FBI, Military Hunt Ex-Army Recruit Suspected of Plotting ‘Ft. Hood-Inspired Jihad’

Jana Winter, Fox News, April 1, 2014

The FBI is searching for a recent Army recruit believed to be planning a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers,” FoxNews.com has learned.

The alert, whose legitimacy was confirmed by military and law enforcement officials, stated that a man identified as Booker had told friends of his “intention to commit jihad.” Booker, who is also known as Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, was recruited by the U.S. Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for basic training on April 7. But he was discharged last week, apparently after law enforcement authorities learned of his alleged plan.


The alert, a copy of which was obtained by FoxNews.com, was sent out by the FBI’s Kansas City Division on Friday and distributed through the U.S. Marine Corps. The portion obtained by FoxNews.com did not include Hassan’s photo or age. It was also sent to the Kansas City Police Department, which could indicate authorities believe he may have remained in the area where he was recruited.

The alert is titled, “Planned Fort Hood-inspired Jihad against US Soldiers by Army Recruit” and was issued “to inform and protect officers who may encounter this individual or others exhibiting the same aspirations.” The source of the information contained in the alert was listed as “An FBI agent.”

According to the alert:

“On 20 March 2014, the Kansas City Division FBI became aware of an individual named BOOKER aka Muhammad Abdullah Hassan who had publicly stated his intention to commit jihad, bidding farewell to his friends and making comments indicating his jihad was imminent. BOOKER had been recruited by the US Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for Basic Training on 7 April 2014. Kansas City Division Agents interviewed BOOKER on 20 March 2014.”


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  • They learned nothing from Nidal Hasan.

    The damned fool Army goes and recruits someone out of Kansas City with almost the same surname.

    Then again, ole whatchamcdoogle said that diversity would have been a worse casualty than the actual deaths that Nidal Hasan caused.

    • SouthronKittie

      Didn’t want to learn anything cuz “it would be worse to lose our diversity ” Gen. Casey.

      • It is a shame Hasan didn’t shoot some generals.

        • PC has been institutionalized by DOD in all branches. These so-called “professional” officers don’t want to end their careers by telling minorities what right looks like.

          • Sadly, I wasn’t expecting that Admiral Roughead idiot to be abnormal. The PC-ers are currently wrecking NASA as well. One moronic pronouncement last year from NASA was “Islam is mission-critical.”

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Even Generals suffer from ‘Passover Syndrome’, I guess.

  • Truthseeker

    There’s a very simple way to put and end problems like these: Refuse to admit Muslims into the U.S. or allow them to serve in the military. Of course, that would mean recognizing differences between certain groups, so that option’s off the table,

  • Lewis33

    At this point in the game, do we hope for his capture…or wish him good luck?

    • So CAL Snowman

      My thoughts exactly.

      • joesolargenius

        Mr Snowman .
        I have followed your comments for over a year and this is the first one that I actually take offense with , you know as well as I do that a Jihad against military personnel by this man will result in the deaths of mostly the lower ranking members.I am politely asking you to think twice before you say anything which condones violence against our military personnel , on the other hand they’re plenty of politicians who have earned that type of animosity and indifference from us !

    • JSS

      I would send him straight to the marine presidential guard, or put him in charge of integrating females into combat specialities.

    • 1stworlder

      Not even a Photo.

  • Jesse James

    Gosh I sure hope this incident doesn’t negatively effect our wonderful diversity that seems to be progressing so well in the military. For the thousandth time I am so glad that I am done with all that.

    • Oldcorporal

      You and me both, Jesse. I’ve been out since 1966.

      • JJCULLEN

        I was drafted in 1966

    • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

      Me too. Retired from Arny Reserve in 2012 so also do not have to deal with alleged racist grooming standards and requirement that Commanders photo document Soldiers tattoos and upload into their military records (see AMREN article posted today )

  • Oldcorporal

    No photo of “Booker” (a common black name). No description of him. Yep, he’s black, all right.

    • leftists are delusional

      Nailed it to a Booker T!

  • A Muzzie’s first loyalty is to Allah. Clerics teach that the US is the Great Satan. Common sense says the US government has no business allowing Muzzies into the military, which puts guns, bombs, and training right into their hands. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • captainc

      explain the pyramid and the horus eye in your 1 dollar bill then.

      • Rhialto


        • captainc

          exactly, and who are they? what do they want? and explain the collapse of building 7 WTC when no plane hit it. and also explain the restriction of freedom ever since 9/11.

          • Building 7 collapsed because big pieces of a burning skyscraper fell onto it.

          • captainc

            maybe, www (dot) wtc7 (dot) net

          • AndrewInterrupted

            There are tin foil hats in the gift shop.

            I’m pretty sure all the freemasons are rolling over in their graves, but not for the reasons you are receiving through the tip of your antennae .

          • DNA Explains It All

            Actually they did not. Look into it a bit more. WTC7 was controlled demo, no doubt. Down to the little central “kink” at it’s top just like other videos of similar building demolitions. It fell within it’s footprint! Have you not heard the popcorn sounds caught in audio prior to the collapse of each of these buildings? Those charges were planted weeks months or maybe even years in advance. This was not something they just did out of the blue. Lithium batteries last a long time, print floor and Coulomb numbers on the boxes and anyone could be contracted to install these new whatever they wanted to call thems. The timing of this stuff would not be hard to arrange, probably the sequence was radio initiated and precision timed to cause the progressive collapse appearance as seen in WTC1 & 2. WTC7 collapsed differently but still in a conspicuous manner, like no other steel frame building with small fires in all of history. Other similar building have burned for days yet NEVER was there such a collapse before.

          • HamletsGhost

            Collapsed at near-free fall speed? Unto its own footprint? Read up on Newtonian mechanics.

    • Romulus

      You would be very distressed to learn of the alarming amount of mosques being built all over this former United states. There are more than a few sand n—— in the dept of secure the homeland.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      The US government continues to admit Muslims because they’re really good at terrorizing and ethnically cleansing whites. Europeans can’t get enough of these vicious Stone Age savages. It’s also about divide and conquer. The more white people fighting the Muslim invaders, the less accountable the politicians to their electorate, giving them substantially more power to carry out their policy of white genocide.

  • dd121

    Our Obama government has told us that these killings had no terrorist or Muslim component. I don’t think they’d lie, would they?

  • Romulus

    I’m keeping my comments brief this evening. If he wants jihad, then we should give him a crusade. Only not to rescue a historical city.

    • 1stworlder

      The crusades where to keep muslims out of Europe. Fight in their back yard in stead of your own.

      • Romulus

        You don’t say. Of course I know what the crusades were!!!!
        News flash!!!! THEY ARE ALREADY IN OUR BACKYARD!!!

  • r j p

    It’s odd. A black muslim America hating individual is elected POTUS and black on White violence skyrockets and muslim terrorist attacks do too.

  • How did he find out the FBI was looking for him? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if his recruiter called him and was questioning his motives for joining after FBI came by the recruiting station.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Americans are getting perilously stupid. They see nothing wrong with admitting tens of millions of muslims through immigration and think their admission will change nothing about the character of our nation.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Immigration enthusiasts and multiculturalists are complete, utter morons. I have never once heard a single intelligent argument from these brainwashed apparatchiks as to why any western nation needs massive 3rd world immigration. When questioned, the fanatics always respond with insults, such as “You’re close-minded” or the usual slogans, such as “We are all immigrants”. They do not possess the cognitive capacity to participate in any rational discussion. Their only real “argument” is the rubber truncheon of the multicultural totalitarian police state.

  • fuzzypook

    Let’s see… his name was “Booker” and now it’s “Mohammed,” I’m guessing he’s a prislam convert.

    • He probably didn’t convert in prison. The armed forces does take ex-cons, but only after they are off supervision.

      It takes a special kind of stupidity to not only decide to do something like this but to then brag about one’s intentions.

      • Cid Campeador

        There also taking gang bangers. You got lots of Gangstuhs and Eses joining up to train to become more efficient killers.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Life on the installment-plan, a good way to describe what a growing percentage of the masses will be limited to for the rest of their lives. Just shows there’s no fixing stupid people, but fortunately the gene pool can and will get a much needed “shock treatment” to disinfect the waters.

  • Anon

    Civil war, WWI, WWII, Korean war, Vietnam, desert whateveryoucall it —>> unlimited war without end. Is there anyone in alive today who remembers a war our military engaged in that wasn’t against the explicit, consent of the American citizenry? It is remarkable how united and anti-war Americans have been during these wars and how despicable our government has behaved during each one. Each one involved the murder of our citizens in various “false flag” attacks NO ONE believed were legitimate, followed by intense propaganda, and a rewriting of history that, in the end, relied on everyone who was around at the time dying off and original source materials (newspapers, magazines etc.) from the time carefully avoided. 1984 was not a novel but a satire making fun of how really bad it is. Each war, great evil was engaged in with horrific consequences for white people. And the really sick thing about it is those who commit these horrific acts and threaten us all with more horrific acts should we get out of line, dare to have “pride” in what they do and pretend they are the good guys. Our military is evil. Not evil in the ho hum, exaggerated sense but an implacable enemy…the military might behind white genocide. That they are becoming inept, weak and about to fall apart is a GOOD thing. An American military filled with fools, sodomites, weaklings, women and half men is a good thing…a very good thing. There is going to come a time when our would be masters will tell us what to do and we say NO….and they try to force us and fail.

    • I am having quite a tough time considering the Pearl Harbor attack a “false flag” operation.

      • HamletsGhost

        Read “Day of Deceit” by Robert Stinnett. It closes the book on this long running question.
        Pearl Harbor was a set-up. FDR guilty as long-charged.

        • I think FDR and the navy brass simply grossly underestimated the Japanese. The US battleships had thick enough deck armor that they weren’t worried about the sort of bombs that prewar single-engined aircraft could carry. Moreover, the Japanese didn’t have any heavyweight armor-piercing aircraft bombs. Pearl Harbor was shallow enough that they weren’t worried about air-dropped torpedoes.

          What did they do? They improvised. They fixed tailcones and fins to 1500-pound 14″ and 2200-pound 16″ AP battleship shells, and fixed small wings to their aerial torpedoes so they wouldn’t plunge as deeply and bottom out in the mud.

          It had long been assumed the Japanese would attack the Philippines if war broke out. War Plan Orange, drafted in 1924 and based on an informal 1906 study, envisioned an advance by the US fleet across the central Pacific to relieve the Philippines. Moving most of the Pacific fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor was simply a (misguided) effort to cut half the distance out ahead of time.

          Air force brass also underestimated them. They expected the Japanese navy fighter aircraft to be Mitsubishi A5M “Claudes”. These had open cockpits, fixed landing gear, two rifle-caliber machineguns and a top speed of 270 miles per hour. They expected this even though Claire Chennault had earlier warned them of the capabilities of the new A6M “Zero”, which had an enclosed cockpit, retractable landing gear, two rifle caliber machineguns and two 20mm cannon, a top speed of 330 miles per hour, and an incredible rate of climb.

          In the end, the Japanese still screwed it up by not hitting the oil storage tanks. There was more navy fuel oil stored at Pearl Harbor in 1941 than the Imperial navy had in the whole of the Japanese home islands. Why? Admiral Nagumo in turn underestimated the US. He was a rather mediocre battleship admiral and not any kind of carrier specialist at all: “We’ve wrecked their battle fleet, so it won’t be a long war. We don’t need to worry about those oil storage tanks now.”

          Underestimating a potential enemy has almost always been a sure-fire way to take a ferocious beating. French army brass before World War One had no conception as to how well the German army’s artillery branch had been developed, how modern it was, and even with some hints and rumors, simply denied that such artillery pieces could be built. The Russians were even more oblivious in 1914; they sent division and army-level communications by radio… in the clear. Of course the Germans listened in, and this was the direct cause of the Russian disasters at Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes. Harry Truman’s blithe assumption that China wouldn’t get involved in Korea in late 1950 – “They’re not going to do anything” – wasn’t exactly one of the White House’s prouder moments, either.

          • HamletsGhost

            All of that is fascinating but completely irrelevant. The fact is that FDR deliberately goaded the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor as a backdoor to war. He knew the attack was coming and deliberately withheld this vital information from the local U.S. commanders to set them up as the fall guys for his lies.

          • FDR didn’t goad them. Roosevelt wanted to get the USA into a war with Germany, rather than Japan. He was doing his level best for that, and since Japan had not entered war against the USSR, he thought he was safe on that score.

            The oil and metal embargo was predicated on Japan’s retreat from China-proper, but not Manchuria or Korea. The 1937 Rape of Nanking offended even German doctors, military training officers and missionaries who were there at the time. Something obviously had to be done, but the US waited.

            The real decision for Japan to attack the United States was made in 1936. They decided not to renew the second London Naval Treaty, which left us in a naval arms race. Given US steel production and shipbuilding capacities, they could could not possibly win an arms race, so they started an earlier war.

  • FozzieT

    Uh oh. According to Drudge, it appears that the soldiers at Fort Hood are once again paying for our insane PC recruitment policies.

    • Fortunately it looks like only two dead this time, including the shooter. If he was going to off himself, why didn’t he just do that first thing, and save everyone a lot of trouble?