Brown v. Board: A Legendary Failure of Liberalism

Patrick J. Buchanan, VDARE, May 19, 2014

When Brown v. Board of Education, the 9-0 Warren Court ruling came down 60 years ago, desegregating America’s public schools, this writer was a sophomore at Gonzaga in Washington, D.C.

In the shadow of the Capitol, Gonzaga was deep inside the city. And hitchhiking to school every day, one could see the “for sale” signs marching block by block out to Montgomery County, Maryland.

Democratic and liberal Washington was not resisting integration, just exercising its right to flee its blessings by getting out of town.

The white flight to the Washington suburbs was on.

When this writer graduated in 1956, all-white high schools of 1954 like McKinley Tech, Roosevelt, Coolidge and Anacostia had been desegregated, but were on their way to becoming all black.

Across the South, there was “massive resistance” to Brown, marked by the “Dixie Manifesto” of 1956, Gov. Orval Faubus’ effort to keep black students out of Little Rock Central High in 1957, and the defiance of U.S. court orders to desegregate the universities of Mississippi and Alabama by Govs. Ross Barnett and George Wallace.

While he has received little credit, it was Richard Nixon who desegregated Southern schools. When he took office, not one in 10 black children was going to school with whites in the Old Confederacy.

When Nixon left, the figure was close to 70 percent.


Certainly, by striking down state laws segregating school children, Brown advanced the cause of freedom. But as for realizing the hopes of black parents, that their children’s educational progress would now proceed alongside that of their new white classmates, it is not so easy to celebrate.

For despite half a century of desegregation, three in four black and Hispanic children are in schools that are largely black and Hispanic. And the old racial gap in test scores has never been closed.

A May story in the Washington Post reports that not only has there been no gain in U.S. high school test scores in reading and math–the USA has been steadily sinking in rank in international competition–the disparity between black and white students has deepened.

The quadrennial test given in 2013 to 92,000 12th-graders by the National Assessment of Education Progress, the nation’s report card, found that the test scores of Latino students are today as far behind those of whites’ as in 1999. The gap between white and black high school seniors in reading and math has widened.

Speaking in Topeka on the anniversary of Brown, Michelle Obama bemoaned the fact that, “Today, by some measures, our schools are as segregated as they were back when Dr. King gave his final speech.

“Many districts have actually pared back on efforts to integrate their schools and many communities have become less diverse.”

Ms. Obama is undeniably correct. Yet, there are other realities that folks need to stop denying.

First, as the Thernstroms write, where white children were 80 percent of public school students in 1970, today they are 50 percent and falling. In California and Texas, whites make up 27 and 31 percent respectively of the public school enrollment.

If 74 percent of black kids and 80 percent of Hispanics are in minority-majority schools today, those numbers are inexorably going to rise, as white students become a new national minority.

Second, there is no conclusive research that black kids learn more when sitting beside white kids, just as there is no evidence that Head Start has any positive enduring impact on pupil achievement.

Third, after trillions dumped into education at all levels since the Great Society, with the educational gap persisting between whites and Asians and blacks and Hispanics, it is apparent the education industry has not only failed the nation. It has no idea how to close that gap.

Fourth, while Michelle Obama may cherish diversity, the wealthy white liberals who dominate the D.C. metropolitan area appear to prefer living in predominately white neighborhoods and sending their children to predominantly white schools, be they public or private.

The 60 years since Brown in D.C. have demonstrated another truth. There is no correlation between dollars invested in education and student achievement in schools where the money is spent.

Per capita expenditures for students in D.C.’s schools invariably rank among the nation’s highest, while the test scores those tax dollars produce invariably rank among the nation’s lowest.

And whom should be held accountable?

Since D.C. got the right to vote, no GOP candidate has ever carried its electoral votes. Obama won the city with 93 percent in 2008. And since home rule half a century ago, we have had only black Democratic mayors and liberal Democratic city councils.

This social debacle belongs to liberalism alone.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Everything is a ‘legendary failure of liberalism.’

  • I hate it when Pat Buchanan starts talking or writing about Richard Nixon. He loses all sense of reason and proportion, and in spite of himself and what he thinks and wants, gushes over the President who hired him into the White House.

    To wit:

    While he has received little credit, it was Richard Nixon who desegregated Southern schools

    Let me fix that for PJB:

    While he has received little blame, it was Richard Nixon who desegregated Southern schools.

    • Pelagian

      I believe Pat says credit, but means “blame”. He is just speaking the language of liberals. Because the point is, that liberals get so frothing at the mouth rabid about Nixon that they cannot even see straight. Even unto ignoring the facts of history. Anything that makes liberals froth is good, in my book.

      • I’m not so generous in this case. Whenever PJB writes articles or columns about Nixon, he goes into this bizarro world of defending Nixon on things and in ways he’d be tearing any other politician a new one.

        • Pelagian

          Nixon: basically good or basically evil? You can only choose one. Which one do you choose?

        • Brian

          Buchanan has some blind spots, sure. But he’s a pretty good friend or fellow traveler to amrenners. If there were more like him we’d have a more sensible nation.

        • Pro_Whitey

          So true. Love you, Uncle Pat, and I voted for you in 1992, 1996, and 2000, but let’s face it, you should have a lot of regrets about the Nixon Administration, and Watergate is the least of them.

          • And ironically, that’s coming from PJB who was for the longest of being Deep Throat. But knowing how loyal to a fault he is to Nixon even today, he would have never been Deep Throat. As an aside, I don’t think Mark Felt was DT because I don’t think there was ever a DT, I just think Woodward and Bernstein made up the whole DT story to cover for the fact that they were illegally getting leaked info from an illegal leaker on a Watergate crime related grand jury.

      • haroldcrews

        I’m not sure about that. Pat in the article above said that the Brown decision advanced the cause of freedom. A more absurd statement has rarely been made.

        • Nonhumans

          I don’t know that I can agree or disagree with your statement. What ruffles my feathers is when the libtards speak of and create laws (also of court decisions) that effectively limit freedoms, especially those of whites, as if they are liberating.
          It matters not how the pie is sliced, any law, written and enacted, effectively limits our freedoms and liberties. Of those laws, the ones geared against certain ethnic groups (read AA Vs Whites) are unconstitutional on their face and within their bodies’. The libtarded double-standards are truly astounding.
          It is truly sad and terrifying what this once great nation has become.

        • Quite. How on earth does denying whites their natural freedom of association rights advance anything remotely related to “freedom”?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “This social debacle belongs to liberalism alone.”

            I’m close enough to him on this to agree. The last president to attempt anything sane was Reagan with his era’s “back to the basics” push – the only educational fad of the liberal education era that started showing results.

            The problem with that was obvious. If the best we can do is “back to the basics” – largely admitting learning involves hard work and is not always magical fun – then what do we need all these pompous folks with education Phd’s and even more useless, Eed’s around for anyway?

            Hey, I mean, if that’s basically that, how does a person with an education Phd justify their salary? And of course that education Phd must write and “contribute to the body of knowledge”, not simply teach and train teachers. This is where the mischief creeps in…

            This is where folks educated beyond intelligence begin to function like the thousands of human monkey wrenches they really are…

        • SpawnTaviousBlackness

          While Pat has been considered one of the standard bearers of conservatism and the white cause, he is in fact part of that generation of whites that brought us to where we are now. IT was the unwillingness of that generation to do the difficult, the uncomfortable things such as stand up to the negroes , such as accuse the media of being controlled by one group that was anti-american and to take it away from that group by force, such as to invade the middle eastern countries when they “nationalized” the oil businesses that we built, such as to deport the illegals who were given amnesty the first time. IT is HIM and HIS KIND that decided to give the enemy the knife to cut our throats, all in the name of fair play. It wasn’t in the name of fair play, it was in the name of laziness and cowardice!

      • Anon

        Ummm….no. Desegration was a republican attack on white people. Democrats, at the time were run by the Klan.

      • Viking_61

        Most liberal millennials do not even know why older liberals hated Nixon so much. Ask the boy genius Ezra Klein what he knows about Nixon and he would draw a blank.

    • Rhialto

      Buchanan is still doing PR work for Tricky Dick and Ronald F. Reagan.

      The original SCOTUS decision outlawed segregation; it did not mandate forced integration. It was under the Nixon administration that Fed court directed Forced Bussing was perpetrated, so that

      “Black and Whites could learn together”.

      • Jesse James

        I’ll tell you what I learned in integrated schools, stay away from blacks whenever you can.

      • Pro_Whitey

        When I first read that decision, the first impression I had was, well, I can see how they got to forced busing from this. Forced integration is implicit in the rationale for declaring separate but equal impossible, because separation supposedly caused blacks to feel inferior and thus tainted their educational experience, making a separate educational experience inherently unequal.

    • Ed

      Richard Nixon also ushered in Affirmative Action.

      • Nixon’s worst sin is administratively applying the racially themed legislation of the Great Society onto the Federal bureaucracy. Then again, it would not have been any different if Hubert Humprhey would have won or if Lyndon Johnson would have won a second full term.

      • connorhus

        Actually Kennedy started the AA ball rolling in 1961 but Nixon didn’t hold back any that’s for sure.

    • SpawnTaviousBlackness

      Nixon also instituted the price controls that led to gas shortages. He was NO conservative. He practiced marxism.

      • Not Marxism, but…

        “We are all Keynesians now.” — Richard Nixon

      • Strider73

        In 1968 a Republican (from North Carolina, IIRC) cast his electoral vote for Wallace instead of Nixon.

        He was the smart one.

    • Anon

      You sound surprised. Buchanan is not a white nationalist. He’s a conservative. You know….that group that lies about white values being important while white people are not. He’s also a republican. That group that destroyed all white advocacy in this nation.
      How exactly is the incongruent with him patting Nixon on the back for introducing black rapists, murderers and other scum into our schools to harm our children?

      • Because of the mental gymnastics he engages in, in spite of everything else he has ever said and done, in his Nixon apologetics.

  • Alexandra1973

    Why desegregation? So blacks could be smarter by being around whites?

    Seems to me it’s achieved the opposite effect. Whites dumbed down.

    • Good point. All it did was force the low culture of blacks upon whites and, in the process, endangered our lives too.

      • Nonhumans

        Don’t speak of it as if it is a total negative. Millions of whites are racially aware because of these policies.
        Whenever I’m in public and I see another human exercising his ccp or right to open-carry, there is always that brief and warm moment, when my eyes meet theirs after noticing their sidearm, and we both faintly smile and know the real reason that we are carrying.

        • Strider73

          When Nixon took office gun rights were all but dead; now every state has a CCW statute. (Granted, the Chicongo-controlled IL legislature had a state supreme court mandate hanging over its head.) IMO the ongoing restoration of the 2nd Amendment is almost exclusively a logical reaction to rampant black savagery. So is the proliferation of “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground” laws. This, of course, has the liberal black agitators foaming at the mouth. Never mind the fact that the few remaining decent blacks have the most to gain from those laws.

  • It’s all whitey’s fault that blacks aren’t learning. Thus, once the blacks were mixed with the whites, the lefties had to come up with a new theory, since they couldn’t blame segregation.

    Thus, today we have microaggressions–blacks get all butt hurt and can’t learn when whites talk to them. Then we have white privilege–the mysterious benefit that whites always possess, but somehow doesn’t work when Asians outearn us. Apparently our white privilege is so upsetting to blacks that they can’t learn. There’s also institutional racism–I can’t explain it because it’s like an invisible virus in the air.

    Lots of lefties gain fame and tenure at universities for coming up with this crapola, while pushing it on children as young as four, as detailed yesterday on Amren. If the darkest hour is just before the dawn, there’s a new dawn arising because white people aren’t buying this junk anymore.

    • Nonhumans

      It will be nothing short of glorious to bask in that sunrise!

  • r j p

    Second, there is no conclusive research that black kids learn more when sitting beside white kids, …
    No, there isn’t, but they get better quality students from whom to copy test answers.
    ….. just as there is no evidence that Head Start has any positive enduring impact on pupil achievement.
    Would Oprah have ever made it if there was no Head Start?

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    “This social debacle belongs to liberalism alone.”

    …and to the extent that yesterday’s liberalism has become today’s Glenn Beck conservatism.

  • Nonhumans

    Boy this is a problem for the libtards, is it not. Their lies are starting to tatter at the edges, and the seams are coming apart as more humans take notice and cleanse themselves of the Kool-Aid.
    When I was a junior student at the beginning of a radiography program, and still fairly liberal-minded, one of my close classmates was black. Being that I considered him a friend, I did everything that I could to assist him in our mutual studies, which at that point in the program was mostly A&P, Medical Terminology, and various redundant introductory healthcare courses. Believe me when I say that our curriculum was rigorous, but far from impossibly hard. My path through HS had already given me a strong foundation in these courses, so they were for the most part a refresher for me.
    I had absolutely no doubts that my friend was putting in his maximum efforts. Especially since his mother and I were cracking the proverbial whip on his studying and study habits, which weren’t bad, imo at the time.
    Well, maintaining an 85% average proved too much for him, and he flunked out within the first 3 months. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as time went on, and I progressed through my career, I thought back on him, and realized just how poorly suited for the profession that he was.
    On a side note, working in healthcare, especially in “Emergency Rooms” (the quoties are bc the rampant abuse of ER’s across the country have turned them into Emergency Primary Care Centers in practice) or in Real Trauma Centers (where actual emergencies are treated), will make you vomit up the libtarded Kool-Aid super-fast. If the nonhumans aren’t checking in en masse (and by the entire fambly at a time) for every little stoopid cough, cut, and hangnail, then they’re arriving via ambulance for any number of serious traumas: Assaults, Stab & Gunshot wounds, Overwhelming % of Psych Admits, and of course their higher susceptibilities to Diabeetus and Cardiovascular issues. The ER MDs usually order every conceivable test on them, as well. Not to provide superior Dx & Tx for the savages, but mainly to insulate themselves from the frivolous lawsuits (Ghetto/ N Lotteries).
    Back on topic: My experiences over the years, especially my time in Atlanta, solidified my views on the nonhumans. I do grant that every so often, there is an exceptional one, but by far and by large they simply cannot compete with us intellectually, and do not fit amongst us within our advanced civilization. They are simply too primitive, and thus find their only place amongst us as parasitical beasts of burden and as a weapon of the elites.

    • saxonsun

      When my partner and I got broadsided by a red light-running slob, we were taken to a diversity-infested hospital in Queens–mostly illegal squat monsters but liberally sprinkled with blacks, Indians and Muslims. The white cop who handled the accident told us that this hospital wasn’t the place for us and if we ever got into another accident, we were to tell the ambulance driver to take us into Manhattan. And you know that not one of horrible non-white patients was going to pay the bill. It was like being in one of Dante’s hell circles.

      • Nonhumans

        Nearly every hospital er in the country is being abused in this way. They are reimbursed at bare minimums via our tax dollars. They are also all but completely mandated to treat the wastes of flesh lest their tax dollar reimbursements are further reduced by penalties for refusal to dx & tx. So the hospitals have no choice but to eat the losses. And alot of them and especially private practice MDs are being put out of business by BarryCare.
        Its absolutely infuriating to those of us who work for a living and pay our insurance premiums and medical bills. While the invaders and nonhumans waltz into our ERs for ridiculous crap, and are treated essentially for free, on the spot, and at their convenience.
        The economic collapse and the secession that will follow it is a shining star of hope.

      • Hallie Eva

        Saxon, a late response to your comment.
        Sorry you had to experience a Third World E.R. in our own country.
        Yes, have yourself taken to Manhattan’s Lenox Hill, Presbyterian or Mt. Sinai.
        But….ssun, a bitter truth: this is the fate of our California Emergency Departments. Thanks to swarms of both illegal, legal immigrants, and Medicaid dependents, all of whom use E.R.s for primary care, we have over-utilization and utter chaos.
        My heart goes out to those well turned out, insured Whites who must sit among the unwashed rabble who are probably carrying an infectious, communicable disease.
        I read recently that one Renal Center reports 70+ percent of its Dialysis patients are illegal aliens. Considering the cost of a single dialysis treatment, is not that just ducky?
        It will only worsen under the nightmare that is Obamacare. Too many home grown, U.S. trained, talented doctors are bailing out. I am one of them.

  • Tom Thumb

    Brown v. Board: A Legendary Failure of Liberalism
    This is much worse than a failure. This is flimflam from the getgo. Everyone knew that segregation was correct, but the black robes overruled all lucidity with their stupid ivory tower intellectualism.

  • Dr. Möbias

    Pat didn’t mention the busing debacle, which was implemented because of white flight, which was a reaction to forced segregation of schools.

    Busing contributed to increased segregation as much or more than the Brown v. Board decision.

  • TruthBeTold

    This from the 50th anniversary:

    “From the standpoint of education, we would have been better served had the court in Brown rejected the petitioners’ arguments to overrule Plessy v. Ferguson,” (New York University Professor Derrick) Bell said, referring to the 1896 Supreme Court ruling that enforced a “separate but equal” standard for blacks and whites. While acknowledging the deep injustices done to black children in segregated schools, Bell argued the court should have determined to enforce the generally ignored “equal” part of the “separate but equal” doctrine.

    They know integrated schools have been a failure for blacks but few blacks and ‘progressive’ liberals are willing to admit it.

    http // news stanford edu/news/2004/april21/brownbell-421.html

  • MBlanc46

    No article on the “racial achievement gap” that doesn’t mention IQ is worth the time to read it.

  • JohnEngelman

    I grew up hearing about black girls who preferred white dolls to black dolls. I was told that this was evidence that segregation was harmful for the self image of blacks.

    It was only when I began to access American Renaissance that I learned that black girls who attended integrated schools were more likely to choose white dolls. Because they saw white children every day they could tell that the white children were usually more intelligent.

    • SpawnTaviousBlackness

      what type of doll did you have?

      • r j p

        John had a Asian doll and a Jewish doll to play with.

        • SpawnTaviousBlackness

          the inflatable kind?

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        Hey, although Mr. Engleman can be a royal PITA at times, he doesn’t deserve that harassment.

        • JohnEngelman

          Those who harass me amuse me. They reveal the fact that they are incapable of a civil discussion of controversial issues.

  • none of your business

    Pat Buchanan wrote an article about the effects of Brown vs Topeka in DC which then as now is liberal and a demorat stronghold. He was 15 in 1956 and traveled out of his neighborhood to a private school. He says for the next 3 years of high school he saw neighborhood after neighborhood bedecked with for sale signs as the liberal demorats of Washington DC packed up their children and fled for the safety of the White suburbs. it was about that time that the city of Chicago passed a law forbidding for sale signs as entire neighborhoods changed rapidly for the worse.

  • OhWow

    Inner-city schools receive more funding than suburban schools. Same results.

    Top white teachers who graduated from Ivy League schools go teach at inner-city schools at Teach for America. Same results.

    Blacks and whites are no longer segregated. Same results.

    Slavery ended 150 years ago. Same results.

    NAACP marches, 1st black President, Black History Month. Same results.

    At what point does the lightbulb go off in the head of liberals and say to themselves, “Hey, maybe things will never change because they are genetic in nature”?

    • r j p

      Top white teachers who graduated from Ivy League schools go teach at inner-city schools at Teach for America.
      A teaching degree from an Ivy just means your parents have money to blow.
      If you want to work in ChicagoPS, just be black and go to the glorified HS called Chicago State University. New White teachers, unless they want to Teach for America, are more likely going to have to teach in a low-paying parochial where 90% + of the students receive free lunch and breakfast.

    • connorhus

      Good question, one I asked myself many times but their actions never equal any answer I could come up with until I took down to that old simple standby.

      Follow the Money.

      The industry isn’t trying to make Blacks succeed. They know they couldn’t even if they wanted to. It is being used simply as another form of wealth redistribution.

    • model1911

      “At what point does the lightbulb go off…..” Never, they would be required to admit failure.

    • Dr. Möbias

      When the $$$ that is generated from these lies stops rolling in and not before.

  • Anon

    White flight is not the important issue here. Black and brown flight is. Diversity is not something that white people resist out of “racism”. Diversity does not exist at all. Races absolutely will not mix. Perhaps a few non-whites freely mix with whites if they adhere to certain behaviors but whites are the ONLY race that allows such mixing. All other races separate immediately, down to the street level if necessary (US census maps clearly show this phenomenon where their are clear boundaries between the races down to the street level). Forced to live together they separate explosively. Unable to separate, one genocides the other. Race mixing NEVER leads to diversity. It always leads to balkanization, race based war and genocide unless a clear border can be created and maintained. And those borders are always areas of significant conflict unless they are a demilitarized zone or no man’s land (which is WHY such places exist).
    Perfect example is prison. California decided it knew better than the wardens with regard to this issue. The rioting that resulted was immediate….claimed many lives, including prison staff and did not stop until they relented.

    • Dr. Möbias

      “Diversity” is shoved down our white throats through forced integration, mostly through government shoe-horning Section 8 housing into our neighborhoods. Diversity is also pushed along by bankrupting and discriminating against whites in the job market forcing us to live in “diverse” areas.

      The idea of us genociding one another is and was the plan all along, the Eskimos that are doing this to us know exactly what they are doing. This serves the purpose of taking the focus off of them and their genocidal plans and saves them the effort of lining us whites up against a wall to finish us off and produces the exact same result.

      Blacks and other non-whites are heavily brainwashed from birth to hate, loathe and despise the white race by the media and schools. This makes us prime targets of their rage; we are never given credit for how much we have helped blacks, only assigned blame for all of their poverty, misery and violence.

      Meanwhile, while we’re busy killing one another, they’re looting the U.S. and Europe through the Federal Reserve, controlled inflation, manipulation of American currency and fractional banking systems, which most Americans little understand.

      Yes, we need boundaries, the same ones that Israel uses to protect its own people, but demands not be used in white countries.

  • coco bongo

    While he has received little credit, it was Richard Nixon who desegregated Southern schools.

    This has to be the worst piece ever from Buchanan. Richard Nixon is to be credited with desegregating Southern Schools? That should be Richard Nixon is to be blamed for desegregating Southern Schools!

    No other event in US history has led to the racial dissolution of white Americans as school desegregation. The brainwashing, the near total acceptance of miscegenation among those under 30, the massive number of white kids emulating black behavior and idolizing black social pathologies. It is sick and disgusting!

    I want to say this very clearly: forcing the close-quarter integration of blacks on whites has been destructive for whites! There are NO benefits for whites. Zero. Blacks and only blacks have received any potential benefit from this while it is destroying our race!

    I have lost a lot of respect for you, Mr. Buchanan. Your article here clearly shows that you do not “get it” with regard to race.

    • Kathy M

      But… but… Nixon was not a member of the “tribe.” There must be some mistake. There has to be. Whites NEVER do anything to harm their own race. Uhh maybe he was bought off by the “tribe.” Yeah, that’s it.

      Our own worst enemies are our own people! Add Nixon to the gigantic list of white race traitors. Traitors who had the power to make it happen.

      • Dr. Möbias

        Are you really that naive? Same thing was said about FDR and even Churchill. Follow the money, especially who donates to their war chests, look at the advisers and cabinets, those closest to the president and dig deep for skeletons that all politicians have in their closets. If they can’t be bought off or bribed, a well-funded rival will be found to run against them in the next election. Happens all the time. If you were better read and better informed you would be aware of that.

        Those whom you seek to protect are masters at digging up dirt and then threatening blackmail or character ruination after they let their co-ethnics in the media know. Ever notice how Obama was completely protected by the media while his “opponent” Sarah Palin was ripped apart including nasty comments about her retarded son? Why do you think that is and WHO was and IS protecting the low IQ, under educated Obama, the leader of the “free world?”

        Ever seen a meeting of AIPAC in the U.S.? The number of standing ovations? The pols do not want to anger their big donors. Ever heard of Adelson or Soros and the B I G money they contribute to politicians so they’ll do their bidding? Ever heard of what happened to the Sierra Club? The one that looks the other way as illegal aliens ruin fragile desert landscapes along the Southern border and contribute to overpopulation? They were paid off to keep quiet about massive immigration and the damage it does to the environment by a pro-immigration Eskimo who donated 100 million to their organization. It worked. Same for the politicians.

        I strongly suggest you read the Culture of Critique cover to cover before you post here again.

        • Grantland

          O Halleluja!! Tell it to the blind and deaf, brother! Tell it to the DNAs and the clubfoots!

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    I wish it was just legendary, unfortunately it’s way too real

  • model1911

    This man should have been President of the U.S..

  • teaisstronger


    Free school breakfasts
    Free school lunches
    Free school milk
    Free school afternoon meal
    Free WIN checks
    Federal Pre-school
    Free back packs
    Free Obama phones
    Block scheduling
    Teacher accountability
    Standardized State Testing
    Free open enrollment college admissions
    Affirmative Action

  • JohnEngelman

    Arguments against integration make more sense now than when they were composed. During the civil rights movement it was confidently predicted that when blacks were no longer discriminated against they would perform and behave as well as whites.

    What happened instead was that white rates of crime and illegitimacy approached black rates. Black rates got even higher. Black academic performance improved little if at all.

  • Roninf9

    ‘Brown v. Board: A Legendary Failure of Liberalism’
    Old Pat just doesn’t get it. Brown v. Board and Forced Intergration was a spectacular success, far beyond the wildest dreams of its plotters.

  • Dr. Möbias

    Read the Culture of Critique cover to cover and then get back to me.

    It has 50 pages of footnotes so feel free to dispute anything you find in there with your own facts and data and I’ll send it on to Kevin MacDonald who welcomes corrections of his work. Calling him or me an anti-semite is a deflection away from our enemy and means nothing, like blacks calling us racist all the time.

    Keep it up, keep telling whites our main problem is ourselves, that it is we who are committing suicide and destroying our own culture and homelands and that our genocide is self-inflicted.

    It is you who are naive, woefully so, and are doing as much destruction to the white race by spreading lies and misinformation as our main non-white enemy, the one that lords over us and controls the media, academia, financial systems and all government institutions top to bottom.