California Bill Would Ease Professional Licensing Rules for Immigrants

Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times, May 11, 2014

Denisse Rojas earned a biology degree from UC Berkeley and has set her sights on medical school. But one big obstacle stands in her way.

To practice medicine in California, doctors must obtain a license from the state, and applicants are required to provide a Social Security number as proof of identity.

Rojas, 25, does not have such a number. She is in the United States illegally, having been smuggled into the country from Mexico by her parents when she was 6 months old.

But a group of legislators wants to help her–to do for doctors, dentists, nurses, barbers, security guards and many others what they did last year for attorneys: grant those in the country illegally permission to practice their occupations.

The San Francisco resident said she was able to receive financial aid from the state under California’s Dream Act for her last semester of college, so it follows that the state should allow her to use her degree.


California leads the nation in efforts to integrate immigrants living here illegally into mainstream society, providing them with driver’s licenses, college scholarships and protection from deportation for minor crimes. The new legislation could go much further in affecting the lives of those in the shadows, supporters say, because it targets work and would afford them upward mobility. The state’s workforce includes 1.85 million people in the country illegally, according to an estimate by the Public Policy Institute of California.


A bill by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) would ease the licensing process for psychologists and pharmacists, in addition to other healthcare professionals, and for about two dozen other occupations including real estate agents and security guards. The measure passed the state Senate on Thursday.

SB 1159 would allow about 40 state boards to accept a federal taxpayer identification number as proof of identification in lieu of a Social Security number.


A spokesman for the Republican caucus said there was concern about the cost of such a change.

Tax authorities would “not always be able to correctly identify licensees to ensure proper collection of taxes associated with the licensee’s practice of profession,” said spokesman Peter DeMarco.


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  • rowingfool

    “They could be doctors, realtors, barbers, security guards”, Senators, Representatives, Judges, Commanders in Chief etc.

    • borogirl54

      No, only a native-born citizen can become President or Vice President of the United States. Barack Obama was allegedly born in Hawaii so he qualified.

      • You may have noticed that he didn’t have to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he was born in Hawaii. Who knows where a thurd world future US president might be born.

      • DonReynolds

        Yeah, well… is a good thing (for many good reasons) that Juan McCain did not win the election in 2008, since he was born in the Republic of Panama, and naturalized by act of Congress, while he was at the Naval Academy. (No, it was not the Panama Canal Zone.) Every natural-born American is a citizen of the US and of the state where they are born. McCain has no such state. There were even questions about Barry Goldwater, when he ran for president in 1964. Barry Goldwater was not born in a US state either. (Arizona was a US territory when Goldwater was born.)
        Mitt Romney’s daddy (George) was born in Mexico. He was an outstanding governor of Michigan, but he could not run for president of the US.
        Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the US Treasury, but no…..he was not born in a US state. (Charlestown, British West Indies) He first arrived in the US to attend Kings College (Columbia University in NYC), just in time to join the American revolutionaries.

        • kikz2

          i’ve heard that the regulation is being chipped away as we speak……

    • kikz2

      or SCJOTUS…….

    • me

      Well, there’s the last nail in the coffin of the former California. Get out while you still can, White folks!

    • Svigor

      I’m all for it. I’d also like to see laws put in place to institute racial quotas on the media business, both in front of the camera, and behind. Such that the percentage of blacks, browns, etc., in the media business reflects the percentage of the American population (at least). Same for immigrants, regardless of criminal status.

      Let the media be the first to fall under their own sword, instead of the last.

  • Greg Thomas

    “The San Francisco resident said she was able to receive financial aid from the state under California’s Dream Act for her last semester of college, so it follows that the state should allow her to use her degree.”

    This is called progressivism. Once granted access to finanical aid to attend our schools and earn degrees, invaders will claim denying them the opportunity to work is discriminatory. Once allowed to work, they will then argue they are entitled to citizenship to become
    whole and complete members of society because they have “earned” it.

    It’s always piecemeal with illegal invaders and their supporters. They also know it’s much
    easier to consume the enchilada in small bites, rather than gobble it down at once.

    • borogirl54

      In California, illegal immigrants are eligible for state funded financial aid but they must wait until all the eligible US citizens and legal permanent residents get theirs, if there is any money left over, then they get aid. These grants are for undergraduates only. Graduate students usually have to take out student loans in order to go to school. As an illegal immigrant, she is not eligible for federal financial aid. So she would have to find alternative means to pay for medical school, such as selling tacos on the weekend, etc.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Come on borogirl54 do you actually believe that illegals are left twisting in the wind as long as there are White tax payer dollars to redistribute? The Universities certainly do not check to see if all US citizens (White people) have had their needs meet before genuflecting before the brown invaders.

  • Mary

    Of course we should do this! After all, it’s just unfair to place any constraints whatsoever on the poor dears. We should do our utmost to facilitate every sphere of their lives and make them feel as welcome as possible. We need to assure that, as our replacements, they can be all they can be!

  • dd121

    Why not lower standards for illegals? We already have lower standards for other dark skins.

  • Manaphy

    California is a harbinger of what will happen to America if whites refuse to deport ALL illegal Mexicans, and if the government refuses to STOP immigration. Societal decay is what happens when you blindly let your country to become a “beacon of immigration”. But then again, what is that to ethnic food?

    Immigration is a form of white GeNOcide.
    Anti-racism is a codeword for Anti-white.

  • This is how the U.S. inches itself into being more of a third-world country: Simply ease professional licensing requirements and you can be anything you want to be! Want to be a doctor? A dentist? To hell with all those years of schooling, accreditation and licensing. We’ll just lower the standards so that you too can ‘practice medicine’ like all those third-world medicine men!

  • MekongDelta69

    License, shmicense – We dun’ need no steenkin’ LIE-cense…

  • borogirl54

    But the reality is that they will only be able to practice in California. Other states are going to require legal status such a green card to be licensed. I cannot see how they are going to pay for medical school. They cannot get federal student loans. Most medical school graduates end up with at least 100k in debt after graduation.

    • Dr. Möbias

      First California, then the other states. It won’t be long.

  • This bill by Senator Ricardo Lara demonstrates that even Hispanic U.S. citizens will not uphold our customs and the sort of societal qualities that made America a first-world nation. Mexicans – both legal and illegal – make everything they touch and inhabit their own version of Tijuana. As the former president of Mexico once said, “Wherever a Mexican is, there is Mexico.”

    I know it upsets some people, but Mexicans are NOT good for America. Sure, there’s some decent people among them and I don’t personally hate them as a people. But wherever they dwell in large numbers, their communities (“barrios”) become gang infested with graffiti sprayed all over the damn place. They turn every neighborhood into a cheap shanty town. Want proof? Simply look at East L.A., Bell Gardens, Hawaiian Gardens, Boyle Heights, Pacoima, and the list goes on.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I personally hate them as a people, but then again I do live in Southern California where is takes 3.5 hours to drive 20 miles on the freeway. Yes I have made acquaintances with a few mexicans here and there, but I would not shed a tear if they were deported and I never saw those people again. We must harden our hearts and purge ourselves of this toxic altruism that allows Whites to let our guard down against the others.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I don’t hate them as a group, since they cannot help the genetics they were born with, but I absolutely agree that we whites need to lose our pathological levels of empathy for them.

        They should all be deported, even the “Americans” (their anchor babies). I would even deport the ones who came here legally. If we gave them permission to come, we can (and should) revoke that permission, though they should have a few months to get their affairs in order before leaving, since they broke no laws (the illegals should simply be deported as soon as we locate them).

        We don’t need them and they are not making our country any better. Deporting the vast majority of Hispanics would be no great loss, and the benefits would outweigh the few valuable people we’d be losing.

  • This is how the integerity of America will be distroyed, The phd, masters, ect, will not be worth the paper it is printed on. From the doctor to the plumber, we will see the spread of collora and typhoid, from poor sanitation and water supply, to the death of people from poor medical care.

    • Already, the value of advanced degrees from “minority serving institutions of higher learning” is worthless. Would anyone else other than a libtard hire a doctoral degree holder from the University of Texas at San Antonio, always at the bottom of the Forbes rankings of universities. It’s Mexican from top to bottom and always in chaos, like Mexico. Print the diplomas on toilet paper so they have some use.

      • me

        Well, this is where the ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ gets thrown in the trash heap. I will NEVER pay any ‘minority’ to do anything for me, especially where my life or livelihood depends on it.

  • JohnEngelman

    Because we know that Denisse Rojas is here illegally she should be deported, and kept out.

    • That’s why we need patriotic organizations to do citizens arrests on such as her. Do a citizen arrest and call the real cops and make a stink. The citizen’s arrest won’t stand up, but it just might send a message.

  • I’m posting a pic of the illegal for the world to see. Arrest her on sight.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Nice cultural appropriation she has going on there. Doesn’t she know that a White man by the name of Carl Linnaeus is the father of modern biology? After all her people throw a hissy fit when Whites try to have Cinco de Mayo parties.

      • Mestizo rules are not your rules. They can appropriate from you, but not you from them.

        • Dr. Möbias

          What do Mestizos have that any of us could possibly want?

          Hepatitis A and B? Brain Worm? Chagas Disease? TB? What?

          They are a scourge on this continent.

    • Bossman

      Is this the real Dennise Rojas? I just did a search for that name and what I came up with was tons of pretty girls in bikinis, far prettier than this one. Are you sure this girl is not a Filipino?

      • Dr. Möbias

        Filipino, mestizo, what’s the difference? They’re interchangeable in looks, dark hair, eyes, skin and lumpy bodies.

        Neither belongs on the North American continent.

        • Bossman

          I’m usually able to tell the difference. BTW, Mexicans are North Americans.

    • DonReynolds

      The Mex have the impression if they are young and “pretty”, all the rules suddenly bend and the doors fly open. They act the same way when they get arrested for various crimes. Ask any cop. The laws do not apply to them and I look forward to the day we prove them wrong.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Special favors for illegal, non-American citizens: Taking a college slot that should go to an American child, free handouts, special benefits and race-based programs that White American Citizens can’t get.

    It’s time to go to Mexico, burn my passport and papers, change my name to Juanita, find a coyote, sneak back in, declare myself an illegal alien victim and join La Raza — in order to get anything back from this country, especially medical care.

    .. to do for doctors, dentists, nurses, barbers, security guards and many others what they did last year for attorneys…

    These are the jobs Americans won’t do.

  • So CAL Snowman

    And people thought the emergency rooms were crazy now. Imagine entire hospitals staffed with nothing but third world, AA brown hispanics. You would probably die from a hang nail in that environment.

    • I don’t have to imagine it. It’s San Antonio and much of Texas today. My HMO doctor is a female hispanic–I’ll never visit her, that’s for sure.

      • Ella

        Truthfully, stay away from hospitals and doctors unless it is seriously necessary. Half of our doctors from the Near East and India can barely speak audible English.

        • Hallie Eva

          The doctor who bought my dying internist’s practice is from Kenya,
          a graduate of U.C. San Diego, a school that is known to be wild about die-versity.
          I have visited her twice, and believe it or not, she speaks excellent English and is very thorough.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Good luck finding emergency medical care, comrade:

      In California over 60 hospitals have closed in the past 10 years as a result of unpaid medical bills from illegal aliens.

    • Ella

      It’s cheap labour! They don’t give a blank about infection rates under Obamacare!!!

  • Nancy Thomas

    Isn’t it everyone’s dream to be operated on by a retarded illegal surgeon?

  • Ike Eichenberg

    Mexico needs doctors too.

    Via con Dios

  • IstvanIN

    Illegal aliens as security guards and pharmacists and no one see a problem?

  • Ella

    IF they are so talented, let them apply for legal citizenship with their wonderful gifts in which they can offer society many services. Of course, we knew that these illegals took limited slots away from talented US citizens regardless of colour. At this rate, our White children will be cleaning toilets in the near future. You can see these “gate keepers” paving the way for the new future, and White is just not it.

  • DonReynolds

    They are foreign citizens in the US illegally…..illegal aliens.
    The ONLY immigrants in the US are those foreign citizens in this country legally… know…..part of the immigration system. There are no other immigrants.
    The illegal aliens are invaders, criminals, smugglers, drug mules, cartel hitmen, prostitutes, thieves, rapists, murderers, frauds, fakes, and identity impersonators….but they are never immigrants.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      There hasn’t been a legal immigrant in the US since 1965. They’re all illegal aliens.

  • Bill E. BOBB

    you don’t want to be a white contractor in california if this passes

  • DelmarJackson

    This is a good thing. Far too long many Americans smugly dismissed any concern over immigration as poor stupid people too lazy to compete with vibrant hard working immigrants.
    Can’t wait for all the professionals waking up as the tidal wave of immigration brought about by the open border cheap labor billionaire globalists change their world forever, like it has everybody else.

  • MarcB1969

    How do you provide bonding to someone who is committing fraud by using someone else’s identity (SSI number)? How will they confirm that an illegal invader is not a convicted/wanted felon in their country of origin?

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    No way would I let someone like that be a doctor for any family member, medical malpractice and worse are on the way!