serious. This epitomizes Liberals on race — they base their views on feelings over logic, and they cite people like Maya Angelou instead of citing the law.

    • ncpride

      I was thinking the same thing. That the ‘authorities’ in this case are encouraging, and even supporting this nonsense is ridiculous. And here I thought our liberals were loony. What a scam…. dude hit the jackpot here, and he didn’t even need the crocodile tears and sob story.

    • DonReynolds

      Instead of the baboon poet, maybe Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832):
      “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

    • TheAntidote

      These words of Angeloo are intended to be profound, and apparently baboons like Judge Thompson are moved to tears by them. Yet they are actually quite stupid and entirely removed from the rational.
      A person suddenly has “feelings” of what? Anger? Isolation? Rejection? Disappointment? But has no memory of the deeds, circumstances and events that precipitated the feelings.
      I don’t think it’s possible; the feelings are directly tied to the memories—unless, I suppose, you’re psychotic.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Yeah, sounds like repressed memory syndrome, another looney modern idea!

    • Oil Can Harry

      How DARE you make fun of this victim of color!

      His lawyer says he’s suffering from PTSD. So the trauma he experienced was similar to what Vietnam veterans went through.

    • LHathaway

      Laws are enacted in order to prevent injury to feelings. There is something more important than the literal law itself and that is the spirit of the law.

      • Frank_DeScushin

        No, laws are not enacted to prevent injury to feelings. Laws are enacted to prevent societal disorder or actual physical or monetary harm to an individual. Even in tort law, one can seldom recover for injury to feelings unless the aggrieved individual manifests physical harm due to their emotional distress or the party inflicting the emotional distress did so intentionally and maliciously.

    • Paleoconn

      Apparently it’s against the law to make somebody feel bad. What a pu$$y this guy is. Or rather, a good actor as I think he is on his way to some handsome payolas. What is somebody from Sierra Leone doing in a place like Halifax anyway?

  • [Guest]

    >>>“Our motto is ‘if in doubt, keep them out,’” Alehouse general manager Peter Martell said…

    That would make a fine national immigration policy.

    >>> “As Maya Angelou has said…” (Human Right Commission board chair Walter Thompson)

    >>>Gilpin … will never forget how the Alehouse made him feel.

    Yes, indeed. We’re to the point of governance based on quotations of Maya Angelou and the feelings of Africans.

    I’m convinced that the white nations are past the point of no return.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      As a native-born Canadian, I have no hope left for my nation. Even though we are still ~80% white (a proportion which is dropping even faster than America’s dismal 63%), the multiculti ideology is so deeply engrained here that it is evident we passed the point of no return long ago.

      My only hope remains for the white “Metropole” of Europe, where there are encouraging stirrings of fight left in the white youth. We just need one victory there to inspire other white nations to follow suit.

      • kjh64

        A large portion of America’s non-Whites are people here illegally or are not citizens, they’re not Americans.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        Canada is a nation with a third world future. I keep having nightmares of waking up in Bangladesh, surrounded by massive poverty, miles and miles of third world slums, crack whores on every street corner, children covered in flies, turbans and hijabs everywhere, violent African crime and professional Muslim jihadists going on terror missions each weekend. I feel sorry for the next generation of whites. They will have to pick up the broken pieces of their country and clean up after Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Brian Mulroney.

        • Rosenmops

          I’m afraid Justin Trudeau will be the next PM. He will finish the job his dad started– destroying Canada.

    • DonReynolds

      Do not judge white nations by what the Liberal elite say and do. The rot has not spread to the common people yet. They gag every day on this crap.

  • D.B. Cooper

    What the F is an African doing in Nova Scotia, of all places?

    Well I hear you went up to Saratoga, and your horse naturally won.
    Then you flew your Lear Jet up to Nova Scotia
    to see the total eclipse of the sun.

    Never mind. It’s getting late.

    • IstvanIN

      The “New” Scots I suppose.

      • D.B. Cooper

        I remember being chewed out by my 3rd grade teacher for pronouncing it “Nova SCOTT-eeya”.

    • trouble maker

      The answer to your question of why is an African in Nova Scotia is (naive White Women ) who don’t yet realize just how dangerous Blacks are .

    • Seminumerical

      Halifax Nova Scotia was where freed slaves changed ships to sail to Liberia. Some stayed. It has a long tradition of black residents in nearby North Preston since there have been five successive waves of “back to Africa” starting with the Maroons after the slave rebellion in Jamaica.

      I personally was carded in California at the age of 37. The liquor store had an “if you look under 30” policy. What can I say? I am over 50 now and I might get carded yet. I am not offended.

  • sbuffalonative

    What was racist, though, was the bar’s act of “invoking the force of the state” by summoning police.

    They tell us not to take matters into our own hands and to call the police.

    Now we have to worry about calling the police lest we be found guilt of calling the police.

    • IstvanIN

      And had the bouncer tossed him out on the street they would have been charged with racism and assault.

    • shawnmer

      Silliness all around. Silly to not serve the dude a beer with that much I.D., silly that the ordinances on I.D. are so bureaucratic as to lead the owner to believe that was necessary caution, and silly for the aggrieved to call a freaking “human rights” commission instead of shrugging his shoulders and getting on with life!

      • Ron Cheaters

        He stands to be able to buy a brand new car or live rent-free in a nice penthouse apartment now. What did
        he ever stand to lose? Dignity? lol.

        Nova Scotia is about to bend over backwards to recruit immigrants on a scale never seen before in Canada. That will ruin the reason I came here and will be the reason I leave here.

        This judgement is essentially rolling out the red carpet for the scum to defacate on before entering.

      • DonReynolds

        I do not blame the bar manager for not endangering his liquor license for the sake of a thirsty Bantu. If the rules require a rooster tattoo on the left calf to get a friggin beer, that is what you check.
        I do not blame the bar manager for calling the cops when Mr. thirsty refused to leave, when ordered to do so. That is what cops are for, even in Canada.

  • Truthseeker

    So now rules, laws, integrity, etc. are less important than not hurting the feelings of someone who’s a minority. I dream of an ethnostate where no one wastes their time on this garbage.

    • DonReynolds

      The only way you will realize that future is for someone to create it and they would need your help.

      • Truthseeker

        I’m willing to do my part.

  • So CAL Snowman

    As always, it’s far better to be an oppressed person of color in a majority White country, than to be a free person of color in a majority black country.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Whites are the most racist people on earth, which is why non-whites from the third world even risk death to immigrate to white countries.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Mr. Gilpin wept as he told his story. He will never forget how the Alehouse made him feel.”

    “Muh Feels” is now the single most important thing in Western Civilization

    • jane johnson

      Guess he felt thirsty.

    • IstvanIN

      He refused to leave the premises. When asked to leave a business establishment one should either go or be arrested. I suppose now in Nova Scotia the customer is truly always right. Now where is the cash register and barmaid?

      • Ron Cheaters

        Funny. He figuratively did hold up the alehouse. I bet those tears sounded a lot like laughter.
        Aren’t there courses one can take in Nigeria, Sierra Leone that teach how to go to western countries and play the ghetto lottery?
        It would seem so, and wouldn’t surprise me if there is.

  • kjh64

    The only way this man will ever, ever get over the “trauma” of this will be a large sum of money and the promise that he will always get his way.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Blacks are such crybabies.

    • SaggyGenes

      Yet they’re always portrayed as the epitome of cool. Laughable, isn’t it?

  • Romulus

    I’m utterly convinced that liberal whites and the ruling elites are so beyond reality that they are incapable of saving themselves.
    Only when the dying begins in earnest will they wake up.

  • The Final Solution

    Human rights only apply to human beings. This story is so outrageous I thought for sure it must have come from the Onion. “Imposing the police on a customer” is a crime in Canada. Just what does this Sierra Leone Zulu contribute? Well he’s about to single-handedly destroy the restaurant and bar industry and create considerable economic damage. The black menace never ends.

  • Simonetta

    I had the same problem when I moved to Oregon from New Orleans about 30 years ago. I couldn’t get served a beer or even a cup of coffee in an Oregon bar with a Louisiana driver’s license. Some backwards Oregon bars wouldn’t even accept an American passport as proof of being over 18 (I was mid-20’s at that time in age). Only acceptable proof of age was something called an Oregon Liquor Control Commission card.

    This was astounding since I had just moved from New Orleans, where parents would send their 9-year-old kid down to the corner bar with a $10 bill to pick up a muffaletta, a candy bar, a couple mirlitons, and a half pint of Southern Comfort, and nothing would seem out of the ordinary.

    I just stopped going to bars altogether in Oregon, and started going to the new coffee-shops like Starbucks instead.

    Maybe this clown should consider just doing the same. Or get a passport. Goodness, if I were a dusky African living in Nova Scotia, I’d try to get every single possible piece of official ID that I could. Just so that “my papers would always be in order”. God forbid that the locals would find any reason to send me back to Sierra Leone.

    And why doesn’t a Canadian citizenship card with a photo work as bar ID in Halifax? Doesn’t it have the person’s birthday displayed? And why is the bartender harassing a 32 year old man? Does he look younger than 18? I think that this is an example of Canadian PC over-timidity and stupidity rather than racism.

    • DonReynolds

      There are quite a few tourists who visit Oregon every day. Why, I have no idea. Surely, there must be a way for them to get a drink or else they pass out the Whiskey Cards on every street corner. How about at the airport terminal?

    • Ron Cheaters

      The bars here are on strict orders. Even more strict is the NSLC. All because a frat-boy from overseas choked on his vomit during frosh week about 5years ago. And since bars sell booze almost on par with what the NSLC charges. There are lots of kids drinking and getting in fights. Every monday, same stupid stories in the paper.
      Rather than accept port-cities are crazy places to be the answer is to become beer nazis.

    • sbuffalonative

      Here is Buffalo, the grocery store chain TOPS proofs everyone. Their signs say, “We Proof Everyone”.

      I couldn’t pass for a teen but I can’t buy beer without a VALID ID (which this guy didn’t seem to have).

      On the face of it, it seems absurd but the policy is clearly stated and applies to everyone so as not to be subject to charges of discrimination.

      • IstvanIN

        Wegman’s does the same thing in NJ. I have been in line behind people obviously in their 60s and they have to show ID for beer and wine.

    • The Final Solution

      What are you even talking about? This African Zulu obviously runs Canada. He’s even above the law according to the “human rights” commission. He doesn’t even need ID. How dare these white racists question this noble negro’s right to drink?

    • Malgus

      Here in Kentucky, we still have “dry” and “wet” counties. Some counties allow beer sales, some no alcohol sales at all, some no sales on Sunday, some no alcohol sales on Election Day (apparently, in the distant past they had problems with folks drinking on Election Day and, given the amount of guns and animosity between political parties around here, well… bad things happened 🙂 ). It’s hilarious. My county is “dry”, but if you drive up to the county line, RIGHT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SIGN is a liquor store. Can’t buy booze where you are but if you take three steps in that direction, you can buy whatever you want…

      We solved the problem though.. you want booze? Make it yourself. Of course, that opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms..

    • kikz2

      havin’ moved from NOLA to NC in the early 80’s, i was no less astounded at the perplexed looks i got asking for a go cup 🙂 it was total culture shock……. freakin ABC state stores…. SC has Red Dots… TX is almost as bad, but is loosening up somewhat.. been north of Big D 24yrs, and finally don’t have to drive 20mi roundtrip to get a bottle of rum….thank ye godz…..

      hmmm Halifax.. i didn’t know ‘they’ were there.. i figured most were in/around Toronto. whatta crap rap…… wouldn’t seem Newfie’s would put up w/too much of that……

  • DonReynolds

    Here in the states, to order a beer or any other alcoholic drink, you need to have the required identification or they will refuse to serve you. The law requires it and no bar wants to lose their license for ignoring that law. And yes, the revenue/ABC agents occasionally test bars and saloons to make sure they are keeping the law by running in idiots without an ID.
    Now, if this clown wanted to vote in the next election……well……not a problem….you just cannot buy a beer.

  • JDInSanD

    This should cover it.

  • RHG

    So, in other words the guy got his feelings hurt so this beer joint must pay a price. I am sure this phony little “human rights” outfit wouldn’t have cared much for his feelings if he had been white and they tossed him out.

  • DennisDale

    Halifax Alehouse was unable to “rebut the presumption of discriminatory behavior,” read the decision.
    Emphasis added. Presumption of guilt, coming to state or federal legislature near you, soon!

    • FeuerSalamander

      The state was asking the bar to prove a negative in that it is asking them to prove that they DIDN’T kick the guy out for racist reasons as well as for the expired ID. It is impossible to prove a negative.

      • DennisDale

        Isn’t that exactly what I said? What gives? Was I unclear? I’m doomed to be less understood the older I get.

  • Pro_Whitey

    There is one chilling consistency to it. As the blogger at Unamusement Park put it, the consistent theme is that whitey must be screwed, regardless of how little sense it makes.

  • Sloppo

    Old rule … “if in doubt, keep them out”

    New rule … “if in doubt, keep them out, unless doing so might hurt the extra-sensitive feelings of a black person”

  • blight14

    Spineless…….this buffoonery is akin to something straight out of the Turner Diaries.

  • DelmarJackson

    If the legal photo ID clearly identifies a person, but it has expired, I think the bar should have accepted the ID.

    • Malgus

      An expired ID isn’t a valid ID. The bar has the state telling them “You better do this, or else” when it comes to carding patrons. Apparently, there is no wiggle room and they followed the law. This Gilpin person was asked to leave. He didn’t. So, they called the cops…

      This infiltrator has just learned how to game the system. Don’t want to play by the white man’s rules? Just file a lawsuit and cry crocodile tears and wail “raycissms!!”… after that, right and wrong don’t matter. Doesn’t matter if you broke the law or not. Those EVIL RACISTS were big old meanies, so you should get a big pile of money, a written apology and a “Get Out of Jail Free for Life” card…

      I’ll bet once the cameras and reporters left and this Gilpin person was along or with his ‘friends’, I’ll bet he enjoyed a nice, long laugh at how stupid and gullible whites are and how easy it is to game the white man’s system.. boo hoo, a few tears, childish 4th grade name-calling and TA DAA! You win in court… oh yeah, let’s not forget his “Post Traumatic Stress”! Apparently, getting carded is one of the triggers… how dare we not genuflect at the feet of this poor wretch?

      Pfft… western civilization deserves to go down the drain if garbage like this becomes the norm…

  • Brian

    “As Maya Angelou has said: … ‘people will forget what you said,
    people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you
    made them feel,’” wrote commission board chair Walter Thompson.

    “Mr. Gilpin wept as he told his story. He will never forget how the Alehouse made him feel.”
    Crying about getting carded? These people aren’t exactly Vikings, are they? Pardon me while I grab a tissue.

    • FeuerSalamander

      she makes me nauseous and sick, I don’t forget that.

    • FeuerSalamander

      The incident hindered the creature’s plans to rape.

  • FeuerSalamander

    What the alehouse is REALLY guilty of is being “WHITE”. They are being punished for obeying the law.

    • Calufrax

      One of the hallmarks of true tyranny is when you are punished for following the rules.

  • FeuerSalamander

    The wisdom of the white male, I love stories like this.

  • Truth Teller

    I don’t know about this one. 32 years old and he needed to produce an ID with a DOB? California law requires everyone who buys liquor from a store to show proper ID. It is typical liberal law making to make gray haired wrinkled 70 year olds show ID.

    Does canadien law require that servers ask everyone to show ID with picture and DOB?

  • There have been a lot of exciting new developments in the field of Multicultural Alehouse or, in America, Beer Law. For example in Halifax the recent ‘Call The Police–Go To Jail’ decision handed down by Justice Maya Angelou.