The Poor Neglected Gifted Child

Amy Crawford, Boston Globe, March 15, 2014

In 1971, researchers at Johns Hopkins University embarked on an ambitious effort to identify brilliant 12-year-olds and track their education and careers through the rest of their lives. The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth, which now includes 5,000 people, would eventually become the world’s longest-running longitudinal survey of what happens to intellectually talented children (in math and other areas) as they grow up. It has generated seven books, more than 300 papers, and a lot of what we know about early aptitude.

David Lubinski is a psychologist at Vanderbilt University, where the project has been based since the 1990s. He and his wife and fellow Vanderbilt professor, Camilla Benbow, codirect the study and have dedicated their careers to learning about this exceptional population.


In a recent paper, Lubinski and his colleagues caught up with one cohort of 320 people now in their late 30s. At 12, their SAT math or verbal scores had placed them among the top one-100th of 1 percent. Today, many are CEOs, professors at top research universities, transplant surgeons, and successful novelists.

That outcome sounds like exactly what you’d imagine should happen: Top young people grow into high-achieving adults. In the education world, the study has provided important new evidence that it really is possible to identify the kids who are likely to become exceptional achievers in the future, something previous research has not always found to be the case. {snip}

{snip} Even among Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth participants, the Vanderbilt researchers have previously found that those who weren’t challenged in school were less likely to live up to the potential indicated by their test scores. Other research has shown that under-stimulated gifted students quickly become bored and frustrated—especially if they come from low-income families that are not equipped to provide them with enrichment outside of school.


To people more worried about kids who are falling through the cracks altogether, doing slightly less than we could for the most gifted might not seem like a pressing problem. But if the study is right that exceptional youthful ability really does correlate directly with exceptional adult achievement, then these talented young kids aren’t just a challenge for schools and parents: they’re also demonstrably important to America’s future. {snip}

“We are in a talent war, and we’re living in a global economy now,” Lubinski says. “These are the people who are going to figure out all the riddles. Schizophrenia, cancer—they’re going to fight terrorism, they’re going to create patents and the scientific innovations that drive our economy. But they are not given a lot of opportunities in schools that are designed for typically developing kids.”


Given all the pressures our education system faces, it seems almost indecent to worry about the travails of a small minority of very smart children. Understandably, federal and state education policy has long focused on more obvious problems that education can help address—problems such as the yawning gaps between the test scores of rich and poor students and between different racial groups. Tax dollars disproportionately go to help kids with learning disabilities and other disadvantages, because society generally agrees that they are most in need of help.

In 2002, President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act, which penalizes public schools that don’t bring the lowest-performing students up to grade level. The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act regulates special education and provides schools with more than $11 billion annually. A provision of federal education law called Title I allocates some $14 billion to schools that have a higher proportion of students from low-income families, to pay for programs designed to keep them from falling behind.

The smartest kid in class, by contrast, is not an expensive problem. A boy or girl who finishes an assignment early can be handed a book and told to read quietly while the teacher works on getting other children caught up. What would clearly be neglect if it happened to a special-needs child tends to look different if the child is gifted: Being left alone might even feel like a reward, an acknowledgment of being a fast learner.

Not surprisingly, programs oriented toward gifted children get barely any federal funding. The Javits Act, the only federal law aimed at gifted students, pays for research and pilot education programs and is currently funded at $5 million, down from a peak of $11 million several years ago.

Gifted students do have their own advocacy group, the National Association for Gifted Children. This coalition of parents and educators is currently pushing a bipartisan bill called the Talent Act, which would require states and school districts to set policies for gifted education and report on the performance of advanced students. (In a concession to reality, the act does not seek any new funding.) The group’s former president, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, says that in an ideal world the federal government would require that gifted students be identified early and would fund schools’ efforts to train teachers and provide enrichment or accelerated learning programs.


{snip} Two recent papers based on data from the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth and published in the Journal of Educational Psychology found that, among young people with off-the-charts ability, those who had been given special accommodations—even modest ones, like being allowed to skip a grade, enroll in special classes, or take college-level courses in high school—went on to publish more academic papers, earn more patents, and pursue higher-level careers than their equally smart peers who didn’t have these opportunities. In one of the studies, the Vanderbilt researchers matched students who skipped a grade with a control group of similarly smart kids who didn’t. The grade-skippers, it turned out, were 60 percent more likely to earn doctorates or patents and more than twice as likely to get a PhD in science, math, or engineering.


But providing these smart kids with an education that matches their abilities is not as straightforward as it sounds. Politically, it raises the fraught question of whether our education system should be in the business of identifying and segregating elite students—an idea that has been tried and rejected before, for good reasons.

For most of the 20th century, schools routinely divided students into advanced, average, and remedial categories, a practice called “tracking” that was largely discredited by research showing it only exacerbated inequality, especially inequality linked to race and class.


{snip} Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore have national laws requiring that children be screened for giftedness, with top scorers funneled into special programs. China is midway through a 10-year “National Talent Development Plan” to steer bright young people into science, technology, and other in-demand fields. In a 2010 speech announcing the scheme, former President Hu Jintao called talent “the most important resource and . . . a key issue that concerns the development of the Party and country.”


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  • This article is only eight words long:

    “Twelve year old math prodigies are too white”

  • David Ashton

    To each according to his disability. From each according to his breed.

  • Jesse James

    When the county I used to live in was going “diverse” they hired a black superintendent to manage the transition. One of the first things he did was demand that the number of blacks and hispanics in the Magnet Program be significantly increased which required a complete change in what had been the admissions standards. Sure enough the next years freshman class suddenly mirrored the general population of the school. You can have diversity or you can have high standards but you can’t have them both. Basically our policy in America leaves bright young people to fend for themselves or rot on the vine. It seems to me we should spend at least as much on the top 10% of students as we do on those who are barely educable.

    • dd121

      Smart white males mostly won’t rot on the vine. I’ve found them to be more resourceful than the lefties can imagine.

      • M&S

        I’ve found them to be more resourceful than the lefties can imagine.
        Not when they are twelve.
        Not when they are indoctrinated their whole lives to feel guilt rather than empowerment as seeing life from a different perspective than the Designated Victim Classes.
        There are studies, even now, which show that boys are the new ‘fallen group’ because they are no longer getting the kinds of special treatment which makes them excel.
        What is not being said is that the move to push more girls into colleges and the professional markets is resulting, not in productivity but in safety netting their own needs which in fact is worthless in a bottom-line world condition.
        Push the feminine and you get socialism. Make the male watch in disbelief and he loses _interest_ as much as hope in fixing the things they are screwing up, irreparably.

        Now throw in a middle road set of parents whose working wage is dropping every year where the ability to uplift those who have potential is strictly limited.
        You may rest assured that those parents will have more smart kids because they are the ones who are doing /any/ breeding. While our elitist, self-centered, high minded, smart-fools set themselves up for a life they don’t expect to continue when they are gone.
        And because genetics are not exact there is no statistic means right now for predicting high intelligence. Instead, you have a set of half-keys in a lock that suddenly (pseudo-randomly) sets the tumblers in line to turn the cylinder. And so that poor white kid will be put in a no-hope situation with massive potential he cannot communicate a need to develop because he isn’t able to articulate the desire for more and has low sensory stimulus to show that he is high-function rather than medicatably ADHD.
        The only thing you can do with today’s science is bias by race so that all possible opportunity is given to the group which statistically has the highest chance of being a success story.
        And that is not a Black or Hispanic or ‘Special Needs’ driven individual.
        Is this racist? Yes. In that races do exist, are fundamentally different beyond external phenotype and do show different potential.
        But if we don’t take care of ourselves, we will find our place taken at the head of the bus by Jews and East Asians even as our base labor and managerial classes have been overrun by Hispanics and Indians.
        We need to actively preserve the white perspective as assurance of maximum resources for kids and an elect, moral, upbringing which makes them FULLY AWARE of how much better they are than most peoples of this world. And how extremely important it is to avoid the generational loss of genepool variables to push up those tumblers and turn that lock.

    • JDInSanD

      Imagine if we spent ten times more on the top 10 percent as the remaining 90?

      • RisingReich

        We’d have peace on Earth (almost) and a colony on the moon.

    • RisingReich

      Diversity or high standards, but not both. Nice – I’m going to use that. Short and sharp.

      • JackKrak

        I like this one – Safety. Freedom. Black people. Pick two.

        • Katherine McChesney

          The first two are threatened when blacks are around

  • So CAL Snowman

    Of course the USA doesn’t fund its most gifted students, we are in a race to the bottom. Instead of brand new science and computer labs we get new uniforms and stadiums for the football team. You really have to be in awe of the control exerted over this nation. We pay the least intelligent people to breed like rabbits and then we pay a king’s ransom to “educate” their offspring because they get “left behind” due to their genetic inferiority. Instead of focusing on the most intelligent and gifted of society, we focus all of our resources on the dregs. It makes total sense, IF you want to destroy a nation. Instead of Eugenic society, we have a dysgenic society. Americans LOVE to bash the Nazis for their work on Eugenics. Well given the state of American society today, I think we know who was right and who was wrong.

    • “we are in a race to the bottom”
      Yes, indeed.
      Let us pray that some places find a way to escape this death spiral. Perhaps Russia.

  • Tarczan

    There is a section in “The Fountainhead” ” where Ayn Rand talks about this sort of thing, The gifted students ignored and mistreated, and the dolts pandered too.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Ayn Rand knew what direction the wind was blowing. No other race of people could produce a woman like Rand, a true visionary and literary genius.

      • Tarczan

        It might have been “Atlas Shrugged”, it was many moons ago that I read that stuff. It always stuck with me, the bright kids outside, looking in while the dumb kids were given special treatment.

        • r j p

          It was “Atlas Shrugged” I believe.
          “Anthem” deals with this type of topic as well.
          “The Fountainhead” dealt more with genius being dismissed in favor of established mediocrity.

          • “Anthem” in an afternoon.
            “Atlas Shrugged” not in an afternoon. But a lot of it still pulls you into reading page after page.

          • r j p

            “Atlas Shrugged” is months if you do anything else.

      • JohnEngelman

        Ayn Rand was a secular Jew.

        • r j p

          Technically she was an Atheist.
          But the values she held were Christian.

          • JohnEngelman

            Ayn Rand claimed to be an Aristotelian scholar. Actually, she was a social Darwinist inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche.

        • William Krapek

          So a Jew.

  • WR_the_realist

    Anytime there is a program for gifted children it is found to commit the greatest of sins: It has disparate impact. Too many whites and Asians and hardly any blacks wind up in the program. So it gets canceled.

    The result is that we are always sowing our seed on barren ground, and then puzzling over the meager crop that results.

  • negrolocaust

    they should set up an advanced program for “teens” in knocking white and asian pedestrians out while filming it and looting clothing stores because that is the only thing that “teens” are gifted at. that and acting stupid and mumbling unintelligibly in “ebonics”

  • dd121

    Of course the lefties hate the gifted kids, they’re white.

    • JohnEngelman

      And Oriental. Of course a lot of those whites are Ashkenazi Jews.

      • r j p

        We get it John “I voted for BHO three times” Engelman, you are Jew with an Oriental fetish.

        • JohnEngelman

          Your first assertion, while untrue, is a compliment. Your second assertion is certainly true.

          • William Krapek

            Asian women are charming. Impossible to resist.

          • They are ugly and you have low standards. Lost of White men have low standards and prefer to date women less attractive than their own. Orientals find beauty in the westernization of their faces ironically.

        • Mergatroyd

          When you engage with Engelman, you are engaging with a psychopathic anti-White.

          Who else but a psychopath would call for, rationalize and justify the genocide of the White race via race replacement.

          That goes for anyone who upvotes these anti-White posts as well.

          • JohnEngelman

            Why are you so afraid of Jews and Orientals? Is it because you cannot perform as well as they can?

          • I have to say you’re not very good at winding people up, though you certainly try to. Its sought of funny as you’re not aggressive enough to achieve that.

          • JohnEngelman

            Some people do not like to be told the truth about race realism.

          • me

            Some people don’t like to be harassed by a psy-ops agent on a site they dearly love and respect.

          • me

            Who’s afraid, Engelman? Name one AmRen poster that’s afraid of you….

          • JohnEngelman

            A number of posters have asked that I be banned because they are incapable of refuting my arguments. They want American Renaissance to be a sounding board where they can come to reinforce their prejudices.

      • dd121

        Of course there are exceptions. Some of them are probably even black. I just don’t like to weigh down my posts with a lot of qualifiers. We’re AmRen, we’re white.

        • JohnEngelman

          Because Orientals and Jews have higher IQ averages than white Gentiles, a higher percentage of their children are gifted.

          • Mergatroyd

            So therefore, according to you, we Whites should race replace ourselves with Asians.

            — The thought of you losing your job to a more intelligent Jew or Oriental is pleasing to me. As time goes on there will be more of that.

            — History is moving against you. America is becoming more multi racial, more multi ethnic, and more meritocratic. There is nothing white nationalists can do about. One gets places in politics by getting in front of popular issues. One does not get places by fighting for lost causes.


            You are an anti-White who glorifies in the displacement of Whites by Asians. That makes you akin to Hitler who also believed in ethnic cleansing of a certain race.

          • Let me repeat that for you:

            Because Orientals and Jews have marginal higher IQ averages than white Gentiles, a marginally higher percentage of their children are gifted.

            Of course I’m desperate to ‘assert’ Jew and Oriental supremacy to the White Gentile race who are generally our superior in having scaled the heights of human achievement and civilization to which my prefer races have failed by all means.

          • me


          • me


          • me


          • me


          • me

            Do you still like Asians, Engelman?

      • Mergatroyd

        Typical of you to hijack threads to force in your smug, self-righteous Asian superiority posts.

        Asians belong in Asian countries, period. Not a one belongs in a White country and we don’t need them here. We put men on the moon and created first world technology and medicine just fine without Asians. They do not have our creative ability which has been pointed out to you repeatedly and you choose to ignore.

        Since you are so fond of Thomas Jefferson, here is a better quote than the one above: “He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” Thomas Jefferson.

        All that’s left is for you to tell us how you came to hate Whites so much.

        • JohnEngelman

          What are the falsehoods and errors that my mind is full of. Demonstrate that what I say is not true.

          • It has been demonstrated to you how these ‘patents’ don’t even compare with what White Europeans have achieved in their creative hands and minds, not that it should needed to be said. Regardless of this you continue to with your silly games and your desperate attempt to convince us that those pathetic, leaching, emulating Orientals even grace the genius of my race.

          • JohnEngelman

            That has been asserted, but not demonstrated. The large number of patents Orientals earn every year, and their high test scores demonstrate that as a race Orientals are intrinsically superior to white Gentiles.

          • No. It’s not what you say as such, it’s what you imply.

          • JohnEngelman

            What I say is that race matters, and that the Nordic race is not genetically supreme. I also document that.

      • William Krapek

        Saw your answer regarding South Korean patents. Since for some reason or another I couldn’t respond there I will here.

        Do you really think little South Korea is more creative than all of Western Europe. That has “rotten in Denmark” written all over it. I’m a realist. I could accept superior Jewish and North Asian intelligence if it were true and the examples were reliable.

        A good test of White v. Asian? Apple v. Samsung. Apple’s far more creative in every way. It’s more creative than Sony was in its best days. If it weren’t for the fact that Apple’s held off making big screen phones until they think they can make them work, we’d have never even heard of the Galaxy line. And if the rumors are true then Apple’s about to make her move there.

        We’re talking serious creativity here. Apple is now the best ARM processor designer on the planet. Nobody even comes close.

        Japanese examples of Asian creativity are also problematic – although I don’t reject them outright. The Japanese jumped on a LOT of Western ideas that Westerners blew off.

        (And I say good for them. 🙂

  • Anon

    Speaking as one of the one in a million “gifted”, which would you rather have, that I was bored all the way through graduate school and used what I am as I see fit while only going through the motions of education in a system that, not only didn’t care about me but actively despised and (rightly) feared me.
    Or would you rather me and all those like me were identified early, indoctrinated thoroughly and put to work on ghastly things better left unimagined.

    • RisingReich

      I’d like to have you working on some things that the Marxists would consider ‘ghastly and better left unimagined’. One can dream anyway.

  • Magician

    Let me guess

    $5 Million on gifted students
    $11 Billion on disabled students
    $100 Billion on hispanic students
    $1 Trillion on black students

    Yaay the federal government proved that they are not racists.

    • You can never prove that you are not racist.

      • Mergatroyd

        If it were ever proved that Whites aren’t racist, it would cut off tens of millions of donations to the SPLC and stop affirmative action in its tracks.

    • r j p


      We invest the least in the most able,
      and invest the most in the least able.

    • me

      We should start suing the ‘government’, colleges, businesses, and corporations for violating the Equal Opportunity Employment laws.

  • RisingReich

    A solid example, in writing, of how dysgenic our ‘society’ really is.

    That’s OK, though, b/c these ‘gifted students’ read – White – will excel at pretty much anything they get interested in, and won’t suffer b/c they don’t have enough ‘gibsmuhdat’. White kids are more self-motivated than to let a little thing like the lack of Marxist subsidy get in the way of their own growth ad initiative.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Its true, in school while all the other kids were reading Hardy Boys I was reading medical dictionaries because I wanted to. Teachers never knew how to teach me. I never did homework, my homework was chopping wood and helping out around the house. I always aced the tests. But man, I was so disruptive and arrogant to teachers especially if they rubbed me the wrong way or looked at me sideways.

      I always, still do most times have a bad attitude. And it has held me back.

      I’ve always taught myself.. how to read music, how to repair automobiles, how to build circuits, how to repair refrigerators and air conditioners, how to weld. Etc. If I have a problem I create a solution. Usually it works.
      Teachers for the most part, I’d say messed up my life.

    • Gifted whites come in a range of psychological formats. Some of those are indeed harmed by the put-down white attitude in schools today.
      The reality around us is a powerful speaker of what reality is period. And reality takes precedence over the towers built in our minds, as it should. So if the reality around us tells us white males are losers, then that is reality period, and it trumps all other issues.

  • There’s a big political and racial component to the pursuit of excellence, which needs to be brought to the forefront.

    At my former employer, UT-San Antonio, there are essentially no Jews in the student body or faculty. Jews like to associate with excellence. No excellence, no Jews. There was also white flight among the student body.

    The school was transitioning to majority Messican from merely 30 or 40 percent squat monster. And the school was twisted into knots to get the money for a football team, which it never had before. The Messican president probably has a 90 level IQ, a dumb Marxist history prof who rails against white oppression in his earlier writings before someone told him to knock it off so that white and Jewish money could be raised.

    Plus, there were clever slogans, claiming excellence, while grade inflation and lower standards were pushed hard. When I started college, we were told that 50 percent or more would flunk out freshman year. Now, it’s “no freshman left behind.”

    The whole educational system is a Potemkin village built on Marxist lies and egalitarian BS. That’s true from Head Start to grad school. May the bubble burst hard and may many careers be destroyed. It’s all a lie folks. Don’t support it.

    • Mergatroyd

      You need to put this post in the UT alumni letter so they can see what is going on and know where the money they donate to the university is going, for Mexican (and queer, feminist, black and other anti-White) studies.

      You’d have to do it anonymously but it is important to cut off the money flow in every way possible to these indoctrination centers that focus on anything and everything anti-White.

  • Alexandra1973

    Not all students in special ed are retarded, a few actually have high IQs.

    Just saying.

  • bubo

    Race to the bottom is the national strategy. Japan PM Nakasone predicted the US would fall apart because of large black and hispanic population. Don’t know if he factored in the insane white leftist driving the train off the cliff or not.

  • MBlanc46

    Taking jobs that disadvantaged blacks should have.

  • refocus

    In a 2010 speech announcing the scheme, former President Hu Jintao
    called talent “the most important resource and . . . a key issue that
    concerns the development of the Party and country.”

    Here in “America” we are told diversity is OUR greatest strength. …. and the general public is so corrupt they go along with it.

    • We are being bred to be a race of slaves.

    • Mergatroyd

      Then there should be an immediate demand, including punitive sanctions and possible military invasion, for China to open up its living spaces to large numbers of third world African refugees.

      If this is mandated for White homelands, it should be mandated and enforced by the UN and the U.S. for Asian countries too. After all diversity is a strength and all people have the same IQ and potential to succeed.

  • Ron Cheaters

    At least China has a eugenics program. For the western world its dysgenics all the way baby. All in the name of “equality”

  • Strider73

    If the National Association for Gifted Children really wants to help gifted kids, they will stop wasting time and resources lobbying politicians for some watered-down “reforms” in public schools. Instead, they should pour all their efforts into starting private schools for the gifted and providing help for parents who choose to homeschool. Public schools are nothing more than government indoctrination camps and temporary holding cells for street punks. All white parents — whether any of their kids are gifted or not — should avoid them like the plague that they are.

    • WR_the_realist

      Unfortunately that’s an accurate description of how American public schools are now, and it’s not likely to change. There’s no reason in theory why public schools couldn’t provide good education for gifted children, but in practice it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Our society is in a race to the bottom.
    Let us hope that places perhaps like Russia can find a way to escape the death spiral.

  • Mergatroyd

    This is a direct assault on the White race and is designed to lock White children out of certain professions, universities and dumb them down.

    By targeting our children, this is WAR on the White race.

    White parents: Get your kids out of the government schools, let them have what they want, classrooms that cater to the lowest common denominator so everyone is equally dumb.

  • Mergatroyd

    This is why we need a separate system for our people and our people ONLY, as it used to be when Whites made up 90% of this country, where Whites excelled at school. Now the education system is used to placate and cater to non-Whites and has turned into anti-White indoctrination centers that mock and laugh at White people and their culture.

    The American education system was set up for White children, not Asian, black, Mexican or any other non-White and was designed to fit White learning modes.

    Now, it has been taken over by anti-White, marxists and no longer is suitable for White children. There are schools set up specifically for Jews, Chinese, etc., where they can teach their specific cultural histories, languages and traditions to their own children. Some receive White taxpayer money to do this

    If it is OK for non-Whites to set up their own ethnic-based schools (and scholarships), then it is OK for Whites to do so as well. Until that time, get your White kid out of the anti-White government schools or he will be subjected to pro-gay, pro-feminist, anti-male, anti-White brainwashing.

    • JohnEngelman

      The American education system was set up for White children, not Asian, black, Mexican or any other non-White and was designed to fit White learning modes.

      – Mergatroyd

      Nevertheless, Oriental children usually outperform white children.

      • Anon

        The American education system was set up to enslave White children. It is designed to turn our brilliant people into mediocre, yet obedient, semi-skilled workers. That is the reason WHY they spend the lions share of their effort in communist style indoctrination and almost nothing developing gifted students. Gifted students are unwanted…..blacklisted….discriminated against in our society. We are taught that we are undesirable as mates (instead, black thugs are “cool”) We are taught that be smart is not a reason to be superior or any reason for others to listen to, let alone obey us (even though that is the very basis of civilization).
        These things are the cost (the real cost) of a “free” education. The price you pay for anything smacking of socialism….and education in this nation is the most socialist institution of all.
        Let me tell you what would happen if the gifted in this nation were adequately developed. Within one generation we would create parallel economic systems (that’s a currency for those of you who get the deeper meanings of what I am saying) so successful and powerful that the mainstream one would collapse. We would quickly gain various types of leverage, especially leverage involving violence that would force all others to quickly fall into line. The so called “new world order” would be shattered as it stands on little more than our people being stupid, leaderless, fearful and obedient… short…no knowing what to do. Gifted people figure out what to do.
        I will show you fear in a handful of IQ points.

    • WR_the_realist

      I don’t see that any great harm comes from having some Orientals and Jews in our schools. Some of the white kids might have to work a little harder to keep up with the competition. Good. The races with IQ averages well below the white average are the ones that cause the problems.

    • “This is why we need a separate system for our people and our people ONLY”

  • Rodney S

    They figure that the “gifted” kids will find their own way. In a sane society, high-IQ kids would be the ones who are subsidized and paid to procreate.

    • me

      But our society is SICK. Sick, sick, sick. And we all know what the antidote is….SEGREGATION.
      On a brighter note, Obama was voted the 5th best president in the history of our country….

      • Katherine McChesney

        That can’t be as he is the worst “president” in the history of the U.S. This was on another site.

        The details according to White House Publicists:

        * Reagan, Lincoln, and 8 others tied for first,

        * 15 presidents tied for second,

        * 17 other presidents tied for third,

        * Jimmy Carter came in 4th, and

        * Obama came in fifth

        • Grantland

          I thought Bush had edged out Carter. Then Obumhole came along.

          • DJ


            Dubya, “the compassionate socialist” was a horrendous pres.
            Had it not been for dumb azz Dubya’s unctuously liberal domestic policies coupled with his disastrous foreign policies, Bathhouse Barry would never have been seriously considered as presidential timber.

            Thank you, Dubya.

            But wait! Barry will lose his dubious distinction as being the worse president evah if the Rod Ham wins in 2016. Early polling indicates she is poised to win. You can check the polling data at Real Clear Politics.

        • me

          See more….

  • What is it that you don’t understand? Are you always this stupid or do you do it just to annoy us? If you’re a Jew I might take the latter. A ‘patent’ is often not an invention but some modification of an invention, such as the latest and most advanced range of washing machines for example. An invention is an original idea that efficiently works, and was done for the very first time! Orientals have very few of these on their record, where as Whites have a ridiculous amount. This is why Whites are said to be more creative than Orientals who learn from our teachings, borrow our technology, and make their little modifications from it.

    Can’t you see? You ARE desperate to prove Oriental superiority over Whites with very futile attempts. You’re preoccupied with the notion of superiority and it’s driven by an underling inferiority complex. That’s what I think.

  • DJ

    As long as Americanos languish under the toxic smog of radical egalitarianism (the equality of outcomes rather than of opportunities) we will continue down that proverbial path paved with good intentions straight to Hell.

    Who can forget Dumb azz Dubya’s proclamation: “The soft bigotry of low expectations”? We all know the racial implications behind that idiotic statement!

    Realistic expectations based on one’s innate abilities does not fit into radical egalitarian ideology. Thus, we as powerless individuals, watch with shock and dismay as our country is being degraded by the vindictive anti-White cultural-Marxists.

  • William Krapek

    So that means they’re more creative than 300 million Western Europeans? That’s ridiculous. And that’s why it’s suspicious. In fact it doesn’t even pass the laugh test. South Koreans just better at filing patents. And if Samsung’s treatment of Apple’s patents is any clue I wonder how many of those ideas are really original or useful. They probably game the patent system just like they game the SAT here in the States.

    This is why I personally haven’t seen any reliable evidence that East Asians and Jews are smarter than us. Pretty much everything I’ve seen – like Jewish Nobel Prizes – can be directly traced to non-White pack strategies aimed at making them look good at our expense.

    I am done with that. Soooo done with that.

  • William Krapek

    I don’t think you’re desperate to prove anything. You’re either a Jewish troll or – more likely – just a White guy who’s fatalistically “realistic.”

    But you’re not being realistic. East Asians and Jews are pack animals. White people haven’t been. Certainly not here in the States and certainly not the past 100 years. So they’ve been taking advantage of that and gaming us.

    No big. No hate. Just call them on their crap. And if they don’t stop tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. Israel and East Asian are on the map.

    • JohnEngelman

      You accuse Orientals and Jews for ethnocentrism, then you condemn me for not being ethnocentric.

      Orientals and Jews do not take advantage of “us.” They do tend to perform better that white Gentiles. This thread remember, is about gifted children, not the loyalty you think I owe white Gentiles, simply because I am one.

      • William Krapek

        They absolutely, 100% take advantage of us. YOU need to pay attention.

        • JohnEngelman

          What do I need to pay attention to?

      • No you’re not ‘one’ of us White Gentiles. You are – most likely – A Jew-White mix, an Asian-White mix, or not White at all.

        • JohnEngelman

          Most Jews are whites. I am an Episcopalian.

          • White Europeans don’t have haplotypes from the middle east, mixed-race people do, and many Jews cluster outside of Europe.

  • Rushton said this, Rushton said that. Rushton is a charlatan.

    • JohnEngelman

      Many liberals thought Professor Rushton was a charlatan. At least they pretended to. Nevertheless, he spoke at six American Renaissance conferences.

      • Liberals thought he was a charlatan for different reasons than I. Liberals deny race in a futile bid, I question race with thought and reason.

        I can believe that (NE) Asians have a slightly higher (average) IQ. I also think this combined with their hard studying allows them to excel in academia. Without the hard studying, I bet the difference would be less apparent, though still evident in some (minor) measure.

        I believe them to be somewhat more intelligent, despite Rushton’s work, not because of him.

        Last but not least – drop the act.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    What I have noticed is that the “gifted” programs have become code word for “wealthy” programs. They then sprinkle in a few minorities of different color to make it diverse. I score around 130 on an I.Q. test and never scored below the top 15% of any standardized academic test. Yet I got mediocre to poor grades and in many low level classes (not even average level). I plead with the school to give me more challenging work. They were giving us elementary level work in high school as that is the level that the typical student is at. Later I went into the teaching program at a local college. I was amazed to see a common factor in all the kids enrolled in the “gifted” programs: their parents are well off. Gifted students are also overwhelmingly white. They only throw in a few minorities. None of the kids are stupid, but many of them are only slightly above average. Parental income (and how much parents really push to get their kids into the program- in other words how much the parent cares) plays a huge role. It seems that this “minority” thing is just a smoke screen mostly by wealthy white people in order to tear down standards. Rich whites are behind throwing I.Q. tests out of employment applications (it’s illegal to do so because its racist), lowering standards for getting into the gifted program and so on. Wake up. It’s not only about race. It’s also about people who never worked hard in their lives getting a free ride because of who their parents are. Think of George Bush. And now think of Obama. None of these guys got where they are based on their ability. One got there because of his parents and the other affirmative action. The two are in bed with each other and its the average and poor white people that bearing the brunt of this attack. Many wealthy whites are either a part of the tribe or connected to it or have some secret society or family connections, they don’t really need merit and they certainly feel less threatened by unqualified minorities rising up than actual poor white people who are smarter than them!