Yes, IQ Really Matters

David Z. Hambrick and Christopher Chabris, Slate, April 14, 2014

The College Board—the standardized testing behemoth that develops and administers the SAT and other tests—has redesigned its flagship product again. Beginning in spring 2016, the writing section will be optional, the reading section will no longer test “obscure” vocabulary words, and the math section will put more emphasis on solving problems with real-world relevance. Overall, as the College Board explains on its website, “The redesigned SAT will more closely reflect the real work of college and career, where a flexible command of evidence—whether found in text or graphic [sic]—is more important than ever.”

A number of pressures may be behind this redesign. Perhaps it’s competition from the ACT, or fear that unless the SAT is made to seem more relevant, more colleges will go the way of Wake Forest, Brandeis, and Sarah Lawrence and join the “test optional admissions movement,” which already boasts several hundred members. Or maybe it’s the wave of bad press that standardized testing, in general, has received over the past few years.

Critics of standardized testing are grabbing this opportunity to take their best shot at the SAT. They make two main arguments. The first is simply that a person’s SAT score is essentially meaningless—that it says nothing about whether that person will go on to succeed in college. Leon Botstein, president of Bard College and longtime standardized testing critic, wrote in Time that the SAT “needs to be abandoned and replaced,” and added:

The blunt fact is that the SAT has never been a good predictor of academic achievement in college. High school grades adjusted to account for the curriculum and academic programs in the high school from which a student graduates are. The essential mechanism of the SAT, the multiple choice test question, is a bizarre relic of long outdated 20th century social scientific assumptions and strategies.


Along the same lines, Elizabeth Kolbert wrote in The New Yorker that “the SAT measures those skills—and really only those skills—necessary for the SATs.”

But this argument is wrong. The SAT does predict success in college—not perfectly, but relatively well, especially given that it takes just a few hours to administer. And, unlike a “complex portrait” of a student’s life, it can be scored in an objective way. (In a recent New York Times op-ed, the University of New Hampshire psychologist John D. Mayer aptly described the SAT’s validity as an “astonishing achievement.”) In a study published in Psychological Science, University of Minnesota researchers Paul Sackett, Nathan Kuncel, and their colleagues investigated the relationship between SAT scores and college grades in a very large sample: nearly 150,000 students from 110 colleges and universities. SAT scores predicted first-year college GPA about as well as high school grades did, and the best prediction was achieved by considering both factors. Botstein, Boylan, and Kolbert are either unaware of this directly relevant, easily accessible, and widely disseminated empirical evidence, or they have decided to ignore it and base their claims on intuition and anecdote—or perhaps on their beliefs about the way the world should be rather than the way it is.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, it’s not just first-year college GPA that SAT scores predict. In a four-year study that started with nearly 3,000 college students, a team of Michigan State University researchers led by Neal Schmitt found that test score (SAT or ACT—whichever the student took) correlated strongly with cumulative GPA at the end of the fourth year. If the students were ranked on both their test scores and cumulative GPAs, those who had test scores in the top half (above the 50th percentile, or median) would have had a roughly two-thirds chance of having a cumulative GPA in the top half. By contrast, students with bottom-half SAT scores would be only one-third likely to make it to the top half in GPA.

Test scores also predicted whether the students graduated: A student who scored in the 95th percentile on the SAT or ACT was about 60 percent more likely to graduate than a student who scored in the 50th percentile. Similarly impressive evidence supports the validity of the SAT’s graduate school counterparts: the Graduate Record Examinations, the Law School Admissions Test, and the Graduate Management Admission Test. A 2007 Science article summed up the evidence succinctly: “Standardized admissions tests have positive and useful relationships with subsequent student accomplishments.”

SAT scores even predict success beyond the college years. For more than two decades, Vanderbilt University researchers David Lubinski, Camilla Benbow, and their colleagues have tracked the accomplishments of people who, as part of a youth talent search, scored in the top 1 percent on the SAT by age 13. Remarkably, even within this group of gifted students, higher scorers were not only more likely to earn advanced degrees but also more likely to succeed outside of academia. For example, compared with people who “only” scored in the top 1 percent, those who scored in the top one-tenth of 1 percent—the extremely gifted—were more than twice as likely as adults to have an annual income in the top 5 percent of Americans.

The second popular anti-SAT argument is that, if the test measures anything at all, it’s not cognitive skill but socioeconomic status. In other words, some kids do better than others on the SAT not because they’re smarter, but because their parents are rich. Boylan argued in her Times article that the SAT “favors the rich, who can afford preparatory crash courses” like those offered by Kaplan and the Princeton Review. {snip}

It’s true that economic background correlates with SAT scores. Kids from well-off families tend to do better on the SAT. However, the correlation is far from perfect. In the University of Minnesota study of nearly 150,000 students, the correlation between socioeconomic status, or SES, and SAT was not trivial but not huge. (A perfect correlation has a value of 1; this one was .25.) What this means is that there are plenty of low-income students who get good scores on the SAT; there are even likely to be low-income students among those who achieve a perfect score on the SAT.

Thus, just as it was originally designed to do, the SAT in fact goes a long way toward leveling the playing field, giving students an opportunity to distinguish themselves regardless of their background. Scoring well on the SAT may in fact be the only such opportunity for students who graduate from public high schools that are regarded by college admissions offices as academically weak. {snip}


Furthermore, contrary to what Boylan implies in her Times piece, “preparatory crash courses” don’t change SAT scores much. Research has consistently shown that prep courses have only a small effect on SAT scores—and a much smaller effect than test prep companies claim they do. For example, in one study of a random sample of more than 4,000 students, average improvement in overall score on the “old” SAT, which had a range from 400 to 1600, was no more than about 30 points.

Finally, it is clear that SES is not what accounts for the fact that SAT scores predict success in college. In the University of Minnesota study, the correlation between high school SAT and college GPA was virtually unchanged after the researchers statistically controlled for the influence of SES. If SAT scores were just a proxy for privilege, then putting SES into the mix should have removed, or at least dramatically decreased, the association between the SAT and college performance. But it didn’t. This is more evidence that Boylan overlooks or chooses to ignore.

What this all means is that the SAT measures something—some stable characteristic of high school students other than their parents’ income—that translates into success in college. And what could that characteristic be? General intelligence. The content of the SAT is practically indistinguishable from that of standardized intelligence tests that social scientists use to study individual differences, and that psychologists and psychiatrists use to determine whether a person is intellectually disabled—and even whether a person should be spared execution in states that have the death penalty. Scores on the SAT correlate very highly with scores on IQ tests—so highly that the Harvard education scholar Howard Gardner, known for his theory of multiple intelligences, once called the SAT and other scholastic measures “thinly disguised” intelligence tests.

One could of course argue that IQ is also meaningless—and many have. For example, in his bestseller The Social Animal, David Brooks claimed that “once you get past some pretty obvious correlations (smart people make better mathematicians), there is a very loose relationship between IQ and life outcomes.” {snip}


But this argument is wrong, too. Indeed, we know as well as anything we know in psychology that IQ predicts many different measures of success. Exhibit A is evidence from research on job performance by the University of Iowa industrial psychologist Frank Schmidt and his late colleague John Hunter. Synthesizing evidence from nearly a century of empirical studies, Schmidt and Hunter established that general mental ability—the psychological trait that IQ scores reflect—is the single best predictor of job training success, and that it accounts for differences in job performance even in workers with more than a decade of experience. It’s more predictive than interests, personality, reference checks, and interview performance. Smart people don’t just make better mathematicians, as Brooks observed—they make better managers, clerks, salespeople, service workers, vehicle operators, and soldiers.

IQ predicts other things that matter, too, like income, employment, health, and even longevity. In a 2001 study published in the British Medical Journal, Scottish researchers Lawrence Whalley and Ian Deary identified more than 2,000 people who had taken part in the Scottish Mental Survey of 1932, a nationwide assessment of IQ. Remarkably, people with high IQs at age 11 were more considerably more likely to survive to old age than were people with lower IQs. {snip}


Given everything that social scientists have learned about IQ and its broad predictive validity, it is reasonable to make it a factor in decisions such as whom to hire for a particular job or admit to a particular college or university. In fact, disregarding IQ—by admitting students to colleges or hiring people for jobs in which they are very likely to fail—is harmful both to individuals and to society. For example, in occupations where safety is paramount, employers could be incentivized to incorporate measures of cognitive ability into the recruitment process. Above all, the policies of public and private organizations should be based on evidence rather than ideology or wishful thinking.

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  • MekongDelta69

    And yet… ANOTHER money- and time-wasting ‘study’ about which everybody has known since the beginning of knowledge, common sense and real life.

    • Reverend Bacon

      Fair point, but a certain segment of society seems to keep trying to forget stuff like this.

      The real reason that some schools are ditching the SAT is, in my opinion, not because it’s not relevant, but because it does such a good job of measuring intelligence. Schools that want “diversity” rather than intelligence still wish to pretend that they use objective metrics for admissions.

      Harvard just admitted something like 150 blacks. Now, because of the limited number of high-scoring blacks, Harvard probably took about 1/3 of all blacks who scored in the top 1% (which for blacks is the top 0.1%). So rather than slug it out for those other 300 kids, or to have their noses rubbed in their hypocrisy when they have to admit yet again that they lowered the bar, they are looking to change the criteria so that blacks have a better chance. Got a 4.0 at Compton High? Welcome aboard!

      Soon, it will become illegal to ask if the applicant has ever been convicted of a felony– being law-abiding is another criterion which is “a bizarre relic of long outdated 20th century social scientific assumptions and strategies.”

  • Manaphy

    The real reason that the SAT was simplified is because it showed that non-whites got considerably lower scores than whites on the exam. Also, the results did not reflect the ABSOLUTE LIE that “Asians have higher IQ’s and are smarter than whites”. For this, it had to become easier. Non-whites truly are parasites on our society.

    • D.B. Cooper

      The “Asians have higher IQ’s and are smarter than whites” comment does NOT offend me at all. My own IQ is higher than the average white, AND it just so happens to be higher than the above average Asian’s IQ. I’m one white dude who is not the least bit intimidated by the so-called high Asian IQ.
      By black and nonwhite Hispanic standards, I’m an Einstein.

      • Oldcorporal

        I’m White, and mine is higher than the White average, too. But the fact that East Asians (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) tend to have slightly higher IQ’s, doesn’t bother me, either. They tend to succeed big-time when they come to this country, too. Which is something you surely can’t say about certain other groups.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Why do they need to come to this country or any other white -derived country? I don’t see hoards of whites plowing into Asian countries “in order to succeed.”

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            There is a steadily growing sub-Saharan African population in Guangzhou, southern China. These black foreigners are concentrated in an area of the city known as Xiaobei Station, in Yuexiu District, which is now referred to as “Little Africa” or “Chocolate City” by locals. Already there are accusations of racism and discrimination and blacks cannot keep their hands off Chinese women. Let’s hope this community gets even bigger so that the Chinese can experience at first hand the joys of ethnic and cultural diversity.

          • The only way the Jews could do to China what they have done to the white world would be destroy Chinese cultural cohesion by introducing racial strife the same way they did in the west.

          • kenfrombayside

            Give me facts on how the heebs did this.

          • ThomasER916

            Jews have worked in and with China as “white” Europeans since the British set up the East India Company. Working with Mughals in East India they controlled the Opium sales in Chinas, which allowed them to control the Sterling in Britain.

            When Jews set up an enterprise, they set up a temple and their job is part of their religion. That’s how they survive (The Culture of Critique). So the Jews that sold Opium in China live in shtetls. They take a Chinese husband or wife of prominence and inherit property and connections.

            Most of the Jews in China have become Chinese. Their neurosis that drives their paranoid has all but disappeared, which means their “religion” and people have died out. Recently the European Jew has returned with a new interest in China. Zionism, and the goal of Jewish hegemony, convinced China to emigrate Negroes from Africa to educate them in exchange for exclusive resource rights. China now has the resources the French used to have, in particular oil. France has Muslims and Africans but no oil. China will have oil and Africans, but in the end it will become France.

            In other news, Orthodox Jews are fleeing France.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            http //endzog wordpress com/?s=China&searchsubmit=Find+%C2%BB

          • Pilgrim786

            A correction is in order:

            The King of the Opium Trade was on David Sasson, a Baghdadi Jew removed from his ancestral land due to the violent depredations of the indubitably insane Dawood Pasha.

            He was invited by the British Government to settle in Bombay where “David Sasson & Sons” rapidly came to dominate the Opium Trade.

            The Sassoons were super-patriotic building the first (and only) wet docks in Bombay, the first Indian Medical School among other things.

            The great-grandson of David Sassoon, Siegfried Sassoon was one of the most decorated soldiers during the Great War who was an outspoken critic of the senseless fratricide when it was deeply unpopular to hold and express such views.

          • HamletsGhost

            Look up the life of Franz Boas. Next look up the Frankfurt School. That’s enough for starters.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            It’s already happening.

            http //www rense com/general88/autumn htm

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            The exact amount of Africans in Guangzhou is unknown, but the native population of Guangzhou is going to enjoy “the greatest strengths of diversity” as the numbers of Africans grow, grow and GROW. Libtard-controlled Wikipedia is OK for an introduction to the topic of diversity in China.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            The anti-foreigner sentiments in China are especially interesting.

          • Martel

            ” After an altercation with a Chinese driver over a motorbike collision, a
            Nigerian man was taken to the police station for questioning. The
            police gave little explanation as to his cause of death, sparking the
            outrage. According to bystanders and photos posted online, around 300
            Chinese police guarded their station on Xiaobei Lu, the heart of what
            locals here call the “Chocolate City,” while some of the protestors
            hurled rocks at the building and police vehicles.”

            From an article on nextcity dot org

          • The last time I was in that part of China, I never, ever jacked with the police. Their military personnel were quite nice.

          • JohnEngelman

            Why did so many white Gentiles come to the United States? They came for the same reason Jews and Orientals came. There were more opportunities in this country.

      • Anon

        I hate to break it to you buddy….but that says absolutely nothing about you or your abilities except that you are white.
        Also, Einstein was both mentally ill and stole everything he’s known for, from other people.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          “Also, Einstein was both mentally ill and stole everything he’s known for, from other people”…without giving anyone but himself credit.

          This needs to be pointed out constantly whenever this fraud’s name is brought up.

          • ThomasER916

            Like Jonas Salk or anyone else in the Culture of Critique.

        • Pilgrim786

          Henri Poincaré, in particular, non?

      • Daniel Schmuhl

        Same here, I have an IQ much higher than the East Asian/Ashkenazi average. I am not offended at all by the idea of Europeans having lower IQs.

      • Manaphy

        I’m not intimidated by Asian IQ either. It doesn’t exist. Asian IQ is significantly below whites, yet still high above those of Hispanics and blacks. The only reason Asians are stereotyped as smart is because the same people who make this claim often have an anti-white agenda.

        • Which is presumably why the Ashkenazi are always on top too.

          • Manaphy

            Obviously yes, but I can’t say that because AmRen will delete my comment.

          • Yes but I am invulnerable to that currently.

            😉 I assume Z.O.G.’s building quite the file and just can’t let them ban me or something. I tried to get banned the last two days. Called the mod a Jew. He was. He changed my comment to read solely, “Israel is awesome.” briefly. It was somewhat funny in a tiresome way.

          • Manaphy

            “He changed my comment to read solely, ‘Israel is awesome’.”

            That must’ve been incredibly mature of him [sarcasm].

          • Well, my initial comment was me sarcastically saying that, but along with other stuff, in an attempt to get around censorship. Really in an attempt to just joust with the mod and let him know the sort of stuff I’m sure he’d have no problem with. S/he deleted the other stuff, leaving only that snippet. A telling snippet though. I believe I had just offered him a nice warm kugel and a bottle of seltzer.

        • Intrep1d

          Are you saying racial scientists like Rushton have/had anti-white agendas?

          • I’m sure they know what sort of subject matter attracts additional funding and what sort attracts suggestions that they might find employment elsewhere.

          • Intrep1d

            You basically implied they’re work is wrong and they’re all cowards.

          • Manaphy

            If they’re not willing to expose the Jews, then yes, they are cowards. Just as much as the people who will delete this comment in 5…4…3…2…

          • I’m not suggesting all in academia pursue an agenda that is self-destructive or that is anti-white, merely that there are political concerns on campus and in the scientific community that tend to encourage others to correct those who dissent from prevailing opinions.

          • Yes. I would say Rushton did but for his own personal reasons, not because of liberalism, which he was clearly against.

          • JohnEngelman

            Professor J. Philippe Rushton had a pro truth agenda.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          This is correct. Asiaphiles like to gloat over the small number of studies, mostly conducted by Lynn, revealing slightly higher Northeast Asian IQ, while conveniently ignoring other studies that reveal that Northeast Asians have lower IQs than whites. For example, the Coleman Report of 1966 shows that, when whites have an average IQ of 100 with an S.D. of 15, American Orientals have an average IQ of 97, which increases to 98.5 when only Oriental 12th graders are considered.

          Don’t buy Lynn’s BS about higher Northeast Asian IQ.

          • Intrep1d

            You’re doing the same thing that you’re accusing Asiaphiles of doing.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            No, I’m not. I’m simply pointing out that it is not at all certain Northeast Asians have higher IQs than whites and that there is a substantial body of evidence indicating that the reverse is far more likely, i.e. that Northeast Asians have lower IQs than whites.

            Also, never use wikipedia as a source. If you look at p. 20 of the Coleman report, under the table for nationwide median test scores of 12th graders for 1965, it reveals that American Orientals had lower verbal, nonverbal, reading, mathematics and general information scores than whites. Therefore, on the basis of the Coleman report, American Orientals have lower IQs than whites.

            Of course, the libtard crowd is always going to deny that scholastic achievement/aptitude tests have anything to do with intelligence, even though tests such as the SAT are highly correlated with IQ. This is something that the authors of the Coleman report tried to do. Nevertheless, these nationwide tests were no different from your standard, group-administered intelligence test. This is why the report’s scores are so easily converted to an IQ scale. Even Rushton and Jensen use the Coleman report to calculate IQ.

          • Intrep1d

            Wikipedia is more reliable than many people believe. According to the Pew Research Center, most teachers and professors use it despite telling students not to.

            The Coleman report was published in 1965, and investigations prior to this period were done during a time when Asian exclusionary policies were in full effect. Unlike today, they were mostly poor, and their numbers were also significantly lower at this time with Asian-Americans comprising less than 1% of our nation’s population.

            I’m not dismissing the Coleman report entirely; it has its good points but also its flaws. I don’t think all of its conclusions stand up today.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Wikipedia is more reliable than many people believe. According to the Pew Research Center, most teachers and professors use it despite telling students not to.

            I use Wikipedia as an introduction to topics. I do not trust it blindly, but I do also not dismiss it outright. However, I think that reading scientific books is more beneficial than reading Wikipedia alone.

          • sbuffalonative

            Wikipedia is good and bad.

            It’s good for getting basic facts and providing references.

            However, when it comes to controversial subjects, it’s heavily skewed hard left. The left is solidly in control.

            There are numerous first hand accounts of people trying to correct blatant opinions presented as facts only to have their corrections quickly removed and reset to the PC-left standard.

            That the Pew Center endorses it should be a red flag.

          • sdzsdfsdf

            The Coleman report, being from 1965, was before substantial non-white immigration, and the east asian population was much smaller in the past. On the other hand, the east asian population in the US was rather selected, and many of them come from Hong Kong and Taiwan, which are not representative of the rest of them.

            I can’t stand the asiaphilia either, and I truly doubt the national IQ of China is 105-107, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard in my entire life that there’s a “substantial body of evidence” that their IQ’s are lower. Where is it? After all these decades, it’s not at all certain that their IQ’s are a little higher?

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            Nevertheless, the Coleman report is a valid study. The authors of the report assessed a large, representative sample of Northeast Asians (n = 4000) and their findings indicate that NE Asians have lower IQs than whites.

            Anyway, the majority of the evidence for higher NE Asian IQ comes from Lynn, and most, if not all of this research was proven to be seriously methodologically flawed. For example, Stevenson and Azuma (1983) criticized Lynn for using unrepresentative samples of Japanese. Lynn was comparing well-off Japanese urbanites, basically people more likely to have a high IQ, with a more heterogeneous sample of whites. Stevenson et al. went on to produce a number of different studies (1985, 1986, and 1993) that found no cognitive differences between whites and NE Asians. In 1991, Flynn analyzed 16 different studies, all showing that NE Asians had lower overall IQs than whites.

            Also, we don’t know what the exact NE Asian IQ is, since the rural Chinese, Mongolians and North Koreans have never been tested, but we can expect them to have lower IQs than whites given the fact that NE Asian scientific and technological accomplishments are almost non-existent and that much of NE Asia is third world. So yes, there is a substantial body of evidence indicating that NE Asians have lower IQs than whites.

          • Even if White Europeans had been slightly above North East Asians in IQ, it still wouldn’t explain why they have been considerably more creative and original.

            I don’t think North East Asian geniuses are lacking individualism or testosterone for that matter. I think a lot of Western White European (creative) geniuses have/had manic depression. Could you imagine an adult male having mania, who is not only well-educated, but also has an IQ of 130+???

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            I agree that there are additional factors that are responsible for the abnormally high incidence of genius in Europeans, besides higher white IQ. These factors would include higher testosterone and greater individualist tendencies. However, a 5 point IQ advantage favoring Europeans would significantly affect the extreme right tail of the population bell curve and would go a long way toward explaining why white people have produced the vast majority of the world’s geniuses. For example, at IQ 130+, whites would outnumber NE Asians 2:1; at IQ 145+, it would be 3:1 etc. This is also another reason why NE Asian cognitive superiority is BS.

          • You’re forgetting the fact that NE Asian geniuses do little with their intelligence. NE Asian geniuses work on robotic women and doggies, and strange toilets. Lots of work and time goes into making them and perfecting them, but the problem is: What does this mean in terms of the quality of Asian intelligence?

          • You’re forgetting the fact that NE Asian geniuses do little
            with their intelligence. NE Asian geniuses work on robotic women and doggies, and strange toilets. Lots of work and time goes into making them and perfecting them, but the problem is: What does this mean in terms of the quality of Asian intelligence?

          • JohnEngelman

            You dislike anyone who tells you truths you do not want to believe.

          • daasdasd23123123

            …And the point is that the Coleman report was of east asians before the immigration act, IE, on a small, non-representative population as opposed to the hundreds of millions of them worldwide back then (and well over a billion now.)

            The 83-93 work was primarily focused on Lynn’s estimates of japanese IQ, which were indeed overestimated, but the same authors found similar problems for other populations. Either way, that data is quite old, and Lynn has produced much evidence indicating the IQ of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are atleast equal to whites (though not as high as his early estimates, which were pretty absurd.)

            I myself have read 1991 Flynn’s work, “Asian Americans: Achievement Beyond IQ”, and that focused on east asians in the US before the immigration act and afterwards. He indeed found ones prior to the immigration act were lower, but ones afterwards were higher. And in that very same book, Flynn believed the IQ of Japan was between 101-104.

            It’s true we haven’t tested the IQ’s of rural chinese, but with how chinese society has evolved and how social mobility has occurred (Gregory Clark, Ron Unz and similar writiers, whom you are probably familiar with, discuss this at length), it shouldn’t be unexpected that chinese IQ is uniformly relatively high, even if it isn’t above (or atleast substantially) whites. As for mongolia, well, they may be east asian, but they’re very, very small in number compared to the other groups. How are they that relevant? And North Korea? Well, they were pretty much the same as South Koreans (who are undoubtedly intelligent) before the Korean War, so what’s your point? And east asian scientific and technological accomplishments are almost non-existent? Really? However aspects of them are exaggerated by nationalists and asiaphiles, this is completely out of touch with reality. There IQ’s need not be lower for them to have a lower level of accomplishment than us. There was an entire AR issue on this in 2009. And much of China may be a hellhole, but it is hardly third world in the way much of the rest of the third world is.

            So no, there isn’t a substantial body of evidence indicating east asians have lower IQ’s than whites, just someone who, in response to the asiaphilia common in these discussions, goes to another extreme and claims they’re lower, by citing old, unrepresentative data, exhibiting historical illiteracy in the case of China, asinine examples with Mongolia and NK, and pure ignorance with east asian technological accomplishment. Reminds me of a lot of the anti-racists you see in these discussions, but here it is directed in just a marginally different fashion.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            The Coleman report deals with a sample of Orientals that is
            far larger and far more representative than many, if not most of the samples used by Lynn in his assessment of Northeast Asian IQ. I’m just pointing out that there are many studies which indicate that NE Asians have lower IQs than whites, including the Coleman report. Stevenson et al.’s research highlighted significant methodological flaws in Lynn’s assessment of NE Asian IQ. They refuted Lynn’s belief in a NE Asian cognitive advantage by demonstrating that there are no cognitive differences between Chinese, Japanese and American children. I’m not sure why you consider this data “old.” The majority of the data used by Lynn in his latest assessment of NE Asian IQ is drawn from this period (and even long before Stevenson began criticizing Lynn’s data). It’s true that Flynn found that the children of the 1966 American Oriental cohort had IQs higher than the American mean, but the data from his analysis of 16 studies from 1938-1985 revealed that overall, American Orientals had lower IQs than whites.

            My point about the rural Chinese, Mongolians and N. Koreans
            is that it’s foolish to claim that NE Asian populations have higher IQs than white Europeans, especially when most of these populations have never been tested. Saying that N. Koreans, for example, have the same IQ as S. Koreans because they are genetically related is simply begging the question. We don’t
            know what their IQs are because they haven’t been tested. It must also be kept in mind that IQs can diverge significantly in genetically related groups (even amongst European populations, there is wide variation in IQ scores). The only thing “asinine” here is your cavalier dismissal of these considerations. I again reiterate my claim that there is a substantial body of evidence suggesting that Orientals have lower IQs. First of all, most of Lynn’s research on Asian IQ is seriously methodologically flawed, especially because of its heavy reliance on small, unrepresentative samples of elite Chinese and Japanese urban dwellers. He compares these samples with more homogeneous samples of whites or “Americans.” The rest of Lynn’s research, such as that on penis size, sex differences in IQ and North-South differences in Italian IQ, is also similarly methodologically flawed. Once Lynn is out of the way, there isn’t much to stand on when it comes to the supposed higher IQ of NE Asians.

            In Human Accomplishment, C. Murray says that Europeans are responsible for 97% of all achievement in science and technology between the period of 800 BC to 1950 AD. NE Asian achievement is almost nil. This isn’t controversial at all. Your ignorance of the overwhelming European superiority in the fields of science and technology reveals your historical illiteracy, not mine. The fact that China is worse off economically than much of Latin America and the Caribbean suggests that, on average, the Chinese are of lower intelligence than Europeans. Finally, your mention of anti-racists is quite strange. I accept IQ as a valid empirical construct and acknowledge the existence of IQ differences between races, I just reject the work of mountebanks like Lynn.

          • ThomasER916

            Whenever you search for equality with non-Whites or explain the achievement of Whites, the anti-Whites emerge.

            The only thing that matters is this – “What is good for the Whites?”

            Is it good for Whites to have non-Whites lord over us? To have non-Whites in charge of our schools? Get the best seats in our schools? To be our lawyers, judges and/or politicians? How does this help Whites?

            When, at any point in all of human history, have Whites needed non-Whites to lift them up? It’s never happened. The Litvaks and their Golems destroyed South Africa, the short, fat Amerind that the Conquistadors left alive and now back to plague the Americas, and the so-called Arab genius is chopping heads off throughout the globe.

            Whites only need Whites to thrive. Meanwhile, everyone else needs Whites to rob, rape, and enslave.

          • JohnEngelman

            According to the OECD/PISA Study students in Japan and South Korea out score students in all white countries on mathematics and science. Other Oriental countries are not listed.

        • Pilgrim786

          And rote memorization. They are virtuosos of the art of memorizing every word uttered by their instructor and puking it out on a written test.

          That’s pretty much all they’re good for. Indians, similarly, are rote learners, flummoxed by something that hasn’t been hand-delivered to them. Also, most educated Indians, unlike Chinks, speak decent English (Fluency in English was, and remains, a status symbol) enabling them to talk up a good game. When push comes to shove, these mediocrities fail; e.g. the bastard in charge of Citibank.

          Essentially, the complete lack of curiosity in the world around them and their complete failure to actually challenge the word of their elders is the reason for their mediocrity. All they want is good grades and a good job.

          A nation of clerks.

      • sshadow

        You are laboring under a common misperception. Einsatz Grenadier on 4-1-14 presented, on these pages, evidence from Flynn that shows that American whites are a few points higher in IQ than either Chinese or Japanese. The evidence is compelling.

        “Flynn brings a similar precision to the question of whether Asians have a genetic advantage in I.Q., a possibility that has led to great excitement among I.Q. fundamentalists in recent years. Data showing that the Japanese had higher I.Q.s than people of European descent, for example, prompted the British psychometrician and eugenicist Richard Lynn to concoct an elaborate evolutionary explanation involving the Himalayas, really cold weather, premodern hunting practices, brain size, and specialized vowel sounds. The fact that the I.Q.s of Chinese-Americans also seemed to be elevated has led I.Q. fundamentalists to posit the existence of an international I.Q. pyramid, with Asians at the top, European whites next, and Hispanics and blacks at the bottom.

        Here was a question tailor-made for James Flynn’s accounting skills. He looked first at Lynn’s data, and realized that the comparison was skewed. Lynn was comparing American I.Q. estimates based on a representative sample of schoolchildren with Japanese estimates based on an upper-income, heavily urban sample. Recalculated, the Japanese average came in not at 106.6 but at 99.2. Then Flynn turned his attention to the Chinese-American estimates. They turned out to be based on a 1975 study in San Francisco’s Chinatown using something called the Lorge-Thorndike Intelligence Test. But the Lorge-Thorndike test was normed in the nineteen-fifties. For children in the nineteen-seventies, it would have been a piece of cake. When the Chinese-American scores were reassessed using up-to-date intelligence metrics, Flynn found, they came in at 97 verbal and 100 nonverbal. Chinese-Americans had slightly lower I.Q.s than white Americans.

        The Asian-American success story had suddenly been turned on its head. The numbers now suggested, Flynn said, that they had succeeded not because of their higher I.Q.s. but despite their lower I.Q.s. Asians were overachievers.”

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          I am no fan of Flynn but the evidence is compelling.

          Like the PISA scores, average American school children are used for the American norm (blacks, browns, etc) while Asians will use ONLY their very top students from their top schools as the Asian average and then everyone says that Asians are smarter than whites.

          All empirical evidence is to the contrary when we look at the achievements of the Asian vs. White racial group.

          • Geo1metric

            Regarding these IQ studies, I fall back to the old saw that, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

            Look, from afar, at what the people have done. Where has the best art, literature, science, and technology come from?

          • sshadow

            If you look at the Chinese breakdown of the PISA scores in Amren archives you will see that Shanghai is highest, but it is an elite city. If you look at the Guangdong and Macau provinces the scores are significantly below American whites. Further evidence of the validity of Flynn’s analysis.

    • Daniel Schmuhl

      That’s because East Asians do have higher IQs than whites. You are basically saying that all the experts in this subject are wrong, and you *anonymous poster with a Pokemon avatar is correct* . If you know of some meta-analysis that I don’t, then I’d be glad to take a look.

      And no this does mean I believe East Asians are superior in all respects and or that the Western nations should become colonies of Asia.

      • Funny. Richard Lynn also admitted that the IQ sampling in East Asia is not yet truly standardized. Surprise, surprise!

        Rushton was a charlatan and he made that evident with his simple presumptions on some issues. He seemed like he had an Asian fetish and wanted to prove that NE Asians were superior to Blacks by using White intermediate scores as evidence.

        • Daniel Schmuhl

          Majority of the evidence points to a higher Asian IQ. Show me some recent studies showing otherwise, or a prominent psychometrician saying otherwise. Show your work, this isn’t Stormfront.

          Rushton was not a charlatan, his work was published in peer reviewed journals and much of his work on brain size is now accepted by the experts.

          • Rushton simply suggested that East Asians have been ahead
            for most of human history. He was wrong and without study, as expected. He has been refuted on this very website in a published article by historians. Chinese didn’t even develop what could be called proper science or philosophy for heavens sake. Europeans introduced domestication of the horse to them as well. How far does a man/warrior get without a horse? Not very!

            Chinese existed and remained as nations within a nation, and fighting against each other throughout their entire history. They were fighting not for the same course, but for individual
            courses at the expense of each other. This is socially backwards – akin to Native American Indians or Africans Tribes – the intellect serves in a poor, unproductive manner. This didn’t change until the 20th century when they began having regular contact with Europeans. This does not suggest they were ahead of most of human history, but rather argues against it.

            Rushton made the ridiculous claim in one of his books that
            the size of a baby’s cranium is responsible for the width in the female pelvis, and then he dared try to tell us the outrageous lie that East Asian women have the widest hips while African women having the narrowest! It is of course plain wrong. He either didn’t study this, or he’s an outright lair. The truth is precisely the opposite. Sexual dimorphism in pelvic structure is a fact. In a standing person, the female pelvis is broader when viewed from the front or side and its vertical length is smaller. The importance of skeletal structure is shaped by sex hormones.

            Pre-pubescent little girls have narrowly straight hips due
            to LACK of sexual hormones. Sexual maturation expands the female pelvis, and a lack of sexual maturation retains the infant form. Indeed, the statistical average shows us just that as African and European women have the biggest and widest pelvis, on average, while East Asian women have the smallest and narrowest. East Asian women are well-know for their delicate, child-like bodies, not their sexy womanly bodies. Who is this charlatan trying to fool?

            Importantly and therefore, East Asian women are perfectly able
            to give birth to large-headed babies despite their small, narrow hips. The width of the pelvis in relation to the cranium is completely irrelevant. Rushton’s problem is that he made presumptions without proper biological study and comprised false hypothesis from it. This is not the work of a true professor/researcher, but a charlatan.

          • sdzsdfsdf

            Well, I’m not sure if east asian women do have a narrower pelvis, but they are in between whites and africans in WHR (and closer to whites.)

            I think Rushton also claimed whites are more prognathous than east asians, when it’s the other way around, and likewise tied degrees of prognathism as directly related to the size of the brain. He also claimed whites have larger teeth and jaws than east asians, when, of course, this is the other way around, and in fact, east asians have even larger jaws than africans. He’d only be correct in saying whites have denser jaw bones than asians (because

            This is all such easily verifiable data from physical anthropology, but he still made those claims. It’s really obvious he outright lied at various points, and he seems to be heavily responsible for the naive testosterone theorizing you see in HBD circles, especially with the hysterical claim that it’s a “master switch” for race differences.

            Rushton’s general theories are with merit and do carry explanatory power, but there’s a lot of garbage mixed in, and he is to a large degree a charlatan. I could never figure out why Arthur Jensen has so favorably cited and praised his work, and collaborated with him on major papers as well, but I think it does say even Jensen is overblown.

          • As I said the importance of skeletal structure is shaped by sex hormones. Sexual maturation expands the female pelvis, and a lack of sexual maturation retains the infant form. East Asians have less sexual hormones than do Europeans and Africans.

            Here are the differences between the big pelvis of European women (or African women) and the small pelvis of East Asian women. This is pretty typical by the way and yes statics and measurements prove it.

      • sshadow

        See above discussion. Euro genome whites comprise 97 % of all significant scientific figures. Who is denying what?

    • The Final Solution

      Richard Lynn himself says that marginal differences in IQ such as those found between whites and Asians are statistically insignificant.

      • Engelman doesn’t seem to think so. He thinks the difference is extremely profound to the point of making any European intelligence and achievement insignificant.

        • The Final Solution

          Yes Engelman the pervasive troll. I haven’t seen him on here in a long time – must have finally thrown in the towel.

        • Geo1metric

          And who cares what watzisname thinks?

    • JohnEngelman

      Since the school year of 1986-87 Asians have closed the gap on the reading part of the SAT with white students, while increasing the gap in mathematics. Many of these Asians speak English as a second language, so we should not be surprised that they do not read as well as whites, but they are catching up.

    • JohnEngelman

      Asian students have higher average SAT scores than any other group, including whites. A study by Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade examined applicants to top colleges from 1997, when the maximum SAT score was 1600 (today it’s 2400). Espenshade found that Asian-Americans needed a 1550 SAT to have an equal chance of getting into an elite college as white students with a 1410 or black students with an 1100.

      Top schools that don’t ask about race in admissions process have very high percentages of Asian students. The California Institute of Technology, a private school that chooses not to consider race, is about one-third Asian. (Thirteen percent of California residents have Asian heritage.) The University of California-Berkeley, which is forbidden by state law to consider race in admissions, is more than 40 percent Asian–up from about 20 percent before the law was passed.

      Posted on American Renaissance December 5, 2011

  • RebelliousTreecko

    Surprising article coming from a site like that. I doubt they’ll research IQ from different population groups, though.

    IQ and intelligence seems to only matter to them when they can use them to make “racists” and Right-Wingers look bad.

    • Oldcorporal

      Yes; Slate definitely leans WAY to the left.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Slate was founded by Michael Kinsley, (Jewish ancestry atheist) and is currently owned by Graham Holdings Company (formerly The Washington Post Company)
      CEO of which is Donald Graham (Jewish.)

      The current editor is David Plotz (Jewish) who succeeded Jacob Weisberg (take a guess.)

      Long preamble but the point is Jews do not want to give up on the SAT as a criteria for college admission because it benefits them getting into the top schools.


      • Strike_Team

        Actually, as has been pointed by others, Jews no longer need to have top tier scores and grades to get into the best schools, as pointed by Ron Unz (who is Jewish) and Kevin MacDonald’s research. They are now able to get into universities, top schools, much more easily via ethnic networking. All the complaints about white “legacy” students at top schools are a smokescreen used to cover this up. The majority of “white” students admitted to Harvard and Yale for example are Jewish, and the majority of them would not be admitted if test scores and grades were the only criteria. In terms of raw numbers, whites are getting the shaft by the thousands because of this shameful, crooked, criminal behavior. Not only that, the numbers are then twisted against whites, with claims that white students are keeping high scoring Asians out when it isn’t whites with less than top tier grades and scores, it’s Jewish kids who got in via networking rather than grades and SAT scores.

        Of course we’ll get the usual suspects saying this is anti-semitism. Of course it isn’t. If someone truly deserves admittance, that’s the way it goes. But when there is an agenda to keep this school 30% Jewish, this school 35% Jewish, this school 20% Jewish etc., via hitting the “Harvard Number” or having friends with pull, then who are the real haters? Who are the real bad guys? Who are the liars doing it all with smoke and mirrors?

        Then you look at the college admittance numbers, and then look at the claims of being a mere 2% of the population, and you see something is a bit off.

        • Urbane Neanderthal

          It’s not anti Semitic to wonder why 90% of the Ivy League schools have presidents from 2% of the population, although it is not kosher to broach the subject in this venue.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        “…Jews do not want to give up on the SAT as
        a criteria for college admission because it benefits them getting into
        the top schools.”

        Then why do American Jews overwhelmingly favor affirmative action? To the extent that AA helps undeserving blacks get into the top schools it also helps to fill positions that would otherwise ostensibly get filled by those with the top scores.

        • Urbane Neanderthal

          Good question.

          Were you a member of the religion, would you rather compete for post graduate slots and for jobs against whites and Asians with high IQ’s or a a pool diluted with a bunch of affirmative action blacks and browns with not as high of IQ and the corresponding lower GPA, MCAT, LSAT, and GRE scores?

          Every black and brown they use to keep a white kid or Asian kid out of the top schools benefits a certain group.

          Now remember a certain group runs the majority of the Ivy League and many other top universities, but I would never suggest there is any form of religious nepotism.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            I would say that AA keeps some of the best of each group out of good schools, Jews included, whereas the SAT keeps the bottom of the competitive heap out of programs they don’t belong in. I would rather compete on the basis of tests such as the SAT, LSAT, etc. than to be sandwiched in there, scores ignored, in the slots left over after the Blacks and Browns have been placed there by AA.

          • Urbane Neanderthal

            Go look at the percentage of Jewish students in the Ivy Leagues, how they can be over-represented by 5 to 10 times plus
            when they are 2% of the population?


            Even with an average IQ of 115 among Jews there just are not enough Jews to statistically make that possible when the top 2% of Europeans have IQs over 130.

          • ThomasER916

            What you’re discovering is something that has vexed all but one – Lord Kevin MacDonald – PhD.

            The Culture of Critique.

        • ThomasER916

          Because for Jews, Affirmative Action (their creation) favors Jews more than Blacks and Browns. The reason why East Asians aren’t included in AA is because it’s harmful to Jews. AA guarantees them a spot, provided they don’t compete with East Asians.

          And by East Asians I also include Indians. The Gupta Dynasty was the crowning achievement of the Aryan tribe. Gupta is the most common doctor/professional name in Western Civilization and Eastern Civilization.

          • Many non-white doctors and other professional peoples are actually under qualified due to anti-white affirmative action, and many qualified whites are not professional in anything. I don’t think it is a good thing or respectable for that matter, but it certainly does suggest that indeed racial inequality exists in terms of intelligence, and that to keep the white man down he must be oppressed and discriminated against simply for being generally more intelligent and capable.

            Liberalism has a way of proving the opposite of what it wants to convince people of. Despite that, they persist with their nonsense because they are, ironically and hypocritically, racist.

            Their admittance to their racism is when they continue with their senseless logic, despite being blatantly refuted. Its also a graceless form of admittance as well.

        • Pilgrim786

          Since, virtually, all my friends and acquaintances are MoTs, I’ve asked this of Secular Commie Traitors and militant Haredi Zionists and even Fascistic American Patriots.

          With the exception of the Observant Jew, the rest are “True Believers.” This is their ersatz religion. They will continue to cling to AA and other tenets of Liberalism until this false religion destroys their communities (already far advanced as “Progressive wombs dry up and Haredi wombs show no sign of fatigue or infertility – B”H).

  • JackKrak

    Old news to everyone here, but it’s worth repeating on comment boards everywhere – IQ only exists for Leftists when a semi-retarded death row inmate needs to be pardoned. Then it’s real, measurable and places the person on a spectrum of degrees of intelligence relative to others.

    In all other circumstances, IQ is a racist, patriarchal social construct and tool of oppression that is used to reinforce white privilege. It’s a complete joke that tells you nothing about a person’s mental abilities and is only used by whites to give them a baseless feeling of superiority over less fortunate people who didn’t have access to good schools. Or something.

    • Reverend Bacon

      I’d like to add one more; others here may also have run across this other canard favored by the libs:

      “Racism is correlated with low IQ.”

      I think they cite some study from the past 10 years, also cited here: www(dot)psychologytoday(dot)com/blog/millennial-media/201304/do-racism-conservatism-and-low-iq-go-hand-in-hand

      What I recall about the study was that it wasn’t just a survey of whites, so the most dramatic IQ difference would have been black/white. Blacks are known to be more racist, and also more conservative in certain things such as tolerance of gays. In statistical terms, the study suffered from severe heteroskedasticity. Perhaps because the surveyors had low IQ?

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        White racism correlates to improved survival rates.

        • LovelyNordicHeidi

          That is why evolution favours racists.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        “Racism is correlated with low IQ.”

        Maybe that explains black racism, one of the biggest problems we have today.

        • Geo1metric

          “Racism is correlated with low IQ.”

          I’m not ready to accept that statement. I think it’s much closer to the truth to say that everyone is racist, but some will admit it and others, for a myriad of reasons, will not admit it.

          • JohnEngelman

            The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.

            – Eric Hoffer, from “The True Believer”

            Eric Hoffer explains why low IQ correlates with racism.

  • 1. The SAT is being rewritten around Commune Core. The common denominator is David Coleman. The purpose is to “prove” the “success” of Commie Core, much like you throw a dart toward the wall then paint the dartboard around wherever it lands. Bulls eye.

    2. The test optional admissions movement is a sop to affirmative action. Applicants with high scores will submit theirs, ones with low scores won’t. This way, the school will be able to have both NAM diversity and a high SAT/ACT average of the admitted class.

    3. Leon Botstein might technically be right when he claims that high school GPA rather than SAT scores are a better predictor of college GPA. But it’s only because college course work, increasingly, is no longer g-loaded, but a function of social fluff and grade inflation.

    • There are also “fluff” degrees for dimwitted students: Black Studies (read “Ethnic Grievance Studies”), Gay Studies (read “Sexual Grievance Studies”), Social Psychology (read “Cultural Marxism Studies”), and so-on. As we read some weeks ago right here, black “afawetes” are sometimes given course credit for classes which never meet and which in fact actually exist only on paper, solely for the sake of preserving their NCAA eligibility. These allow the Tardo-Americans to pretend that their diplomas have the same value as those of students who graduate in STEM fields.

      I suspect a lot of the genuinely dense “test optional” admissions students flunk out after their first semester or two. How long does anyone imagine a Rachel “I can’t read cursive” Jeantel would last at a university, even a bottom-tier state college?

      • Tom_in_Miami

        I think she would do just fine, as she has in high school (so she’s 19 in high school). What teacher would flunk her out as she deserves? Certainly no white ones.

  • I like these kinds of articles because they demolish the arguments of liberals that SATs are racially biased and should be discarded. SATs are like a line drawn in the sand telling universities that it’s risky to replace smart students with dumb one in the name of race.

    • BonV.Vant

      but the tests do reflect the differences in intelligence between the races. The tests are not biased but differences in group performance is revealed.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Mother Nature is racially biased.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        Good point and life is one big IQ test.

        • ThomasER916

          It’s not necessarily an IQ test. Life is a survival test. When smart people work together, they achieve a LOT.

          Whites have, until recently, celebrated the autodidac – the White genius. Now, our autodidacs are ostracized. There’s probably thousands of White geniuses who could change the world but can’t get a job.

          There’s an interesting story of an Irish genius who wanted to get married. His Italian friend helped him hack OkCupid and together they devised an AI algorithm to find him the perfect woman. That’s what it takes to be a White male in Western Civilization now. If you’re White and you want to have a life, you’re breaking the code.

          • Geo1metric

            In the nottodistantfuture Whites will probably have to work outside the law in order to “have a life”, which reminds me of a kind of poem, a favorite of mine, I will share:“

            ” I love the trite mythos of the outlaw. I love the self-conscious romanticism of the outlaw. I love the black wardrobe of the outlaw. I love the fey smile of the outlaw. I love the tequila of the outlaw and the beans of the outlaw. I love the way respectable men sneer and say ‘outlaw.’ I love the way young women palpitate and say ‘outlaw.’ The outlaw boat sails against the flow, and I love it. Outlaws toilet where badgers toilet, and I love it. All outlaws are photogenic, and I love that. ‘When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free’: that’s a graffito seen in Anacortes, and I love that. There are outlaw maps that lead to outlaw treasures, and I love those maps especially. Unwilling to wait for mankind to improve, the outlaw lives as if that day were here, and I love that most of all. “[…] In my bartender’s pockets I still carry, out of habit, wooden matches. As long as there are matches, there will be fuses. As long as there are fuses, no walls are safe. As long as every wall is threatened, the world can happen. Outlaws are can openers in the supermarket of life.”

    • Universities could dumb their curricula down in order to accommodate the Afritards, but this would have the effect of making degrees from these institutions less desirable, and thus force down the tuition rates they could charge their students. It would also hurt their ability to attract and retain high-quality faculty. Alumni who felt they did not receive a good education for their tuition money would also be less likely to make donations. University regents are acutely aware of these facts.

      • Puggg

        Or a two tier system.

        Smart people over at the adults’ dinner table.

        Affirmative action blacks at the little kiddy plastic table.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        They’re also acutely aware of their rating as per US News and World Report which ranks public and private colleges each year.

        In California, Prop 209 limits the number of NAMs at each school and it is for this reason that there are five UCs in the top ten list of public universities including UC Berkeley and UCLA in the number one and two slots.

        The UC regents kick and scream about “not enough black and Mexican enrollment” but secretly, behind closed doors, I’m sure they’re glad Prop 209 is in effect.

        If Prop 209 were to go, the UCs would fall out of the top ten ranking.

        • Unfortunately, my alma mater, UC Santa Cruz now has a 30% Hispanic student body. Average SAT scores for incoming freshmen there actually declined from 1719 in 2009 to 1639 in 2012, a drop of almost 5%!

          Needless to say, I have been extremely rude in my replies to the alumni association’s requests for money; I always use their postage-paid return envelopes for this purpose.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            Be sure to put a few items of something heavy in each reply to bump that postage fee up. Fishing weights, perhaps?

          • Tom_in_Miami

            I put other schools’ literature in those envelopes.

          • I prefer to use fishing weights for fishing.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          “They’re also acutely aware of their rating as per the US News and World
          Report which ranks public and private colleges each year.”

          Just out of curiosity, how do the HBC’s get rated? You know they are easier than white colleges.

        • The university I worked for is at the bottom of the Forbes rankings. Race is the driving factor behind all decisions made there. The UT System has been most aggressive in the country in using race to bring in tens of thousands of unqualified Messcans.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Isn’t “Aftitard” a tad redundant?

        • Perhaps, but it is an amusing portmanteau term. The sure indication of curmudgeonhood is that one begins making up one’s own words.

      • dcc2379

        The universities already have dumbed the curriculum down. Study after study suggests that today’s college graduates possess the middle school skills of yesterday’s generations. Being on a football scholarship makes the situation even worse.

      • The university I worked for, U. Texas San Antonio, cares nothing about quality other than talk. The idea that drives the place is to give every Mexican a degree, even a graduate degree. Your arguments are correct as they apply to real universities. UTSA is known in San Antonio as Taco High School.

    • dcc2379

      The tests are racially biased because people have racial differences. If the test questioned how to light a crack pipe and apply for an aid check, most whites would be at a serious disadvantage.

      • You’re assuming that whites need experience at something to figure it out. I don’t believe that’s true. The mind of a sharp white person can figure things out just fine, including applying for an aid check.

        • dcc2379

          Well, certainly a smart person can adapt to new situations. I am not assuming; I know experience matters, because experience is education and learning (and I’m not talking about just school). That’s why when a smart person is new at something, he is, well, still an amateur. To believe otherwise means that we don’t have to learn anything and experience counts for nothing. Otherwise why send anyone to training or learn anything if experience doesn’t matter.

          Back to my snarky crack example: No, most whites like you and me, will not be as proficient as the average crack user. Sure, let me watch it a few times and I will get it down. Right now, the Crack SAT would not be won by me regardless of my intelligence. If crack was replaced with a serious example, the value of experience would be even greater.

          • ThomasER916

            I disagree. You’re using crackhead logic perfectly.

          • dcc2379

            Then I guess to you age and education don’t matter. I guess then there shouldn’t be an SAT, because, believe it or not, it measures experience! Intelligence is tied to this, but it is really about smart people with the right experience learning the right things. Dumb people usually can’t learn the same material at the same rate, so they do poorly. If you don’t believe this, pick up a book that speaks about crystallized intelligence. You probably believe in disparate impact. All you need to do is apply to become a Diversity Czar in Obama’s Administration. Go troll else where!

          • dcc2379

            Wake up and smell the coffee! Debbie Wassserman send you here? News Flash: The SAT measures experience and intelligence! That’s right, it is not a non-verbal test of intelligence. Smart people who know nothing will look dumb when they take the test. So will dumb people.

          • dcc2379

            My crackhead logic is perfectly correct, and you are totally wrong. The SAT tests experience and intelligence; the test is decidedly not a non-verbal test. If a very intelligent person that had no knowledge of reading and math took the test, he would look dumb. Of course, the corollary is that no matter what a dumb person does, he looks dumb.

            If experience doesn’t matter, then you would’ve invented a whole new way of running business: Always fire anyone that knows anything because, hey, someone can come and figure it out just the same. Well, there is a time component to being a rookie. Please read about the theory of crystallized intelligence.

          • ThomasER916

            You don’t get it. You’re using “crackhead logic” perfectly but you’re not a crackhead.

            The gist of your argument suggests that’s not possible and you’re trying to make that point again. I suggest another argument you should be making:

            Not all jobs require the same amount of experience. Some require nothing but a good imagination.

        • dcc2379

          Big and Thomas, you both are very illogical here. You seem to claim experience doesn’t matter. Then that would mean a super intelligent person who has never learned to read would figure out the SAT in the time given and ace it? A smart, uneducated person will look dumb. No matter what a dumb person does, he will look dumb. I think someone else has crackhead logic to suppose the SAT is really a non-verbal intelligence test. Aarghh!

  • Geo1metric

    Yet again the left wants to do away with something that draws stark differences amongst the races.

    To try to characterize it as anything else is insulting to intelligent people.

    • John

      Except when the death penalty is involved.

  • borogirl54

    Even with marginal SAT scores, students with a high GPA still get in to college. Many of them who graduated from poor schools still do not have the skills to succeed in a ivy league or highly competitive school. So they drop out, if lucky, transfer to a community college or another four year school that is not as competitive.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    “The second popular anti-SAT argument is that, if the test measures anything at all, it’s not cognitive skill but socioeconomic status. In other words, some kids do better than others on the SAT not because they’re smarter, but because their parents are rich. “

    • JackKrak

      Love that chart. Poor white kids in Appalachia outscore kids of Mr. & Mrs. Affirmative Action in Atlanta, suburban DC. Reminds me of the cheating scandals that bubble up from time to time that reinforce the same idea – “urban” schools have the cheat like hell to get anywhere near the honest results posted by mediocre white schools.

  • Anon

    Lol…..the researchers claim such tests measure intelligence like it was an amount, then, right afterward admit their own data shows that, just like always, these tests are not measures of intelligence but yes/no tests for mental defectiveness. No….the tests absolutely cannot tell if you are likely to be an A student. But they certainly are very good at ferreting out who is likely to get an F.
    It would be interesting to see a picture of the “upper half” and “lower half” of GPA they say these tests can tell a student will fall into. Because I can already tell you what you will see. A photo of all white students and a photo of mixed brown/black students.
    Nice try.

  • Oldcorporal

    The reason that so many liberals do not like IQ testing is that the results tend to show some of their favorite people — that is to say, black Africans and African Americans — at the bottom of the pyramid, while their not-so-favorite people — that is to say, Caucasians — tend to score much higher. It puts the lie to all this talk about blacks not succeeding because of “White racism,” or because they’ve been “kept down.”

    • ThomasER916

      When your religion is “equality” and your litany is Lies, Blame, and Revenge Fantasies, then you’re automatically anti-White.

  • Strike_Team

    Yes, you are correct about the essay. Tutors were in fact telling non-white students to work their ethnicity into their essays. And in fact kids were getting high scores merely for babbling about being black in US society and enduring the pain of still having to pay for Nike shoes if there wasn’t a passerby they could mug for them; the struggles endured by being Jewish and having a lack of opportunity and a dad who couldn’t get into a hateful white country club; the pain of having parents who crossed the Rio Grande to seek a better life of Welfare, WIC, Food Stamps and Section 8 housing. Kidding aside, the essay was added with the intention of giving non-whites something that would inflate their scores. It helped a bit, but nowhere near what was hoped.

    • I’m sure the miserable spelling, grammar and punctuation typical of blacks and browns neutralized the “value” of any of those appeals for pity. If I was forced to read essays written by sub-literate blacks for a living, I would probably end up taking poison.

      • Aristide Avella

        How about reading literate blacks and illiterate whites?

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Are you trying to say something?

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Read Aristide’s Disqus comments if you want to have a good laugh.

          • Aristide Avella

            Just curious. Was this a bad or good comment? If I liven up anyone’s day with a laugh, it makes me happy.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            God no. If that garbled comment is any indication or typical of other comments this poster has written, I do not want to waste my time.

          • Aristide Avella

            I was replying to Michael Christopher scott. I felt what he said was silly.

          • Silly? In exactly what way?

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            What you wrote makes no sense.

          • Aristide Avella

            Are you trying to something?

          • Aristide Avella

            Only to those with eyes wide shut. Very Zen, huh?

        • Brian

          Yes, that combination could occur. So can solar eclipses.

          • Aristide Avella

            HA HA

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Sometimes I feel like I want to put hot needles in my eyes b/c it is such torture to grade black and brown papers — I was a reader for one of the state written tests at one time and it was sheer hell to look through those essays and assign each one a numerical grade from 1-5.

        Many looked like this — the ones that were legible, that is, many weren’t:

  • dcc2379

    If something does not say we are equal on measures where whites are better, Liberals claim it is unfair.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      This is a narrative we must mock, laugh at and put a stop to.

  • MBlanc46

    ” Everything else wrong with the country follows from the simple refusal
    to accept that blacks are NOT our equal, never were, in many ways
    including intelligence.”

    Well, not everything. But quite a bit of it.

  • SaggyGenes

    “The ONLY reason the SAT’s (and all other similar type college entrance
    exams) are slammed is due to one reason and one reason only. Blacks are
    stupid and can’t pass them.”

    This should be engraved on a plaque somewhere.

  • Adolf Verloc

    I’ve been re-reading “The Bell Curve” for the first time in many years. Nothing whatsoever has changed, unfortunately, including the unwillingness of the academic and political establishment to take intelligence seriously.

    • ThomasER916

      Reading it again in 20,000 years and humans might have changed. Until then, it’s all the same.

  • Surely this issue could be “fixed” by simply awarding everyone a perfect 2400 score on the SAT and a perfect 36 score on the ACT. The problem there is that these tests – as originally designed – were intended to accurately measure the degree to which high school students are prepared for university coursework, and not to make sub-literate dummies feel good about themselves.

  • Intrep1d

    SAT scores may correlate with IQ scores, but the SAT itself is an achievement test, not an aptitude test. Someone with a higher IQ is more likely to achieve a greater score than someone with a lower IQ with all other things being equal. Anyone can predict that.

    SES plays a role in so far that those better off financially are more likely to be educated, and more likely to emphasize education and other good values to their children. This is far more important than being able to afford additional preparation if so desired. The fact that wealthy blacks still don’t fare all that well is an indication that genetic (“nature”) variables can’t be ignored.

    • I doubt many black parents – even the relatively affluent – get their kids reading for pleasure. When I was delivering pizza in 2004-2006, I saw the living rooms of quite a lot middle-class blacks, and there were never any books in them. These homes represent multigenerational intellectual deserts.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        For me, as a teacher, you’ve hit on one of THE major problems I’ve found in non-Whites– they do not have the curiosity that seems inherent in the White community.

        NAMs do just enough to get by and nothing past that.
        Valedictorians in NAM schools would finish in the middle of the pack in a White school; what’s sad is they don’t have a sense of their shortcomings and lack of knowledge — and many get crushed at the UCs.

        I remember as a child devouring a very old set of Time-Life books that came from (of all places) the supermarket — one was about the sea, another about the forest, then the desert and the mountains. I was absolutely fascinated — my dad also had books about volcanoes and caves that I couldn’t get enough of, I checked out books from the library about rocks and minerals, wildlife, reptiles and more.

        My son, at two, was taking apart flashlights, spray bottles, toys and anything else he could get his hands on to see what was inside and how it worked.

        A friend told me over the weekend that he grew up in a Southern city that was laid out like a labyrinth and as a young man he spent hours and hours mapping out the streets, alleyways, stairways and dead ends to see how it all fit together.

        It has been my experience that lack of curiosity is inherent in non-White communities. They show little interest in the world around them, how it works or how things are put together. Anyone who has ever been in a museum when a group of non-White school children come through has seen this complete lack of interest.

        Maybe this is why Whites invented and created the modern world, have sent men into space and probes to explore the universe; we are curious.

        In the sciences, 97 percent of the significant figures and events turned out to be Western.

        Galileo is at the top in astronomy; Darwin in biology; Newton and Einstein in physics; Pasteur in medicine; Beethoven and Mozart in Western music; and, of course, Shakespeare in Western literature. Technology, Thomas Edison and James Watt.

        — Charles Murray, Human Accomplishment

        They read and write books, using European script, and European printing, and use European-invented reading glasses when their eyes fail. They use European-invented microphones and electricity in their meetings, and gather in buildings only made possible because of European-invented building methods and materials. From the vast sweeps of Asia through to central Africa and South America, all peoples of the earth rely on European-developed technology for many of their day-to-day living needs.

        In other words, the contribution of European man to the world and well-being of all people is unsurpassed. It is truly no exaggeration to say that their contribution has been the single most important of all people on earth, ever.

        –Arthur Kemp

        And for that, we are worth saving, our race is worth preserving for ourselves and our children and if we don’t, who will?

        Celebrate White Achievement!

        • I was such an avid reader that my punishment for not getting good grades involved my parents taking my books away. What they failed to realize was that my junior high school had a library, so I was unfazed. I’d head over to the library nearly every day after lunch, especially when the weather was bad.

          • I found that creative writing expanded by vocabulary massively.

          • In my own case, writing military history articles, along with commentary here over the last decade is what did that.

          • The reason why its creative writing/fiction for me is that to get poetic you need to be pretty eloquent. And the best written stories do seem to have a poetic vibe running through them. I believe that within five straight years of writing fiction, my vocabulary and writing skills have gone from being alright to very good.

            I lot of people I email seem to think that I must be in my forties, when in fact I’m in my twenties. That’s a good sign, right?

            Here is an extraction of my style of writing:

            When my eyes spotted her the first time, they did only notice
            her attractive appearance. Forgive the male instinct, it’s unspeakably crude. I certainly wasn’t intending to become friendly with her, but I found myself becoming so with our interactions. We had these small talks about casual things, you know, nothing too personal or uncomfortable. She smiled a beautiful smile – lips full and kissable – and eyes bright and blue. It was a look of sweet innocence with nothing hidden behind them.

            I was keen to know her last name. What sought of ‘Miss’
            would she be, but had yet to ask her about it. Relationships weren’t really my thing. I’d never have time for them or given them much thought other than what an inconvenience they’d be, and they would be. Though since I was lonely in hospital, I suppose I was getting somewhat infatuated with this Claire. Devastatingly attractive and frightfully unaware of that fact, she was an innocent distraction, so how could I blame her?

            I made Claire blush once. She came into my hospital room and strolled over to the window where she opened the blinds to let the afternoon sunshine in. “It’s so dull and gloomy in here,” she spoke, looking across to my bed, “You need some light.” I normally hated the bright sun glaring down on me from the window, only this time I let it be. She carried bandages in her hand. Now usually the other nurses would change my bandages.
            “Are you changing them for me?”

            “Yes, is there a problem?” She looked almost confused.

            “No.” I said, simply.

            She sat on the edge of my bed and started unrolling the
            stretchy bandage in front of me. “Lift up your top please.”

            I wore a vest top and rather than lift it up I actually took
            it off. Claire glanced at my chest for a moment as I leaned back to let her do her job. She hesitated to begin, almost as if she couldn’t touch me, or wouldn’t dare to. Had she never seen a man’s chest before? She snapped out of her little moment of interest and continued with her priorities. It wasn’t until she’d removed all of the bandages from around my pelvis area did she
            pause once again. She unashamedly sat and starred at my stomach, taking some sort of delight in it. I admit it was an interesting reaction and I thought I’d tease the young thing, “Are you just going to sit there or do I have to call another nurse?”

            Of course she didn’t reply. Her cheeks turned pink and she
            quickly looked away in obvious embarrassment, picking up the thick bandage roll from the bed to get on with the job. I had to suppress my laughter; I’d turned the woman on and caught her in the act.

          • If you want quick and easy samples of my professional writing, you need only look up military rifle and pistol cartridges on Wikipedia. The bits of case-forming instructions associated with each are all mine. That’s also an unfinished book project on the same subject. Doing that is quite different from what I do here.

          • Pilgrim786

            Ha ha! Same here! I was deprived of my books for getting poor grades and/or disciplinary infractions (the latter only occurred once the hormones kicked in and the former was attributable to my inability to understand the elements of Maths).

        • sshadow

          Inspiring piece Bon. Next time you might also give the polymath Leibnitz his due, basically inventing Optics and Calculus. He was neither Chinese nor Jewish.

        • A friend told me over the weekend that he grew up in a Southern city that was laid out like a labyrinth and as a young man he spent hours and hours mapping out the streets, alleyways, stairways and dead ends to see how it all fit together.

          He would have had a much easier time if he grew up in the older part of a good German-American town or city. Nice perfect square or rectangular grid. Fits together rather easily.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Multi generational intellectual deserts. That is a goodie.

      • Pilgrim786

        And Mr. Scott knocks it out of the park. All rise for the Master is here.

        Rabbi, I too have noted the disappearance of the book in affluent households. All my friends and acquaintances have secondary and tertiary education diplomas and, to a man, make six figures. Yet, with the exception of my Haredi friends, not one has anything resembling a library or even a modest collection of books. Instead, they have loads of DVDs and such.

        Borders is bankrupt, the Barnes & Noble is usually full of people looking for DVDs and stupid “self-help” book. The Southland is rapidly turning into a haven of ignorance and stupidity.

  • Marche Epps

    And, in policy terms, what do you think this should mean? Specifically.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Stop funding massive, expensive programs such as Head Start to close the achievement gap b/c it’s been proved not to work.
      Stop pouring untold billions of dollars into improving black IQ and achievement because 50 years of hard data prove it doesn’t work.

      Start funding white students who have gotten the shaft for three generations now. Use the money to fund white scholarships for smart white students instead of wasting it on blacks who drop out or switch majors to black studies.

      For too long we white taxpayers have seen our money go to uplift blacks with no result. We want that money spent on our own community and our own children.

      That’s what it means, specifically.

      IOW, we are sick and tired of throwing out money down a rat hole while being called “racist” at every turn. We want to take care of our own and let blacks take care of their own without using money and taking opportunities that our own children deserve.

  • ViktorNN

    The subtext here is that the best schools in the country are looking for any justification on which to admit more hispanics and blacks.

    The fact is, they have none.

    As long as their mission is to provide the best, most challenging education to kids who are destined to be the this country’s most highly trained experts this will necessarily mean that blacks and hispanics will be less represented. They don’t have what it takes.

    What they will do, however, is lower their standards in the name of political correctness. This means that some of the most talented will be excluded and that the mediocre will get credentials they don’t deserve. The country will further slide to a second-rate power.

    • Sadly, the notion of the United States as a meritocracy began to die with Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs 50 years ago.

  • “And, unlike a ‘complex portrait’ of a student’s life, it can be scored in an objective way.”
    –Original article

    The authors missed the fact that the main reason the SAT’s Cultural Marxist detractors want it to be replaced with “complex portraits” and “life experiences” is precisely because those critics want to do away with objective scoring. Objective scoring simply does not produce the results they want, so obviously some witches’ brew of hippy-dippy qualities, which they alone feel qualified to choose, and which will never be measurable, must be substituted instead. That’s their whole point, but they don’t dare come out and say it.

  • David Ashton

    I am pretty hopeless at math[s] but am glad there are people better at it than me in more productive positions in society, rather than the other way round. “Inequality” benefits everyone more than “equality”.

  • wattyler23

    What you must all realise about the Teaching profession is that it is forever bedevilled by experts. Should you create a system where all pupils are taught and judged in a fair and equitable way an expert will poke his or her nose in and tell you that what you are doing is wrong. You can not win with these people. They have made the Teaching Profession thankless. A teacher cannot write on the Blackboard the word intelligence and some how the pupils IQ goes up, no he has to work with the material sitting in front of him, in many instances thankless.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    But if an extraordinary black (let’s say with a three-digit IQ because of some white admixture) happens to make it into a job area requiring at least average intelligence, military AA will promote it well ahead of more qualified whites. I saw it all too often, and was more than happy to leave the Air Force with 12 years of active duty. Getting a government pension was not worth another 8 years of EEO hell. BTW, I have at least quadrupled in free market earnings what I would have gotten from that 50% active duty pay, even if I live to be 100. And never forget, that adulteress to whom I had been married would also be getting half of it.

    • Pilgrim786

      “Disparate Impact” can be dubbed the “Please Don’t Burn Our Cities, you F**king Meshugenah Schvartze Animals!” Doctrine.”

      Everyone (except True Believers) knows its a patently absurd, illogical, unreasonable, and evil Doctrine. Yet, we don’t want these chayim to burn our cities down and so we pay the schvartze-geld.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Truer words . . .

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    You’re kidding, right?

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    This is news after 50 years of hard data showing that blacks have smaller brains and average one SD in IQ points below that of whites?

    Slate needs to tell the government to cease and desist immediately in its effort to close the achievement gap.

  • Mrfinoni

    No doubt there is huge pressure to inflate high school marks. The SAT levels the playing field as it indicates which school districts inflate marks. yes not every qualified student does well in college, sometimes because of a lack of discipline, too much freedom…etc…etc..etc. However most kids eventually settle down finish school and get a job. The promotion of less qualified people is very dangerous for society because many many new innovations are developed by young people gaining the all important work experience. Preventing more intelligent and talented people from gaining valuable work experience hobbles the next generation because new inventions or modifications will not be realised, thus hobbling Western competitiveness globally. Political correctness, affirmative action and the insidious self esteem movement is similar to a giant albatross around our necks. Maybe we can rap our way to Mars.

  • Magician


    Caribbean Studies
    Applied Music in gangster rap

  • Since SAT scores of incoming freshmen actually declined 5% in three years, I suspect they have lowered their admissions standards.

  • I though this was relevant.

    “I was an (emotionally/physically) abused child. I developed resident behavior from very early on at home, mainly towards my mother. Resistant to bathing, brushing teeth, brushing hair, changing clothes, eating meals, and getting ready on time to go to places. The resistant pattern is very clear that it was more than just typical child antics. Though being the simpleton that my mother was, she assumed that I must have been ‘lazy’. Your
    child is mentally ill, hello! That was from about the age of 6. So pretty bad. I was also a much disengaged child at school as a consequence I think. I grew up with borderline and social anxiety disorder. My emotional development was impaired along the way. It’s almost like I didn’t know how to be a real person. But more of a false person who could only imagine what a sense of normality felt like.

    In my 20’s, I did some self discovery as my mind matured more. I discovered that I was way more intellectually capable than what it seemed like back at school. My vocabulary extended immensely, I managed to solve complicated technical problems than many
    ordinary adults could not, and wrote two of my own novels that were graded as B
    and A by an old friend of mine who was a former English teacher. None of this
    was achieved at school. None of it. All completely self-taught with books and the
    internet. Not had a single lesson since I left school. I was lucky enough to participate
    in an IQ test, and scored 102. I could have achieved much more if my school life
    wasn’t such a disengaged tragedy.

    Well, this shows you what abuse does to young children, and why it is so bad.”

    Taken from some user on a depression forum.

    • I remember a “depression forum” online at UC Santa Cruz in approximately the 1987-1989 timeframe. I hope that wasn’t anyone I knew. Unfortunately, since we were a fairly close-knit university LAN community, it probably was.

  • Aussie_Thinker

    This sort of thing annoys the crap out of me. I’m studying Mechanical Engineering at university. To me, university is a place of higher knowledge, I.e. science/history/literature etc. But the amount of brain dead courses they have is astonishing. All manner of arts/design, fashion… Just to make money. The more courses they have means more paying students and therefore more cash. Its honestly quite detestable.

    • Brian

      Not only is this approach you describe a waste of time and money for those involved (and debt eaten by the taxpayer for defaulted federally backed loans), it also cheapens the perceived market value of your (still inherently valuable) degree and leads to a vicious cycle of credential inflation.

      • Aussie_Thinker

        Exactly. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why you need a degree to be a graphic designer, or a fashion designer or even a musician…
        Also, in not sure how it is in other countries, but here we get the whole cost of the course covered, provided you complete it quick enough, with payments then taken out of our pay when we reach a certain income (there are other things, I.e. you can’t do a degree, then not pay it back if you don’t earn enough your whole life). The amount of debt these empty courses add to the national economy, even if it is only short term, is ridiculous.

        • Brian

          I can see the value of conservatory for jazz or classical musicians, and there are a lot of things where you could have a very focused, vo-tech type 1-2 year program…but this 4-year+ general degree they try to shoehorn everyone into, loaded with pc garbage and costing a fortune, is getting more worthless by the day. If it ends in ‘engineering’, fine. Anything that ends in ‘studies’ = useless.

          The idea that you need a master’s degree in some big ball of nothing to be a corporate HR drone is laughable. Just give them an IQ test and some on-the-job training, a probationary apprenticeship perhaps, and call it a day. A relative of mine worked for thirty years for NASA as a rocket designer/tester, and never went to college at all– he was an Army Ranger already, and they put him through a battery of cognitive tests and he started at the bottom to see what he could do, and worked his way up through experience. If he could do that, then the HR drone can too.

          • Aussie_Thinker

            Oh yeah, I definitely see the point in a conservatory, but definitely not courses in most ‘hip’ things they have,or indeed anything ending with ‘studies’.

            And I actually have an older fellow in my course who has been doing essentially an engineers job for years, but they decided now that he needs a degree (Engineers Australia is trying to make it so they control who is a certified engineer etc, which involves completing a bachelors).

  • Liberals are explicitly retarded and everyone knows that. They are also much more likely to be religious, again because of the mental retardation. Blacks and browns with retarded IQ and super religious beliefs are overwhelmingly liberal by about 80%.

  • The Final Solution

    So I’m assuming you’ve measured the IQs of KKK members? It’s actually the white liberals with money who live the most segregated lives as far from diversity as they can get, while the poor white working class have no choice but to live around diversity.

    • Pilgrim786

      “In their mating and migratory habits, white liberals are no different than the KKK.”
      —Joe Sobran

  • sdzsdfsdf

    “but whites show a much wider range top to bottom in IQ scores, having a
    wider Standard Deviation in scores. This is something the people
    manipulating the tests couldn’t change.”

    There is absolutely no evidence of this, and you claiming this on top of what else you wrote makes your entire post very doubtful.

  • dcc2379

    Disparate impact presumes that fairness and equality are one and the same. This could come straight out of 1984.

  • ‘East Asian intelligence and IQ relates with musical achievements, such as music virtuosity and the sheer amount they have and/or produce.’

    Innovating, pioneering, musical wizards are almost always European – be it the wooden violin or the electric guitar. But according to Rushton’s logic it should be the East Asians.

    • Alec Smart

      Asian music and art is laughable.

  • dcc2379

    EXCEPT the SES effect usually does not hold true for blacks. The reasons are many; perhaps most prominent is that most blacks in higher SES brackets are government grants (i.e., workers that would never make anything comparable in the private sector), and in those positions, the cream doesn’t rise to the top.

    • ThomasER916

      Correct. It’s White funded SES which means it’s not valid. Look at South Africa and you’ll find even worse examples.

  • One of my high school friends – let’s call him “Edward” got himself a four-year engineering degree on ROTC full scholarship – and only then went Nuclear Power School.

    He quit speaking to me because he thinks this mess of a country can be fixed, while if this country was a dog, I would put it to sleep.

  • “Obviously even IQ tests don’t measure all facets of cognitive ability, look at the real world and who has achieved what or invented what in that world.”

    Rushton basically tried to tell us that anything E Whites can do, E Asians can do and also more in time to come when they apparently start to ‘loosen up’.

    What a way to completely discredit and devalue your own people and their relevance. He sickens me to be honest.

    • JohnEngelman

      The truth sickens you.

      I have an enormous admiration for Professor J. Philippe Rushton. He suffered a great deal of persecution for telling the truth about racial differences. I am pleased that he was invited to speak at six American Renaissance Conferences.

      More than anyone else Professor Rushton explained the basic facts about race realism.

  • HamletsGhost

    Liberals insist that IQ is a meaningless means to measure intelligence. Then when some black murderer on death row is slated for execution, his advocates will insist his IQ is too low to allow the execution to proceed. Corkscrew logic at its screwiest.

    • ThomasER916

      Once you understand there is not Left and Right, there’s only White and anti-White then it all makes sense.

  • Transpower

    It’s absurd that the egalitarians want “everybody” to go to college. Only academically gifted students should go; the rest will do well with vocational training…

  • Pilgrim786

    “Holistic Standards” where an applicant from the Barrios is ipso facto more “qualified” than a white suburbanite because he can “enrich” the University with his lechery, assault, attempted rape, and drug-slanging whereas the poor suburbanite can do naught but try to get good grades, graduate with honors, and move on to a career.