Report: Univision, Telemundo Skew Liberal

Hadas Gold, Politico, March 31, 2014

The main U.S. Spanish-language nightly news programs skew liberal on domestic issues and spent most of their air times in the past few months covering the new health care law, immigration reform and immigration law enforcement, the conservative-leaning media watchdog group Media Research Center found in a new study.

Ken Oliver-Méndez, director of MRC’s new Spanish-language watchdog group, MRC Latino, said in an interview that of the newscasts on Noticiero Univision and Noticiero Telemundo from November through February, 45 percent of stories on U.S. domestic policy issues tilted liberal, 49 percent were balanced or neutral and 6 percent skewed conservative.

According to the study, Univision’s stories tilted left 50 percent of the time, were balanced 43 percent and were perceived as conservative 7 percent of the time, while Telemundo’s stories tilted left 54 percent of the time, were balanced 40 percent of the time and tilted conservative 5 percent of the time.

The study also found that Democratic surrogates and liberal-leaning groups were featured on both networks more frequently than Republicans or conservative groups, but the group also faulted conservatives for not reaching out more to Latino media.


MRC Latino took particular issue with both Univision and Telemundo’s participation in encouraging Obamacare sign-ups, especially a joint a town hall the networks held last month featuring President Barack Obama.

“Self-respecting media outlets and journalists are careful to avoid being used as pawns of public relations or publicity campaigns, by either public or private-sector entities,” the study said. “Yet this is what largely appears to have happened at Univision and Telemundo in their coverage of ObamaCare.”

The study found that Univision and Telemundo featured liberal advocates of Obamacare in 116 stories versus the law’s conservative opponents in 24 stories.

On the topic of immigration reform, the study found Democratic politicians and “spokespeople aligned with left-leaning pro-reform organizations” appeared more than twice as often as Republicans and conservatives.


The study is part of the launch of MRC’s new Spanish-language media watch group MRC Latino, which is officially launching on Tuesday. Oliver-Méndez and MRC President Brent Bozell said they hope the study and MRC Latino will lead to more conservative voices in Spanish-language media and that they plan to meet with executives at the two networks to discuss the study.

“It’s going to be outreach that we’re going to do to hopefully sit down with some of the major players in the Latino media, go through these findings and try to see if we can have a constructive dialogue,” Bozell said. “I don’t believe in any suggestion that liberals shouldn’t have their world view presented, but a, conservatives need to have equal footing. And b, you can’t use your network to actively promote a political agenda.”

The study was a content analysis of 989 stories on of Noticiero Univision and Noticiero Telemundo from Nov. 1, 2013 through Feb. 28, 2014. The conservative or liberal orientation of politicians, advocates and organizations cited were counted, and the prevailing “tilt” of a story was determined “by tallying all statements from journalists and quoted sources that articulated either a recognizably liberal or conservative point of view on a given subject.”


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  • Univision and Telemundo “skew” liberal because the Hispanics (Chicanos and mulattos, mostly) that watch it want welfare benefits, so they’re going to be biased toward the major ideology and major party that can promise and deliver more gibs than the other.

    Heritage Foundation, when they covered this story, asked what can be done about it. I suggested deportation, but I don’t think they’ll listen.

    • Pro_Whitey

      At least they could rehire Jason Richwine.

      • They should.

        But Rand Paul has reacted to this news, and come up with a solution on what to do to combat leftist Hispanic media bias:

        Don’t enforce immigration law, ever.

        www (dot) breitbart (dot) com/Big-Government/2014/04/01/Rand-Paul-to-GOP-Get-Beyond-Deportation-to-Win-Hispanic-Voters

    • LHathaway

      Dependence of government may be a point but people of color all over the world tend to go left? It’s been a colossal trick we’ve pulled on them, eh? They all believe they are superior to morally primitive whites, with our terrible past (and current) record of evils. This inborn belief, is probably the only thing that has civilized them up to now? Up until the Muslim rebellion, every third world nation in the word, or lost tribe fouind somewhere, was one to be held up as being better than whites. Though far better morally, if they weren’t as good in other ways it was only because of white greed and white influence and ignorant white eyes that stereotyped. Oh the power we have. . .

      While the promotion of this idea may have ruled their mind, it might not be the best idea for whites? Certainly it’s for the most part opposite of the truth.

      And a colossal trick on us? The only ones in the USA expected to hate government are white heterosexual males.

  • Between the salsa music, the Messican clowns, and the busty, wiggly blondes on Messican TV, I doubt that Messicans pay much attention to the news. Virtually all of them I meet are totally disengaged from high culture, history, current events, and anything else that might be considered to require a brain.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Yes, they are 99% low culture only capable. Even the ones born here for generations. All these experts out there can’t figure out why Mexico sucks but for me it makes perfect sense from dealing with these people all my life. If Mexicans created a Switzerland or a Denmark, now that would boggle my mind to no end because that wouldn’t make any sense. PC is the enemy of honesty and intellectualism and I can’t think of anything worse for humanity than that.

    • MBlanc46

      That was pretty much my reaction, too. They’re not so much liberal as looking for handouts.

      • What they’ve done in SA is to gain critical mass and thus take control of resources allocated by the political process. The best of them are not looking for handouts, they’re looking to work the system–get government grants, contracts, jobs, and then exploit the system by giving poor value for the money they receive. The worst of them are just looking for handouts and nothing more.
        Before I realized how things work, I was cut in on a few of these messycan deals at the university, and picked up a few thousand here and there. But the big bucks go to the community organizers and such. The voting class of mexicans support big spending liberals who will cut them a big slice of the pie, or their own people.

    • rasher223

      Haaah. That was funny. xD

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    So the cockroach food they are offering over the airwaves is highly edible to the cockroaches, OK.

  • Darius8559

    i am not surprised. reality has a well-known liberal bias. latinos are hard workers, down to earth, and have strong family values. they would know better than anyone that conservatives want to remove their rights.

    • Luca

      I hope you realize the word “bias” denotes an unfair prejudicial opinion. Also, you should begin a sentence with a capital letter.

      Please go back to troll school and study harder, your low IQ is cause for public embarrassment.

      • r j p

        Re: Darius8559

        Latino Squat monster values:

        drunk driving
        “testing their daughter/ niece/ granddaughter out”
        drinking and listening to mariachi music until 2AM in the back yard
        ganging up
        importing meth, heroin, and cocaine
        living in national parks guarding marijuana farms that become the equivalent of chemical dumps
        crapping in the lettuce field and then wiping their self with their hand spreading e-coli to half the USA and forcing massive recalls

        Do I need to go further?

  • dd121

    This is another breaking news story?

  • Romulus

    What I’d like to know is, why isn’t an article on a potential release of ISRAELI SPY Jonathan Pollard being discussed or the BLACK KID that got accepted to All the ivy league schools!

  • leftists are delusional

    I can tell you why Telemundo and Univision skew left. Because they are owned or controlled by the same people who run the rest of the liberal media.

    Telemundo is owned by NBCUniversal – enough said.

    Univision: Isaac Lee Possin … President of News for Univision… Lee was born in Bogotá, Colombia – from J***sh immigrants

    • Lewis33

      I was going to look that up myself, expecting to find you know who, as always…thanks for the leg work.

  • JohnEngelman

    In their sources of news, most liberals and most conservatives seek confirmation of what they already believe.

    • Martel


      • JohnEngelman

        I enjoy studying different points of view because I enjoy political arguments.

        A long time ago I figured out that if my only exposure to a point of view is with a rebuttal of that point of view I will be at a real disadvantage if I go up against someone who really thinks that way.

        • Martel

          That would make sense, but you are the single most repetitive individual on Amren. You refuse to allow other insights, facts or arguments to enter into your long term memory. You often ask me about data i provided the same day, or day before.Whether this is intentionally I don’t know.

          • JohnEngelman

            Roughly half the arguments directed against me say in so many words, “This is a white advocacy website. You don’t belong here.”

          • LHathaway

            I wish it were a white advocacy website, instead of what it is, a hate blacks website. Even if it were a ‘I’m tired of the proponderance of blacks and other men sleeping with white women’ website, it would at least win points for honestly. The comments here are often so crude they could only appeal to perhaps someone in prison.

            For those interested in a stormfront view, aryan nations view, neo-confederate view, scientific racist view, if they want their place (although I’m not sure such views are helpful to whites) fine for them but what about us?

            There’s no genuine place on Earth, for those interested in white survival white rights, the condition of whites in a multicultural world, white world, or the condition of whites in a world of color, that does Not address these issues in a racist and arguably ugly manner.

            It’s as if we’ve been given a choice, ‘whites are to cause for all the worlds problems, we need ever more diversity, everywhere, especially places like Detroit, and anyone not in enthusiastic enough agreement with this considered ‘insensitive’, we’re given a choice between that and Nazism’. Maybe this can delay us for nearly forever, and maybe it can’t but eventually, it’s likely, given these two choices, whites are eventually going to pick Nazism. Personally, I’m Ok with many far-right positions. Maybe that’s what this IS about. Having us eventually make a far-right (crazy as it is) choice. We’ve been given no other.

          • Martel

            Engelman could care less about the issues you face as a European. If you had followed our debates more closely you would know this is my issue with him. I don’t see how Amren is a pro-nazi site, there is plenty of intellectual discussion, but there is also venting and humour, for the simple reason that many find the circumstances we are in stressful. Its a shame you came to this view, most on this website are legimately concerned about whites besides a few strange characters. If you want to discuss more complex issues you are free to post comments which have little to do with the article itself, I happily join in and so will others. As a white nationalist, I am not bothered by those who simply wish to vent or argue against what should be obvious, if it releases some tensions I am glad, after all, the well being of whites is the priority, I also try to push a more positive view about the future and promote the notion of taking care of stress levels and general happiness in life as it is easy to get bitter over the current political situation.

          • LHathaway

            He’s just saying something different, and because it is different you take more notice of his posts? Anyway, it was some pseudo-afrocentrist who came on here that claimed Engleman was repetitive. Surely you have better insults than that?

          • Martel

            Do you actually believe anyone dislikes Engelman because he says “something different”?

            I welcome unique voices, but JE is not one of them. He often claims he is disliked because he claims Asians have a higher average IQ. If you actually believe this is the cause, you have been duped. He enjoys causing antagonism, or has another malfunction which makes it appear as such. Men like Rushton are appreciated by nearly all who post on Amren, despite his claim that Asians have a highest average intelligence. I would not care if my few questions about this subject are answered and I am convinced. The issue I and others have with Engelman is that he is diametrically opposes to the interests of white Europeans and their American descendants. He has stated:

            1. That he wishes that whites are reduced to 40% of the US population, and Asians increase to 40%.
            2.That he enjoys the displacement of whites in jobs by ”superior” orientals and Jews.
            3. He has called me a ”bigot” for questioning data on crime rates in the Asian community and said anyone who doubted his claim that Asians have higher IQ’s and low crime rates are bigots too, on which I responded by calling such a mindset unscientific, as there are clearly reasons to doubt both claims.
            4.He mocks the very notion of white nationalism, claiming whites should not defend their ethnic interests, while simultaneously making statements which would make Jewish and Asian nationalists blush.
            5. He continues to literally repeat his sweeping generalisations after they have been thoroughly debunked.
            6. He claims white nationalists have vile motives, and even when proven otherwise, he refuses to even slightly adjust this claim which he simply repeats any chance he gets.

            I simply ask that participants in the Amren discussions are interested in the safety and prosperity of the European people. As I have said earlier, I rather see a post by a black or Asian contributor who wishes that whites do well, someone like the late native American Dr.Yeagley, then a white participant who often expresses enjoyment at the difficulties whites face and clearly does not have any sympathy for the general cause of Amren.

          • Luca

            So don’t feed him.

          • LHathaway

            Your points border on character assassination. They are certainly an exaggeration if not for the most part untrue. Why he continues to say the same thing over and over is a mystery. Then again, most of us probably do that on here.

            I thank God he posts on here. I’m tired of hearing the same thing. Conformity to one standard view seems more prevalent on these WN sites than it was apparent in the old USSR. Mostly Engleman seems to rile you when he simply lists facts.

            These facts may disturb Engleman as much as they do you. Facing them, dealing with them, and if necessary, spinning them is a useful exercise for us.

            I disagree that Engleman doesn’t have sympathy for the general cause of AmRen. He has Too much sympathy for it. Joking aside, I suspect he does have sympathy for your cause. That’s just a guess. He’s here. He’s on your side, in a general sense. Even if there is only One issue where he agrees with you (and I very strongly doubt it is limited to one), it’s crazy to kick him out because you don’t agree with him on something else. He truly does come up with something unique and new from time to time. True, it’s only 1 out of 30 posts or something, but as mentioned, we are all most likely repeating ourselves, by this point.

          • Martel

            Everything I stated is exactly what he said. He wishes for whites to become a 40% minority in America for example.

            What exactly would rile me besides his statements about white nationalists, and his stance against whites to remain a majority in the US?

            When I question his belief that Asians are the “superior race” and whites are “inferior”, using his own terms, he calls me a bigot. I don’t come to Amren to be called a bigot, and from what I heard, many have left over his antics.

          • LHathaway

            Who knows what kind of point he’s trying to make when he calls you a bigot. Probably, from reading him, he’s just trying to call you a bigot. Probably, but who knows. . .. The Asian-White-Black scientific racism dynamic means that race realists that say blacks are inferior tomust also admit that whites are inferior to Asians, if not just as inferior, at least in order to not to be hypocritical. Jared Taylor has once himself claimed he is an Asian Supremacist. Did you know that, when interviewed by a media person, once, Taylor claimed he was a Asian Supremacist. Can not Engleman say that?

            Personally, I think scientific racism is irrelevant. But I suppose, if one reacted to these news articles for a long period of time and also were writing about it, one might become very invested in the idea.

            Personally, I think it’s irrelevant, at least to whites causes. Among those who believe this way there is a fair chance they are just reacting to the information they’ve heard, or even more likely still, reacting to what they see as a threat to their psyche or even existence. I suspect that, even in reacting to it, they also serve the ends of the multicult. Not to say that I don’t believe many of the posters on here are very sophisticated. Many, perhaps, and it would seem most, parrot what other posters say. Some remind me of Enoch Powell, who when giving his great ‘rivers of blood’ speech, used a racial slur, picanniny, I think, before getting to his incidiary topics. They want to present a message board where we feel there are people who agree with us, and ‘something is being done’, but they also want to defuse the real anger these events can arouse in us. I think they sell the public short. But then again, what is the quote, “You can never go broke betting on the stupidity of the buying public:?

            I think scientific racism is irrelevant to our cause. It’s ‘great’ I suppose, that the idea is out there, let it enter the publics unconscious mind (as an alternative to all the hate they internalize) and it’s interesting, true or not, but the last ones who should be paying attention to it or even espousing it are the ones trying to fight for whites rights. It would be as if every black activist and every black employee in the nation were to pledge allegiance to the Nation of Islam. The public would be suspicious, as the public is suspicious of us.

            I think scientific racism is completely irrelevant to what rights whites should have in a multicultural world, or even a mostly black or white world.

            Personally, I don’t believe it. There’s a fair chance whites are inferior to both groups.

            Perhaps, like Engleman, I have sexual motives of my own, animating My beliefs.

            Perhaps, admitting we are inferior is the only angle which will allow us to have rights in a multicultural world. Who knows.

            What is the phrase, if something isnt’ working, it’s insane to try the same thing over and over and expect a different result?

          • LHathaway

            “many have left over his antics”.

            Is that intended to be a threat of some kind. . . Shape up or more of us will leave. . . or are you showing remorse?

            If perhaps intended as some kind of threat, do you imagine yourself an internet bully, or cyber-bully, as they are called, puffing to get your way, using your power and power of intellect? Is in not a personal thing and you a one man pressure group, trying to move AmRen more to the right?

            If you ask me, that idea, if that’s what it is, and, whatever your motives (sorry about the motives thing) that’s what the idea is. . AmRen is not far enough to the right. . .

            To say the posts on AmRen are not right wing Enough, would be like saying, well, I can’t think of a good analogy. What do crazy leftists say on a daily basis about everything? To me, anyway, that idea is insane.

            There is the argument that politics are irrelevant. That it is not left or right but concern for whites, and most politics stay out of it. Mr. Taylor himself has said, whites, if left to themselves, would develop whatever society would be natural for them. One can’t help but feel Mr. Taylor (while sometimes acknowledging the corruption and greed of the current system) sympathizes with the aims of the political left. In the past, he’s loved to talk about the happiness and success of groups like the Danes.

  • MBlanc46

    ““Self-respecting media outlets and journalists….”

    Those are the keywords.

  • TXCriollo

    I avoid spanish tv it just drives me up a wall, i was in a restaurant one day a mexican restaurant and they were showing spanish news, it had a segment on the drop of latino enrollment in texas public schools. The funny thing is they freak about it when the english or anglo news wont touch it. I listened pretty much it was how racist texas is making it harder for illegals blah blah blah with all the conservative whites fleeing liberal states texas wont change. The mexican guy sitting next to me said in spanish how terrible drop in mexican kids in school next they will say the birthrate dropped. Which they did i said well thats good news for texas less poor kids families can provided better for them. He goes your right now can they just go back to showing tejano music. They do skew left but they do talk about some good things

  • TXCriollo

    Id say more like a d